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Girls In ICT Day 2017  

1.0 Background Summary International  Girls  in  Information  and  Communication  Technology  (ICT)  Day,  an  initiative  led  by  the  International  Telecommunication  Union  (ITU)  Switzerland,  aims  to  create  a  global  environment  that  encourages,  educates  and  empowers  girls  and  young  women  to  pursue  studies  and  careers  in  the  growing  eld  of  ICTs, enabling  girls,  companies  and  economies,  to  reap the  bene ts  of  greater  female participation in the  ICT sector.   Celebrated  on  the  4th  Thursday  in  April,  every  year  since  its  inception  in  2014,  over  240,000  girls  and  young  women  have  taken part in more than 7,200 celebrations of International Girls in  ICT Day in 160 countries worldwide. (ITU data for 2017 not yet included.)   In  celebration  of  Girls  in  ICT  Day,  April  27,  2017,  we,  a  team  of  women  consultants,  passionate  about  creating  opportunities  for  the  economic  advancement  of  women  across  all  sectors,  in  the  Caribbean  region,  hosted  the  Girls  in  ICT  Day  Caribbean  Hackathon,  in  Jamaica,  Trinidad  and  Tobago  and  Barbados,  for  girls  at  the  High,  College  and  University  levels.   The  Hackathon  was  organized  around  a  range  of  ICT  activities,  engaging  the  girls  in  collaborative  computer  programming,  to  solve  problems  in  response  to  speci c  social  challenges developed.  

1.1 Regional Highlights The  event  was  a  tremendous  success  with  the  students  using  their  technical  skills  and  adapting new ways to tackle the challenges, using ICT.   ● ● ● ● ●

30 Schools, Universities and Colleges participated 6 activity challenges using multiple ICT tools  29 Hackathon Challenge teams presented solutions  349 participants comprising team members and observers  41 Mentors 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   ● ● ● ●

41 Local, Regional and International virtual Speakers 10 Judges  17 Sponsors/Supporters/Partners   Facebook outreach to 95% women, with some 70,753 viewers across 10 countries 

Feedback from  all  Participants  was  very  positive  and  the  tech  solutions  pitched  to  the judges,  were innovative and highly responsive.  We  would  like  to  acknowledge  the  excellent  guidance  and technical support received from our  colleagues  at  the  ITU  Switzerland, the invaluable inputs from our support teams and volunteers  in  Miami,  Jamaica,  Barbados  and  Trinidad  and  the  hard work of our project teams in Barbados  and Trinidad;    Trinidad and Tobago Barbados  Penny Gomez Natasha King  Natalie De Silva Desiree Phillip  We  are  pleased  to  share  this  report  as  it  provides  a  good  overview  of  the  event;  activity  challenges,  solutions,  pitches  and  testimonials,  from  students  and  teachers.  The  outcomes  from  the  day,  are  a  clear  indication  of  the  keen  interest  of  the  girls  to  continue  further  work  in  tech.  

Girls In ICT Day 2017  

2.0 Introduction ICTs  drive  growth  and  innovation  worldwide,  in ltrating  all  aspects  of  our  lives.  These  ongoing  advances  in  ICTs  e ectively  make  digital  literacy a prerequisite for employment  and  entrepreneurship  opportunities  and  are  leading  to  a  projected  shortage  of  at  least  2  million  ICT  employees  worldwide  by  2020.  Studies  show  that  not  enough  young  people  are  choosing  careers  in  ICT  -  especially  not  enough  young  women.  Expanding  the  global  technology  talent  pool  to  include  more  women  with  ICT  skills  can  help  ll  this  gap.  This means investing in girls and young women today.   Initiatives  under  the  Girls  in  ICT  Day,  contribute  to  achieving  country  and  corporate  targets  of  the  UN-Sustainable  Development  Goal  5  on  Gender  equality  and  empowerment  for  women  and  girls.  The  SDGs  recognize  that  sustainable  development  requires  close  collaboration  amongst  governments,  business  communities  and  civil  society  organizations.  ICT  can  play  an  enabling  role  in  the  implementation  of  the  SDGs,  creating  possibilities  and  fueling  innovative  actions  to  achieve  impact  in  today’s  digital  world.  The  ICT  Playbook  states  that  ‘For  every  10%  increase  in  internet  access,  low  and  middle  income  countries  see  a  1.38%  increase  in  GDP’.  By  creating  new  businesses  in  the  ICT  sector,  young  women  can  bypass  limitations  of  national  labour  market  boundaries  and  access  the  global  market  in  a  sector,  that  often  o er  higher  salaries  and  lower  gender-based  pay  gaps,  than  in  other elds. 

2.1 Regional Context In  the  Caribbean,  we  are  seeing  a  growing  number  of  companies  investing  in  the  ICT  sector.  Businesses  such  as  the  Microsoft  Innovation  Centre  provide  technical  services  empowering  people  to  become  entrepreneurs.  Global  companies  like  Vistaprint  (based  in  Jamaica)  and  several  local  and  global  BPO  companies,  provide  jobs  to  support  the  growing  global  tech  markets.  In  order  to  o er  cutting  edge  programs.  Last  year  the  University  of  the  West  Indies  (UWI),  partnered  with  the  Suzhou  Global  Institute  of  Software  Technology  (GIST)  and  introduced  a  new and exciting joint degree program, o ered by the UWI  China Institute of Information Technology (UWICIIT).  Importantly,  women  are  pioneering  new  innovations  in  the  region.  This  was  most  recently  evidenced  in  the  mobile  app  development  competition  at  the  PitchIt  Caribbean  competition,  4 

Girls In ICT Day 2017   where  all  top  spots  were  swept  by  women  mobile  tech  entrepreneurs.  In  2016,  a  Jamaican  woman  owned,  digital  media  company  Listen  MI  Caribbean,  won  the  global  startup  award,  securing  investment  at  the  US  led  Global  Entrepreneurship  Summit.  In  addition,  Vendedy,  a  unique  platform  created  by  a  Haitian  woman,  allows  informal  artisan  producers  to  sell  to  expanded markets, and was recognized by Forbes with numerous awards.   “I’m  so  happy  to  represent  the  University  of  the  West  Indies  today.  We  are  tremendously  proud  to  be  a  partner  in  this  very  special  event, in Jamaica Barbados  and  Trinidad.  Expanding  the  global  technology  talent  pool  is  our  desire  and  we  want  to  ll  the  gap  we  see  today,  so  we  want  to  invest  in  you,  girls  and  young  women.  As  the  foremost  training  institution  in  the  region,  UWI  is  committed  to  providing  these  opportunities  for  you  whether  it’s  App  Development,  Robotics,  Animation  or  Business  Analytics,  we  have  developed degree programs in these areas.”  Minna  Israel  -  Senior  Advisor  to  the  Vice  Chancellor,  The  University of the West Indies  

Groupe Spéciale  Mobile  Association  (GSMA)  analysis  indicates,  however,  that  although  ICTs  o er  many  opportunities  for  women's  empowerment  and  gender  equality,  they  remain  constrained  in  the  application  of  ICTs,  as  women  who  do  enter  tech  sectors,  cannot  easily  embrace  the  innovation  and  knowledge  developed,  because  of  the  preference  shown  to  men.  Encouraging  women  and  girls  to  pursue  ICT  careers,  fosters  a  more  dynamic  technology  sector,  providing  extensive  bene ts  for companies. A more gender-balanced workforce re ects  the  customer  base  more  accurately,  enhances  productivity  and  innovation  and  leads  to  better  nancial results.   ITU  evidence  is  that  a  targeted  global  e ort  through  the  global  Girls  in  ICT  movement  is  working  to  mitigate  the  lack  of  girls  preparing  for  careers  in  the  ICT  industry.  This  designated  Day  allows  countries  worldwide  to  empower  girls  and  young  women,  encouraging  them  to  pursue  ICT  studies  and  careers.  The  engagement  of  universities,  schools  and  corporates  has  increased  the  awareness  among  girls  and  young  women  regarding  the  vast  possibilities  ICTs  o er.     An  important  element  of  increased  awareness  among  the  wider  Millennial  Generation,  is  through  direct  engagement  and  hands-on  experiences,  using  technology  with  their  own  voice  and creativity, to address real world issues themselves. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

3.0 Methodology & School Participation      Schools/Universities  and  Colleges  were  provided  with  a  detailed  Hackathon  Guide  with  all  the information and instructions pertaining to the Girls in ICT Day Caribbean Hackathon:   I.

