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Powered USB Hub with enough ports to connect up to 10 USB devices and with lightning fast 480Mbps transfer speeds. This USB hub allows you to power the hub either directly from a computer or from a AD/DC socket. So in addition to connecting multiple USB devices to your computer, you can also recharge devices such as digital cameras, MP4 players and cellphones wherever there is a wall power socket. This is also very useful for connecting devices that require a certain amount of power to operate such as one-cable removable HDDs. This top grade powered USB 2.0 hub also features automatic over-current protection for each port, hot swapping plug and play connection, and the ability to daisy chain up to 127 USB devices if you wish. Manufacturer Specifications

Main Function: 10 Port USB Hub

Material: Plastic

Power source: USB or AC/DC Wall adapter 100-240v

USB Ports: 10

Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

Dimensions: 190mm x 38mm x 24mm


Power Cord Length: 1143mm

10 Port USB 2  
10 Port USB 2  

Manufacturer Specifications  Power source: USB or AC/DC Wall adapter 100-240v  Main Function: 10 Port USB Hub  USB Ports: 10  Certificat...