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Welcome to Engage, the GI Solutions magazine that provides you with industry news and ideas for your company. Sending your customers information on a card is often necessary, and there are a range of options available to you when choosing a card to mail. On pages 4 and 5 we showcase those options to help you make the right choice for your campaign. Our case study on page 3 discusses how an innovative format drove sales for Sky. Page six contains an update on postage from our specialist Gemma Slade, and on page seven you’ll find details of an exciting new feature of our website, the GI Solutions Knowledge Centre. We hope you enjoy this issue of Engage. All feedback is welcome, so please do not hesitate to send any comments to, or contact me using the details below. Thank you for reading Engage.


Case Study

 How an innovative format drove sales for Sky

4–5 Stack the cards in your favour

 Discover how your company can benefit from printed cards

6–7 News

Includes an update on postage, dates for our seminars as well as news on the latest investment in innovation at GI Solutions

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 Change your customers' behaviour

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Engage Issue 13

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INNOVATIVE FORMAT DRIVES SALES FOR SKY CASE STUDY Client Sky Job Name Sky Introduce A Friend Mailing PROJECT OBJECTIVES One of they ways Sky encourages new subscribers is through its Introduce a Friend campaign. This asks customers to forward the details onto a friend who may be interested in the service for a reward.

KEY BENEFITS • Faster speed to market – print on demand

Jodie Gadsby, Marketing Manager, Introduce A Friend (IAF) explains, “Our satisfied customers are one of our best recruitment channels and both the existing customer and the new customer get really well rewarded. But the mechanism for asking them to recommend Sky to a friend has to be easy to use to make sure everyone understands the offer.”

• Reduced production cost – single operation

Sky liked one piece mailer formats and knew having a separate card personalised to the recipient worked really well. To encourage this idea they wanted to include 4 personalised push-out cards. This proved a challenge to design and to ensure it worked well. The marketing team also had a limited budget, wanted to reduce their CPA (Cost per Acquisition), needed to achieve a sales target and had a limited time for turnaround.


PROJECT STRATEGY Jodie continues, “GI Solutions suggested 3 cutter guide options and paper types to meet our requirements. They liaised with our creative agency and Sky Print Management to ensure all the sizes and safety zones were adhered to at artwork stages. They also recommended paper types for the best result.” The format needed to work well on the inline personalisation presses. This method of production gives a fast turnaround as it prints, personalises and finishes in a single operation. This ensured the campaign met a tight deadline. “We really liked the format GI Solutions came up with. It was high impact, clearly showed 4 push out cards and included personalisation. We agreed this format and GI Solutions printed and mailed it.”

• Flexibility – last minute changes can be made

The results were impressive. Jodie continues, “We hit our deadlines, met our budget requirements and delivered a strong campaign for IAF which resulted in increased sales for 6 weeks. We are still accumulating sales but we have seen 995 sales from this campaign. Our CPA’s have dropped by 55% partly due to the improved format.”

“As a team we really enjoy working with GI Solutions, we always seem to get fantastic service and if there are ever any issues, GI Solutions are always quick to respond and help out where needed.” Jodie Gadsby Marketing Manager, Introduce A Friend, Sky

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c . s t a m r o f e v i t w.crea IN YO wwCARDS STACK THE Sending your customers a card is a useful and often necessary way to present information in a format which is easy to keep. There are a range of options available to you when choosing a card to mail. In this issue we showcase those options to help you make the right choice.


.com www.creativeformats

Mr A B Sample 123 Sample Street Sample Town Sample County AB1 2CD

Mr A B Sample Sample ID: 00123

to a club ming new members Whether you’re welco encourage sending a voucher to or loyalty scheme or ever the purpose, what , mers custo ng spend from existi . cards ic plast your nalise GI Solutions can perso

Mr A B Sample Sample ID: 00123

Plastic cards allow you to send your customers their individual information on a card printed in full colour on both sides, and personalised in any single colour on one side.

