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EDUCATION 2014-2018 | Master Degree in Architecture | FAUP | Porto, Portugal 2013-2014 | Erasmus Program | FAUP | Porto, Portugal 2011-2013 | Bachelor in Architecture | IUAV | Venezia, Italy 2007-2011 | Secondary level of education: Humanistic studies | Palermo, Italy 2008-2010 | Music classes: oboe, piano | Conservatorio V. Bellini | Palermo, Italy

COMPETITIONS AND WORKSHOPS 2017 | GO! Architecture V08 | AEFAUP | with: Nicola D’addario | Porto, Portugal 2017 | Workshop: Maratona de Projecto | Porto Chamber | Porto, Portugal 2016 | Scuole innovative | MIUR | in collaboration with Studio Nicola Piazza | Palermo, Italy 2016 | GO! Architecture V07 | AEFAUP |Honorable mention | with: Pedro Gonçalves, Elisabetta Bruni| Porto, Portugal 2015 | Workshop: CC+W – “Social housing, problem identification and strategic proposal” | FAUP | Porto, Portugal 2015 | Lake Baths | AEKXSITE | Serra da Estrela, Portugal 2015 | Workshop: ”Building spaces and fragile territories” | San Miguel de Valero, Spain 2014 | Workshop: Wave | IUAV |Prof. Mauro Galantino | Venezia, Italy 2013 | Workshop: Wave | IUAV |Prof. João Luís Carrilho da Graça | Venezia, Italy 2012 | Workshop: Wave | IUAV |Prof. Francesco Venezia | Venezia, Italy

CULTURAL PROJECTS 2017 | Course on Rhino and Vray |FBAUP | Porto, Portugal 2016-2017 | Arquicoro Project | Porto, Portugal 2015 | Concert | voice | Porto, Portugal 2014-2015 | Comunication Department of the Student Association | FAUP | Porto, Portugal 2009-2010 | Solidarity and anti-racism Committee in “Liceo classico V. Emanuele II” |co- founder | Palermo, Italy


2011 | Video project in a campaign against gambling | director and actor | Palermo, Italy 2008-2011 | students representative | Liceo classico V. Emanuele II | Palermo, Italy 2005-2008 |”Palermo apre le porte” Project | city guide | Palermo, Italy

EXPOSITIONS 2018 |Anuária, Students works expo | drawings | FAUP | Porto, Portugal 2017 | Reinventing Gaia | Gaiurb, UPorto, FAUP| Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal 2016 | Anuária, Students works expo | geometry | FAUP | Porto, Portugal 2015 | Building spaces from fragile territories | San Miguel de Valero (Spain), Porto (Portugal) 2014 | expo: Wave - Piazzale Roma a Venezia | IUAV | Venezia, Italy 2013 | expo: Wave - Home in the mud island | IUAV | Venezia, Italy 2012 | expo: Wave - Un ponte di luce | IUAV | Venezia, Italy SOFTWARES Autocad Archicad Rhino+Vray Skecthup+Vray Photoshop Indesign

LANGUAGES Italian | native Portuguese | advanced English | avanced Spanish | basic


BULDING IN THE HISTORIC CITY Dissertation Project, FAUP Prof: Adalberto Dias

Proposal for a historic market in Palermo, Italy, 2018 Currently under way

THE PROJECT The Project is part of the thesis developed for the master degree in Architecture at FAUP. This work presents a proposal for a historic market in Palermo (Italy) in a square occupied by the silversmith artisan group in olden times. Through small interventions, the project intends to dynamase the area, which was sadly put in ruin by the war and later by the public administration’s oversights. Bisides the public ground qualification, the project aims to establish some new programs related to the silversmith activities and memory. The centre of this recovery is the reabilitation of the old silversmith’s church, which faces the square. Occupied by the artisan’s shops after the war, it is currently in ruins, missing completly the main facade and the roof. The new program is organized between the church, that will host an exposition hall dedicated to the

general plan

silversmith’s manufactures, and the occupation of two voids facing the square: they’ll accomodate the artisan’s shops, a storage and a small auditorium on the groundfloor, two workshop halls on the first floor, and duplex apartements on the last two plans. The variety of the program aims to garantee the renovation of the area in terms of public space, cultural and historical interest and of course the renovation of and old artesan comunity, which could represents an example for the intire market area. The church’s qualification starts with the restoration of the roof, in the shape of a perfect vault, and the main elevation, to face the long square which build a perspective focusing the entrance. 6

3rd floor

duplex apartements

duplex apartements

2nd floor

silversmiths workshop halls

silversmiths workshop halls

1st floor



ground floor





Church - main facade

Church - transversal section

Church - longitudinal section

Church - southern elevation

Square and church - longitudinal section

Church - ection through the stairs

Church - northern elevation


chapeamento em zinco chapa em zinco pintada de branco tela drenante pitonada placas de poliuretano expandido, 5+5 cm abóbada em betão armado prefabricado, 20 cm

caleira em zinco grelha flotante pedra branca tipo travertino sistema trop-plein betão leve, pendência 1% tirante da abóbada isolamento sismico em aço e elastómero acabamento em reboco, 3 cm viga em betão armado

reboco a base de cal

parede nova reboco branco blocos de pedra tufo amarelo

armação de ancoragem

base de betão nivelante

muro de pedra original

camada de estuque ('700) ancoragem barra metálica, Ø 12 mm injecção de argamassa expansiva

betão pavimentação interior cocciopesto tratado com cera betão nivelante isolamento térmico, poliuretano expandido 4 cm enchimento de betão armado com rede metálica eletrosoldada abobadilha de plástico tipo igloo betão podre gravilha terreno natural

pietra billiemi

pedra de billiemi calha em aço inox calcada de pedra billiemi

sistema de areação do pavimento

placagem da fundação

sistema de drenagem geotextil tela pitonada tubo de drenagem argamassa de assentamento




