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2012 Annual Report LIGHTING THE WAY: EMPOWERING TOMORROW’S Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis


Dear Friends, We have so much to celebrate! 2012 was a banner year for Girls Inc.® of Greater Indianapolis. In May of 2012, our national organization recognized us as the #1 Girls Inc. affiliate in the nation based on 2011 girl service results. We achieved this distinction together. You were a valuable member of our team of supporters, volunteers, and community partners—who all played like champions! During 2012, you helped us continue to smash our previous records. We reached 4,737 girls through 9,037 program enrollments, which means many girls benefited from multiple opportunities to be strong, smart, and boldSM! Girls developed conflict resolution skills, set education and career goals, discovered their inner beauty, and learned how to advocate for themselves and others. They built the skill sets that will make them winners for life. Read more about the Girls Inc. experience through the eyes of two Perry Township girls on pages 7-8. With 110 outreach partners, including 80 schools, the demand for our programs was higher than ever. We welcomed 25 new partners, while strengthening our relationships with existing partners to increase the engagement level with girls. Our partners consider us a powerful ally in their efforts to develop future champions—girls who are confident and ready to learn. See details about our collaboration with one of them— Paul I. Miller IPS 114—on page 13. Volunteers also kicked up their game a notch! More than 380 volunteers facilitated a Girls Inc. program in 2012. Read more about these champions for girls on pages 15-16. I am particularly proud to report that we had our first Girls Inc. national scholarship winner in many years, Jourdann Borski. A junior at Beech Grove High School, Jourdann became involved with Girls Inc. in first grade at our Fountain Square club. Her list of personal victories is too long to list here. They include holding the #1 rank in her class and serving as a Girls Inc. Junior Board member. Jourdann plans to study interior design in college. We are very proud of Jourdann, and we are looking forward to celebrating her future accomplishments!

2012 Board of Directors Peter Lacy, Chair Kaus Christopher, 1st Vice Chair Linh Preston, 2nd Vice Chair Jennifer Banner, Governance Erin Huntington, Secretary Lisa Orr, Treasurer Christine Bizzell Shaun Clifford Nancy Clifton-Cripe Linda Hicks Alex Intermill Nadine Melind Mandy Parris Doug Rowe Lori Torres

Together, we have inspired thousands of girls to believe in themselves and their future. Thank you for providing the many sparks that are lighting the way for tomorrow’s champions—the girls of greater Indianapolis! Sincerely, Patricia A. Wachtel President & CEO

The most important thing I learned was to have confidence in myself and to think for myself. Lilly, girl participant 1

A Gold Medal Year of Service Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis continued to break records in girl service in 2012. In our 2011-2013 strategic plan, we set an ambitious goal to grow to 8,025 girl enrollments over three years. Instead, we not only met our goal a year ahead of time, but exceeded it by more than 1,000 enrollments! In 2012, we served 4,737 greater Indianapolis girls through 9,037 program enrollments. This program enrollment growth means that girls benefited from multiple programs during the year. We were excited to continue to deepen our relationships with our school and community partners in ways that promoted sustained engagement with their girls for greater impact.

Demographics of Girls Served in 2012 Age


Free or Reduced Lunch


6 % 1% 1 0%

2 2%


2 5%


6 0%


African American Biracial



Asian, Indian, or Other

4 9% 6-8 yrs old

12-14 yrs old



9-11 yrs old 15-18 yrs old

Not Qualified

Growth in Number of Girls Served 5000 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0

10000 9000 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0

4737 4157





Growth of Program Enrollments 9037 6239 4088




Growth in Number of Girls Served with Comprehensive Programming 1600 1400




1000 800 600


400 200 0




Teaching girls to be strong, smart, and bold needs to start at a young age, and I love that about Girls Inc. Lindsey Marvin, volunteer


Program Partner Perspective “At this age, it is inspiring to see girls open up and work with others that are not in their social circle, that they’ve never met,

Girls Championing Each Other: Building Strong Friendships in Perry Township Girls Inc. programs help girls navigate the pressures they face to look or act a certain way, which are often played out in the school environment in bullying, aggression, and low self-esteem. We bond girls together over shared challenges and help them see that they aren’t as different as they think. Amber Johnson and Lillian Weber are a perfect example. Amber and Lillian have participated in several Girls Inc. programs together at Perry Meridian Sixth Grade Academy. They have also become good friends.

or that they feel they


have little in common

“Girls Inc. has been a fun experience for me. It has talked a lot about self confidence, and all of that inner beauty stuff. You would think it would be some lame program that doesn’t work very well, but it isn’t. It’s fun, engaging, and you meet a lot of new people through it.

with. It is uplifting to see girls accept each other, laugh together and encourage each other’s confidence when their days are often bombarded with the pressures of getting caught up in negative relationships and situations. I am very happy that we brought Girls Inc. in this year, and I know the girls participating have a sense of pride in it as well.” Christy Vance Guidance Counselor Perry Meridian Sixth Grade Academy


“My newest friend, Amber Johnson, and I met at Girls Inc. The nice thing about meeting new people at Girls Inc. is that they can teach you and vice versa. “The program has really improved my perspective on things in life. I used to think that when I looked at a magazine that the girls on the cover had only been edited a tiny bit, to stamp out their very few imperfections. Now, I know how much editing it really takes to get from the real girl to the girl on the cover of the magazine.”

Amber “Girls just think [Girls Inc.] is for girls with ‘problems’ or girls who are quote on quote ‘stupid, no good, irresponsible drama queens,’ which is so stereotypical. I wish girls would stop thinking like that. Maybe they could if they would attend Girls Inc. “I’ve learned about girl drama, bullying, real beauty and a lot more. We all have trouble in school sometimes. I’ve learned how to handle a lot of situations from bullying to gossip to he said she said stuff. I like that we have such friendly people in Girls Inc. and that we get to learn from people who want to help.” Lillian and Amber are well on their way to becoming healthy, educated, and independent young women. Read more about how we are making a difference for girls in Perry Township on page 13.