’ve included here Mr A B Sample we ed reminder to your own personalis ats website at form visit our creative

rd Pop Through Ca ts ID: 12 Creative forma www.creativefor g animations, showcasin

Mail pack with Tip-on Card

reds of There you’ll find hund and engage your customers great formats that can . increase response rates to personalise a full you s allow ss proce Our manufacturing e colour. on one side, in any singl colour, pre-printed card you with on how we can help For more information 491 232 0 me on 0797 your card mailings call com gi-solutionsgroup. or email alistair.ezzy@

Creative formats

ID: 127

2pp Letter with Dual Cards

Kind regards

Creative formats

Alistair Ezzy

ID: 135

Alistair Ezzy Sales Director

bespoke, exclusive Solutions offer a free to allow the full P.S. Did you know GI o-one creative workshop and confidential one-t ng strategy? maili to benefit your exploration of new ideas : visit on For more informati e-workshop 0116 232 1711 marketing@gi-solu m | www.


TIP: Use a personalised plastic card to issue members of your loyalty or rewards programme with a permanent card displaying their membership information.

INTEGRATED CARD SOLUTIONS You can reflect your customers' preferences and send variably personalised information using a solution that increases efficiency and reduces costs, by removing the need for additional stationery or hand fulfilment.


TIP: Send your customers a personalised card with a reminder of the date for their next service.


Engage Issue 13

Push out Mr A B Sample 1 Sample Street Sample Town Sample County AB1 2YZ 000000/1

The Customer Intimacy Index

Dear A B Sample, we initiated research asking over 1000 customers To help businesses understand their customers better, them to grade their relationship with leading about how they felt businesses treated them. It asked to ‘treats me like a total stranger’. brands from ‘knows me like close friend’ right through published in the Journal of Direct, Data and The results are surprising and insightful and have been some sectors are meeting and exceeding their Digital Marketing Practice (2013). It highlights how better. customers’ expectations and how some could do much your own copy. We hope you find this interesting As a valued customer of GI Insight, we have enclosed your account team are ready to assist you. and stimulating. Should you need any further information Yours sincerely, Andy

Andy Wood Managing Director

Would you lik of our plastic e a copy card letter? For a copy em ail us at marketing@g i-solutionsgro :

UR FAVOUR GI Solutions Different Thinking Better Ideas

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Ensure important dates and details stick in your customer’s mind – with a die cut fridge magnet.

rd a c n o p Dual ti

Our die cut magnets are printed, cut, finished and ready to mail in one automated process, a process which allows production of your customer communications with reduced waste and faster turnaroun d. You can personalise each magnet to include information such as your customer’s name, account details, or relevant phone numbers and contact details for your organisation.

ol ns to

tio eat A gr municappliance a m e, o c d on .g. fridg e e use

Additionally, you can now increase relevancy further by die-cutting the shape of your magnet, enabling you to create communications that really engage, and provoke action amongst your target audience.

To do - visit

For more information on how you can use die cut fridge magnets please call 01162 321 711 or email

For innovative formats

er nb • Ca remind er as a r, freez f boile ber o seen m u be ge n • Hu nces to a h c ample, ABS

ailer m e c e i ne p o t e n g Ma on call me mation re infor at For mo email me bile> or ionsgro lut <admmo gi-so name@ me.sur firstna llname> <Admfu

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INLINE CARD FORMATS Offering quick turnaround, reduced costs and increased efficiency, this production method allows you to produce high volume mailings that are printed, cut, finished and ready to mail in one high speed automated process.


Die-cut shap e magnet card d


TIP: Use an inli ne one piece ma iler with tip on voucher o r coupon to react quickly to a competitor offer or promoti on.

Documagnetic peel

f Peel of

Dear A B Sample

Dear A B Sample

Get personal with

s ally printed card


mers with a Providing your custo those attached, is a personalised card like sary way to present useful and often necce t which Is easy to forma a in ation inform keep. d printed personalise lly We now offer digita to include variable cards, enabling you images. This gives you photos, colours and your of ect the choices the flexibility to refl customers.

