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Issue 6, December 2017

LOOK INSIDE FOR CAMP! Expectations vs. Reality Not Just One of the Boys Where Are They Now? Gold Girl Alumnae

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pictured: Girl Scouts adventuring through the Samsung STEM Challenge at Camp Texlake.

Dear Girl Scout Sisters-

Board of Directors OFFICERS Charmaine Smith-Winters President/Board Chair

Trish Coy President-Elect/Vice Chair Lisa Reifsnider Secretary Paul Pulley Treasurer Lynelle McKay Chief Executive Officer

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE Alison Meador Colette Pierce Burnette, Ed.D. Cynthea Rhodes-Patterson Ellen Fleming Hema Mullur John Craddock Karen Butler-Purry, Ph.D. Kathy Rapp Laura Hernandez Lauren Peters Leslie Midgley Mary Kennedy Thompson Mischca Scales, Ph.D. Nicole Schwartz Nett Pauline Lewis Rina Patel Sheema Patel Shelley Clifford Brophy Suzanne Copeland Suzi Marshall Tamaria Kai Whitney Hamnett-Pirkle

ADVISORY BOARD Beverly Dale Carole Keeton Mary Scott Nabers Curtis Page Jare Smith For more information visit www.gsctx.org or call (800) 733-0011

Wow! Where has the time gone? It feels like only yesterday we were in the depths of summer, enjoying camping, traveling, and some time off! Now here we are, at the beginning of 2018, and I can’t help but reflect over the past year of G.I.R.L. accomplishments, both in Central Texas and across the country. From Daisies to Ambassadors, our Girl Scouts are identifying community and world needs, and becoming catalysts for positive change. Not only is their work relevant and timely, it’s inspirational. I am in awe of their passion and promise. They also illustrate the fact that when girls are taught to empower themselves and are given access to positive adventures and experiences, they can and will launch into powerful action, rallying others to do the same. Clearly, when you change a girl’s life for the better, she will in turn, change the lives of those around her. That is the enduring purpose of Girl Scouts; we encourage girls to try new things, allowing them to fail in a safe space, and propel them into a future where they can lead others and advocate for themselves. For over 100 years, we’ve proven no organization does this better than Girl Scouts, where everything we do is with, for, and by girls. Whether girls are selling cookies, coding a new app, or earning their Gold Award by addressing a serious social issue, one thing is certain: our girls are becoming the leaders our world desperately needs. Girl Scouts continues to be a safe space where girls are nurtured, educated, challenged, and most importantly, allowed to flourish as the unique and gifted individuals they are. Girl Scouts, now and always!

Lolis Garcia-Baab, Chief of Marketing and Communications Our Girl Scout go-getters are advocating for their peers, both locally and across the world. This fall, at the triennium Girl Scout National Council Session in Columbus, Ohio, I was especially proud that four of our eight National Delegates representing our council were Girl Scouts Mary-Frances, Jocelynn, Rebecca, and Sarah! It was an inspirational week, particularly exciting because our very own Gold Girl, Devika, was honored as one of ten GSUSA National Young Women of Distinction! And there is more good news - I am thrilled that GSCTX is one of three council’s selected to send a girl delegation to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in March 2018. Stay tuned for more G.I.R.L. stories as we elevate our girls’ exciting achievements. Many of you have seen media stories about Boy Scouts of America’s decision to allow girls to join their organization as Cub Scouts. While I am uncertain how this will affect our membership, you can be confident our focus is clear, our efforts on behalf of girls are unwavering, our commitment to being all-girl and girl-led endures, and our mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character remains our bedrock. Peace, love, and Girl Scouts! Lynelle

BEHIND THIS ISSUE: Editor: Lolis Garcia-Baab, Chief of Marketing and Communications Associate Editors: Reyna Martinez, Hannah Bruno Guest Authors: Isabelle G., Sarah M., Isabel L., Kyndal W., Whitney B., Allison Rich Staff Authors: Reyna Martinez, Hannah Bruno, Lolis Garcia-Baab Art Direction, Design, and Layout: Kelcy Parrish Feedback to: communications@gsctx.org

top stories to read

6 COOKIE SPOTLIGHT: Countdown to Cookies!

11 CAMP SPOTLIGHT: Expectations vs. Reality

16 MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: “View from the Top” by Girl Scout, Sarah M.




New Badges & Journeys


Same Convention, Different Me

She’s bold, honest, and determined to succeed. A go-getter. In her mind failure is no reason not to get back up and try again, and again, and again. That explains why half of all U.S. businesswomen are Girl Scouts. Check out one of our go-getter stories on page 9 with brave Kasee.


Selling Cookies – It's Not a Piece of Cake


Camp – Where Girls Become Leaders

Thinking outside the box is her specialty. As an innovator she’s always looking for creative ways to take action. A clear connection: 75 percent of current female senators are Girl Scouts.


Daisies Debunked

See how Miley used innnovative thinking to help others on page 21.


Troop Spotlights!


Event Calendar


Juliette Girl Scouting


Volunteer Spotlight


Travel with GSCTX


Women of Distinction


Photo Highlights

She’s confident, responsible, and committed to changing the world, a true leader. Here's proof: Every year, Girl Scouts across the nation collectively spend more than 75 million hours improving their communities.


Ask Melissa

All our girls are leaders but read how Zella leads by proactively protecting our enviornment on page 31.


G.I.R.L. Games

Courageous and strong, she’s keen to try new things and embrace the unfamiliar like a true risk-taker. It's no wonder that nearly all of the 40 women who have flown in space are Girl Scouts. Triathalons and Silver Awards, Sierra definitely is a risk-taker. Check her story out on page 25.



Gear up for Greatness Introducing New STEM and Outdoor Badges and Journeys We’re always evaluating—and enhancing—what girls do, how girls connect, and how girls grow as Girl Scouts. We listen to what girls, parents, and volunteers tell us about what they like most, and we take action to keep our program relevant and engaging. This year, GSUSA has released new Journeys and badges, targeted to engage girls in STEM, civic engagement, and the outdoors! Our littlest Girl Scouts, Daisies, can now earn the new Good Neighbor badge as they find out more about their communities, and Girl Scouts at every level can make the world a better place by getting involved in their community, school, or local government as part of the It's Your World—Change It! Journey. Anchored by the Troop Camping badge, our new Outdoor Journeys will strengthen girls’ outdoor skills and ignite their interest in environmental stewardship. From their first steps on a woodland path as Daisies to going survival camping as Ambassadors, girls will take the lead by planning their trips, practicing survival skills, and pushing themselves as they have unforgettable adventures.

STEM Badges Roller Coaster Design Challenge

Programming A Robot

Programming Robots




Digital Movie Maker

Women’s Health




Science and Technology


Outdoor Badges Buddy Camper

Cabin Camper

Eco Camper




Primitive Camper

Adventure Camper

Survival Camper



Science and Technology


Above: Examples of some of the awesome new badges! Whether your girl is excited about equations or has a curiosity for computer science, the new Think Like A… Journeys will allow her to step into the mind of an engineer, programmer, or citizen scientist, and the fifteen new STEM badges will allow girls to try a hands-on approach to STEM concepts. Now that’s STEM-ply incredible!

Shop News!

Looking for the new badges and Journeys on Amazon? Try again! These items are a GSCTX Shop exclusive! Get all your Girl Scout gear at your local GSCTX shop to set your Girl Scout year up for success! Visit www.gsctx. org/shop for more info.

⇨⇨ Learn more about the new badges and Journeys at www.gsctx.org/badges.

G.I.R.L. 2017:

Same Convention, Different Me By: GSCTX Press Corps Senior Editor Isabelle G.


s I stepped into the Hall of Experiences at the 2017 National Girl Scout Convention in Columbus, Ohio, familiar feelings flooded through me. Exhilaration at the many sounds and sights. The nostalgia of participating in this massive celebration. From the cacophony of conversations between lifetime Girl Scouts, to colorful S.W.A.P.'s exchanging hands, to row upon row of activity and information booths, one thing was still the same: thousands of Girl Scouts from across the country coming together, celebrating what it means to be a true go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, and leader. Thousands of women gathered together to embrace the power of G.I.R.L. From my time at the convention three years earlier, I knew the Hall of Experiences, a place where I could indulge everything from SCUBA diving in above-ground pools to spinning in NASA’s space-simulation chair, is where I wanted to be. The Hall of Experiences from this year was like nothing I’ve ever seen. For me, it was like being a kid in a candy store, and more importantly, it opened my eyes to the huge amount of support corporate and nonprofit communities offer girls who aspire to be successful women in the world. They know we are a solid investment. This realization leaves me inspired. Inspired to bring girl empowerment back to all the girls in Central Texas. Inspired to help women understand there are so many opportunities for girls in the future. Inspired to help them find the motivation and support to build a path to success. In the Hall of Experiences, Devika, a fellow Central Texas Gold Girl Scout,

who has been selected as a National Young Woman of Distinction (NYWOD), discussed her journey of developing and completing her Gold Award project, which addressed female sanitation in rural India. I avidly listened to all the other young women with projects that changed the world, but hearing Devika speak about her experience of becoming a Gold Girl was particularly inspiring for me. I felt moved by the idea of becoming a Gold Girl myself and making a sustainable impact on the world. Every G.I.R.L. attending the convention had a story to tell and a message to pass on. As I spoke with other Gold Girls, I was amazed by the vast effort every girl at the convention put into making a change in the world, whether through a small take action project or creating a state law. The highlight of the various talks from Girl Scout alumni was Chelsea Clinton’s panel with the NYWOD, where they discussed taking action and changing the world When I attended my first National Girl Scout Convention in 2014, held in Salt Lake City, I was a freshman in high school having recently bridged to the Senior level of Girl Scouting. A slightly nervous teenager back then, attending the same convention this year took me back through the journey I have had with Girl Scouts through the past three years. Since 2014, I’ve gone on my first Destination (a two-week trip to Cape Town, South Africa), I learned how to sail at Camp Kachina, I completed my own Gold Award, and I became part of the Central Texas Press Corps. Through Girl Scouts, I have experienced the adventure, the sisterhood, and the upbringing of a

lifetime, which has created the person I am today: a girl with courage, confidence, and character. I stepped outside of my boundaries, chased my passions, and embodied all that a Girl Scout is: go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, and leader. I may be graduating later this year, but I know Girl Scouts will not be a thing of my past, but something that has changed me for my future in the best way possible.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Isabelle had the chance to attend the G.I.R.L. Convention as a member of the GSCTX Press Corps, a troop of Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors who are reporters for all the most exciting activities and events happening at our council. If you’re interested in photography, videography, digital media, social media, interviewing VIP's, or writing articles, then Press Corps is the place for you to learn new techniques, practice your skills, and build your portfolio! To learn how you can join this team of storytelling superstars, contact Hannah at HannahB@gsctx.org!

Be our guest! Guest blogger, that is! Our Cookie Bites blog is looking for some fresh voices, and we know just the place to find them. (Spoiler alert! It’s you!) Do you have an opinion about a hot button issue affecting women and girls, or maybe you just have a delicious recipe you’d like to share with your sister Girl Scouts? Either way, we want to hear what you think! Girls, leaders, and volunteers–everyone is welcome to this blog party! Let Cookie Bites editor, Hannah B., know you’d like to get involved at HannahB@gsctx.org. Happy Writing!





5….4….3….2….1….Happy Cookie Season! These sweet treats are here just in time to usher out the holiday season, replacing the silver bells on every street corner with the sound of girls setting goals, practicing entrepreneurial skills, and just generally becoming Cookie Bosses. ‘Tis the season for future female leaders! 3. Know your market! We know it’s tempting, but don't go overboard when you place your first order! Also, rather than try to guess how many cases of each type of cookie to order, connect with an experienced leader about which cookies are popular in your area so you can gauge a better estimate.

