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2014 Girl Scout Cookie Pr ogram Activity Dear Girl Scout Family: Welcome to the 2014 Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity. By participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity, girls will learn five key skills that she will use throughout her life: • Goal setting • Decision making • Money management • People skills • Business ethics

Girls will implement these key skills by: • Being a part of the largest girl-led business in the world • Setting goals for themselves and with a group • Managing money and practicing important math and budgeting skills • Working with others and gaining people skills through interaction with the community • Making decisions about things that count and putting their ideas into action • Applying the Girl Scout Promise and Law to business ethics Your guidance and support is instrumental to the success of your Girl Scout. Thank you for your support. We are confident you will find the experience to be both enjoyable and rewarding.

How You Can Help Your Girl Scout •

Attend the troop cookie meeting.

Sign and return the permission slip before taking orders.

Make sure your Girl Scout is honest and fair and waits until January 1 to begin taking orders.

Set goals with your Girl Scout and encourage her as she tracks her progress.

Support her selling; take her to your workplace, assist with phone orders, volunteer at the troop’s cookie booth, and help deliver cookies.

Important Dates January 1

order cards and virtual order taking begins (optional)

January 18

troop order is due online

January 22-26

cookie delivery to troops

January 26

girls begin selling cookies directly to customers

February 27

last day to earn recognitions

Safety First! • Wisconsin state law requires that children under age 9 must be supervised by a person 16 or older when selling or delivering a product. • Remind your Girl Scout to wear her Girl Scout uniform, pin, or something to identify her as a Girl Scout. • Girl Scouts should not enter another person’s home. All order taking and cookie deliveries should be made at the door. • Girls do not give their own phone number, address, or last name to customers. • Always sell during daylight and with another person. • Girls should not carry large sums of money. All money needs to be turned in by a responsible adult, rather than sending it to school with your child.

Did you know? The council goal is 144 packages (12 cases) sold per girl. Girls selling 144 packages or more will receive the goal getter patch in addition to a T-shirt or $10 Program am Activity Cred dit d it. Credit.

Important Information Troop cookie captain name:



Pick up cookies at (location)

on (date)

Cookie money is due at (location)

on (date)

Recognitions Girls earn recognitions based on the number of packages they sell until February 27. Cookie sales made at a cookie booth should be divided between the girls that sold at the booth. Recognitions are cumulative. Troop recognitions will be picked up by the troop cookie captain at the April service area meeting (see for details) and then distributed to girls. Program Activity Credits (PACs) are credits that can be used toward: • Day camp • Resident camp • Any council-sponsored event or activity • Resource center purchases Cookie PACs are cumulative, awarded in $10 certificates, and valid March 15 – December 15, 2014. PACs are transferable to siblings only. Please indicate on the permission slip if your Girl Scout would like to earn PACs or the recognition at each level beginning at 144.

PACs and Summer Camp Opportunities Packages Recognition item 12 55 80 105 125 144 175 200 250 300 400 500 750 1000 1250 1500 1750 2000

Patch Zipper pull Sunglasses Water bottle Love cookies necklace T-shirt AND goal getter patch or $10 PAC Cinch Sack or $10 PAC Plush red panda or $10 PAC Tapeffiti kit or $10 PAC Duffle bag or $10 PAC Towel or $10 PAC 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point 1 Adventure point

Watch your mail for the 2014 Girl Scout summer books. Use your Girl Scout’s PACs toward GSWISE resident or day camp in addition to fun summer events. Please register for camp on time, even if your Girl Scout does not have her PACs in hand. Simply note the amount of PACs being used when registering. Once your girl receives her PACs, indicate the camp they are being used for and mail them to the council. Note: Fall Nut Sale PACs may be combined with cookie PACs.

Milwaukee Bucks Bonus! All girls participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity will receive a voucher for one free Bucks ticket when an adult ticket is purchased for the March 8, 2014 game. Vouchers will be distributed at cookie pick-ups. Additional family and friend tickets are available at a discounted rate. Girls will receive a Milwaukee Bucks patch at the game.




