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I am a young architect graduated from the University of Florence with the maximum recognition, during my studies I had the opportunity to gain experience both in the workplace, through collaborations with architecture firms, and education, through international experience with American and European students. I have many requirements regarding the conceptual phases, project organization and visual architecture. Later I collected some works that can exhaustively explain my experience.


03 Rocca Tedalda Housing The project is located in the Florentine suburbs where the Rocca Tedalda district will be used as residences.

01 Mosul Postwar Camp Redevelopment intervention in the city of Mosul after the destruction by the ISI.

04 Sant’Orsola Culinary Center The intervention aims to repopulate the abandoned district of Sant’Orsola in Florence.

02 Medici Chapels The goal of the project is to build the new exit of the Medici Chapels museum in Florence.

05 Scandicci, Urban Utopia The urban utopia is the main theme in the redevelopment of the peripheral area of Scandicci.



Santa Maria Novella Complex

Industrial Redevelopment

The complex of Santa Mara Novella was detected with laser scanners and photogrammetry for a restoration.

The green skyscraper becomes the symbol of the city of Piombino, famous for its past as an industrial port.

10 Strand7

San Donnino, Agricultural Center The project refers to the new campus of the University of Agriculture in Florence, with connection to the tramway.

07 Expo Saudi Arabian Pavilion For the new Saudi Arab pavilion at the Milan Expo, parametric shapes were studied relating to Arab culture.

11 Florence Art Center The new art district is a space where artisans and students can join together to create new projects.

08 Florence, Architectonic Virus The “architectural virus� is a provocation addressed to the city of Florence in terms of architectural innovation.


Mosul Postwar Camp The intervention is based on the construction inside the historical city of Mosul, wounded by the conflict against the ISIS, of a postwar camp that guarantees the management of the emergency situation. Subsequently, it is expected that the project will be transformed into the new main mosque of the city, replacing the Great Mosque of al-Nuri, which will be destroyed after the surrender of ISIS.

Abstract illustration of the metaphysical component

Identification of the project area

ett Dir

eP ric

ale cip rin

tĂ Cit lla de

ia ch c Ve

n za a Sh (Al


External view of the prayer hall

View inside the first floor terrace

Inside view of the prayer hall

View of the minrab and the minbar

Bird’s eye view of the postwar camp

Bird’s eye view of the mosque


Medici Chapels The intervention is located in a portion of land bordering the Medici Chapels, located in the city of Florence near Piazza San Lorenzo. The project takes its inspiration from Michelangelo’s sculptural works, starting from the concept of “unfinished” he exploited for his works. The architectural symbol is identified in a wall in Krion that connects the basement built in rough concrete with the outside area in bronze.

Representation of Michelangelo’s Centauromachia

Bird’s eye view of the new exit of the Meicee chapels










I Bronzi



Night view of the museum exit

Inside view of the bookshop


Rocca Tedalda Housing The project was born in a suburban residential area of the city of Florence with prevalence of houses of the ‘70s -’ 80s. The intervention is based on the demolition and restructuring of some volumes that will be destined to innovative residences. The redevelopment project has set itself the goal of making the whole district more frequented and safe so as to bring visitors closer to this new urban space.

Axonometric study of the walkway type

Identification of buildings to be demolished

Reconstruction of the “front� street

Design of new volumes with related accesses

New public areas and vegetation

New roads and parking design

“Grafts� volumes bordering the new park

View of the residences on the side of the main road

View from the park on the back side of the buildings

View of the new volumes designed in the central side of the square

View of the children’s playground built between the buildings

View of the relaxation area between the buildings






View from the roof on the “hole� where the residences overlook

View from the inside of the bay where the residences are facing


Sant’Orsola Culinary Center The project area covers an entire uninhabited block in the historic center of Florence, once a monastery with a church inside. Given the great expansion of culinary disciplines in the city, this space will be used for cooking school and culinary arts. The architectural process will be managed respecting the historically linked buildings and will be provided with a roof that will cover the main courtyards.




Design concept related to the relationship between cuisine and chemistry


Gioconda Gioconda

creare urbano creare un un vuoto vuoto urbano Construction of the new covered entrance

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Università Università

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Creare di cuCreare zone zoneIdentification di interesse interesse cuof the main public spaces

e Dogana de Dogana

un’intesa per lolo un’intesa un’intesaper perlo uisizione di didi uisizione quisizione lungamento del del lungamento olungamento del della Dogana didi edella dellaDogana Doganadi

mpantana. mpantana. impantana.

di diEuropei Europei

giunta provinagiunta giuntaprovinprovindeciso didi adeciso decisodi nvocato nvocato nvocato ndividere nuove ndividere ndividerenuove nuove ziamenti, ziamenti, nziamenti, per europei, ieuropei, europei,per per elelcomplesso complesso didi el complessodi stralci funzionali. stralci stralcifunzionali. funzionali.

