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iGIRL: Creating your story

Resident camp for girls entering grades 7-10

Camp iGirl Open House

Sunday, June 22 - Friday, June 27, 2014 Alverno College, Milwaukee

Monday, June 2, 2014 6:00-8:00 p.m. Visit Alverno College before camp starts to see what the dorm rooms look like and meet the staff. “Camp iGirl made me learn that I can do anything. I learned that I am creative and have a lot of ideas that I can share and also help people.” Emily, Camp iGirl participant



is where you come to put the ME in Media.

The media is full of stories. And stories are told in all media. At Camp iGirl you will learn how you can shape media—for yourself, your community and beyond. You’ll take a critical look at the media that is all around you and learn how you can make the world a little better, a little more real…so it reflects your own reality. Your story. Your change. • Let your voice be heard and advocate for change. Learn how to know yourself and use your skills to make the world better. • Watch your confidence soar as you start living your story instead of someone else’s.

In addition to working in the classroom, you will: • Explore media careers with hands-on field trips. • Express your creativity in an acting or performance workshop. • Visit Camp Alice Chester swim, paddleboard, and make s’mores.

• Be a college student for the week and live in the dorms. • Work with outstanding Alverno faculty, students and inspiring women in the Milwaukee community.

The camp week will end with a parent program to showcase all of your hard work to family and friends.


iGIRL information

Sunday, June 22 - Friday, June 27, 2014 Fee: $295 on or before 4/6 - $320 after 4/6

Choose one focus for your week at camp:

Magazine Editor

Project Redesigner


Get thinking like a top magazine editorcritique media, create your own layout and design a magazine to show what real girls are all about. Star in a photo shoot and use photography to show off the real you.

Clever plots and catchy phrases in ads are aimed to make you buy, buy, buy! Go behind the scenes to see how those ads get made and you’re bound to find some you’ll want to change. Remake a popular current advertisement - learn how to design for maximum impact using technology and make a difference in the world.

Bring your passion to life by creating a video that advocates for change and explodes onto the big screen! Tell your story through the camera lens. Learn about cameras, production, editing, green screen effects and even adding a music soundtrack that you create. Work in teams to share your vision and let it be seen.

Digital Storyteller Do you like to write? Draw? Act? Blog? Use your creativity to tell your stories choosing from a variety of forms of expression, including poetry, fiction, journaling, comics and screenplays. Learn how to use online tools, such as blogs, webpages, voice threads and storyboards to share your stories with your family and friends.

Bio Investigator Take an eye-opening look at the world and your place in it. Explore, analyze and investigate the air, water and soil. Work in the lab, use computer simulations and connect what you discover to an environmental issue you care about. Create awareness by designing a webcast.

How to register

cout? Not a Girl S m Not a Problend camp. If

me to atte All girls are welco out, registered Girl Sc your girl is not a r fo tional $15 include an addi with payment. es membership du


• Registration will automatically open Monday, February 3, at 11:00 p.m. Online registrations are processed first and then paper registrations. Registration deadline is Friday, June 6 or when camp is at capacity.

A discount is given to registrations for Camp iGirl when full payment is made at the time of registration prior to Sunday, April 6, 11:59 p.m.

• Program Activity Credits (PAC) earned through the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity or Fall Nut Sale can reduce the cost for the girl who earned the PAC to attend camp or an event. Write the camp/event name on the PAC and mail in if registering online or attach to paper registration form.


• Financial assistance is available for registered members of Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast to help families meet the cost of sending their girl to camp and events. See the enclosed financial assistance form. Financial assistance is funded by gifts to Girl Scouting and proceeds from the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity. One resident camp, one day camp and one event will be considered for Financial Assistance per girl. Online • Go to and click on Camps. Click on Camp iGirl and then How to Register. • Create one account per family so that camper’s parent/guardian receives confirmation information. • Focus areas that are full will be marked accordingly. • Pay full payment or the $50 nonrefundable processing fee, which is part of the listed fee, with a credit/debit card or checking account. Paper • Complete the Registration and Health History forms in this brochure. • Pay full payment or the $50 nonrefundable processing fee, which is part of the listed fee, with a credit/debit card or checking account. • Mail in or bring registration form to any council resource center.

Confirmation Confirmations will be sent to your email address if you register online or list your email address on the registration form. Confirmation will include: • An invoice for balance due • Family and camper guide with a packing list • Health Exam form for doctor’s signature to show exam was within 24 months prior to the camper’s first day • Additional forms that must be turned in prior to camp • Directions to Alverno College in Milwaukee

• Refunds, minus the $50 nonrefundable processing fee, are available for cancelations received six weeks prior to a session start date. Within six weeks, refunds, minus the $50, will only be issued for medical reasons, summer school, a death or critical illness in the immediate family or if the family moves out of the area. • Cancelations must be made in writing. • If a girl needs to change camp sessions there is a $25 fee after the first session change.

Camp Buddies Register your Girl Scout for camp with her BFF! If girls want to be placed with a specific buddy, note that on the Buddy Request line during registration. If registering by paper, submit the girls’ forms together. In order to honor your request both buddies must put the others name on the Buddy Request line.



financial assistance

Please print clearly and use blue or black ink.