School Selection     High  Schools,  Colleges  and  Universities  were  randomly  selected  with  our  main  goal  being  to  ensure  we  had  a  diverse  representation  of  institutions,  geographically  as  well  as public and private institutions.     Team  composition  (Teachers  &  students):  Hackathon  Challenge  Team:  Contact  was  made  with  IT  teachers/lecturers, who were asked to select a hackathon challenge team,  comprised  of  4-5  students,  with  varying  levels  of  technology  skills  (Low  -  Medium  -  High)         Observer team:     In  addition  to  the  Hackathon  Challenge  team,  Institutions  were  invited  to  bring  students to  observe  and  attend  presentations  and  activities  during the day.       School/College/University  O cials:  Each  team  was  led  by  a  group  of  2-3  Teachers/Lecturers/  Chaperones  who  were  the  key  points  of  contact  responsible for all  students (Hackathon team and Observer team) throughout the day.   


Hackathon Activities A. ICT Activities   ➔ Mobile app building   ➔ Animation   ➔ Programming robots   ➔ Web development   ➔ Digital design (video production & digital art works) 

Girls In ICT Day 2017   High School Teams 

College Teams

Web Development

Mobile App Development

Digital Art and Digital Video Production


As an added exciting tournament feature, at the start of the event, there was a Robotics “ice-breaker”, organized as a mixed group activity, for all team participants to engage in.   

  “Although  we  didn’t  get  to  do  as  much on the Robotics as we really wanted to, it  was  amazing  to  see  other  young  women  and  girls,  actually participating. Seeing  so  many  persons,  including  friends  who  went  to  other  Universities  and  it  was  really  nice  to  see  that  you  had  other  persons  in  your  “inner  circle”  coming  together and doing something good in ICT for Jamaica, and the world at large.”  Team NCU 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   B. A  full  schedule  of  information  sessions,  video  technology  role  model  speakers,  video  demonstrations  and  other  interesting  activities,  took  place  throughout  the  day  to  keep,  the  participants  and  observers,  fully  engaged  and  inspired  and  encourage  the  girls  to  envision themselves as ICT professionals.    IV. Prep Work Toolkit    This  was  designed  to  give  each  team  a  head  start  to  prepare  for  the  Hackathon,  with  various  apps  and  easy  tutorials,  for  the  teams to complete to improve their skills for the  day’s  activities.  The  teams  were  not  limited  to  the  tools  in  the  toolkit,  but  could  use  other tech apps & approaches to solve the Hackathon challenges.    V. Equipment needs    Each  school  team  was  asked  to  bring  a  minimum  of  two  laptops.  Additional  tablets  were  provided  through  the  kind  support  of  e-Learning  Jamaica,  to  ensure  there  were  no technology gaps during the day.    VI. Mentors/Team Leaders    Mentors/Team  Leaders  were  assigned  to  each  team  to  help  guide  them  through  the  challenge,  giving  technical  on-site  support,  in  the  navigation  of  the  various  apps  and  other  tools,  encouraging  the girls and keeping things  on  track  to  complete  the  activities  during  the  hackathon.    VII. Pitch/Judging, Prizes, Certi cates of Participation     Representatives of each team were required to “pitch” the solution to the challenge, to a  panel  of  judges  from  the  local/regional  tech  industry.  The  judges  selected  the  winners  from  each  of  the  High  School  and  University/College  category.  The  rst,  second  and  third  place  winning  teams  received  a  prize.  All  participants,  teachers  and  mentors  received Certi cates of Participation and Appreciation. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017    

Judges giving feedback to Trinidad Girls


Logistics     ➔ Venue:  ● Jamaica - Spanish Court Hotel, Kingston  ● Trinidad - CARIRI/CED Microsoft Innovation Centre, Freeport  ● Barbados - Sagicor School of Business, UWI, Cavehill  ➔ All transportation expenses incurred by the various institutions, were reimbursed  ➔ Meals  were  provided  throughout  the  day,  including  a  light  breakfast,  snack  breaks and full lunch.  ➔ 4G  Broadband  and  free  WI-FI  capabilities,  available  to  support  the  activities  throughout the day  

4.0 Regional One Day Hackathon Hackathons  are  an  excellent  way  to  give  girls  a  taste  of  what  can  be  done  with  technology.  The  hackathon  created  a  dynamic  environment,  where  the  girls  were  able  to  engage  in  direct  hands-on  activities,  using  ICT  to  create,  innovate  and  generate  a  solution  to  the  hackathon  challenge, supported by various technology tools. 

4.1 Hackathon Challenge Topic Challenge  topics  were  designed  in  recognition  of  the  global  sustainable  development  concerns,  join  with the ITU commitment to champion the catalytic role a tech career can play in 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   fostering  far-reaching  opportunities  for  women  and  girls,  and  in  particular  to  show  how  they  can use technology to contribute to achieving sustainable goals for a better future.  

The UN  sustainable  development  goals  addressed  through  this  initiative  will  contribute  to  achieving  SDG  5  (SDG 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls) and some  speci c  targets  as  well  as  to  give  a platform for the students to see how they can use tech and  increase  awareness  on  SDG  15  (SDG  15:  Protect,  restore  and  promote  sustainable  use  &  management of terrestrial ecosystems).  A few of the relevant SDG 5 Targets include:   ● ● ●

End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere. Eliminate  all  forms  of  violence  against  all  women  and  girls  in  the  public  and  private  spheres, including tra cking and sexual and other types of exploitation.   Enhance  the  use  of  enabling  technology,  in  particular  information  and communications  technology, to promote the empowerment of women. 

