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By Hyemin Chang, Mudan Yang, Xuejiao Li, andYao Lu

Contents: 1.0 Executive Summary 2.0 Introduction 3.0 Situational Analysis - Secondary Research 4.0 Primary Research 5.0 Marketing Strategy 6.0 Media Strategy 7.0 The Creative Idea 8.0 Campaign Evaluation 9.0 Closing Recommendation 10.0 Appendix


1.0 EXECUT IVE SUMMARY Jo Malone Flowers has been known for its products with unique scents. It won a good reputation and had a good market base in London. Our project aims to do the brand extension for Jo Malone Flowers to expand the brand’s product arrangements and enhance the brand image and identity. Integrated Marketing Communication plan of Jo Malone Flowers will combine different media strategies and promotions to create a buzz about the new brand and increase the popularity of the brand.




About Jo Malone London Jo Malone London, a luxury British fragrance house was founded by Joanne Lesley Malone in 1994 (Our History). Jo Malone achieved its fame through unexpected, unique, elegant, and simple scents (Jo Malone). The distinct scents are regarded as a representator of British style (Our History). Jo Malone offers not only fragrances but also bath, body, and home products with coveted scents. The brand uses iconic packaging with a cream and black box with grosgrain ribbon to express their exclusive brand identity (Jo Malone). In 1999, Jo Malone joined The EstĂŠe Lauder Companies (General Information) and is now in 41 markets worldwide (Jo Malone). Jo Malone is mainly inspired by gardens, so the brand supports urban community gardens with charities. The brand endeavors to create public gardens and green spaces in urban communities. Through these efforts, Jo Malone provides lots of benefits such as beauty, well-being, and public safety. Also, the brand educates gardeners as well as the public (Charity Gardens). Jo Malone sincerely offers extensive and potential support of green spaces beyond the beautiful scenery for urban communities. 3


Overview of Flower Industry Flowers are one of the most liked and loved things on the earth, some people considered them the best thing to show love, and some use it only for decoration. Floriculture began in the late 19th Century in the United Kingdom, where flowers were grown on a large scale on the vast estates. Till the 1950s, the overall flower trade was more than US$3 billion. And by 1994, it got a major change and grew to $100 billion. It promoted the industry and that is the major reason behind the 16% annual increase in flower production. According to a survey in 2003, the global trade volume was valued about $101.84 billion (Which Country Produces). The value of the global floral trade has increased to $104.83 billion in 2016, the total value of cut flower sales is about $7.5 billion (Flower Industry Statistics). The world cut flower industry is also a highly dynamic industry. Product varieties, the origins, production techniques, markets and retailing arrangements are all undergoing continuous change. In a slowly but steadily growing world market, new developing country exporters are gaining market shares at the expense of existing producers. The Top Five Exports of flowers are Netherlands, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, and Kenya (Canale). In 2013, global exports of cut flowers, cut foliage, living plants and flower bulbs amounted to $20.6 billion as against $21.1 billion in 2011 (Rijswick). According to Royal Flora Holland, the total consumption of houseplants and flowers in Europe increased in 2015 by 0.5% to $34.4 billion.


In the flower industry, a consumer is one of the main factors in the business. Consumers buy flowers for different reasons. Generation X is most likely to purchase flowers for others, and millennials are more likely than other generations to purchase flowers to celebrate their own special occasions. Millennials would be more likely to purchase flowers if they were bundled in smaller bouquets at cheaper prices and if labeling explained estimated time before wilting so it would be easier to combine different types (Floral Consumer Trends).

These trends are an indication that consumers’ demands of purchasing flowers are rising. North America, Japan, and Europe are the main flower industries in the world. The second largest market is Europe.

The brand has a good reputation in the fragrance industry, but the product category is limited. Based on the distinct brand identity and the positive trend of the current flower market, Jo Malone London would like to expand the new brand into the luxury branded flower industry. The first Jo Malone Flowers store will be established in London.