Alleggerire del Alleggerire l’edificio l’edificio del Removing the last floor

blema del del centro blema blema delcentro centro no nella nella storia di di no gno nellastoria storia di do dell’intera dell’intera zona. zona. do ado dell’intera zona.

Porosità urbana


PorositĂ urbana

Creating a spatial interaction between the courts


Far riaffiorare la struttura mura-

Let the masonry live again under the wall


trasformare le corti in

Connect the entire project with a hexagonal roof

Relatore: Ulisse Tramonti

Correlatore: Paolo Di Nardo

View from inside the first court

View from inside the exhibition hall


Scandicci, Urban Utopia The project is located in the area of Scandicci, Tuscany, in a peripheral area rich in agricultural crops left uncultivated. It aims to rebuild an inner piece of city with new urban rules that differ from existing ones. The approach follows a regular grid that determines the shape of the blocks, in the central part the existing space of the barracks was used for a square overlooked by commercial activities.

Concept based on the redundancy of an element

Post-project situation

Project grid

Volumes created by the grid

Introduction of road links

New cycle and vehicular traffic

Introduction of the “towers of light”

Courts of existing buildings

Bird’s eye view of the whole project

Courts of new buildings


Santa Maria Novella Complex The complex of Santa Maria Novella is one of the most famous districts in the world, the Florentine administration wants to elevate its prestige by opening the central courtyard inside, so that tourists can admire the cycle of restored frescoes. In the restoration project the analysis of the current degradation situation of the internal buildings was made, and a proposal was made for a temporary overnight installation.




bruciatura tinta a calce

bruciatura tinta a calce

rappezzo incongruo

rappezzo incongruo

deposito superficiale

deposito superficiale









assenza manutenzione

assenza manutenzione



fronte di risalita

fronte di risalita







Analysis of the deterioration of internal elevations

Reconstruction of an ancient vase through photogrammetry. Photographic composition phase

Reconstruction of an ancient vase through photogrammetry. Texture generation

Reconstruction of an ancient vase through photogrammetry. Return of the 3D model

Planimatry of lighting devices

View from the terrace to the internal courtyard

View from inside the court


Expo Saudi Arabian Pavilion The aim of the project was to build a pavilion that belonged to Saudi Arabia for the 2015 Expo in Milan, along the route built in the Rho district. The architectural forms were obtained from a parametric generation process using the Autodesk Maya software, starting from perfectly symmetrical circles that are used as fields for crops in the Arab deserts.

Aerial view of the circle crops

Design of parametric generation using Ncloth

Choice of the best formal composition

Side view of the pavilion

View of the perforated coating

View from the main hall of the pavilion

View of the conference room

View of the restaurant hall

View of suspended tree exposures


Florence, Architectonic Virus The intervention is located in the historic center of the city of Florence, and is part of a workshop called “Architectonic Virus” organized by the architect Milani. The goal is to revive the square of Rebubblica covering it with a roof. The proposal was addressed using the existing forms of the Turin arches that overlook the square, so as to create a “cloth” supported by pillars in corten.

Extrusion and subtraction concept

Bird’s eye view of the square

Front elevation


Industrial Redevelopment The object of the design refers to the reconstruction of the old industrial port of the city of Piombino. The goal is to, inspired by the chimneys in the area, build a skyscraper that can accommodate apartments of various sizes. The concept used for the project is based on the contrast between nature and industry that is obtained through the creation of a building covered with vegetation.

Photo of Piombino when the chimneys were in operation

Masterplan of the lot

View of the skyscraper from the covered path that connects it to the commercial

Night view of outdoor lighting


San Donnino, Agricultural Center The project is located in the city of San Donnino, a few steps from Florence. It is an urban regeneration that aims to connect the new tramway line with a university scientific center, which is the most important element of the project. Architecture is placed at the service of biology, through a central “green� axis from which greenhouses, used as study laboratories. extend.

Photographic inspiration for the concept

Positioning of tram stops

Elevated pedestrian crossing

Identification of the main item

Positioning of volumes with relative public spaces

Sketches of the main section

Perspective of the new agricultural university center

View of the bridge structure

Diagram of the deformations of the bridge

View of the main “green” axis

View inside the main “green” axis

View of the exterior of a greenhouse


Florence Art Center The following project represents the construction of an art district including residences for students and laboratories where production activities are carried out. The idea starts from the identification of a cubic volume, from which a third of the surface must be subtracted. The challenge was faced by creating a central courtyard (exhibition area) from which towers, where the residences are located, stand out.

Gendandis as atametur? Fero comnien iminctempor maximinus non re

Creating a terrace

Emptying the vulume to create the court

Placement of the main entrance

Identifications of residential towers

Main section

Functional analysis of activities

Axonometry of the central ramp

View of the entrance to the art district

Bird’s eye view of the terrace

View of the internal court

View of an internal laboratory


Short presentation containing the projects I have designed in recent years.


Short presentation containing the projects I have designed in recent years.