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Raising money for Animal Charities

Scott Houston

Telephone: 603 416 632

“Give me Five!” is a non-profit charity wing of DentaDanés, dental clinic in Maro. “Give me Five”‘s mission is to raise money to be disbursed to various animal rescue/welfare groups on the ground. For a donation of 50€ the doner will become a member of “Give me five!” and receive a 5% discount on all dental treatment at DentaDanés for the next six months. In the future the idea is to get several other businesses to honor the 5% discount when presented with a Give me Five membership card. For example a 5% discount for a hotel room, a 5% discount at a veterinarian clinic, 5% discount at an optician’s clinic, etc. For businesses that partner with us in this campaign they will benefit from the free advertising that we will provide through brochures, press releases and a dedicated website listing all of our sponsors. Additionally, money will be raised via special events and donations.

p Friends - Free; receives group emails about events, quarterly donations, etc.

p Business partners - businesses who will offer a version of the 5% discount

p Business patrons - businesses who make a 50 euro

(or more) donation; they´ll be listed in the quarterly magazine and on the website

Members will: Save 5% or more on goods and services of our business partners Help to save the lives of abandoned or abused animals Support local business

Membership fees:

p Members - 50€; receive 5% discount on all Business partners for 6 months

- 10€; receive a gift bag of dental products p Supporters and an update on all events

Bank account information: Unicaja Name: Association Give Me Five Registered Charity Spain N.I.F.: G93435378 Account number: ES39 2103 2037 61 0030021595

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Animal Welfare News

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Charities we support

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A dog is

the only thing on earth that

loves you more than he loves



PET CARE Lead Training The type of lead that you use has no bearing on your dog’s training .... it is the owner on the other end of the lead or leash that is important. The police dog training lead is the best on the market .. not for any other reason than it if it is used in the right hands, this lead can assist correct training. It offers a hands free style of training as a move You can purchase this lead for 27.50€ with a towards working off lead. It extends for recalls and 5% discount for Give Me Five members the leather ones last for years. I have one that is over thirty years old !!! There is a plethora of different gadgets available in shops for those that* think that they can BUY control ..... this is NOT possible.* Time, patience and understanding are what is needed. Join an Obedience Training Group, spend quality time with your dog everyday. If you own a working breed definitely join a training group. There are many training aids on the market that promise all sorts of special qualities .... YOU are your dog’s biggest influence, so please learn how best to use professional training skills for his benefit ! Information provided by Wendy at the

The Book Nook For those of you who are fans of the actress Claire Danes, before she began emoting in The Homeland series, in 2010 she won a Golden Globe and Emmy Award for her portrayal of the fascinating woman Temple Grandin. Grandin is a scientist who has used her autism to see the world through animals’ eyes. She has made a huge impact in the livestock industry, in particular in designing a system that leads cattle to slaughter with the least amount of stress possible. (For the cattle.) The subtitle of this book more or less sums it up: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behaviour. Vegetarians, Vegans and devoted animal rights activists probably will not feel that her empathy extends far enough, but then again it’s had to pick on a person with autism. (As an aside, I was interested to learn that “the sea squirt is a primitive organism with about 300 brain cells that starts out looking something like a tadpole, and ends up looking a little bit like a turnip. For the first day of its life it swims around until it finds a permanent spot to latch on to. Once it finds its spot, it doesn’t move again for the rest of its life. (In the United States these primitive organisms are known as Republicans.)


ANIMAL WELFARE INFO Thanks to Kurt and Laura of Seacrest Kennels and Cattery in Nerja for these important notices and advice regarding the hazards of Springtime for dogs in Spain: Toad Warning and Other Pests As with most animals, spring is the mating season for frogs and toads and if you live near a water source you can probably hear them in the evening. These creatures breed in water so they are attracted to ponds, stagnant pools, creeks and river beds. Toads live on land and tend come out at night and under damp conditions such as a heavy dew or rain, and they may even venture into your garden when it has just been watered. If you find a toad in your garden, first secure your dog to a safe place and prepare yourself with rubber gloves and some tools such as a bucket or shovel. Next, remove the toad safely yet humanely back to its natural habitat like a field or river. Several species of toads in Andalucia are poisonous and can be fatal to your pets if they bite or lick these amphibians. The symptoms of poisoning are drooling or foaming from the mouth, head shaking, vomiting, sneezing, difficulty breathing and convulsions amongst, etc. If you think your pet has been poisoned flush its mouth out with copious amounts of water and contact your vet immediately. Unfortunately, the Pine Processionary Caterpillars are still on the march so the above applies to these pests as well. Plus as the weather gets warmer there will be an increase in mosquitoes, sand flies, fleas and ticks so prevent your pets’ exposure with spot-on treatments and repellent collars. To contact Seacrest Kennels and Cattery ring 952 52 1426 or see their website

Your advert here Gratis! Become a Business Partner. Ring Scott on 603 416 632


Victor and Marcel

SUCCESS STORY Victor RESCUED ... a story of what happened

My name is Diane McClelland and I am the President of Axarquia Animal Rescue (Registered Charity Nยบ: 10567 (SPAIN)). We were delighted to be asked to contribute a monthly article to DentaDanes Dental Clinic and are so grateful for their support. Firstly I would like to tell you a little about our group. Axarquia Animal Rescue (AAR) was founded in August 2011. We are a small group of volunteers, based in the Axarquia area of Spain who are dedicated to rescuing and re-homing abused and abandoned animals in the area. We have a very small emergency

kennels (for 6- 8 dogs) and rely on a fantastic network of foster families to care for the animals to give us the time we need to re-home them. We also use a private kennels when we have no where else for the animals to go. We depend entirely on the income from our Charity Shop (147 Avenida de Andalucia, Torre del Mar), donations and fundraising to enable us to continue our work. With a current case load of 90 animals on our books, our monthly vet, kennel and food bills are usually in the region of 4000 – 5000 euros.

