D-entity Company Brochure

Page 18



We think that the dental chain has to be introduced in a different way and has to be more valorised. In a market where the patient/customer’s spending power is remarkably reduced,

the actors that create the good “dental health� can and must do more.

D-entity recognises more value in perspective to the professional triangle Dentist, Technician and Supplier. It is fundamental to rebalance the thought, sometimes distorted, that has been given to the market and to the users, in order to approach again and consciously the dentistry patient. On one hand we must respect the roles and on the other hand we need a modernization of the network. We strive for a concept of quality in the dental health which is guaranteed by the clinician and supported by a chain contest. As an enterprise, D-entity can do its part and is already capable of generating good sound projects.


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