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Ambassador SPRING 2014


WEDDING GALA 2014 A Look Back at 2013 Spring Cleaning Challenge New Year, New You

Ambassador SPRING 2014

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10 Ambassador is a quarterly magazine published by Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, Inc., 1015 Herman Street, Nashville, TN 37208. For the nearest retail store, donation center, or Career Solutions center, please call 800.545.9231 or visit www.giveit2goodwill.org. Ambassador provides readers with stories of the events, activities and people who support the mission of Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee. We are pleased to provide you this information and hope you will share our publication with others. Please note that the opinions expressed in Ambassador do not necessarily reflect the opinions or official position of management or employees of Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, Inc.

The Goodwill Mission

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We sell donated goods to

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provide employment and training

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opportunities for people who have disabilities and others who have trouble finding and keeping jobs.



A Look Back at 2013 I Got it at Goodwill Ideas for Mom on Her Big Day Goodwill Success Stories Goodwill Wedding Gala 2014 South Jackson Grand Opening Spring Cleaning Challenge Record-Breaking Year for Career Solutions New Year, New You Youth Building Goodwill I Change Lives

Andrew Davidson Robert W. Duthie Dave M. Fentress James B. Foley

Robert McNeilly Ty H. Osman Christine E. Skold

Fred T. McLaughlin Robert B. Kennedy Robert W. Duthie

Our business is changing lives.

Ambassador Spring 2014




Boots Check out these boots Sami found at Goodwill. She got all three pairs for under $25.

NFL Merchandise Donna purchased two scarfs and a toboggan for $5.43 at the Goodwill

got it at Goodwill

store in Hermitage. She said it’s the

perfect find for her sister who’s a huge

Kansas City Chiefs fan.


Clothes & Purses Donna found a brand new 31 purse, a

plaid purse from Justice, a Land’s End

denim skirt, Abercrombie long sleeve shirt, pajama pants and a Christmas sweater

during her shopping trip to Goodwill. She paid $20.74 for everything.

Sneakers Avery’s parents found

her some ‘sweet new

kicks’ at Goodwill.


Ambassador Spring 2014

Hooded Sweater Zoe is keeping warm in this stylish hooded sweater her mom found at Goodwill.

Our business is changing lives.

Mom on her Bigday

Ideas for

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. If you’re looking for a creative idea at a great price, don’t forget to visit your nearest Goodwill store. Here are a few ideas!

• • • Does your mom have a sweet tooth? You can find a glass jar at Goodwill for as little as 49¢. Dress it up with a ribbon and fill it with mom’s favorite candy.

• • • Moms cherish photos. What better way to surprise her than to give her a collage picture frame that features all of her favorite photos. Frames at Goodwill start at 99¢.

• • • Gift baskets are a great gift idea. There are always several baskets on the shelves at Goodwill starting at 99¢. Then decide on a theme that fits mom best, like a pedicure gift basket.

• If your mom is a big Goodwill shopper, you could always let her pick her own gift by purchasing a Goodwill gift card for her!

Ambassador Spring 2014



For nearly two decades, Shelley lived a secret

seven months of treatment and attended two AA

the inevitable happened,” she said.

the hardest thing I had ever done in my life,” she

life. “I was a meth addict for 19 years, and then In 2010, police arrested Shelley for the first

said. “I don’t think I could go through that again,

of supervised probation and ordered her to

Shortly after treatment, Shelley accepted a job at

unemployable, so I hadn’t worked in over

“My self-confidence was just devastated, but the

time. The judge sentenced her to two years

and that’s what keeps me sober.”

get a job. “During my drug addiction, I was

Goodwill. The first few months were challenging.

two years.”


Shelley spent the next several months focused on conquering her addiction. She underwent

a place of employment is invaluable.”

to Vanderbilt University. But on June 4, 2007, his

assistant degree,” he said. “I had something

over and demanded money. “When I told him I

didn’t have any, he pulled out a gun and started shooting,” he said.

The gunman fired three times and missed. Then the gun jammed, and Jose took off running.

The fourth shot hit his spinal cord and left him

weeks away from graduating with my medical good going, but unfortunately that didn’t

happen, and it was a huge change for me.” Jose wasn’t ready to give up, but he wasn’t

prepared for the obstacles he would face while looking for a job. “During job interviews, they

would ask me if I could stand or lift 50 pounds,” he said. “I threw in the towel at that point. I was very depressed.”

