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2010 Annual Report

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Girl Scout Mission Statement Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. The Girl Scout Promise On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law. The Girl Scout Law I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout.

2 girl scouts of the jersey shore 2010 annual report

A year to remember

a century to celebrate! Dear Friends, Everyone thinks they know Girl Scouts. Since we’ve been around for almost 100 years they think they know what we do. They think they know the difference we make. But, if asked, they often find it very hard to put that knowledge into words. The reason is simple. Girl Scouts isn’t cookies or camp, crafts or badges. Those are a few examples of what we do, but it’s not who we are. What we are is something intangible. As we enter our second century, we’re the place for girls who want to change the world. Changing the world doesn’t mean being president. Although it could be. It doesn’t mean being a Fortune 500 CEO. Although it could be. It doesn’t mean shattering a glass ceiling. Or inventing something amazing. Or becoming famous. Although it could be. Changing the world has a different meaning for every person. Girl Scouts gives girls the power to define that phrase. That power comes from the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Younger girls develop their leadership skills; older girls use them. But, more importantly, all girls learn the true meaning of leadership. Leadership isn’t just standing in front of a group and taking charge. It’s also looking in the mirror and liking who you see. It’s choosing to do the right thing, despite peer pressure to take a different path. It’s a never-ending series of small decisions that monumentally change the rest of your life. Through Girl Scouts, girls who are timid become confident. Girls who are vocal learn introspection. Girls who feel powerless learn they have a voice and we teach them how to use it. That’s what Girl Scouts is all about and will continue to be about for the next 100 years. It’s about becoming a person who understands the world in which they live and who wants to make it better. It’s about becoming a person who faces challenges and doesn’t shy away from them. It’s about knowing who you are and feeling confident enough to be yourself. It’s about changing the world.

Dr. Grace Hickey President Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

Susan H. McClure Chief Executive Officer Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

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Girls earned parts of several Brownie Try-Its during a backyard camping activity.


In August 2009, the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore began a strategic learning initiative to critically examine the council and develop winning strategies to overcome the obstacles to increased girl membership and participation. The board of directors created a strategic learning team – comprised of board members, volunteers and staff – to lead the process. The strategic learning team conducted research in five areas – customers, competitors, stakeholders, sector trends and our own realities. Once this research was complete, the strategic learning team recommended the establishment of three groups to focus on the key priorities that it identified – partnerships and collaborations, systems, and financial health. The guiding document for all decisions is the leadership message below.

Our Leadership Message The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore is different than other groups and organizations that provide services to girls. While those organizations focus on activities that last a season, Girl Scouting provides experience that lasts a lifetime. Through innovative, girl-led programs that engage girls’ curiosity, the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore encourages participation through continually revised programs that connect with girls using the technology they want and the methods they desire.

Competitive Focus The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore is dedicated to providing a complete Girl Scout experience to girls in kindergarten through third grade that grows along with them, encouraging girls to continue the Girl Scout program throughout

The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore engage girls and the community at every

their adolescent years because it

level. Through the continuous promotion of the Girl Scout message, civic

continually adapts to their needs

leaders also embrace Girl Scouts because of the positive benefit to the

as they become independent

community. By actively pursuing these associations, parents and adults

young women of courage,

choose to make a participation commitment to Girl Scouts, providing girls

confidence and character.

their best opportunity for success.

essential to the lives of all girls. Using the Girl Scout leadership message to

Winning Proposition

motivate girls in kindergarten through third grade is the council’s top priority.

The Girl Scouts of the Jersey

By doing so, these girls are excited and choose to remain in the Girl Scout

Shore is where girls want to be.

program for a lifetime.

Girls choose from a variety of

These actions are critical to achieving the Girl Scout mission and maintaining its vision. Membership can only grow if the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore is

We are encouraged by those who already embrace Girl Scouts; challenged by those who have not yet joined, and inspired by those who make the most of every opportunity presented. They are our future leaders. They motivate us to continually reassess the Girl Scout experience we provide. Our economic survival is directly tied to the success our girls find through the programs and activities we provide. You can only reach new heights if you want to go beyond where you already

fun, playful learning-adventures and make long-term friendships. With welcoming adult mentors in a girl-centric environment, girls from all our communities easily participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and celebrate the leader within.

are. The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore is the place girls want to be, not only because of the opportunities provided, but because every employee, volunteer and girl feels an undying passion to be there themselves.

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Growing our membership š CbeXf[Ta,"&&&Z\e_ eXZ\ fXeXWf[ebgZ[f[X;Te_8\eWcebZeT`$ Learning to set goals and reach them teaches girls how to be responsible while having fun.

