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GGR Giromagny

Gravity Racing Enduro Team

+ Partnership 2012 Aurélien Gaugué Norbert Rapuzzi Pierre Luc Vaxelaire Julien Prenez


About: Giromagny Cycling Team. The factory of champions The USG VTT was founded by Daniel Martin and friends in Giromagny, a small village near the mountains of “Les Vosges” in 1994. The time of the small cycling club is now far; today more than 100 riders wear the same jersey and raced every week end all around Europe. The MTB School train young talented riders in cross-country, trial and downhill every Wednesday. This factory of Champions has reached the highest world class level with riders like Fabien Canal (World XC relay Champion 2011, 2nd Men U23 World Cup overall 2011, 2nd at European XC championship in 2007, 3 times XC French Champion…), Arnaud Grosjean (2nd Transvésubienne 2011, Wins on French XC Marathons cup, Podiums French Cup XC…), Alrick Martin (8th junior at World XC Championship in 2010, 2 times 5th in XC World Cup, Podiums French XC Cup)… Today the club is one of the biggest of Eastern France. Since 2009 the club has a national XC Team with 10 riders. Sponsored by KTM in 2009 an 2010, the cycling team is now supported by Cube Bicycles. Thanks to the enduro team, Giromagny will develop the image of this new fun and young discipline and inspire young riders. 2011 as the first year of the French Enduro Cup is the perfect time for Giromagny Cycling team to turn a new page in the mountain bike history…


2012 Objectives: -Top 5 overall ranking of the 3 rounds Dark Dog Enduro Tour -Top 10 overall ranking of the 4 rounds ELSASS Enduro Tour -Top 20:

-Métabief Open Enduro -Enduro du Beaufortain -Enduro des Hautes Vosges -Enduro des portes du Mercantour

-Top 30 Mégavalanche -Top 30 Enduro Series Cups -Top 50 Transvésubienne

+ Why working with us ? All together we have more than 40 years of experience in mountain biking, more than 500 races done, and tons of saddle hours. We are all master graduated, or on the way of it. Working with us is not a simple sponsoring; it’s a two way partnership. We will represent your brand as the best as we can and make sure you get the information back from the field.

Race performance:

Like the XC team of Giromagny, We are going to follow a specific training program during the season; with the help of a coach we will make sure we get ready during the winter. The cycling club has a fitness center and some road cycling rides are happening during the winter. The goal is to get ready physically and technically before the big objectives (Transvesubienne, Megavalanche, Enduro Series…).

Technical feedback: You are helping us with gear; we are helping you with our feedback

from the field. We would be proud to develop and get your products better. Norbert has been a mechanic on the DH world cup circuit; we know what we are talking about.

Active social networking: Facebook, tweeter, blogger are now powerful tools that gets

companies lots of attention and massive amounts of traffic. Today this is the most popular low-cost promotional method online, that’s why we will create contents and generate traffic around our MTB activities. This will make people aware about our presence and our sponsors and give you some great exposure. In 2010, Julien was the European Marketing agent for BC BIKE RACE, he knows how to use social media as a business tool.

Press network: We all have already been featured in magazines (see references), we know that it’s also a great way to communicate for a Brand. As mountain bike is a small world, we all have contacts, like Julien who used to work with people from Velo Vert Magazine and Universal Bike racing website, or also Norbert who knows people from the Freeride world (ride it, 26 in, Big Mountain Bike magazine).

4 seasons filming/Shooting:

The team has 2 GOPRO HD, an official photographer (Thomas François photography) and lots of creativity. Like Vivaldi we will make sure we produced a minimum of 1 video pear season and some photoshooting during events. Norbert won some photos contests and Julien did some photoshooting during his roadtrip in Canada, we know what a great bike photo is.

+ References Media Exposure Julien : BIKEMAG (US) MTBR (US) WHISTLER MOUNTAIN BIKE (CAN)



Norbert : RIDE IT n째21 (FR) VELOVERT n째205 (FR) BIG BIKE n째 22 & 23 (FR) VIMEO (FR)


Rider profiles

Aurélien Gaugué

Julien Prenez

Norbert Rapuzzi

« The old school endurance killer »

« The singletracker ».