Though the thought of tackling your first cookie season as a troop leader may seem more daunting than braving the gift return line at Target, there’s no need to worry. We have just the gift for you–all the tricks for our Cookie Rookies, wrapped up into a ten-trick list, and topped with a shiny bow! And no, this isn’t a present you have to wait to open! 1. Stay organized! This may seem like an obvious one, but between receipts, order forms, and financial logs, keeping everything in order can be tough! Be sure to make this a priority! 2. Keep troop members informed! A well planned-cookie season means providing detailed schedules, telling girls exactly what you need from them, and letting parents know how they can help. 6


4. Spark your creativity! Try using online tools like Pinterest for inspiration! Whether it’s booth decorations or a tasty recipe for a treat made with Girl Scout cookies, you can find it online. 5. Get your girls excited about cookie sales! Set up fun activities at meetings, guide them in setting realistic goals, and celebrate with them as they progress along the way. 6. More isn’t always merrier! Cut down on chaos by limiting the number of girls at a booth, especially if girls are younger. If you have Daisies, partner your younger girls with our GSCTX Cookie Captains, who can help guide the sales. 7. Set a fun goal with your troop! Ask girls what they want to do with their cookie proceeds: Go on a special outing? Donate the money to a charity? The options

are endless and it will give them something to look forward to. 8. Let go of the reins! Even young girls can lead their peers in a discussion about how they are making progress toward their team goal. Let girls lead and they will take ownership and grow their skills! 9. Practice makes perfect! Set up a practice booth at a troop meeting and have the girls practice their sales pitches. Also, take some time to remind them about the 5 Skills, and how these can benefit them for years and years to come. 10. Ask for help! We can’t say it enough. You’re not alone in this adventure so reach out to parents, other troop leaders, and anyone else at GSCTX. If you have a question, comment, or concern, we want to hear it!!



See how your cookie habits stack up against the rest of the country. Do you side with the majority, or are you blazing a path all your own? What’s your go-to cookie flavor? 1. Thin Mints (25%) 2. Caramel deLites (19%)

‘Girl Led’–

3. Peanut Butter Patties (13%) 4. Other kind of cookie (43%)

It’s not just a catchy slogan

How do you enjoy your Thin Mints? 1. Frozen, obviously! (76%) 2. I like mine at room temp. (20%) 3. No preference–A cookie is a cookie! (4%)

What are you planning to do with your cookie money? 1. Community service (57.14%) 2. Go to camp (28.6%) 3. Traveling (14.3%) 4. Something else fun! (14.3%)

Party with Us All Cookie Season Long! You’ll want to add these dates to your calendar. Cookie Kickoff with the Texas Stars January 6th (Area 4) Cookies and Craft Brews January 20th (Area 4)

Cookie season is one of the most iconic times in Girl Scouting, and why not? After all, it’s a whirlwind six weeks, during which goals are achieved, confidence is built, and troops raise proceeds to fund their adventures all year long. With all the excitement, it’s easy, even for us adults, to get wrapped up in designing the blingy-est booth, or selling the most boxes of cookies, and it’s even easier to forget to look at the bigger picture–the amazing skills the girls are learning through the Cookie Program! The unique trait of our organization, which sets us apart from everyone else, is that we let girls run the show. This allows them to grow into women of character, who believe in themselves, and know they can make the world everything they want it to be. In the weeks leading up to cookie season, stay tuned to our social media and Cookie Bites blog! We’ll be sharing ways you can let your girls take charge of the sale, during meetings and at booths. After all, girls have the power to change the world, we just have to give them the chance to do it! Have any stories about the amazing way a girl stepped up to be a leader in your troop? Share it with us at www.gsctx.org/shareyourstory.

Let the Games Begin!

upcoming cookie contests:

Operation Cookie Pack March 10th (All Areas)

Booth of the Week

Cookie Pro Contest

Booth of the Season

Supersonic Seller

Get all the details at www.gsctx.org/events.

Red, White, & Booth Week Cookie Booth Locator Contest

PSST! --> Be sure to fill out your "Cookie Sales Pitch" mad lib on page 35!



selling cookies –It’s not a piece of cake Girl Scouts are known for selling some of the tastiest cookies around, because with cookies like Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, and Peanut Butter Patties, you really can’t go wrong! Some people assume these famous cookies simply sell themselves, underestimating the amount of time and effort our Girl Scouts put into their cookie business each and every year.

To help our hardworking entrepreneurs make the most of cookie season, here are 9 tried-and-true tips to becoming the very best cookie sellers!



The number one reason people don’t buy Girl Scout Cookies? They were never asked!

Ask customers for online orders using ABC Bakers’ online platform, Smart Cookies, or, with Service Unit permission, set up booths in places where lots of people go (grocery stores, malls, sporting events). Always make sure to ask your friends, family, and neighbors! Open one box (you’ll have to pay for that one) and break cookies into small samples on a nice plate. No one can resist!

Customers buy cookies because they love the taste.

Customers are eager for their favorites Host a Cookie house party and ask your best and most faithful because they can only buy Girl Scout customers to buy a whole case of cookies so they have enough for Cookies once a year. the entire year. Customers buy cookies because they want to support Girl Scouting.

Girl Scout Cookie customers usually buy every year.


Always let your customers know about what cookie dreams you’re working towards. Whether you’re saving up for your Gold Award project or going on a Destinations trip, your customers want to invest in your goals. Save your order card for next year so you can return to your customers and ask them again.

When customers are asked multiple times, they buy multiple boxes.

Girl Scout CEO, Sylvia Acevedo, says the best advice she ever received as a cookie seller was “Don’t leave until you’ve heard NO three times.” Ask, ask, and ask again.

Some customers buy fewer cookies because of dietary restrictions.

Invite those customers to participate in our Operation Cookie Program. Create a dropbox so customers can see the donated cookies stack up!

Customers buy more when you suggest they buy more.

With pretty ribbon, tie up three packages to create bundles such as “Chocolate Lovers Pack” or “Classic Bundle.” And don’t forget to mention that great 5 boxes for $20 deal!

Customers want to know they are getting a good deal.

Print out recipes and offer one when they buy more than one package.


⇨⇨ More marketing tips in the Cookie Toolkit on our website.

G.I.R.L. Spotlight: go-getter

Kasee P.

biology and horticulture, Kasee tells us that a running joke in her family is “if it has a flower on it, it belongs to Kasee.” She goes on to note, “I was passionate about this project because I could work with flowers and tell people about them.” However, Kasee says her Gold Award project isn’t the most exciting thing she’s done as a Girl Scout. That would be attending Questfest, in Savannah, Georgia, where she enjoyed SWAP’ing with Girl Scouts from across North America, earned enough patches to fill up the back of her vest (which was one of her girl scouting goals), and made new friends and pen pals, a few of whom Kasee still keeps in touch with.

Kasee P. has always wanted to be a Girl Scout. Growing up, her favorite television show was Although she has had her share of about a fictional Girl Scout named victories, Kasee’s journey has not Bessie, and her epic quest been without struggle. to earn every badge. She started taking college Kasee recalls watching classes at only 16 years Bessie’s adventures old, and found herself with admiration, and unable to keep up in her maybe just a little envy. math classes. Due to this, The summer before her and at the prompting of sophomore year of high her professor, Kasee was school, Kasee learned it tested for, and diagnosed wasn’t too late to begin with, Autism Spectrum her Girl Scout journey, and Bridging in Savannah, G.A. Disorder. But she hasn’t so she enrolled in a Senior let this disability hold her troop, and set to work making up back. “It’s easy to find yourself for lost time! trying to decide if you want to Through Girl Scouts, Kasee has please yourself or please others, been able to pursue her interests, but it’s okay to be different... in while engaging others around her fact, I encourage it! I firmly believe to make improvements in our we can make the greatest impact community. Kasee reached the when we’re being ourselves.” pinnacle of Girl Scouting when Kasee is proof that it’s never she earned her Gold Award for too late to achieve your goals, the work she completed in Belton, no matter what stands in your Texas, planting a meadow garden, way. Her go-getter attitude, and and creating additional resources resiliency in the face of setbacks, for families in the area, advising inspires everyone she meets, and them on how to grow flowers makes Kasee an ultimate G.I.R.L. responsibly. Passionate about

Girl Scouts, Assemble! The stakes are higher than ever! If you want to earn an additional $0.05 bonus (on top of your normal earnings) on every box of Girl Scout Cookies your troop sells, you must reach Super Troop Status! Brush up on how your troop can complete the requirements necessary to be an official Super Troop at www. gsctx.org/super and start working towards the Ultimate Girl Scout Experience! It’s now or never! Become a Super Troop today!

Hey, Early Birds! Waiting ‘til the last minute is for the birds. Stay ahead of the game by participating in Early Bird enrollment! Not only will you be entered to win a ton of cool prizes, like access to exclusive programs, and receive a patch to show everyone how awesome you are, but you’ll also demonstrate what it means to be a leader.

A Little Birdy Told Us… Early Bird Registration for the 2018–2019 Girl Scout Year will run from April 25th to June 29th.



where girls become leaders registration is now open for 2018 summer camp

Are you ready for a summer you’ll never forget? Whether you’re a first-time camper or a veteran camper seeking new adventures, you’ll find fun, friendship, and memories to last a lifetime at Girl Scout summer camp! From camps that last a few hours to a few days, there's something for every G.I.R.L. Browse all the amazing opportunities available this year in our latest Summer Camp Guide at www.gsctx.org/ campregistration and register soon. Spots fill up fast for our most popular programs.

SNAPSHOTS OF JOY! Visit flickr.com/gsctx to view more of the great memories made at GSCTX Camps throughout 2017.

We’re not a regular Camp.

Perfect Escape!


e only time Summer isn’t th Girl Scout you can enjoy r camps camp. Rent ou school year throughout the r–December, from Septembe ay. and February–M ation visit For more inform /rentcamps. www.gsctx.org 10


We’re a cool Camp. Here's a sneak peek at some of the awesome new 2018 camp programs: Messy Madness for Juniors – June 10-13 Be Brave! for Brownies – July 1-4 Jedi Academy for Cadettes – July 9-13 For more details on these new camp programs and the classics, check out our 2018 Camp Guide www.gsctx.org/campregistration.

Is it really THAT great? Over the years, summer camp has gained a legendary reputation. Girls look forward to it all year, parents often save up for it all year, and everyone expects it to be life changing. Is the reality quite that mind-blowing? Here are six reality checks for the most common summer camp expectations and why going to Girl Scout summer camp is not-to-be-missed!



roasted marshmallows every day.

mallows + tasty food.

Who doesn’t love the taste of roasted marshmallows? At camp, girls dream they’ll eat nothing but sweet, sticky marshmallows with a perfect caramelized crust.

Beyond blissful evenings of marshmallows, there’s the delicious, nutritious camp food. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served every day to fuel the risk-takers for their next adventure!

sleeping in tents.

more than just tents.

Tents are super cool. They’re like blanket forts, except totally legit. Camp is all about getting to build them and sleep in them under the stars.

Not all girls will want to go the primitive route, and that’s okay! The beauty of camp is all the incredible lodging options. From dormitory-style lodges with air-conditioning to log cabins, to open-air treehouses, we’ve (literally) got your girl covered.

amazing new skill set acquired.

a new found respect & interest.

Summer is the ultimate time to hone your skills. And what better way than while at Girl Scout camp? With all that practice time, girls are bound to come home an expert in horsemanship, archery, or even canoeing.

Sure, girls will learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, they’ll even learn how to tell time with a sun-dial. But guess what else they’ll learn? Teamwork, creative self-expression, positive social interactions, healthy competitiveness, structure and clear limits, and so much more!

best friends for life.

did we just become gs sisters?