Â&#x161; CbeXf[Ta+,&Z\e_ eXVX\hXWĂ&#x20AC;aTaV\T_T \ fTaVXf[ebgZ[f[XBTgeXXa<\aa% Paula Brown Financial Assistance Program. Â&#x161; 7_`b f("&&&TWg_f cTef\V\cTfXW\a_XTWXefeT\a\aZcebZeT` i\f[`beXf[Ta 500 Girl Scout Leadership Experience training participants and more than 1,000 people completing training online. Â&#x161; I[XaXiHXZ\baT_CX`UXe [\c:X_\hXe fX`iT _TgaV[XWi\f[f[X establishment of five regions. Â&#x161; 7fbfT_(./Z\e_ iXeX XehXWf[ebgZ[VbgaV\_cebZeT` YbegaWXe XehXWZ\e_  \a7 UgeFTe^"8XTV[ibbW"Ib` H\hXe"<eXX[b_W"BT^XibbWTaWHXW8Ta^$ Â&#x161; DXicebZeT`\a\f\Tf\hX YbegaWXe XehXWZ\e_ iXeXX fTU_\ [XWTff[XHXW Bank Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp; YMCA aftercare in Millstone, and at the Holmdel Village School. Â&#x161; XDXi _XffXe iXeX Xaffb`X`UXe baTeXZg_TeUT \ ceb`bf\aZVbgaV\_ activities. The subscription count is more than 10,000 people. In September (&'&"f[XcebWgVf\ba V[XWg_XiT V[TaZXWfbTU\#`baf[_baXi\f[\ gX  sent on the 15th and 30th of the month. Â&#x161; '/&cXbc_XcTef\V\cTfXW\a7`Xe\VTaHXW9eb IeT\a\aZ$+.cTef\V\cTfXW\a outdoor training. Â&#x161; *.(hb_gafXXe_XTWXe [\cTcc_\VTf\ba iXeXTccebhXW$ Â&#x161; -&Z\e_ TaW)&TWg_f cTef\V\cTfXW\aTiXX^XaW\aZ#7#BbaZXhXafTf9T`c Sacajawea..


Raising money to support the mission Â&#x161; I[X>J=´>X_cJ =ebifebaZXe´7aagT_=\h\aZ9T`cT\ZaXjVXXWXW\f  goals in the board, community and staff portions of the program. For the year, f[XVT`cT\ZaeT\ XW-."+&&$ Â&#x161; IiX_hXYbgaWTf\ba WbaTfXWT_`b f*&"&&&fbf[XVbgaV\_$I[b X`T^\aZ donations include the AFCEA, AUSA, Charles Mathis Memorial Trust, Citta Foundation, Faith and James Knight Foundation, Investors Savings Bank <bgaWTf\ba"DXi@Xe X7`Xe\VTaLTfXe9b`cTa"EVXTa9bgaf9b__XZX (Barnegat Bay Estuary), Provident Bank Foundation and TD Bank Foundation. Â&#x161; I[X<\aTaV\T_7 \ fTaVXTaW9T`cXe [\c7ccXT_ZXaXeTfXWT_`b f)."&&& with donations from Lakewood Community Block Grant, Monmouth County Campership, Monmouth Park Charity Fund, OceanFirst Foundation, Order of the Evergreen, United Way of Monmouth County and individual donors. Â&#x161; 9_gU TaWbeZTa\Tf\ba Vbafe\UgfXW`beXf[Ta+".&&fbf[XVbgaV\_$ I[b X`T^\aZVbafe\Ugf\ba \aV_gWX7`Xe\VTaBXZ\baFb f'(/17dgTf[Xe` Industries; BPW Southern Ocean County; Freehold AAUW; Green Island Community Organization; Hecht Family Fund; Italian American, Ocean; A\iTa\ bYB8?1BT^XibbWB\ba 1BT^XibbWHbfTe1BT^XibbWbebcf\`\ f1B8? bebcbf\` f1CTaT dgTaLb`Xaš 9_gU1EgfeXTV[=eXXaUe\Te"LbbW_TaW " TaWHbfTe9_gU"Ib` H\hXe$ Â&#x161; I[XVbgaV\_š TaagT_TiTeW_gaV[Xba[babeXW;WgaWTXTea\aZ`beX

Campers from Sacajawea Day Camp danced during the dedication of the Jonathan Weisfeld Performing Arts Center.

f[Ta(+"&&&TYfXeXjcXa X $Lb`XabY7V[\XhX`Xaf[babeXW:\7aaX9$ Gove, Mildred Hughes, Sandi Johnson and Lorraine Schwinn, with more than (+"&&&XTeaXWUXaXĂ&#x20AC;f\aZZ\e_ $Lb`XabY:\ f\aVf\baXTeaXW\aXjVX  bY+'"&&&TYfXeXjcXa X i\f[f[XeXVbZa\f\babY7aaB$DbU_X"8TeUTeT J. McMorrow, Susan M. Kelly, Sandy S. Broughton and Virginia S. Bauer and participation in the councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s annual Golf Classic brought the council more f[Ta*+"&&&$ Â&#x161; XhXaaXi`X`UXe iXeX\aWgVfXW\afbf[XVbgaV\_š @g_\XffX=beWbaBbi Society.


Iebbc/&.Xa]b f[X Challenge Course at Camp Sacajawea, learning how to work together as a group while having a good time.

. 8

Making outdoors fun and exciting Â&#x161; 7__VbgaV\_ g``XeVT`ccebZeT` \ahb_hXW[gaWeXW bYZ\e_ i[bXa]bXW spending their break from school having a great time outdoors. Sacajawea Day 9T`ccebh\WXWT_`b f("+&&ga\f bY Xeh\VXWge\aZ g``Xe(&'&i\f[7`\f 7VeX :T9T`ccebh\W\aZ/'/ga\f $=\e_ TeX=eXTfcebh\WXW-+-ga\f $7ga\fbY Xeh\VX\ f[XXdg\hT_XafbYbaXZ\e_TffXaW\aZVT`cYbeTaXaf\eXiXX^$ Â&#x161; 7 cTefbY\f XYYbef fb`T^XVT`cTcb \U\_\fYbef[b Xi\f[Ă&#x20AC;aTaV\T_ [TeW [\c"f[XVbgaV\_cebh\WXW-)VT`c V[b_Te [\c YbeTVT]TiXT

Day Camp through the Charles Lafitte Campership Fund and 51 camp scholarships for Amity Acres Day Camp through the Mildred J. Galanti Campership Fund. Girls also attended camp thanks to camp scholarships funded by Campership of Monmouth County, United Way of Monmouth County and almost 30 other people and organizations. Â&#x161; 7ZXaXebg WbaTf\baYeb`f[XEVXTa<\e f<bgaWTf\baYgaWXW'*( VT`c scholarships for girls who attended Lakewood��s Girls Are Great Day Camp.