Lillian Amber

The girls feel empowered to be themselves and they encourage one another to do the same. Tonya Watson, volunteer 5

Breaking Records:

Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis is #1 Affiliate in Nation Based on service in 2011, Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis became the largest Girls Inc. affiliate in girl service in the United States and Canada. “We’re pleased to report that for 2012 our largest girl serving affiliate network-wide is Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis,” said Judy Vredenburgh, Girls Incorporated President & CEO. “Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis has done a brilliant job of partnering with schools, engaging volunteers, and building a strong staff, all in service to assuring more girls have the support they need to grow up strong, smart, and bold.” “The collaboration within our greater Indianapolis community has enabled our affiliate to reach our goal of serving more girls and we’re honored to also be named the largest affiliate in girl service,” said Patricia Wachtel, Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis President & CEO. “Our service capacity was about 600 girls between our two clubs, and today, we are able to reach thousands of greater Indianapolis girls thanks to the tremendous support of our partners, volunteers, and funders. We are fortunate that our community embraced our collaborative plan of service to girls.”


Since the transition to outreach, Girls Inc. has maintained a growth rate between 40 and 60 percent each year. Outreach has allowed the organization to serve more girls in more locations without dramatically increasing overhead expenses and community organizations have affirmed the success. “Our organization is proud of our success over the past four years, but we know we’re not done yet,” said Patricia Wachtel. “We want all greater Indianapolis girls to be healthy, educated, and independent.”

Training the Champions of the Future: Alumna, Jourdann Borski, Wins Scholarship Seventeen-year-old Jourdann Borski became the second participant in the history of Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis to receive a Lucile Miller Wright Scholarship, awarded by Girls Inc. national. Borski received $2,500 and was the only recipient from Indiana in 2012. A junior at Beech Grove High School, Borski became involved with Girls Inc. in first grade at our former Fountain Square Club. While Borski attended Girls Inc., she learned life skills and gained leadership experience that has shaped her high school years. “The Fountain Square Club helped me to channel some of my inner passions that I may not have found at school or at home,” said Borski. “I found my love for golf through the summer camp program and nurtured my interest in interior design during classes at the after school program. I learned that I am capable of being exactly who I want to be and that no one has the power to stop me because I am a Girls Inc. girl.” Today, Borski is ranked first in her class and is involved in 17 extracurricular activities.

Jourdann Borksi

“We are so proud of Jourdann for receiving a scholarship from our national organization,” said Patricia Wachtel, Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis President and CEO. “Jourdann truly is a model ‘Girls Inc. girl’, and we know she will continue to be a positive example for girls wherever she goes.” Borski is a Junior Board Member, participates in the Girls Inc. Speakers Bureau, and was a featured speaker at the annual Touchstone Awards luncheon on July 12 at the JW Marriott. Borski will graduate from Beech Grove High School in 2013 and plans to study interior design.

Peter Lacy, 2012 Chair of the Board of Directors

I was a Girls Inc. girl at their age, and Girls Inc. did a lot in molding me into the young woman I am today. Janetta Mackins, volunteer


The most important thing I learned is about voting and how women can achieve powerful things. 8

Kiyana, girl participant

In Her Own Words I want to be a lawyer. I’m really good at negotiating. Mikiah, girl participant 9

Supporting Educators and Supporting Girls: Success in Perry Township We know girls face different challenges as they grow, and we want to be there for them each step of the way. It is not enough to reach a girl one time, with one program. We are committed to making a difference for her throughout her school career. Our strategic growth in Perry Township is a model for how we are collaborating with our school partners to build a network of programming that follows girls from kindergarten through high school graduation. Our Perry Township work began in two elementary schools: Clinton Young Elementary in 2010 and Abraham Lincoln Elementary in 2011. Site contacts like Joyce Gentry, school social worker, have been instrumental in our ability to expand to other schools in the township. As a tireless advocate for Girls Inc. at Abraham Lincoln Elementary, she opened doors to social workers and principals at other schools to expand our reach. In 2011, we expanded into Perry Meridian 6th grade Academy and Perry Meridian Middle School to address the needs of girls as they navigate the critical middle school years. We are excited by the upcoming opportunity to support our middle school girls in making the transition to high school through a new partnership with Perry Meridian High School. Forty-six freshmen girls will begin their journey towards graduation with us in the Winter of 2013.

Partner Spotlight Our partnerships with schools and community organizations enable us to reach thousands of girls in neighborhoods across greater Indianapolis. In 2012, we partnered with 110 organizations to deliver a record 484 programs! This year, we welcomed 25 new partners to our growing list. Working together, we are transforming the lives of girls. Teamwork Promotes Positive Outcomes at Paul I. Miller IPS 114 Our school partners consider us an ally in their efforts to improve educational outcomes for girls. We are proud to collaborate with Paul I. Miller IPS 114 to help them address social and emotional issues that distract girls from learning. Since 2009, we have delivered programs like Redefining Beauty and Work It Out to improve girls’ self-esteem and teach them conflict resolution skills. Pearle Washington, IPS 114 school social worker, said she has witnessed many positive changes in the girls who participate in Girls Inc. programs. They are less likely to bully or get in fights. They have bigger, brighter smiles and improved self-esteem. They raise their hands and actively participate in class. “Change is a slow process, which can cause self-doubt and make you feel that you are not effective,” she told volunteers and Girls Inc. staff at a recent volunteer event. “In fact, you may never see the change in the student [during the Girls Inc. program], but the school sees it. The families see it. Sometimes, that change may not become evident until the next semester or the next year. But trust me, it does happen.” She spoke fondly of one girl who transformed herself after participating in Girls Inc. in the sixth grade. With support from her school community and people like Washington, she took the positive messages and skills she learned from Girls Inc. and applied them to her life. Two years later as an eighth grader, she has a successful academic and discipline record. Instead of fighting or bullying, she gives back twice a week as a volunteer with a school sports team. “There are numerous success stories. I could go on for hours,” Washington said. “Your hard work and talent as a Girls Inc. volunteer is getting through to the girls and it is appreciated.” Thank you to Ms. Washington and everyone at IPS 114 for working with us to empower girls to succeed in school. We are honored to be a trusted member of your school community.

