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Dental Company for all types of custom-made dental devices, prosthetic, implant and orthodontic.


The dental sector is undergoing huge developments and within this changing framework the specialist, very often a single professional, besides facing the decrease of his pool of

clients, needs to position himself as an entrepreneur.

Yet, the dental sector maintains a great importance within the Italian GNP because instrumental in the welfare of the society.

D-entity is the perfect interlocutor to provide you with an extra top quality in prosthetic and orthodontic dentistry, and with a thoroughly offer at a competitive and affordable cost to satisfy a constantly broader and demanding market.


Being professional to create merit

Location of 2000 sqm where all production processes take place.


On the strength of fifty years of history and experience in the sector, D-entity is located in two areas of about 2,000

sqm where all production processes are developed and made inhouse.

Every single step of our work is computerized, from the receiving of the commission to the final invoicing and reflects the high professionalism of our management.


Human capital


The staff is one of the strong points of our business idea.

The quality of our staff is of capital relevance. A well-trained staff is one of the strong points of our business idea.

Technicians, administrative personnel and sales persons are the assets dedicated to patient comfort and quality care.


Process and product quality


The quality of the devices and their technical durability cannot abstract from proper management and organizational procedures in order to get the product traceability and favour

in real-time any level of evaluation.

In our view, a certified quality means great reliability and certainty for our customer.

Quality of the devices and technical durability.




While dentistry has always experienced a strong individuality, D-entity and its predecessor companies have established, throughout the years, strong and growing relationships with

the customers.


D-entity represents today a very advanced model of lab-enterprise. We have grown to offer products and processes of top quality. We believe in the challenge of putting the needs and

well-being of the people we serve first. We believe in innovation and in a thoroughly ethical approach.



Our multiple locations give us the opportunity of capitalizing and expanding the market competitiveness.


Although the dentist sector is living a very difficult moment, D-entity is facing it as a challenge and a chance of exploiting the current crisis to find new opportunities of growth.

One of the priorities of D-entity’s project is the capability of establishing the company in many locations to capitalize and expand the market competitiveness. The peculiarities of D-entity’s business project are:

a more structured and performing company

a better economic/financial capability both technical and technological

meeting customer needs by offering uniqueness that cannot be easily imitated by a competitor in management, training, advertising and finance

a strategic/marketing capability: prosthetic and orthodontic products that customers receive in the entire territory as innovative, high-quality, state-of-the art


entirety of our in-house production

possibility of important partnerships to develop supply chains

support capability of several formative models for the customers

translating external conditions into a widespread vision for organization through employee commitment and competence

adding perceived value to the customer through specific models of benefits on various typologies of devices

developing and delivering services that meet customer expectations with a high level of personalization.




D-entity is designed for the future.

D-entity is designed for the future. Our constant commitment is to earmark our profits to technological and organizational

investments. We are aware that the global economic crisis and the transformation of the dental sector, that has to be completely rethought, will put our choice to a hard test. Nonetheless, we feel confident and believe in the possibility of being an active part in a more modern dental supply chain that can cope with the market and is able to create customer satisfaction and consistency. To look to the future we need Dental Companies that are dynamic, structured and qualified, with technical, management and organizational competences. In just one sentence, “a better company, a better outcome�. We just want to develop an enduring relationship with our customer in order to create common expectations, behaviours and goals for a better future in dentistry.




The customer “acquires solutions”.

The customer “acquires solutions”. Our dental devices are clinical-diagnostic “solutions” dedicated to patient comfort and quality

care. Our solutions provide the best and latest in dental technology and treatment options.

We allocate our resources and a strong care to meet the needs of our customers. Our dental clinicians support us in providing the right base of operations on every single case. Therefore, our work is aimed to patient comfort and quality care. We suggest innovation and competitiveness to allow a wide choice of rehab (prosthesis) and therapeutic (orthodontics) devices, as well as services. Our partnership with more than 600 specialists in Medicine, Dentistry, Odontology, Teaching Hospitals, public and private Hospitals, is not only a source of pride but a commitment towards the professionals that rely upon us. D-entity’s aim is to become a benchmark for the Dentist as well as for the Dental Technician. This is why our high competence is in step with the transformation of the dental sector.