Rescuing one animal

This month I would like to tell you about one of our youngest supporters. Marcel Hjort is an 9 year old Danish boy living in Torre del Mar. Marcel is a typical young, energetic lad, but there is something that makes him rather special. n the last year Marcel raised just over 1000 euros for us and already this year he’s helped to raise nearly 700 euros more.

may not change the world, but , for that animal, their world is changed forever

Here is the story how Marcel’s dedication to AAR started. His mum, Maddie was looking for a kitten to adopt and came across AAR. We had a lovely little campo cat, called Gorgeous Gloria, who had recently given birth to 3 lovely kittens and the whole family were in foster care. It was love at first sight when Marcel met them, particularly for the mischievous white and ginger kitten of the litter. Marcel became the proud ‘new daddy’ of Victor the ginger kitten! The bond between Marcel and Victor is heart-warming to see. However, not satisfied with just helping one kitten, Marcel decided that he wanted to do more to help all the other animals in need. He became AAR’s youngest supporter and fundraiser. Along with his mum, Maddie, Marcel has helped to man market stalls, information days and also took on the role of steward at our annual dog show . Like Marcel, there are many ways you can support us. You can adopt, foster, donate or volunteer your time. It would be wonderful to help Marcel get to his 2000 euro goal. If you would like to know more about Axarquia Animal Rescue you can follow us on Face Book or on our website at or email or call Diane 691 961 429. It really is inspiring to see such a young boy so dedicated to helping a local charity. Marcel is a wonderful ‘daddy’ to Victor the cat, and he is an amazing ambassador for Axarquia Animal Rescue.




Facebook apanerjaestacionesperanza/


PA Estacion Esperanza. Relatively new on the block, this exciting group of social movement savvy activisits are creating a big impact on the Nerja, Maro, Frigiliana animal rescue, re-homing scene.


ounded in August 2011, AAR is dedicated to helping and rehoming abandoned and abused animals in the Axarquia region, east of Malaga in Andalucia, Southern Spain. Their volunteer team is on hand to help and they have an excellent second hand shop in Torre del Mar with something for everyone.


Now working out of the excellent Cantalobos refuge and kennel. In 2015 Valle Verde found homes for 164 dogs and 57 cats as well as rescuing many more. What we do: • Remove animals to safety from the street or situations of neglect and abuse • Offer animals immediate shelter, medical attention, food and love • Bring pets and owners together for a lifetime of love and friendship through our adoption programme • Educate the public and work towards changing attitudes towards animals and cruelty to animals.


While most of us all love cats and dogs, other animals certainly deserve our attention. In the coming months we will be introducing you to the amazing work done by charities here on the Costa del Sol who in various ways


e are a small group of young ladies who have decided to get together to join forces and create a non-for-profit association which rescues and rehabilitates abandoned and mistreated galgos (spanish greyhounds) from La Puebla de Cazalla, a hunters village in Seville. The group at La Puebla are in charge of picking up “unwanted” galgos from the galgueros or catching them in the street if already abandoned. They contact me so that I can go to pick them up and bring them to Galgo Freedom. At Galgo Freedom we share our home with the galgos we rescue. They live with us from the moment they come through the door until they fly to their new home or foster family in Germany or Switzerland. We know from our own experience that a traumatized animal that lives with other dogs in a warm and relaxed atmosphere where there is constant human presence and a large amount of love, recovers much faster than one living in a “normal” shelter. This is why we have decided that we want the galgos to live with us, creating a homely environment and getting to know each galgo individually and in depth to be able to give them all the best possible attention and care and find them the most adequate homes. The downside of this is that we have a limited capacity.



elebrating its 30th year CAS has rescued and re-homed thousands of dogs and cats over the years. In 2014 it was awarded best charity by the town hall of Nerja.

care for horses, donkeys and mules, as well as parrots and the ever-endangered marine life of our little swath of the Mediterranean. If four legs were the criterion for our compassion we would have to exclude empathy for our fellow human animals, sadly a common practice favored by the ruling class.


Give Me 5 Dentadanes Discount Booklet  

“Give me Five!” is a non-profit charity wing of DentaDanés, dental clinic in Maro. “Give me Five”‘s mission is to raise money to be disburs...

Give Me 5 Dentadanes Discount Booklet  

“Give me Five!” is a non-profit charity wing of DentaDanés, dental clinic in Maro. “Give me Five”‘s mission is to raise money to be disburs...