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Call for being a Partner Organisation

16th – 24th July 2011 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Dear Student Organisation, this year, the fourth edition of “Leadership Summer School” – LSS, will be held in The Netherlands. It is a high quality leadership-training event, which will be organized by a multi-organizational team and has a truly interdisciplinary reach. Now, we are looking for motivated participants to take part in this amazing event. You could be one of the Partner Organization. Interested? If you have further questions you are welcome to contact the Coordination Committee through by EMail

Best Regards, Attila, Flo, Giulio, Joost, Matej

Leadership Summer School is waiting for you!

(Coordination Team of Leadership Summer School 2011)

Participants, trainers and organizers, LSS 2010

Leadership Summer School 2011 in The Netherlands

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INTRODUCTION What is the goal of the Leadership Summer School? How is the event organized? What is the reach of this project?

Background information The Leadership Summer School project was born to fulfil a perceived need of improving the training culture and quality across youth associations, by sharing best practices. Many international student organizations represent various backgrounds and disciplines; they often share similar goals to improve overlaps, knowledge transfer, continuity and communication. This interdisciplinary event became a training platform for active young volunteers providing trainings open to all international student organizations represented by the “Informal Forum for International Student Organizations (IFISO)�. IFISO is an informal forum for officers of pluralistic, non-political and non-profit international student organisations. It is a platform where associations with similar goals can come together and share experiences on various relevant topics. IFISO consists of 27 associations, representing more than 2 million students around the world. In spite of working in very different professional areas, IFISO members learn from each other to a very high degree through best practices and shared events. Furthermore, IFISO can be the voice of the student population representing any concern, which might arise. Thus IFISO is a place for associations to meet, share, discuss and find new inspiration.

Leadership Summer School is waiting for you!

While not being a formal entity (no by-laws, no obligations, no fees, no website, no official spokespersons or officers, etc.), IFISO as an informal forum is still influential. It creates the necessary environment for international student organizations to collaborate on all possible levels in order to strengthen their capacities through knowledge sharing and identification of synergies.

Concept of LSS During the duration of the event, the participants will enjoy a wide variety of working forms of peer education. Small working groups, case studies, simulation, debates, discussions and other practical working forms will help the participants to improve their skills in different aspects of leadership. This event is designed to be a very practical and personal non-formal learning experience that aims at fostering collaboration, as well as achieving a multiplier effect within the associations involved. Furthermore, informal networking opportunities between participants are stimulated to address the role of culture in context of leadership and academic success.

Leadership Summer School 2011 in The Netherlands

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LSS was an amazing, eyes opening and empowering experience. It helped me a lot in becoming a Project Manager. After it, I implemented changes in leading my project team within AEGEE (“YOUrope Needs YOU!”), bringing it to win the European Charlemagne Young Price 2009.

Agnieszka Strycharz Project Manager -

Recently, I have become Operations manager in multinational company. I'm leading 5 teams (+50 people) and I can definitely say that LSS was one of the most empowering moments in my personal development.

LSS 2008– Participant from Poland

It opened my eyes to my key strengths and passions: oral communication, a thirst for continual learning, and a drive to develop the best in the people around me.

Leadership Summer School is waiting for you!

Today, I am glad to see that LSS has helped to shape the way until an MBA in my dream school (Harvard Business School). Overall, LSS has been a memorable challenging and life-shaking experience. If LSS 2011 opens to young professionals as well, I know that a lot of my colleagues would definitely apply..

Alex Anton Ex Product Manager at Nestle LSS 2009 – Participant from Brazil

Lara Emde Vice-President of Communication in IAAS

Learning on LSS is not only about gaining knowledge or improving leadership skills: it is a mindblowing and emotional experience where you dive into yourself and connect with amazing people from all over the world. You learn and grow as an individual as well as as a team member and leader within your association. I would have never been able to tackle the huge challenges ahead without LSS.

LSS 2010 – Participant from Belgium

Leadership Summer School 2011 in The Netherlands

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LSS IN NUMBERS       

65 participants from 15+ organizations and 25+ countries 15 trainers 8 day event excluding arrival and departure 7 days of training In 2009, 3 major learning blocks: “Me as a leader”, “Leading a team” and “Toolbox for leaders” 4 parallel training sessions More than 50 hours of training program plus accompanying reflection sessions and case studies.

YOUR INVOLVEMENT Being a partner Organisation you will have a higher chance to have your members to be selected for being participant of such a formative event. All you should do is extremely simple: fill the attached form of Part III of the YiA, sign it and stamp near your signature with the stamp of your association. To send the form, just scan the form, and mail it to

Leadership Summer School is waiting for you!

In Summary Place

The Netherlands


15 July: Travel-in participants 16-23 July: Training days 24 July: Travel-out

Deadline for sending the form signed and stamped:

26th of March 2011 23.00 CET

Fee for participants

Fee will be known by the end of April, but under 150EUR. Fee has to be paid at least 14 days before arrival.

Amount of selected participants


We are looking forward to being partner of your Student Organization!

Leadership Summer School 2011 in The Netherlands

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Call for Partner Organisation - LSS 2011  

The Leadership Summer Scool, an exclusive and high quality training event for student NGOs, is looking for Partner Organisations. Find out m...