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Giuseppe Chimera


Born: 18/01/1985 Palermo, Italy Address: Via del Pratovecchio 15, FIRENZE Mobile phone: +39 320 8065989 Email:

Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape and Urban Planning

01 About me: “The passion for landscape architecture arose in me after a trip to Japan. The beautiful and harmonious rock gardens that abound in Kyoto, artistic and cultural heart of the country, are the ultimate expression of the garden art; In these gardens all plants and minerals represent the true essence of life. Here the landscape architecture finds its highest representation becoming an artistic expression, like a painter who paints his canvas.


So begins my journey into the world of landscape architecture, with the desire to design spaces that accompany us in our daily lives. The same attention to detail I found some years later going to visit the studio of one of the greatest masters of the Italian Landscape Architect, Pietro Porcinai. In his works we find his view of the garden; The use of materials, plant species and their combination is always harmonious. His passion for nature and the search for a balance between built and unbuilt is inspiration and incentive for my professional growth.” Education: 2018

MASTER'S DEGREE in Landscape Architecture at Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence, Italy, final grade 109/110, Title of the Thesis: “Proposal for the missing green-link in Corbetta”, Milan.


BACHELOR'S DEGREE - Landscape and Urban Planning at Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence, Italy, Title of the Thesis: “A new park for Ponzano - from degradation to urban quality”.


HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA - Surveyor-Construction Management, Higher Education Institution “Ferraris-Brunelleschi”, Empoli, Italy


Seminars, Workshops: 2015 Certificate of participation - “Innovative technologies for surveying with drones” delivered by AssForm, culture and advanced education 2013

Certificate of participation - “Landscapes, Regeneration and Development” delivered by AssForm, culture and advanced education


Certificate of first aid - Basic Rescuer level - delivered by Misericordia of Montelupo Fiorentino (FI)


Project Experiences: 2017 Participation to the public design competition for the expansion and upgrading of primary school La Favorita in Corbetta, Milan. - in collaboration with Architects Sabine Di Silvio and Fabio Giantini. I worked with the team Studio Quadrato Architecture for design competition regarding the extension of primary school “La Favorita”, its relevant spaces and new public spaces. The landscape project for the school areas, was born from the idea of creating multifunctional spaces containing interesting items for the growth and learning of children. Make the school as a new Civic Center of city of Corbetta. Even the design of new public recreation areas have been a really challenge for me: it was necessary to think about the needs of children along with those of the population planning a new pedestrian connection from the old town to the City Park.




Skills: Design: Ability to draw freehand design sketches and environmental perspective views, geometric designs and drawings on Autocad. 3D modeling: Skill in creating 3D models realistic picture of open spaces, from the conceptual model to quick development of final presentation template. Preliminary studies: Compiling a complete design, site inspection report, stratigraphic analysis of the location and identification of case studies above. 08

Communication: Good skills in verbal presentation of projects and good skills of team work.

Responsability: Senior Projectionist since 2001 in the Cinema Mignon D’Essai at Montelupo Fiorentino, Florence. In the Association I carry out the roles of: - Public relations manager and sponsor relations - Program Manager - Graphic designer - Ticket clerk

09 01 - Environmental section Inner courtyard 02 - Planimetric extract Learning Garden 03 - Blackboard/wall inside the inner courtyard 10 Software Skills: Excellent knowledge: - Office Suite (word, excel, power point) - Corel Suite (draw, photo-paint, trace), similar Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator - Autocad - ArcGis10.2 ESRI (arcMap, arcScene, arcCatalog) - Qgis 2.18 - Wordpress 4.5 - Lumion 3d - Rhinoceros 6 - Sketchup 2015 - Kerkythea 2008

04 - vehicular and pedestrian flow pattern around the new school campus 05 - 3d processing of new school entrance 06 - Freehand drawing - new square of the Argingrosso Park 07 - Garden in stippling technique 08 - Panoramic window - public garden 09 - Section, educational garden 10 - Environmental section, learning garden