Girls may think at camp they’ll meet kindred spirits with whom lifelong friendships will be forged over a campfire. They’ll never lose touch with them.

Turns out girls won’t just come home with new BFF’s, but with new Girl Scout sisters. After all, nothing beats a new little or big sis’ to chat, eat, and explore with.

packing will be a breeze.

there's a list for that.

Half the excitement of camping is the packing. Especially for first-time campers who aren’t sure what to bring but are ready for an unforgettable experience. Just be sure to grab your toothbrush!

Don’t sweat it, our Camp Staff would never let you and your girl think you’re alone on the road to camp. Check out our 2018 Camp Guide for a resident camp suggested packing list to make sure your girl has all the right stuff!

a new adventure away from home.

ready for the next year!

Sometimes the scariest part of camp is missing home, but the thrill of being away from home helps combat the fear. With all the new friends, awesome activities, and helpful camp counselors that await, girls tend to quickly feel at ease as each day goes by.

Despite every bump and bug bite, camp really is the best. Girls forget their normal home routine by Day 2, and contemplate running off to live in the woods with their camp buddies. When pickup day arrives, they have so many memories! And they hope their parents have already signed them up for next year.

We asked some of our camp counselors to share some of their deepest, darkest, and funniest camp confessions with us. See some of the best ones below. ✴✴ Camp is the only place where ‘you’re so weird’ is considered a compliment. ✴✴ No matter how many times it happens, I always feel awesome when a camper asks me for help. ✴✴ At summer camp, I never know what day of the week it is, and I love it. ✴✴ Sometimes I introduce myself using my camp name instead of my real name. ✴✴ It’s tough, probably one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had, but that moment when I can make a first-time camper believe in the magic of the stars and the wonderful world of the outdoors, makes it all worth it. ✴✴ I love the first day of camp; it’s so enjoyably chaotic and loud.

One of my favorite stories to tell is the first parent phone call I got the first week of the first summer camp [where] I was the director. The mom called to tell me that her kid hadn’t come home from Girl Scout camp...I feared we’d had a kid go home on the wrong bus. However, the parent went on to explain that physically her Girl Scout came home, but she was calling to thank me because, in her words ‘the shy girl I put on the bus is nothing like the confident, bubbly girl that came home sharing all about her experiences and new friends.’ – Katie Sweeney, Camp Texlake Manager

WHAT’S IN A CAMP NAME? Ever wonder why the counselors at camp have such unique names? The relationship between counselors and campers is a special one. Calling the counselors ‘Mrs.’ is too formal for the camp setting, but counselors are advisors, teachers, helpers, and guardians, so calling counselors by their first names is too familiar. Camp names have proven to be a great way to handle the ‘what to call them’ pickle, and has now become the time-honored tradition. Counselors choose names that remind them of things they like or places they’re from, or sometimes just use a nickname from their own childhood. At camp, you can meet a Snickers, a Sunshine, a Boston, or a Pumpkin Pie. But remember, like many prized possessions, camp names are earned by becoming part of our amazing camp staff. Can’t wait to get your very own camp alias? Well, if you're 16 and older, you’re in luck! Get started on your journey by attending the Girl Scout Camp Leadership Academy.

Camp Leadership Retreat is back at it again! This March, Texlake will be hosting Girl Scout Camp Leadership Academy (GSCLA) retreat weekend. By using traditional camp activities, we’ll help build on your leadership skills and discover your teambuilding potential. This program welcomes Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. Space is limited, so register today to ensure your space. Can’t make it in March? You can still be a part of GSCLA by registering for one of the many great programs offered at camp this summer. Remember, the Summer Camp Guide is now available at www.gsctx.org/campregistration. 12


A Day in the Life of Camp Staff Our camp staff are go-getters ready to take on each day and all the excitement that comes with it. A typical day’s schedule (although no two days are the same) reflects the energy and commitment our staff have for campers and camp life. Depending on the camp session, location, and role of the staff member, schedules will vary, but we can say there are very few dull moments! Camp Texlake Lifeguard and Senior Girl Scout, Baja, runs us through the day of a lifeguard at Camp Texlake.

It may sound simple, but it’s a lot of work with an equal amount of fun. – Baja, Camp Texlake Lifeguard 8:00AM: Up and at 'em for the most important meal of the day – breakfast! With a big smile on our faces we begin greeting the girls and enjoying some of Pepper’s (the camp chef) wonderful eggs, bacon, and pancakes. 8:30AM: Clean up, clean up, everybody does their share. Once we’re done we head out to the pool to open up and make sure everything is ready for the first group at 9:15am. 9:15AM: Splish, Splash! During our first group, the lifeguards take turns being either on the stand or playing with the girls. There is never a dull moment working at the pool. 10:15AM: Round two. Once the girls from the first group have headed off to their next activity, we cleanup the pool, and, of course, jump in for a swim to cool ourselves off. It’s a nice little break before the next group of girls arrives, and we head back to the lifeguard stand. 11:30AM: A hungry bunch. When our stomachs start

needed lunch break. Yum! More of Pepper’s tasty food. It’s something different every day, but it’s always deee-licious. 12:30PM: Me time! After lunch we get a few hours to ourselves where we go back to our cabins or somewhere to cool off and hang out with new friends. There’s always lots of laughs during this time! 3:00PM: Refuel, then repeat. Feeling rested and refreshed, we head back down to our stations at the pool. It’s all sun and fun until we close up shop and go to dinner. 6:30PM: Family dinner. After we finish our meal, depending on what day it is, the lifeguards pitch in to help clean the kitchen, so that the kitchen staff can also leave sooner. Team work is an important part of the job. 8:00PM: Unbreakable bond. Afterwards, the lifeguards, kitchen staff, and barn staff all come together and have fun sharing stories from the day. Whether we talk about cute campers or our hopes and dreams, this is a very special time for bonding. Then it’s lights out! We hit the hay and rest up for the next day’s adventures.

to rumble, we close up the pool and head to a much-

Want to work at Camp? This is going to be the hardest job you’ll ever love! Working at our camps is a unique experience that will have a positive impact on you for the rest of your life. This job takes a special kind of person, someone who knows how to work hard, play hard, and wants to change lives. Sound like you? Join our camp staff!

Caution: Leaders in Training! The Girl Scout Camp Leadership Academy (GSCLA) programs combine exciting summer camp activities that you love with leadership training, resulting in a unique, fun, and high-quality adventure for girls who dream big! These courses are progressive and designed based on the ages and skills of the GSCLA campers to give real-world, hands-on, leadership learning. Each session of the same program will include similar leadership foundational skills, but as every week’s campers are different, GSCLA attendees who attend multiple sessions will have the opportunity to develop and practice a wide range of skills. TREFOIL TRIBUNE  |  ISSUE 6



Spotlight: Alicia Gust

She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s at every camp space, she’s bubbly and she’s tough, she’s GSCTX’s Senior Camp Services Manager, Alicia Gust. Currently living the farm life in Bastrop, Alicia, her husband and two kids, share their space with 23 chickens, 12 cats, 5 goats, a horse, a donkey, a potbellied pig, and a dog. Her first taste of Girl Scout camp came around 3rd grade when her step-mom shipped her to camp for the summer. She couldn’t stop crying when camp was over because she didn’t want to leave her new friends and the camp counselors she had grown so fond of. It was the most wonderful summer of her life. Since then, she’d always dreamed of someday owning or operating her own camp, and GSCTX has helped her make that dream a reality. Fun Facts about Alicia: ✭✭ She was almost cast on an earlier season of Survivor. She made it to the interviews in Los Angeles, and then found out she was pregnant with her daughter. ✭✭ She NEVER goes camping without her visor, sunglasses, and several tubes of ChapStick. ✭✭ She considers the best part of her job not having to be a “grown up” all the time. She works hard at the office, but also gets to go out and play at camp occasionally. ✭✭ She truly believes that camp is where you go to learn something new about yourself. Alicia has this advice for first time campers… “Don’t be in a hurry. Slow down and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sounds of nature and camp songs, the sun on your face or the stars in the night sky.” 



Camp Notes! Beyond the s’mores and sweat, camp is about building strong relationships between campers and counselors. And our campers treasure the relationships and sense of community they develop with the camp staff. We’ve been receiving countless thank-you notes over the years, and each note is filled with love, gratitude, and an eagerness to return. We’d love to share all the notes with you but since we can't, we’ve selected some of our favorites.

Gather ‘round for a camp tradition! Star Stories are a unique way for our camp staff to engage girls through stories about constellations from cultures around the world. One of the most popular is a story about the tail of the Scorpio constellation, or “Maui’s Fishhook” to ancient Hawaiians, which inspired the Disney movie, Moana. Legends say that Maui, one of the demigods of Hawaii, received a sacred, magical fishhook from his father, and was sent off in a canoe with his brothers to catch the giant fish, Pimoe. This was a hard task, because if one looked at Pimoe, the fish would instantly turn into solid land. Maui dropped his fishhook into the ocean and Pimoe grabbed ahold of it. Pimoe was caught and turned into hard land. Maui threw it up into the sky, where it became a constellation.

! T U O E R U T VEN From backyard adventures to the untamed wilderness, the opportunities to discover the outdoors are everywhere. But did you know that girls today are not spending enough time outside? Extra-curricular obligations and technology leave less time for girls to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature. At Girl Scouts we make it our personal mission to give girls plenty of opportunities to develop a lifelong appreciation for being out-of-doors. Here’s what’s coming soon!

Make A Splash!

Get out & Explore!

Take On A Challenge!

Dive With Me When: Jan. 24, Feb. 2, Apr. 11, Apr. 27 Where: Dive World Austin Register by: Jan. 10, Jan. 19, Mar. 28, Apr. 13

Brownie Hiker Badge When: Jan. 27, May 12 Where: Bull Creek Park Register by: Jan. 15, Apr. 30

Wilderness Survival Course When: Mar. 3 Where: Wild Basin Preserve Regsiter by: Feb. 16

Animal Habitats Badge When: Apr. 28 Where: Bull Creek Park Register by: Apr. 16

Outdoor Adventure When: Mar. 17, Apr. 15 Where: La Grange Girl Scout House Register by: Mar. 5, Apr. 2

Cadette Trees Badge When: Mar. 17 Where: St. Edwards Park Register by: Mar. 5

BB Guns & Sling Shots When: Apr. 8 Where: TMTE Archery Register by: Mar. 26

Explore the Science of Trees When: Apr. 7 Where: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Register by: Mar. 31

Zipline with Cypress Valley Canopy Tour When: Apr. 8 Where: Cypress Valley Canopy Tours Register by: Mar. 23

Austin Clean Sweep at Bull Creek When: Apr. 14 Where: Bull Creek Register by: Oct. 13

Horsemanship Experience When: May 5 Where: TC Ranch Adventures Register by: Apr. 20

Open Water Scuba Certification (Part 1) When: Feb. 10 Where: Dive World Austin Register by: Jan. 26 Discover Scuba: The Ocean Guardian Experience When: Jan. 15, Feb. 19, Mar. 30, May 29 Where: Dive World Austin Register by: Jan. 3, Feb. 5, Mar. 22, May 15 Advanced Mariner Capri Sail When: Mar. 23 Where: Camp Kachina Register by: Mar. 14 Advanced Mariner Weekend When: Apr. 6, Apr. 27 Where: Camp Kachina Register by: Apr. 13

Photography Hike When: Jan. 13 Where: Bull Creek Register by: Jan. 5

Mariner Day Sail When: Apr. 8, Apr. 28 Where: Camp Kachina Register by: Apr. 13





TOP by: girl scout, sarah m.