Read about the Girls Inc. experience through the eyes of two Perry Township girls on page 7.

The programs offer applicable and engaging topics that we appreciate being able to offer our girls. 10

Forrest Miller, Southport Middle School Guidance Counselor

2012 Program Partners Beech Grove 1. Beech Grove Middle School 2. Beech Grove Public Library Decatur Township 3. Decatur Elementary Learning Center-Blue Academy 4. Decatur Elementary Learning Center-Gold Academy 5. Decatur Middle School 6. Stephen Decatur Elementary School Eagledale 7. Clarence Farrington IPS 61 8. Imagine Indiana Life Sciences Academy West 9. Lew Wallace IPS 107 10. Northwest Community High School East 10th Street, Indianapolis 11. Brookside IPS 54 12. Center for Inquiry IPS 27 13. George W. Julian IPS 57 14. John H. Boner Community Center 15. Paramount School of Excellence 16. Ralph Waldo Emerson IPS 58 17. Theodore Potter IPS 74 18. Washington Irving IPS 14 19. Westminster Neighborhood Ministries East 38th Street, Indianapolis 20. Challenge Foundation Academy 21. Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School 22. Community Alliance of the Far Eastside (CAFÉ) 23. Floro Torrence IPS 83 24. Forest Manor Multi-Service Center 25. John Marshall Community High School 26. Monument Lighthouse Charter School 27. Mount Carmel Community Life Center 28. Post Brook East Apartments Hendricks County 29. Brownsburg East Middle School 30. Brownsburg West Middle School 31. Delaware Trail Elementary School Irvington 32. Irvington Community Elementary School 33. Irvington Community Middle School 34. Irvington Preparatory Academy Lawrence Township 35. Crestview Elementary School 36. Fall Creek Valley Middle School 37. Harrison Hill Elementary School 38. Imagine Indiana Life Sciences Academy East 39. Skiles Test Elementary School

Martindale Brightwood 40. Brightwood Community Center 41. Francis W. Parker IPS 56 Montessori 42. James Russell Lowell IPS 51 43. Joyce Kilmer IPS 69 44. KIPP Indianapolis College Preparatory 45. Wheeler-Dowe Boys & Girls Club Meridian Kessler 46. Antioch Baptist Church 47. James Whitcomb Riley IPS 43 48. Kaleidoscope Youth Center 49. Martin Luther King Community Center 50. Shortridge Magnet High School 51. William A. Bell IPS 60 Other Community Partners 52. AYS 53. City of Indianapolis Department of Parks and Recreation 54. Girl Scouts of Central Indiana 55. National Council on Educating Black Children Perry Township 56. Abraham Lincoln Elementary School 57. Clinton Young Elementary School 58. Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy 59. Perry Meridian Middle School 60. Winchester Village Elementary School Pike Township 61. Deer Run Elementary 62. Lincoln Middle School 63. Pike High School 64. Pike Loving Care (@ Guion Creek Elem School; Snacks Crossing School; College Park Elem School; Central Elem School; Eastbrook Elem School; Deer Run Elem School) Southeast, Indianapolis 65. Beech Grove Sr. High School 66. Central Elementary School, Southeast Indianapolis 67. Christel House Academy 68. Emma Donnan IPS Middle School 69. Fountain Square Academy 70. Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter School 71. James A. Garfield IPS 31 72. Lilly Boys & Girls Club 73. Paul I. Miller IPS 114 74. SENSE Charter School 75. South East Community Center 76. South Grove Intermediate Academy 77. William McKinley IPS 39

Southwest, Indianapolis 78. Concord Neighborhood Center 79. Keenan-Stahl Boys & Girls Club 80. Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center 81. William Penn IPS 49 Warren Township 82. Brookview Elementary School 83. Eastridge Elementary School 84. Liberty Park Boys & Girls Club 85. Raymond Park Intermediate Academy 86. Raymond Park Middle School 87. Stonybrook Intermediate Academy Washington Township 88. Indiana Math & Science Academy North 89. KinderCare 90. Nora Elementary 91. Northview Middle School 92. Spring Mill Elementary Wayne Township 93. Bridgeport Elementary School 94. Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center 95. North Wayne Elementary School 96. Robey Elementary School 97. West District YMCA 98. Westlake Elementary School West Downtown, Indianapolis 99. Barnes United Methodist Church 100. Christamore House 101. Elder W. Diggs IPS 42 102. Fall Creek Academy 103. George Washington Community High School 104. Hawthorne Community Center 105. Herron High School 106. Key Learning Community 107. Legore Boys & Girls Club 108. Riverside IPS 44 109. Riverside Park and Family Center 110. Wendell Phillips IPS 63


Program Volunteers

The following volunteers facilitated a program and/or served as a Lunch Bunch career mentor in 2012. Samantha Aasen Megan Adams Ashley Aders Morgan Albregts Elizabeth Amidon Carol Anderson Teena Anderson Chinwe Aneke* Danielle Angle Cheryl Apple Amanda Areces* Emily Arent Misti Ashley Lavennia Atkins Alli Badgero Hana Baker* Samantha Baker* Gail Barksdale* Julie Barrett Carmen Barrick Bassiratou Barry Megan Bauer Rachel Bauer* Catherine Bayt Victoria Beaty Jamie Bell Natasha Bertsch Jessica Betts Tiffany Blackgrove Katlyn Blasingame Kim Borges* Shamia Bostic Lizzie Bourque* Cortney Bowen Nicole Bowers Sarah Bradbury* Sacha Brady* Stacy Britt-Hart Erica Broadus* Tammi Broadus* Chanh Brodsky Kara Brooks Tammala Brooks Krystal Broom Donna Brown* Paula Buckhaulter* Ashley Bureau* Rosemary Butler* Ruth Byrns* Jaletha Callicott Leslie Campbell Taylor Campbell Kele` Cannon Kara Carlson Katherine Carlson* Jacqueline Carpenter* Abby Carroll Ariana Casale Kathleen Casey Erin Cates Anna Chandler Ashleih Cheshire* Kate Christofferson Carletta Clark Benjamin Cohen Sharon Coleman* Laura Conway* Sonya Cooke* Susan Cornacchione Lesley Cox Dana Cullom* Julie Dagit Crystal Dahmen* Cora Davidson* Kaitlyn Davitt Jessica Decker McKenzie Dellinger Ann Dempsey