Adventure points are earned cumulatively beginning at 500 packages. Girls can mix and match their points to create their own adventure. Points




500 Club Adventure

A lunch cruise on Lake Michigan for the Girl Scout and her special adult departing from Navy Pier in Chicago on Saturday, May 10 (bus transportation to Chicago is included)


Milwaukee Zoo Season Family Pass

Zoo admision pass and parking for two adults and adult’s children 17 and younger (expires December 31, 2014)


Two 2014 season tickets to Six Flags Great America $100 PAC


750 Club Adventure

2 2 2 2 3 3

iPod Touch Kindle Fire HD 19” TV 4 Brewers tickets iPad Touch screen laptop 2 night Wilderness stay in Wisconsin Dells



Unlimited admission to all Six Flags with parking   A day at American Girl Place in Chicago on May 3 for the Girl Scout and her special adult: includes $130 credit for doll purchase, lunch in the café, a visit to the salon and a photo shoot 5th generation 16GB 7” screen 32 GB   4 tickets with preferred parking 16 GB Toshiba 15.6” screen 2 nights in a standard room – includes 4 waterpark passes (used by December 31, 2014)


Mall of America

Amtrak tickets for two and one night stay at hotel near mall (used by December 31, 2014)*


Macbook Air Laptop

13” display


Mackinac Island

Amtrak tickets for Girl Scout and her special adult plus two nights stay on the island (Must be used by December 31, 2014)*


2 Airline tickets

Tickets for Girl Scout and her special adult anywhere in the continental US. Must be used May 1 – December 31*

*Restrictions apply For example, if a Girl Scout sells 1000 packages, she would earn 3 points. She could choose both the 500 club celebration and the 750 club celebration (1 point + 2 points = 3 points). Or she could choose the Wilderness stay (3 points). Or she could choose the 500 Club Adventure, the Six Flags tickets, and the $100 PAC (1 point + 1 point + 1 point = 3 points). Girls earning adventure points will receive an email on March 1 to determine what adventure she would like. All reservations for hotels and transportation must be made through Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast by Friday, September 26.

Cookie Program Activity General Information Who can participate? Any registered Girl Scout at any grade level.

Who bakes our cookies? Our council’s cookies are baked by ABC Bakers of Richmond, VA; one of two companies licensed by Girl Scouts of the USA to bake Girl Scout cookies.

How much do the cookies sell for? $3.75 per package.

What if my Girl Scout needs additional cookies? If for any reason your Girl Scout needs additional cookies, please contact your troop cookie captain. Additional cookies are available through March.

How does the cookie crumble? Approximately $2.00 per package sold supports girl and volunteer services in Southeastern Wisconsin. Troops earn between $.50 – $.80 per package. Recognitions cost approximately $.10 per package.

What the Cookies Support All of the proceeds—every penny—from the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity remain in southeastern Wisconsin. This revenue is used to benefit girls, some of it directly by remaining in the Girl Scout troop treasury and some of it indirectly by subsidizing the cost of providing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls in our area. Proceeds of the Cookie Program Activity help Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast: • Recruit and train adult volunteers. • Provide the financial assistance needed to make Girl Scouting available for all girls. • Improve and maintain camp and other activity sites. • Keep event/camp fees for all members to a minimum. • Sponsor special events and projects.

Cookie Share Cookie Share is a project that encourages customers to purchase Girl Scout Cookies that will be donated to local charities. The girls in the troop decide where they would like to donate their Cookie Share cookies. Customers purchasing cookies to be donated write the number of packages in the Cookie Share column and pay for the cookies at that time. The troop donates all the Cookie Share cookies to their designated charity. Cookie Share thank you notes for customers are available for download on the council website, Cookie Share cookies are 100% tax deductible.

Direct Selling Method Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast introduced a direct selling method in 2013 with incredible results. The direct sale is a blended sale of order taking and direct selling. Based on feedback from volunteers and families, changes have been made to streamline the process. The optional order taking has been extended for those troops that prefer pre orders and direct selling begins on January 26. A direct sale encourages the troop to work as a team.