9TWXffXIebbc+,+h\ \fXW the Air-Mods at the Trenton-

Â&#x161; 9_\`U\aZiT__ iXeXUg\_fYbeUbf[7`\f7VeX TaWTVT]TiXT:T9T`c$=\e_ 

HbUU\a h\__X7\ecbefTaW

enjoyed climbing to the top of each 50 foot wall and proving to themselves

learned about aviation.

that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Â&#x161; 7aXi\aWbbeTeV[XeaXf  fX`iT WX \ZaXWTaW\a fT__XWTff[XFebZeT` Activity Center allowing girls to participate in archery programs all year round. Â&#x161; (.(Z\e_ TaWTWg_f [X_cXW`T\afT\acebcXef\X Tf7`\f7VeX TaWTVT]TiXT through the Caring for Camp program. Â&#x161; I[XbgfWbbecebZeT`WXcTef`Xaf XehXW."'/+cTef\V\cTaf \abgfWbbe cebZeT`i\f[]g fgaWXe-&&cTef\V\cTf\aZ\aTeV[Xe"`beXf[Ta+&&Zb\aZ VTabX\aZ%UbTf\aZTaW,*&Vb`c_Xf\aZUTWZXibe^Ybe[be XUTV^e\W\aZ$ Â&#x161; 9baf\ag\aZf[X=\e_Vbgf šVb``\f`XaffbXah\eba`XafT_cebfXVf\ba"f[X VbgaV\_bYYXeXW)(cebZeT` XWgVTf\aZT_`b f.+&Z\e_ TUbgfXVb_bZ\VT_ awareness, including a weekend-long Groundwater festival. Â&#x161; 7__VbgaV\_YTV\_\f\X iXeX`T\afT\aXWfbf[X[\Z[X fcb \U_X_XhX_i\f[f[X cebcXefWXcTef`XafVb`c_Xf\aZTccebj\`TfX_(,&`T]be`T\afXaTaVX repair or replacement projects during the year. Â&#x161; I[XVbgaV\_ibe^XWV_b X_i\f[8bVbgf;TZ_XVbgfVTaW\WTfX " Xeh\aZT  mentors for projects dedicated to improving council facilities. Â&#x161; CbeX f[Ta ++ Z\e_ cTef\V\cTfXW   \a Ă&#x20AC;hXW\YYXeXaf ebUbf\V  V_gU  \a Cba`bgf[ TaW

EVXTa counties. Members from those clubs have formed two teams that compete against others their age in regional and state competitions.


Providing leadership experiences Â&#x161; **Z\e_ XTeaXWf[X=\e_Vbgf=b_W7iTeW"')&Z\e_ XTeaXWf[X=\e_Vbgf \_hXe7iTeWTaW'*(=\e_Vbgf@ga\be XTeaXWf[X8ebaX7iTeW$I[X=b_W" Silver and Bronze Awards are the highest achievements within the Girl Scout organization. Less than six percent of all elligible Girl Scouts successfully earn the Gold Award. For all three awards, girls must complete a service project that reaches beyond the Girl Scout organization and provides lasting benefit to the girlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s larger community. Â&#x161; (.cebZeT`bccbefga\f\X iXeXcebh\WXWYbe=\e_Vbgf:T\ \X "i\f['"(('Z\e_  participating. Girl Scout Daisy programs included hands-on science, learning TUbgff[X fTe "Yb_^fT_X Yeb`7Ye\VT"TaWXTef[ V\XaVX$I[X<TaVDTaV program taught girls to be considerate of other peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s feelings and gave them a chance to get messy while decorating cookies. Â&#x161; I[XeXiXeX*/cebZeT`bccbefga\f\X Ybe=\e_Vbgf8ebia\X "i\f[("&'. girls participating. Brownie programs included learning about the stars 8ebia\XIebbc()'

and sky; teamwork; structures and towns; science; healthy life styles, and

recreated Van Goghâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

fun activities like cupcake sculptures and crafts, plus overnights at a local


museum and the Philadelphia Zoo.

learning â&#x20AC;&#x153;every painting \ UXTgf\Yg_TaWga\dgX´

Â&#x161; *(cebZeT`bccbefga\f\X iXeXbYYXeXWfb=\e_Vbgf@ga\be "i\f[("*()Z\e_ 

]g f_\^Xbgebiaga\dgX

participating. Junior programs included beginning babysitting, leadership,


science, media savvy, overnight at Franklin Institute, exploring different cultures, and learning to work with fondant. Â&#x161; I[XeXiXeX))cebZeT`bccbefga\f\X Ybe=\e_Vbgf9TWXffX "Xa\beTaW 7`UT TWbei\f['"+(&Z\e_ cTef\V\cTf\aZ$FebZeT` \aV_gWXW_\YX ^\__ " X_Y# esteem, handling stress, science, women in government and fun skill-building activities like cake decorating, jewelry making, and fashion design. Â&#x161; 7__VbgaV\_cebZeT` \aV_gWXWTcbef\babYTVf\h\f\X f[TfiXeXZ\e__XWTaW" whenever possible, gave girls the chance to discover, connect and take action as part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Â&#x161; I[XVbgaV\_cebZeT`WXcTef`Xaf fTYYc_TXWT_XTWXe [\ceb_X\af[X development and implementation of a statewide healthy media images leadership conference for girls called â&#x20AC;&#x153;Through the Looking Glass.â&#x20AC;? The VbaYXeXaVXiT Z\e_#_XWTaWbcXafbZ\e_ \aZeTWX .#'($7fbfT_bY'(*Z\e_  attended the three-day, two- night conference at Georgian Court University.