For more information visit: http://www.unwomen.org/en/news/in-focus/women-and-the-sdgs/sdg-5-gender-equality  Each  team  developed  a  presentation  aimed  at  increasing  awareness,  and/or  providing  solutions to address topical issues facing each country, covering:     ● Crime/Violence   ● Drug Abuse   ● Domestic violence   ● Cyber-Bullying   ● Sexual Assault   ● Environmental Protection/Climate  ● Child Abuse   Change   ● Agricultural sustainability   In  addition,  student  observers  attending,  participated  in  additional  activities  such  as  robotics,  geospatial planning, virtual reality activities, and digital puzzles throughout the day.   In  an  e ort  to  increase  participation,  the  Hackathon  Challenge  also  allowed  for  exibility  and  responsiveness based on the technological skills of students at a number of locations: 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

  In Jamaica, having some 75 observers, a unique opportunity was given to students, ranging  from those with little or no hands-on tech knowledge to those who were more advanced, to  work together to develop presentations using geospatial software. These students were  challenged to create a story map, to increase awareness on nuclear environmental threats and  disasters and analyze CXC results across the region.   This  was  facilitated  by  using  the  tablets  provided  by  e-Learning  Jamaica  Ltd.,  underscoring  the prospective advantages of quick take up using digital education tools, with millennials.  In  Barbados,  the  format  was  adapted  to  more  of  a  hands-on  practical  workshop,  for  the  rst  half  of  the  day,  and  a  guided  Hackathon  challenge  for  the  second  part  of  the  day. This was  in response to the tech  skills  level  particularly  among  the  secondary  school  students  with  a  strong  emphasis  on  mentoring.  During  the  workshop  students  completed  exercises  on  mobile  app  building  and  participated  in  coaching  exercises  on ‘How to Make the Pitch’.  The Barbados teams focused on mobile app building to address the challenge of cyber bullying  for  the  secondary  school  students  and  to  a  virtual  savings  App  developed  by  the  college  and  university students.   All activities were well received by the students, along with the virtual speakers and videos, and  the  major  highlight  was  the  Live Google Chat allowing for Q&A with Jamaican tech role models  from Silicon Valley. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   4.2 Mentor Technical Resources  Mentors  across  the  3  countries  included  University  senior  students  and  tech  professionals  (volunteers)  with  expertise  in  the various tech areas. The role of the mentor was essential to the  success  of  the  day,  with  each  team  assigned  a  mentor  to  help  guide  them  through  the  challenges,  giving  technical  on-site  support  using  the  apps  and  other  tools,  encouraging  the  girls and keeping things on track.   


Girls In ICT Day 2017   4.3 Team Pitches, Judging & Prizes   At  the  end  of  the  day,  representatives  of  each  team  organized  themselves  to  “pitch”  the  solution to the chosen challenge topic to a panel of judges from the local/regional tech industry.  The  format  of  the  exercise  allowed for almost all team members to have a role in designing and  developing the presentations for pitching to the judges.  Their  presentations  all  showed  a  high  degree  of  skill  with  interpreting  the  challenge, adept use  of  digital  content,  understanding  the  interplay  between  visual  and  audio  to  convey  their  message,  whether  it  was  a  video  story  on  cyber  bullying,  story  mapping  of  environmental  threats,  website  development  to  address  child  abuse,  or  a  mobile  app  ‘Quick  Alert’  to  report  domestic  violence  and  assault.  The  students  impressed  the  judges  and  the  audience  of  participants,  as  all  the presentations were done with articulate delivery and showed a high level  of  con dence  in  speaking  in  front  of  a  formidable  sized  audience  and responding to questions  from  the  judges.  All  participating  teams  received  a  Certi cate  of  Participation.  Mentors,  Teachers and Judges received Certi cates of Appreciation. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

5.0 Country Representation   This  section  of  the  report  details  the  school  teams,  presentation  topics,  prizes  and  awards,  mentors and judges for each country, as follows: Jamaica, Trinidad & Barbados. 

5.1 Jamaica Teams  were  randomly  assigned,  except  in  instances  where  sponsors  made  special requests  for  speci c  institutions,  in  which  case  we  tried  our  best  to accommodate, while still ensuring a  diverse mix of institutions assigned to each sponsor. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   5.1.1 High School Category  

  School: Campion College – 1st Place Winner Sponsor: Scotiabank  ICT Activity: Animation & Gaming   Challenge: Environmental Protection/Climate Change   Summary:  To  instill  in  children  from  a  young  age,  the  importance  of  care  for  the  environment  and not committing simple pollution ‘crimes’ such as careless disposal of trash.  “We  were  really  intrigued  with  the  Campion  game,  so  If  you  see  this  (video)  girls  at  Campion,  NCU has a place for you in our IT  dept.!”  Team NCU 

“What was  memorable  for  me  was  the  presentations  from  each  school,  especially  Campion  the  winner.  I  really  liked  the  game  that they developed in such a short time!”    Team Manchester HIgh School 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

School: Manchester High – 2nd Place Winners   Sponsor: NCB  ICT Activity: Website Development  Challenge: Cyber bullying  Summary:  This  website will allow users to: Learn more about cyberbullying, share experiences,  get  expert  help  from  trained  professionals  and  converse  with  others  who  have  had  similar  experiences.    “Working  on  our  app,  and  the  tension  in  the  room  trying  to  get  everything  ready  for  pitching,  the  experience was great! Also, the anxiety before  you were called to pitch was a high for me.”  Team Manchester High School 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

School: AISK – 3rd Place Winners   Sponsor: NCB  ICT Activity: Website Development  Challenge: Drug Abuse  Summary:  The  AISK  team  created  a  website  on  Drug  Abuse.  This platform was established to  provide  persons  with  information  on  drug  abuse,  facts  and  statistics,  signs  and  side  e ects,  solutions and support.    “I came in under the impression, that we  were going to sit in a dark room “totally  nerding out” coding all the time, but  actually it’s really chill and the vibe is nice.  People are so kind and you meet people and  you realize that everyone is searching and  navigating and confused, as well!”  Team AISK 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

School: St. Andrew High School for Girls (SAHS)  Sponsor: Scotiabank  ICT Activity: Digital Video   Challenge: Crime & Violence against Women and Child Abuse   Summary:  The  aim  of  the  video,  was  to  show  that  these  issues  plague  Jamaicans,  from  all  walks  of  life.  The  webpage  featured  various  forms  of  media  under  each  topic,  to  provide  important information on abuse for users. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

School: Hillel Academy  Sponsor: Scotiabank  ICT Activity: Digital Art and Video Production   Challenge: Environmental Protection  Summary: An educational video, targeting children and enlightening them about the great need  to  protect the environment in today’s society. The video created by the Hillel team was aimed at  helping children to develop good habits and behaviours towards protecting the environment. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

School: Immaculate Conception High   Sponsor: Loop Jamaica  ICT Activity: Digital Video Challenge: Crime & Violence, Child Abuse Activity:   Summary:  Crime  and  violence  is  a  never-ending  cycle.  The  innocent  who  su er  abuse  and  often,  the  victims  later  become  abusers  themselves.  The  aim  of  this  production  was  to  raise  awareness  on  how  abusers’  actions  can  o set  a  chain  reaction  of  abuse  and  to  motivate  persons  to  end  the  cycle.The  production  is  intended  for  teenage  boys to aid the termination of  the cycle. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

School: Wolmer’s High School for Girls   Sponsor: NCB  ICT Activity: Website Development  Challenge: Child Abuse  Summary:  The  team  created  an  easy-to-use  website  that  allows  teens  to  express  themselves  freely  and  hear  from  other  victims  of  child  abuse,  as  well  as  get  expert  advice  from  many  di erent sources such as blogs, videos, and many other interactive forms of technology. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

School: St. Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS)  Sponsor: Scotiabank  ICT Activity: Digital Video   Challenge: Domestic Violence   Special  Mention:  STETHS  arrived  at  the  Hackathon  less  than  2  hours  before  the  Pitching  session,  but  pulled  together  and  pulled  through,  to  present  their  video  on  cyberbullying  to  the  judges. Well done Girls in ICT Caribbean Hackathon Lionesses!  