How Does the Direct Sale Work? It is proven that customers will purchase more when the cookies are on hand. To get started, order cards are available to begin taking orders on January 1. Place an order with your troop cookie captain based on your Girl Scout’s goal, last year’s sales (if applicable) and pre orders taken. Encourage your Girl Scout to order more than what has been pre ordered by customers. Have additional packages of cookies with you as your deliver the pre ordered cookies for those that missed ordering. Use the different selling methods for different types of customers. • If a parent is helping, an order card at the work place would be best • If a girl is selling in the neighborhood, having cookies on hand would be best • If a girl is selling to family and friends, using eCards may be best See your troop cookie captain about getting more cookies when you sell out. All cookies sold by February 27 will count toward your Girl Scout’s recognitions. Encourage your girl’s troop to participate in a cookie booth. Be sure to go over the Cookie Booth Agreement Form before volunteering at a cookie booth.

Goal Setting


The council goal is 144 packages (12 cases) or more of cookies per girl. Look at the recognitions with your Girl Scout and have her set her goal based on what she would like to earn. The girls in the troop should have also set a troop goal. Encourage your Girl Scout to set personal goals in addition to her sales goals. Set personal goals such as: • Call parents’ friends to ask for support • Make a poster for parent to post at work • Count money to learn money management skills • Write thank you notes to give to customers with their cookies

It is critical that you communicate with your troop cookie captain throughout the cookie program activity. You should give her a weekly inventory of how many cookies you have left and how many more you need. The troop cookie captain can place additional orders for pick up throughout February. If you feel that you have ordered too many cookies, let the troop cookie captain know as soon as possible so that another girl that needs more cookies can sell yours. If you do NOT communicate with the troop cookie captain that you have ordered too many cookies by February 8, you will be responsible for the payment of all cookies ordered. Exchanges of varieties are also available through your troop cookie captain. The cookie captain will keep track of what each girl has sold so that recognitions are earned accordingly.

New This Year! Citrus Cranberry Crisp Cookie Crispy cookie filled with 9 grams of whole grain and made with real fruit.

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

Troop Proceeds Troops earn proceeds on the packages sold based on the selling average of the girls participating in the sale. The per girl selling average is determined by taking the total number of packages sold by the troop and dividing by the number of girls participating in the sale. It is important to remember that troop proceeds belong to the Girl Scout troop and not to the individual members of the troop. Decisions about spending troop proceeds need to reflect the wishes and interests of all the girls. Average Troop Proceeds Packages $/package per girl 1–75 $.50 76–125 $.60 126–175 $.70 176+ $.80

On My Honor Girls are expected to be honest and fair when selling cookies. Cookie packages are clearly marked with expiration dates and packages from previous sales should not be sold.

This cookie is an optional cookie that troops can choose to sell. It is not listed on the order card and must be picked up separately from the initial order. Gluten Free cookies cost $5 per package and the troop will earn $1 per package in proceeds. Gluten free cookies will not count toward girl recognitions. See your troop cookie captain for details.

Money Handling Money is collected when the cookies are given to customers. • Customers make checks payable to your Girl Scout’s troop. Do not accept single checks for more than $150. • Do not write one personal check to the troop for all money collected. • If you have not communicated with the troop cookie captain by February 8 that you have not sold all of the cookies you ordered, you will be responsible for all cookies on hand.

Online Cookie Resources Visit for goal setting, online selling and cookie information. You will also find selling tips and tools for famillies, girls and volunteers including the Cookie Command Center (COCO). Help your Girl Scout use COCO to: • Set a goal of how many packages of cookies she wants to sell • Make plans for how she will reach her goals • Check how she is doing along the way • Send eCards to friends and family to tell them that it’s cookie time and ask for their support

Internet Selling Girls can use the Internet to sell to family and friends. However, posting on Craig’s List and eBay are prohibited. Girls can send e-invitations asking family and friends to purchase cookies. These cookies need to be delivered and paid for in person. For the safety of girls, these invitations should only be used for close family and friends. There is also a tool for girls 13 and older for Facebook. These tools are available at or a link is available on the council Web site,

2014 cookie family guide