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Chain Project


We give back the essence to the sector by putting the patient in contact with the dental chain. The quality of the professionals, of the dentistry firms and of the suppliers of technologies and materials, must be known by the final user. We need a step up

in quality and strive for the abandon of the personal rigidities to give to the citizen a “sustainably� prosthetic and orthotic dentistry. D-entity intends to take part personally in the revaluation of the social role and well-being that dentistry must offer to everybody. With a dedicated service facility, we can create any solution related to communication, website, studio management, payment system, etc.

Project evolution of 3D innovative technology The 3D technology is entering at operating speed in the prosthetic dentistry. The intraoral scanner will be the tool to involve the clinician in the digital path directly and, increasingly, it will integrate the relationship among technical, clinical and technological competences. D-entity is accomplishing the 3D project and is ready to support the customers in order to deal with every requirement to adopt and acquire the know-how and the technology necessary to complete the digital path.

D-fender Any level of sport activities should count on the possibility of individual protection of the dental arches, both for children and adults. The D-fender project aims first to exalt the role of the production chain (Dentists, Dental technicians and manufacturers) as added value for the patient. In second place, it sets out the spreading of the culture oriented to the prevention and protection of the dental and occlusal health during sport activities. The project, just because it aims to spread in all kind of sports, is grounded on a professional network that covers the entire National territory. It can satisfy all the needs of the sportsman while respecting a correct quality-price ratio. D-entity has already adhered to the project and is ready to develop and integrate in it an adequate level of clinicians that want to be integral part of this new operational area.


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