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Achievements. I am Ready: Video Resume The architecture site of the Netherlands, July 2013

aMODus: bench

Exhibition at Milan Furniture International Fair, Milan, Italy, April 2013

Changing Habit: a Low Impact System for Temporary Constructions XXXVIII IAHS World Congress on Housing, Istanbul, Turkey, April 2012

Changing Habit: a Low Impact System for Temporary Constructions International Journal for Housing Science and its Applications, April 2012

Photographer of the day

ADIDAP - All Day I Dream About Photography blog, December 2012

Photo To the Moon and Back

Frizzi Frizzi blog and Solifestyle blog, December 2012

Photo The Solitude of Buildings Nssmag, September 2012

240 finalist

Leica Italia contest 24x36, February 2012

Photo Don’t Cry

19, rue de la Tombe Issoire 75014, Paris, France +33 (0) +39 329 3091794

Cover of the music album Summer Fiction by Bill Ricchini, December 2011

Photo Carnivores vs Vegetarians

Razor Monkey Magazine #08 Food Issue, March 2010


G. Bertelli, M. Roda, Architettura e disegno urbano, Maggioli Editore, 2008

Matery, Volume, Rotation

Exhibition, Arona, Italy, October-November 2007

GIULIA AGOSTINELLI architect | photographer | designer

Languages. Mothertongue




Proficient User Independent User

Experiences. 2013 october-november| C OL L A BO RAT I O N AS G RAPH I C DE S I G NE R

Artistic direction, concpet and realisation of the introductory video animation for Tetrashed Innovation Imperative, Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Road, London W25EU, United Kingdom


2013 june-july| P ROJ E C T A RC H I TE CT

Feasibility study, renovation projects and competitions; operations prior to acceptance on construction site DTACC Achitecture, 98 rue de Sèvres, 75007, Paris, France


2013 march| L I C E N S E D A RC H I T ECT

n° 1351 Ordine Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti Conservatori Provincia di Ancona

AutoCAD 2D/3D Adobe Photoshop CS5

2013 january-february | W E BS I T E DE S I G NE R

Concept and realisation of my own website + work in progress home page

Adobe InDesign CS5 Adobe Illustrator CS5 Office Suite

2012 november | M OV E D T O PARI S

Looking for job opportunities in the field of Architecture, Design and Photography

ArchiCAD 2D/3D

2012 january-may | A RC H I TE CT AND G RAPH I C DE S I G NE R


Concept and realisation of temporary exhibition areas; companies branding and advertising; publishing Free Service srl, via del Consorzio 34, 60015, Falconara Marittima, Ancona, Italy

Adobe After Effects

Blogging Platforms

Enjoy some rest after hard work


2011 july | M A S T E Rʼ S DE G RE E


Changing’ Habit: a low impact system for temporary constructions 110 cum laude / 110, School of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

Cinema 4D

2009-2010| L L P E RAS MU S

One year international exchange programme Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris Val de Seine, Paris, France


Conce pt ua l


Interests. PHOTOGRAPHY Arc hite c ture

2008 september| BAC H E LO Rʼ S DE G RE E

Fashio n

Building with wood: from row material to dismantling 107 / 110, School of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

M ac ro Land sc ape

2008 march-may| ARC H I T E CT UR AL I NT E R NS HIP

Co nce p tua l

Concept and technical drawings for residential projects at different scale ADM Architecture, viale Gran Sasso 10, 20131, Milan, Italy


Fashi on

f a shion

Concept and technical drawings or competitions; 3d modeling; studies on residential typologies Apie Architectes Associés, 19bis rue de Cotte, 75012, Paris, France


Archi te ct ure

L andscape

2010 june-july | A RC H I T E CT U R AL I NTE RNS H I P




2011 september | M OV E D BAC K T O H O ME


good very good excellent


fa s hi on 1986


infographics ART


Agostinelli Resume 2013  
Agostinelli Resume 2013  

I am looking for work experiences in the field of architecture, urban planning and landscape design, starting immediately. Licensed architec...