Financial assistance is available towards the camp fee, transportation and overnight during camp • If you registered online, mail this form to the (if applicable). Advance Trading Post orders are not covered by Financial assistance. Each form is address listed within one week or mail with paper considered on an individual basis and information provided will be kept confidential. One resident registration and $50 nonrefundable deposit for resident camp or $25 nonrefundable deposit for camp, one day camp and one event will be considered for Financial assistance per girl depending a day camp. on need. • You will receive a letter/email indicating the I am applying for Financial Assistance for: amount granted and amount due, if any. Girl’s name: Grade in fall 2014: • Participant needs to be a registered member of Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast. Address: • Use one form per applicant. City: County: Complete and mail to: Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast State: Zip:

ATTN: Financial Assistance P.O. Box 14999 Milwaukee, WI 53214-0999

Parent/guardian name: Phone #1:(


Phone #2: (


Email: Registered Girl Scout for 2013-2014? ❒ Yes ❒ No Troop #

Individual: ❒ Yes ❒ No

Has this camper participated in: ❒ Fall Product Sale ❒ Cookie Program Activity Check Household Income Range: ❒ $0-$10,000 ❒ $10,001-$20,000 ❒ $20,001-$25,000

For Resident Camp only: check one ❒ Alice Chester ❒ Camp iGirl Session Title: Session Dates:

❒ $25,001-$30,000 ❒ $30,001-$35,000 ❒ $35,001-$40,000 ❒ $40,001-$50,000

For Day Camp only: check one ❒ $50,001-$60,000 ❒ $60,001-$70,000 ❒ $70,001-$80,000 ❒ $80,001-$90,000 ❒ $90,001+ ❒ Girl Day Camper ❒ PAIT ❒ PA ❒ CIT I Number of people living on this income: Children Adults Please check the camp of choice: Statement of Need: Please state specific reasons why this assistance is needed. Volunteer Led Day Camps ❒ Lakeland-  June 9-13 Use a separate sheet of paper if necessary. ❒ Deer Trails- June 16-20 ❒ Rising Stars and Meadow Springs- June 16-20 ❒ Prairie Hill- June 23-27 ❒ Sunny Trails- July 7-11 ❒ Enchanted Waters- July 14-18 ❒ Trefoil- July 14-18 ❒ Whispering Willows- July 14-18 The early registration discount will be granted only if the registration form and Financial Assistance form are received before the early registration date. ❒ River Valley- July 21-25 ❒ Sun Lakes- July 21-25 Fees: ❒ Alpha Moraine- July 28-Aug 1 ❒ Glacier Hills- July 28-Aug 1 Total camp fee: $ ❒ Windy Waters- July 28-Aug 1 Bus fee (if applicable): +$ ❒ Woodland Trails- July 28-Aug 1 Day camp overnight fee (optional): +$ ❒ Arrowhead- August 4-8 TOTAL FEES: =$ Line A ❒ Country Cousins- August 4-8 ❒ Kenosha- August 4-8 Subtract Nonrefundable Deposit ❒ Indian Springs- August 11-15 ($50 resident camp) ($25 day camp) (if applicable): –$ ❒ Northern Lights- August 11-15 Subtract Program Activity Credit (if applicable): –$ TOTAL CREDITS: Total fees (Line A): Minus Total Credits (Line B): AMOUNT REQUESTED:

I verify that the information given is correct and true. Parent/guardian signature:

=$ $ –$ =$

Line B

Silverbrook Day Camp: ❒ SB6- July 21-25 ❒ SB1- June 16-20 ❒ SB7- July 28-August 1 ❒ SB2- June 23-27 ❒ SB3- June 30-July 3 ❒ SB8- August 4-8 ❒ SB9- August 11-13 ❒ SB4- July 7-11 ❒ SB5- July 14-18


Parents will be notified of any balance due. Balances need to be paid before the start of the camp or event.



health history

Please print clearly and use blue or black ink. Register online at or mail to: Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast • P.O. Box 14999 • Milwaukee, WI 53214-0999

Girl’s name: Session #1: Date of session: Session #2: Date of session: Session #3: Date of session: Mother/Guardian name: Phone #1 : ( Father/Guardian name: Phone #1 : ( Girl is in custodial care of (check one): ❒ Both ❒ Mother ❒ Father ❒ Other Person(s) authorized to pick up child at camp:

Location: Location: Location: ) )

Emergency Contacts (besides parent/guardian) 1. Name: Phone #1 : ( ) Phone #2 : ( ) 2. Name: Phone #1 : ( ) Phone #2 : ( )

Phone #2 : ( Phone #2 : (

) )

Relation: Relation:

Medical History Family physician name: Phone #: ( ) Are any medications taken on a regular basis? ❒ Yes ❒ No If yes, does this need to be administered at camp? ❒ Yes ❒ No If yes, explain: Do you have any restrictions or special needs related to physical activity? ❒ Yes ❒ No If yes, explain: The following nonprescription medications are commonly stocked in the camp health center and used on an as needed basis to manage illness and injury. Cross out any of the following items the camper should NOT be given. • • •

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) Anti-itch cream or lotion

• • •

Immunization Dates (M/D/Y) (Series completed, Year of booster) “Current” is not acceptable.