* Precise brand position and

* Brand recognition is low


* Limited product diversity

* High quality * Penetrating England Culture * Bespoke flower method



* Thrive internationally

* Intense competition

* Support of Urban Community

* Brexit influences flowers im-


port business

* Flower industry is growing


Strengths * Precise brand position and image: Jo Malone Flowers has a precise brand position, which is high-end and distinctive. This can be reflected in its brand image. Its stores and packages are both well-designed to express these characteristics. Wrapped in our iconic cream and the black box or paper, tied with grosgrain ribbon, customers can recognize the brand immediately. * High quality: The flowers of Jo Malone are personalized and high quality. We choose wholesalers or suppliers with a good reputation and offer fresh cut flowers with delicate wrapping. Every single flower is selected carefully by us to make sure the customer gets the best service from our store. * Penetrating England Culture: Jo Malone Flowers store has its very glamorous physical store, in a historical Georgian townhouse in Marylebone – somewhere people are always excited to visit. It plays host to some very glamorous VIP events, with its stunning Rose Uniacke interior, cream upholstery, and fabulous oak leaf chandelier. British character, culture, and history are also intrinsic to each and every scent. * Bespoke flower method: Nowadays, people want to show their personal tastes and feel special when they purchase flowers. Flowers can be a personal statement especially if one could create their own bouquet. As customization has become popular in the market, Jo Malone Flowers has responded to this trend and offered their own tailored approach. Customers can decide how many flowers or what type they want to buy. If they don’t have any ideas, we also provide flowers according to Jo Malone fragrance. Always with a touch of the unexpected, a characteristic of every Jo Malone™ creation.


Weaknesses * Brand recognition is low Since Jo Malone is a young brand with short history, it has low brand recognition, especially compared with other fragrance brands, such as Chanel, Dior, and Gucci. As for flowers, it is less popular than Philippa Craddock, and The Real Flower Company. * Limited product diversity Jo Malone Flowers now only offers fresh cut flowers and flower buds for bouquets in the store, we don’t offer garden plants, trees, bedding plants or green houseplants.

Opportunities * Thrive internationally Jo Malone has experienced impressive business growth, expanding into new markets including Korea, China, and Brazil. Jo Malone London is now in 41 markets with 573 doors worldwide, including our new global flagship Boutique on London’s Regent Street. Thriving in an international market could potentially be a huge opportunity for Jo Malone Flowers. * Support of Urban Community Gardens As gardens are a major source of inspiration for Jo Malone London, they are committed to charities around them. Jo Malone is partnering with charities that use gardens to bring beauty to urban communities and nurture and restore individuals and families by creating public gardens and green spaces for increased education, well-being and public safety. In addition, we are employing gardening skills as a pathway to work and self-sufficiency. This activity can increase the brand awareness and brand image. 9

* Flower industry is growing The total consumption of houseplants and flowers in Europe increased in 2015 by 0.5% to €32.4 billion. The UK is the leader with 20% improvement compared to 2014. The ‘share of wallet’ - the proportion of the disposable income that the consumer spends on houseplants and flowers - rose again in 2015 for the core countries of the Netherlands and the UK (European Consumption).

Threats * Intense competition As a new player, there are a lot of competitors in this industry. Due to low brand recognition and competitive pressure, Jo Malone Flowers occupies low market share. More and more luxury brands have been launching flower arrangements, such as Armani Fiori. * Brexit influences flowers import business The flower production mainly in Britain cannot sustain the local demand as things are. For that reason, the country relies mostly on imports to meet her robust demand. Europe exports most of its flowers to the UK specifically from the Netherlands. However, other countries are also responsible for supplying fresh cut flowers. These countries include Kenya, Ecuador, Columbia and Ethiopia amongst others. After the UK left the EU, it influenced the import business between the UK and other suppliers and the cost of importing increased more than before.


Armani Fiori Philippa Craddock


Vera Wang The Real Flower Company




Demographic The target markets of Jo Malone Flowers are both female and male ranging from the ages of 2540 in London. They are the end of Generation X and Millennials. They are educated and hold Bachelor degrees or above. The average income of the target audiences is over $ 100,000 per year. White-collar workers and the social elites who pay attention to their own personalities and social images are our main consumers.