15 12

Grace Dible* Monica Dick Kharmen Dixon Jamie Dodd Judy Donner Sarah Dorsey Ashley Dunigan Stephanie Dunn Valarie Dupee Whitney Dyer* Cara Earlywine Temeka Easter Sarah Eder Kate Edwards Julie Eisenmann Elizabeth Eismeir Ashley Elrod* Michelle Embry* Taylor Epley Courtney Evans Stacey Ferrell Kaitlin Ferries Rachel Finnigan Zenophia Fitzgerald Ashley Floyd Tamara Folaron Abigail Forbes Roni Ford* Nashelle Frazier* Jasmin French Dawn Frick Meghan Friend* Cherie Fuller Marlene Fuss Kristy Garcia* Ashley Gardner Julie Gee Natalie Gibbons Harpreet Gill Brooke Godsey* Sarah Goetz Helen Goldstein Marina Gonzalez Sarah Gould Lauren Graham Aubrey Graham Kuchar* Alexandra Gray* Chelsea Grider Bridget Gross Danielle Guerin Abbey Hall* Heather Hall* Katlyn Hamilton Stephanie Hamilton Julie Hammersley Alexis Hardman Allison Hardy Sherrie Harris Mary Hayes* Adam Head Amanda Heim Sara Hejazi Toshika Helm* Dana Helmkamp* Davetta Henderson Hannah Henderson Michelle Henderson* Rachel Heneghan Sandra Hester-Steele Ashley Hicks Linda Hicks* Monique Hill Cassie Hixson Van Hoang Ann Holmes Kimberly Holston Jessica Holts Elizabeth Holtzman*

Rachel Hubbard Bailey Huddleston Morgan Humphrey* Amanda Hutchison Wendy Inglis* Shannon Inman Joy Innes* Kimea Jackson Charmayne Jackson* Jade Jefferson Shola Jhanji Linda Jimenez Bonnie Johnson Hayley Johnson Lynsey Johnson Christine Johnson* Emily Jones Lindsay Joy* Megan Juchcinski Maya Keeton Justine Keller* Shannon Kendrick Catherine Kenealy* Leigh Ann Kennedy* Emily Kibling Holly King Cheri Kirkpatrick Kelley Kish* Cheryl Klepper Marie Knox Saxonia Knox* Sara Kochell Kora Koehler Olivia Koenig Donna Konradi Kara Krontiris Erin Kruger Kate Kunk Dawn Lambert Anna Lamonte Tracey Larcheveque Cara Lathrop Christina Lear* Nancy Leininger* Katelyn Letterman Allison Lightner Audra Lindell Jenna Lingenhoel Ivorye Long Courtney Lovely Alyssa Luna* Barbara Lyon Janetta MacKins Tamiko Magee-Rodgers Taylor Marlatt Lindsey Marvin* Carla Mascari* Amy Matthews* Lukau Matuka Maria Mayer Sally McCoy Simone McCrary Desirae McGinity Caitlin McGinty* Danielle McGrath Yanna McGraw Sarah McGuire* Tiffany McIntire Casey McLeod* Michelle Mellon Kristen Mercer* Krista Mestancik* Sarah Meyer Sue Michael Stacey Miller Taneisha Mimms *Volunteer has served for more than one year.

Volunteer Stories Our volunteer facilitators are passionate about making a difference for girls. We could not inspire thousands of girls to be strong, smart, and bold without them. This year, 389 volunteers facilitated a Girls Inc. program. Of these volunteers, 222 were new to Girls Inc. Whether they were teaching girls about inner beauty or how to resolve conflict, our volunteers championed girls to believe in themselves and their future. Meet Simone McCrary

An active volunteer with several youth organizations, Simone McCrary was drawn to the Girls Inc. mission to inspire girls. “I chose Girls Inc. because I love the mission and what it stands for. I want every girl to feel like she can accomplish anything,” she said. Simone knows that one challenge girls face is body image and self-esteem. “My favorite part of teaching Redefining Beauty is seeing how the girls view beauty from a media perspective, and then seeing their faces after we go over things that the media does not really portray as beauty,” she explained. “So many young girls feel that they have to look like top models in order to be beautiful. By the end of a Girls Inc. lesson, the girls understand that it is not what is on the outside but what is on the inside. It is how you carry yourself and treat others.” She loves seeing the girls gain confidence with each session. “At the beginning, the girls were very shy about giving their opinion; by the last session there was not enough time to hear everything they wanted to express.” Growing up, Simone says she benefited from positive role models and activities and she enjoys being able to give back. “I absolutely love teaching the girls. They are at the age where I feel like they have so many influences. They know they can be whatever they want to be as long as they are focused and keep positive people around them.” Thank you Simone for being one of those positive people!

Meet Abby Wickens Abby Wickens gives her time to many service projects as a member of the Junior League of Indianapolis and the Rotary Club of Indianapolis. But she says leading programs for Girls Inc. is one of her favorite experiences. “I really enjoy volunteer opportunities where I am able to work hands-on with people, especially young people. Girls today have so many opportunities available to them, and I hoped to be able to show them that they can achieve anything with the right amount of work and determination.” Abby helped girls learn how to resolve conflict and build strong friendships as a Work It Out program facilitator. “One of the best parts of facilitating is watching the girls grow and apply the lessons in the program to their everyday lives. When we taught the girls how to confront bullies, they all showed up to the next session with positive examples of how they dealt with bullies that week. I was so proud of them for remembering what we practiced and for using it in real situations!” Thank you Abby for teaching girls positive communication skills!

