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‘Dum Spiro Spero - While I breathe, I hope’ The Bproof’s DNA is inspired by a juxtaposition looking at current social developments. Since our modern time faces constant change and uncertainty nobody really knows what the future will be. However, we as humans have the great gift of hoping and always getting up again whenever we fall, as we have nothing to lose. Though everything is transient and nothing will last forever we hope for the best and we are always looking for something to hold on to.Bproof is about making the wearer feel secure and give them something they can rely on. The brand’s DNA is also reflected in the use of fabric. The base layers are created out of very soft, floating materials like Merino Wool Jersey and Silk Jersey whereas the outer layers are created out of protective new high technology fabrics like Softshell and Primaloft.

[SCHWERELOS] (v.) Schwerelos

is my favourite


word. It is a two partner,


itself means heavy

and it is one heavy sorrow soaked word at that, just saying it drags you down.

go, and together it means being weightless.

‘LOS’ is letting happiness, feeling like you

Weightless, like being full of are on top of the world, like having a blast, like being madly in love, like floating like a feather but also like a feeling of uncertainty, the loss of security, like feeling isolated and having the wish for something to hold on to.

‘Breathe, don’t be scared to risk and lose it all, I need you to breathe... embrace the weightless feelin’ as we fall...’


is it scentless, weightless, strengthless, wholly untruthful?



whispering it slowly.


it means you.

means what we feel now about you then:

how beautiful you were, and near, and young...’


#Schwerelos Bproof is creating a fashion film with film artist Tatia Pllieva who is known for her fashion film ‘First Kiss’. The fashion film shows the design inspiration ‘schwerelos’ which allows the brand to make the design concept more understandable and helps to deliver the brand DNA. The film will be shot in a studio with a white background feature a male and a female model as well as an eagle. Woodkid’s song ‘Iron’ will be used as the music for the film. The music creates the right emotions and helps creating a branded atmosphere. The sequence starts with a an eagle spreading its wings, the camera zooms into the eagle’s eye where you can see a beautiful woman dancing completely dressed with floating jersey Bproof garments, spinning and moving resentful. When the lyrics … come up the male dancer suddenly appears interfering with the woman dancing …. They dance together and then get tore apart again and the women spins faster and faster and then suddenly all the fabrics start to form themselves into feathers and she turns into the eagle from the beginning… spreading her wings ready to fly away.


‘Wir Fühlen Uns Schwerelos’ ‘Dum spiro spero – While I breathe I hope’ the brand’s key essence is also mirrored in the inspiration around the emotion ‘schwerelos’. Schwerelos is a German word that cannot exactly be translated into English in its correct sense. Someone can feel ‘schwerelos’ when feeling extremely happy – it is that kind of feeling where everything seems possible - however attached with a negative connotation, as you never know how soon it is going to be over. This ties in with the juxtaposition and the transient aspect of ‘Dum spiro spero’ and the wish for something to hold on to allowing Bproof to further build up its brand DNA. Further information on the design inspiration can be found on the website The eagle that was already used for the Bproof DNA also comes in for the ‘schwerelos’ inspiration. The connotations for an eagle are fearlessness, warrior, limitless freedom and opportunity, lightweight, power, no limits, darkness, lone wolf. The design inspiration is also represented in the fabric selection. Primaloft is one of the lightest downs ever developed. Softshell is a very soft but also extremely protective fabric creating an amour for a warrior. And Merino Wool Jersey and Silk Jersey are lightweight, floating, and soft reflecting the limitlessness. The main feeling of ‘Schwerelosigkeit’ is reflected in the vastness of the mountains where the eagle is residing. Sports like climbing, hiking and skiing inspire the functionality of the garments.

Bproof AW 15/16 'Schwerelos' Visual Presentation  

UAL - London College of Fashion university project about further developing brand created in a previous project.

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