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Cookies and Nuts Planning Guide Be Prepared! Start preparing now for participation in the Fall Nut Sale and Cookie Program Activity:  Register your troop on time.  Recruit and register your troop nut manager/troop cookie captain.  Register for nut/cookie training.  Submit the Troop-Service Area Account Information and ACH Form to the council. (This form is required for participation in either program.) Look at the financial literacy badges that can be earned and connect them with selling cookies and nuts.

Fall Nut Sale The Fall Nut Sale is designed to help Girl Scouts earn money for activities at the beginning of the program year. All levels of Girl Scouts are invited to participate. Troops earn money for each item sold (up to $1.00 per item). Girls earn recognition items in addition to Program Activity Credits (PACs) that can be used for day or resident camp, council-sponsored events and activities, or resource center purchases. This friends and family sale is a great warm-up for the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity! Recruit and register your troop nut manager now! Troop nut manager requirements:  Register with GSUSA and complete a Volunteer Application and Background Check Authorization.  Complete online nut training.

Goal is 36 items sold per girl

 Verify that all girls participating are registered with GSUSA and have submitted a signed Nut Sale Permission Slip.  Set up all troop information in the online ordering system.  Submit each girls order online.  Pick up initial troop order.  Distribute product and recognitions to girls and retain receipts for all transactions.  Follow banking procedures as outlined in the Fall Nut Sale How-to Guide and forward collection issues to the council immediately.

Fall Nut Sale Timeline Now–October 11

Register all girls and adult volunteers with GSUSA Recruit a troop nut manager/complete easy online training Troops submit Troop-Service Area Account Information and ACH Form to the council

October 11

Girls begin taking orders

November 1

Submit troop nut order online

November 13–17

Pick-up product and recognitions

December 5 and 18 ACH debit from troop account

Skill Building with Product Sales Each year the council sponsors two product program activities, Fall Nut Sale and the Cookie Program. By participating in these activities, girls learn Five Skills which are an important ingredient in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience: Goal Setting: Girls set goals and with their team create a plan to reach them. Decision Making: Girls develop a basic business plan and work as a team to decide where and when to sell and what to do with the money earned. Money Management: Girls develop a budget, take orders, handle customers’ money, and gain valuable practical life skills. People Skills: Girls learn how to talk to, listen to, and work with all kinds of people while selling cookies and nuts. Business Ethics: Girls are honest and responsible during every step of selling cookies and nuts. Participating in product program activities also provides financial support for troop activities.

New this Year! 5 for 5 Troop Incentive for cookies Earn an additional $.05 per package in cookie proceeds when your troop meets these criteria: 1. Troop participation in the Fall Nut Sale (90% of registered girls participating). 2. Register 90% of the number of girls that were in your troop during the 2012/2013 membership year by September 28 or new troops register at least twelve girls and two adults. 3. Troop cookie captain and/or leader attend cookie training December 7 or 9. 4. Girls participating in the Cookie Program Activity set goals online in COCO (cookie command center). 5. Troop per girl selling average is 175 or more by March 30 and all council ACH payments have been made on time. (90% of registered girls participating.) All five requirements must be met to earn the additional $.05 per package. Learn all the details of the 5 for 5 troop incentive at cookie training! Two new cookies are being unveiled this year (good-bye Mango Crèmes) and one is gluten free. Cookie Adventure Recognition Choices In 2014, girls selling 500 packages or more will have the option to choose their own adventure recognitions. Attend the cookie training on December 7 or 9 to find out more. A new Sweet-n-Crunchy Trail Mix is offered in the Fall Nut Sale (great for school lunches).

Cookie Program Activity Timeline Now–December 7

Register any new girls or adults with GSUSA Recruit a troop cookie captain/register for training

December 7 and 9

Cookie captain/troop leader attend training

December 9–January 1

Hold troop cookie parent meeting

January 1

Optional order taking begins

January 18

Submit troop cookie order online

January 22–26

Cookie deliveries

January 26

Girls begin selling directly Cookie booths begin

February 15 and March 11

ACH debit from troop account

April service area meeting Pick-up troop cookie recognitions

Thank you for making the 2013 Cookie Program Activity a Success!

Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity

The Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity is not just about cookies–it is the nation’s premier entrepreneurship program for girls. Many business women cite selling Girl Scout cookies as their first, and most motivational, entrepreneurial We are excited to announce that due to experience. Girls are invited to set personal goals as well as troop financial goals. the overwhelming success of the 2013 Girls should think about what kind of troop activities they want to do, as well as how they can help the community. All Girl Scouts are invited to participate in direct sale, we will once again use the the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity. Troops earn between $.50 and $.85 per direct sale format for the 2014 cookie package sold depending on the per girl selling average of the troop. Girls also earn program activity. Based on feedback recognitions individually including Program Activity Credits. from all of you, changes have been made to make this method easier Troop cookie captain requirements: for volunteers and families and more profitable for troops. Discover how  Register with GSUSA and complete a Volunteer Application and much fun cookies can be at the 2014 Background Check Authorization. Attend cookie captain training on Cookie Training on December 7 and 9. December 7 or 9 and pick up troop selling materials.  Provide cookie training for girls and their families.

Mark Your Calendars Now for the 2014 Cookie Training

 Verify that all girls participating are registered with GSUSA and have submitted a signed Cookie Program Activity Permission Slip.

Saturday, December 7 or Monday, December 9

 Submit troop’s initial cookie order.

 Set up all troop information in ABC Snap (online ordering system).

 Pick up initial troop cookie order.

 All troop cookie captains and troop leaders are encouraged to attend.

 Distribute cookies to girls and retain receipts for all transactions.

 Selling materials will be distributed to registered troops at these locations with a completed troop cookie captain agreement form.

 Submit planned orders and pick up additional cookies as needed.

 Cookie experts will be on hand at each of the venues to answer your cookie questions.  Taste-test all the cookies including the new cookies.  Each troop will receive one free sample package of the new cookies being unveiled this year.  Online training will be available beginning December 1 for troops with more than one year’s experience, but attendance at one of the training meetings is mandatory for new troop cookie captains.  Pick up selling materials on December 7 or 9 at cookie training locations. Find the most convenient training location for you and register at Registration opens September 30, 2013.

 Maintain close communication with girls, parents, and troop leader throughout the sale.

 Plan cookie booths.  Follow banking procedures as outlined in the How-to Guide for the Troop Cookie Captain and forward collections issues to the council immediately.  Pick up and distribute recognitions to girls in April.

Goal is 144 cookie packages sold per girl

Host a Cookie Rally What is a cookie rally? A cookie rally is a kickoff event that showcases the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity. Designed to help girls learn and get excited about selling cookies while doing hands-on activities, a rally is a great way to show girls and their families the value of the Cookie Program Activity while having fun and generating enthusiasm for the upcoming cookie season. Who should be invited to the cookie rally? A cookie rally can be a big or small as you like. Invite all the troops in your service area or the troops from your school or just have a rally within your own troop. When to host a rally? Any time before cookie ordering starts is a great time for a rally. How do I get started? It’s easy! All the planning has been done for you and can be found in the Cookie Rally Guide at Schedules, budgeting worksheets, supply lists and activities are all covered in the guide. There are also “take-out boxes” available for check out from your nearest service center including cookie costumes, table cloths and other cookie promotional items. Cookies can also be ordered for taste-testing. Who can help to plan and host a cookie rally? Adult and girl volunteers in your area can work together to plan and host a cookie rally–what a great way to get to know your sister Girl Scouts! Girl Scouts in grade 6 and older gain valuable skills from planning and organizing cookie rallies.

Cookies and nuts planning guide 2013 14