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uniquely ours When requirements are completed, patch can be purchased at any Gathering Place or on our online shop at www.shopgirlscouts. com. Go to “Uniquely Ours.”

Disability Awareness

BR, JR, CAD, SR, AMB Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be blind, or deaf or spend your waking hours in a wheelchair? Maybe you know someone with a disability. Maybe you will someday consider a career working with people with disabilities to find ways to make lives easier or to make environments more accessible for everyone. The Disability Awareness patch program provides an opportunity for girls to better understand the daily life of people with disabilities as well as explore careers in relevant fields.

Making Girl Scout History

All Grade Levels This patch program offers troops and individuals an opportunity to learn the history of Girl Scouting while enjoying a variety of activities. The Making Girl Scout History patch serves as the base patch and has decade segments that are earned separately. Program kits to help troops and individuals earn the base patch can be borrowed from the various Gathering Places.

American Cultural Heritage Patch Series All Grade Levels

This patch series provides girls the opportunity to develop leadership skills they can use now and throughout their lives. Girls can create an understanding and an appreciation of various cultures in the United States through exploration. The cultural backgrounds included in this patch series are African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans.

B.F.I.T.—Be Fit All Grade Levels The B.F.I.T. patch program is comprised of activities for girls ages 5-18 that focus on healthy living. B.F.I.T. promotes an active interest in fitness and develops healthy lifestyles through a variety of fun-filled activities. B.T.U.F.—Be Tough All Grade Levels The B.T.U.F. patch program is comprised of activities that focus on teaching girls how to incorporate kindness, strength, respect, wisdom and healthy relationships into their daily lives. Page 72 Uniquely Ours

B.S.A.F. – Be Safe- Emergency Preparedness

“Be Prepared” is the Girl Scouts’ motto and as far back as the 1917 edition of Handbook for Girl Scouts, girls were asked to write articles to share information about the spread of insect-borne diseases, learn how to use a fire alarm and be knowledgeable on other topics of public health and safety. By completing this patch program, Girl Scouts will: Discover: Girl Scouts will gain practical life skills and develop positive values as they discover information to prepare them for emergency situations. Connect: Girl Scouts will feel connected to their communities, both locally and nationally, as they identify agencies that work to protect their communities. Take Action: Girl Scouts will learn to indentify community needs and will take action to support public safety and emergency preparedness in their communities.

Why Tease Program Booklet

Available in the council shops for BR, JR Featured in a Chicago Tribune Magazine article about girls and bullying, this illustrated booklet raises issues of how children sometimes treat each other and how it feels to be the one left out of the fun. Each scene focuses only on the children’s feet thus eliminating the common habit of stereotyping people by physical appearance. Includes adult guide.

Global Action Award

All Grade Levels The Girl Scouts Global Action patch activities are fun, education ways for Girl Scout Daisies through Ambassadors to learn about the eight United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to fight poverty and other important world issues. By working on this patch program Girls Scouts of all ages are joining the worldwide effort to address issues that affect girls and women around the world; issues that girls can develop take action projects about in our own communities, nationally or even internationally. The MDGs are important platforms about which girls can center their Girl Scout Gold and Silver Awards.

Sisters in Scouting

All Grade Levels The Sisters in Scouting patch program teaches girls of all ages about the importance of diversity and acceptance. The

Our Council’s Own Badge and Patch Programs activities will help familiarize troops and individuals with different religions, ethnic groups, family traditions and holidays. By participating in this patch program, girls will learn about accepting differences while discovering something about them self along the way.

Discover Chicago BR, JR, CAD, SR, AMB

Chicago, Illinois, is the third largest city in the United States with a population of more than 2.8 million people. It is a great place to visit and an awesome place to live. The Discover Chicago patch program offers girls the opportunity to learn about the rich history, culture, sports, entertainment and education that our city of Chicago has to offer!

Dinosaurs - BR

Dinosaurs big and small once roamed the Earth. Today, there are no dinosaurs left, but scientists can tell us all about them based on their fossils, or preserved remains. Discover what something as simple as a footprint can tell you about dinosaurs in this Try-It badge!

Paleontology: Can You Dig It? - JR

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the Earth. While no humans existed to record what they ate or how they lived, paleontologists have a pretty good idea of these terrible lizards’ habits. Follow in the footsteps of these scientists as you too discover the secrets of fossils.


Most Extraordinary Girl Scout! All Levels; Daisy through Ambassador! MEGS is designed to help girls achieve a balanced Girl Scout program. Requirements can guide a Girl Scout year. The MEGS program is a troop and/or individual Girl Scout activity. Purchase MEGS patches and year bars for the first year. Purchase just the MEGS year bar for all subsequent years. You must submit MEGS Record Sheet, Troop Annual Financial Report and Leader Development form to your membership specialist for approval. Girls must be registered Girl Scouts by Sept. 30, 2012. Code 560531 560532 560533

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