ยš I[XVbgaV\_baVXTZT\a[b fXWf[X\j<_TZ 9T`cbeXXYbeZ\e_ Yeb`Ybge states. ยš DXiaTf\baT_Zg\WX_\aX Ybef[X\_hXeTaW=b_W7iTeW iXeX\afebWgVXWfb girls and adults at Silver and Gold Workshops. The new guidelines place an emphasis on leadership projects that meet community needs and limits the ag`UXebYZ\e_ i[bVTaibe^babaXceb]XVf$I[X[bge eXdg\eXWYbeTceb]XVf has also increased, the Silver Award by 10 hours, and the Gold Award by 15 hours. ยš I[eXX7`Xe\VTaHXW9eb 8TU \ff\aZ9Xef\ร€VTf\baVbge X feT\aXW-+=\e_ Scout Cadettes. ยš (*Z\e_ XTeaXWf[XA\XYXe#fXhXa CX`be\T_V[b_Te [\ceXVX\h\aZ V[b_Te [\c eTaZ\aZYeb`(&&fb("&&&$7iTeW ZeXTfXef[Ta+&&iXeX presented by member of the committee at high school scholarship nights. ยš '.cXbc_XcTef\V\cTfXW\af[XT_hXHXZ\aTBXTWXe [\c9baYXeXaVX\aH[bWX Island. ยš )*-Z\e_ XTeaXW9bgaV\_EiacTfV[X "X\f[XeT Ta\aW\h\WgT_beT Tfebbc$ Council Own patches provide an opportunity to explore specific themes

=\e_ Yeb`Iebbc'-ibeXf[X shirts they created for their Art-to-Wear badge while camping-in at the Liberty Science Center.

through fun and educational hands-on activities. ยš ;\Z[fW\YYXeXafWTfe\c TaW cXV\T_TVf\h\f\X iXeXbYYXeXWi\f[`beXf[Ta (",&&cXbc_XcTef\V\cTf\aZ$I[XVbgaV\_ยน \afXeaTf\baT_fe\c Vbaf\agXfbUX cbcg_Tei\f[(,cTef\V\cTaf feThX__\aZYbe'(WT fb:gU_\a"BbaWbaTaWFTe\ 1 '+feThX__\aZYbe'-WT fb7g feT_\T"TaWX\Z[ffbi\fXe_TaW$:b`X f\VT__"'* feThX__XWfb9TcX9bWXYbe geร€aZ_X ba "^TT^\aZTaWi[T_XiTfV[\aZ1-& feThX__XWfbL\__\T` UgeZ"K\eZ\a\TTaW/.feThX__XWfbD\TZTeT<T__ $ ยš Ib[X_ccTYbefe\c "Z\e_  b_W`beXf[Ta**"&&&UbjX bYVbb^\X f[ebgZ[ the Girl Scout Product Sale program. Combined with nut and magazine sales f[XeT\ XWbhXe*,"&&&fbiTeW f[X\efe\c $


At A Glance

The best part about the Troop ()'8T^XEYY5;afe Vbg_WUX eaten when the competition was over.

14,890 6,284 1,405 864 289 543 21,062 47 150 347 223 1,482 44 130 142 890 126 268 240 288

Girl Members Adult Members Troops Independent Girl Scouts Underserved Girl Scouts Council Programs Offered Girls Served at Programs Leadership Workshops Pen Pal Matches Council Patch Participants National or International Trips Girls Attending Camp Gold Award Recipients Silver Award Recipients Bronze Award Recipients Adults Trained Training Courses Offered Online Courses Completed New Leaders Adult Award Recipients

8ebia\XIebbc'.*'W\ c_T f[X7`Xe\VTa<_TZeXVX\hXWYeb`9TcfT\a:bgZ_T =\__\T`bY the United States Air Force.


A copy of the 2009-2010 audit is available for inspection at:

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore Monmouth Service Center 242 Adelphia Road Farmingdale, New Jersey 07727

Statement of Activities For the Year Ended September 30, 2010

Operational Financial Breakdown Revenue    


FebZeT`HX_TfXWHXhXagX *"&.)"&,) ?afXeX fTaW:\h\WXaW?aVb`X '&'"//( C\ VX__TaXbg TaWEf[Xe?aVb`X -&".((

Public Support

 7aagT_=\h\aZ ,/"&((  <bgaWTf\ba  ,+"*&&  cXV\T_;hXaf  '/."(')  BXZTV\X %8XdgX f  +",)/  Ja\fXWLT /"'-Total Public Support and Revenue $4,603,328


 :\eXVfFebZeT`Xeh\VX    <gaWHT\ \aZ   CTaTZX`XafTaW=XaXeT_ Total Expenses


FebWgVfT_X  ++$, FebZeT`HX_TfXWHXhXagX )*$& (less Product Sales) C\ VX__TaXbg %Ef[Xe?aVb`X ($- FgU_\Vgccbef -$-

