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Welcome to the 2014 Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity! When a Girl Scout participates in the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity, she’s doing more than just handing customers a package of cookies. She’s creating a plan, interacting with customers, and working as part of a team. She’s building a lifetime of skills and confidence. Selling Girl Scout cookies teaches girls:

• Goal setting

• People skills

• Decision making

• Business ethics

• Money management

Your guidance, support, and working in partnership with the parents of the girls in the troop are instrumental in the success of the sale. Thank you for your leadership and commitment in this important volunteer role. We are confident you will find the experience to be enjoyable, rewarding and fun.

Table of contents:

2013 Cookie Timeline

Troop and family cookie meeting ................3 Direct sale ............................................................ 4 Troop proceeds ..................................................5 Recognitions ....................................................... 6 Adventure points................................................7 Security codes ................................................... 8 ABC Snap (online order entry) .................8-9 Planned orders ................................................... 9 Cookie pick up ...................................................10 Cookie cupboards ............................................11 Cookie booths ................................................... 12 Money ................................................................... 12 Automated Clearing House (ACH) ............ 12

January 1 January 12-14 January 15 January 16-March 30 January 18 January 23-26 January 26 January 26 January 27 February 18 February 27 March 11 March 28 April

Order taking begins (optional) Cookie booth lottery is open Cookie booth confirmation emails sent Cookie booths reserved first come, first serve Troop cookie orders due in ABC Snap Troop cookie pick ups Girls begin selling cookies directly to customers Cookie booths begin Cookie cupboards open First ACH debit to troop account Troop to girl transfers are completed Recognition order is due in ABC Snap Second ACH debit to troop account Last day to pick up cookies Pick up troop recognitions at April service area meeting

What’s new? • 5 for 5 troop incentive

The Troop Cookie Packet

• Gluten free chocolate chip cookie

Troop materials

• Cranberry Citrus Crisp • Cookie adventure points

• Receipt books to record all cookie and money transactions  ABC Girls Can Change the World volunteer guide

• Cookie rally kits

Need help? Email and questions will be answered by a volunteer cookie expert within 24 hours! (Responses arrive even faster during peak times.)

Weekly tips Watch for The Cookie Connection email which is loaded with tips and reminders. The email will be sent to registered ABC Snap users each Friday beginning January 17.

Did you know? now? The council goal is 144 packages (12 cases) sold per girl. Girls selling 144 packages or more will receive the goal getter patch and a T-shirt or a $10 Program Activity Credit.


Girl materials (one per girl)  Order cards  Permission slips  Money envelopes  Family Guides Forms needed to participate  Troop Cookie Captain Agreement Form – Each troop must sign this form to receive selling materials.

 Cookie Booth Agreement Form – Any troop selling at a cookie booth must complete this form. All forms are available at for download. Additional order cards are available at each service center.

Optional Sales Opportunity Gluten Free Shortbread Chocolate Chip Cookie GSWISE is participating in a pilot program with only 20 councils nation-wide. These cookies are not listed on the order card and are available at council service centers only. Participation is optional. 

Packages are priced at $5 each


Troops will pay $4 per package and earn $1 in proceeds for each package sold


Troops will pay for these additional cookies via Automated Clearing House


Troops purchasing at least one case will receive one free package for samples


These cookies will NOT count toward the per girl selling average of the troop


These cookies will NOT count toward girl recognitions


These cookies will be available while supplies last

Organizing the troop and family cookie meeting Ideas for this meeting are found in the Change the World volunteer guide or Sample cookie packages are available to serve at the troop and family meeting. Packages are available at each service center for $1 per package (limit 1 per variety) until December 20.

Troop and family cookie training outline After collecting a signed permission slip with recognition choices from each family, distribute one family guide, order card, and money envelope to each girl at the troop cookie meeting.

Information to be covered at this meeting: 1.

Troop leader and troop cookie captain contact information (write this in the Family Guide)

2. Safety guidelines 3. Goal setting  Council goal is 144 packages (12 mixed cases) per girl

Host a Cookie Rally!

 The troop goal

A cookie rally is a kickoff event to help girls learn and get excited about selling cookies while doing hands on activities. Cookie rallies can be done with the troop only or the troop can invite other troops from their school or service center. The Cookie Rally Guide (found at outlines what is needed to plan a rally. Cookie rally kits are available for check out at each service center. Rally kits contain cookie costumes, tablecloths and everything needed to run a successful rally.