Psychographic Jo Malone Flowers’ clientele are interested in art, fashion, and luxury as well as nature. They pursue happy, optimistic, elegant, the high-quality lifestyle. Also, our consumers prefer to purchase unique and customized items. The customers enjoy private events, active social networks in both real life and social media. This consumer group uses different social media such as Facebook and Instagram and reads luxury and fashion magazines.





The goals of the primary researches are as the followings:

1) To determine the consumers’ behavior and preferences of flower purchase, 2) To determine the consumers’ awareness of the brand, flowers, and scents, 3) To determine the relationship between the feeling and flowers and scents, 4) To establish proper marketing strategies to promote consumers’ awareness, purchase, and shares of purchasers’ experiences.



To accomplish the research goals, we conducted both a survey and an interview. The online survey was filled out by 100 respondents. 72 women and 28 men ranging from the ages of 20-40 participated in the survey. The survey included mostly multiple choice questions and also scale level questions. We interviewed 16 target consumers ranging from the ages of 25-40 with having recognition of the brand and experiences of presenting flowers. The main objective of the questionnaires was to comprehend the customers’ background and preferences of flower purchases. Also, questions focused on the brand awareness and its purchasing influence. The interview aimed at grasping internal factors: moods and images for the brand and the relationship between flowers/scents and the change of feelings.



From the survey, we obtained the following results after analyzing the data: 62 respondents bought flowers for their family members, followed by for lovers and friends. 66 respondents received or purchased flowers on birthdays, followed by entrance/graduation ceremonies and Valentine’s day. Approximately three-fourths of total respondents mainly bought flowers at local florists and only one person preferred to buy from branded places. 62 respondents buy flowers at non-branded places such as supermarkets and local flower shops because of convenience while 51 people buy them because of affordable prices. Over 50 people expected high-quality flowers, especially freshness, to the luxury branded flower shops. Also over 60 people considered the quality and design of flowers as the most important factors when they purchased flowers. At scale level questions, the extent of willingness to purchase another gift with flowers scored 3.49/5, it meant that offering additional gift options to customers could be positive and profitable. According to the questions of brand awareness, over 50 respondents, scored 2.51/5, when it came to the unfamiliar brand. The leverage of the brand name had an almost even chance which scored 2.59/5. 17

Through the results of the survey, we recognized the following challenges: increasing the brand awareness, strengthening the purchase influence of the branded flower shop, and offering highquality of flowers with exclusive design. To understand our target market much closer, we need to regard more limitations including location, salary, and social status in the future analysis. Also, narrowing down the questions of the influencers and habits of flower purchases would be supportive of applying proper marketing plans.

From the interview, we noticed that there were several common opinions among the variety answers. In accordance with the brand images or moods, respondents mainly recalled good fragrance, luxury, and elegance. All respondents’ feelings were affected by flowers and scents positively, on different level. Many of them said that both flowers and scents brought happiness. Also, they thought that the flowers refreshed their emotions and the scents recalled good memories. When it came to the question of additional gifts, perfumes and cards were repeated several times. Respondents regarded that perfumes matched with flowers very well and cards, with great wishes, were very meaningful. While flowers easily disappear within a few days, the perfume and the card can last for a long time, thus arousing the time when the person received the flowers. Flower purchasers tended to seek emotional and meaningful things. Along with buying flowers people also consider cake, champagne, and wine for celebrating the special occasions or enhancing moods. Through the survey, we recognized that people were influenced by visual and olfactory senses. The senses caused immediate emotions and long-lasting memories. The flowers are not products, but medium of feelings and memories. 18

5.0 MARKETING STRATEGY 5.1 POSITIONING STRATEGY The below rank table is based on brand recognition, brand values, price range, customer reviews, ranks from famous organizations, and product categories. Jo Malone Flowers will be ranked number two among eight highly competitive luxury flower markets.



Integrated Marketing Communication plans include three disciplines: brandoriented, pre-purchase oriented, and purchase oriented.

Brand-oriented: To increase awareness of the new brand extension. Jo Malone has been already renowned for luxury, unique, and elegant scents of perfume, body products, and home products. Also, their scents come from flowers, fruits, and herbs. Flowers provide people olfactory beauty as well as visual beauty. For these reasons, the flowers’ extension will be beneficial to enhance existing and potential target consumers’ desires. To do this, we would like to focus on increasing the new brand awareness and strengthen the brand identity.