*"&(."/(, )/(".*. (&-"/-/ $4,629,753


:\eXVfFebZeT`Xeh\VX  <gaWHT\ \aZ CTaTZX`XafTaW=XaXeT_

.-$& .$+ *$+



Providing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience costs the <^gaHXdjihd[i]Z?ZghZnH]dgZ',%eZg\^ga!ZkZgnnZVg# EgZh^YZci½hHdX^ZinÂ&#x2122;&!%%%  7<9;7 <bef Cba`bgf[ 9[TcfXe 9%E BDM Asbury Park Press AUSA Fort Monmouth Chapter Bil-Jim Construction Co., Inc. Birdsall and Laughlin LLC Campership of Monmouth County, Inc. Causeway Family of Dealerships CentraState Healthcare System Greater Monmouth Chamber of Commerce Charles B. Mathis Memorial Trust Citta Foundation, Inc. Covenant House Curchin Group LLC Durham Bus Service, Inc. Steve and Dolores Dzubaty The Education Academy Coleen M. Feeney Ann Ferguson Food Bank Monmouth & Ocean Counties Gateway Toyota Mary Anne Gearing George Harms Construction Co., Inc. Georgian Court University

GSUSA Ida M Kiefer Trust Investors Savings Bank James A. & Faith Knight Foundation, Inc. Judith A. Kramer Lakewood Township Mun. Little Brownie Bakers L.L.C. CTaT dgTaTh\aZ 8Ta^ JoAnn McCann Edith McClure Susan H. McClure Marie McCool Charitable Trust Meridian Health System Merrill Lynch Monmouth Medical Center Monmouth Park Charity Fund, Inc. Monmouth University Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Inc. William and Sandra Mullaney DX f_XJ7"?aV$ DXi@Xe X7`Xe\VTaLTfXe9b$ DXi@Xe XDTfgeT_=T 9b`cTa Dbe^g ;afXece\ X "?aV Dbh\a " be^@TVbUg "F$7$ Dbh7 bV\TfX Ocean County College Ocean County College Foundation

=\e_  cXaff\`Xi\f[f[X\`cbefTaf`Xa\af[X\e_\hX Wge\aZf[X>T_Xf<Tf[Xe%:TgZ[fXe Dinner Dance.

14 girl scouts of the jersey shore 2010 annual report

OceanFirst Bank OceanFirst Foundation I[XEYĂ&#x20AC;VXHX fTgeTafBbgaZX Order of the Evergreen-Ocean Perlmart, Inc. Jamie S. Perri Carolyn M. Pine FD98Ta^ Provident Bank Foundation GF%7 [Wba <Te` H[\aX7 bV\TfX HbfTe9_gUbYBbaZ8XTV[? _TaW HbfTe9_gUbYIb` H\hXe Linda Sakowitz Scibal Associates, Inc. Ann Scott Seacrest Village HbUXefT[Xe\WTa Soroptimist International of L.B.I. Soroptimist Intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l of Lakewood Southern Ocean County Medical Center TD Bank TD Banknorth Charitable Foundation Trident Abstract Title Agency IibH\hXe9b``ga\f8Ta^ United Way of Monmouth County United Way of Ocean County Van Dyk Group Vehicle Management Services, LLC Harry and Sheila Weisfeld YMCA of Western Monmouth County Scott A. Zettell Egdb^hZHdX^ZinÂ&#x2122;*%%"... Abatare Builders, Inc. Ben & Jerryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ice Cream Barbara Birdsall BMW of Freehold Shari K. Brink Brookdale Community College Jim & Marion Caldwell Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle & Sacks Cathleen M. Carroll Bonnie J. Chankalian Community Medical Center

9ebia8Ta^"D$7$ Susan P. Drury E.H. Thomson & Co., Inc. Envirotactics ;jX_baDgV_XTe Feist Engineering, Corp. Froehlich Financial Group, LTD Diane Gooch DiAnne C. Gove 7_\VX@$=gff_Xe"; d$ Thomas Halpin Harmony Bank Hgf[TaW=XbeZX>Te` Hiering,Dupignac,Stanzione,Dunn & Beck Hutchins, Farrell, Meyer & Allison Investors Savings Bank J. Knipper & Company, Inc. John Holterhoff Charitable Trust Jump, Scutellaro and Company, L.L.P. Jumping Brook Country Club Frances Keane Gina Louie, M.D. Craig and Donna Lynch Manchester Accounting Services Maple Lake Camp Grounds, Inc. McLaughlin Gelson, Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Apolito & Stauffer, LLC Barbara McMorrow Meridian Health Systems Foundation Monmouth Medical Center Foundation Dbh\a " be^@TVbUg "F7 Oliverie Funeral Home Owen, Little & Assoc., Inc. Mary Jane and Pat Paterson Terri and Bill Peterson F_TTL\aX B\dgbe H;%C7MTf8TeaXZTf8T HXW8Ta^B\ba 9_gU H\V[TeWTaW9baa\XHXag__\ 9[Te_X H\V[fXe FXaX_bcX HbaX

:T\ Iebbc')+(h\ \fXWf[XAXTa UgeZ<\eX:XcTef`Xaf$

HbfTe9_gUbYBT^XibbW HbUXef7$HbTa ^ Schoonerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wharf Sea Girt Community Appeal Tomark Maintenance Co. IibH\hXe9b``ga\f8Ta^ Val Skinner Foundation K\Vfbe\Tš 9b`cT \baTfX Dge \aZ Care Patricia T. Walsh Wilmington Trust SSB Massimo and April Yezzi Yezzi Associates LLC IgZ[d^aHdX^ZinÂ&#x2122;'*%").. '.&Igea\aZB\hX 7ebgaW"?aV$ Elsie Ahrend 7__\XW<\eXTYXf;dg\c`Xaf 7`Xe\VTaBXZ\baFb f'(/ Ansell Zaro Grimm & Aaron 7cc_X8XXš %:b[Xef;afXece\ X "?aV$ 7dgTf[Xe`?aWg fe\X "?aV$ Atlantic Club;The BayShore Agency

BayShore Community Hospital 8XaV[`Te^HX b_gf\baXeh\VX BB9 8XffXe>bg X^XXc\aZ[bcbYHXW Bank Bey Lea Village Care Center Birdsall Services Group Cheryl-Anne Bliss Boy Scouts of America, Monmouth Council Brinkerhoff Environmental Svc., Inc. Clayton & McGirr Funeral Home Jenny Cody Suzanne Crosby Burton and Lynn Davis Patricia Downs Barbara Dunzelman Bryan Ehret Kristin Farfalla Anita M. Fedorcik First Adventure Preschool & Child Care LLC HbU\a <\f`Tge\VX Food Circus Super Markets, Inc. <eXX[b_WHTVXiTCT__


Every donation helps a girl discover her sense of empowerment

girl scouts of the jersey shore 2010 annual report 15


Our Girl Scout Product Sale programs underwrites some expenses, but not all. We cannot do it alone.