Girls In ICT Day 2017   5.1.2 University/College Category 

UNI/College: Northern Caribbean University (NCU) – 1st Place Winner   Sponsor: Scotiabank  ICT Activity: Mobile App Development  Challenge: Crime and Violence   Summary:  The  name  of  the  App  created  by  the  NCU  team  is  Quick  Alert.  This  app  aims  to  simplify  the  act  of  reporting  domestic  violence  and  sexual  assault  by  alerting  the  authorities  and emergency contacts.    “As  we  stepped  into the building it was a really  cool  experience  because you saw that it was all  about  tech  with  the  VR  and  Digital  puzzle  booths, at the entrance”  Team NCU 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

UNI/College: CARIMAC – 2nd place winner   Sponsor: Phase 3  ICT Activity: Digital Video  Challenge: Cyberbullying   Summary:  The  aim  of  the  video  was  to  encourage  the  target  audience to be aware, reject and  abandon  cyber  bullying.  They  also  urged the audience to join their movement of ‘Cyber Heroes  Squad’.    “We  were  con dent  about  what  we  could  accomplish,  when  we  realized  what  each  person  could  bring  to  the  table.  We felt we had  all  elements  needed  to  make  a  good  application.”  Team CARIMAC 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

UNI/College: Excelsior Community College (Team 1) – 3rd Place Winner   Sponsor: NCB  ICT Activity: Website Development  Challenge: Drug Abuse   Summary:  The  Excelsior  Community  College  team  created  a  website  where  individuals  can  access  information  on  Drug  Abuse,  identify  symptoms  associated  with  the  use  of  various  drugs, seek help and get assistance. Target Market: Teenagers and Adults. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

UNI/College: Excelsior Community College (Team 2)   Sponsor: Scotiabank  ICT Activity: Animation  Challenge: Environmental Protection   Summary:  The  Excelsior  Community  College  Group  2  focused  on  the  issue  of  garbage  disposal  in  Jamaica.  Littering  is  a  major  problem  in  Jamaica  as  several  gutters  are  lled  with  waste  due  to  the  improper  disposal  of  garbage.  Materials  such  as  aluminum  cans,  cardboard  boxes,  plastic  bottles  and  toxic  chemicals  are  being  dumped  on  land  and  sea.  One  of  the  solutions  presented  is  for communi es to prac ce conserva on methods. Some of the methods

include picking up garbage and making use of recycling bins. Biodegradable waste was buried.  


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

UNI/College: Moneague College   Sponsor: NCB  ICT Activity: Website Development  Challenge: Crime & Violence  Summary:  The  Moneague  College  Students developed a website to increase the awareness of  crime  and  violence  in Jamaica. They chose this topic because of the rise in incidents relating to  domestic  violence,  sexual  assault  and  child  abuse.  The website highlighted the causes, e ects  and solutions, to these crimes.    “My  expectation  for today is to learn things we did not  learn  during  our  2  years  in  the  Management  Information  Systems  program  at  Moneague,  to  get  acquainted  with  WordPress  and  all  the  other software  from  the  toolkit,  so  we can get a feel of what it’s going  to be like when we go out into the working world.”  Team Moneague College 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

UNI/College: UWI, Mona   Sponsor: NCB  ICT Activity: Website Development  Challenge: Environmental Protection, Jamaica Beaches  Summary:  The  UWI  team  created  a  website  to  create  awareness  on  how  to protect Jamaica’s  beaches.  The  website  highlighted  our  island’s  beaches  and  provided  information  on  environmental  issues  a ecting  beaches  and  solutions  to  combat  these  issues  and  save  our  beaches. The team also created an interactive application for garbage clean up. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

UNI/College: UTECH   Sponsor: Loop Jamaica  ICT Activity: Animation  Challenge: Environmental Protection   Summary:  The  aim  of the animation created by the UTECH team was to highlight the e ects of  pollution  in  our  water  system and possible e ects of the dumping of garbage and toxins on our  food and resources. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   5.1.3 Observer Schools    Happy Grove High   

  Charlemont High School   

    5.1.4 Mentors     The  teams  were  supported  by  a  Challenge  Master,  Rupert  Hutchinson  and  a  group  of  15  mentors  who  are  technology  professionals,  working  in  a  number  of  institutions  and  corporate  entities;  the  University  of  the  West  Indies  Computer  Science  Department,  The  UWI  Mona  School  of  Business  Management (MSBM), UWI Engineering Dept/The Institute of Electrical and  Electronics  Engineers,  UTECH  Engineering  Department,  The  Jamaica  Council  of  Community  Colleges,  Edna  Manley  College  of  the  Visual  and  Performing  Arts  School  for  the Creative Arts,  Digita  Global  Marketing,  Next  Gen  Creators,  The  Vinelist,  YCDI  (Youth  Can  Do  IT)  and  KnightFox App Design.   


Girls In ICT Day 2017           The Competition was great. The  performance of the students far exceeded  my expectations. Now I am anticipating  the challenge for 2018!    Rupert Hutchinson, IT Specialist  Jamaica Council of Community Colleges 


  5.1.5 Judges Panel   



Bianca Welds

Project Manager, Caribbean Mobile Innovation Project, CMIP 

Opal Donaldson

Business Intelligence Specialist Sagicor/UWI Lecturer  

Susana O’ Sullivan   Kemal Brown 

Senior Director, Information Technology Service Assurance & Deployment  CEO, Digita Global Marketing  



Girls In ICT Day 2017     5.1.6 Summary of Prizes & Awards    RESULT 






1st Place Apple Watches  

JN Group Internship   J$50,000  

2nd Place

Gift Packages  

J$12,500   3rd Place 


GeoTech Vision Award

Team Scholarship to attend GeoTech Vision 2017 Summer Camp

GICT Caribbean Lioness Award (for tenacity  and spirit) 




Girls In ICT Day 2017   5.2 Trinidad  5.2.1 High School Category 

School: Chaguanas North Secondary - 1st Place Winner  Sponsor: Scotiabank  ICT Activity: Mobile App Development Challenge: Cyberbullying  Summary:  Created  an  App  that  allows  students  to  stand  up  and  speak  out  against  cyberbullying. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

School: Holy Name Convent - GICT Caribbean Hackathon Lioness Prize  Sponsor: Loop Jamaica  ICT Activity: Mobile App/Website Development  Challenge: Crime and Violence  Summary:  Displays  support  information  as  well  as  give  victims  of  crime  &  violence  access  to  counselors through a web or mobile platform. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   5.2.2 University Category 

  School: University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) – Animae Caribe - 1st Place WInners  Sponsor: Scotiabank ICT Activity: Mobile App Development Challenge: Drug Abuse  Summary:  Focused  on  performance  enhancing  drugs  and  the  damage  to  young  athletes.  Increase  awareness  of  how  they  a ect young athletes (primary/high school) and detriment later  in life people. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

School: College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago|COSTAATT  Sponsor: CARIRI/CED  ICT Activity: Mobile App/Website Development  Challenge: Child Abuse  Summary:  The  aim  was  to  Increase  child  abuse  awareness  and  provide  a  way  for  teachers  to  evaluate  what  is  going in students life to determine best help for students to develop in and out  of school. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

School:  School  of  Business  and  Computer  Science  (SBCS)  -  GICT  Caribbean  Hackathon  Lioness Prize  Sponsor: Scotiabank  ICT Activity: Mobile App Development  Challenge: Domestic Violence  Summary:  To  facilitate  women  who  are  victims  of  domestic  abuse;  increasing  awareness  of  how they can gain relief through the use of location mapping. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