 What are we raising money for?  Recognitions  New adventure points 4. Troop proceeds  How much our troop will earn  Milwaukee Bucks vouchers  Milwaukee Admirals troop bonus  5 for 5 troop inventive 5. Program Activity Credits  What is a PAC?

Cookie Share service project Cookie Share is a project that allows customers to purchase Girl Scout Cookies for donation to local food banks and other non profit organizations in southeastern Wisconsin. Discuss the Cookie Share option with the troop and decide on the recipient of the Cookie Share cookies. When a customer purchases cookies for cookie share, do not choose the variety. A Cookie Share receipt (found at should be given to the customer as they are tax deductible. Cookie Share cookies should be transferred to the girl so that she receives credit toward her recognitions. Use leftover cookies to fill the troop’s total Cookie Share order. Delivery should be made by the troop.

 Make sure girls indicate their choice of PAC or recognition item on the permission slip 6. Ordering guidelines  How much a family should order – remember selling cookies in hand is easier than taking orders  Girl Scouts are honest and fair and don’t begin taking orders before January 1  Internet selling  New cookie apps 7. Cookie Share  What is Cookie Share?  Where would the troop like Cookie Share cookies to be donated? 8. Pick up cookies (write where and when in the Family Guide) 9. Money collection  Collect money when product is delivered in cash or check made out to the troop  Turn in money (write where and when in the Family Guide) 10. Where and when does the troop want to do a cookie booth?


Direct selling method Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast introduced a direct selling method in 2013 with incredible results. Based on feedback from volunteers and families, changes have been made to streamline the process. The optional order taking has been extended for those troops that prefer pre orders and direct selling begins on January 26.

How does the direct sale work? This direct sale is a blended sale of order taking and direct selling. It is proven that customers will purchase more when the cookies are on hand. To get started, order cards are available for optional order taking beginning January 1. Each girl submits their order in packages by January 18 using pre-orders taken, last year’s sales and her goal. Encourage girls to order more than what they have pre ordered so that they can sell additional cookies along the way. Also decide as a troop what kind of additional cookies the troop will have on hand when girls need more. Encourage the girls to use the different selling methods for different types of customers.  If a parent is helping at work, using an order card would be best

How can we pick up additional cookies? Place a planned order. A planned order is an additional cookie order that is picked up at a cookie cupboard after the initial order pick-ups on January 23-26. A complete list of cookie cupboard locations is on page 11. Planned orders (instructions on page 9) are entered into ABC Snap in packages not cases (1 case = 12 packages). All planned orders must be in full cases, but cases can be mixed (total must be divisible by 12). Anyone from the troop with the troop’s security code (details on page 8) may pick up a planned order from a cupboard. The Milwaukee service center cupboard is open on January 27. All other cupboards will be open the first weekend of February. All cookies picked up at cupboards will appear in ABC Snap as a “cupboard to troop” transfer and will be completed within 24 hours of pick up. Troop proceeds will be adjusted accordingly. To give a specific girl credit for the additional cookies, a troop to girl transfer must be completed by the troop cookie captain. Use the online cookie cupboard. The online cookie cupboard is a spreadsheet where troops can post cookies they have left over that other troops may need. Troops use the contact information on the spreadsheet to arrange the cookie pick up. A troop to troop transfer must be done in ABC Snap so that proceeds will be recalculated for each troop (see page 8 for details). The link for the online cookie cupboard will be posted at and in Cookie Connection emails.

Giving girls credit for additional cookies sold When girls sell additional cookies that were not initially ordered by her, a troop to girl transfer must be completed to give her credit toward recognitions. See page 8 for details on how to complete a Troop to Girl transfer. Cookies sold at a cookie booth should be divided between the girls managing the booth. Cookies can be transferred to girls multiple times and cookies may also be transferred back to the troop if a girl has not sold all the cookies she ordered. All changes in proceeds and balance due to council will be reflected in ABC Snap immediately after transfer is complete. All transfers must be documented by a signed receipt.

 If a girl is selling in the neighborhood, having cookies on hand will be best

What does a troop do with unsold cookies?

