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Saturday 24th March

Garden Easter Eggstravaganza (School Fayre)

Thursday 5th April

Songkran celebration

First School Upper School

Friday 6th April

Chakri Day

School Closed

Monday 9th to Friday 20th April

End of Term 2 break

School Closed

Monday 23rd April

First day of Term 3

Upper School First School

7.50am 8.20am

Friday 4th May

Chinese Speech Contest – Years 1 to 11 School open (subs. May day)

Main hall Whole School


Monday 7th May

School open (subs. Coronation day)

Whole School

Friday 1st June

Art day

Whole School

Monday 4th June

School open (Visakha Bucha)

Whole School

Monday 4th to Friday 8th June

Exam Week

Upper School

Monday 11th to Friday 15th June

Secondary residential visit (proposed)

Monday 18th June

End of Year Reports out Parent – Teacher meetings

Whole School First School

Tuesday 19th June

First School Awards day Parent – Teacher meetings

First School First School

Wednesday 20th June

Parent – Teacher meetings

First School Upper School

3.30 – 7pm

9.00am to 12.00pm


Thursday 21st June

Upper School Awards day Upper School performances

Goethe Institute Goethe Institute

9am – 12pm 6pm – 9pm

Friday 22nd June

End of year

First School Upper School

2pm 2.45pm

News from the Garden Dear Parents and friends of GIS, At the end of Term 2 there is only time left to wish you all a Happy Songkran. Term 3 promises to be an extremely busy term with preparations for exams, Art day and the Upper School performances at the Goethe Institute. There are dates to note on the calendar as we will be open for 3 extra days to make up for the days we were forced to close during the floods. Please also note that the date for the Upper School Awards day and performances has changed as our usual venue has relocated.

holidays but this is so that we provide your child with a complete academic year with sensible start and finish dates for each term. Please read and enjoy the rest of this month’s newsletter. As always, if there is anything that you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me. Warmest regards, Jeremy Stokes MA Ed. Principal

If you are keen to plan for the next academic year the school calendar for 2012-2013 is included at the end of this newsletter. Please note that the school will be open on a few of the Thai public

Please remember to keep up to date with all the latest at Garden International School Bangkok.

News from the Garden Our Book Week was a great success. A big thank you to all the parents for helping develop the children's enjoyment of books. As so many visited our Scholastic Book Fair we now have over 30 new books for the library. It was also lovely to see children of different ages enjoying books together. A special thanks to Year 7 and Year 9 students for performing stories to the first school children and all the Secondary students who volunteered to come over at lunchtime to read to the younger children. Lots of adults also enjoyed visiting different classrooms to share special stories. Years 2 to 6 were busy writing and sharing books for younger learners. The first school children now have these books in their class libraries to enjoy. Miss Kirstie

News from the Garden

News from the Garden

Well done to those of you who went to great efforts in making fantastic Easter bonnets for the Fayre. You all looked great! The winner was Fai (Year 3) although there were so many fabulous entries it was an extremely difficult decision to make. A special thanks goes to Mr. Adams for kindly judging the event.

News from the Garden School Fayre Well done to those of you who went to great efforts in making fantastic Easter bonnets for the Fayre. You all looked great! The winner was Fai (Year 3) although there were so many fabulous entries it was an extremely difficult decision to make. A special thanks goes to Mr. Adams for kindly judging the event. First School Library The library is currently having a makeover! The children are very excited to see how their library will change over the next few weeks. With the help of our creative teachers and maintenance staff we hope to re-open a calm and relaxing library for the children to enjoy - pictures to follow! Outdoor Environment You may have noticed some beautiful butterflies painted around the outside walls of the Reception and Nursery classes. We are very grateful to the talented group of Secondary students and their teacher, Miss Stephanie Dixon, for their lovely art work. Year 2 and Miss Emma have also been busy painting wonderful sea creatures to enhance our 'Under the Ocean' area. As part of the UK curriculum we understand the importance of creating a warm and welcoming environment to help enhance and support children's development and sense of well-being.

News from the Garden

As part of our topic, Year Two went to visit Ocean World at Siam Paragon. We had a fantastic time; learning about all the different aquatic animals and marine life. First of all, we saw an amazing 4D film, with special glasses and chairs that squirted water! The film was called ‘The Little Prince’ and it was a bit scary so a few of us wanted to sit with the grown ups. After the film, we went off to explore the rest of the aquarium tanks. We saw clownfish, tangs, jellyfish, rays and even a few Piranhas! Afterwards, we saw some bigger animals. They were very funny to look at - the penguins made us laugh and we liked watching the otters clean themselves. Next, we were allowed to ride in a glassbottomed boat. We were amazed by the

sharks and were shocked to see some people diving in the water underneath us! We also enjoyed waving at the people who were walking through the see-through underwater tunnel. Our fun day drew to an end with a special burger treat and even some ice cream! Yum! Year Two and Miss Emma

News from the Garden "Fantastic!" was the reaction from the children when they returned from Hua Hin on Friday. They really had a wonderful time and learned a lot about history, crafts, food, nature and coastal ecology. They learnt even more about themselves, about taking responsibility, being independent and about sharing and getting along with each other people.

We left early Thursday morning and stopped on the way in Petchaburi to walk around King Rama V palace. After a delicious lunch we went down into Khao Luang Cave, a limestone cave where water has eroded the rock to show stalagtites and stalagmites. After checking in and waiting for the right number of beds in each room we went to the beach to dig in the sand and jump over waves. Dinner was pizza and salad before going to the Petchaburi Fair at Phra Nakhon Khiri. The whole hillside and the palace was beautifully lit with fairy lights. Just before we got back on the buses the fireworks erupted, a marvellous sight lighting up the night sky. Friday was equally busy and interesting and a full account will be in the Year Book.

News from the Garden

On 4th April the Year 5 pupils went on a day trip to the Chao Phraya river and the Grand Palace. We arrive at the palace and we were instantly amazed at the beautiful designs and architecture on display there. The weapons museum also held a lot of interest for the pupils with swords and tridents going back hundreds of years. After a lovely lunch at a riverside restaurant we charted a tour boat and investigated the river. We stopped a couple of times and fed the largest fish we had ever seen and toured around some fascinating canals leading off the river. The boat was a great way to cool down after a long morning walking around the palace.

News from the Garden

On the 4th March brave members of year 5 and 6 left the comfort and luxury of Bangkok behind and headed off on their exciting residential trip to Krabi. The children enjoyed a weeks break from the classroom and instead enjoyed a wonderful variety of activities and experiences. Whether it was trekking through rainforest, exploring deep dark caves, snorkeling above multi-coloured coral reefs or just relaxing on the beach a wonderful time was had by all. The children's behaviour was exceptional, setting a wonderful example to all those we met of the polite, mature and very talented children we have here at Garden International. Since returning the children have amazed us with tales of their adventures, I'm sure they simply cannot wait till the next one.

News from the Garden

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