Program Volunteers Continued... Bellinda Minkner Lori Miser Sandra Moffett Raquel Molina* Raven Moody* Brooklynn Moor Courtney Moore Erika Morris Kinsey Morrow Michelle Murray Vivian Nayiga Andrea Newsom Marina Nicholson Diana Nolting* Katherine Nugent* Annie O`Connor Kimberly O`Meara Judy Oakley Abigail Obszanski* Moraa Ogega Ashley Onusic Lisa Orr* Frances Osborne Donna Ourand* Joseph Overby Hazel Owens Lacy Padgett Kewana Parker Mandy Parris Julie Patrick Katie Patterson Margaret Patton Elizabeth Paynter Reanetta Perkins Sarah Perrone* Meggan Peters Monica Peterson Julie Petree Betsy Phillips Barbara Pipher* Caitlin Poe Ashlee Pollen Elizabeth Polleys* Tara Polston Diana Poncar Jennifer Ponsler Rachel Pritz Glenda Probo Shelby Puite Sandra Puttkammer Emily Quakenbush Amanda Quillen Saisha Rairdon Crishanna Randle Kathryn Raver Andrea Reed Kelly Rees* Pamela Rice Monica Rinas* Maria Rivera Dorenda Roberson Alexis Robinson Erin Romer* Linda Rosier

Joshua Rundquist Sarah Rutan Sharayah Ryan Claire Sakurada Elizabeth Schaade Dustin Schafer Taylor Schaffer Jessica Schied Emily Schieferstein Mary Ellen Schipp Maura Scudder Erica Seabaugh Brooke Shafer Caiti Shandrick Natasha Sheikh Obie Shiferaw Rose Shingledecker* Tammy Shirley Dena Singleton* Reannon Smiles Kelly Smith Esther Smith-Howell Stephanie Springer Ariane Stallard Chelsea Stallings* Judy Statom* Avery Stearman Darrian Stephens Andrea Stephenson* Namia Stevenson Sara Stiles* Amanda Suasnabar Sarah Sulfridge Carol Sundheimer* Elizabeth Suscha Shellye Suttles Victoria Swider* Tamala Tamlin Laurie Tanselle* Melissa Tatom Juanita Taylor* Reina Teater Anne Templeton Carrie Thrift Cathy Thuerbach Erika Tishner Kristin Tobler* Tamara Tolson Rekisha Townsel Sheila Trgovac Jill Trimmel* Kristen Trovillion Candace Tucker* Kelli Tungate Kenya Turner Madison Updike* Viktoria VarWoo* Susan Vieth Tiffany Walker Kathryn Wall Jessica Walsh Sonya Waterhouse* Tonya Watson* Rebecca Weaver

Venus Webb Renee West Alicia West* Markeyta White Molly White Cynthia Whitis* Mollie Whitmer Kelli Whitmire* Kellie Whitney* Abby Wickens* Katie Willett Felicia Williams* Michele Williams-Cook Darla Wilson Heather Wilson Sarah Winslow Jodi Wolfe Tamara Wolfe Peggy Wood Bonnie Woodfork JoEllen Workman Christian Wright Jennifer Yates Dannielle Yelder* Kelly Youck Page Young Courtney Zaugg Sara Zidal Chelsea Zoeller *Volunteer has served for more than one year.

Volunteer Groups American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) BMO Harris Financial Booze Allen Hamilton Chase Bank Central Indiana Center on Aging (CICOA) Defender Direct Deloitte Tax LLP DOW Exact Target Indiana Department of Public Works Indiana University School of Nursing IUPUI STARRS IU School of Education Junior League of Indianapolis Liberty Mutual NCAA PricewaterhouseCoopers Regions RSVP University of Indianapolis School of Social Work Vertellus

In Her Own Words

My program leader inspired me to learn. She helped me to be a better person. I strongly believe that women have many talents and abilities to offer and that we shouldgirl be developing Jasmine, participantpotential as soon as possible. Jane Smith, donor 16 13

Our Supporters

Collaboration in Action

Your support has played an important role in helping us inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. † indicates 20+ years of giving to Girls Inc. Individual Giving

Empower Circle ($2,500+) Jennifer Banner Wayne & Cathy Burris Barb Fleming Jane Fortune Linda Hicks Erin B. Huntington & Ramin D. Kazemi Peter & Jill Lacy Ms. Lisa McKinney & Mr. Alex Intermill Beverly Middaugh Denny D. & Donna Oklak Doug Rowe Patricia Wachtel

Mary Beth & Kyle Jackson Mary Beth & Kevin Kohart Bradley Long Dr. Mary M. Mader Marnie Maxwell Dr. Mary Lou Mayer & Steve Martin Nadine Melind Teresa E. Morton Rebecca A. Owens Deborah Paul Dr. Diane L. Phillips Carol Tincher Carlton M. Waterhouse