Tetanus or DPT

Athletes foot ointment or powder Aloe or burn gel Tums

• • • •

Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) Benadryl Eye drops Rubbing alcohol

• • • •

Hydrogen Peroxide Laxative Anti-diarrheal EpiPen

Check All That Apply Illnesses ❒ Heart defect/disease

Others/Special Needs

Allergies - include specifics

❒ Animals:

❒ Wears contacts/glasses

❒ Insect stings:

❒ Fainting

❒ Pollen:

❒ Ear problem/tubes

❒ Latex:

❒ Hearing impairment

❒ Medicine/Drugs:

❒ Emotional behaviors


❒ Musculoskeletal disorders


❒ Asthma

Hepatitis B

❒ Bleeding/Clotting disorder


❒ Seizures

❒ Nuts:

Since last health exam: ❒ Exposed to a contagious disease ❒ Had a surgical operation ❒ Had a serious illness Describe:

❒ Diabetes

❒ Milk:

❒ ADD/ADHD (circle one) medicated not medicated

❒ Other:

❒ Food(specify):

❒ Sleep disturbances

❒ Other (specify):

❒ Menstrual cramps

Type & Severity of Reaction:

❒ Nosebleeds ❒ Other:

Please explain any items that you check. Include any useful information relative to any of these health conditions.

I give my permission for my girl to receive necessary health care, prescribed medications and emergency medical treatment. This health history is complete and accurate. I will not allow my girl to attend if she becomes exposed to any contagious disease, or if for any reason, I do not consider her to be in good physical condition. Upon arrival the camp health personnel have the right to refuse to admit anyone to the camp who does not meet the acceptable health conditions e.g. temperature, contagious disease, etc.

Parent/Guardian signature: Date: A health examination with a doctor’s signature dated within 24 months prior to camp session is required. This form will be included in the confirmation information.




Please print clearly and use blue or black ink. Registration accepted up to June 6 or until camp meets capacity. Register online at or mail to: Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast • P.O. Box 14999 • Milwaukee, WI 53214-0999

Girl’s name:






Phone: (



Girl Scout Council: ❒ Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast (GSWISE)

Troop # (if applicable):

Zip: Grade in fall 2014:

❒ Other (please list):

Note: Confirmation information will be sent to your email address listed below. Please print clearly. Email address for confirmation: Buddy Request (Name): Race/Ethnicity (optional, check all that apply)

First Choice Focus name:

Race ❒ American Indian or Alaskan Native ❒ Hawaiian or Pacific Islander ❒ White (Caucasian) ❒ African American or Black ❒ Asian

Second Choice Focus name:

I have read the event information and agree that my girl and I will abide by the regulations and procedures stated therein, including those on refund, nonrefundable deposit and health of girl. I understand that I am responsible for getting my girl to and from this event. I give my girl permission to ride the bus, if applicable. I give my girl permission to attend and participate in all phases of this session (except those noted on the Health History form), including off-site trips, if applicable. I give permission for photographs/video of my girl to be taken for GSUSA, GSWISE and American Camp Association publicity and marketing purposes. If my girl is not already a registered Girl Scout, I give my permission for her to register as a member of the Girl Scouts of the USA.

T-shirt size: (free) ❒ AS ❒ AM ❒ AL ❒ AXL ❒ AXXL Session fee


GSUSA Membership dues for non-Girl Scout ($15)


Accept my tax-deductible gift to support camp

+$ Total fees $

Parent/Guardian Signature: Date:

Program Activity Credit (attach) PAC #


Financial Assistance (attach)


Gift Certificate (attach) #


Ethnicity ❒ Hispanic or Latino ❒ Not Hispanic or Latino



Enclose full amount which already includes the $50 nonrefundable deposit, or enclose a minimum of $50. Outstanding balances, including gift certificates and Program Activity Credits are due May 12. If you register online or pay by credit/debit card, outstanding balances will be automatically charged no later than May 15. Pay in full if registration is received after May 12. Any additional fees or outstanding balances will be automatically charged 7-10 days prior to camp. For all credit/debit card or check/e-check transactions, bank/credit card statements will show payments processed by Active Network.

Subtract discounts -$

Check enclosed payable to GSWISE Charge ❒ Visa ❒ MasterCard


Account # Card holder’s name (print)

Amount enclosed =$


Over for mandatory health history form

$ Exp. date

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast P.O. Box 14999 Milwaukee, WI 53214-0999

Non-Profit U.S. Postage

PAID Milwaukee, WI Permit No. 3340 Return Service Requested


iGIRL: Creating your story

“I gained the confidence to express myself in a new way in front of others/my peers.” Tanesha, Camp iGirl participant

Contact: Alyx Campbell , Camp iGirl Director 262-598-2207,

June 22–June 27

2014 Camp iGirl brochure