Pre-purchase-oriented: To entice consumers’ desires into purchasing Jo Malone Flowers and to lead to actual purchase. The vigorous advertisement and promotions are considerably important in pre-purchase-oriented marketing. Using different communication vehicles and channels, we can attract target consumers to the exclusivity of our products and services in advance. By increasing consumers’ comprehension of the new brand and their interests, we can lead them to actual purchases. The main purpose of pre-purchase-oriented marketing is to promote consumers’ feelings positively and actively to reach Jo Malone Flowers. For doing this, we will offer regular physical and digital direct mails, scent pallet kits or samples, special events, and etc.

Purchase-oriented: To promote real sales growth. We provide fresh cut flowers including bouquets and flower boxes and special flower services such as wedding, party, and event flowers. In addition, we will offer customized package service and flower design consulting. The unique and private tailored services for customers are the main goals that we want to achieve. For example, we will wrap special images onto the boxes depending on individual requirements. 21


We will follow the classic Hierarchy effect model to achieve our communication goals. The four steps are as following:

1. Note: Jo Malone Flowers aims to attract the attention of the target consumers through social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 2. Interest: To attract the target consumers, Jo Malone Flowers uses magazine advertisements and the Jo Malone Car. Also, we host consumer, press, and influencers to exclusive events such as flower classes to leave a deep impression on the target consumers. 3. Desire: Jo Malone Flowers’ website and mobile application promote consumers desires and lead to potential purchases. 4. Action: Both existing consumers of Jo Malone London and potential consumers of Jo Malone Flowers will be actual customers of the new brand by purchasing our products and services after going through the previous three steps.



Based on our current target market, females and males ranging from the ages of 25-40, Jo Malone Flowers will choose print advertising, especially magazine ads on fashion and wedding magazines. Outside advertising will be placed on the Jo Malone Flowers Car. The case of digital advertising includes the official website and application, social media, and e-direct mail. Digital disciplines aim to share the brand information and promotion with the target audiences. Direct mail includes the scent pallet kits created by our professional florists. Public Relations and events aim to introduce the brand and products. Also, we encourage participants to spread their experience actively.


Digital Media Digital media will be used to enhance global awareness and reach a broader audience. Consumers will be able to connect with the brand on a more personal level and at their convenience. The website, mobile application, and e-direct mail will provide information about the brand, products, services, and store location. We create a new microsite connected with the Jo Malone London official website and our first mobile application. Both website and application have links with each social media to encourage flexible and interactive communication. Also, there will be a mainstream purchase for consumers who are unable to reach flagship locations. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram will allow the target audience as well as other consumers to establish a more intimate relationship with the brand while being inspired to purchase products.

Print Advertising The print advertising will be placed into two magazines in Vogue and Brides. These avenues will allow us to strengthen the brand presence and deliver proper information to the target consumers.


Outdoor Advertising We plan to use transit ads on the Jo Malone Flowers Car. The car will be a strategy to add more brand awareness in the street and promote public’s interest. From this advertising, we can closely reach various consumers and expand potential consumer market.

PR and Events Special events will grant limited consumers interested in our new brand and loyal customers the opportunity to participate the exclusive events and parties. For example, flower classes will provide customers a high-end service and a distinct social network opportunity during the process. Influential bloggers and media representatives are also invited to these events to introduce the brands and encourage their experience and opinions to other people through various platforms.

Direct Mail Based on the data from the digital mix, Jo Malone Flowers will provide distinctive scents pallet kits to our loyal customers as both a reward and to promote more purchases. As Jo Malone Flowers is inspired by the heritage of mother brand, fragrance, we will create the scents pallet by recommended flower bouquets. The brand would like our consumers to convince fascinating scents as well as sophisticated visual beauty before they order our products.