Aspire Circle ($250-$499) Elevate Circle Rafat Abonour ($1,000-$2,499) Marie Ameis Sheryl Alexander Anonymous Dr. Albert Allen & Deborah Balogh Kathy Maeglin Myra Borshoff Cook Anonymous Lorene Burkhart † Jessica Betts Ms. Jan Marie Carroll Katrina Blackwell Gareth Coote Kaus Christopher & Tisha Craghead Raquel Richardson Amber Craig Shaun Clifford Ms. Deborah J. Daniels Nancy Clifton-Cripe Julie A. Davis Lori Efroymson-Aguilera Jennifer Dzwonar & Sergio Aguilera Deborah M. Falk Annette Engle Marianne Glick Cynthia Hubert Tom & Arlene Grande Joan Lonnemann Dr. James & Jeanne Malone Cassandra & Howard Gray Anna McDaniel Marni McKinney Waterfield Stephanie Hamilton Mollie Hicks Dr. Karole Mourek & Abri Hochstetler Mr. Anthony Mourek Marjorie Holmes Lisa Orr Brooke Huntington Ms. Mandy M Parris Nicolette Jones D. Wesley Poythress & Lauren Dungy-Poythress LaTonya Keaton Linh & Jason Preston Judy & Sidney Laikin Wandini Riggins Janett B. Lowes Nancy R. Ross Kari McCann Sandy & Dennis Sasso Ann & Mike Merkel Joi B. Smith Jennifer Munson Ellen Stoesz Patricia Orloff Erdmann Lori Torres Jeff & Mary Patchen Laurence Walsh Yvonne Perkins Carla Wise Leslie Ray Mary Ann & Gene Zink† Rebecca A. Richardson Elizabeth Rubens Inspire Circle Constance Rufenbarger ($500-$999) Barbara J. Seidman & Jennifer Baltz Kimberly S. Fuson Elaine K. Bedel Adrianne Slash Gabie Benson Liz Standiford Christine Bizzell Jennifer Stansberry Jon Black Ms. Sue Stemen & Barbara E. Branic Mr. Mark Merkle Victoria T. Broadie Betty Stilwell Heather Courtney Nancy Stimson Amber Dagit Dr. Susan J. Sylvester, M.D. Anthony Davey & Gary J. Thompson Dennis Benge Jim Wolf Katherine Elmer $100-$249 Susan Fasig Anonymous Lori Griffith Raymond Ball Robert Harris Tracy Barta Kelly Hendricks Nancie C. Baxter LaTasha Hudson Ms. Anne Becker & Joyce A. Jackson Mr. Carl Pebworth Lisa A. Bednar 14 Jason Beehler

Alpha Blackburn Dr. Christina Bodurow Betty Boester Sarah Bradbury Bonnie Brannen Kayla Britton Jamie Britton Blanck Brenda Brodt Danielle N. Brooking Beverly Brooks Miller M. Christine Broughton Roderick Brown Wilda K. Brown Donna Brown Jill M. Bruce Quinn Buckner Sonja Buckner-Marion Kate Christofferson Dr. Georgia E. Clark Cris Coe-Henderson Emily Collins Pam Cook Linda & Van Cooley Tracy Cooper Anne & Jonathan Dantzig Shannon Davis-George Richard E. & Lee Todd Deer† Kristi A. Dobson Billie Dragoo Stephanie Drane Lori B. Drzal Nancy Dunn Karen Edgell Byers & Michael Byers Claudette & Lawrence Einhorn Jane Elder-Kunz & Fritz Kunz Ashley Elrod Tom & Karen Ferrara Dr. Rose S. Fife, M.D. L. Leona Frank Ann S. Frick Kristin & Michael Fruehwald Ms. Kristin Garvey Marcia Goldstone Monique Gordy Michelle Griffith Matthew Gutwein James R. Harenberg Lisa Harris Amy Haworth Mary Hayes Ms. Deborah Hearn Smith Sarah L. Herrholz † Monica Herring Jennifer Holmes Elizabeth Holtzman Glen Jacobs Jodi James Joan Jang Benetta Johnson Chris Kabat Doris Karr Linda Karressy Kathy W. Kebo Angela & William Kinney Genevieve D. Knight Beth Kramer Lauren Ladd Kendra Langhans Ms. Jane Lanz Cara Lathrop Marcia Latta Deborah A. Lawrence

Kimberly G. Lee Lori LeRoy Becky Lomax Kyle Luckett Katherine Lyon Davis & John Davis Keely Malayter Libby Manship Leigh Marino Audrey & Stephen Marmon Karen L. Martin Molly G. Martin William Marvel Carolene Mays Mike McDaniel Alicia McMahon Laurane Mendelsohn Jill Mendoza Andi Metzel Jessica Morris Suzanne Morris Lizabeth Muniz Lynn Murphy Suresh Murthy Ann Murtlow Janet Neuenschwander Judith A. O`Bannon Ms. Jane L. O`Hara R. Elizabeth Odle Dorit Paul Melissa Pershing Dorenda Person Deborah & Howard Pollack-Milgate LaTona & Kirk Prentice Lori & Kent Preston Sarah Preston Pamala & Michael Renninger Jessica Rhodes McGee Belinda Richardson Ms. Joan Rocap Kathleen & Theodore Rokita Pat G. Rooney Ms. Sallie Rowland Dr. Leslie Rubin Susan & Stuart Sandberg Karla Schlichte Cindy Schmidt Dottie Schulz Englehart & Ted Englehart Jessica Scott Lisa Session Penny Sheppard Dollyne & David Sherman Nancy Silvers Rogers Karen Slattery Michael Spires Anne Steinberg Eric Stewart Cheryl Striewe Barbara Summers John Thompson Tara Thornburg Mary Titsworth Chandler Vivian Todd-Scott Patricia TrowersJohnson William & Elizabeth Van Natta Dr. Elcira Villarreal & Jeanette Frazier Mark Weigand Anna Weiser