A stay-at-home mom, Dorothy had been out of

finding employment. Goodwill was the first

home and take care of my two children,” she

was offered a job.

the workforce for over 30 years. “I wanted to stay said. “Then, when my children were teenagers, my sister passed away, and her three year old son came to live with me.”

Dorothy chose to stay at home and raise her

nephew, just as she had her own children. When her nephew turned 16, she decided it was time

to return to the workforce. Despite a lack of work

Ambassador Spring 2014

had to hide my past, and to have that support at

paralyzed from the waist down. “I was two

Mount Pleasant when the driver of an SUV pulled


would push me that extra bit,” she said. “I never

Jose had big plans. He wanted to be a doctor,

life was forever changed. Jose was jogging in


store staff knew what I was going through and

Success Stories and he was hoping to get a soccer scholarship


meetings every day. “Getting sober was about

experience, the 55-year-old had no problem

place she applied and, just days later, Dorothy That was eight years ago. Today, Dorothy

spends her days processing hard goods at the Goodwill store in Shelbyville. “I’m responsible

for keeping the store shelves in the hard goods section stocked and organized,” she said. “I really enjoy my job.”

For some, the transition back into the workforce can be difficult, but that wasn’t the case for

Our business is changing lives.

In two and a half years, Shelley has received several promotions. She is

currently the lead processor at the Union City Goodwill store, and she’s very

happy. “Oh, I absolutely love my job, and I love Goodwill,” she said with a smile. “It’s a place for second chances, and when I see someone like me given a second chance, it makes me love Goodwill even more.”

When asked about the future, Shelley said she hopes to continue her journey

through life right here at Goodwill. “Working for Goodwill has changed my life. There’s no place I’d rather be.”

Give Support “Oh, I absolutely love my job, and I love Goodwill,” Shelley said with a smile. “It’s a place for second chances, and when I see someone like me given a second chance, it makes me love Goodwill even more.” In 2011, Jose’s mom and sister drove him to the Goodwill Career Solutions center in Spring Hill. “My sister said, ‘They help people like you.’ That visit changed my life.”

Jose was offered a full-time job at the Spring Hill Career Solutions center. As

the administrative assistant, he gets to help people who are struggling to find a job, just like he was three years ago. “When I was in their shoes, Goodwill gave

me strength to continue with life,” he said. “It’s nice to be able to pay it forward.”

Give Strength Dorothy. “It was actually pretty smooth,” she said. “My managers and coworkers made it easy for me.”

Now, eight years later, Dorothy is still happy to be a part of the Goodwill family. “Working for Goodwill has changed my life,” she said. “I am independent now, and that makes me feel real good.”

Give Independence

Ambassador Spring 2014




WEDDING GALA ADVICE FROM OUR BRIDES: Arrive early Bring chairs, blankets and snacks Bring plenty of people with you Know your dress size Know what style and color gown you want Wear something tight fitting like a body suit or fitted tank top and leggings Wear comfortable shoes



Ambassador Spring 2014


Monique Lhuillier

Paloma Blanca

Casablanca Bridal



Eden Bridals

Watters Bridals

Alfred Angelo

Mori Lee

Augusta Jones

Maggie Sottero

Allure Bridals

Our business is changing lives.

Choosing the perfect wedding gown can be challenging;

If you’re planning to attend this year’s Wedding Gala, make

Gala, brides don’t have to worry about breaking the budget.

away as Texas, and they came early. The first bride arrived

especially for brides on a budget. At the Goodwill Wedding Brand new gowns, that retail for as much as $6,000, are all priced under $400. “Nearly all of the dresses are donated

by area bridal boutiques,” said Natisha Moultry, community relations manager for Goodwill. “So these

sure you plan ahead. Last year, brides came from as far

at 7:30 p.m. the night before, and when the doors opened at

6 a.m. the next morning, more than 300 people were already lined up outside.

Because dressing rooms fill up quickly,

gowns they are buying at a Goodwill price are brand new.”