 If a girl is selling to family, using e-cards might be best

There are several options for troops to deplete their cookie inventory – unsold cookies are not returnable

1. After checking with all families in the troop to see if anyone needs more cookies,

How much should a troop order? The troop should decide as a troop how many additional cases they would like to order based on the troop goal, cookie booths scheduled and previous sales (if applicable). Remember, cookies are not returnable and troops can always pick up more.


hold a cookie booth to sell all left over cookies. See the Cookie Booth Guide for details.

2. Post the cookies on the online cookie cupboard to transfer to another troop 3. Exchange unopened, full cases varieties for more popular varieties at a cookie cupboard (Please call in advance with large quantities)

Troop selling average bonus! All troops with a per girl selling average of 144 packages or more in the initial order will earn a troop outing to a Milwaukee Admirals game on March 15. Each registered girl in the troop will receive one Milwaukee Admirals ticket in addition to two adult chaperone tickets. Family and friends can also purchase tickets at a discount.

5 for 5 troop incentive for cookies Earn an additional $.05 per package in cookie proceeds when the troop meets these criteria: 1.

Troop participation in the Fall Nut Sale (90% of registered girls participating).


Register 90% of the number of girls that were in the troop during the 2012/2013 membership year by September 28 or new troops register at least twelve girls and two adults.


Troop cookie captain and/or leader attend cookie training December 7 or 9.


Girls participating in the Cookie Program Activity set goals online in COCO (Cookie Command Center).


Troop per girl selling average is 175 packages or more by March 30 and all council ACH payments are made on time. (90% of registered girls participating.)

Milwaukee Bucks bonus! All girls participating in the Cookie Program Activity will receive a voucher for one free Bucks ticket when an adult ticket is purchased for the February 22 game. Vouchers will be distributed at cookie pick up locations. Additional family and friend tickets are available at a discounted rate. Girls will receive a Milwaukee Bucks patch at the game.

Troop proceeds Troops earn proceeds on the packages sold based on the selling average of the girls participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity. The per-girl selling average is determined by taking the total number of packages sold by the troop and dividing by the number of girls participating in the Cookie Program Activity. Additional cookies picked up at cookie cupboards will increase the per-girl selling average of the troop.

It is important to remember that troop proceeds belong to the Girl Scout troop and not to the individual members of the troop.

All five requirements must be met to earn the additional $.05 per package. The 5 for 5 incentive funds will be transferred into the troop account electronically by April 1. Visit this website for selling tips, goal setting activities and more to enhance the cookie selling experience. There is something for girls, volunteers and families. Encourage girls to visit to access COCO to: 

Set goals for themselves


Send ecards to family and friends telling them it’s cookie time


Set up an account to use the new cookie app for the iphone (girls can take orders, track orders and payments and track their overall sale with their Apple device)

Opt out option Troops in grades 6-12 can choose to opt out of receiving recognitions (including PACs) and earn an additional $.05 per package in proceeds. Each girl will receive a participation patch and goal getter patch if selling requirements are met. This must be a troop decision. To opt out, each girl in the troop must sign the Recognition Opt Out Form (downloadable at and turn it in before January 15 to the council office.

Decisions about spending troop proceeds need to reflect the wishes and interests of all of the girls.

Troop proceeds Packages per girl

$ per package

1-75 76-125 126-175 176+

$.50 $.60 $.70 $.80


On my honor… Troops are expected to be honest and fair when selling cookies. Cookie packages are clearly marked with expiration dates. If the council discovers that any troop is selling cookies from a previous sale, the council will take immediate action.

Tips for success! Communication with all members of the troop is crucial to managing a direct sale. Check with families often to see who needs more and who needs help. This is a great way to promote teamwork! Receipts must be signed by both parties any time a cookie or money transaction takes place. It is best to complete a transfer in ABC Snap for each transaction. There are also handy spreadsheets available at for easy tracking. Go to to access the Cookie Command Center (COCO). Encourage each girl to set goals before selling begins and set up her email list for online marketing. This is a great way to see how each girl in the troop is doing and cheer them on along the way. Set a troop goal and communicate the goal to all families. It is proven that girls will sell more when they have a goal to meet. Remember that the council goal is 144 packages per girl. Order cookies wisely as cookies are not returnable. Girls that have set high goals should order manageable amounts up front. Additional cookies can be picked up throughout the month of February, so it is safest to order a few additional cases to start with and pick up more when needed. If the troop has more than one cookie booth shift scheduled, do not order cookies for all of the shifts at once. Use leftovers from girls, leftovers from prior booth shifts or use a cookie cupboard to only get what the troop needs.