I[XIXV[XffX Yeb`8Th\__XVb`cXfXWTff[XHbiTaJa\hXe \fHbUbf\V 9b`cXf\f\ba$ The team consists of girls from one of the councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s five robotics clubs.

Diane Friel-Padlo G.B., Ltd. Wendy Galloway John A Gatta GSJS Alumnae - Monmouth Chapter Joan Hart HealthSouth Hospital Annette Hillary Holman & Frenia, P.C. John C. Huss Iorio Construction Co. Joe Leoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 8TeeTaW9Teb_H$@b[a ba Dave & Sandra Johnson Christopher G. Kelly Kiwanis Club of LBI Kokes Organization ;WTaWHXaXXAb_bW\X] Helene Koseff Byron and Mary Kotzas Patricia Kurz Lakewood BlueClaws Lakewood Cogeneration LP Leisure Park Linda Lennon BXbaX:TgZ[fXe HXT_fCTaTZX`Xaf Corp.

Lois Leymann Links Insurance Services, LLC Lotano Development, Inc. Marie Lucier-Woodruff Eileen Maier Janet Malkemes Manahawkin Magic Wash Anthony Martino Michelle Masarik Maser Consulting Doris B. McCluskey Kathy McGrorry Merck Employee Giving Campaign CXfebhTf\ba%8ebb^)+F_TT CXfebhTf\ba%I[X =ebhX Tf Shrewsbury Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 7aaXC$DTV[`Ta ATeXaDXXW[T` CTef[TEšHbge^X:KC Outreach Greenbriar Woodlands FTg_H[\aX9F7"BB9 Gina Petillo FeXhXaf\ba%<\e f Harriet Primack GgT_9TeX?aV$%V\UT_7 bV\TfX QualCare, Inc.

16 girl scouts of the jersey shore 2010 annual report

Quinn-Hopping Funeral Home H$9$[XT7 bV$ HTfX_?`TZ\aZDXfibe^ HXW8Ta^HbfTe9_gU 9Tf[=eXZbeH[XWe\V^ B\aWTTaWHbUXefH\XV[X Hbf[Hbf["F$7$ T^Xe[bcH\fX "?aV$ Sambol Construction Scire Family Foundation Inc.;The Xeh\VXJa\f´8_gXcegVX Xeh\VXJa\f´:bZibbW Xeh\VXJa\f´;hXeZeXXa Xeh\VXJa\f´T TYeT Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce bebcf\`\ f?afXeaTf\baT_bYI$H$ St. Francis Center State Farm Insurance Lawrence S Stephens Evelyn Platt Strain gaDTf\baT_8Ta^ Superior Mortgage Dick Swandby Jolie Tanyeri Kathleen Thulin I\`bf[;$HTa<gaXeT_>b`X Township of Long Beach Walters Management Co., Inc. Dorcie Wawrzynski Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Withum, Smith & Brown LE8C%C\__Xaa\g`HTW\bDXi@Xe X Zonta Club of Ocean County 9V^hnHdX^ZinÂ&#x2122;&%%"'). 11th Legislative District 33 East of Freehold Bahiyyah Abdullah Affiliated Foot & Ankle Center Gregory & Mary Aikins Allen Consulting, Inc. American Abstract Agency American General Title Agency Anderson Insurance Agency Inc Atlantic City Electric Auto Body Craftsman, Inc.

Mary Avalone Barnegat Family Chiropractic 8TeaXZTfDge \aZ9XafXe Joan Basilotto @bTaH8T \ 8XTV[>ThXaCbb XBbWZX'+-+ Jennifer Beck Muriel Beekman Diane Belforti 8Xee T[eTWa\^ AbfT H\beWTa Benson 8\eV[_XeHXT_fbe Jessie Blair Bradford T. Blauvelt James Bownik Boy Scouts of America, Jersey Shore Farley F. Boyle Boynton & Boynton Devon Brady Breaker Electric, Inc. Brennan Fuels Laura Brinkerhoff Estelle Brodkey Brunetti Foundation HbUXefL8gVVb"@e 8gV^T_Xiš HX fTgeTafIThXea Jean M. Buckley Fred M Burfeind Helen Burrous Butler Office Interiors Laura Byrnes L\__\T`Hgf[9TW`g Hb XCTe\XTaWHbVVb9TcbU\TaVb Joanne Casey Gina Catanzaro Causeway Glass Co. Inc. Cavalier Senior Care, Inc. Charles J. Labin C.P.A., P.A. Charles Jones Geraldine Chasmar H[bWT9[bWb [ Christ Lutheran Church Women Cheryl Christiansen