This year, Goodwill’s community relations department has received a record

number of designer gowns in every

size from zero to 30. By mid-February,

bridal boutiques had donated more than 800 wedding gowns to be sold at the

Hundreds of Brand New, Designer Gowns All Priced Under $400

Wedding Gala on March 15. “We usually

have several bridal boutiques donate just

weeks before the Gala,” said Moultry. “I’m

expecting more than 1,000 gowns this year.” For brides wanting to complete their look, the Gala also

features a wide assortment of veils, shoes, jewelry and other accessories, all priced under $30.

brides came prepared. Many wore

bodysuits or tank tops and tights so

they could try on gowns in the middle

of the aisle. They also brought friends and family members to help them along the way.

In just two days, 630 dresses were

sold. That’s 100 more than 2012. A

large assortment of jewelry, veils and dress shoes were also purchased.

Moultry expects those numbers to increase this year. Moultry said, “Because we have so much more to offer, we expect even more brides to find their dream dress.”

If you’re ready to say “I do,” you can’t afford to miss the

Goodwill Wedding Gala from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. on Saturday,

Members of the bridal party can also find a great deal at the

March 15. The Goodwill Rivergate store in Madison will be

mother of the bride and groom, and hundreds of bridesmaid

provided, and brides can sign up for several giveaways

used for a variety of events including a bridal shower, rehearsal

cards from local businesses.

Wedding Gala. There will be flower girl dresses, dresses for the

transformed into a bridal boutique. Refreshments will be

dresses. “All of these dresses that are priced under $30 can be

including hotel stays, a day at the spa and a variety of gift

dinner or an engagement photo shoot,” said Moultry. “We

even have high school and college students who will purchase these dresses for upcoming formal events like prom.”

Want to see even more gowns that will be for sale at this

year’s event? Check out our Wedding Gala Look Book at


To give brides a sneak peek at this year’s inventory, several

Goodwill employees were transformed into models for a day. The

designer gowns, accessories and veils featured in this publication will be for sale at the Wedding Gala on March 15, 2014.

Ambassador Spring 2014



South Jackson



Diana Conder u shopping for bargains

Job seekers and shoppers now have

Conder’s right. The retail sales floor is

“I got four summer outfits for each

In February, the Goodwill store and

the previous store in south Jackson. At

my son, two shirts for myself, a pair of

more opportunities in south Jackson. Donation Express Center relocated into its new, larger space just one mile from the previous location. The new facility was large enough to add a Career

Solutions, which is south Jackson’s first, and the city’s second.

Goodwill celebrated the relocation, the new addition and the creation of 20

new jobs on February 13 with a grand

opening and ribbon cutting. The event

attracted several local officials including Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist Madison

seven thousand square feet larger than nearly 21,000 square feet, it’s also one of Goodwill’s largest stores.

shoes, a kid’s garden kit and a sand pail and shovel.”

Conder’s more than 50 items were a

“It feels really good knowing that I’m helping myself, my family and members of the community. It’s almost like a cleansing feeling.”

bargain at around $100. While Conder

Diana Conder

them to come to the Career Solutions

County Mayor Jimmy Harris and City

Councilwoman Dr. Vicky Foote. More

grandchild, seven summer outfits for

will continue to shop at Goodwill, she’s hoping some of her family members

will take advantage of the brand new Career Solutions center next door.

“My daughter-in-law and stepson are

currently out of work and trying to get

back on track,” she said. “I will be telling center.”

than 80 shoppers also attended the

Conder spent most of her time shopping

When the day ended, more than 20

Diana Conder.

have an 18-month-old son, and I have

Solutions center for help.

As a loyal Goodwill shopper, Conder

stocking up for summer,” she said. “I

grand opening celebration including

was excited to see what the new store

in south Jackson had to offer. “The first thing I noticed is the size of the store,” she said. “It’s huge.”


Ambassador Spring 2014

in the children’s clothing section. “I

custody of four grandchildren, so I’m buy most of their clothes at Goodwill

because they outgrow them so quickly.” When Conder made her way to the

people had stopped by the Career Next door at the store, nearly 800 shoppers had made a purchase.

Conder said she’ll be back soon. “I love shopping at Goodwill. The quality is great and so is the selection.”

register, she had a full shopping cart.

Our business is changing lives.



