D-entity Company Brochure

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Our multiple locations give us the opportunity of capitalizing and expanding the market competitiveness.


Although the dentist sector is living a very difficult moment, D-entity is facing it as a challenge and a chance of exploiting the current crisis to find new opportunities of growth.

One of the priorities of D-entity’s project is the capability of establishing the company in many locations to capitalize and expand the market competitiveness. The peculiarities of D-entity’s business project are:

a more structured and performing company

a better economic/financial capability both technical and technological

meeting customer needs by offering uniqueness that cannot be easily imitated by a competitor in management, training, advertising and finance

a strategic/marketing capability: prosthetic and orthodontic products that customers receive in the entire territory as innovative, high-quality, state-of-the art


entirety of our in-house production

possibility of important partnerships to develop supply chains

support capability of several formative models for the customers

translating external conditions into a widespread vision for organization through employee commitment and competence

adding perceived value to the customer through specific models of benefits on various typologies of devices

developing and delivering services that meet customer expectations with a high level of personalization.


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