Competition promoted by MIUR, Italian Ministery of Education and Research In collaboration with Studio Nicola Piazza, Palermo

Project for an elementary school in Villabate, Italy, 2016

THE PROJECT The competition requests to design an elementary school for a town in the countryside of Palermo (Italy). The stated site is locate near a big elevated infrastructure, in a condition of relative marginality. The settlement strategy aims to represent and defend the pedestrian scale, protecting the volume from the street whit a green area which serves the school as a garden and orchard, irrigated from a fontane near the entrance: a didactical paths for the students, that, together with the PV brick use and the green roofs, aims to increment the compreention of sustainable energy and the potentials of the natural resources. All the main public areas are located on the groundfloor, such as the gymnasium (also opene to the comunity of Villabate), the auditorium, the canteen, and the administration offices. The second floor is reserved for the classes and the teachers halls.


ground floor plan

first floor plan





Student competition organized by AEFAUP

In collaboration with Pedro Gonçalves and Elisabetta Bruni Porto, Portugal 2016 Honorable mention THE PROJECT The competition asks to elaborate a urban void which faces a central and dense street in Porto’s downtown. We dicided not to occupy interly the site but to design a public space : this should be able to mantain the alignment with the volumes in the main street, to create a passage through the site which brings to the interior public space and to adjust the altitude difference between the two streets the site is open to. Two volums support a light metal structure which cover the new square: a bookshop on the front of the site and a little bar in the back. The metal structure is designed to be transparent and aventually covered with light fabrics, able to host different urban activities to empower its comunitary nature. A soft ramp conjoin these elements and connects the levels.

context plan

view from the higher level


exploded axonometry

longitudinal section



FAUP - Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto Prof: Teresa Calix

Gaia, Portugal 2017

THE PROJECT This project is result of a previous group work: the adopted strategy doesn’t come from an analytic process, but from an observetion process, trying to investigate continuities and working with similarities and aggregation. We found continuities in the pauses created by the buildings, witnesses of the fast and disorganized growth of the city, an originally agricultural reality, later put in contact with the big scale of infrastructures and fast communication lines. We think this voids

parks system

represent a very special condition as a connective matter and possible public spaces. Through the mapping of these voids we found they are delimitated in areas that could be thought as big urban systems: we called them Parks. Not using the litteral meaning, but recovering the notion of park as a matter which mantein together different things in a big scale.Once we determinated the four parks, we worked on each one developing a single work. The park I present, located along the river of the city of Gaia, is caracterized by the strong water and green resources and by a substancial marginality, which were organized to create a communitarian and light irrigation infrastructure, that soulf allow passages through the closed barrier formed by the existing orchards. Part of the project is also the qualification of a small hood related to the area where was drawn a square sistem, suported by small urban and public programs: between them a market square, ideally

water and landscape resources scheme

related to thethe land’s work.




4 5

1 1 - market square 2 - bus stop 3 - urban square 4 - basketball court 5 - public washtub squares system - plan of the proposal

squares system - section

general plan of the proposal

view from the market square



FAUP - Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto Prof: JoĂŁo Paulo Loureiro Porto, 2016

THE PROJECT The proposal for the oar both School occupies a very complex land next to one of the main bridge in Porto. The site is split in two by a fast road, and surrounded by another to North, while facing the river to South. The program is then divided in two main volumes, occuping both the sides the site is diveded in. They are connected by a soft ramp passing under the fast road. The first volume, which hostes the boat garage and workshop space, is made up by a large and plan rooftop, which stretches till the northern street organizing the public space in a single act. The main volume next to the river hostes the public programs. Visible from the street but protected by a green area, and opened to the river. Context models




Context models

section A

section B

section C



second floor plan

first floor plan

ground floor plan

Main volume models



FAUP - Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto Prof: Helder Casal Ribeiro Porto, 2015

THE PROJECT Located in the higher level of a tilted site, which brings to one of the biggest Avenida in Porto, the builing faces the scale of the Avenida’s building to South and the very small scale of the housing to North. Following the inclination, the dwelling block is made up by a duplex from the higher ground floor with double access on both sides, protected by small patios that create distance from the street. Upstairs the partements access happens through a gallery. The different tipologies try to provides different solutions from a single room apartement until a 4 room apartement. At the same time, the patios on the ground floor contribute to qualify the urban space and environment, drawing the sidewalk and the public car parking.

General plan

direct access duplex model - south elevation

gallery access simplex

car parking


gallery access gallery access

second floor

ground floor

direct access duplex

first floor

0 1




north elevation




_ground floor







Adalberto da Rocha Gonçalves Dias, Arquitecto, Professor Auxiliar da Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto, declara que a aluna Giulia Piazza , nascida em 02/05/1992, em Monselice (Padova) Itália, e inscrita na FAUP com o nº 201301920, foi sua aluna no ano lectivo de 2013-14 na cadeira de Projecto IV, encontrando-se neste momento a realizar a sua tese de Mestrado sob a sua orientação. A aluna tem revelado possuir conhecimentos e método que lhe têm permitido uma adequada compreensão dos problemas que os temas em estudo propõem

diversidade de escalas, contextos, formas, programas e arquitecturas. Na sua experiência académica e curricular, a aluna tem também revelado capacidade de trabalho e espírito de iniciativa, empenho e competência, e bom relacionamento social . Mostrou ser interessante e interessada pela Disciplina.

Porto, 30 Julho de 2018