Ciccone, Gotthold & Koseff Ciesla, Wolfe & Holzapfel Dbe`T9_Te^ Antoinette Maria Clay Coast Star, Inc. Coastal Printing Service Carolyn Coates 9bUU"CbaebXH[\aX Collier Services Foundation, Inc. 9baabe "Hg`cY=bhX ConPert Inc Ann Marie Conte William & Hilda Cooper Cooperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Florist & Gifts Cowan, Gunteski & Co. H\V[TeW8TeUTeT@b9eXT 9_WX>$9ebYbbf"; d$ Crystal Point Yacht Club Denise Cumiskey Currents Marketing & Communications Custom Lawn Service Danskin Insurance Agency, Inc. Dasti Murphy McGuckin Ulaky Cherkos Connors Deborah Hospital Foundation John and Deborah DeLisi Michael and Susan Devrous Debra Dobies Dolan, Mauthe & Marsella Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Onofrio Family Sheila G. Dott Eastport Builders Debra Edick Gary Edinger Eisner Amper Accounts & Advisors Edward & Mary Ellen Elgart Ernst, Ernst & Lissenden Fantasy Island Amusement Park Maria Farhat-Tanzola Joanne S. Finegan Donald Finn <\ [Xe`Taš >XTWdgTefXe

Joseph & Barbara Fitzgerald, Jr Marta Font For Shore Weed Control, Inc. <be^XWH\hXe8gfV[Xe[bc"?aV Sheila Franklin Gilstein Freehold Pest Control, Inc. Friel Hall Inc. Gailâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Optical Herbert L. Gardner DTaV C =TeZTa Karen A. Garrett =b_WXa Hbf[ V[\_W cTZab_T BgaWX__ Boylan & Garubo Theodore Gooding Christine A. Granata Barbara Guigno Susan Halsey Deborah Hanlon-Schron

Girl Scout Journeys, like Brownie Quest, combine fun activites with educational opportunities for girls.


Every donation helps a girl discover her sense of self girl scouts of the jersey shore 2010 annual report 17


NdjgYdcVi^dch]Zaejh\^kZ\^gahVXXZhhida^[Z"X]Vc\^c\ experiences that inspire them to do something big. >Taab_W HX fTgeTaf Judith Hart Harvey Cedars Shellfish Co. John and Susan Hay Tara J. Hayes Health Village Imaging Hecht Family Foundation Inc. Henry J. Mancini & Associates, Inc. Marion Hergert Audrey J. Herzog Grace Hickey Peg Hogan >b`X fXTWHgaCbU\_X>b`XFTe^ House of Hearing Aids, Inc. Doris Innes ?afXeYT\f[DX\Z[Ube "?aV$ ? _TaW7gW\b%K\WXb Italian American Assoc, Ocean Township J. W. Finley, Inc. Jack Oujo C.P.A. Jay Madden Architect @THb XXeh\VX JCP&L, A FirstEnergy Company Joeyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pizza & Pasta Barbara Johnson Mary Johnson Cynthia Joy

K. Hovnanian Companies, Inc. Kaplerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pharmacy Inc. Karen Kavanagh Kedz Funeral Home Agnes Kelso Michelle Kettle Kitchens by Frank, Inc. A\iTa\ 9_gU#DXi@Xe X:\ fe\VfAX Club Kiwanis Club of Jackson A\iTa\ 9_gUbYI$H$":TUeXT^ A\iTa\ 9_gUbYIb` H\hXe Lisa F. Knight Knoll Acupuncture, LLC Kathleen Knutson Gene Kobryn Koerner, Koerner, Galati & Oriel Stan Konopka Joseph Koptic Judith Krusell, Ph.D. B7:79?D DXfibe^ Barbara Lanuto Larrison Coal & Fuel Oil, Inc. Leporeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Service Center Lomurro, Davison, Eastman & Munoz BbaZ8XTV[? _TaWF87BbVT_'-+ BbaZ8XTV[? _TaWF87BbVT_)-) Howard & Janice Magill

Junior Troop 1501 cleaned up the entrance to Old Mill Park.

18 girl scouts of the jersey shore 2010 annual report

Donald F. Major, DMD Amy Mallet Jane D Maloney CTaV\a\HXT_f9b$"?aV$ ManTech International Corporation William and Susan Marshall Michael J. Martin Theresa Martinsen Jackie Mason Mastapeter Funeral Homes Inc. Mathis Construction Co, Inc William McClam Kelly McGraw Mehr, LaFrance, & Williams Micromedia Publications, Inc. Arthur & Dorothy Midgley Linda Milstein Jennifer Minogue Tara Mirenda Monmouth County Clerk Monmouth Cty Bd of Chosen Freeholders Andresa Moody Craig Mulgrum David and Theodora Mulgrum Cg_hTaX"9bebaTfb8eTW"; d$ Miles and Ellen Murdocca CTef[TA$DTVX DXi 8XZ\aa\aZ 7ZTcX 9[e\ f\Ta Center I[b`T DbU_X E_ZT@$Dbe^g Dbef[:bhXeE8#= D Dbef[iX fXeaCgfgT_<\aTaV\T_ DXfibe^ E$9$<XW$bYHXcgU_\VTaLb`Xa Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien Funeral Home EVXTa9bgaf8bTeWbYHXT_fbe Ocean County Coin & Stamp Ocean County Library EVXTa9bgafHXcgU_\VTaEeZ$ EVXTa9bgaf bgaZHXcgU_\VTa Ocean Health Initiatives, Inc. EVXTaKXafgeX HXT_f?aV$ OCHS Services, Inc. Margaret Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Meara Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Meara Financial Group