We make all typologies of fixed prosthetic appliances in ceramic, composite, fiberglass and implant materials.


There are three key factors of competitive capability inside a company: •

solution choices


cutting-edge technology and experienced team to ensure the best care possible


top quality standards in making, managing, organizing and, last but not least, an ethical model to express quality.

D-entity makes all typologies of fixed prosthetic appliances in ceramic, composite, fiberglass and implant materials. D-entity employs only constituents that stand for great quality and innovation. Our full product range comprises removable, partial dentures and all the appliances of orthodontic technique.



We invest in the most advanced technology.


We invest in the most advanced technology. Our existing equipment is always kept updated and

we continuously invest in the forward-looking technology and in what we consider essential for the evolution of the quality and useful to generate modern solutions.

Besides the consolidated and traditional technology, in our dentist company the CAD-CAM technology, both hardware and software, has been in use for a long time. We are equipped with all the facilities and knowledge to comply with the most demanding needs in the field of the dental 3D using the so-called “open� systems. We finalize all the solutions inside the company in our drilling centre, so to minimize the outsourcing activities.

We can work all the materials using over-the-top technologies: ceramic, disilicat and composite materials, zirconia and pre-sintered zirconia, fibres, resin for dentures, titanium and, not least, the cr-co that we obtain both through drill and DLMS systems. We also want to highlight that all our qualified suppliers operate in full accordance with the main CE regulations regarding the product conservation and the safety of operators and users.




In our devices, “quality” is the password that opens the entire D-entity’s production system.

To realize dentistry quality is indispensable the integration with a codified, organized and shared process: a process whit an immediate correspondence in every stage of the workflow and where the entire development is under control. Product and Process are vital and only together they can express a level of quality whit the proper effectiveness, efficiency and cost streamlining. The balance in the quality/price ratio requires a very precise scheme in order to be repeated constantly in time. for this reason, our company has adopted the best practice of the Iso 9001 – quality management standards. D-entity has obtained two Quality Certifications: •

ISO 9001:2008 that sets out the requirements of a quality management system

ISO 13485:2012 that represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Our company has been adopting for many years the best practice of the ISO – Quality standards.




Training as an element of development.

Training is a key element in our development. The knowledge and the quality in the fieldwork get through to staff training, since always a D-entity feature.

We strive for being proactive and stimulate our customer. Therefore, very often we organize educational events. Our commitment is the periodical gathering of specific demands, coming from the clinicians, to draw up a programme of educational events.

Their typology is usually structured in theoretical-practical courses, cultural events and partnership presentations with companies that look for technological news and innovative materials.




The Marketing Promoter.

D-entity has several locations all around Italy. Besides, in some areas we can count on the professionalism

of our Marketing Promoters. They get in touch with our customers or potential customers to introduce our reality and share an ideal closeness that responds to the customer needs.

D-entity’s marketing promoter is a person qualified to “export” our business professionalism and generate the first step of solutions for the customer.

The main areas we have been covering following such typology of approach/service, are Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto, Marche and Tuscany. The marketing promoter is supported by the most forward-looking technologies in order to spread our proposal of consultancy and collaboration.




Training is a key element for our growth.

We intend assistance as an exchange of views in those cases and makings that require a stricter clinical-technical understanding to get more personalized results.

D-entity responds to this model with well-trained and qualified technicians. Besides, our technology has the right tools to increase the output performances or to master the new methods like the computerized detection of the dental colour or the 3D intraoral scanning of the dental full-arch footprint.

The company’s 3D area is also provided with communication systems to operate on the specific case also by remote control.




Ongoing research.

We deeply believe that the technological development and the search of innovative materials make our product more performing and enable us to expand largely on the market.

This is why D-entity will continue to invest on the 3D technology which, with the arrival of the digitalization of the intraoral impression, will change not only the work system, but also the collaborative relationship between study and laboratory.

Also the materials that periodically enter the market will find a further way out thanks to productions that use only forward-looking technologies.




We think that the dental chain has to be introduced in a different way and has to be more valorised. In a market where the patient/customer’s spending power is remarkably reduced,

the actors that create the good “dental health� can and must do more.