Fearless. Passionate. Driven. Sarah M. is everything you’d expect from a girl who’s been a part of Girl Scouts her entire life. She’s sold cookies, been a GSCTX National Council delegate, served as a member of the Girl Advisory Board, and has even earned her Gold Award. All of these achievements, she says, have taught her to “not underestimate the impact of one individual.” Due to a love of new people and places, Sarah has traveled on Girl Scout Destinations to China, France, Italy, and Bolivia. Here, she shares with us her life-changing experience, hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc.


ine hours. Nine torturous hours packed with long zig-zagged switchback routes and a continuous change in elevation: the Tour du Mont Blanc. Gripping against my trekking poles for support, I manage to push all my weight up and climb the elevated rock. My short legs working twice as hard as my long-legged female counterparts, I continue to hike up the seemingly endless steep trail. I jokingly ask myself which I preferred more: kneestraining downhill or air-hungry lungs uphill. My burning legs and blistered feet aching for rest. I concluded that I would hold a momentary preference for whichever I was not currently executing: downhill. My mind aware of the pain, yet determined to pull through,



drives me to focus solely on my internal mantra: left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. A brief glance at the sky warns me of a looming storm, filled with the promise of heavy rain, slippery trails, mucky boots, wet clothes, and the potential visit of hail. Hours pass and, in unison, cold rain drops and unwelcome hail pellets transform the once dry terrain into a slippery and muddy slope. I met a wornout traveler who sat on the tender yet rocky trail and slid down rather than attempting to use her poles for support. I questioned her reasoning for this and she jadedly replied, “This is easier, you should try it.” I didn’t act on her advice; it went against my resolve to willingly challenge myself. To me, she gave up. Hastily digging my trekking poles into the thick mud for support, my only thoughts were of the likeness of my hiking staffs to a grandma’s walker, with only the absence of iconic tennis balls to finish off the look. Pushing the light thought aside, I came to a pivotal understanding: it

doesn’t matter how long it takes to get up the mountain, as long as I do. Despite my slow pace, I wasn’t stopping. I wasn’t giving up. I wouldn’t give up. Glancing down at the pole marks left behind, I observe that this journey has been taken before by many, starting and ending at different points and going in both directions. The holes are a catalog of choices made in the past, and I can choose the path most taken or make my own mark that others can follow. Much like my trying experience in the unending route of the Swiss Alps, I willingly climb the switchbacks or hardships of life. Taking a moment to admire the loyal presence of Mont Blanc, I appreciate the thought that the continuous influx of brave hikers around me are connected by a single word: Bonjour. There is a sense of kinship among us. Despite speaking in different tongues, the universal word unites and inspires defeated hikers to continue. To an extent confirming: I can do it. After much ail, I spot the Refuge de La Croix du Bonhomme.

My exhausted hiking group is consumed with restless silence and long-awaited anticipation. Our group leader proudly confirms, “2443 meters.” I relish in the refreshing sense of accomplishment gained from reaching the top of this mountain. From the days of my youth spent dreaming up thrilling feats, being transported from the world of books with endless possibilities, to when I was mature enough to partake in backpacking, whitewater rafting, traveling the world, and anything out of my initial comfort zone, high adventure activities had become my outlet to prove myself wrong. A seed of adventure and openmindedness had taken root, determined to come to fruition. If I think I can’t do something, no matter how trivial, I put down my left foot, taking it one step at a time. I center on the mindset that: I am my only limit; striving to challenge my self-induced outline of the plausible, to blur the fixed lines and rewrite them according to my own will.

Daisies Debunked! They’re little. They’re sweet. And, in those cute blue uniforms, they can sell cookies like nobody’s business. Yes, we’re talking about Girl Scout Daisies. For all our talk of ‘girl-led’, we know that the idea of twelve kindergarteners having full rein over the troop can seem… well…terrifying. But we’re here to set the record straight on what it means to encourage your Daisy to explore things all on her own.

MYTH: They get bored reeaaaaalllly easily, like ridiculously easily, and so I must constantly come up with new ideas, or this operation will spiral into munity. TRUTH: Whoa, there captain. With the rise of sites like Pinterest, it can be easy to fall into the vicious pattern of ‘one-uping’ yourself, when the reality is Daisies love repetition. Instead of racking your brain for fresh ideas every week, repeat activities, games, or songs the girls say they really enjoyed. It’s smooth sailing from here! MYTH: It’s probably for the best that we just follow my instructions, step by step. After all, if we allow too much input, someone will probably get their feelings hurt, and it’s guaranteed glitter will cover every square inch of this classroom. TRUTH: Okay, we’ll be honest, this is kind of a ‘half-truth,’ because, yes, at Daisy age, the leader will still be doing the majority of the decision making. However, this doesn’t mean girls don’t have ideas they want to share and implement, you just need to make a few modifications. For example, try to

limit choices to two so that the girls are not overwhelmed. Be thinking about ways to lay the foundation for the girls to understand that they will be able to contribute their opinions and ideas and that their opinions will help guide the activity of the troop. And pro-tip, it’s probably best to just leave glitter out of the equation altogether.

MYTH: I’ll do everything myself. It’ll go quicker this way, and there will be no risk of spilt goldfish, or fights over colored construction paper. TRUTH: Why not offload some of the work? Girls at this age love to be helpers, so remember to allow girls to help collect forms, take attendance, pass out supplies, lead a game, choose a song to sing, or other small tasks. Also, they may need some practice at taking turns talking and sharing in the Daisy circle so that everyone can have a chance to speak. This will help them ‘try out’ being open to others’ ideas and to cooperate with one another. You’ll have your feet kicked up in no time.

More Than Just ‘One of the Boys’ By: GSCTX Alumnae, Allison Rich

Frustrated with the role girls had been assigned on her co-ed robotics team, Allison didn’t fight to prove her equality in the ‘boys club;’ she decided to create a space where girls could succeed in all circumstances, not just despite them.


s my 9th grade year began, I knew that if I continued participating with my high school’s co-ed team I would always be delegated to the ‘girls’ roles. The essay writing team was fine, but I wanted to build the robot. I wanted to be a decisionmaker. I wanted to lead a group of problem solvers to a successful build. I did not want to be shuffled off to a corner to make buttons, work on an essay or be the pretty face of the team. I wanted to learn how to engineer a robot. I worked with my troop leader and GSCTX to start a FRC team through Girl Scouts. As an all-girls team, I knew that I could choose which aspect of the team I wanted to work on and I knew that I would have a voice on the team. The Girl Scout environment enabled me to be comfortable sharing my design ideas. It allowed me to make mistakes, to fail, to figure out what I did wrong, and to try again. The robotics team has given girls a voice, just as Girl Scouts has been doing for the last 105 years.☙ Allison graduated from UT Austin in December 2017 and will start working full-time at NASA Johnson Space Center in Spring of 2018. Congratulations, Allison!



Troop Spotlights!

Committed to their Community – Troop 6120 When it comes to lending a helping hand, Troop 6120 from Copperas Cove are experts in the art of giving back. From collecting items for fellow students as they head back to school, building little free libraries, and providing over 400 new teachers a welcome breakfast for three years in a row, these girls are true superstars. And their generosity does not go unnoticed. They’ve been featured in the local news multiple times for their amazing efforts on behalf of others. To prepare for the welcome breakfast at Copperas Cove High, the girls worked with the Copperas Cove Police Department to ensure they were food handler certified, and ready to bake. The theme for the year for CCISD is ‘Fired Up’, and these girls were certainly happy to fire up the oven and welcome all the new teachers. For Troop 6120 giving back is instinctual, a part of who they are, and one of their absolute favorite things to do. They look forward to doing their best to be friendly and helpful at all times, and make the world a better place.

Wave Hello to Troop 40348! Whether on land, or 60 feet below the ocean’s surface, Girl Scouts are making the world a safer and more inclusive place for all. United in love for the ocean and ability to scuba dive, Troop 40348 is continuously looking for new places to explore, sea creatures to learn about, and advocating for others to protect local ocean eco-systems. The girls regularly participate in lake clean up days and keep an active blog, where they post tips on how to keep our lakes and rivers clean. But it’s not all work and no play for this troop! The girls participate in awesome activities, like underwater pumpkin carving and attending national Scuba Diving conventions. This cookie season, this troop will be raising money for a trip to Florida Keys, but instead of looking for them in front of your local grocery store, you can find them selling on the wide-open sea! (And by wide-open sea, we really mean off a boat, on Lake Travis, in Austin!)



Have a story to spotlight? Send us your pictures and stories to www.gsctx.org/shareyourstory and you could be our next feature!

They prefer the Great Indoors – Troop 9061! We know camping isn’t for everyone. Whether it’s bugs, sleeping on the ground, or the lack of plumbing, for some people like Troop 9601, the great outdoors is not so appealing. Now, glamping with comfy blankets, running water, air-conditioning, and electricity, yeah that’s more their style. One of Troop 9061's favorite memories was a fun weekend glamping at the Bryan Scout House. The girls spent two nights at the scout house and used their creativity to make custom tents to sleep in. They enjoyed making crafts, singing campfire songs around the pretend campfire, rocking out to karaoke, and watching movies. The highlight of the weekend was dressing up and having a fashion show before they went out to eat. The girls enjoyed spending the weekend together and getting to know each other better. With Girl Scouts, no matter what your preference is, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a high adventure seeker, or an aspiring fashionista, when you’re a Girl Scout you have the support and opportunities to be anything!

Tasty Obstacles & Teamwork – Troop 5126 While working on their Media Journey, the Cadettes of Troop 5126 learned a valuable lesson about overcoming obstacles. This ambitious group of girls decided they’d build a two-story gingerbread house that would sparkle, shine, and have amazing ice cream cone trees. They baked all the pieces and filled all the icing bags to build the miraculous giant gingerbread house. With optimism and delight the girls began assembling, but then the walls started to buckle, the roof caved in, and everything started to crumble. They learned an important lesson very quickly, when life gives you obstacles…eat the crumbled gingerbread house! One quick trip to a grocery store and they were back on track, just on a MUCH smaller scale. The pieces went together, the trees were iced, the licorice garland was hung, sugar lights were set, and Santa was placed on the roof with bag full of goodies. As it turned out, not only did they learn a lesson about obstacles, but they learned a lesson about perseverance, teamwork, and a lot about how much they LOVE gingerbread. TREFOIL TRIBUNE  |  ISSUE 6


This is just a small sampling of all the great programs this spring!







Brownwood Cookie Kickoff

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Series

May the Fourth Be With You

Family Services Center

Kodosky Headquarters




We're teaming up to kick off the 2018 Cookie Season in the coolest way we know how- surrounded by all your Girl Scout Sisters! Bring the whole troop out to earn a Cookie Rally Fun Patch, and mix and mingle with other GSCTX Cookie Bosses to learn how to meet all your selling goals, and become a cookie champion! Questions? Reach us by visiting www. gsctx.org/contactus.

Talk the talk, and do it with confidence! Our Toastmasters Youth Leadership program is a biweekly program designed to teach girls to evaluate present speaking ability; organize and give speeches; give impromptu talks; control voice, vocabulary, and gestures; and more. This will be an awesome way to improve your speaking ability while having fun with your Girl Scout sisters!


Outdoor Skillz Killeen Arts & Activities Center

Strawberry Picking at Sweet Berry Farms


Sweet Berry Farm

Monthly Patch Program Available Online

Marble Falls Join us at Sweet Berry Farms for a day of fun! Girl registration includes a participation patch, picking a pint of strawberries, exploring the world of growing fruit, a Berry Bounce ticket, info about ladybugs, and one to release into the field. Want more? Visit the farm animals with a container of goat food and enjoy the Strawberry Time coloring book. Reminder: This event is for registered Girl Scout members ONLY. All participants MUST REGISTER before the registration date ends to reserve tickets. Registration ends April 13th.