C\V[TX_TaW@TVdgX_aFT_`Xe Paone, Zaleski & Brown FTeT "7cHX\ Peter P. Cerar, CPA F_TafTf\baHX fTgeTaf Dorothy Platt Point Pleasant Distributors FeXYXeeXW8X[Th\beT_>XT_f[bYD@ HTUU\T__@$Fe\X TaW Pringle Quinn Anzano Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program GgT_\f?aabYIb` H\hXe Quality Tire & Muffler g TaHXZTa HXZg_TeHXcgU_\VTaEeZ$bYB;> HX`\aZfba"KXea\V^KXaT HXab_W BTaW VTc\aZ =eTVXHbUXef ba 9Teb_XHbU\a ba CTe\_a;$HbV^ 9ba fTaVXHb``X_ <eXWXe\V^Ae\ faHb``X_ HbaT_WB$8XaaTeWb"7ffbeaXTfBTi HbaTa7ZXaV?aV$ F[\_\cHb Xa Hb XaUXeZA\eU9T[\__fTa^bi\f 7_\VXL$HbgaW Safe Harbor Investments Inc Maureen Samaha The Sandpaper Inc Patrice Schneider Albert Schwind Lorraine Schwinn Sea Oaks Golf Club Hb T_\aWXTie\Z[f Beatriz M. Serra SGA Group PC Shackleton & Hazeltine Shrabanee Shah Shapiro Development Co. Shore Dental

Sicheri & Sicheri Silver Cloud Harbor Marina Silverton Memorial Funeral Home Dolores K Smith Karen E. Smith Eva Smithers Snyder Eye Group So Ocean Ctr-Genesis HealthCare b$EVXTa9bgafHTW\Tf\ba Oncology South Jersey Combined Federal Campaign Southern Ocean Chiropractic Southern Ocean Pediatric Assoc. Sovereign Bank Anthony Sportelli fTYYbeWIbia [\cHXcgU_\VTa9_gU Maureen C. Stankowitz State Farm Insurance Denise Stavola Summerville at Stafford Senior Living Virginia Sweeney Barbara Sweetnam Mabel Sweetnam Beth Thomas Thomas Campbell C.P.A., LLC Lisa Thornton D\Vb_XIbWW Katherine Tollar Ib` H\hXe;_^ '.-+ Ib` H\hXe<\faX 7dgTf\V9fe Elizabeth Trapp Tuckerton Seaport Union County College Vanguard Vein Center K\ \f\aZDge X7 bVbY9XafeT_@Xe X W. B. Grant Agency Wallace Bros., Inc. Waretown Car Wash LLC Gale Wayman Wells Fargo Advisors Wells Fargo Bank

Every girl knows the power of Girl Scout cookies.

William E. Antonides & Co Jennifer H. Winn Withum Smith & Brown, P.A. BettyJean Wood Wood Funeral Home Woodland,McCoy & Shinn LLC @TVdgX_\aLbbW Sarah Wright WSB Engineering Group Faye Zealand

Great care has been taken to ensure the proper recognition of our donors. If an error or omission did occur, we sincerely apologize and hope you will bring it to our attention.


Every donation helps a girl discover the woman she wants to become

girl scouts of the jersey shore 2010 annual report 19

'%&%"'%&& Board of Directors

'%&%"'%&& Council Employees


Susan H. McClure

Dr. Grace Hickey



First Vice President

Senior Directors

Wendy Galloway

Bahiyyah Abdullah

Second Vice President

Senior Director, Membership and Marketing

Frances Keane

Jenny Cody

Third Vice President

Senior Director, Program Services

Mary Anne Gearing

Patricia Kurz


Senior Director, Facilities and Camping Services

Bonnie Chankalian

Pat Walsh

Karen Welch


Council Staff

Annette Brown Julian Castellanos Carolyn Coates Dolores Coulter Jim DeAngelis Debra Dobies Barbara Dunzelman Diane Friel-Padlo HbU\a<\f`Tge\VX Karen Kavanagh Tom Halpin Helene E. Koseff HbZXeAX\_ Marie Lucier-Woodruff Janet Malkemes Barbara McMorrow 7aaXDTV[`Ta Margaret Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Meara 9[Te_X H\V[fXe FXaaHbaX Hb T_\aWXTie\Z[f Adam Servodio Shrabanee Shah HbUXefT[Xe\WTa Ben Waldron April Yezzi

Danielle Bagdzinski Joan Basilotto Monica Bason-Lynch Amy Blankenship James Bownik Julie Brady Linda Brahn Patricia Carone-Curtis Chelsea Conaty Aileen Christiansen Barbara Cruz Debby DeAngelo Debbie Edick Bryan Ehret Susu Garcia Tyrone Howard Doris Innes Kathy Jones Linda K. Lennon Michelle Masarik Susan Mayer Dena Mayo Kelly McAllister Kelly McGraw Craig Mulgrum Muriel Odrick Karen Palamara Terri Peterson Hb X`TeF\ V\bff\ DeAnna Poole B\aWTH\XV[X IbaTH\XV[X#8ebia ;e\V^Hb``X_ Kristen Somerville Virginia Sweeney Ivonne Varela 9Tf[KTdgX Susan Warnken BJ Wood Janet Zelenak


Girl Representatives

Alissa Cappelleri Jess Christiansen Maria DiBianca Brittany Emery Samantha Giffen Taylor Loving Erin Markov fXYYTa\XHb ^b

Ib` H\hXe"D@&.-+) Monmouth Service Center (*(7WX_c[\THbTW <Te`\aZWT_X"D@&--(-

Senior Director, Fund Development and Public Relations

JoAnn McCann

Immediate Past President, Ex-Officio


Chief Operating Officer

Judy Hart


Ocean Service Center

Chief Executive Officer

Senior Director, Financial Services Chief Financial Officer

2009-2010 Annual Report  

The 2009-2010 Annual Report for the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore