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Spring/Summer 2018

News and Program Information from Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

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Girl Scouts News & Program Information from Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast


Chair of the Board Carolene Goodwyn-Harris

Chief Executive Officer Tracy Keller

Secretary Sunny Smith

Vice Chair Barbara Tierney

Treasurer Megan Poppe

Members at Large: Tracy Ashley Dr. Ann Campbell Maria Chenault-Herbert Amy Coyne Theresa Dozier Tricia Hudson Lu Ann Klevecz

Catherine Magill Michael Mendelsohn Maria Mills Carolyn Pittman Ellis Pretlow Rachel Szechtman Carletta Waddler



On the Cover Girl Scout Junior Julissa is active in her troop and in her school, and she’s also a GSCCC Media Girl! Recently, she took time to visit the Virginia Zoo and spent time interviewing the zoo’s public relations manager for a council blog post. In addition to writing, another one of her passions is being able to read a good book. This year she and some of her fellow Girl Scouts participated in the 10th annual Battle of the Books held at the Virginia Public Library, a program that encourages students to read from a list of books, form a team and share the wealth of knowledge they have acquired.

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20 Girl Scout Legislative Day

25 Alum Spotlight

27 STEMagination

A Place for Girls 912 Cedar Road Chesapeake, VA 23322 757-547-4405 800-77SCOUT

29 Volunteer Connection Corner

Peninsula Service Center 894 J. Clyde Morris Blvd. Newport News, VA 23601

Elizabeth City Field Center 214 N. Dyer St. Elizabeth City, NC 27909

It’s all about the outdoors! There’s nothing like a family trip outdoors. Whether it is a picnic in our own backyard or a day away at one of the Council’s great camps, the Keller family squeezes in as many outdoor outings in a year as possible. With three girls in Girl Scouts, you can imagine just how quickly our family calendar starts filling at the start of the Girl Scout membership year, however, we always save space on our calendar for troop camping trips and summer camp sessions. Last year, one of the sessions included Camp Fury and my youngest daughter, Maureen, had one of the best times of her life learning from some awesome women emergency responders.

Tracy Keller Chief Executive Officer

This year when camp registration opened in February, my daughters were at my heels to go online and view the camp guide. One by one, I helped them choose the best camp session to meet their unique preferences. From one girl who has high interest in horse-back riding and another who loves high adventure and is looking forward to challenging herself on the new Camp Darden climbing wall, each made tough decisions based on interest, schedule and affordability. I gave a sigh of relief when camp confirmation found its way into my email inbox. I can now sit back and relax knowing that camp registration is done and summer plans have been made – for the most part. Sure, there will still be times when a last minute day trip is planned or when the inevitable family reunion trip is placed on our calendar, but I’m feeling good going into the summer season.

The excitement of choosing a camp with my daughters brought back memories. I recall going to Camp Skimino and making my very own candles during a Colonial-themed session. Another camping trip we used the tiny lights in a camp closing ceremony, placing them in paper barges we had made and setting them off to sail on the camp pond. As they drifted away, we sang the beautiful camp song, Barges. Tears were shed as we said so long to camp friends and the magical world of camp where every day is an adventure. Camp memories, like gooey s’mores, tend to stick. If you’re a parent or caregiver who hasn’t made summer plans yet for the girl in your life, consider sending her to camp. Some of our camp sessions fill up quickly, so don’t delay! To help girls who may need extra support, the Council offers financial assistance – thanks to our many kind donors. Don’t have a girl to send to camp? Help us send girls to camp! When you give a gift towards a campership, you are helping girls build so much more than campfires – you are helping her build friendships, leadership and memories that will stay with her long after camp is over. Contact Stacy Nixon at


Tracy Keller Chief Executive Officer GSCCC

Firefighter and paramedic Mandy George with Maureen Keller at Camp Fury Chesapeake.

3 Spring/Summer

Troop News is...

Crime Fighters

The Kill Devil Hills Police Department had the opportunity to host Girl Scout Juniors and Cadettes from Service Unit 440 for an overnight crime scene adventure. Juniors earned the Jr. Detective badge while Cadettes earned a Special Agent badge. Girls had a chance to talk with officers, practice fingerprinting, work on observation skills and solve a crime using their CSI skills. Before lights out they had a CSI themed snack party!

Giving a Helping Hand to Our Furry Friends

Girl Scouts Learn to Be Prepared!

Nurse (Troop Volunteer with Girl Scouts) Katie Gordon, Adalelyn Forbes, Madison Miller, Hayley O’Neill, Ava Miller.

Girl Scout Troop 1041 from Hampton is having fun working on badges this year. They have also had special guests help them earn badges such as a fire chief, four registered nurses and two 911 dispatchers. They also had emergency responders talk to the troop and set up stations where the girls did interactive activities to learn first aid. The girls learned to assist someone who is choking, how to recognize an emergency and when to call 911. They also learned how to apply pressure and bandage a wound, how to respond to allergic reactions and use an epi-pen as well as outdoor dangers that include dealing with insects and poisonous plants. They loved making their own first aid kits to take home!

Daisies Tackle Clean-up!

Members of Girl Scout Brownie Troop 322 love animals! They conducted a community service project this year to help their furry friends that included reading to service dogs, collecting supplies for the Virginia Beach SPCA and sponsoring the cheetahs at the Virginia Zoo. The troop plans to do more by helping the wild horses of Ocracoke. These are some go-getters when it comes to helping in their community!

4 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Daisy Troop 125 cleaned up the camp sites at First Landing State Park. The Chief Ranger of Maintenance, Dan Bostedt, spoke to the girls about sand dunes and the importance of staying on the marked trails vice “social trails,” etc. They all had a wonderful time!

good News! Celebrating World Thinking Day

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From (left to right) Arianna Herrera, Kaitlyn Grimm, Lainie Oliver, and Katie Koon enjoyed being part of a World Thinking Day event held at the Great Bridge United Methodist Church.

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From (left to right) Kacy Jones, Taylor Roy, Jada McClain, Morgan Casper, Eva Taylor, Kylah Langley, Samantha Taylor, Saniyah Depugh and Journey Arce.

Girl Scouts in Troop 217 celebrated their second year as a troop this March! Troop Leaders Yolanda Rushin and Terri Moore say they will make sure that this spring the girls are registered as “Early Birds” for next year! The troop of Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors are very busy and love to work on badges! Some of their favorites have been the Simple Meal and Snack badges. For World Thinking Day, the girls chose Japan as a country to explore. They made candy sushi and rice as a food to sample and share. “As a leader, I love that I get to experience this with the girls,” Yolanda said. “Terri and I volunteer because we enjoy seeing all that the girls get out of learning new things and the adventures we all have together!”

New York City Here We Come! Girl Scout Troops 1289 and 5098 in Hampton held a joint Girl Scout birthday party and used a cookie theme to make it extra special! They kicked off their party by munching on popcorn and watching the Smart Cookies movie. Afterwards, they danced to the “Ignite” song and talked about sisterhood, teamwork and what a cookie can do. They shared how they were doing during the cookie season and discussed plans on how they were going to use their cookie proceeds – a trip to New York City with a stop to the Girl Scout headquarters and shop! Last Spring, the troop traveled to Walt Disney World with their proceeds. They always save some to support their community service projects as well. What is your troop doing with their cookie “dough” this year? Visit our website’s home page and go to Share Your Story. 5 Spring/Summer

New and Improved Food Donation System at St. Matthews! Katie built a food donation box for her church, St. Matthews Catholic Church. Her goal was to not only be able to collect more food for the pantry, but to also make it easier to transport. The church had an old shopping cart they used to collect donations in the church and then take to the church office. It did not hold a lot of food and since the cart was old, the wheels did not move very well. Katie bought a flat cart and attached two large rubber maid bins to it. She then had a cabinet built around the cart for donations. The front of the cart had two holes carved out and below the holes, she put boxes and cans. On the left side of the cabinet is a place to donate paper bags and on the right side of the Girl Scout Katie La Londe with Deacon Bill of St. Matthew’s cabinet is a door so people can remove the cart and push it to the main church office to be unloaded. A corkboard was attached to the top of the cabinet for Church and her custom built food donation box. flyers and announcements on food pantry needs. The new cart separates the boxes and cans so items are not damaged. It also helps save time for the people in the pantry so they don’t have to sort. The new cart is much easier to maneuver. It not only helps the St. Vincent DePaul Society volunteers, but helps those in the community who come in for food. Katie joined Troop 4161 in first grade. She is now an 8th grader at St. Matthews Catholic School in the same troop. She has earned the Bronze Award, Junior Summit Award, Cadette Safety Award, Cadette My Promise, My Faith Year 1 & 2 Award, Cadette Community Service Bar and now, the Silver Award.

Sweet Dreams! Girl Scout Cadettes Kiersten Dominek and Zoe Martin from Troop 805 completed their Silver Award project. Their project, “Puppy Pillows and Kitty Cushions”, resulted in 136 dog and cat beds to be mostly donated to Chesapeake Animal Services, as well as some to Catnip Cat Café and Great Bridge Veterinary. The girls spent weeks collecting towels, clothing, and bedding that they used as stuffing. The outside of the beds were made of colorful fabric pieces, generously donated to the girls. After many hours sewing, stuffing, and sorting, Zoe and Kiersten were proud to have completed beds of all sizes that helped shelter dogs and cats have a snuggly place to rest. To keep the project ongoing, each location will also house a basket of fabric, along with a framed flyer, asking people, “Love to Sew? Then Sew Your Love.” The flyer gives individuals directions for making the animal beds, and lets them choose a fabric pattern to take home, stuff, sew, and bring back to Chesapeake Animal Services or any local animal Girl Scouts Kiersten Dominek and Zoe Martin. shelter. The hope is that by providing visitors with materials and instructions, others will continue to make their own beds for the animals, as there is always a need for more.

Supporting Coats for Families! Girl Scouts from Troop 365 in Currituck, North Carolina, volunteered to help with Coats for Families, a WAVY TV-10 community action project that Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast and other agencies supported during the winter season. The girls helped unpack and sort coats by size and style, then they helped families pick out just the right coats when they visited A Place for Girls, one of the distribution centers. The troop loves doing community service work and has built shelves and donated items to improve a senior citizen center’s activity room in Moyock and also built a wheelchair ramp for a Moyock business as part of their Girl Scout Silver Award project.

6 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Girl Scouts from Troop 365 helped with the WAVY TV-10 Coat Drive where some area families came to A Place for Girls, a distribution center, to receive coats.

Little Free Library for Chesapeake Health Department Thanks to Girl Scout Cadette Ashlina Keller from Troop 805 in Chesapeake, the Chesapeake Health Department has a Little Free Library! The new addition that is situated in the lobby of the Chesapeake Health Department supports the mission of the No Hit Zone, an initiative of Champions For Children - Prevent Child Abuse Hampton Roads - as a means to encourage reading and positive parenting. Kimi Stevens, the public relations representative for the Chesapeake Health Department who served as an project advisor for Ashlina, says the library that is designed in the fashion of a fresh produce cart has really been successful since being placed. Ashlina decided on the produce stand look after seeing the literature in the WIC room about healthy eating. Ashlina also noticed that many of the customers didn’t speak English, so she spent time trying to collect books in Spanish as well. From (left to right) Chesapeake Health Department Public Relations & Marketing Specialist Kimi Stevens, Girl Scout Cadette Ashlina Keller, and Chesapeake City Mayor Rick West.

STEAM Project Earns Troop 759 Girl Scout Silver Award Girl Scout Cadettes from Troop 759, Allissa Johnson, Rachel Jankell and Lauren Simms, with support from Differences Foundation, created a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) project to earn their Girl Scout Silver Award. They created and delivered STEAM activities to younger girls, including at STEMagination. The girls focused on designing and directing hands-on learning opportunities on structural engineering (build a bridge with Legos and weight test), electrical engineering (test electrical circuits) and robotics with centrifugal force (build robot and adjust force dynamics to draw a picture with markers).

Girl Scout Cadettes from Troop 759, Allissa Johnson, Rachel Jankell and Lauren Simms with Myron Campbell from the Differences Foundation.