For more great format ideas

A B Sample GI Solutions 147 Scudamore Road Leicester LE3 1UQ

Mr A B Sample GI Solutions 147 Scudamore Road Leicester LE3 1UQ

Get personal with

• Hundreds of format ideas • Browse by category or format ID • Demonstrative animations

R: THIS COULD BE FO ds Car hip ers • Memb • Loyalty Cards • Policy Cards ds • Promotional Car

you to keep. Below is a card for call me now For more information or email on 07970 232 491 alistair.ezzy@gi-solu

digitally printed

Providing your custo mers with a personalised card like those attached, is a useful and often neccesary way to present information in a form at which Is easy to keep. We now offer digit ally cards, enabling you printed personalised to photos, colours and include variable images. This gives the flexibility to refl you ect the choices of your customers. Below is a card for you to keep. For more informati on on 07970 232 491 call me now alistair.ezzy@gi-soluor email Yours sincerely


THIS COULD BE FOR: • Membership Ca rds • Loyalty Cards • Policy Cards • Promotional Ca rds

Yours sincerely


TIP: Send your cust riably a welcome letter with va manager printed account or loan contact information.

Alistair Ezzy Sales Director

Alistair Ezzy Sales Director

Alistair Ezzy

Sales Director

Alistair Ezzy Sales Director

marketing@gi-solutio 0116 232 1711 |

32 1711 T: +44 (0)1162 491 : +44 (0)07970 232 ezzy@gi-solutions m

T: +44 (0)1162 32 1711 : +44 (0)07970 232 491 ezzy@gi-solution i-solutionsgroup .com


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POSTAGE NEWS RESPONSE SERVICES With effect from 4th November 2013 the following change to the response terms and conditions will take effect, requiring customers to adopt a new style licence number and a barcode for use on letter and large letter mail prices. The old style alpha numeric licences (e.g. LON1234) will no longer be accepted as compliant with the Response Services Licence terms from 7th November. Only licence numbers in the 12 alpha character format (e.g. AAAA-BBBB-CCCC), together with a barcode will be valid form that date. Customers with an alpha number licence number need to apply for a new licence by completing an application form which is located on the Royal Mail website. Visit The Royal Mail website provides an artwork generator to ensure that mail pieces are compliant. Mail presented on the old style alphanumeric licences will be surcharged.

With effect 4th November 2013 Response Services have been updated to allow charities to save on their postage costs when their supporters choose to add a stamp in a designated area of their freepost or business reply items. Full details can be found on For the most up to date information on Postage go to news

Gemma Slade, Postal & Logistics, Business Unit Co-ordinator Tel: 07894 930 856 or email me at postalhelp@

The QR code has


ONVERT combines the power of Augmented Reality with the convenience of a QR code in one package

With the combination of a custom web portal and the freely distributed ONVERT app, it is possible to unlock 3D, video, animation and sound from any normal printed media.

Nth Degree Imaging are the UK distributor for the ONVERT platform as well as producers of bespoke custom-branded Augmented Reality solutions.

Contact us to nd out more. 01279 874 675


Engage Issue 13



Bonmarché and GI Insight are thrilled to have won the Innovation in Insight-Driven Direct Mail marketing for B2C at the Database Marketing Awards. This award recognises companies who have achieved excellence in consumer-based direct mail marketing. Read the full story at:

To register, go to or hover your phone over this QR barcode to access the website. Download a free code reader app at

'REEL' WINDOW ENVELOPE Customer use of our inline mail pack has been excellent offering as it does flexibility, cost efficiency and quick turnaround.

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE Many customers approach us to ask for advice and information on how they can get the best from Direct Mail and Transactional Mail. To help you get the answers you need fast - and give you access to a wide range of useful resources - we created the Knowledge Centre. Visit: to take a look

As a further enhancement we are now introducing the ability to include a real window - with glassine into an inline mailpack. This further replicates the look and feel of a conventional envelope but with all of the advantages of inline production. For more information and samples of our window mail pack please call 0116 232 1711 or email

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Change your customers' behaviour

GI Engage issue 13