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Welcome to Girl Scouts Girl Scouts isn’t just for your daughter. It is a family activity. By taking part in Girl Scouts alongside your daughter, she will amaze you with her go-getter spirit, her creative innovations, her risk-taking courage and her amazing leadership skills.

Girl Scouts is affordable and valuable Annual Membership fee is $25 and is paid directly to Girl Scouts of the USA. Girls and adults who participate in Girl Scout program activities are required to register. Financial assistance is available to help with membership fees, council program activities, uniforms, and camp. To request financial assistance, please do so while registering online. We lead together Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. Girl Scouts is a volunteer-led organization. We rely on parents, community members and other caring adults to invest in the lives of girls. Our volunteers are equipped with resources to provide girls with quality experiences.

Girl Scout volunteers: Have a positive impact on girls Build self confidence Apply their talents Share their passions Develop leadership skills Build their network Make a difference If you’re interested in being a troop helper, visit Your leader needs your help! A leader cannot do this alone. Offer your help by managing troop meetings, supporting your troop during the Girl Scout Cookie Program or chaperoning events.

Variations of a troop Traditional: Two unrelated adults lead a troop. Other parents volunteer to help as needed. Troop coordinator/troop mentor: One adult acts as the “administrator� responding to emails, planning the troop calendar, etc. Other parents volunteer to lead specific grade levels, meetings, or activities based on skills or preferences. (Works best with a multi-level troop) Girl-led: Two adults are registered and mentor girls, but the girls lead the meetings, vote to make decisions, and have control over the troop. This structure works well with older girls. Co-op troop: All parents volunteer as troop leaders and evenly divide responsibilities by interest, time of the year, and/or skill-set.

A girl’s responsibilities to the troop • Follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law. • Be willing to take risks, be confident and supportive towards your troop peers. • Attend and participate fully in meetings and events. • Listen to others in the troop and show respect for what they are saying. • Be prepared and conduct yourself in a safe manner. • Treat all girls and adults in the troop with respect and kindness.

A family’s responsibilities to the troop • Follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law. • Volunteer with your troop—your troop leader cannot do it alone. • Actively participate in parent meetings. • Support your Girl Scout through all facets of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. • Encourage her to take risks and try new things. • Be a cheerleader and allow her to take the lead. • Attend council events with your Girl Scout and encourage active participation in troop meetings. • Have questions? Start with your troop leader and local network of volunteers. We’re also here to help.

A leader’s responsibilities to the troop • Follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law • Let girls lead - ensure girls of every age level take an active and grade-appropriate role in deciding the what, where, why and how of what they do. • Create an inclusive environment where girls and families feel welcome and connected to the troop. • Provide a well-rounded and safe program following Girl Scout guidelines. • Share finances, program plans, and girl accomplishments with families on a regular basis. • Listen to and respect every participant and serve as a role model. • Utilize volunteer resources such as the Volunteer Toolkit and contact the service unit or Girl Scouts of Central Indiana when support is needed. • Participate fully in Girl Scouts of Central Indiana training, to provide the safest and highest quality of programming for girls.

Troops excel when parents take part Parents, friends and other family members can provide time, experience and ideas to a troop. Girls who have family support and participation in their Girl Scout adventures are more likely to stay in Girl Scouts. Consider volunteering for a few hours this year for her!

Family volunteers can... • Manage troop Cookie Program as troop cookie coordinator. • Coordinate communication. Run the troop Facebook page, parent emails, etc. • Volunteer to get special training to help with activities such as archery, first aid, lifeguarding, and more. • Manage troop funds and bank accounts as a troop volunteer. • Offer to host and facilitate meetings. • Coordinate badge work or field trips for the troop. • Organize community service projects for the troop. • Take outdoor training and coordinate outdoor and camping trips. • Share your expertise: offer to lead a meeting focused on something you’re passionate about. Ask a friend to be a guest speaker! • Provide snacks!

Not everything is a troop experience! As a registered member you can attend council program activities, camps, and local service unit events with just your daughter! Keep an eye out for the Program Guide, mailed twice a year, with every event Girl Scouts of Central Indiana is hosting. Pre-registration is required before attending these events.

Stay connected Once you are a member, log in to the Member Community under the “MY GS� tab on the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana website. This community allows you to update your contact information. Check out the Volunteer Toolkit to see what the troop is up to and see where you can help. Connect with us on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Give us a call at 317.924.6800

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About my troop

Keep vital information about your troop here for future reference. Troop # Program grade level: Service unit: Meeting day and time: Meeting location: Procedure in troop if parent/guardian is late picking up daughter in emergency situation:

Troop dues: Leader/troop helpers contact information:

Service unit contact: My GS log in: Council contact: Notes:

Did you know?

Girl Scouts are prepared for a lifetime of leadership.









5 Skills

Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls learn five skills they will use for a lifetime:

goal setting decision making money management people skills business ethics

Girls will implement these skills by: • • • • • •

Being a part of the largest girl-led business in the world. Setting goals for themselves and with a group. Managing money and practicing important math and budgeting skills. Working with others and gaining people skills through interactions with the community. Making decisions about things that count and putting their ideas into action. Applying the Girl Scout Promise and Law to business ethics.

Girl Scouts practice leadership with grit like a go-getter, problem solve like an innovator, embrace new challenges like a risk-taker, and show empathy like a leader.