Be the first to know about awesome Older Girl opportunities and stay connected by joining us on the Remind App. Text 81010 with the adjacent codes for the group(s) that interests you the most. You can also enter the code from your cell by downloading the Remind App or on your computer when you login to Remind.



ATTENTION Jedis! Get ready to grab your lightsabers and channel the force on Star Wars Day. The celebration is held every year for all lovers of the Skywalkers, the Resistance and Yoda's wise words. And what better way to celebrate than by being surrounded by awesome memorabilia at Bankston’s? Practice your leadership skills with fellow Girl Scouts by taking part in awesome Star Wars activities. As always, girls will earn a participation patch.




Our popular program for Daisies and Brownies is back! Girls will have a blast brunching with Barbie and their fellow Girl Scout sisters. They’ll learn about different careers they can pursue when they grow up through Barbie's "I Can Be Anything" program. Best part? They’ll meet with women from all types of industries and will also make and take activities for their Barbie. Participation patch included.

Bankston's Comics and Collectibles

Looking for some additional fun activities for your troop or just to do on your own? GSCTX offers a Monthly Patch Program! Each month a new patch program will be offered. January - "HEB Health & Wellness” February - "Out of this World" March - “Google Fiber” April - “Wells Fargo Financial Literacy” May - “Mermaid” June - “Sun Safety”

Ready to sign-up? Visit the GSCTX website at www.gsctx.org/events.

Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors-@gsctxcsa Girl Advisory Board-@gab1912 Gold Girls-@gsctxgold Travel-@gsctxtrips

G.I.R.L. Spotlight: innovator

MILEY D. A problem arises, and the solution seems impossible. This may discourage the average person, but for Junior Girl Scout, Miley, it sounds like a fun challenge where she can use her ingenuity to figure it out. This is just the way she is! From the small town of Eldorado (yes, like the movie!), Miley is proud to say that she’s been in Girl Scouts since she was a Daisy, and is eager of one day becoming an Ambassador.

As one of the more veteran girls in her troop, she steps up to provide innovative leadership to younger girls, helping new members of her troop and of other troops. Over the past year, she demonstrated her ingenuity by helping her troop decide which Journeys they should focus on based on their interests, skills, and abilities. Miley was able to help overcome the differences in opinions by helping the girls prioritize which activities they knew they could accomplish and then working toward more challenging Journeys. When she’s not out saving the day with her innovative problem solving, she is an active member of the children’s ministry at First Baptist Church of Eldorado, and their Girls in Action program. Miley is also a 3-year member of the Schleicher County 4-H where she is involved in several projects. The biggest 4-H project is her rabbits, which she shares with her sister, Ayla. She also competes at school in UIL Academics each year in early December, and plays softball for a local league in the spring. Her ability to think outside the box, and readily assist to solve problems in a creative way, makes Miley an ultimate G.I.R.L.☙

We’re back for our encore tour. Bummed you didn’t get to attend a Super Saturday? Our road trip continues across Central Texas! You spoke, and we listened, so we’re coming back in 2018, with a Super Saturday near you. Whether you’re a leader, parent, or girl, there’s guaranteed to be something for you! Stay tuned for more details www.gsctx.org/SuperSaturday.

brenham stephenville south austin temple san angelo

January 13 March 3 April 7 April 21 May 5

featured spring

STEM Events Girl Day at UT Austin

Explore math, science, computer science and all of STEM through hands-on activities and engaging demonstrations. Open to Daisies–Cadettes. ⇨⇨ February 24, 2018 - Austin, TX

Hackathon This overnight event is friends, fun, computers, code, apps, and games all wrapped up in an amazing sleepover! Open to Juniors and older. ⇨⇨ March 9–10, 2018 - Austin, TX

Mammoth May I?

featured spring

STEM Conferences In November, GSUSA CEO, Sylvia Acevedo, announced an initiative to bring millions of girls into the STEM pipeline over the next eight years. That’s a (pro)TON of female STEM Superstars! We’re not waiting to get started, check out some of our exciting STEM events, happening right here in Central Texas. For more details and events visit www.gsctx.org/events!

STEM Conferences 2018 Join us for this exciting one-day conference to nurture girls' interest in STEM. Open to all levels. bryan/college station

san angelo


⇨⇨ February 3, 2018

⇨⇨ February 17, 2018

⇨⇨ March 24, 2018

Yes, you may! Join us at this Dino Dig at the Waco Mammoth National Monument! Open to Daisies and Brownies. ⇨⇨ May 12, 2018 - Waco, TX

Movie Morning - Dream Big, Engineering Our World Join us for an educational morning at the movies! Dream Big: Engineering Our World is a heartfelt story of human ingenuity that will transform how people of all ages think about engineering. Open to all levels. ⇨ February 17, 2018 - Austin, TX

Ser Hermana de Cada Girl Scout (Be a sister to every Girl Scout) Girl Scouts is part of a worldwide movement called the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). The nearly 10 million members are banded together under a common code known as the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Words and phrases may vary from country to country due to differences in languages, but the meaning and ideas expressed in the Promise and Law remain the same everywhere. Being able to communicate in more than one language is a valuable skill in this modern, diverse world, and at GSCTX we not only recognize it, we embrace it. To better serve our fast-growing Latino community, we are building new bilingual materials and have recently partnered with the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to establish more of a presence in the Latino community. We’re thrilled to create more new partnerships like this one with other important Latino networks. In the past year, we’ve been interacting with various school district’s English Language Learner Committees, Latino-focused studies in different universities, nonprofits like El Mundo, the Hispanic Diocese in Austin, Con Mi Madre, and El Buen Samaritano, as well as many faith-based institutions. We are determined to gain more visibility in the Latino community by bringing our image and brand to people who in many cases, have never heard of Girl Scouts. Our mission is to include and inform every girl and her parents about the amazing things Girl Scouts offers. For current Spanish resources, visit www.gsctx.org/espanol.

A place for every G.I.R.L. Opportunities for leadership, adventure, discovery, and just plain fun, should never be limited by factors beyond a girl’s control. Our Community Troops ensure that the Girl Scout experience is available to girls who are unable to participate in traditional troops due to any geographic, socioeconomic, or emotional challenges they may face. We currently have six established Community Troop programs throughout our council. Gamma Sigma–an exceptional leadership opportunity offered to under-served, high schoolaged girls. Each chapter operates as a school-sponsored club that engages girls in advocacy, leadership, community service, career and college readiness, and other crucial life skills. Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB)–a program that is for girls whose mothers are incarcerated, providing support services through bimonthly troop meetings, monthly prison visits, individual mentoring with positive female role models, individual and group therapy, and assistance with family and community reunification. Girls Lead–bringing the Girl Scout program to elementary, middle, and high school-aged girls in Austin, Brownwood, and Waco. It is either staff or partner-led and allows GSCTX to offer the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls from lower socio-economic areas.

HACA–this program is named for its partnership with the Housing Authority of the City of Austin and its service to girls whose families are on the waiting list for Section 8 housing. The program currently serves 116 girls at seven public housing sites in Austin. Stay in School to Enjoy Real Success (SISTERS)–this original program was conceived, developed, and implemented in San Angelo in 2006. The program is unique in its dedication to following girls as they progress through middle and high school, encouraging them to stay in school, graduate, and pursue their dreams for the future. Tech Girls–a weekly after-school program for middle and high school-aged girls that aims to excite them about fields in STEM. Tech Girls uses a hands-on curriculum to engage girls in STEM and encourage them to choose STEM-related education and career paths.

If you’d like to learn more about our amazing Community Troops, or would like to volunteer with one of our troops, please visit www.gsctx.org/ communitytroops. 22



No matter what challenges a girl may face, she is welcome to join the Girl Scout Sisterhood!

Girls are powerful. With originality, passion, and ingenuity, they identify issues, solve problems, and make the world a brighter place for us all. Here at Girl Scouts of Central Texas, we think it’s important to celebrate the things that make people unique, and we believe all girls have the potential for greatness. In 2015, we began our Girl Scouts for All (GSFA) program in an effort to ensure that, despite circumstance or ability, every girl has the chance to develop courage and confidence through Girl Scouts.

allergies, Halloween can be stressful and frustrating — not to mention, extremely worrisome. Consuming one piece of the wrong candy can have dangerous effects. After all, some of the most common allergens are found inside many popular candy bars. That’s where the Teal Pumpkin Project™ comes in! Launched in 2014 by Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), the Teal Pumpkin Project™ raises awareness of food allergies and promotes inclusion of all trick-ortreaters so the holiday can remain a fun, positive experience for everyone.

GSFA troops have been formed at the Texas School for the Blind, Dell Children’s Hospital, the Marbridge Center for adults with disabilities, and more troops continue to be formed every day. Not only do programs like GSFA allow girls with disabilities to pursue the things they are passionate about, but they also create a support system for the families of these girls.

Marbridge troop prepares for first cookie season. This extraordinary group of women began their Girl Scout journey as Daisies and will be participating in this year’s cookie program to raise money for their troop activities! This is a great reminder that age is only a number- and no matter who you are you can have courage, confidence, character, and make the world a better place.

This program, much like other groundbreaking initiatives, has had its share of trials and tests, but our dedicated team of volunteers and staff continued to press on, because after all, in the words of our founder Juliette Gordon Low, “The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers.” Check out some of the awesome things our Girl Scouts for All girls have done over the past few months, and some of the awesome things they have coming up: GSFA participates in the Teal Pumpkin project! For the 15 million Americans who have food

“Wonder”–As Girl Scouts, we value showing kindness and respect to everyone. In her relevant-forevery-age novel, Wonder, R.J. Palacio addresses the important topics of friendship, kindness, and acceptance. When the movie version of this book was released, girls had the chance to complete a patch program, designed around themes in the story.

GSFA Award–We don’t do it for the recognition, but it’s always fun to see how the community is benefiting from our programs! We’ve received an award from the Austin Mayor’s Council for People with Disabilities, for our work to bring Girl Scouting to everyone. The award brings public awareness to the programs, which is great, because we’ll never turn down a chance to brag about our awesome girls. GSFA Appreciation Series Patch– Girls can put themselves in someone else’s shoes to learn more about what it's really like to live with differing abilities – and how to support girls with differing abilities in your troop – with this new patch program! Girl Scout Game Changers–we need you! Looking for a way to get involved with our GSFA program? We have a lot of exciting goals and could use your help getting there! We currently are looking for volunteers to help us start a new troop at Dell Children’s Hospital. Whether you want to be a troop leader, or just help out in another way, we’d love for you to join us!

⇨⇨ For more information on GSFA and other Community Troops, please visit www.gsctx.org/communitytroops.




You don’t have to go it alone, but you certainly can! When most people think of Girl Scouting, they think of the traditional model of the organization: troops and weekly meetings. For a growing number of families, it’s simply impossible to juggle one more set weekly activity. Juliette Girl Scouting, formally known as Individually Registered Girls, strikes the perfect balance, allowing parents and girls to fit Girl Scouting into their own schedules. This way, you don’t have to choose between gymnastics, theater club, and amazing Girl Scout adventures–you can do all three! All the things you’d do with a Girl Scout troop- all on your own time.

parents considering it. I am confident that it will get easier by the second year and I look forward to helping others that may be interested in transitioning to become Juliettes. If you are considering enrolling your daughter as a Juliette Scout, be patient at first. You may feel a bit overwhelmed having to do all on your own, but it gets easier. Reach out to other Juliette moms for support; we are always willing to help!

Lightning Answer Round with Olivia and Grace! Can you tell us about all the different activities and organizations you participate in outside of school?

We sat down to chat with two motherdaughter duos, Claudia and Olivia, and Christy and Grace, and they are spilling all the secrets on what Juliette Girl Scouts are all about!

Olivia: Theatre, swimming, and running in the spring, too. Grace: A lot of Girl Scouts activities and I take a sewing class. Wow! Those are time consuming activities! Why is Girl Scouts an important organization for you to be a part of, even though you’re so busy?

So, your daughters are both Juliettes. Why did you choose this type of Girl Scouting over a more traditional model, with a troop? Christy (Mom): It came down to a scheduling conflict for our family. Our family does not have a traditional work week. Our days off are during the week, which made it difficult to attend weekly meetings. This option allowed for optimal family time, as well as staying connected to everything Girl Scouts offers. Claudia (Mom): Yes, we didn't have the time to devote to weekly meetings, but I didn’t want to lose out on the Girl Scout experiences, so I thought Juliette Scouting was perfect for us! What are the benefits of planning your own Girl Scout experience? Do you think you’re missing out on anything by not being part of a troop? Claudia: The perks of planning our own experiences is that we plan it according to our schedule and available time. The Event Calendar has been a great tool for me to keep up with Girl Scout events, not only in Austin, but in other council areas as well. [Olivia and I] make it a day trip and become tourists for the day. The only thing [I thought I’d miss] about a troop is seeing familiar faces each time we go to an event, but surprisingly, I am seeing more and more familiar faces in the activities we attend and have made new friends already. Christy: I like being able to get Grace's opinion on what she would like to earn next as far as badges or fun patches. I can gear our



Olivia: I get to do things I normally wouldn’t do. Grace: It educates me about women’s history, and it’s also quite fun. activities toward what her interest are at the time. You obviously do a bunch of Girl Scout activities with your daughters; do you feel like these activities provide you with an opportunity to spend time with her that you may not otherwise have?

Do you think you’ve gotten to do things in Girl Scouts that you don’t get to do anywhere else? If so, can you tell us a little about those activities? Olivia: Yes, Girl Scouts get to do a lot of unique activities, and have lots of support from the community.

Christy: I absolutely feel like this has drawn Grace and I closer together and helped us gain mutual respect because of how much time we spend together. For this to be a successful adventure, we have to work together, so the more we plan and discuss ideas, the better our partnership is.

Grace: It depends on the activity, but mostly yes, I have had a chance to do things I normally wouldn’t do, like a sleepover at Sea World.

Claudia: This experience has allowed me to spend more time with [Olivia] as an individual, which I would, likely, not have in a troop. The added bonus of scheduling our own events for 'fun patches' is it allows me to include my son in some way during our events, so he can experience some of the fun! He's witnessing girl empowerment, respect, and equality too!

Olivia: Going to iFly!

What advice do you have for parents or guardians who want to enroll their daughter as a Juliette Scout?

Olivia: I say if you are thinking of becoming a Juliette, go for it! Especially if you are very shy and really like being with just a few close friends. You would love being a Juliette!

Claudia: Honestly, becoming Juliettes has not been a totally smooth process. I wish there was more information out there for

What’s your favorite activity you’ve done? Why?

Grace: The October Monthly Patch, which was Dia de los Muertos. I liked it so much because there was music and colorful costumes and amazing dancers. What would you tell a girl who wants to join Girl Scouts, but is too busy for a traditional troop?

Grace: Try to be a Juliette with a friend, kind of like a small troop of your own!

G.I.R.L. Spotlight: risk-taker

Sierra H. For some people, stepping out of their comfort zone is a giant risk. It means opening yourself up to vulnerability, disappointment, and possible regret, but for 8th grade Cadette, Sierra, it means growth. As an active member of Girl Scouts in Bryan/College Station for over seven years, Sierra has overcome the fear of failure several times. She’s been asked to represent GSCTX by speaking at a Women of Distinction event, she’s given multiple TV and newspaper interviews, and as she gets older and gains more confidence, she realizes how important it is to share her experiences with younger Girl Scouts. Without hesitation, she became a mentor and leader for the Daisies in her multi-aged troop, and participates each year as a Cookie Captain. The best lesson Sierra has learned is that the best way to overcome

her fears is by facing them head on. She understands that taking risks, regardless of their outcome, are growth experiences. Even if a mistake is made or she doesn’t get it right the first time, there’s always an opportunity to try again. With her cando attitude, Sierra earned her Bronze Award, Cadette Community Service Bar, and is currently working on her Silver Award. If she had to choose, Sierra would say her favorite Girl Scout activity is going camping with her troop. Most recently, she enjoyed hiking at Enchanted Rock State Park, and she’s looking forward to a Wilderness Survival Course this spring. Outside of Girl Scouting, Sierra most enjoys training for a triathlon. She is part of an elite youth triathlon team in Houston and is currently working hard to improve her race times. Her toughest race yet was the 2017 USAT Youth Nationals, which included a lake swim with about 80 girls all starting at the same time. Sierra is excited to continue in Girl Scouts and has goals of earning every summit pin, completing the Outdoor Progression Patch, earning the Volunteer-in-Training Award, and earning her Gold Award. Her risk-taking attitude, and overwhelming optimism, motivates those around her, and makes Sierra an ultimate G.I.R.L!

There’s No ‘I’ In Troop Leader! Girl Scout troop-leading does not have to be a solo act! Enlist the help of troop parents, and ensure no one bites off more than they can chew! Here are just some of the roles the girls' parents can take on. Troop Co-Leader: Instead of one leader running the troop, co-leading is the best way to beat burnout, as leaders take turns on a rotating schedule. Troop Volunteer: Assist with driving, activity planning, snacks, pre-meeting shopping, troop money management, or other tasks necessary to keep the troop running smoothly. Troop Fall Program Coordinator: Coordinate the annual Fall Product Sale at the troop level, including managing inventory and money, and ensuring paperwork is completed and submitted. Troop Cookie Coordinator: Run the annual cookie sale at the troop level.

Leaders, let us loop you in! Read this! The New Leader Guide is a comprehensive guide for first-year leaders and seasoned vets. Access this lifeline online, at www. gsctx.org/troop, or if you favor a paper copy, contact us and we’ll mail you one! Click Here! Join the Green Leader Facebook group to interact with experienced GSCTX leaders and staff members, have all your questions answered, plus have a place to provide constructive feedback. And don’t forget to follow the GSCTX Facebook page to stay current on all our exciting adventures. Login to Unplug! Want to get girls outside? Head to the online Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)! There are 16 new badges and petals in the VTK that now include the option to change an activity that typically occurs indoors to an outdoor activity, providing girls with more opportunities to get outside and reap the benefits. Learn more at www.gsctx.org/VTK.



You’ll Want to Know About This! We’d like to just take a moment to speak straight with all you troop leaders out there. The ones who rush to troop meetings right after work, and who come early and stay late at cookie booths, and of course, who burn both ends of the candle scouring Pinterest for the Bridging ceremony party decorations. Thank you. You are not only our heroes, you are a hero to every girl who gets to live her Girl Scout journey, because you said “yes” to this opportunity.

Let’s Go 1 and Money Manager trainings are now online in video format! You can also check out Leadership Essentials and GSCTX Orientation, which are available online, as well. Find them all and more here: www.gsctx.org/training. Volunteer Essentials continues to be updated quarterly. Make sure you check in periodically (www.gsctx.org/VE) so you’re always up to date on the latest and greatest leader news! Volunteering with Girl Scouts isn’t just about being a Troop leader; we are always looking for Staff Support volunteers, and now we have our Volunteer Interest Form online, so you can check out the roles that need to be filled! From translating resources from English to Spanish, to taking photos at Council events, there’s a way for everyone to get involved! View all opportunities here: www.gsctx.org/volunteer.

Rockstars! A few of our volunteers have been recognized at a national level for their invaluable commitment to supporting the girls of GSCTX! Congratulations! GSUSA Volunteer of Excellence: ✭✭ Ann Berasley, Mariner Program ✭✭ Joe Rizzo, Metallic Clouds Robotics Program GSUSA Appreciation Pin: ✭✭ Nicole Payne, Killeen Sister Cities GSUSA Honor Pin: ✭✭ Leslie Midgley, Board of Directors ✭✭ Karen Stewart, Mariner Program GSUSA Thanks Badge II:

Thanks for being amazing!

✭✭ Karen Herrmann, Texas Star Service Unit ✭✭ Susie Rich, Lady Cans Robotics Program


Spotlight: Teresa Cruz

For Teresa Cruz, the love of Girl Scouting began at an early age. Teresa’s childhood was difficult, as being part of a large family meant playing a role, and hers was the family translator. She’d often be found taking care of her siblings or helping her mother with household needs. She never knew the meaning of empowerment and leadership until she joined Girl Scouts. With a passion for showing girls that they’re capable of anything, Teresa decided to become a Troop Leader. For Teresa, volunteering was a personal mission to expose her younger sister and nieces to the amazing opportunities provided by Girl Scouts. More than anything, she wants her girls to feel confident, grow up with a network of positive peers, build character, and go on to make the world a better place. Teresa was anonymously nominated for our Volunteer Spotlight. Her nominator has this to say about her: “Teresa is one of the most mature, well-spoken, confident, young ladies I’ve ever met. She is a great storyteller who has a warm personality, and loves her family. When you see her interact, she will definitely be smiling and bringing Girl Scouts into the conversation. Her bubbly personality, kind face, and confident character make you fall in love with her experiences and passions.”

On top of volunteering and helping her family, Teresa is also attending college, works a full-time job, and participates in her community of faith. She currently studies medical billing, and decided to pursue this career when she noticed firsthand how difficult it is for patients to navigate and afford health care. Plus, she is bilingual in Spanish and can help non-English speaking patients better navigate the system. We’re so lucky to have Teresa as a GSCTX Volunteer. Her dedication to change the world one one girl at a time is inspiring!☙

Shop News! Our fearless leaders – Did you know? You can pick up countless resources, including awards and recognition gifts, Journey books, badges, pins, and even bumper stickers all at the GSCTX Shops. Nothing makes our volunteers happier than receiving a Girl Scout gift!


Ways to Travel with GSCTX Destinations vs. Council Trips Girl Scout Destinations – Girl Scout Destinations whisk you to the far corners of the Earth! Girls 12 and older are eligible to go on a journey of a lifetime with other Girl Scouts from across the country. With over 30 different trips to choose from, girls can visit the places of their dreams. Italy, Costa Rica, or Mongolia are just a few of the Destinations girls can apply to, and they can apply for up to 4 trips in a year.

Council Trips – Girl-led and girl-cherished! Grab your Girl Scout sisters and plan your own adventure – from the sights you’ll see, to the food you’ll eat! No application process required. Adult trip leaders will be there to help when needed, but the journey is all about the girl. On these adventures, girls will obtain their first glimpse into the amazing world of travel. Check out the sidebar for upcoming Council Trips!

Traveling with GSCTX means lifelong memories that are invaluable. Don’t just take our word for it, hear it straight from our go-getting travelers.

The Majestic Alps And there we were just looking out onto the mountain that stood before us. Fear, hope, and an unknowing sense of adventure were only some of the feelings flooding me at that moment. Once my feet started moving, I knew I would never be the same again. I was in a constant state of awe. We woke up in the morning, and the air was light and free. As I ate breakfast, my courage to take on the day flourished. The mountain, no matter how hard it was to trek, was a friend showing me how strong I could be. With every thud of my boots hitting the strong and sturdy mountain, I grew. I had the time of my life on this trip. I had worked hard for nine years to get to Europe, and I made it. I worked hard, and I stayed dedicated to my goal. Even though people called it mad, I did it. Every time I closed my eyes there I could see all my accomplishments laid out in front of me. Going on this trip forced me to remember that dreams do come true. – Isabel L., GSCTX Ambassador

Hollywood Dreamin’ My Destinations experience inspired me to use film/ media to take action to make the world a better place. This trip inspired me to create a story related to current events and make it into a live action film to present to an audience. Film is one of the best ways to get a person’s attention, and make them think or feel differently about a certain topic. It can spark a desire to change something in this country and/ or world that isn’t quite right with you or anyone


in Advance

else. I love the idea that film, dance, music, or art can bring a new perspective to an issue that most only view one way. The magic of visual arts is that you can create any story, make it come to life, and inspire another human being to change the way things are perceived.