Among the guests at the ribbon-cutting ceremony were Chesapeake Mayor Rick West and Chesapeake Health Department Director Nancy Welch, a Girl Scout Famous Former.

Helping the Homeless Four Girl Scouts from Troop 521 in Moyock have earned the Girl Scout Silver Award for their project that focused on helping the homeless. Just before the blizzard in early January, the girls distributed the needed items and provided more than 100 hot meals for homeless citizens. Along with the meals, each person was given a bag containing water, snack bags, personal hygiene products and clothes. To encourage others to help homeless residents, the Girl Scouts are creating an educational video where they will offer tips on how to help in their own towns. The video will be shared on social media pages created by the girls. The girls also said they hope to help more people this summer and plan to volunteer at local soup kitchens often.

From (left to right) Girl Scouts Susie Ayres, Allison Morgan, Courtney Morgan and Trinity Pittman distributed donation boxes to local schools and area businesses to collect outerwear, hygiene products, blankets, gift cards and food items. 7


Gold Award Girl Scouts Advo Tourette Syndrome Awareness Girl Scout Ambassador Tara Grady from Suffolk didn’t hesitate when it came time to select a Girl Scout Gold Award project. As someone who has been challenged with Tourette Syndrome most of her life, she has always tried to help people understand and have more acceptance of the disorder. She also hoped that by educating others, those who lived with the disorder wouldn’t be bullied because of their tics. Something, unfortunately, she has gone through at times. She titled her project, “What Makes Me TIC.” The project included giving school and community presentations and creating an online support community, called Teens that Tic, which has nearly 200 members in states and countries across five continents. Tara’s project will be sustained by the teachers at the schools she presented to and Tara wants to continue to be a resource. She also plans to continue to be an advocate whenever she can to make a difference. After she graduates, another student has already agreed to moderate the online support community she created. “By educating teachers, not only am I impacting how they see the disorder, but I am able to reach all of the students they have in their classrooms going forward,” she said.

Tara was recognized this year with the Buck Harris Award. This award, named after former Girl Scouts of Greater Tidewater Executive Director Buck Harris, is presented to a girl who has been nominated by her troop and has demonstrated in an exceptional way that she relates to others with sensitivity and respect, uses her skills and talents to serve the community and loves the outdoors. Tara’s nomination described how she volunteers to help fellow Girl Scouts as a Cookie Captain over the past few years, has coordinated service unit events and is active as a teen leader in the outdoors for younger girls through the programs offered by the Wild Things, a Council high adventure group. In addition, Tara tutors at-risk youth in her community who need help with math and reading.

During Tara’s Gold Award process she became very active with the Tourette Association that had been her educational support team. In early March, she was invited to be part of their youth ambassador program, where young adults are provided two days of professional training and given the opportunity to go to Capitol Hill to advocate for support on education and funding more research. Not only did she serve as an ambassador, but she also was invited to be one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Congressional luncheon during National Tourette Syndrome Advocacy Day! “This is a girl that could barely speak to a handful of parents at a PTA meeting,” Tara’s mom said. “Now, she’s speaking in front of 250 people in the Kennedy Caucus room of the Senate! She has admitted to me that if it had not been for her Gold Award project she would never had been able to do this. She totally believes the Girl Scout mission statement that says “building girls of courage, confidence and character.”

Tara was also honored as Scout of the Year by VFW Post 4809 and will receive the Outstanding Youth Award by Volunteer Hampton Roads at an upcoming awards dinner.

Knotts Island gains a free library and these Girl Scout Juniors earn their Bronze Award! Congratulations to girls in Girl Scout Junior Troop 140 for earning their Girl Scout Bronze Awards. They created a Little Free Library in their town Knotts Island, North Carolina! The closest free public library from their community in Knott’s Island is 45 minutes away and as North Carolina residents, Troop Leader Anita Waterfield says they have to pay to use the library located in Pungo (about 30 minutes away). The troop hopes their Little Free Library will make it easier for residents to enjoy a good book! From (left to right) Girl Scouts Grace Williams, Jesse Wade, Madelyn Gaddis, Hailey Davis and Savanna Waterfield. 8 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

cate for their missions Saving the Colonial Spanish Mustang An avid horse lover, Krysta Rutherford’s journey as an advocate for the Colonial Spanish Mustang, an endangered breed, started in 2014 when she earned her Girl Scout Silver Award through a project titled, Saving the Mustangs. As part of the project, she designed and distributed more than 10,000 brochures to raise awareness of the endangered horse and also offered trainings on how to be an advocate. Now, four years later, she has earned the Girl Scout Gold Award by carrying out a project titled, The Forgotten Horses. She documented through video the need to save the critically endangered breed of horse, engaging people of all ages through a thought-provoking documentary. The documentary includes how, in 2013, Krysta adopted Katalina, a Corolla Spanish Mustang. Her horse had to be removed from the wild and it got Krysta thinking about horses on the critically endangered breed list. She recognized the enormous benefits the horses brought to her community, including their ability to help people with disabilities, diseases or other special conditions. For the past year, Krysta has traveled many miles in her quest to assemble the documentary and capture more information to help raise awareness. She visited places in Gold Award Girl Scout Krysta Rutherford Virginia, North and South Carolina and even Texas! Through her Girl Scout Gold Award project, she was able to meet and visit experts in the field of conservation that added their voices to the video. “This project has continued to reinforce what my career may be in the future,” she said. “I am planning to focus on environmental science/studies with a focus on wildlife and/or marine life conservation.” The film has reached thousands of people through event showings, articles, presentations and other postings. The project continues to be sustained with the help of several organizations in a number of ways, including links to the film on their website. As a result of her project, a number of individuals have asked how they can help the cause. Krysta has even received an email from someone in France who has asked for a copy of the film! Visit the website Krysta made for her project and learn more.