D-entity recognises more value in perspective to the professional triangle Dentist, Technician and Supplier. It is fundamental to rebalance the thought, sometimes distorted, that has been given to the market and to the users, in order to approach again and consciously the dentistry patient. On one hand we must respect the roles and on the other hand we need a modernization of the network. We strive for a concept of quality in the dental health which is guaranteed by the clinician and supported by a chain contest. As an enterprise, D-entity can do its part and is already capable of generating good sound projects.



T •

The network is a cultural process. For D-entity the challenge and the participation to projects is an added value that helps our development.

From charter member of Q.E.T., Consorzio di Imprese Odontotecniche, whose raison d’etre is Quality, Ethic and Technology, to the network represented by Dental Hi-Tech Net (DHNT) and Arc Angel.

DHTN, network for the development of the digital technologies and productions in prosthetic area represented by D-entity Modena and Rimini.

C-oralia Bologna and Kronos Europea Dentale Sulmona (AQ)

Arc Angel, network for orthodontic technology and production. More specifically for the dental aligners the network counts more than thirty companies.

The network is true health for the companies that want to remain on the market and seek with constancy the path of progress.




Our partners are very important for us and we like to highlight the quality and ethic which our suppliers are chosen and safeguarded with. We are aware that we can

build our future together so we want to make evident our collaboration.


3 Shape


Job Dental

Nobil Metal

3D Fast




Auro Tre


New Ancorvis

Ortho PiĂš

CMF Marelli




Dental Club


Master Tecnik


Chain Project


We give back the essence to the sector by putting the patient in contact with the dental chain. The quality of the professionals, of the dentistry firms and of the suppliers of technologies and materials, must be known by the final user. We need a step up

in quality and strive for the abandon of the personal rigidities to give to the citizen a “sustainably� prosthetic and orthotic dentistry. D-entity intends to take part personally in the revaluation of the social role and well-being that dentistry must offer to everybody. With a dedicated service facility, we can create any solution related to communication, website, studio management, payment system, etc.

Project evolution of 3D innovative technology The 3D technology is entering at operating speed in the prosthetic dentistry. The intraoral scanner will be the tool to involve the clinician in the digital path directly and, increasingly, it will integrate the relationship among technical, clinical and technological competences. D-entity is accomplishing the 3D project and is ready to support the customers in order to deal with every requirement to adopt and acquire the know-how and the technology necessary to complete the digital path.

D-fender Any level of sport activities should count on the possibility of individual protection of the dental arches, both for children and adults. The D-fender project aims first to exalt the role of the production chain (Dentists, Dental technicians and manufacturers) as added value for the patient. In second place, it sets out the spreading of the culture oriented to the prevention and protection of the dental and occlusal health during sport activities. The project, just because it aims to spread in all kind of sports, is grounded on a professional network that covers the entire National territory. It can satisfy all the needs of the sportsman while respecting a correct quality-price ratio. D-entity has already adhered to the project and is ready to develop and integrate in it an adequate level of clinicians that want to be integral part of this new operational area.




The two locations of Modena and Rimini, displaced in about 2,000 square meters, have been conceived with criteria of business

capabilities and projected to receive naturally the customer, the supplier, the collaborator, the patient of our customer, the visitor.

The organization of the two structures has been conceived to carry out activities of delivery, shipment, administration, waiting room and conference room fully equipped for all the typologies of projection.

D-entity is provided with the highest levels of technology to realize the prosthetic, implant, wiron, orthodontic realisations and all the productions via CAD CAM systems.



Ministry of Health registration certificate as manufacturer of custom-made medical devices with the n° ITCA 01018722 Social Security account 5007212199 with INPS (Italian National Institute for Social Security) Account 6029942 with INAIL (Italian government agency for the insurance against work-related injuries)

Registration certificate at the Chamber of Commerce in Modena n° 02683770362 dated 29.12.2000

DURC (Certification of labour compliance)

quarterly updated and available on demand

It adheres to and complies the C.C.N.L.

(collective agreements) for dental companies (last wage adjournment July 2012) It operates according to the following norms and laws:

• • •

Law of 12 March 1999. 68 “Regulations for the right to work of persons with disabilities” published in the Official Gazette no. 68 of 23 March 1999 - Ordinary Supplement no. 57 Consolidated Law on health and safety at work n. 81 of 9 April 2008. The company has drawn up a manual about safety at work in the Dental laboratory. Procedures about the law 196/2003 concerning the privacy safeguard.