The estimated budget for the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan is $0.4 million, 20% of projected sales revenue $2 million of Jo Malone Flowers. Digital discipline will include: video, website, application, e-direct mail, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Due to high costs of creating videos, 38% of the total marketing budget will be used in digital marketing even though others are relatively lower costs. 27% of the budget will be allocated to magazines, which is composed of double spread adding the scent sample in Vogue and Brides. 17% of the marketing budget will be appropriated for Public Relations (PR) and events such as the brand launch party and exclusive flower classes. We send direct mail which accounts for 13% also offering the scent pallets kits. In terms of out of home discipline, 5% of the budget will be used for transit (or car-side) media.









The main concepts of the IMC Plan for Jo Malone Flowers are: to promote individual feelings and desires for the flowers, to offer special experiences with our exclusive flowers, and to reminisce its memories in the future. We maintain the existing brand identities, luxury, elegant, and unique. The new creative ideas incorporate into elements such as happy, restful, sensuous, and daily life. The current marketing plan focused on the products, even though the brand hosted unique social events such as inviting herb gardens. Jo Malone Flowers will create more unforgettable experiences in the customers’ lives based on developing the existing social events. For doing this, we deliver not only beautiful and fragrant physical flowers, but long-lasting precious memorable flowers through the new campaign. Also, we encourage consumers to share their exclusive experiences with Jo Malone Flowers through social media. We aim that target consumers will be gradually fascinated by Jo Malone Flowers through the creative concepts of the Integrated Marketing Communication Plans.


7.1 Jo Malone Flowers WEBSITE


7.2 Jo Malone Flowers INSTAGRAM











Pre-testing We will offer a quantitative survey to a sample size of 150 people three months before we launch the advertising campaign on Youtube. Before the survey, we will invite these people to our workshop and ask some screening questions to make sure they belong to the right target group. The purpose of this survey is to understand responder’s experience or feelings of our ad, attitudes of the brand, buying propensity and brand considerations, brand preference, and their liking of the ad. At the same time, we will also show some competitor brands social media prototypes and observe these responders. After that, they will fill a questionnaire and give us their feedback and suggestions. In the end, we will give them a discount card for our shop or discount code for our online shop. They will also get a thank you letter from us.


Post-testing Jo Malone Flowers also launches some print advertisements in magazines, testing the effectiveness of an ad after a campaign is launched is essential and important for us. We will ask a representative group from the target audiences if they have read the different publications where we put our print ads. We ask them what they feel our ads and what issues we have when they see our images. Also, we would like to know whether audiences recognize our brand or not.

Continuous Tracking We will also provide continuous campaign tracking to observe the responses of our target audiences and their interaction. The brand will hold some events over a fixed period and invite 50 people per week to share their response to our ads. Then we combine the latest data, analyze trends, and illustrate the current circumstances.


9.0 CLOSING RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendation 1. Jo Malone is famous for its fragrance; our Jo Malone Flowers is also well-known for high quality and unique scents. Jo Malone Flowers is a luxury flower brand; it is quite different from other unbranded competitors. We will open some physical stores in various European countries. At the same time, with the development of the international market, it’s a good chance to show our ambitions in the international flowers market, such as China, India, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Malawi, Mexico, Japan, Peru, South Africa, and a host of other countries. According to the flower expert website, these countries all have the potential purchasing powers and are recently developing fast in the florist industry.

Recommendation 2. Fresh cut flowers are the main product we offer today, to satisfy customers’ different demands of product categories, we will provide garden plants, trees, bedding plants, and green houseplants in the future. At the same time, opening a flower school can attract people who really love flowers and who want to learn professional skills of flower arrangement. We will invite famous flower artists to our school and provide lectures to our customers about flower arrangements and design. 41

Recommendation 3. Jo Malone Flowers is committed to philanthropy, bringing joy, and improving well-being through the power of giving flowers. We will donate our flowers or sales to some flower charities, such as Flower Angels and Random Acts of Flowers. They improve the emotional health and well-being of individuals in health care facilities by delivering recycled flowers, encouragement, and personal moments of kindness.










10.2 ANSWERS OF THE INTERVIEW Q1. What kinds of moods or images come into your mind when you think about the brand “Jo Malone”?  A sense of good fragrance  I know well about its perfumes. It has a unique outlook and high quality, which makes me feel real.  The classic bottle comes across my mind. The smell of Jo Malone’s perfume is very natural and lasting.  The image of Jo Malone is a good fragrance maker. I love Jo Malone scent, so I usually avoid to spray perfumes made by other brands.  The first thing I can imagine through the “Jo Malone” is Fresh, Clean, Elegant, Smart.  When I hear this name, I think of the brand. An important and recognize fancy European brand that now is important and recognizes around the world. I think in their different personal care and day by day products.  Modernity, simplicity, and luxury come into my mind at first when I think about Jo Malone. These images mainly come from its packaging and container shape.  Elegant British perfume! Personally, French branded perfumes seem like highly focusing on fancy and glamorous scents. However, I feel understated elegance from one of English branded perfumes, Jo Malone. I have got Jo Malone’s perfume called English pear and freesia as a gift from my acquaintance. I love to wear it as I am easily not tired of smelling this scent! This scent well matches to daily wears.  Jo Malone is one of my favorite perfume brands. I especially prefer masculine fragrance one. The funny thing is that the yellow gift bag immediately comes to my mind when I think about the brand of Jo Malone. It is undeniable that Jo Malone brings luxury images to my mind luxury images just a little more. Also, the brand slightly reminds me bubbled image.  In addition, charmingly simple, serene, and idyllic / expensive and sophisticated / flowers / macarons 50

2. How much does a flower effect of changing your feelings? Why do you think that a flower changes your feelings?  The flowers affect me a lot. If I receive flowers, I think that the person who gives me flowers like me and wants me to feel much better.  When I feel dispirited, flowers make me energetic and active since it always stands for the positive.  Not too much, but it might influence my feelings for an hour with beautiful looks and great smell.  When I am in a good mood, flowers make me feel much better. Flowers with good scents make people as well as me happy.  I can feel refresh myself. That’s because I can smell the scent of flowers and that gives me a refreshing feeling.  I believe that flowers can express what you feel. Is a symbolic product for different emotions depending on the flowers, and the person you’re giving the flowers. I buy flowers for my mom, mother in law, for the virgin so I put them at home for her and for my girlfriend to express the love I feel for her.  Flowers considerably influence my emotion. When I receive some flowers unexpected situation, I always feel happy so much. I sometimes purchase flowers or plants if I am extremely stressful to refresh my feeling. I think that flowers give both a giver and a receiver happiness because this situation makes people feel like being respected and loved.  Very much! Flowers amuse me by their scents and visual value. I am highly sensitive to scents of flowers, so the scents change my feelings anywhere such as my house, office, even street. For this reason, I usually place flowers on my desk at the office and on my bedside table in my room. Flower relieves my stress much lower through its nice smell and beautiful looks. 51

 Pretty much! I think that flowers immediately impact on the feeling of happiness. So, flowers obviously help people in relieving their stresses. For example, I sometimes decorate my house with fresh flowers for changing my feelings. Having flowers at home positively influences not only my mood as well as life environment.

3. How much does scent effect of changing your feelings? Why do you think that scent changes your feelings?  The scent changes my mood in a good way. Great smells of flowers give me happiness.  Everything has its own scent such as flower, grass, tree, and even the sunshine. Fresh air with the scent of flowers and plants make me comfortable and clear.  If I’m in a bad mood, the scent of flowers or perfume effect changing my feelings very much. The scent makes me happy and be relaxed.  Scents change my feeling a lot at any times such as daytime and night. I think that scents help people recall good memories in the past. Also, the scents make them calm down and relax.  Five senses are very important to a human being, the specially scent is something very important to my personal mood. I also think it affect to most of the people of their emotional curves.  I think scent can change your feelings in different ways but also it depends on in the environment or moment that you’re having that emotion link to the scent. You can smell and in the moment, your emotion can be sad, mad, happy, and more.  The scent affects me to feel more confident and elegant. I think the scent is important to show my identity and that’s why people seek for their signature perfume.


