D-entity Company Brochure

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The customer “acquires solutions”.

The customer “acquires solutions”. Our dental devices are clinical-diagnostic “solutions” dedicated to patient comfort and quality

care. Our solutions provide the best and latest in dental technology and treatment options.

We allocate our resources and a strong care to meet the needs of our customers. Our dental clinicians support us in providing the right base of operations on every single case. Therefore, our work is aimed to patient comfort and quality care. We suggest innovation and competitiveness to allow a wide choice of rehab (prosthesis) and therapeutic (orthodontics) devices, as well as services. Our partnership with more than 600 specialists in Medicine, Dentistry, Odontology, Teaching Hospitals, public and private Hospitals, is not only a source of pride but a commitment towards the professionals that rely upon us. D-entity’s aim is to become a benchmark for the Dentist as well as for the Dental Technician. This is why our high competence is in step with the transformation of the dental sector.


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