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Girlstart: The Macro Scope for 2013 Girlstart After School is STEM programming for girls every week throughout the school year, as well as wraparound services to support STEM in each partner school. The curriculum we develop is sequential, informal, hands-on and inquiry-based, but we are also aligned with learning standards so that girls increase their academic achievement. Thanks to your generous support, Girlstart After School is free to girls, parents, and their schools. In fall 2013, we accomplished the following: • • • •

918 4th-8th grade girls 43 after school programs in 41 schools 63% of Girlstart After School girls were Latina; 17% White; 12% African-American; 4% Asian/Pacific Islander; and 4% multiethnic. 70% of the girls we reach are low SES

→ 94% of Girlstart girls have mastered essential STEM skills by understanding the scientific method and the engineering design process. → 92% of Girlstart girls understand that it is important to take risks in learning. They say they know “it’s ok” if their project doesn't work on the first try. And 86% of them know that if they don’t succeed on the first try, the next step is to redesign their project. Girlstart girls are building confidence, persistence and grit. → 90% of Girlstart girls say: “If I try hard, I can be good at science.” They are gaining resilience that helps them become better workers and leaders. → 95% of them want to go to college, and 96% of them say that they know that they will have more job opportunities if they go to college. Girlstart girls are building future aspirations in Girlstart After School. We also hear that 93% of them know that if they do well at STEM in school, they’re more likely to go to college (even though 55+% would be first generation college students). With Girlstart After School, girls see the connections between STEM and a strong future. → And, most importantly, Girlstart is meaningful for girls. 91% of Girlstart After School participants say that they tell their family and friends about what they do at Girlstart, and 89% want to be a part of Girlstart again. Girlstart After School is engaging girls’ minds as well as their lives.

Girlstart Summer Camps are thematic, week-long STEM experiences for girls in the 4th-8th grades. Girlstart Summer Camp has been recognized as one of four “exemplary” and “highly scalable” STEM education programs in the nation by Change the Equation. • • • •

586 4th-8th grade girls 22 camps in in 9 different locations 7% of Girlstart Summer Camp participants were African-American; 12% Asian-American or Pacific Islander; 50% White; 26% Latina, and 5% identified as multiethnic. 37% participated on full scholarship, thanks to your generous support.

Our program accomplishments from the summer include:

→ 93% of Summer Camp girls have mastered essential STEM skills by understanding the scientific method and the engineering design process. 89% of them say that they like science. → Girlstart girls are brave: 95% said that if they try hard, they can be good at science. → They are resilient: 96% said that they know it is ok if their activity doesn’t work out the first try. → They are connected: 98% of them said it was fun to program a video game or Android app, and 92% said that they would like to program more games or apps.

→ Girlstart Summer Camp is a rich experience that connects girls with STEM majors and careers. 96% of

them say that if they do well at STEM in school, they’re more likely to go to college, and 94% say that if they do well at STEM in college, they’ll have a better job. 92% of campers, after participating in camp, want to take more STEM in school.

The Girls in STEM Conference introduces girls to STEM careers through hands-on workshops led by professional women working in STEM. Our program accomplishments in 2013 include: • • •

576 4th- 8th grade girls 200+ volunteers 73%—386 were girls from Girlstart After School—attended at no cost, and we provided free bus transportation, thanks to your generous support.

→ Girls in STEM connects girls to their futures. Girls told us that this program made them more interested in STEM careers (89%), and 100% were able to reflect on at least one new career that they learned. 81% of girls reported their specific intent to enter a STEM career after participating in Girls in STEM. → Girls gained interest in STEM as a pathway to college and career. 97% understand that doing well at STEM in school means that they will be more likely to enter college, with 98% reporting intent to attend college. 95% had an increased awareness of higher education as a pathway to better careers. → Girls in STEM, like our other programs, also helps girls be more curious about solving real-world problems through STEM. They told us about their interest in doing more STEM activities (91%), as well as taking STEM classes and electives at school (89%).

Girlstart’s Community STEM Education is family-friendly. These programs take place in varied schools and community sites around Central Texas, as well as at Girlstart’s STEM Center, where we have the region’s only publicly accessible permanent planetarium. •

11,700+ girls and family members, 100% free programming

→ Of the children that participated, 81% said that they like science and, after attending the program, 87% report that they want to try more science activities. → 81% also report that they enjoy doing science activities with their families.

Girlstart's 2013 thru a Macro Lens  
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