Both facilities are being built from

Goodwill continues to add more

covered drive-through for donations and

convenient for you to donate. The two

the ground up and feature a store, a

donation sites to make it even more

a Career Solutions center.

Mt. Juliet

1985 Providence West Parkway, Mt. Juliet TN


Tiny Town Road Clarksville, TN

This new location is

This new location in

spring. It features Mt.

to open by the end of

expected to open this Juliet’s first Career

Solutions center. The

sales floor is double the

size of the current store.

Clarksville is expected the year. It will be the

city’s third store and third Career Solutions center.

new centers opened on Feb. 28, 2014.

Williamson County Recycling Center 1140 Mile End Road Franklin, TN 37064

Wilson County Recycling Center

3761 Murfreesboro Road Lebanon, TN 37087

There are now 81 Donation Express Centers throughout

Middle and West Tennessee. To find the one nearest you, visit


Spring Cleaning Challenge! By: Lorie Marrero What if a magazine sent a professional organizer to your home for a huge

makeover? Woman’s Day kicked off a

four-part series called “Project Declutter.”

I worked with two families, and we tackled their closets, kitchens, home offices and other trouble spots.

Pam Lyons was my first visit. She is a collector of all things sentimental and

meaningful, and she loves to buy things as gifts for other people she loves.

Lorie Marrero is the creator of

The Clutter Diet, spokesperson for Goodwill Industries International

and Ambassador for Goodwill’s Donate Movement.

Ambassador Spring 2014


space, along with one other underbed

storage container for off-season shoes. The number of shoes in the shoe closet is officially more than enough. I had Pam

take a little challenge with me to live by the “one in, one out” rule. When she buys a

new pair of shoes, another older pair needs to be donated to Goodwill to make room.

What collection of yours could you declare to be “more than enough”? Books, videos, jewelry, pants, sweaters, toys, gadgets? Most of us are fortunate to have an

I taught Pam that she could be a collector

abundance of things in our lives. When

be a Collector with a capital C, like an

manage your belongings responsibly, but

carefully. One of the best ways to manage

connections to work with job training, job

container,” so we repurposed a narrow

challenges to employment.

like someone who hoards, or she could

you donate them to Goodwill, you not only

art collector, who curates her collection

you help other people to make lifelong

a collection is to give it a “limiting

placement, and other services to overcome

linen closet in a hallway as her “shoe

closet.” She is now limited to having only the number of shoes that will fit into that

This spring, take our More Than Enough Challenge and declare “Enough” with the clutter!



Record Breaking Year Career Solutions


After spending three decades as a crew chief at Advance Inc., Jerry was laid off. When he stopped by the Goodwill Career Solutions center in Donelson, Jerry had been

unemployed for a year. “Despite my work history, people just

didn’t want to take a chance on me,” he said. “I was 72 years old at the time, and I’m also short in stature.”

The rejection started to affect Jerry’s spirit and health. “I

felt useless, and I was slowly deteriorating,” he said. “I had

worked all of my life, and I felt like I still had a

2013 turned out to be a record-breaking year

few good years left in me.”

for Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee.

Jerry enrolled in Career Solutions in January

Career Solutions placed 5,615 people in jobs. That’s up from 3,154 in 2012.

2013. He went through several classes

The dramatic increase in the number of

writing and job readiness. “The program is

including basic computer skills, resume

people placed in jobs is due to the increase

out of this world,” he said. “I had a couple of

in job fairs hosted by the 26 Career Solutions

job offers within the first three weeks, but I

centers. “We decided it was imperative to

decided I wanted to work for Goodwill.”

place a greater emphasis on our employer

partners,” said Betty Johnson, vice president

Jerry accepted a retail sales associate

“Once we started doing that, the number of

said he’ll never forget the pride he felt when

340 to 600 each month.”

“I cried,” he said. “I’m getting emotional right

and chief people officer for Goodwill.

position at the Goodwill store in Donelson. He

placements skyrocketed from an average of

he received his first paycheck from Goodwill.