Girl Scout Shannon Helps Immigrant Families! For Shannon’s Girl Scout Gold Award project, she created a resource website for new immigrant families settling in the Virginia Beach area. The project is called H.I.F.I.V.E.: Helping Immigrant Families Integrate, Venture and Excel. To create the website, Shannon completed hours of research and dozens of interviews to understand what information would be most helpful to immigrants. Shannon’s website includes a handbook with tips for families, information on free public services, a list of educational opportunities, materials to learn English and much more. The resources are even available in multiple languages - Spanish, Mandarin and English! Shannon wanted to help immigrant families because of her own familial experience. Gold Award Girl Scout Shannon McGuire

“I know the immigrant experience firsthand, Shannon said. I moved to the United States from Taiwan when I was seven. I remember the challenges of adjusting to a new culture and living with a language barrier. I am passionate about helping new immigrants.”

Shannon also created promotional brochures for her website and made many community connections to ensure that her website reaches the families that need it most. Shannon hopes that through her online resource, immigrant families will be able to create better community ties and feel more welcome in Virginia Beach. 9 Spring/Summer

Scholarships Come with Gold by Camille Birdsong

Go for Gold Workshops The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. Open only to girls in high school, this prestigious award challenges girls to change their world – or their corner of it. By the time they put the final touches on their projects, they will have solved a community problem – not only in the short term, but also for years in the future! Considering the challenge? Plan to attend the Go Gold workshop. Girls will need to complete the online training, Go for Gold, before the Go Gold workshop. During the workshop, girls will learn how to successfully plan and carry out a project. In addition, girls will learn to identify the root cause of an issue in their community and how to build a project to address the issue. Register for both modules by visiting

Girl Scout Ambassador Camille Birdsong with her Gold Award presentation at this year’s Annual Council Meeting.

My Gold Award project was titled, Camille’s Melodious Music Program. I’ve been playing music for 10 years, and I wanted to share my love of music with them. I created a program to introduce children at the HER Shelter to a variety of music genres and music theory. I felt this was a real need, since many children at the HER Shelter have been affected by domestic violence or abuse and my program would give them a safe space to learn about music while boosting their self-esteem. Recently, I have applied to various colleges. One of the most common questions I’ve received - whether it be on a college application, a scholarship essay or a college interview/reference form - is to share my experiences about volunteering or what my life goal has been and how I’ve been able to accomplish it. My experience with Girl Scouts and earning the Gold has provided a lot of good information to share! Because of my experience with Girl Scouts and earning my Gold Award, I have had the opportunity to be accepted into Christopher Newport University, Norfolk State University, Hampton University, Randolph Macon and Virginia Wesleyan. Additionally, I received merit-based scholarships from these colleges that have ranged from $5,000 to $20,000 every academic year. I plan to major in Strategic Communications at Hampton University and be part of the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications. I highly recommend every young girl to continue being a part of Girl Scouts and go for the Gold Award! It has, and continues to, make an impact on my life and those lives within the communities I’ve been able to give service.

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1-3 p.m. 10 a.m.-Noon 2-4 p.m. 1-3 p.m. 9-11 a.m. 2-4 p.m.

First Christian Church, Hampton Wycliffe Presbyterian Church APFG First Christian Church, Hampton Virginia Beach TBD Elizabeth City Field Center

Gold Award Girl Scouts and Alums are invited to the Girl Scout Gold Award Celebration Tidewater Community College Chesapeake Campus Saturday, June 9, 2018 ̃ 5 to 7 p.m. $20 per person Questions: presented by

New! Therapeutic Horsemanship Badge This program teaches about the elements required to provide riding lessons for individuals with special needs, including: • the types and qualities of therapy horses • specialty equipment • trained volunteer support

2626 Heritage Park Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23456 757-721-7350| 10 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

2018 Annual Council Meeting & Awards Breakfast It’s all about the

in Girl Scouts! Dorothy Barber Lifetime Achievement Award

Peggi Leonard Adult Learning Facilitator

Peggi Leonard from Manteo, North Carolina, was this year’s recipient of the Dorothy Barber Lifetime Achievement Award, an award named after former Council Board Chair Dorothy Barber who helped champion the opening of A Place for Girls in the 1990s. The award honors a woman who has achieved success in her personal and professional life, contributed to the Council and her community and is a role model to others. For nearly 30 years, Peggi has been involved in Girl Scouts in many capacities. While most of those years have been in volunteer roles, leader, trainer and service unit lead, she has also spent a short time as a professional Girl Scout. Peggi is currently an adult learning facilitator for the Council and leads many adult opportunity classes including PBJ –it stands for Proficiency Badges and Journeys. Congratulations, Peggi!

Thanks Badge Recipients

Mike Brewington

Darrell Fann

Melissa Burroughs

Cyndi Jones

Appreciation Pin Recipients Lisa Bass Tara Bernheisel LaKeisha Blair Kaitlyn Britt Michaela Britt Laura Farmer Christy Hepp Kier Holland Cathy Howell Judith Jenkins Kelly Prescott Misti Stowell Florence “Marie” Waff Meghan White Virginia “Ginger” Wiehrs

Honor Pin Recipients Tori Batten

Henry Otten

Jennifer “Jen” Daniels

Amanda Selkirk

Board of Directors

From (left to right) Sunny Smith, Tracy Keller, Theresa Dozier, Lu Ann Klevecz, Amy Coyne, Catherine Magill, Rachel Szechtman, Carolene Goodwyn-Harris, Maria Mills, Tracy Ashley, Barbara Tierney, Carolyn Pittman, Carletta Waddler and Michael Mendelsohn.

Community Award Is there a church, school or local business that helped your troop or service unit? Do not forget to recognize all the great organizations that support Girl Scouts throughout the year. Anyone can submit nominations for the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast Community Award. You will receive a certificate signed by the CEO to present to the honored organization or community member. Allow up to four weeks from the request date to receive the certificate. Visit for the nomination form.



