GSCCC Magazine - Spring/Summer 2017

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If You Can See It, You Can Be It! By Heather Lowe

We Believe in the Power of A


These nine words were shouted from the rafters of Camp Darden's dining hall, during the first Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Leadership Training (C-SALT) weekend program. The amount of energy buzzing through the staff and participants was infectious. Young leaders spent the weekend of March 10–12 learning and growing their leadership skills through a series of spontaneous dance parties, riveting group assemblies, and contagious displays of laughter and friendship.

Leadership skill building through group activities.

The C-SALT program is the brainchild of three amazing young women – all Girl Scout alumnae - from the Hampton Roads area. Lauran Bussiere, Baillie McGowan, and Rachel Eddowes have created, nurtured, and executed a once in a lifetime opportunity for teen girls. The program is a unique combination of real-world, corporate level, leadership training and the infectious energy you can only find at a Girl Scout weekend event. “There is nothing out there like this for teen girls,” Baillie said. The program is an imaginative and groundbreaking experience designed to embed lifelong leadership and communication skills into teen girls, from all backgrounds and walks of life. After observing the weekend activities, it is impossible to deny that the C-SALT program has tapped into something special. This program is definitely here to stay and the future world leaders, emerging from the weekend, are certainly going places with the skills they gained and polished off during the experience.

Obici Healthcare Foundation Makes Rock Wall Dream Come True! Thanks to a $15,000 gift from the Obici Foundation, a new rock wall is being placed at Camp Darden. In addition to the low-ropes course and other activities already at camp, girls can use the rock wall to help them build self-confidence. Campers will learn to work together as a team through a variety of programs and exercises on and off the rock wall and participate in age-appropriate activities focused on climbing protocols, proper use of communication signals, knot tying, harness use, and belaying techniques. As a result, they start to get comfortable relying on themselves and their peers under careful guidance, which brings out their best!

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