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Working Group on Girls Exploring New Heights: Social Media

WGG Media Outlets

44 million Americans

4 million people

Young girls involvement

Age Cohort of 35 to 54 year olds grew 60 percent in the 2009 (NYTimes) Text Messages




Member Site Purpose: *Logistics * Room Changes * Event Calendar

TWITTER Public Site * Communication * Collaboration * Information


PRECAUTIONS  Setting Up Twitter for updates during work hours  Twitter is a “status update” or “micro-blogging” tool that allows users to post messages with a maximum of 140 characters. Anyone that follows you on twitter will than see your “tweet” which can also be sent to any of your twitter followers cell phones through SMS, it also means your followers can re-tweet your message to all their followers.  Set up an application for Twitter.

PROFESSIONALISM Watch your P’s & Q’s Be careful about mixing business with pleasure Follow but don’t expect to be followed Don’t try to “market” on Twitter; try to “share” instead Use a multiple Twitter account client to manage your accounts.

Acknowledgements: Questions: Mary Jo Ryan: Steph Wolfe:

WGG Exploring New Heights: Social Media  
WGG Exploring New Heights: Social Media  

PowerPoint presentation on how the WGG will use Social Media