There is Power in Every


The Volunteer Toolkit: What’s New? Starting in February, updates to the VTK Resources tab were made for each grade level, including multi-levels. You can now find on the tab, Awards Log, Badge Chart, Badge Explorer, Badge and Journey Meeting Plans, Outdoor Journey and Badges, and STEM Journey and Badges for Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies and Juniors. In addition to the above tab resources, there is a Uniform Placement Guide for Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors. In addition, you will find resources in the following areas: ★ Troop Leadership ★ Trips & Travel ★ Parent Hub ★ Fall Product Program ★ Safety ★ Cookie Program ★ Training ★ Camp or Outdoors ★ GS Traditions & Awards Also new this year - troops will use the Finances tab on the Volunteer Toolkit to submit their Annual Troop Finance Report for 2017/2018 by June 30, 2018. Troops will need to retain receipts and Detailed Cash ledgers for at least two years per troop. Sign on the Volunteer Toolkit today! Go to’s “My GS.” Questions? Contact

Effectively Facilitating Adult Learning Share your passion for Girl Scouts with other volunteers. Sign up for the Effectively Facilitating Adult Learning course. This course focuses on developing facilitation skills that will prepare participants to deliver learning sessions to a group of adult learners. Contact for more information. Cost: Free! May 6 • 1-6 p.m. • Deadline to register: April 30

Be prepared for an AWESOME AQUATIC ADVENTURE. What will your Girl Scout troop discover? Whether they’re meeting harbor seals or learning how to help sea turtles, touching stingrays or exploring a nature trail, they’ll find hands-on fun at the Virginia Aquarium. It’s an unforgettable experience your whole troop will love! Visit to learn more.

12 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Bring Her Indoor Passions to Life Outdoors! Maybe your girl is more the indoor type, preferring to explore her interests with all the comforts of home. That’s great! She’s interested, she’s engaged and she’s learning and growing. But because girls can benefit so much by getting outside and exploring nature, wouldn’t it be great if she took her indoor interests outdoors? That way, she can enjoy her favorite activities with the added benefit of getting outside to broaden and enrich her experiences. Inspire her! Try one of these suggestions, suited for every type of girl, to infuse the natural world into her traditionally inside pursuits: 3 STEM-y girl? So, she’s really into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)? Perfect. Help her get out of the lab and into nature to explore the animal world. Or show her how she can test the purity of local water supplies. How about observing and recording the movement of the sun, moon and stars? Science and nature is all around us, all the time! 3 Avid reader? Instead of curling up on the couch with a book, she can stretch out under a tree on a blanket in the park. There’s something about being outside in that big, welcoming, and unrestricted space that lets her experience whatever she’s reading in a fuller, more inspiring way. 3 Sporty type? Get her away from the indoor track and into nature! How about trail running? A family hike? Mixing up exercises challenges the body and muscle memory, as well as benefits the mind. 3 Animal lover? She already can’t get enough of dogs and cats. So consider shaking things up, and have her study ants, butterflies, frogs, birds, whatever! Show her how to observe animals’ behavior and enjoy their worlds. But don’t forget to respect the habitats of our animal friends. 3 Show-stopper? If all the world’s a stage, why not set up makeshift shows in the backyard or schoolyard? Does she love dance? Puppets? Skits? Magic? Let her imagination—and energy—run loose! You’ll see what inspiration (and applause) can come from taking performing arts outside. Brava! 3 Social butterfly? Play dates and hangouts don’t need to be indoors at a friend’s home or at the pizza place. Help her organize a potluck picnic with friends or for her class! Take it up a notch: add an environmental theme, and use decorations from, or inspired by, nature. Do you recognize your girl in this list? Excellent! Inspiring her to explore in new and different ways is as simple as saying, “Let’s try doing this outside!” “We know from research that spending time outdoors helps girls thrive,” says Liz Williams, Outdoor Initiative Lead with Girl Scouts of the USA. “Start with activities she already loves—no matter what they are—and just take them outside. Before you know it, she’ll be developing new skills that help her in school, help her socially and help her gain confidence. There’s really no reason not to get out there and give it a try.” Your girl’s outdoor experiences don’t need to be elaborate or time-consuming—a simple, daily dose of nature will make a real difference in her life. Get ready. Get set. Get outside!

What is a Girl Sprout? Our Girl Sprout program is for four-year-old, pre-kindergarten girls who will be entering kindergarten the following fall. As a Girl Sprout, girls will learn about honesty, sharing, being helpful, how to be kind to their friends, and most importantly, to have fun! They’ll be introduced to Girl Scouts and be ready to become a Girl Scout Daisy when they enter kindergarten! Girls may register for membership in Girl Scouts the spring/summer prior to starting kindergarten.

Girl Sprouts will: Earn a Free Girl Sprout patch and be presented the patch at a summer bridging ceremony. Girls will complete five simple activities to earn the patch – and come to the bridging event! Do you know a girl who is a potential Girl Sprout? Contact Kim Lincoln at to sign her up and learn more.

Sprouts may register for 2018-19 membership starting April 2018! 13 Spring/Summer

VFW Virginia Beach Scout of the Year!

Girl Scout Troop leaders Toni Taylor (left) and Carol Spellman (far right) with GSCCC Board Chair Carolene Goodwyn-Harris and girls of Girl Scout Troop 5161.

Black History Month Girl Scout Troop 5161 that meets at the Young Terrace Community Center, invited GSCCC Board Chair, Carolyn Goodwyn-Harris, as a special guest to their Black History Month celebration. The girls were proud of the special “then and now” exhibit and scrapbook they created. They included their research of important African-American women in Girl Scouts, with our Board Chair representing the current generation of leaders. Also in attendance were GSCCC CEO Tracy Keller and Norfolk City Council Member Mamie B. Johnson. All the guests joined the girls in activities and shared interesting facts about themselves, information and photos that will be added to the troop’s scrapbook!

Congratulations to Girl Scout Ambassador Ana Katrina Beasley from Virginia Beach who was recognized by the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Virginia Beach Post 392 as Scout of the Year. Katrina has been in Girl Scouts since third grade and has earned all Girl Scout Ambassador the top Girl Scout awards Ana Katrina Beasley a girl may earn- Bronze, Silver and Gold! For her Gold Award project, she focused on educating elementary students on healthy living habits that included tips on eating right and ways to exercise. She created a program that she delivered at Thalia Elementary School. In addition to Girl Scouts, Katrina is involved in the Legal Studies Academy at First Colonial High School, is a member of the National Honor Society and is on the Varsity Crew Team.