School: UWI - DCEC Sponsor: CARIRI/CED  ICT Activity: Mobile App Development  Challenge: Environmental Protection /Climate Change  Summary:  Targeting  primary  school  children,  to  increase  awareness  of the need to protect the  environment 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   5.2.3 Mentors    The  teams  were  supported  by  a  Challenge  Master,  Andy  Duncan  and  a  group  of  15  mentors,  who  are  technology  professionals,  working  in  a  number  of  areas;  CRM  Analyst,  GIS  Team  Leader,  Software  Development  Team  Lead,  Data  Warehouse  Analysts,  Lecturer/Programmer/Web  Developer  and  Application  Specialist,  from  a  range  of  institutions  and  corporate  entities;  Digicel  , Coded Arts, UWI, the Board of inland Revenue  and SBCS.      “The  Girls  in  ICT  Day  Caribbean  Hackathon  is  geared  toward  helping  and  encouraging  young  women  and  girls  in  this  eld  because  it  is  important  to  understand  how  great  we  can  become  in  these  areas.  I  am  glad  to  be  a  part  of  this  event.  It’s  exciting  and  makes  me  feel  great  about  myself,  my  work at Digicel and my work  with CARIRI.”    Nilini RamLakhan, GIS Team Leader – Digicel  GICT Caribbean Hackathon, Mentor 

5.2.4 Judges Panel   





Kyle De Freitas

Instructor - Computing & Information Technology 


Roger Chung

Chair (Ag.) Information Science and Technology, Senior Lecturer 


Shivanie Rampersad

I.T. Director



Girls In ICT Day 2017   5.2.5 Summary of Prizes    RESULT 

1st Place




One year free Digicel Broadband  

10 Digicel IMAX Theatre Tickets 

5 Virtual Reality Headsets 

GICT Caribbean Hackathon Lioness  Award (Secondary  School MVP) 

1 Samsung S6 Edge Plus

GICT Caribbean Hackathon Lioness  Award  (University/College  MVP) 

1 Samsung S6 Edge Plus




Girls In ICT Day 2017   5.3 Barbados 

  The  event  format  was  adapted  to  more  of  a  hands-on  practical  workshop,  in  response  to  the  technical  skills  of  students,  particularly  at  the  secondary  school  level,  with  an  emphasis  on  mentoring  the  students.  Barbados  teams  used  mobile  apps  to  address  their  challenge  topic,  which  were  chosen  by  each  team.  Challenge  areas  ranged  from  Cyber  Bullying  for  secondary  school  students  to  a  virtual  savings  app  for  Scotiabank  developed  by  the  College  and  University students. In addition, a workshop exercise on ‘How to Make the Pitch’. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   5.3.1 Participating Schools and Universities  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Deighton Gri th High School   Queens College   Graydon Sealy Secondary School   Springer Memorial School  University of the West Indies  Barbados Community College 

5.3.2 Teams

  Team: Scotiabank Team 1  Sponsor: Scotiabank  ICT Activity: Mobile App Development  Challenge: Cyberbullying  Summary:  The  App  created  was  called  “Knockout”.  Designed to support victims seeking help,  sharing  their  stories  via  a  chat  room.  The  App  allows  victims to hear from celebrities who have  been victims of cyberbullying and how they dealt with it.  42 

Girls In ICT Day 2017  

Team: Scotiabank Team 2  Sponsor: Scotiabank  ICT Activity: Mobile App Development  Challenge: Women In ICT  Summary: Designed to give girls and young women a better understanding of the ICT sector. It  encourages girls and young women to pursue studies in ICT and enter the ICT sector,  highlighting the bene ts of jobs in ICT.   


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

Team: Sagicor Team 2  Sponsor: Sagicor  ICT Activity: Mobile App Development  Challenge: Cyberbullying  Summary:  Provides  links  to  other  support  sites  and  Youtube  videos,  providing  important  supporting information  


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

Team: Sagicor Team 3  Sponsor: Sagicor  ICT Activity: Mobile App Development  Challenge: Cyberbullying  Summary: The app gives the de nition of Cyberbullying and its e ects. It provides guidance on  ways  to  deal  with  Cyberbullying  if  you  are  a  victim  or  if  you  want to help. Indicates the various  ways to report Cyberbullying.    “I thought it was very interesting that there was  an ICT Day Hackathon for us girls. As you  know this is not really a female dominated job,  so it’s nice to become aware of what we are  capable to do and we don’t have to depend on  males to do it.”  Renee Mangaroo - Deighton Gri th Secondary  (Sagicor Team 3) 


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

  Team: Scotiabank Team 3  Sponsor: Scotiabank  ICT Activity: Mobile App Development  Challenge: M-Commerce  Summary:  ‘Scotia’s Piggy Bank’ is a savings app designed for Scotiabank with a focus on user  experience and research capabilities. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   5.3.3 Mentors    The  teams  were  supported  by  a  Challenge Master, Brian Linton and a group of 9 mentors,  who  are  technology  professionals,  working  in  a  number  of  areas;  CIO,  Data  Manager,  Managing  Director,  UWI  Professor/Lecturer,  Managing Director and Data Processors, from  a  range  of  institutions and corporate entities; Garnett Technologies Inc, Aries Technologies  Inc.,  UWI,  ,  and  the  Government  of  Barbados  UWI,  the  Board  of  inland  Revenue  and  SBCS.            “ICT has a wide range of activities.  The Hackathon and workshop is a  great opportunity for girls and young  women to expand their minds and  realize the potential they have.”    Tessa King Innis, Lecturer, Computer  Science, UWI Cavehill 

        5.3.4 Judges Panel    Name 



Alicia Trottman

Technical O cer

O ce of the Prime Minister Division of  Telecommunications 

Brian Linton

Chief Information O cer

Garnett Technologies Inc.

Melanie Meeks


Loop Barbados

5.3.5 Summary of Prizes The  Lioness  prize  for  outstanding  performance  was  awarded  to  a  student  from  the  Barbados  Community  College.  All  students  received  similar  prizes  given  the  adapted  format  as  a  workshop,  rather  than  strictly  competitive  was not meant to be competitive; however, all teams  47 

Girls In ICT Day 2017   made  presentations  to  the  judges,  who  provided feedback and guidance to the students at the  end of the day.    AWARD 


PRIZE 12 Headphones  12 Powerbanks   



Powerbanks Bluetooth wireless  speakers 

HACKATHON TEAM GICT Caribbean  Hackathon Lioness  Prize - awarded to all  round MVP 

1 Virtual Reality Headset 

GICT Caribbean Hackathon Lioness  Award 

1 Samsung S6 Edge



Girls In ICT Day 2017  

6.0 Virtual Speakers, Tech Role Models & Motivational Videos   Across  all  3  countries,  Opening  the  Girls  in  ICT  Day  2017  across  the  world  was  led  by  Mr.  Brahima  Sanou,  Director  at  the  International  Telecommunications  Union.  This  commenced  the  playlist  of  virtual  speakers  throughout  the  day. A key feature of the day was the presentation of  over  50  video  clips  from  tech  role  models,  particularly  women,  both  internationally  and across  the  Caribbean.  Speakers  shared  their  story  on  their  path  to  a  career  in  tech  and  a short demo  video  clip  on  their  work,  along  with  other  motivational  videos  which  encouraged  progressive  perspectives  on  girls  in  tech  and  women’s  empowerment.  All  videos  and  the complete playlist  is  available  on  YouTube  at  the  Girls  in  ICT  Caribbean  Youtube  Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8d1nwvxJ7VyU2C7UcPezg   