Goodwill Career Solutions partners with approximately 1,300

now just thinking about that moment.”

area employers. These employers regularly hire people who

In February, Jerry celebrated his one-year anniversary at

provide qualified job candidates who have been trained and

for a year about killed me,” he said. “Goodwill gave me

are in the program. “Employers partner with us because we

Goodwill, and he couldn’t be happier. “Being out of work

are ready to enter the workforce,” said Johnson. “Regardless

my life back.”

of their work history and skill set, we can help them.”

Johnson hopes others will be inspired by Jerry’s story.

Jerry was worried he wouldn’t find another job, even with the

“Sometimes the hardest part is taking that first step, which is

computer skills, something Jerry knew he would need in

Career Solutions really does change lives.”

help of Career Solutions. His previous jobs did not require

asking for help,” she said. “Jerry is a perfect example of how

today’s job market. “I knew how to turn a computer on and off, but that was about it,” he said.


17,498 5,615 PEOPLE SERVED


a criminal some 36% had 31% reported background type of disability


Ambassador Spring 2014





people have been placed in jobs in January 2014. That’s up from 300 in January 2013.

Our business is changing lives.

It’s a new year, and that means new opportunities for those

who are looking for work. Goodwill Career Solutions hosted 95 job fairs in January and February for various

employers looking to hire. Some job seekers More than 160 people attended a job fair on January 8 at the Jackson Career Solutions

center. Goodwill needed to hire approximately 15 people for its store on South Highland

Avenue in Jackson. The store relocated in

February into a larger space, and that created the need for more employees.

Fifteen people were hired on the spot at

Lawrenceburg. The January 10 job fair for Wise

Schools, Xerox and Family Dollar.


were hired on the spot.

a job fair at the Career Solutions center in

27 featured five employers including Metro Nashville Public


January & February

Staffing attracted nearly 160 job seekers.

The Spring Hill Career Solutions center hosted a job fair for eight employers looking to fill

positions in Williamson, Maury and Marshall


Counties. Nearly 100 people attended the

January 23 job fair. Four people were hired

A job fair that same day in Clarksville attracted more than 140 people. Four employers were

present including the Tennessee Department

of Corrections, Heritage Bank and Agero. The

job fair was hosted by Goodwill’s employment case manager who works out of the New Providence Community Policing Center.

Nearly 70 people who attended a job fair on

February 12 were hired. The Goodwill Career Solutions center in Clarksville hosted a job

fair for Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. The company

needed to fill 70 positions for its brand new store in Clarksville. More than 225 people

attended the job fair. Representatives from

the company spent three days at the Career Solutions center interviewing everyone who attended the job fair. The new employees, including 10 managers, are currently

preparing the store for its grand opening in late March.

on the spot.

More than 250 job seekers attended a job fair at the downtown Nashville Career Solutions center. The job fair on January

Goodwill Career Solutions hosts multiple job fairs each month

at its 26 centers across Middle Tennessee. For a list of job fairs, go to goodwillcareersolutions.org.

Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee will once again celebrate

Goodwill Week in May by helping thousands of people in their search for work. During Goodwill Week last year, nearly 2,000 people participated

in the 43 events held at Goodwill Career Solutions centers in Middle and

MAY 5th-9th

West Tennessee. Thirty-two of those events were job fairs and featured 149 employers looking to hire.

Plans are already in the works for Goodwill Week 2014, which begins

May 5. Our goal is to offer even more opportunities for people who are unemployed and underemployed.

Ambassador Spring 2014



A celebration of this award, held on February 13, 2014

Goodwill building

Tennessee just kicked off an

exciting new program aimed at helping youth and young

campus, included local

business leaders, members of Goodwill’s board of directors and several

Goodwill employees. John

Stein, Tennessee president of Bank of America,

presented a $200,000 check to Goodwill in honor of receiving

the award. “We are pleased and thrilled for the Bank of America

youth Goodwill Industries of Middle

on Goodwill’s corporate

Charitable Foundation’s confidence in and support of us and this program,” said Betty Johnson, vice president and chief

people officer for Goodwill. “We look forward to educating and

Helping youth and young adults receive the tools they need to succeed

adults receive the tools they

empowering this under-served population.”

Goodwill has started working with other agencies to make sure

this program is a success. A pilot project with the YMCA YouthBuild Program has resulted in several young men obtaining

employment, and they will continue to receive guidance from

Goodwill staff. Johnson said, “We will assist these young adults in mapping out a life plan that allows them to accomplish their goals, earn an income and become contributing members of

need to succeed. Youth

the community.”