Exhibit Celebrates Women’s History Month To help celebrate Women’s History Month and Girl Scout Week, a history exhibit was placed at the Meyera E. Oberndorf Central Library in Virginia Beach. Exhibits are a great way to find Girl Scout alum and connect with new members! Girl Scout Alum Mary Crozier, chair of the Virginia Beach Youth and Community Action Team, had a chance to view the exhibit and reminisce about her Girl Scout Brownie years. She also recalled her volunteer time in the 1980s when she was a Community Substance Abuse Prevention Girl Scout Alum Mary Crozier specialist. She helped with awareness badge workshops and was a resource person for girls working on award projects that addressed substance abuse prevention. There will be several other exhibits this spring, including one in April at the Mary Pretlow Library in Norfolk and another at the Main Street Library in Newport News. In May, two will be placed in North Carolina, one at the Kill Devil Hills Library and the other at the Manteo Library. Interested in becoming a Community Relations Volunteer and helping with exhibits and communication coverage in your community? Contact the Marcomm team at 14 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Girl Scout Cadette Ryn Bonheurs with Junior Troop 505

Congratulations to Girl Scout Cadette Ryn for completing her Girl Scout Silver Award project – A Badge in a Day: Detective Science. Ryn led Girl Scout Juniors in a series of activities that included the power of observation, communicate in code, fingerprinting and using science detective work to solve a mystery!

What’s on your summer 2018 bucket list? How about the simple goal of being entertained by doing some local trips? Sounds like a good plan, right? GSCCC Explore Patches are great ways to learn about our region and earn Girl Scout patches! Fun activities that help you learn and have fun with family and/or friends. Don’t forget to take photos of your adventures with our community partners this summer and send them to We’ll post them on our social media!

Lou Henry Hoover Patch While going to one of our awesome camps is a great way to get outdoors, you can also take time to visit A Place for Girls and venture out into our Outback where you can do activities to earn the Lou Henry Hoover Patch. The Outback is an official designated Lou Henry Hoover Memorial Sanctuary named after one of our country’s past First Ladies who was also a Girl Scout and outdoor enthusiast. There are tons of patch activities girls and their families can do while visiting the Outback. Walk nature trails, meander on the boardwalk to view birds and surroundings, climb the observation tower and more. There are four picnic pavilions as well! Here’s one of the activities from the patch program: walk on the Warfield Creek Walk and find the Trumpet Vine – a vine with red and orange flowers that can grow up to three inches long and supply nectar to birds. What type of birds like this flower? There’s also a Health and Fitness Trail patch you can earn while in the Outback! Challenge yourself on our fitness trail while enjoying the outdoors. You can find requirements for both patches on our website’s Patch Programs page.

About former Girl Scout President Lou Henry Hoover An expert and enthusiastic camper, Lou Henry Hoover was eager for all girls to experience camping. Day camping was introduced into Girl Scouting during Mrs. Hoover’s first term as President of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. Lou Henry Hoover’s love of open spaces and of outdoor living developed as a child when she went camping with her father. On these trips she learned facts and legends about rocks, flowers, trees, birds and animals, in addition to acquiring skills for living in the outdoors.

Explore Patches: Find on GSCCC’s website forms page. Explore Roanoke Island Festival Park Explore Portsmouth Explore Yorktown Explore Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Museum Explore Smithfield Explore Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Explore Hampton Explore Newport News Explore Suffolk Explore Chrysler Museum Explore Colonial Williamsburg Explore Norfolk Botanical Garden Explore Washington County Explore Norfolk Explore Poquoson Explore Virginia Beach Explore Southampton County Explore Chesapeake Explore Windsor Castle Park Explore The Mariners’ Museum Explore Norfolk Southern Explore the Virginia Zoo Explore Children’s Museum of Virginia Explore the Outer Banks Explore STEM Honoring Dr. Sandra DeLoatch Explore Nauticus Explore the Outback Explore Dominion’s Nuclear Information Center Explore Chesapeake Bay Treasures Explore Virginia Living Museum Explore Sea Turtles Explore Great Wolf Lodge Explore Busch Gardens Explore Water Country USA 15 Spring/Summer

One-of-a-kind adventures! Date


Deadline Grade

Price *Includes event patch

May 12

Archery-Aim I & II, Camp Outback, Chesapeake, VA



$10 per session

May 12

Paint Day, Greenbrier Middle, Chesapeake



$20 per person

May 12

All Hands on Deck, The Narrows, Virginia Beach



$18* per person

May 18 Norfolk Tides Game, Harbor Park, Norfolk 5/14/2018 All Grades

$12* per person includes hotdog and soda

May 18

Norfolk Tides Sleepover, Harbor Park, Norfolk


All Grades

$7 per person for overnight

May 19

Archery-Aim I & II, Camp Skimino, Williamsburg



$10 per person, per session

May 26

Strawberry Festival Parade, Pungo, Virginia Beach


All Grades

$5* per person

June 16

An Escape to Yourself: Beach Yoga and Nature Hike 6/05/2018 All Grades REI, Virginia Beach

$40 per person/private event code: girl

June 16

Paint Day, Greenbrier Middle, Chesapeake



$20 per person

June 16

Family Sports Day, Greenbrier Middle, Chesapeake


All Grades

$12* per person

Sept 15

RiverFest 2018, Chesapeake


All Grades


Sept 29

The Apprentice-“Can I Do That?”, TCC, Chesapeake Campus 9/29/2018


$5* per person

Upcoming Adventures Save-the-date! Date Title Oct 6 Women in Trucking Oct 13 Girls STEAM Ahead Oct 20 Engineering Women Oct 26-28 Camp Sampler Weekend at Skimino Nov 3 Making Snacks Nov 10 International Girls Day at ODU Nov 10 International Girls Day at W&M Nov 12 Veteran’s Day Parade Dec 1 Simple Meals Dec 8 Cookie Kickoff Jan 13 Emergency Preparedness Jan 26 Make It Green Day Jan 27 Glassblowing 1 Feb 2 Glassblowing 2 Feb 3 Glassblowing 3 Feb 9 Glassblowing 4 Feb 16 Design Time

16 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Grade All Grades B/J/C All Grades B/J/C/S B C/S/A D/B/J All Grades J All Grades All Grades J/C B J C/S All Grades D/B/J/C

Legend ❧ This is a girl only event. No tagalongs. One Girl Scout registered adult may be asked to stay to meet ratios but does not pay.