Recognitions Recognitions are cumulative which means girls earn each recognition item up to the total number of packages she has sold. Girls earn recognitions on all cookies sold through February 27. Recognitions will be calculated automatically in ABC Snap for each girl based on the total number of packages transferred before February 27 including cookies sold at a cookie booth. Program Activity Credits (PACs) are credits that can be used toward:

Packages Recognition item 12 55 80 105 125

Patch Zipper pull Sunglasses Water bottle Love cookies necklace


T-shirt or $10 PAC


Cinch Sack or $10 PAC Plush red panda or $10 PAC Tapeffiti kit or $10 PAC Duffle bag or $10 PAC Towel or $10 PAC 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point

200 •

Day camp

Resident camp

Any council sponsored event or activity

Resource center purchases

PACs are valid March 15 – December 15, 2014. PACs are transferable to siblings only. All troop recognitions are picked up at the April Service Area meeting. Anyone from the troop can pick up the recognitions. See the gswise website for locations and dates. Volunteer patches are available for purchase in the council resource centers.

250 300 400 500 750 1000 1250 1500 1750 2000




Beginning at 500 packages, one adventure point is earned for each 250 packages sold. Girls can mix and match their points to create their own adventure.





500 Club Adventure

A lunch cruise on Lake Michigan for the Girl Scout and her special adult departing from Navy Pier in Chicago on Saturday, May 10, 2014 (bus transportation to Chicago is included)


Milwaukee Zoo Season Zoo admission pass and parking for two adults and adult’s children 17 and younger Family Pass (expires December 31, 2014)*


Two 2014 season tickets to Six Flags Great America

Unlimited admission to all Six Flags with parking


$100 PAC



750 Club Adventure

A day at American Girl Place in Chicago on May 3, 2014 for the Girl Scout and her special adult: includes $130 credit for doll purchase, lunch in the café, a visit to the salon and a photo shoot

2 2 2 2 3 3

iPod Touch Kindle Fire HD 19” TV 4 Brewers tickets iPad Touch screen laptop

5th generation 16GB 7” screen 32 GB   4 tickets with preferred parking 16 GB Toshiba 15.6” screen


2 night Wilderness 2 nights in a standard room – includes 4 waterpark passes (used by December 31, stay in Wisconsin Dells 2014)


Mall of America

Amtrak tickets for two and one night stay at hotel near mall (used by December 31, 2014)*


Macbook Air Laptop

13” display


Mackinac Island

Amtrak tickets for Girl Scout and her special adult plus two nights stay on the island (Must be used by December 31, 2014)*


2 Airline tickets

Tickets for Girl Scout and her special adult anywhere in the continental US. Must be used May 1 – December 31*

For example, if a Girl Scout sells 1000 packages, she would earn three points. She could choose both the 500 Club celebration and the 750 Club celebration (1 point + 2 points = 3 points) or she could choose the Wilderness stay (3 points). Girls earning adventure points will receive an email on March 1 to determine what adventure she would like. All travel reservations must be made by September 30. Some restrictions apply. *Restrictions apply All reservations for hotels and transportation must be made through Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast by Friday, September 26, 2014.


ABC Snap online cookie ordering system Getting started

Transferring cookies

It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer as the browser for ABC Snap. 1. In the address bar of Internet Explorer, type 2. Type in the login (this is the email address provided on the Cookie Captain Agreement) 3. Type in the password: cookies

Troops can create four different types of cookie transfers in ABC Snap

Troop information 1. Edit troop information  Click on the MY TROOP icon at the top, and then edit troop information  Enter ALL contact information for the troop cookie captain and troop leader’s contact information for alternate contact  The email address entered here will be the email that receives all notifications from ABC Snap  Choose a delivery station from the drop down menu  Set the recognition plan to recognitions (grade 6 and older choosing to opt out, should be set to “opt out”) 2. Set up the security code  Code can be any five digits  Enter the troop security code in the “notes” field at the bottom (only volunteers authorized by the troop cookie captain should be given this code) 3. Set up girls in the troop  Click on the MY TROOP icon  Click on add/edit/delete troop information  Click on add new girl at the top to enter each girl’s first and last name

All orders in ABC Snap are in packages Use the dashboard view when you log into ABC Snap to see: Sales tab: Review tab: • Uncommitted orders • The troop selling average (PGA = per girl selling average) • Recognition orders needing update • Proceeds earned • Total sales and money collected