  “ So honoured to have been invited to the 2017 Girls in ICT Day Caribbean Hackathon:  Jamaica Edition. It was an honour and a privilege to act as one of the resource persons for this  capacity building event! Let’s continue to build up our girls in STEM, so we can usher in well  needed gender equity in the ICT sector, which is a major driver of economic growth.”    Ayanna T Samuels, International Development Specialist (ICT), and GICT Day Caribbean Hackathon virtual  speaker 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   Participants also viewed a panel discussion session entitled - Conversation on “The Future of  Women in Tech – Driving Business Innovation.” The session between academics in the  Caribbean and the US, with private sector tech leaders in the US and the Caribbean looked at  the current absence of young women in the industry, what initiatives can be done like coding  camps, hackathons to excite the young students and what needs to be done to drive more  women businesses in the tech industry across the region. Further information on the full panel  session can be viewed here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8d1nwvxJ7VyU2C7UcPezg    One of the big highlights of the virtual speaker feature, was a Live Google Chat with two young  Caribbean women tech models, from Dr. Deana Brown, Google (US) and Kamilah Taylor,  LinkedIn (US). These tech role models spoke with the girls in all 3 countries, responding in  real-time to questions about their areas of study, their paths from the Caribbean to their current  roles, and some aspects of their workday in tech. This was especially impactful for the girls as  they could relate more so, with young women who attended local schools and universities in  the Caribbean, and are now working in globally known tech companies.   

7.0 Stakeholders    The  success  of  this  initiative  re ected  the  shared  commitment  and  partnership  with  key  stakeholders.    

7.1 Public Sector   Signi cant public sector stakeholders, particularly with Ministry cooperation and support  provided across all 3 countries, with high level endorsements:       In Jamaica: 

Minister the Hon. Andrew Wheatley – Minister of Science , Energy and Technology, Jamaica 


Girls In ICT Day 2017     In Trinidad: 

● ●

The Hon. Maxie Cu e, M.P. Minister of Public Administration and Communication.  The Hon. Ayanna Webster-Roy, M.P. Minister of State in the O ce  of the Prime Minister – Gender and Child A airs. 

  In Barbados:   

Senator Irene Sandiford Garner – Parliamentary Secretary in the Minister of Tourism Gender Advocate, Centre for Policy  Development in the Caribbean 

    “It is my hope that you (girls and young women) take this interest in ICT to the   highest level. To you, the women of tomorrow, you already know the power of ICT,   you know that it is also fun! I therefore ask you to be ICT evangelists….and do   what you can to increase the female presence in ICT. Ladies enjoy the Hackathon and  remember, eyes on the future.”     

Minister the Hon. Andrew Wheatley – Minister of Science , Energy and Technology, Jamaica


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

  “Girls in ICT? Yes, Girls can be in ICT, and we should be in ICT! We must strive to be at  the forefront of all cutting-edge technology and changes and advancement in technology.  Girls, regardless of what people may say, always know that your best is good enough. Don’t  compare yourself to others, but always give 100% and know in giving 100%, that it is  worthy, for your strength is in your character. I encourage you to embrace all the  opportunities that are emerging in ICT. We have a role to play!”    The Hon. Ayanna Webster – Roy   Minister of State in the O ce of the Prime Minister, Gender and Child A airs, Trinidad and Tobago     

“These events that seek to  empower women and girls  through the use of Information  and Communication Technology  are aimed at making girls and  young women aware of the vast  possibilities o ered by ICT and to  give them the con dence to  pursue careers and studies in the  eld. The idea that women and  girls are not critical thinkers and  we possess less technical ability  than men, is a myth. Today is a wonderful start towards changing the socio cultural perceptions  and mindsets that have limited the achievement of women in the industry. Those of you  gathered here today are resisting the stereotypes. You are working for change.”    Senator Irene Sandiford Garner – Parliamentary Secretary in the Minister of Tourism  Gender Advocate, Centre for Policy Development in the Caribbean 


Girls In ICT Day 2017    

7.2 Private Sector   Until recently the role of the private sector was more narrowly de ned, but today the UN,  governments and international organizations are now working closer with the private sector,  which is taking on a broader, more integrated role as part of their contribution to achieving the  sustainable development agenda.     Through its contributions the private sector supports SDG 17: To strengthen the means of  implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development. Indeed, the  strong collaboration and leadership of the private sector companies on this initiative are  evidence of successful multi-stakeholder partnerships    PRIVATE SECTOR SPONSORS & PARTNERS 












Girls In ICT Day 2017  












Through the private sector partnerships with the GICT Caribbean Hackathon, these companies  exemplify the key importance of supporting and equipping students to become technically  pro cient, positioning them to take up future employment opportunities and to be best suited  to meet future tech needs across multiple industries. In addition to sponsoring the event, high  level private sector representatives cooperated on setting the stage for the day’s achievements,  gave motivational speeches, met the girls and observed their team work and in even engaged  with them on tech activities.   


Girls In ICT Day 2017   7.2.1 Private Sector Highlights of the Day   

Scotiabank Virtual Reality  

The NCB Digital Puzzle  


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

  Top: Nadine Matthews (center), NCB’s Chief Digital and Marketing O cer hanging with our girls; Center Le : FLOW's Kayon Wallace with  Campion Team; Center Right: Dr. Renee Rattray with the CARIMAC Team; B tom Le :Prof. Rosalea Hamilton and Tahirah Johnson from the  UTECH/FIWI Jamaica Project; B tom Right: (L-R) Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner, Gillian Hassle, Aries Technology, Kim Stanton,  Sc iabank, Sagicor's Susan Boyea and UWI Lecturer Dr. Jeanese Badenock. 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   7.2.2 Private Sector Facilitating Extensive Bene ciary Awareness    Private sector support, further extended the reach to bene ciaries, beyond the direct  participants in each country, through the media, press and social media. This is indeed the key  objective of the ITU Girls in ICT Day – to increase awareness on the opportunities for girls and  young women through use and application of technology. 

8.0 Press Coverage Increased  awareness  was  achieved  across  all  3  countries  through  Press  –  News  articles,  TV  and Radio and Social Media. 

