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We We believe believe in in aa school school where where children children learn learn best best when when ‌ ‌

… they can explore: colours, textures, materials, shapes …

‌ space, sound and movement.

they can find new ways to express themselves creatively‌ ...

…they can face and solve problems …

‌ they can gain the skills they need to communicate their understanding of their world.

‌ they can use ICT in a creative manner

d n i f d n a , s a e d i ew n e c n e i ‌ r e s p n x o i e t s n e a u c q y o e t h t s r e ‌ w s n a e simpl

they can make sense of their world by relating what they learn to their own lives ‌

… when they have fun, sing songs, play instruments, cut and stick, talk, read, write , investigate, and…. MAKE REALLY EXCITING EXPERIENCES!

Learning through laboratories  

Learning through laboratories