Entering the initial cookie order  Click on the COOKIES icon.  Click on initial order.  Each girl in the troop will be listed.  Enter each girls’ order in packages.  The system will total by variety in packages in the subtotal line.  If the troop would like to order additional cookies for cookie booths or for additional selling , enter those by packages in the Booth/Extras line (1 case = 12 packages)  The order can be modified until midnight on January 18 (click save each time) –do not click commit until all orders are solidified. To edit an order, click on initial order and make changes.  All initial orders are picked up in full cases; the bottom line will show the order in full cases. The troop is responsible for selling additional packages needed to fill cases.

Scheduling a pick-up time Pick-up times can only be scheduled after the cookie order has been committed and a delivery station has been chosen (see step one under Edit your troop information).  Click on the MY TROOP icon, then delivery, and then schedule pick-up.  Click on the delivery date on the calendar displayed.  Click “available slots” on the date the troop will be picking up.  Click the “+” sign next to the desired time slot.  A message will confirm the selected date and time.


 Troop to girl transfer – additional cookies sold by a girl not included in her initial total  Girl to troop transfer – cookies a girl had ordered, but not sold and the troop is taking responsibility  Girl to girl transfer – one girl sells the cookies that were already included in another girl’s totals  Troop to troop transfer – one troop obtains cookies from another troop to sell To create a cookie transfer in ABC Snap  Click on the COOKIES icon, then transfer order.  Choose the type of transfer.  To transfer additional cookies to a girl in the troop: o Click Troop to Girl Transfer. o Choose the girl where it says “choose girl” in the “to” line. o Enter the cookies by variety in packages to be transferred and click OK. o These cookies will count toward her total for recognitions and will immediately show up on the girl balance and recognition reports. o If transferring cookies sold at a cookie booth, enter the number of packages (not designated by variety) in the booth box. These cookies will count toward the girl’s recognitions, but will not be included in the amount owed by the girl.  To transfer cookies to or from another troop o Click on Troop to troop transfer. o Enter the troop number in the search field and hit enter. o Enter the quantity in packages by variety. o You will receive email notification that the transfer is complete.

ABC Snap online cookie ordering system Creating the recognition order by February 27  Once all cookie packages are transferred to the girls in the troop, a recognition order must be created. Click on the RECOGNITIONS icon, then create recognition order, then recognitions.  ABC Snap will automatically create an order for all recognitions earned by each girl once you click create.  Each girl that is listed in red on the left needs review. Girls listed in black do not require any choices. Click on the girl’s name in red to view her earned recognitions.

Reports ABC Snap allows users to run a variety of reports to review information about the cookie order. Reports are located under the REPORTS icon and are generated in real time. To view reports, click on the REPORTS icon and click on Reports.

 All the recognitions shown under the red banner require a choice. Refer to the girl permission slips for girl’s choices of PAC or recognition item.

 In the Report Categories box, click on Summary Reports.

 Adventure points will automatically be issued and girls will receive en email from the council for their adventure choice.

 On the right, click on the desired report to view troop information.

 To update a recognition order, click on the RECOGNITIONS icon and click view recognition orders. Double click on the existing recognition order.

 Click the Go to Report box.

 Click commit once all choices are finalized.

Creating a planned order to pick up additional cookies Planned orders may be picked up at any cookie cupboard (see the cookie cupboard listing on page 11). Planned orders must be submitted in ABC Snap by midnight Sunday to pick up that week.  Click on the COOKIES icon, then planned order.  Choose the cupboard and preferred pick up date.  Enter the order by package and variety, then click submit and save.  Please contact the cookie cupboard manager with pick up questions.  Anyone with the troop’s security code can pick up a planned order.  The picked up cookies will be transferred to the troop in ABC Snap within two days of pick up and will be reflected on the Troop Balance Summary Report as a cupboard to troop transfer.  Contact the cookie cupboard manager to check on cookie availability with no planned order.

Creating financial transactions Families should pay for cookies sold before receiving more cookies to sell. To keep track of amounts paid, create a financial transaction for each payment to the troop. 

Click on the FINANCE icon.


Click on create new girl transaction.


Fill in all field and makes notes if necessary.


Troop bank deposits cannot be entered into ABC Snap.