Calling all Risk-takers and Go-getters! Check out the amazing opportunities we have planned for you to get out and explore the world!

– Kyndal W., GSCTX Senior

explore alaska July 20–29, 2018

Chape‘roaming’ Japan Have you ever been given the opportunity to do something that you never thought would be possible? Something that you would only dream of being able to do? Howdy, my name is Whitney, a sophomore at Texas A&M University, and I was given the opportunity to do such a thing. I served as a Girl Scout chaperone for the Girl Scouts of Central Texas Council trip to Japan. The trip was perfect for me. I am an International Studies major at A&M, working toward a minor in Japanese, while focusing my area studies on Asia. There were a few things that I worried about considering this was my first experience as a bona fide chaperone, and abroad no less! This is an experience that I realize many people aren’t sure they are willing to have, for any number of reasons. For anyone who is wondering whether or not to serve as a chaperone for Girl Scouts, there are a few things to keep in mind. Are you willing and able to take charge in a situation that calls for it? Are you ready to connect with not only the girls, but the other chaperones on the trip as well? Being a chaperone, while daunting when you first think of the responsibility placed on your shoulders, is an experience that I will look back on fondly, and I plan to seek more experiences like this in the future with Girl Scouts of Central Texas. – Whitney B., GSCTX Alumnae

call of the wild in the shenandoah mountains August 14–21, 2018

my troop and i visit big bend, texas March 10–17, 2019

incredible india June 25–July 5, 2019

west coast national park adventure July 28–Aug 10, 2019

the ultimate harry potter experience June 6–17, 2020

interested in chaperoning one of these awesome trips? Ideal volunteers will have a passion for travel, previous travel experience, trip specific knowledge, and the ability to work collaboratively with other chaperones and the Trip Lead. This volunteer position requires volunteers to apply for each trip they would like to chaperone. Applications are accepted for all posted trips September 1st through October 31st annually. Learn more at www.gsctx.org/travel.





Girl Scouts: Where Strangers Become Life-long Friends

In the fall of 1998, five strangers, all from different schools across the Walnut Creek Service Unit, began their journey together as Daisy Girl Scouts. Sticking together the entire way through elementary, middle, and finally high school, Troop #22 is the perfect example of what it means to make the most of the Girl Scout Experience! Whether they were selling a thousand (or more!) boxes of cookies, bridging to Cadettes in the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, welcoming more girls to the troop, or even taking a cookie-funded trip to Disneyland, this troop set goals and worked tirelessly to reach them. Today, they’ve traded in their vests and patches for college textbooks and careers, but their tradition of success continues. Several of the girls received college scholarships, and all eight went on to earn Bachelor's degrees, one working towards finishing her Master's degree. Though they all live apart, and are busy with dream jobs, international travel, and buying their first homes, these Girl Scout alumnae still find time to meet with one another, and catch up on all the amazing things they continue to achieve! The Girl Scout journey doesn’t end when you graduate high school. You carry the memories, skills, and friendships for a lifetime. Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout!☙



Where Are They Now? Daisies grow into Gold Girls, who then turn into women who continue to change the world. We caught up with former GSCTX Gold Award Girl Scouts, who are now Girl Scout Alumni. Read below to see what they are achieving now! Sohini Bini Since graduating high school, Sohini has completed a Cognitive Science degree at Yale University, learned Japanese, and studied abroad for a year in Japan, where she taught English through the Japan Exchange Teaching program. She then moved back to Texas to start medical school at Baylor College of Medicine. She will begin her residenciy, in Ob-Gyn, next summer.

Lauren Petty In college, Lauren completed a degree in biomedical engineering, then a MS in epidemiology. After working in genetic epidemiology research for a few years, she is now back at school working on a PhD in genetic epidemiology. She studies many different forms of complex disease, and she is interested in simplifying the way doctors can identify genetic risk factors for disease.

Her proudest moment since earning her Gold Award: Developing a curriculum and teaching women's health classes for women who have recently left incarceration.

Her proudest moment since earning her Gold Award: Hearing her daughter say “Mama” for the first time!

Why she thinks it’s important to earn your Gold Award: “Your community has needs no one may be addressing, and you have the time, ability, resources and support to fill.” Sohini’s Final Thoughts: “In these times, we need young, female leaders more than ever to serve their communities, and to inspire others to do the same.”

Why she thinks it’s important to earn your Gold Award: “It’s important both for the positive impact it has on the community, but also for helping girls realize their ability to affect change around them.” Lauren’s Tips for Earning Your Gold Award: “I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that it takes persistence. Stick with it! Also, Girl Scouts in general, but especially the Gold Award, is so helpful for developing leadership skills and confidence to tackle new projects.”

Mandy Justiz Currently in her third year of undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin, Mandy is studying Plan II Honors, Nutrition Honors, and dietetics as a part of the Dean’s Scholars Honors program. She currently works with TX Sprouts, researching how nutrition and gardening classes in schools affect child fitness and eating habits, academic success, and overall health. Her proudest moment since earning her Gold Award: Being offered a coveted research position in one of her neuroscience professor’s lab. Why she thinks it’s important to earn your Gold Award: “A community is a home. If you had a leaky faucet in your home, you would not leave it broken. You would fix it simply because it is your responsibility. I do not see that communities are much different.” Mandy’s Tips for Earning Your Gold Award: “Working towards the Gold Award is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to leaders in the community who are specialists in your areas of interest.”

better than fiction Did you know that Girl Scout troops were meeting before women even had the right to vote? Or that the youngest Girl Scout to ever earn a Gold Award (called the Golden Eaglet at the time) was from Austin, Texas? You don’t have to be a history buff to be fascinated by the incredible story of Girl Scouts. If you want to dig into the past and share our history with others, join the GSCTX History Committee, and uncover incredible moments in the last 108 years of women’s history brought to you by Girl Scouts. Contact Pam Hollingsworth for more information at Pamh@gsctx.org.

nywod – devika kumar

Have you heard about the Golden Ticket?

She Went for Gold, and Kept Going! We are incredibly proud to introduce you to one of our GSCTX Gold Girls, Devika Kumar, who has been recognized for her impactful work in rural India, and has been selected as a 20172018 National Young Woman of Distinction (NYWOD). Every year, ten exceptionally inspiring Girl Scout Gold Award recipients are chosen to receive this award as a result of completing Gold Award Projects that demonstrate extraordinary leadership, have a measurable and sustainable impact, and

address a local challenge related to a national or global issue. Through her Gold Award project, Menstrual Hygiene in Rural India, Devika addressed the need for feminine hygiene awareness in remote villages in Rajasthan, India. Her project provided an economically sustainable way for women to produce sanitary pads, and keep girls in school. As a NYWOD, Devika is now a spokeswoman for Girl Scouts, and even had a chance to be on a panel with Chelsea Clinton

at the 2017 G.I.R.L. Conference. Through this platform, she wants to continue advocating for appropriate menstrual healthcare for all women, regardless of who they are and where they live. We hope you are inspired by the passion and dedication Devika has demonstrated, in true Girl Scout style, leaving her world better than she found it.


path to gold Highest awards, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, are awarded to girls who display leadership while engaging in projects that benefit their communities. Bronze Award The highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. Must be done as a team with fellow Juniors. This award gives you the chance to team up with your Girl Scout sisters to make a difference in your community. You can pursue your Bronze if: ◆◆ You’re in fourth or fifth grade ◆◆ You’re a registered Girl Scout Junior ◆◆ You have completed a Junior Journey

Silver Award The highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn. This award gives you a chance to do big things and make your community better in the process. You can pursue your Silver if: ◆◆ You’re in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade ◆◆ You’re a registered Girl Scout Cadette ◆◆ You have completed a Cadette Journey

Gold Award The highest award in all of Girl Scouts. Open only to girls in high school, this prestigious award challenges you to change the world. You can pursue your Gold if: ◆◆ You’re in ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade ◆◆ You’re a registered Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador ◆◆ You have completed your Silver Award and one Journey or two higher-level Journeys

The Golden Ticket is an opportunity to not only introduce girls to the idea of one day earning the Gold Award, but also reward them for exhibiting Gold Girl qualities – leadership, sisterhood, and tenacity. Any girl (K–5) is eligible to be nominated by her troop leader. Check out www. gsctx.org/GoldenTicket for more photos and information!

hey, older girls! Deadline approaching – Apply! GSCTX knows you have a bright future and we’re here to help! For those of you graduating in May, listen up. Each year Girl Scouts of Central Texas awards ten $1,000 scholarships to registered graduating Girl Scout members who plan to attend a university, trade school, or technical school. We also post additional scholarships available each year. You have until February 5th to turn in all the paperwork required. Don't miss this opportunity to jumpstart your college education. Apply now! For more information contact Melissa Green, Area 2 Programs and Teen Mentor Specialist, at MelissaG@gsctx.org.

Invest in your future, be a GSCTX Intern! What better place to intern than at a place where you’ll literally be changing lives. Here’s your opportunity to enhance your career AND make a difference in the world. We’re looking for strong, progressive, innovative, go-getting individuals who are in it for more than just the cookies. To apply for a position, visit our Careers webpage (www.gsctx. org/careers) to submit important documents to our Human Resource Services Department. TREFOIL TRIBUNE  |  ISSUE 6



Setting the G.I.R.L. Standard Each year, we honor women who have been paving the way for female leadership for decades. Determined, resourceful, courageous, and compassionate, these ladies are the embodiment of what it means to be a G.I.R.L. We continue to be inspired by their contributions to their communities, and by their commitment to leaving this world better than they found it. Congratulations to the 2018 Women of Distinction honorees!

Austin WOD Honorees: Nora Comstock Denise Davis Amy Shaw Thomas Laura Wolf

Rising Star Honoree: Alexis Jones Workplace Honoree: True Wealth Ventures

Want to be in the room where all the action happens? Mark your calendar for April 26th (Austin) and May 17th (Killeen, Temple, Waco) because you’re invited to join us for this year’s Women of Distinction events. We need Girl Scouts, just like you, to present awards, give speeches, greet the guests, participate in flag ceremonies, and show off your amazing talents. Worried about skipping school? Don’t be! We’ll give you an official excuse letter for your school. If you are interested in helping us celebrate these amazing women, please contact Pam Hollingsworth at pamh@gsctx.org. Congratulations! In September, we honored the 2017 Women and Workplace of Distinction in Bryan/College Station and Brownwood. These remarkable honorees serve as wonderful role models for all our members, girls, and adults alike, showing that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.


Cynthea D. Rhodes-Patterson UT All American, Gold Olympian, and Corporate Human Resource Manager – Technology Division for The Home Depot What quality do you most admire in others and try to develop in yourself?

Determination. What advice would you give a Girl Scout about her future if she wants to emulate your success?

The advice that I would give a Girl Scout is dream big and work harder. Never be afraid to dream bigger than your current circumstance because the only limits we have are those we put on ourselves. However, always be honest about how hard you’re willing to work to see your dreams come true. What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Trefoils (Shortbread). Are you a Go-Getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, or Leader?

I’m an Innovator. (I really thought I was going to be a Go-Getter or Leader!) What is your passion?

Helping others develop and find opportunities. With all the options in our community, why have you chosen to support Girl Scouts?