Unitary workplace union structure (Rsu)

Inside the company there is a unitary workplace union structure (Rsu). On the 07.01.2013 the company has drawn up the ethical code. COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 93/42/EEC – Laws 46/97 and 47/2007 The entire production is followed and documented through the optical storage of the technical file consistent with the Council directive 93/42/EEC – Laws 46/97 and 47/2007 concerning medical devices (prescription – technical project – risk analysis – supplier declaration – operating instructions – final labelling)


Council Directive 93/42/EEC – Laws 46/97 Conformity Assessment Procedures All the devices are conformed to the Council Directive 93/42/EEC – Laws 46/97 procedures with the required documentation included. The staff structure includes more than sixty people who collaborate at production, management, administration and sale of the devices realized for fixed prosthesis, ceramic, combined, implant, removable and orthodontic.

Excellence in Business Award for the province of Modena In 2007 D-entity was awarded among the Excellence in Business for the province of Modena and among the best thirty businesses of Emilia Romagna within the Best Practice repertoire organized by the Italian National Craft Trades Confederation (CNA).

ISO Quality Certifications:

• •

ISO 9001:2008 that sets out the requirements of a quality management system SO 13485:2012 that represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.


• •

D-Entity adheres to the Work-related learning by hosting internships for the students of the Scuola Odontotecnici IPSIA F. Corni in Modena. D-Entity adheres to the Work-related learning by hosting, in convention with the Municipality, Province and Chamber of Commerce in Modena, the working summer plans for the seniors of the Scuola Odontotecnici.

Charter member of ITS Istituto Tecnico Superiore di Modena

Charter member of the ITS Istituto Tecnico Superiore in Modena, advanced professional training for the postgraduate vocational training.


D-entity is associated to: Confindustria Modena – CNA Modena




• • •

arc angel – dental aligners (charter member) ortec – Italian orthodontist technicians q.e.T. – (charter member)

D-entity is licensee company of:

• • • •

arc angel – dental aligners (charter member) 3DIEMME– guided surgery ValPlasT- nylon removable prosthesis D-fender – professional sport mouthguards

D-entity projects introduced to the institutions • Internationalization of the supply chain • Technological innovation • Network’s projects Collaborazioni professionali e istituzionali D-entity

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more than six hundred (600) customers among Dentist and Dental technicians Dentistry and orthodontic service asl (NHs primary care trust) modena Dentistry and orthodontic service asl (NHs primary care trust) reggio emilia Dentistry service asl (NHs primary care trust) Bologna orthodontics service Venetian asl (NHs primary care trust) oral and maxillofacial surgery service s.orsola Hospital in Bologna University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Dentistry – project of technological innovation Universities of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Engineering – project of technological innovation High Tech network lab – Ceramic Center Bologna - project of technological innovation Democentersipe modena – center for the innovation and business technological collaboration with the universities of modena and reggio emilia University of Bologna – Dentistry - project of technological innovation Villa maria cecilia


Ethical values

D-entity supports the following projects: Comune di Modena progetto Mobilità Gratuita

Bimbo Tu - Onlus in Bologna dealing with children suffering from nervous system diseases and/or solid cancer.

Association “Angela Serra” for research on cancer – Oncology of Modena General Hospital.

C.C.S. - Consorzio Solidarietà Sociale - Municipality of Modena – Service and support access to the labour market

Municipality of Modena - Mobilità Gratuita project – support to the initiatives for the transport services of the passengers with disabilities


Municipality of San Patrignano – free provision of semi-finished products to the Dental Center

Our offices are located in: modena


Via Indipendenza, 5 - 41122 Modena T. 059.285219 f. 059.285218 em. info.modena@d-entity.com

Via Primo Ghinelli, 5 - 47924 Rimini T. 0541.478144 f. 0541.476388 em. info.rimini@d-entity.com

registration ministry of Health (National Board of Health) ITCA01018722 capital stock € 99.000,00 (fully paid up) VAT identification number 02683770362 W. www.d-entity.com

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