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doseala e pus\ pe un strat de pietri[ [i e format\ dintr-o serie de straturi, ultimul pe baz\ de argil\ ro[ie, finisat cu trei straturi de ulei de in [i cear\ de albine. ~n final, va ar\ta ca o dal\ c\r\mizie lucioas\ [i impermeabil\. Zugr\veala pere]ilor se face pe baz\ de lut galben, iar pentru textur\ se presar\ petale de flori [i nisip cu mic\ sau chiar aur, c\ci zona `n care s-a desf\[urat experimentul „C\su]a de cob“ e cunoscut\ pentru nisipul aurifer! ~n fine, tenta]ia suprem\, c\reia nu-i ve]i rezista: b\ncu]a `nc\lzit\! Fumul de la sob\ trece prin golurile ei interioare. Astfel, b\ncu]a devine marea atrac]ie `ntr-o zi friguroas\ sau ploioas\... ∫

Toamn\/Autumn 2006

on a layer of gravel, and makes up a series of layers, the last one with a red clay base, finished with three layers of linseed oil and beeswax; in the end it will look like a brick-red shiny and waterproof tile. The walls are painted with a yellow-base clay, subsequently textured with pressed flower petals and sand, or even gold,


because the very area in which the “Little Cob House“ experiment was developed is well-known for its golden sand! And last, but not least, the supreme temptation, which is hard to resist: warmed benches! Smoke from the stove fills the inside spaces, making these benches the greatest attraction on a cold and rainy day... ∫

Construc]ia, o provocare subtil\ a creativit\]ii / Construction: a subtle challenge to creativity