8.1 Jamaica 8.1.1 TV  ● ●

CVM – CVM at Sunrise – April 20, 2017   TVJ – Smile Jamaica – April 25, 2017 

8.1.2 Radio ● ● ● ● ● ●

Real Business on Power 106 - Ralston Hyman - April 21 2017   RJR 94 FM - Hotline – April 25, 2017   NCU - Education and Health Report April 24, 2017   RJR  94  FM  –  Palav  –  Pre-event  -  3  hour  segment  featuring  Platinum  sponsors  Scotiabank/NCB – Sunday April 23, 2017   RJR 94 FM – Palav – Post -event - 1 hour segment – Sunday May   JIS – Round about JA: http://jis.gov.jm/radio_programs/itu-girls-ict-day-hack-thon/ 

8.1.3 Online and Publications LOOP 

http://www.loopjamaica.com/content/young-girls-and-women-turn-o ut-droves-hackathon http://www.loopjamaica.com/content/hackathons-across-caribbeantoday  http://wwwloopjamaica.com/content/girls-hack-change 


● ●



Girls In ICT Day 2017  

Jamaica Gleaner 

http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/news/20170421/girls-hack-chang e  

Excelsior Community  College 

https://www.ecc.edu.jm/news/80-latest-news/549-third-place-for-ec c-in-the-2017-girls-in-ict-day-caribbean-hackathon  

Sunday Observer 

Girls in  ICT  day  Feature  –  Photo  feature  and  details  of  the  event.  Feature on Kamilah Taylor, Girls in ICT Day April 30, 2017 

Jamaica Observer 

Pre-event: 1  page  feature  highlighting  Tech  role  model  Speakers,  Event details and Sponsors – April 26, 2017 

Girls Envision themselves in ICT – April 28, 2017

Post event:  Centre  spread  pictorial  and  Regional  highlights  from  the  event, and Sponsors – May 7, 2017 

Jamaica Observer  Sunday  Observer 



Girls In ICT Day 2017   8.2 Barbados  8.2.1 Radio  ● ●

https://drive.google.com/ le/d/0BwxlLbZe0t4Ua0lKUF8xbF92MlE/view https://drivegoogle.com/ le/d/0BwxlLbZe0t4UOUN4VU44dFNDZE0/view 

8.2.2 Online and Publications    LOOP 

● ● ●

Barbados Advocate 

Bajan Reporter 

http://www.loopnewsbarbados.com/content/girls-hack-empowerme nt http://www.loopnewsbarbados.com/content/girls-hack-better-barba dos   http://www.loopnewsbarbados.com/content/sagicor-sponsors-team -girls-ict-caribbean-hackathon 

● ●

https://www.barbadosadvocate.com/news/too-few-women-ict Barbados joins global Girls in ICT Celebration 

https://www.bajanreporter.com/2017/04/empowering-girls-in-techno logy/  



Girls In ICT Day 2017   8.3 Trinidad  8.3.1 TV  C News Live 


8.3.2 Online and Publications LOOP   

h p://www.loop .com/content/girls-hack-empowerment


https://www.topstudentcaribbean.com/single-post/2017/06/12/TheReal-Wonder-Women---Chaguanas-North-Secondary-Girls-in-ICT-H ackathon-Team  

Call to research women in ICT - April 29th, 2017

Guardian Top Student  Caribbean 

Saturday Sun

9.0 Social Media Coverage* Facebook 

Women in Tech Caribbean

Girls in ICT- Trinidad and Tobago








Girls In ICT Day 2017   The  following  detailed  analysis  indicates  the  breadth  of  exposure  to  an  estimated  70,000  viewers,  across  10  countries,  with  90%  being  women within the highest reach to women in the  25-34 age group (38%) over 28 days (late April – mid May).   Social  Media  Visibility  indicated  below  provides  detailed  metrics  on  the  coverage  and  engagement to increase awareness among the target audience and beyond.     GICT Women in Tech facebook community grew to 631 people in basically 1 week. 

The  number  of  people  which  the  GICT  Women  in  Tech  Caribbean  posts  reached  with  the  highest being just under 8,000.   


Girls In ICT Day 2017       Below  shows  the  number  of  people  GICT  Women  in  Tech  Caribbean page reached by country  with Jamaica being the highest amount. 

  Below shows the percentage gender and age range of people GICT Women in Tech Caribbean  posts reached.




Girls In ICT Day 2017   Below shows the breakdown of the event community by gender and age.   

Below  shows  the  like  Campaign  we  ran.  It  reached  57,167  in  total  and just under 500 likes the  page.   



*Social media data as at April 2017 63 

Girls In ICT Day 2017  

10.0 Results of the Day The event was a tremendous success with the students using their technical skills and adapting  new ways to tackle the challenges using ICT across all 3 countries a total of:   ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

30 Schools, Universities and Colleges participated   6 activity challenges using multiple ICT tools   29 Hackathon Challenge teams presented solutions   349 participants comprising team members and observers   41 Mentors   41 Local, Regional and International virtual Speakers   10 Judges   17 Sponsors/Supporters/Partners   Facebook outreach to 95% women, with some 70,753 viewers across 10 countries 

Testimonials from  both  students  and  teachers  attest  to  the  level  of  increased  awareness  and  buy-in  by  students,  many  of  whom  are  energized  and  highly motivated to continue to seek out  activities and related projects in ICT. 

“It  was  a  learning  experience.  It  was  such  a  struggle,  when  all  our  work  deleted  an  hour  into  the  competition  and  you  have  to  come  back  from  that!  We  got  to  meet  new  people, we made a lot of friends and had new experiences.”  Team AISK 


Girls In ICT Day 2017     “It  was  a  really good event it motivated us as females. When I told my friends, they said  “really,  I  didn’t  see  you  in  that  light”  and  that’s  the  kind  of  motivation  we  need  as  females  to  let  people  know  that  we  can  do  ICT  as  well. We’re looking forward to doing  more!”  Team CARIMAC 

  “It  felt  good  to  be  a  part  of  the  Girls  in  ICT  Day  event.  Promoting girls in ICT, was a  wonderful  initiative.  Knowing  that  it  was  an  International  event  not  just  Jamaica.  I  have  been  on  fb  and  Instagram,  looking  at  other  countries  that  participated.  I  feel  proud, I feel wonderful that Excelsior, myself, got to be a part of that.”  Team Excelsior 

11.0 What’s Next Not  everything  can  be  achieved  during  one  day.  It  is  therefore  essential  that  we  explore  possibilities for more continuous yearlong activities.   

Some ideas to explore:   Launch after school clubs for girls focusing on ICT skills development, e.g. coding clubs    ● Caribbean ICT Mentoring and entrepreneurship initiative for girls & women    ● Lobby for increased computer science classes in the school curriculum and  encourage their selection as electives, e.g. by recognizing computer science as a  science requirement    ● Create  an  inclusive  learning  environment  for  introductory  classes  in  computer  science  and  select  curriculum  that  that  will  engage  students  who  are  new  to  computing    ● Organize  joint  events,  such  as  hackathons  and  tech  camps,  together  with  schools, universities, ICT companies and institutions    ● Support associations and networks for girls and young women interested in ICT  65 

Girls In ICT Day 2017   and connect them to existing networks, regional and international – GirlsinTech,  Coding Bootcamps, etc.    ●

Launch mentoring initiatives connecting girls and young women to local role models

Identify gaps  in  girls  participating  in  STEM  and  ICT  training  and  target  sponsorships  for  speci c  STEM  scholarships  for young women to increase learning opportunities at  high  school  and  university,  thus  improving  the  regional  quality  of  ICT  resources  available for the industry 

Launch ICT  internship  programs  targeted  for  young  women  which  will  enable  them  to  be recruited as the next generation of programmers and tech workers 

Incubate young women entrepreneurs to spur job creation and leverage existing  platforms like Startup Hubs, Microsoft Innovation Centre, etc. 

These  activities  will contribute to long term goals to strengthen women working in the sector  by:  • Improving  skills  for  accessing  opportunities  in  the  virtual  global  economy  to  foster employability and entrepreneurship  • Building  a  favourable  ecosystem  for  the  emergence  and  growth  of  youth-led  start-up  enterprises  with  a  focus  on  the  digital  ecosystem  to  generate  new  jobs  region wide.   