« Daddy freeride »

28 Years old, riding Bikes since 1998 1m73,68kg From Belfort, Eastern France Marketing Executive Food: Spicy Music: Drum and bass/metal

22 Years old, riding Bikes since 2001 1m84, 78kg From Belfort, Eastern France Student in Business engineering Food : Savoie specialities Music : Hip Hop/ Electronic Blog :

32 Years old, Riding bikes since 1992 Engineer for Alstom Power From Brignoles Southern France 1,80m, 74kg Food : Pasta Music : Punk Rock

Julien started riding bikes with friends of his cycling team in little town of Giromagny, this simple sport turned quickly into a passion. Like Pierre Luc, Julien went racing the multi discipline French Championships, and was reaching the finish line every week end all around France. Loving the climbs to enjoy more the descents. Julien raced everything he could, from the Roc D’Azur to the French downhill Championnship. Last year, Julien stayed 6 months in the legendary North Shore of Vancouver, working in the mountain bike industry, riding with freerider legends and shooting with famous photographers. Back from Canada Julien is inspired more than ever to ride his enduro bike every single day with style and fun. Now Julien is in search of the perfect singletrack, road triping around the country for the love of riding.

Norbert, the daddy of the team is the kind of dude who is able to ride a bmx, the day after a road bike, and finish the week dropping cliffs with his freeride bike. He started mountain biking when the others guys of team had their first teethes. Norbert has always been riding for the pleasure and for himself. He accomplished great races and finished 15th at the strongest marathon race of the world “Transvésubienne”, he did the European cross country Championships, won some 4X races, did some freeride movies and went on road trip to ride his bike around the world. Finally Norbert found that enduro racing is describing well his multi-skills riding attitude. Be care full, on his bike, Daddy is dangerous.

Back in the day Aurélien was doing his first turns with the Giromagny cycling team, around his home mountains « the Vosges », Aurélien is an old school rider, he did one of the first maxi Avalanche in Metabief. Aurélien has steel been a passionated and devoted mountain biker, whatever he does in his life is 120%. After a long break Aurélien is back. Since 2010, he went racing enduro around France (Elsass Enduro tour, Enduro du Beaufortain, Metabief Open Enduro…) doing some XC Marathon races and training with downhill stars like Mick Hannah and Marc Beaumont at his local Bike Park named Lac blanc. Aurelien his improving his skills so fast that now he is hungry of victory.


Rider profiles

Pierre Luc Vaxelaire

Guest rider

« The master of balance » 20 Years old, riding Bikes since 2000 1m74, 65kg From Belfort, Eastern France Student Engineer Food: Liquid Cheese Music: Rock’n Roll Pierre Luc, young only on the paper started riding bikes the day after he was walking. Racing both Trial, Downhill and XC with an hardtail bike Pierre Luc went to the French multi-discipline Championships 5 times and won the trial bike discipline. Pierre Luc has the strongest technical experience of the team, he is able to put his wheels wherever he wants to. After 4 seasons of racing XC circuit for French mtb teams, Pierre Luc was needing more fun in his riding life. He started Enduro Racing in 2011 and did some great results on regional races. Pierre Luc is not the fastest but the more efficient, the word crash doesn’t exist for him. People are looking forward to see the back (only) of this fast guy at the next Megavalanche.

As we are open minded, we might look after a young rider to ride with us in the team. We are working with the cycling school of Giromagny to coach young riders about Enduro and it’s philosophy.


Rider Results

Most of the riders in the GGR team are polyvalents, here you will find an overview of their accomplishments on a mountain bike.

Julien’s Results 2004

French UNSS MTB Champion (University Team)


22nd overall French Cup XC 24th at the Roc d’Azur


28th at the French DH Championship 3rd of the regional DH Championship


Top 20 Elsass Enduro Tour Top 10 Dark Dog enduro Tour 48th BC Bike Race : Seven Day Bike Race Vancouver to Whistler

Norbert’s Results 1994

Attended the European XC Championships


15th of the Transvésubienne


8th of the Côte d’azur BMX Championships


Freeride photoshoot for bigbike magazine Won the photo contest Fat wheels festival


Won the 4X of Monsevelier, Swiss Cup


Top 30 enduro des Hautes Vosges


Top 30 Elsass enduro Tour

Pierre Luc’s Results 3 time vice-champion of Franche-Comté (MTB and cyclo-cross) Raced 5 time the multi-discipline french trophy (Trial-DH-XC) 2004

French UNSS MTBChampion (University team)


17 overall XC French Cup


21 overall XC French Cup


Top 20 Elsass Enduro Tour

Aurélien’s Results 2010

Enduro Héricourt: 3


Elsass Enduro Tour Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines: 68 Elsass Enduro Tour Mollau: 71 Enduro des Hautes-Vosges: 75 Enduro du Beaufortain: 28


Contact Form

+ E-Mail: Cell: +33673253796 Web: Team Manager: Daniel Martin

Press Book Giromagny Enduro Team 2012  
Press Book Giromagny Enduro Team 2012  

Riders: Aurélien Gaugué Norbert Rapuzzi Pierre-Luc Vaxelaire Julien Prenez