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Easy-to-carry small sized 2.5 km range walkie talkie set for instant communication, ideal for many jobs and situations including,

Building Security Teams

Campus Maintenance Crews

Police Departments

Fire Departments

Bike Couriers

Trade Shows and Exhibit Events

Wilderness areas where phones do not work

Overseas holiday travel where using a phone may be expensive or troublesome

With 8 channels to choose from, this powerful walkie talkie set enables you to talk with more than 20 people at the same time. Easy to use, and reliable when mobile signal is not available, these are short-range communication devices to keep in contact with your team anytime anywhere Manufacturer Specifications 

Manufacturer Specifications

Primary Function: Walkie Talkie Set

Output Power: 0.5W

Frequency Range (UHF): 446.00625 – 466.09375 MHz

Communication Range: up to 2.5 KM

Stored Channels: 8

Power Source: 3 AAA Batteries (Not included)

Standby Time: About 120 hours

Buttons/Switches: On/Down, PTT/Call, Menu/Up

Audio Squelch: Yes

PTT: Yes

Electronic Volume Selection: Yes

Scan/Monitor Function: Yes

Low Battery Alert: Yes

Backlit Display: Yes

Call Alert: Yes

Dimensions (with antenna on): L: 80 x W: 45 x D: 25 (mm)

Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

Mini Talkie Walkie