❧ This is a family event. All must pay to attend. ❧ This is a girl and adult event. Both must pay to attend.

No tagalongs.

❧ Girl Scouts outdoors. Registered Girl Scout adults are

welcome. Find all details at

You can find FULL EVENT details – descriptions of workshops, trips AND registration information online at – Events Page!

Get registered at Questions? Contact

Girl Scout High Adventures!

Registered Girl Scout adults are welcome to sign up and participate!

Questions and registration: Bonnie Taylor at Hammock Camping Sept 7–9, 2018 Powhatan State Park Girl Scouts 12 and older Cost: $40 per person

Badge in a Day Oct 21, 2018 Camp Darden D/B/J/C Cost: $13 per person

National Public Lands Day Camping Sept 21-23, 2018 Bear Creek State Park Girl Scouts 12 and older Cost: $40 per person GSCCC will be adding a low-ropes course for Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies at Camp Darden and Camp Skimino this spring! Also to be added: hammock camping!

If you’re an adult who loves adventure, consider joining our Outdoor Adventure Team of adults who serve as guides, consultants and event leaders for Girl Scout high adventure activities here at GSCCC. Training is available and you’ll meet and be with other adults who love outdoor activities! No matter what your interest – canoeing, hiking, archery or rock climbing – we’ve got a spot for you on our team! Contact Tesi Strickland at

Get ready, and pack your bags and travel with GSCCC!

Become a Program Aide! Program Aide is a national mentoring award earned by Girl Scout Cadettes. Older girls use leadership skills to share their interests and experiences with younger girls in a troop, group or camp setting. Follow these steps to earn the award: 1. Earn one Leader in Action (LiA) Award. Earn the LiA Award by assisting a Girl Scout Brownie group on any of their National Leadership Journeys. 2. Complete the online Council Program Aide training. 3. Work directly with younger girls over six activity sessions. 4. Once you have completed steps 1-3, complete the Girl Scout Program Aide Completion Recognition found on the Council website’s Other Girl Awards page.

Cadette-Senior-Ambassador Leadership Training (CSALT) Girls will join their fellow teen Girl Scouts for this leadership development course, led by girls! Activities in this fun, exciting and action-packed four-day course will provide teen girls with leadership skills and experiences needed to become effective leaders in their communities. Meet requirements for your Volunteer in Training pin while attending this course!

CSALT Magazine Write Up 2018 Date: June 27-30 Ages: 13-18Leadership Training (CSALT) Cadette-Senior-Ambassador We’re hosting two Girl Scout Destinations Ages: 13-18Location: Camp Skimino Price: ​$95 This is a girl event. 448 Fenton Mill Road July 2019 Celtic Adventure-for girls 12 and up. No tagalongs. Williamsburg, VA This Gaelic journey takes you to Scotland and Ireland. Dates: June 27-30 Location: Camp Skiminoin: ​ 48 Wednesday 4 Fenton Mill Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188 Check 6 p.m. Check in: Wednesday 6:00 p.m. July 2020 Curtain Time in London-for girls 13 and up. out: Check out: Check Saturday 3:00 p.m. Saturday 3 p.m. This is a once in a lifetime journey to immerse yourself in London’s (Includes event patch and Tshirt) Price: $125 (includes event patch and T-shirt) theatre scene. In between performances, your local tour guide Registration Deadline:​ Friday June 15,2018 This is a girl event/No Tagalongs will take you to visit Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey Girls will join their fellow teen Girl Scouts for this leadership development course, lead by girls! and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Register: Activities in this fun, exciting, and action-packed four-day course will provide teen girls with You will end the tour exploring Stonehenge, Bath and the leadership skills Registration deadline: Junein their 25 communities. and experiences needed to becomeFriday, effective leaders Meet requirements for your Volunteer in Training pin while attending this course! WAGGGS World Center, Pax Lodge. Event contact:

Questions? Contact Volunteer Travel Coordinator Eileen Livick at:

Event contact: ​

Thanks to a GSUSA D-Pass Grant, four local teen Girl Scouts will be traveling on adventures through our Council’s travel program. The grant totaled $3,500. Girls interested in receiving assistance through grants such as this one must be enrolled in a travel destination to be eligible to apply for travel funds. 17 Spring/Summer

This summer, unleash her full potential with Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts wouldn’t be Girl Scouts without the great outdoors. We make the fresh-air experience educational as well as fun with summer camps. There’s truly something for every girl - horseback riding, nature exploration, swimming, boating, theme weeks, outdoor cooking and plenty of fun.

2018 Camp Session Dates Visit for details in our digital camp book. New climbing walls at the resident camps!

Resident Camp Darden Courtland, VA June 17-22 June 24-29 July 1-6

Day and Resident Camp Skimino Williamsburg, VA July 8-13 July 15-20 July 22-27

Day Camp Apasus

Day Camp Outback

Norfolk, VA July 30-August 3 August 6-10

Chesapeake, VA July 30-August 3 August 6-10 August 13-17 August 20-24

Camp Fury Norfolk, June 25-29 Hampton, July 8-13

2018 Camp Fury- Norfolk | Hampton Ready to shatter glass ceilings? Seize the opportunity to train alongside a team of firefighters and law enforcement personnel. Gear-up and experience hands-on fire, emergency service and law enforcement activities. Challenge yourself to take risks, participate in rigorous physical fitness drills and meet women who are breaking down barriers and stereotypes in these male dominated career fields. Camp Fury is for girls in grades 6-12. Sponsored by Southeastern Virginia Community Foundation

Enrollment in this camp is limited. These sessions fill quickly.

Want to join our team? Do you know someone who LOVES CAMP, loves working with children and loves being outdoors? We are currently hiring for 2018 summer camp staff. Of course, we need counselors and unit leaders. We are also seeking incredible candidates to serve in our various manager, kitchen and program roles. Qualified and energetic applicants must be 18 years or older. Interested? Contact

Camp Open Houses To register for camp, visit 18 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Check out all your options before summer begins at one of our open houses! Bring your family, meet our camp director and see it all —the tents, cabins, waterfront and more as you explore camp!

Saturday, April 21, 2-4 p.m.

Saturday, May 12, 2-4 p.m.