 Change the “unit of measure” dropdown to “packages.”  All reports can be viewed as a pdf, HTML, or text (which can be opened in Excel for easy sorting).  Click the View Report box. The Troop Balance Summary report will show the troop’s selling average, the amount the troop has earned in proceeds and the amount the troop owes the council. If additional cookies were picked up after the initial pick-up, they will show up in the Transfers section. The total number of packages sold includes Cookie Share and extra packages needed to fill cases. The per-girl selling average is calculated using the total number of packages sold and divided by the number of girls selling. Check this report before finalizing the sale. Troops may only need to sell a little more to earn a lot more. Print out a copy of this report to keep with the troop financial records. The Girl Balance Summary report will show how much money each girl owes for cookies sold. Cookies allocated to girls from booth sales will NOT be included in the total. The Recognition Order Summary by Girl report will show the recognitions each girl has earned. Use this report when separating recognition orders. The Girl Balance Summary report will show how much each girl owes for cookies sold including cookie share and transfers. The Transfer Order Summary report will show a detailed list of all transfers done within the troop. Archived reports will show troop selling information for the last years. Click on archives, then choose the year. 9

2014 Initial Cookie Pick Up Locations Initial order cookie pick-up Cookies are delivered to more than 20 different pick up locations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and troops may choose where they would like to pick up their initial cookie order regardless of their service area. Choose the pick-up location in ABC Snap when editing the troop information. To help ensure a smooth delivery: 

Schedule the pick-up time in ABC Snap and be on time.


Bring a vehicle big enough to accommodate the order. (An empty minivan will hold 100 cases.)


Double count the order before loading.


The adult picking up the troop order will sign a receipt making the troop responsible for payment of all cookies received.


Remember the security code is needed to pick up cookies.

Delivery Location Brown Deer Fire Dept. Burlington - Lynch Automotive Caledonia Fire Dept. Dousman Fire Dept. Eagle - BHS Underground, Inc. Franklin Fire Dept. Germantown-All American Windows Kenosha - Otto Nelson Moving & Storage Menomonee Falls Malkin's Warehouse Mequon Nature Preserve Merton - Firemans Park Muskego Fire Dept. #3 New Berlin Fire Dept. #3 (Racine Ave) Oconomowoc Oak Creek - PPG Industries Pewaukee Fire Dept.

Station Manager Email Martin Stein Kathy Hernandez

Racine Fire Dept. Rubicon Salem Fire Station State Fair Park Waukesha - Barrett Moving & Storage Waukesha Fire House # 2 Wauwatosa Fire Dept. West Bend- Jansen Family Park Wind Lake Fire Dept.


Christie Johnson Amy Meyer Carol Tomasik

Address 4401 River Lane 2300 Browns Lake Dr. Burlington 6040 Douglas Ave 107 S Main St. 540 Anton Ct.

Wendy Nielson Sue Schiller

8901 W. Drexel Ave. N112 W14880 Mequon Rd.

Friday, January 24 Friday, January 24

Carol Bell

6203 28th Ave.

Saturday, January 25

Kathy Hernandez

Thursday, January 23

TBA Lena Jendusa Sue Menzies Tammy Pollen


12855 Silver Spring Rd. Unit C -Back of Bldg. TBA 7261 Main St. S76 W17858 Janesville Rd. 5120 Racine Ave.

TBA Thursday, January 23 Wednesday, January 22 Saturday, January 25

Deanna Pattridge Lisa Marshall

430 Armour Court 10800 South 13th Street

Thursday, January 24 Sunday, January 26

Susan Dankert

Saturday, January 25

Jane Wetterberg Kayla Fischer Robyn Moeller Natalie Dokerty

W239 N2242 Pewaukee Road 810 8th St. W1761 Woodland Rd. 8339 Antioch Rd. 640 S. 84th Street

Christa Buchholz

Saturday, January 25 Saturday, January 25 Saturday, January 25 Friday, January 24Sunday, January 26 Saturday, January 25

N8 W22270 Johnson Dr.