I love helping to create opportunities for girls. Specifically, opportunities in industries that are not traditionally populated by girls (i.e. STEM). How do you prepare yourself (mentally, emotionally) to take on a challenge or go on a new adventure?

BRYAN/COLLEGE STATION WOD HONOREES (2017): Danny Ballard, Karan Watson, Kristiana Hamilton, Andrea Liner, Keith Halsell, and Workplace of Distinction David Gardner's Jewelers & Gemologists.

When taking on a new challenge, I remind myself of my previous successes. I think about which of the tools/skills that I’ve used in the past to be successful that will help me be successful in this new challenge. Surprisingly, many of the skills that have helped me be successful in the past can be used as new challenges present themselves. How do you handle setbacks?

BROWNWOOD WOD HONOREES (2017): Workplace of Distinction, Brownwood Public Libray, Iva Hamilton, Evy Winn, Kay Wilson, and Nancy Byler (not pictured).

I use setbacks as learning experiences. I work very hard to understand how I missed the goal and then make sure to not make the same mistake twice. As long as we continue to go after our big dreams, we will have occasional setbacks. The goal is to keep moving forward and not let those setbacks slow us down.

G.I.R.L. Spotlight: leader

In the second issue of the Trefoil Tribune, we featured a driven, animal-loving Cadette by the name of Zella, who wrote a hardhitting opinion piece about her concerns with SeaWorld. After watching the movie Blackfish, a 2013 documentary that focused on Tilikum, an orca held by SeaWorld and the controversy over captive killer whales, Zella knew something had to be done. So, she wrote a letter to GSCTX CEO, Lynelle McKay, expressing her concerns and suggesting that GSCTX stop offering SeaWorld tickets as a cookie prize. After hearing about her letter, SeaWorld invited Zella for a private tour with her parents and Lynelle. To read more about her courageous story, visit this link: http://bit. ly/2BePRuD.

Zella N.

Zella has been a Girl Scout for eight years, and during those eight years she’s embodied the essence of being a leader. As an advocate for animals, she’s worked to help four different types of creatures - orangutans, orcas, bats, and sea turtles. Currently, she’s working on her Silver Award, “Sea Turtles vs. Straws.” Did you know that every day Americans use enough

disposable straws to fill over 125 school buses? She’s hoping to get restaurants in her area to only give out straws when asked or to switch to paper straws. She’s also planning a community “Bring Your Own Straw Day” to raise awareness about how many straws we use. She has a Facebook page at www.facebook. com/seaturtlesvsstraws where you can learn more about her project and see cute pictures of sea turtles (because who doesn’t like pictures of cute animals?). By helping younger girls at her local Girl Scout day camp, Zella shines as a leader. She teaches outdoor skills and helps with activities by managing crafts and leading in songs. On top of it all, she also helps manage the camp by directing cars, moving groups of kids around the camp, and teaching the older girls how to be leaders. And, she’s part of the GSCTX Girl Advisory Board, a select group of girls in our council who collaborate with staff members on projects ranging from program development to research and marketing. When she’s not making the world a better place, she’s dancing ballet, and was accepted into the 2017 Ballet Austin Junior Summer Intensive program. A G.I.R.L. through and through, Zella is a true unstoppable force and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.  Want to see yourself as one of our next G.I.R.L. features? Submit your story to us by visiting www.gsctx.org/ shareyourstory. Learn more here!

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live it. love it. wear it. Whether you’re conquering hiking trails or smashing cookie sales, the Girl Scout Shop has what you need to do your thing…with a little flair. Cookie bosses can browse the countless items perfect for blinging their booths, advertising the sale, and anything else needed to reach their cookie goals. Head to the outdoors! Whether our cool campers need a great t-shirt or a fun patch, we have everything they’ll need to answer the call of the wild. Be a part of the Insider’s Club! It’s easy to join! Just keep an eye on the GSCTX Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest merch arrival, sales, and shop news, so you’ll always be in the know!

Share Your Story! When you’re a Girl Scout, adventure awaits around every turn! Whether your troop is venturing out on its first camping trip or you are selling your hundredth box of cookies, we want to shout it from the hills of Central Texas“Our girls and volunteers are some of the most inspiring people in the world!” Tell us all about what you’re doing to be a go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, and leader in your community at www.gsctx.org/ shareyourstory. And as an added bonus, if we share your story on any one of our social media platforms, on our blog, or even with local media, you’ll receive an exclusive patch, so everyone will know you’re not afraid to speak up! Say it loud, say it proud—“I’m a GSCTX Storyteller!”



Who Runs The World? SAMSUNG STEM CHALLENGE This year Samsung STEM Survival Challenge introduced a new concept where girls had to complete several STEM based survival tasks over the course of two days at Camp Texlake. Girl Scouts became survivors by purifying water, building a shelter, creating extra resources from a few items in their backpack, and, of course, escaping the ‘island.’

Girls! SCIGIRLS Earlier this year, GSCTX was awarded a grant from Twin Cities PBS Television and the National Science Foundation to pilot a coding program, SciGirls CODE, for a small group of girls that runs for nine months in our Waco location. Over the course of a couple of months, the girls have coded five different apps, made upgrades to an existing app, and created an app from scratch. Stay tuned for more on this exciting program.


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We’re bringing the secrets of success to Older Girls through our Emerging Leaders series. By having the opportunity to meet and mingle with the best and brightest professional women in Central Texas, Older Girls are that much closer to becoming the next generation of leaders. Our event in July at the Kendra Scott headquarters focused on the incredible life of an entrepreneur. While our events in August at Bryan Police Department and Dropbox headquarters focused on careers in law enforcement, and the innovative world of technology! Watch for more events in this series coming soon.

TRAILBLAZERS In September, volunteers traded in their wi-fi and responsibilities for s’mores and cabins at the annual Trailblazers Retreat. There was an abundance of picture perfect moments, but it wasn’t all fun and games! After trainings, question and answer sessions, and lots of networking, these all-star volunteers left geared up for a year of adventure with their troops.

HURRICANE HARVEY RELIEF SUPER SATURDAYS Far and wide, fun was had across Central Texas as girls and their families attended our first round of Super Saturdays! Girls drove, built, and learned all about Robots, the mobile shop was stocked full of awesome goodies, and adult members completed important trainings! Plus, in Austin, we had a super special event, as we partnered with ExxonMobil and the Society of Women Engineers at their ‘Invent It. Build It.’ event.

After Hurricane Harvey tore up the Texas coast in August, leaving destruction and devastation, many of our Girl Scouts rallied together to lend aid to friends and strangers alike. From collecting diapers to school supplies, to creating a warm welcome for evacuees who were making their way from the coast into the communities of Austin, San Angelo, and Waco, the response from our Girl Scout troops was amazing.



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Send your questions to Melissa (melissag@gsctx.org) to be answered during a future ‘Ask Melissa’ segment!

Dear Melissa, It all goes back to my childhood. I vividly remember seeing two giddy neighborhood girls dragging along a Radio Flyer red wagon behind them going door-to-door asking adults if they’d like to purchase delicious cookies to help them fund their next adventure. I couldn’t believe how confident they were, even after they heard multiple no’s and door slams, these girls kept smiles on their faces and moved on to the next house ready to give their perfectly posed pitch. They were unstoppable, and I wanted to be like them. Soon enough, I too became a Girl Scout who not only sold cookies, but gained a new perspective on life. When I became a mother, I knew I’d want my daughter to have all the opportunities I had so I registered her for Girl Scouts. And you guessed it: she’s just as excited to begin selling cookies as I was at her age! This is going to be her first year selling cookies and I want to help her get the word out, but I also want her to take ownership of her business. So, my question to you, oh wise Melissa is…can I advertise on social media for my girl? -A First-time Cookie Mom Dear First-time Cookie Mom, I don’t blame you for loving cookie season! After all, the Girl Scout Cookie Sale is the LARGEST girl-led business in the nation. In this girl-led spirit, I suggest that if you want to support your daughter via social media that you involve her in the process. Ask her what she’d like to say to her potential customers, then help her post to your social media accounts. (Girls 13+ may post, with parental supervision, on their own social media accounts.) Please remember that your girl may only take orders from January 17 – February 25, 2018. Having her take ownership is exactly what we want her to do, allowing her to experience being an entrepreneur! Still need some help? I got you! Check out this sample social media post and feel free to personalize and use it. “My daughter (name) is selling Girl Scout Cookies this year to help pay for (awesome adventure). If you’re interested in supporting (name), please leave a comment with your contact information and the best time to reach you, and (name) will contact you directly! And remember to check out the cookie toolkit on the GSCTX website for some cool social media graphics! Peace Out, Melissa Dear Melissa, I have a confession - I’m sort of a mess and desperately need your advice! All through high school, my parents and teachers kept bugging me about being more active in my community. Now, almost 10 years after high school, I’m feeling like a somewhat responsible adult who yes, from time to time, still eats cereal for dinner, but I’m much more conscious of how important it is to give back. Here’s my dilemma: I’m a nurse whose hours aren’t always the easiest to manage, and recently I’ve been feeling unfulfilled. A friend of mine told me about how she volunteers with Girl Scouts. She constantly brags to me about how she’s helping power the next generation of women leaders. A part of me thinks, “okay, chill out Amanda you can’t possibly be causing that much of an impact.” But the other part of me thinks, “what if she is?” The issue is that I’m afraid to over-commit or get into a position that’ll overwhelm me. I’ve always heard great things about Girl Scouts, but to be honest, I’m not sure what volunteer opportunities are offered and if I’d even fit in well. So, I’d figure I’d ask an expert. Melissa, what type of volunteers are needed and how much time commitment is required? - An Unfulfilled Mess Dear Unfulfilled Mess, It’s O.K. to feel overwhelmed and crazy with life, but I promise you, volunteering in Girl Scouts would be a GREAT stress relief! There are multiple ways you can help, because we want volunteering to be fulfilling and not like a job! Yes, you can be a troop leader or co-troop leader, but that may not be a good fit for you because it requires some time, organization, and structure that may not fit your current lifestyle. Never fear though! There are many options where you can help! Some troops can use volunteers to help on camp-outs, field trips or programs where another adult chaperone is needed. That would require from two-three hours to maybe a weekend’s commitment! The options are endless! We can work with you to find your strengths and plug you into a troop, service unit or council team! We love our volunteers and want to make sure you get the most out of it. Well, at least as much as the girls do! P.S. Be sure to visit www.gsctx.org/volunteer to check out a list of all the different types of volunteer roles! Peace Out, Melissa


My Cookie Sales Pitch Grab a friend, and prompt them to give you a word that matches the type of word under each blank line. When all the words are filled in, read your crazy story aloud, and let the laughter begin!

This is the story of the time I sold Girl Scout Cookies to door, and when he/she Hello


walked up to his/her

the door, I began my sales pitch. ! My name is

, and I’m selling Girl Scout Cookies. If you have a

, I can tell you a little bit about what makes these cookies so so many flavors to choose from! My favorite is ! One time, I even ate

. They are just so


in one sitting. But, you may like



I’m selling these cookies to raise money to go to and

, with my friends

. Last year we used our cookie money to . It was an

If you buy a box, or Thank you so much for

Find all the words that describe G.I.R.L. in the word find puzzle!

in our favorite place,

experience. , from me, I would be so Troop #

! !


Girl Scouts got together for the first time in 1912 to learn how to play which sport?

2. What was the price of a dozen Girl Scout Cookies in 1922? 3. Who gave Juliette Gordon Low her famous nickname, Daisy? Answers: 1. Basketball, 2. 25 cents, 3. Her uncle


! Firstly, there’s




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Trefoil Tribune — Issue #6  

Our biannual publication bringing the news, stories, and spotlights to our amazing council.

Trefoil Tribune — Issue #6  

Our biannual publication bringing the news, stories, and spotlights to our amazing council.