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Growing in Italy, The Mecca of Design, art and culture Giuseppe has a great interest, love and passion for fashion. The one year course in fashion marketing and communication in European Institute of Design has made him grow as an individual and making him specialize in various fields of fashion marketing. It has made him close to the fashion world. He has participated in some projects like “Fendi fatto a mano for the future�. He is a social media activist and having a true passion for using social media as a tool to enhance the companies value and strength. Versatility in a country like Italy has made him Versatile as a person. In his free time he likes to listen to music and read books.

PROJECTS Fendi application - Brochure Fendi application - Posters Fendi application - Presentation

VIDEOS Promotional video Fendi application Fendi Fatto a mano for the future - Rome Fendi Fatto a mano for the future - Florence



ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DJ via dell’olivuzzo 54, 50143, Firenze italy tel +39.327 16 05 359

ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DJ was born in 2009, from the idea of Maurizio Iamartino, artist and music enterpreneur, and from the experience of NEWJOKERSTAFF, event production agency. accademia italiana DJ is an international center of excellent in the field of high standards music education. The accademia offers courses for DJ, producers and masters for professional musicians. My contribution to the company was working on a new and innovative communication approach and on managing and executing the communication programs, including public relations, promotions and content creation. I created corporate communication packages, contest and campaigns for ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DJ specifically tailored for social media. It also involved managing communication and marketing campaigns aimed at users via newsletter, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, Instagram and Myspace. All this helped me to consolidate the communication skills and develop a professional digital communication attitude oriented at user engagment. Communication Activities: Press Releases Plan of strategic communication Management of editoral materials Preparation of digital and printed press preview Digital communication activities Media Planning: Analyze electronic music’s magazines and website Present a coordinated media and digital plan according to ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DJ target Track the online advertising campaing Evaluate the results Event Organization: Assistant in organizing events, fairs and conferences Preparation of material for events Management of external relationships such as partners or suppliers Creation of specific Mailing List Creation of monthly Newsletter

Work for

Work for

re.publique comunicazione d’architettura via baccio bandinelli 34r, 50142, Firenze italy tel +39.055.5277587

re.publique comunicazione d’architettura is a company cofounded by Claudia Gelosa and Flores Zanchi. republique provides 360° communication services, promotion and press addressed to publishing and media in general. re.publique also designs and manages projects and communication strategies that suits the clients needs, carefully coordinated in all its steps. My contribution to the company was working on projects, within a collaborative team of four, mainly in press office activities, planning and coordinating events, exhibitions and showroom. Daily tasks were managing the communication of our clients by creating press kits, company profiles, and event organizations. All this helped me develop skills such as strategies and media planning in architecture’s press and web, articulation and working in a team. Press Office Activities: Press Releases Plan of strategic communication Management of editoral materials Preparation of digital and printed press preview divided by client Storing of images and materials divided by client, event or projects Media Planning: Analyze architecture’s magazines and website Present for each client a coordinated media plan according to their target Track the advertising campaing Evaluate the results Event Organization: Assistant in organizing events, fairs and conferences Preparation of material for events Management of external relationships such as partners or suppliers Creation of specific Mailing List

Work for

CasTellI ▪ Il Colore, la PassIone Wednesday 18 april, 6 pm ▪ Design and Colour stories ▪

Il Colore, la PassIone

Trends, perceptions and emotions in colours applications narrated by Per nimer design manager Azko Nobel Global, aldo Bottoli director at Colours Observatory and nicholas Bewick, art coordinator at Castelli.

Thursday 19 april, 6 pm ▪ Design and Material stories ▪

Il Co lo r e la PassIone

The colours of material and nanotechnology in today’s design, in collaboration with Micol Costi from Material ConneXion® Milan and Piero schiavuta from Veneto Nonotech together with nicholas Bewick, art coordinator at Castelli. Talks will be conducted by Donatella Bollani architecture and business media executive, Gruppo 24ORE ▪ Both sessions will end with cocktails ▪

Wed. 17 - sat. 21 april, 11 am - 20 pm ▪ Welcome area ▪

Join us in our Plia Bar and Red Lounge, Wi-Fi areas

In collaboration with:

Fuorisalone 2012 ▪ 17-21 april ▪ Castelli Milano ▪ Piazza Castello 19 Milano Find Castelli also at: Interni legacy ▪ area overture 2012 ▪ lost in Translation ▪ aD: 30 Years of style ▪ Design league

submit your data and win one Plia chairs Fuorisalone 2012

Il Quotidiano della Calabria Piazza Serravalle 9, 88100, Catanzaro italy tel +39.0961.792168