Ms. Leah Mannweiler Rose McDermott Melinda McGee Julie Milburn Ms. Phyllis Miller Laura & Ben Mishkin Rebecca Moore Darrah Ms. Christina L. Morris Kelly & Andrew Noga Donna Ourand Cathy Parker Weidman $50-$99 Theresa Patterson Angela Adams Jane Phillips Janet Allen Dr. Stafford & Clara Pile † Caroline Altman Smith & Erica Porter Christopher W. Smith Deana Potterf Teena Anderson Sarah Pulliam Bailey Anonymous Shelley Raper Pamela Bennett Maria Rivera Connie Bond Stuart Joy Robertson Jennifer Brickler Reka Robinson Susan & David Brooks Jacqueline Scanlon J.M. Brown Naomi Scheifinger Sabrina Campbell Jennifer & Kevin Schrier Cynthia Cardona Erika Scott Kara Carlson Megan Siehl Meredith A. Cleaver Kelly Smith Cecilia & Jordan Click Marianne & Mrs. Santina Corsaro Stanley Spinola Sullivan Susan Thomas Thelesia Crenshaw Ms. Joan M. Trendell Connie Crouch Jon Tronc Claudia Cummings Sylvia Trotter Dr. Carolyn A. Kamela Turner Cunningham Mr. Ernest Vargo Sonia Das Stacy Walker Cheryl Davis Robin Ward Karen DeJesus Bente Weitekamp Denise Dilworth Deborah Wesley Judy Donner Ms. Jean Wojtowicz Beth Dristas Juliana Yanez Cheryl Drummer Rochelle & Mark Effron Melissa Zaczek Ayn Engle $1-$49 Brad Ennis Linda Allen Judge Sarah Evans Jorjina Amefia-Koffi Barker Krista Anderson Lynn Foreman Chichi Aneke Christin Fulton Anonymous Phyllis Gabovitch † Melanie Audette Sarah Goetz Jennifer Bachman Michael & Tammy Baker Kathryn Gradeless Mrs. Jean M. Bardonner Lindsay Gross Jane L. Beard Lois Gumpper Jamie Bell Heather Hall Brittney Bell Abbey Hall Coco Bill Jerry & Gale Halperin Rich Blaiklock Sarah Hawkins Emily Blyze Sandra Hester-Steele Denise Bogardus Jennifer Hine Mary & Drew Boggs Theresa Holt Maggie Boncosky Stephen Jarosinski Veronica Bond Ms. Marsha E. Jay Margaret & Clay Bowden Michelle Johnson Sharneta Bradley-Ba Dorothy Jones Ms. Elsie Britton Polly R. Kaleimamahu Melissa Brown Brian Kern Ms. Madalyn S. Kinsey Jenny Burch Shawn Burcham Catherine Krauser Lillar Burton Marjorie R. Kroeger † Katie Carlson Chris Krok Shannon & Scott Cochran Kristi Kuhn Beryl Cohen Angela Lewis Ashley Craig Marlene Lewis Ashley Crockett-Lohr & Shari Lipp-Levine Nathan Lohr Anne Lootens Betty Crowe Cynthia Whitis Lucy H. Wick Nina Williams Marianne Wokeck Angela Wood Grace Worley Bonnie Worosz Sheela Yadav Judy Zell Jane Zobel

Awards & Recognition

Paris Curtis Lisa Dandridge Ms. Alissa DiMarchi Kirsten Eamon-Shine Megan East Amanda Eha Erica Evans Tom Everman Mrs. Deloris Faris Niki Finelli Margo Foreman Curtis & Jan Foulks Ms. Gail Fox Lisa Fultz Julie Gee Evelyn Gentry Dr. Louise E. Goggans Christina Hale Kent Hassett Christia Hicks Kaye Hirt Eggleston Doug Huber Thomas & Phyllis Hughes Vicki Hughes Morgan Humphrey Michael & Tanya Husain Joyce & Marty Irwin Linda Izor Dawn Jeffers Borski Juana Johnson Abe & Anneliese Judd Laurel & Brandon Judkins Kryssa Kaupke Nicole Kendall John D. Kinman Carolyn Kleifgen Matthew Klein Marie Knox Andrew Kocher Meredith Kress Jon & Shari Krutulis Brian & Stacye Lane Gwenda Langley Angie Le Blanc Ms. Faith M. Levitt Allison Lightner Jonathan Lindley Becca Loofbourrow Ms. Rachel M. Loveman Richard G. & Charlene S. Lugar Susie Marvel Carla Mascari Simone McCrary Dawn McDonald Caitlin McGinty Sara McGuyer Mr. John Meihak Cheri Miller Ashley Montgomery Archie & Arlene Moore Mary Moore Kathy Moran Diana Nolting Brent O`Keefe Stephanie Pemberton Sarah Perrone Mrs. Harry F. Pesel Monica Peterson

Kimberly Posto & David Posto Hannah Preston Nancy & Howard Ratner P. A. Ray Dorothy Reed Ms. Dana Reed Wise Ryann Ricchio Susan Rich Stahl Miranda Richards Monica Rinas Anthony Robertson Scott & Jill Robisch Cleo F. Roll Julie Rowlas Sally Rushmore Mary B. Saegesser Cassandra Sanborn Lincoln & Lori Schneider Ada Shaum Jeremiah Shelton Rose Shingledecker Mr. Edward T. Stahl Judy Statom Sharon & Jim Stevens Jennifer Sullivan Cristina Sullivan Davis Beth Summitt Richard & Sue Ann Tempero Melissa Todd Ms. Deborah Tooson-Harris Jodi Underwood Sally A. Vail Jennifer Van Dame Terri Wada Anita Wallis Janice Wark Faedra Weiss Kelly & Brian Wheat Gene & Kristina Wheeler Lydia Whitehead Crystal Williams-French Carolyn Wright Sue Zaring Chao Zhen Chen

Group Giving

$250,000+ United Way of Central Indiana $50,000 - $249,999 Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation USA Funds

$10,000 - $49,999 Girls Incorporated Hoover Family Foundation Junior League of Indianapolis Lilly Endowment, Inc. † Old National Bank Foundation Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation

In Her Own Words

The Clowes Fund The Comcast Foundation The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF affiliate † Transformation Trust Inc.