Girls In ICT Day 2017   11.1 Next Steps Already Taken    11.1.1 School Hackathons    We  are  excited  to  share  with  you  how  one  of  the  school  teams  has  already  completed  follow  up activities led by the students themselves.   

  Wolmer’s  Girls  School  is  active  in  promoting  and  encouraging  students  through  their ‘Teens in  Technology’ initiative and other activities encouraging girls in ICT.      Following  the  Girls  in  ICT  Day  Caribbean  Hackathon  the  students,  supported by their teachers  decided  to  create  their  own  –  Girls  in  ICT  Day  on  May  18  –  which  was  designed  to  share  the  bene ts  from  their  participation  at  the  Hackathon,  raise  awareness  among  a  wider  younger  group of students (in 4th Form), and bring more girls into the ICT eld.    They  successfully organized not only an interactive demonstration activity, but also had a guest  presenter  –  bringing  her  exciting  area  of  work  in  Animation.  A  quick  snapshot  of  the  days  activities are noted below:    Sharing their experiences on the Hackathon  For  the  rst  hour  the girls introduced what it meant to be a part of the “International Girls in ICT  Day"  and  shared  their  experiences  at  the  Hackathon  on  April  27th.  They  shared  their  excitement and achievements at building a working website in just 4 hours.    Robot Demonstrations  Since  the  Hackathon,  the  teacher  (Ms.  Carol  Dyce)  has  introduced  them  to  ‘Blocky  coding’, 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   speci cally for the Dash Wonder workshop robot. She shared:  “….  In  just  4  sessions  (after  school  and  lunch  time)  the  girls  designed and coded 3  robot routines they presented to the participants”     They also presented:  ● ●

A synchronized dance routine with 2 Dash robots A  transporter  challenge  where  the  robot  picked  up  an  item  from  one  platform,  turned  around  and  placed  it  on  another  platform  some  distance  away,  modifying  the code created by their teacher.  An  obstacle  course  where  they scrambled the code and invited students unfamiliar  with  the  Blockly  code,  to  take  the  controls  and  work  at  unscrambling  the  code, to  direct the robot to complete the course. 

This was  so  successful,  as  noted  by  their  instructor  ‘I  am  proud  of  the  students  for  their  determination  and  perseverance,  the  robots  did  not  always  perform  as  expected  but they  showed no frustration, just worked at it.’  

  For the second hour a guest speaker shared her work in Animation, bringing together her  talents and passion, and now leading her own graphic design business. This was a great  demonstration and further inspired the girls to envision themselves in future paths in tech.      11.1.2 Creating Opportunities    Udacity and AT&T are collaborators on the Udacity Nanodegree program – online  project-based programs that prepare you for jobs in tech. Nanodegrees are built together with 


Girls In ICT Day 2017   industry leaders in technology like AT&T, Google and many others to ensure you learn the skills  companies are looking for.     Udacity and AT&T o ered over 500 full Nanodegree scholarships to students and alumni from  AT&T Aspire supported organizations, through the AT&T Aspire to Tech Scholarship program.  Recipients of this scholarship can choose to learn one of three cutting edge programs: Intro to  Programming, Front End Web Development, and Android Basics (building apps for Android  phones).    We identi ed the opportunity as a part of our “what’s next” initiatives, and sent out a call to  schools for girls to apply. One of the scholarships was awarded to Lauren Sharp from  Campion College, the winners of the Girls in ICT Caribbean Hackathon, High School category.  See what she has to say about receiving the scholarship, below!      “I heard about the amazing solutions that the girls created in  the Girls in ICT Day Caribbean Hackathon and it inspired  me to learn about how I could make a contribution in a  similar manner. Even though I had little experience in IT, I  realized how rapidly technology was advancing and how vital  it is that we learn about it. When the opportunity to apply for  the scholarship presented itself, I thought it would be a great  chance to improve my skills. I applied for the scholarship to  get started on my IT journey and was successful. I'm so  excited to learn and see what I can do with these skills.”    Lauren Sharp - Udacity Nanodegree Scholarship recipient    




Girls In ICT Day 2017   12.0 Virtual Speakers    Brahima Sanou  

Dr. Gunjan Mansingh 

Director, Telecommunication  Development Bureau  International  Telecommunications  Union, Switzerland 

  Lloyd Carney 

Senior Lecturer & Director of  Undergraduate  Studies  University of the  West Indies, Mona  Jamaica 

Malene Barnett 

CEO Brocade  Communications  Systems, Inc. USA  

      Dr. Zorica Pantic  

Malene B. Design Studio  USA 

      Camille Selvon  Abrahams 

President, Wentworth Institute of Technology  USA 

        Frances Correia  Country & Territory  Manager  Microsoft Trinidad &  Tobago, Eastern and  Southern Caribbean  Trinidad & Tobago   

  Dr. Cardinal  Warde   Professor of Electrical  Engineering   Massachusetts Institute  of Technology & Interim  Executive Director,  Caribbean Science  

Founder & Director, Animae Caribe  Digital Media  Festival   Trinidad & Tobago 

  Mimi Plange  Mimi Plange  Designer Fashion  Label  USA 

      Dr. Jennifer  Bailey  Asst. Professor,  Innovation &  Operations  Management  Babson College,    


Girls In ICT Day 2017   Camille Wardrop  Alleyne 

Kamilah Taylor Senior Software  Engineer  LinkedIn  USA   

Assistant Program Scientist, International  Space Station,   NASA Lyndon B.  Johnson Space Centre,  USA   

    Dr. Deana Anglin  Brown 

Tricia  Clarke-Stone 

Computer Scientist/UX Researcher  Google  USA 

CEO/C0-Founder Narrative_  USA 

    Leila Janah 

    Ayanna T. Samuels 

Founder/CEO Samasource & Laxmi   USA 

Aerospace Engineer & International  Development  Professional   ICT/STEM/Gender   Jamaica   

        Wambui Kinya 

  Lianne  McNaughton 

Chief Strategy O cer Andela  Kenya.Nigeria.USA   

Software Developer/Founder  Youth Can Do It (YCDI)  Jamaica 


    Valrie Grant 

Ali Matalon

Founder & Managing Director  GeoTechVision  Enterprise Limited  Jamaica     

Advocacy Support Specialist UNHLP UN Women USA



Girls In ICT Day 2017   Morgan Hewett 

Kenia Mathis

Client Solutions Manager  Facebook  USA   

Co-Founder & CEO ListenMi Caribbean  Limited  Jamaica   

      Kelechi  Anyadiegwu 

      Golda Lushington  IT Technologist, CARIRI   Microsoft Innovation  Centre  Trinidad & Tobago 

Founder & CEO Zuvaa African  Fashion  USA 

      Gillian Hassell 

  Nathan Haddad   Matchbox  Productions Ltd.  Jamaica       

Managing Director Aries Technologies Inc  Barbados 

        Shivanie  Rampersad 

    Nicole McLaren  Campbell    Founder & CEO  AIM Educational  Services, Jamaica   

        Dr. Maurice  McNaughton  Director, Mona  School of Business  & Management  University of the  West Indies,  Mona, Jamaica 

IT Director Digicel  Trinidad & Tobago 

        Kemal Brown  Founder & CEO  Digita Global Marketing  Jamaica     


Girls In ICT Day 2017  

13.0 Appendix  

13.1 Agenda   13.1.1 Jamaica 



Girls In ICT Day 2017     13.1.2 Barbados 



Girls In ICT Day 2017   13.1.3 Trinidad 





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