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stabilizes the gravel Block Rock is a polypropylene armour which stabilizes the gravel making it compact, easily explored and easily accessible. With Block Rock roads no longer sink. Gravel roads are stabilized both for pedestrian and for vehicular use. | | tel. 0731 7871 - 380 3309825

BLOCK ROCK _ gravel grid advantages

On foot, by bike, with wheelchair, by car, gravel surfaces are no longer a problem with Block Rock. No more ruts, puddles and potholes, and

Lasting and stable paving of gravel

lower maintenance costs. The special hexagonal structure ensures and

without furrows

stabilizes the gravel.

Easily viable on foot, by bike, with a

Block Rock is the solution for the annoying artefacts of free gravel, for

wheelchair or by car

its decline in the long run (which makes it necessary to renew the gravel

100% water-permeable coating

regularly), for the emergence of weeds if the substrate has not been properly prepared. Rock Block is designed specifically for roads, gravel pads, bike paths,

Light and flexible panels which do not slip, even on gentle slopes Welded




gravel from sinking and push up

parking lots and driveways, to make them stable, permeable, and reduce

the panel

maintenance costs.

Prevents the growth of weeds and is easy to maintain Quick and easy installation without

the product

special tools Panels are virtually invisible 100% recyclable

Block Rock panels are manufactured in polypropylene, in order to have excellent resistance to chemicals and to weather conditions exposure, and are fully recyclable. They have a honeycomb structure in which has been termo-fixed a special nonwoven fabric membrane which allows water drainage, and prevents the gravel from sinking into the ground. The injection and sealing processes makes it possible to obtain a high and consistent quality.

Block Rock panel has a composite structure, combining the extraordinary strength to vertical loads of hexagonal profile with the functionality of the geo-permeable fabric that allows water to drain 100%, while inhibiting the growth of weeds

Tips for installation


Prepare a ground 20-30cm of stabilized, leveled and rolled, so as to obtain a homogeneous and compact surface. It is advisable to delimit the area of installation (using a curb).


Lay panels with the Block Rock with the fabric facing down.

All panels should be placed in the same orientation, so that the excess tissue remains under the free part of the adjacent panel. The panels are arranged so that each one is "stuck" with the adjacent panels.

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The panels can be trimmed easily with scissors, to follow the curved edges.

Spread the gravel on the panels (granules is strongly recommended by 6 / 12 mm to 8 / 16 mm) and spread evenly, so that the panels are completely covered by granules. (NOTE: the panels, free of gravel, are not suitable for vehicles).


Sprinkle with water so that the dust settle down and then compact to accelerate the settling of the gravel.


Restore the gravel where necessary.

technical features

Panel dimensions: Honeycomb dimensions:

informations 0731 | 7871

120 cm x 100 cm x 32 mm 60 x 50 mm

Recommended gravel: granulate from 6/12 to 8/16 mm Empty weight:

1,4 kg/m2

Filled weight:

60 kg/m2

Load resistance (filled):

450 kN/m2


380 | 3309825



** Load test performed and certified by European Quality Institute.

Block Rock is a product Meccanica Generale Group production center Jesi (AN) - viale dell’industria 7/B






Block Rock is a polypropylene armour which stabilizes the gravel making it compact and easily explored and easily accessible. With Block Roc...