 Specific scents sometimes remind me certain places or times. So, I could reminisce about good old memories from the scents. How awesome it is! The scent is only one of our senses, but it arouses me lots of things. It is so fabulous!  Totally! I am falling in love fragrance! Wherever I go such as my room, my car, and even my wallet, there always be my favorite scents. Smelling a delightful aroma is a very pleasurable experience to me. When it comes to aromatherapy, I think that the aromatherapy improves the quality of life and business environment to some extent. For example, essential oils enhance our mental and physical health as well as job performance at work.  In addition, good smells loosen the tension / someone who has allergy avoids scents / strong scents make people annoying

4. What kinds of product are you willing to prepare an additional gift when you purchase flowers as a gift? And why do you want to prepare it as another gift?  I usually buy perfumes because I want receivers to remember the flowers I give when they wear the perfumes.  A card with full of my greetings and best wishes. I think the greeting card can make the acceptors feel my sincere blessings.  When I buy flowers, I usually prepare a greeting card including blessing words. The card can be kept forever even though flowers disappear at last.  I don’t need to prepare other gifts with a bunch of flowers. Only one thing I need is a card with best wishes.  To my girlfriend? Maybe a pair of shoes. Because a pair of shoes may go with beautiful flowers. It’s so romantic!! 53

 Ok, I always buy something else with the flowers when I buy them for my girlfriend. I think in perfumes, plush, cards, poems, candles, chocolates, cookies, fruits, balloons and more. For me is important because she loves flowers and the meaning of the flowers but I know the flowers won’t last a lot of time so I prefer to give her something else to enjoy and smile.  However, if I need to prepare an additional gift, I tend to consider perfume, accessory, and clothes which will match with flowers well. I usually prefer to present a practical gift.  I think that flowers celebrate specific events, so I prefer to prepare meaningful and romantic gifts such as accessories, cake, champagne, or wine. They improve the mood and all members who participate in the party can share them together.  I would like to prepare a bottle of perfume with flowers as a gift because both of them are related to scent. So, I expect that this combination is going to be pretty harmonious. Also, for leaving an impression of sweet ladies behind.  In addition, seeds of the flowers / a poem / electronic goods

* The answers were directly from the interviewees. We have not changed their original responses.


















Works Cited “About the Market.” Covent Garden Market Authority, n.d., market. Accessed 23 Nov. 2016. Canale, Suzie. “Top 5 Countries in the World that Depend on the Floral Industry.” Exotic Flowers, 29 June 2016, Accessed 21 Nov. 2016. “Charity gardens.” Jo Malone, n.d., Accessed 16 Oct. 2016. “European Consumption of Houseplants and Flowers Is Growing.” Royal FloraHolland, 7 Apr. 2016, Accessed 30 Oct. 2016. “Floral Consumer Trends.” Produce Marketing Association, 5 Nov. 2015, articles/2015/11/floral-consumer-trends. Accessed 21 Nov. 2016. “Flower Industry Statistics.” Statistic Brain, 5 Feb. 2016, Accessed 21 Nov. 2016. “General information.” Jo Malone, n.d., Accessed 16 Oct. 2016. “History of the Market.” Covent Garden Market Authority, n.d., www.newcoventgardenmarket. com/market/history-market. Accessed 23 Nov. 2016. “Jo Malone London.” Estee Lauder Companies, n.d., Accessed 16 Oct. 2016. “Our history.” Jo Malone, n.d., Accessed 16 Oct. 2016. 65

Rijswick, Cindy van. “World Floriculture Map 2015.“ Rabobank International, Jan. 2015, Accessed 21 Nov. 2016. “The Flower Market.” Covent Garden Market Authority, n.d., flowers. Accessed 23 Nov. 2016. “Which Country Produces Most Flowers?” Whichcountry, n.d., Accessed 21 Nov. 2016.



Savannah College of Art and Design / Fall 2016 / FASH763 Fashion Promotion / Prof. Alessandro Cannata

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Jo Malone Flowers Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan  

This book is the final project of Fashion Promotion course at SCAD. It mainly focuses on the IMC plan strategy of the new brand extension of...

Jo Malone Flowers Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan  

This book is the final project of Fashion Promotion course at SCAD. It mainly focuses on the IMC plan strategy of the new brand extension of...