Troop Pick up Saturday, January 25 Saturday, January 25 Friday, January 24 Saturday, January 25 Friday, January 24

Kristen Ricciardelli Jen Rakowiecki Lynndee Murphy

1714 Pearl St. Saturday, January 25 10525 Watertown Plank Rd. Saturday, January 25 3745 Schuster Dr. Thursday, January 23

Sharon Mehring

7857 S. Loomis Rd.

Thursday, January 23

2014 Cookie Cupboard Locations Locations listed below are available for additional cookie pick up after the initial cookie order pick up. Most locations are available all weekends in February. Remember to enter a planned order in ABC Snap on Sunday (details page 9) before your weekend pick up. Cupboard Barrett Moving Hales Corners Hubertus Kenosha Menomonee Falls Mequon Milwaukee Service Center Milwaukee (south) Mukwonago New Berlin (south) Pewaukee Racine Salem West Allis West Bend Woodhaven (Kenosha Service Center)

Manager Kathy Hernandez Kristin Murphy Sue Schiller Maggy Lych Jackie Moglowsky Emery Steffen Kathy Hernandez Natalie Dockerty Carol Tomasik Tammy Pollen Susan Dankert Debby Capener Robin Moeller Dawn B LynnDee Murphy Carol Bell

Contact no email

Address Johnson Dr. 5345 S. 98th St. 1463 Heather Circle 6915 67th st. #203 N87 W17786 Shepherd Dr. 2213 W. Mequon Rd. 131 S. 69th St. 3738 W. LakeďŹ eld Dr. W320 S7839 Mark Circle 17100 Shadow Dr. 348 Majeskie Dr. 8020 Gina Dr. 23627 81st St. 2341 S. 58th St. TBA 2303 37th St.


Cookie booths

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Cookie booths are a great way for troops to earn additional proceeds by selling Girl Scout cookies directly to the public at area businesses. In addition, they give girls the opportunity to set up, run and manage their own cookie store. Cookie booths begin on January 26.

ACH is an electronic network that transfers funds between banks. (If you pay your bills online, you are already using ACH.) Make sure that the troop leader has handed in their ACH Authorization Form. This form has to be completed when new troops start up or existing troops change bank accounts. Troops without an ACH form on file will not be authorized to enter their troop order in ABC Snap.

All cookie booths must be scheduled and approved by the council through ABC Snap. See the 2014 Cookie Booth Guide for details on scheduling and the Cookie Booth Agreement Form that must be signed by each participating troop.

Money collection Girls collect payment from customers at the time the cookies are delivered or sold.



Customers pay for their cookie order by cash or check written to the troop account.


Any time money is given to the troop from a family, a signed receipt must document this transaction. (Additional receipt books are available.)


Do not have parents write one check for their daughter’s entire order. Please do not accept a single check for more than $150.


Do not give a family additional cookies before payment has been made for the first order.


Accepting multiple payments by parents is encouraged. (Remember, the first ACH debit is on February 18).


Enter what each family has paid into ABC Snap to keep track of how much more each owes.


Deposits should be made into the troop account as soon as possible after checks are received.


Only the amount due to the council will be deducted from the troop bank account, the proceeds will remain in the troop account.


These debits occur in two separate transactions: 50% will be debited from the troop account on February 18 and the remaining balance will be debited on March 11. If additional cookies are picked up after February 28, an additional ACH debit will occur on March 15.


To view the amount due to the council, revisit the Troop Balance Summary report in ABC Snap. After February 15, the report will reflect the first payment and will show the remaining balance due.

Past due payments If the troop has an issue with money collection, complete the Outstanding Balance Form found at documenting all attempts to collect the amount owed. Girl Scout families are responsible for collecting payment for all unreturned cookies. Troops, however, are not responsible for paying for Girl Scout families that have not paid the troop and not returned cookies. This amount owed to the troop will be deducted from the ACH debit on March 11. A signed permission slip and receipt must accompany this form. This form must be received by the council no later than February 28 in order to adjust the debit amount on March 11. If the payment is received by troop, please contact the council office immediately.

Returned checks Any checks made out to the troop account that are returned for non-sufficient funds or closed accounts should also be submitted to the council using the Outstanding Balance Form. Troops are not responsible for absorbing the debt from bounced checks. This amount will be deducted from the troop ACH debit if received by February 20 or the troop will be credited via ACH after March 11. Troops should NOT accept a single check for more than $150. After the troop has made a reasonable effort to recoup the amount owed plus any bank fees, submit the completed form to the council. Outstanding Balance Forms for returned checks must be submitted to the council no later than four weeks after the bank notification of the NSF. If the check was written by a Girl Scout family, you must include the signed permission slip and receipt.

How to guide for the troop cookie captain