Il Quotidiano della Calabria is a regional newspaper born in 1995. Daily published in four editions (Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone and Reggio Calabria), currently the newspaper includes several weekly inserts such as “Il Domenicale”, “Generazione HP” and “Week-End” for the younger generation. Il Quotidiano della Calabria is 64 pages in volume and has a circulation of approximatly 200.000 readers. I worked for the newspaper as a journalist from my town, Cardinale, Calabria. Three years of collaboration, helped me develope my writing skills along with picking out relevant news and adapting different styles of writing, that would suit the article best. Since Cardinale is a small town, I documented different news topics such as politics, current news, events and sports, hence sharpening my skills on publishing articles that would arouse interest. In the process I built relations with the local institution, organizations and citizens. Relations with politicians, companies and institutions Local events: elections, councils, cultural conferences Interviews with best know spokesmen, politicians and authorities Interviews with best know spokesmen, cultural and religious authorities Music festivals, music contest, press preview Conferences on cultural events related to calabrese culture and heritage


Fendi: My Bag Concept application for fashion brand Fendi

The aim of my analysis was to offer an innovative approach to luxury product experience, based on technological advancement, particularly an application specializing in Fendi bags. There are two reasons for an Italian brand, such as Fendi, to be chosen as a case study for this project. First of all, the company has not developed an iPhone application yet. Secondly, the brand values are craftsmanship and design, which means that they efficiently combine technology and heritage in a high quality luxury product. Generally speaking the project can be used by several companies in the high end market because it reflects the attitude and the way technology has to be used to reach a specific target. The application is designed to serve two major purposes: 1 It will allow customers to purchase products from Fendi catalogue. 2 Provide the opportunity to create their own bag, choosing from the specific range of colors, shapes and materials, which are used by this famous Italian brand.

FENDI MY BAG Application

Splash Image Intro image of the Application

Menu Fendi menu divided in: Bag catalogue, Wishlist, Add to chart: My bag, Forever Fendi Boutiques location.

Menu - Landscape mode Landscape mode of the menu. Background and buttons inspired by Fendi world.


Bag Catalogue In this section users can look at the Fendi bag catalogue, scrolling it from the top to the bottom.

Bag Catalogue Landscape mode

This is the landscape mode of the bag catalogue. It is possible to scroll the catalogue from the top to the bottom.

Bag Catalogue - Bag Detail In this section it is possible to get the information of the bag. Upload it on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Polivore. Add to Chart or Wishlist.

FENDI MY BAG Application How to make your own bag

My bag - How to choose the color “My bag� section, users can choose different colors among the Fendi color Palette. The users can spin the bag at 360 degree, change color of the bag, see the color in real time. It is also possible to add the bag to the chart or add it to the wishlist.

My bag - How to choose the shape

The users can choose different shapes among the one provided by Fendi. Add to Chart and Whislist is also provided.

My bag - How to choose the material

The user can choose different Fendi materials, roman leather or textile to personalize their bag. Add to chart and Wishlist is provide

Fendi: My Bag Concept application for fashion brand Fendi

The marketing and Communication strategy that support the launch of the application included two steps which are: retail promotion and viral promotion. • Fendi has a strong retail strategy, particularly in Asia and and United States. Fendi is focusing on entering new markets and territories becoming more and more global brand. By doing that Fendi not only increases sales revenue, but also increases brand awareness world wide. • In-store strategy will involve production of a brochure, designed in the style of the famous Baguette bag, Fendi application, their view on technologies and craftmanship, heritage, and also what customers can find in the application. The Communication strategy strenght is that it offers many possibilities on a one to one basis such as to convey news or events, product and service updates and offers, create sales by supporting e-commerce or drive to store features and to spread the word about the brand via embedded social media functions.

The future is what we create today

Handcrafted Technology FENDI “My bag” Application “Tradition is definitely the most important

value in order to look ahead into the future.

Qr code

Fendi has always unified tradition and innovation and it is from our artisanal roots that the most experimental projects are born” - Silvia Venturini creative director Fendi Selleria Project proposed by Giuseppe Palaia

Instructions: 1. Go on the Apple store and search for Fendi bag 2. Download and install the application (make sure you have an Apple account) 3. Purchase products from “Bag catalogue” section 4. Create your own bag in “My Bag” section

Viale de luca, 40 Cardinale, Catanzaro, ITALY Tel: (+39)0967.93176 (+39)392.2194042 E-mail: Website:

Giuseppe Palaia portfolio  
Giuseppe Palaia portfolio