D-entity Company Brochure

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We invest in the most advanced technology.


We invest in the most advanced technology. Our existing equipment is always kept updated and

we continuously invest in the forward-looking technology and in what we consider essential for the evolution of the quality and useful to generate modern solutions.

Besides the consolidated and traditional technology, in our dentist company the CAD-CAM technology, both hardware and software, has been in use for a long time. We are equipped with all the facilities and knowledge to comply with the most demanding needs in the field of the dental 3D using the so-called “open� systems. We finalize all the solutions inside the company in our drilling centre, so to minimize the outsourcing activities.

We can work all the materials using over-the-top technologies: ceramic, disilicat and composite materials, zirconia and pre-sintered zirconia, fibres, resin for dentures, titanium and, not least, the cr-co that we obtain both through drill and DLMS systems. We also want to highlight that all our qualified suppliers operate in full accordance with the main CE regulations regarding the product conservation and the safety of operators and users.


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