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Answer your needs with reactivity, expertise and reliability

Fiabilité RéglementationSécurité Analyses Performance Traçabilité PesticidesContaminants

Once upon a time... Since 1992, GIRPA has a unique history. It was created by agronomists of French Agricultural Ministry, Scientists of Angers University, analysts and study directors of the FREDON Pays de la Loire. They gathered competencies and shared experiences, which allow today GIRPA to achieve major projects.

SERVICES • Residue trial in pre and post homologation (Sanco 3029-99 et 825-00 reg 1107) • Storage Stability • OPerator EXposition (OCDE guide n°9) • Dislodgeable Foliar Residue • Soil dissipation • ILV • Method validation

> HARVEST TRIAL : an attractive situation We are able to work with all the key players to manage complete studies. We developed partnership and practices which allow us to integrate analytical phase upstream in studies.


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An expert team

A state of the art equipment

An aware and reactive director team follows your projects and all your questions. Different Engineers, specialists in analytical chemistry, water chemistry, vegetal physiology and quality management ... lead a conscientious and experienced technician team to satisfy your requests.

GIRPA invests in recent technologies to assume his expertise and the confidence of the methods: -Two 5500 Qtrap and one API 4000 -Three GC triple quadrupoles -Six Ion traps in MS/MS with internal and external source and others specifics detectors

MATRICES • Major crops (cereals, potatoes, ...) • Minor crops (aromatic plants, berries ...) • Bees and bee products (honey, wax, ...) • Soil, air and water • Formulation

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT • 2 engineers are dedicated to develop and adapt methods with support from University chemists • Confidential agreements are available • Around 60 new methods per year

A service offering

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GLP field (05, 06 and 08)

Since the beginning our goal is to share our knowledge of pesticide residue analysis through the fields of homologation and monitoring. Being an association, this allow us to set up a true partnership and engage us to bring you on time project at real cost.

ISO 17025 - Fruit & vegetable - Vegetable oils

- Water - Cereals

French Agricultural Ministry agreement - Fruit & vegetable single residue and multi residue - Bees and bees product - Soil

> Efficient quality management > Free storage sample during 18 months at -18°C > Free storage of data during 10 years > Available to answer you with real supply post > More than 15 years of experience

Some trends

A successful partnership With all of our partners you can access nearly the entire Europe : • Biotek • Redebel • Staphyt • Syntech •…

Pool of analysis in bloom Number of active substances growing Analytical costs stabilized Restitution period shorter and shorter



CONTACT US FOR ALL YOUR PROJECTS 9 avenue du Bois l’Abbé CS 30045 - 49071 Beaucouzé - FRANCE Tél : +33 (0)2 41 48 75 70 Fax : +33 (0)2 41 48 71 40

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