Building Goodwill will provide educational, vocational and

financial training to 17 to 25-year-olds who are out of school

Youth Building Goodwill is

and unemployed.

currently being offered in

This new venture began late last year when Goodwill

there are plans to extend

Davidson County. However,

Industries of Middle Tennessee submitted a proposal to the

Bank of America Charitable Foundation for its Neighborhood Builders Award. Goodwill found out in late November it had

won the regional award, which included a grant to be used to

the program to other areas

including Rutherford, Wilson and Williamson Counties.

create the Youth Building Goodwill program.

For more details call:


Ambassador Spring 2014

Brenda Hines (615) 346-1634.

Betty Johnson and Debbie Grant holding $200,000 check from

Our business is changing lives.



Debbie Grant Career Solutions Development Director

As the Career Solutions development director, Debbie Grant wears many hats. She oversees several Career Solutions programs including Goodwill’s newest program, Youth Building Goodwill. Grant also oversees Goodwill’s Transitional Employment Services program for people who have disabilities. This program provides a threemonth opportunity for paid work training to individuals who may need a little more time transitioning into the world of work. Grant started the Transitional Employment Services program in 2007. The program has helped hundreds of people with disabilities find a job.

Debbie Grant is a Nashville

What brought you to Goodwill?

Hillsboro High School. She

In my previous job, I referred people to

How do you help individuals overcome their challenges?

Tennessee, Knoxville where

changed lives in the community, and I wanted

willing to listen, provide sound feedback and be

native and a graduate of

attended the University of

Goodwill for services. I saw how Goodwill

It’s all about encouragement. We have to be

she earned a bachelor’s

to be a part of that. Twenty-six years later, I am

a cheerleader for those we are helping. We also

degree in sociology and

still passionate about the work we do.

psychology, and a master’s degree in vocational

What is the focus of your job?

rehabilitation counseling. After

I meet with individuals in the community with

graduation, Grant returned to

whom we can partner, write grant proposals

Do you have a success story you’d like to share?

Nashville where she worked

and come up with ideas for the services

Eight years ago, a man came to us for help. He

as a vocational rehabilitation

we offer. I also supervise several different

counselor for the state of

programs in Career Solutions including the

had been looking for a job for quite some time and was very discouraged. We found him a

Tennessee. In that role, she

Transitional Employment Services program,

assisted individuals with

the Health Care Initiatives training, the Summer

mental health issues, and

Youth Programs for students ages six to

then later she worked with

21, and Goodwill’s newest program, Youth

blind and visually-impaired

Building Goodwill.

Grant has been with Goodwill

What do you enjoy most about your job?


for 26 years. She was hired

as the rehabilitation director. Since then, she’s taken

on several different roles

including program quality

manager, grants coordinator,

and now the Career Solutions development director.

For me, it’s all about the people – the people

we serve and the people who work at Goodwill. When someone we’ve helped finds a job,

it’s exciting! It’s also amazing to look around

and see the faces of those working here and

make sure to place clients in jobs where they

can succeed and feel good about themselves.

job as a donation attendant, and with the help of other Goodwill employees including Byron Sheffield, he continues to succeed here at

Goodwill. He sends me a Christmas card every year, and that means so much to me.

How do you change lives? I keep myself connected with the energy from the folks we serve and the energy from those

with whom I work. When we all work together, we help each other build paths that lead to success and life-changing events.

knowing some of their stories. Many of them

started as Career Solutions clients. It’s uplifting to see those who once needed help now helping others.

Ambassador Spring 2014



Our business is changing lives.

1015 Herman St. Nashville Tennnessee 37208






Wedding Gala SATURDAY

MARCH 15, 2014 6:00 A.M. TO 10:00 A.M. Rivergate Goodwill Store 2101 Gallatin Road Madison, Tennessee Designer wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother-of-thebride dresses, veils, shoes and jewelry will be sold at deeply discounted prices to benefit Goodwill’s mission.

www.giveit2goodwill.org or (615) 346-1601 for more info

Profile for Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee

Ambassador Spring 2014  

Ambassador Spring 2014