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Donation Tracker Fundraising is the method of collecting charitable contributions of money or other assets, in the form of donations either from individuals, households, business firms, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. It is an ample method through which non-profit organizations obtain the money for their operations. And such fundraising is track down by an effective tool, donation tracker. Donation tracker is one of the most cost effective Campaign Management Software or CRM tool available at present. Donation Tracker has all the tools that one needs to successfully manage their campaigns every year.

Features of Donation tracker  Donation tracker has the ability to limit system users to specific program functions.  It help in measuring reports.  Design with flexible search options  Helpful in comprehensive audit trail of transaction  It has the ability to differentiate between agency types  It is built with the capability of recording pledges, payments, and designations in one simple process.  Numerous reports, letters templates, mailing labels, and envelope templates are included in Donation tracker.

Benefits of Donation tracker 1. Propinquity: Donations made to an organization can be seen immediately after they are made, enabling one to track their fundraising success online and to begin taming donors as soon as possible. 2. Donor cultivation: The reports generated via Donation Tracker helps better communication with donors by lining the donor details, giving trends, and contact details on your dashboard. 3. User-friendliness: One can view donation reports online at any time and from any location. 4. Ease of use: Donation Tracking Reports are easy to consume. They can be easily accessed via portable devices or printed through downloadable pdf files. The report structure is intuitive, clear and user friendly. 5. Reduction in errors: Donation tracker reduce the number of introduced errors. It assimilates the non-profit organization’s accounting system with the donor management system. It also lessen the chances of data errors and eliminate duplicate entries.

Donation tracker is a free, open source fundraising tools which helps in tracking down all the donations made year after year. It is a powerful software for non-profits which helps in managing relationships with donors and maximize fundraising results. It track down the collected dollars and the donors contributing them. It helps organizations of all sizes and maximizes their potential through manifold channels and marketing campaigns or CRM.

Donation tracking softwares / tools There are various software at present to track down all the donations made by the donors. 

GiveCentral: GiveCentral is a web-based donation tool that amalgamates all charity, fundraising and communication activities in one place.It helps one raise funds quickly as and when required and spend less time doing it. GiveCentral with its Donor Management System stores donors information and sort it afterwards in anyway required.

Features of Donor Management System  Easy setup: It is easy to set up fundraising activities for pledge and ticket events.  Real-time analytics: One can have access to real-time data for the most up-to-date information.  Wide-ranging reports: Reports can be generated that provide financial, event and donor summaries.  Relationship tracking: One can track donor families, record relations  hips between the donor and the organization. GiveCentral provides the utmost level of security so that donor information is never compromised or leaked.

Benefits of using GiveCentral  Donors benefit: It is fast, easy and appropriate for donors to contribute to an organization. Donors have the flexibility of using GiveCentral on their computers, smartphones and tablets. They let the donors to make recurring donations. People are not bound and can allocate funds for the specific giving categories that they choose. A confirmation mail is send to the donors, every time they make a donation. Donors can even view payment history as and when they feel. And the most important feature which GiveCentral facilitate the donors with is the –security, their credit card number or bank details are not

visible to any party after it is entered. All main credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and electronic checking transactions are accepted by them.  Administrator benefits: GiveCentral has the capabilities administrators need to collect funds and manage donor communication. It reduces paperwork and the time of the staff and even the expense associated with it. One can access the latest information in which ever format they want. Missed payments, forgotten payments and late payments are scrutinized by setting up collections and pledges online.

‘The supreme and the best facet of GiveCentral is that their keenness and knack to make adjustments to accommodate the needs is stupendous. They have the flexibility to modify even the smallest kind that makes the program easier.’

Donation tracker are design in such as way so as to customize workflows with fully integrated tools that eliminate time wastage, these trackers streamline ones online and offline engagement processes, and let them focus more on growing their grassroots support and cultivating more meaningful supporter relationships.

These trackers have that following features or software:  Donor Management System: This feature easily track donation information with robust, intuitive donor software and manage direct mail letters, major gift cultivation workflows .It impeccably sync all online engagement tools for email, actions, and online gifts which may be of any type.  Digital Marketing Software: Build your donor database using a marketing solution build specifically to help you grow. Communicate with supporters and donor through email, social platform, list integration, online sign up forms and dashboard analytics. Donation tracker makes it easy for donors to track of their Goodwill donation receipts. They need not to hold on to their paper donation receipts. It is the most operational and advanced tool for managing the fundraising. It adds the ability to process online donations and track donation activity in useful ways. It includes reports on donation doings and their donors.

Where and why should one use a donation tracker? WHY- One should use donation tracker so as track and know the exact percentage of donations made.

WHERE-From the non-profit’s crowdfunding page to the front page of the main website. Donation tracker boast an astonishing range of benefits, from enabling am organization to better organize and leverage data to freeing up more staff hours to cutting down on errors and inaccuracies.The eventual donation trackers is that they enable organizations to get closer to their donors and establish a more loyal and invested supporter base. It ensures that one stays on top of all their donor relationships and easily pull all their important information to make informed decisions when it comes to cultivation, communications, and stewardship.

CRMs or Donation tracker tool should include the following fields for tracking all essential information  Biographical data i.e. the name, gender and birth date of the donor is the most essential.  Specialized, personal and organizational relationships between the donor and the organization should be present to track down the information of the donor.  Contact information, email addresses, social media profiles, and telephone numbers of donors so as to contact if required.

Give Central | Best Donation tracker tool  

Donation tracker is one of the most cost effective Campaign Management Software or CRM tool available at present. Donation Tracker has all t...

Give Central | Best Donation tracker tool  

Donation tracker is one of the most cost effective Campaign Management Software or CRM tool available at present. Donation Tracker has all t...