in memory of Elsie M. Daniels DeLoatch Cheryl Drummer in memory of Cecil Finch Dullen Linda Karressy $2,500 - $9,999 in honor of Dr. Lauren 3M Foundation Dungy-Poythress Circle of Sisterhood Karen Edgell Byers & Foundation, Inc. Michael Byers Citizens Energy Group in honor of Dr. Lauren Community Health Dungy-Poythress Network D. Wesley Poythress Ice Miller LLP in honor of Dr. Lauren Indianapolis $250 - $499 Dungy-Poythress Neighborhood Advantage Health Susan & Stuart Sandberg Resource Center Soluntions, Inc. JCPenney in memory of Margot AstraZeneca Afterschool Fund Pharmaceuticals Lacy Eccles Krieg Devault LLP Janet Allen California Pizza Kitchen Kroger Indiana Youth Institute in memory of Margot Lumina Foundation Indianapolis Zoological Lacy Eccles for Education Society Susan and David Brooks Meridian Street United PNC Foundation in memory of Margot Methodist Church RJE Business Interiors Lacy Eccles Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr., Upland Brewing Company Memorial Foundation, Angela Adams Inc. † $100 - $249 in honor of our future Pacers Foundation, Inc. Church Women United leaders In Indianapolis PeyBack Foundation Crystal Williams-French Global Gifts Teachers Credit Union in honor of my daughter, Foundation Goldstein Group Financial Cora The National Bank Advisors LLC Ms. Kristin Garvey of Indianapolis The Kresge Foundation in honor of the girls of The Reach Foundation $1,000 - $2,499 Girls Inc. Travelers Employee BAF Corporation Sandy & Dennis Sasso Giving Campaign Bose, McKinney & in memory of United Way of the Evans LLP Rosemary Hamilton National Capital Area Christel DeHaan Mrs. Deloris Faris Zeta Iota Chapter of Family Foundation Irvington-Indianapolis in honor of Jaelyn Shawn Clifford East Kappa Kappa Bente Weitekamp Dow Agro Sciences Kappa, Inc. in honor of Jillian LLC $50 - $99 Beth Summitt Earl Harris Estate and Earl Harris Revocable KeyBank National in honor of Marie Knox Trust Association Sabrina Campbell Eskenazi Health Simons Bitzer & in honor of Laura Karr Associates Foundation Doris Karr Eugene & Marilyn Glick $1 - $49 in honor of Earlene Marino Family Foundation Alcott Club Leigh Marino Faegre Baker Daniels FinishMaster, Inc. in honor of Jennifer Mathur Tribute Gifts Dr. Rose S. Fife, M.D. Gracie Communications, Inc. in the name of Barbara Indianapolis Colts in memory of Dorothy Abel Indianapolis Power & Meyer Anonymous Light Company † Sarah Preston in honor of Amari JP Morgan Chase in honor of Bev Middaugh Heather Hall JP Morgan Chase Constance Rufenbarger Foundation in honor of Kathy Blyze in honor of Kitty and Lacy Diversified Emily Blyze Eleanor Noga Industries, LTC. in honor of Jourdann Kelly Noga Lewis Wagner, LLP Borski in honor of Connie Ojile Marion County Dawn Jeffers Borski Elizabeth Rubens Commission on Youth in honor of Deborah Marion County Public in honor of Yvonne Daniels Health Department Perkins Dollyne & David Sherman Matthew Klein Old National Bank Small Box in honor of Deborah in honor of Myrta The Indianapolis Star Daniels Pulliam Gwenda Langley United Hope Foundation Marianne Glick University of Indianapolis in honor of Deborah Walker Information Daniels Ms. Leah Mannweiler $500 - $999 Anonymous Employees of PepsiCo G3 Technology Partners Gamma Phi Beta Foundation Kappa Kappa Kappa Inc., Delta Pi Chapter NCAA Pacers Sports & Entertainment † Safe Sitter The Greenleaf Center For Servant Leadership Walker Family Foundation

in honor of Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso Goldstein Group Financial Advisors LLC in honor of Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso Faedra Weiss in honor of Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso Shari Lipp-Levine in honor of Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso Claudette & Lawrence Einhorn in honor of Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso Gale Halperin in memory of Birdell Taylor Reka Robinson in honor of Taylor and Ellie Stephen Jarosinski in honor of Pat Wachtel Melissa Pershing in honor of Pat Wachtel Lorene Burkhart in memory of Victoria Worosz Bonnie Worosz

In-Kind Gifts

Dave & Gabie Benson Best Chocolate In Town Bright Ideas In Broad Ripple Inc. Dan Carpenter Chapman Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. City of Indianapolis Office of Sustainability Conner Prairie Delivra Emilee Dufford Electrical Solutions Group Global Gifts Google Inc. Green B.E.A.N Delivery Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman Indiana Fever Indianapolis Ice Indianapolis Indians Invoke Yoga and Pilates Just Pop In Terra Kash Patrice Laura One Click Ventures Panera Bread Amy Peddycord U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Youthful Investments, Inc.

So many lose of their strengths during their I used to young be shy,women and now it’ssight like I’m not really shy anymore. childhood and early adolescence because of the media, peer pressure, Girl,I age etc. love9that the Girls Inc. programs are there to help. Carla Mascari, volunteer


Financials Statement of Activities

Year Ended December 31, 2012

Revenue Foundations 583,033 United Way of Central Indiana 274,549 Gain on Sale of Building 109,743 Return on Investment 108,150 Individuals 107,685 Special Events 81,383 Businesses & Service Groups 64,034 Program Service Fees 45,383 In-Kind Support 9,777 Total Revenue


Expenses Program Services 767,568 Management & General 246,724 Fundraising 191,436 Special Event 45,551 Total Expenses $1,251,279 Change in Net Assets


Statement of Financial Position Year Ended December 31, 2012

Assets Cash 237,489 Receivables 356,003 Prepaid Expenses 18,946 Investment Reserves 1,057,338 Net Property & Equipment 1,196,931 Total Assets


Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts Payable 12,792 Accrued Expenses 24,689 Line of Credit 0 Notes Payable 439,884 Total Liabilities $477,365 Unrestricted 1,545,326 Temp. Restricted 844,016 Total Net Assets $2,389,342 Total Liabilities and Net Assets

Audited financials are available upon request.

19 16


Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis

Administrative Office 3935 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46208 317.283.0086 317.921.4179 fax

Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and boldSM

2012 Annual Report  

Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis 2012 Annual Report

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