Camp Apasus, Norfolk, VA

Camp Outback, A Place for Girls, Chesapeake, VA

Saturday, April 28, 2-4 p.m. Camp Darden, Courtland, VA

Saturday, May 19, 2-4 p.m. Camp Skimino, Williamsburg, VA

Ur Healt hy

Springtime is Bridging Time! For girls who are already Girl Scouts, a “bridging” is a ceremony honoring and celebrating their step to the next Girl Scout level. For example, a Girl Scout Daisy to a Girl Scout Brownie. Don’t forget the Girl Scout Ambassador to Adult! This progression marks important milestones in each girl’s journey through Girl Scouts and is a time to include troop members, families and friends. Consider having girls create a keepsake from the event like a beaded bracelet!

A bridging ceremony has three basic parts: Opening: Guests are welcomed and the tone is set. Main section: The ceremony is explained and the girls celebrate moving from one level to the next. Closing: Girls can participate in friendship circles and thank their guests.


Love Ur Healthy is more than just a hashtag, it's a movement and a platform for those that are loving their healthy, because healthy is different for everyone. We are all on the same journey towards health, but the route we take is different for everyone. Love Ur Healthy is about celebrating your journey and knowing that the journey towards health isn't a cookie cutter, one-size-fits all journey, it's a unique and personal one. • Complete Girl Scout Badge requirements • Will come to your troop or group of 15 or more • Meal Prep Workshop • PTA/PTO Events • Kid Fun Fitness Boot Camp • Birthday Parties Email us for specific package pricing. • website:

Each of the ceremony’s parts offers plenty of room for the girls’ creativity and individuality, but it should always focus on paying tribute to Girl Scouts as they move forward and it should be planned and carried out by girls as much as possible. The role of the troop leader is to guide and encourage them. Bridging is an important transition in a Girl Scout’s life. It’s a defining moment when a girl becomes aware of her achievements and is ready for new adventures and responsibilities. Celebrating this change should be fun, personalized and memorable for everyone involved. And most of all, it should be designed by the girls in true partnership with adults.

Tips • Devote sufficient time for planning the ceremony. • Take safety precautions when using candles or fire, or when the girls construct bridges or platforms. • Add personal elements to traditional ceremonies such as favorite poems, songs, stories or have the girls write something new. • Make it symbolic but keep it fun. It can be sentimental but should also be fun for the girls. • Include a physical bridge when possible. There are a lot of ways to represent a bridge: an actual bridge in a park, a homemade bridge in a back yard, stepping stones, an archway or you can simply walk from one end of the room to another! • Be thankful. The ceremony should include a few minutes where girls and leaders give thanks to their parents and family members who have helped them through the years. Troop leaders can take this time to give out special certificates of thanks.

RENEW TODAY! Not a member yet? Join anytime at

1760 King’s Highway Suffolk, VA 23435

19 Spring/Summer

Civic Engagement and Girl Scout Legislative Day in Richmond, Va! Virginia Girl Scout Legislative Day, an annual event, took place on February 15 in Richmond. 29 representatives from four councils participated – Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capital and Girl Scouts of the Virginia Skyline. The day began with a morning open house where legislators and their staff members came to learn more about Girl Scouts and, of course, to sample Girl Scout Cookies! GSCCC members met with the new women legislators from our Council districts and girls had an opportunity to interview each. They included Delegate Turpin who was one of the new women legislators on the cover of Time magazine, the issue that included an article on the phenomena of an astounding number of more women in 2017 who ran for office and obtained seats. After the open house, Girl Scouts Girl Scout Cadettes Kai Cumberbatch-Smith, from GSCCC, and Makayla Callender, from GSCV, along with were guests in the General Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Bettina Ring listen to Secretary of Education Atif Qarni speak about the Assembly’s House and Senate importance of STEM education for girls. galleries and were introduced by Delegate Marcia Price and Senator Janet Howell. Delegate Price’s enthusiastic introduction, which received a standing ovation, emphasized the leadership offered by Girl Scouts. “Girl Scouts is recognized as a national leader in providing the best leadership development experience for girls,” she said. “Girl Scouts is continuing a legacy of providing girls with the tools to become leaders dedicated to making this country and the world a better place. At all grade levels, from kindergarten to 12th grade, Girl Scouts offers hands-on, girl-led, girl-centered learning in STEM, the outdoors, entrepreneurship, and abundant opportunities to develop invaluable life skills, helping all girls take the lead early and often.” During the afternoon, Girl Scouts met with Secretary of Education Atif Qarni, Deputy Secretary of Education Holly Coy and Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Bettina Ring. CEOs of the councils shared successful models of in-school initiatives that were helping engage girls in STEM. A special visitor entered the conference room to join the meeting, Governor Ralph Northam! He spoke with the teen Girl Scouts about their leadership experience and heard from some about their Gold Award projects – the award is the highest recognition a girl may earn in Girl Scouts. The day ended with a visit to the Executive Mansion where Girl Scouts were treated to a full tour of the Governor’s residence and a meet and greet with Virginia First Lady Pam Northam, an educator with Lynnhaven River NOW and former science teacher. She commended the Girl Scouts for what they do to engage girls in science and applauded the girls for their dedication to making a difference through community service work. Girl Scout Lily Tomlinson with Delegate Cheryl Turpin from Virginia Beach.

20 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Girl Scouts! Recognizing Girl Scouts’ 106th Anniversary A Girl Scout delegation led by Council CEO Tracy Keller, traveled to Richmond on Friday, March 9, to meet with Governor Ralph Northam and be present for the signing of a proclamation recognizing March 12, 2018, as the 106th anniversary of Girl Scouts. In 1912, Juliette Gordon Low assembled 18 girls from Savannah, Georgia, for the first Girl Scout meeting! Virginia First Lady Pam Northam was also present and congratulated the Girl Scouts. “Girl Scouts has always been an important program for girls that teaches them that their voices count,” she said. As a former science teacher, Mrs. Northam was very impressed with the Girl Scout Silver project members from Troop 759 shared with her, a project that focused on STEAM education for girls. “I am certain that among these young women here today are our future legislators, business executives and community leaders,” the Governor said.

Hampton Government Day Many thanks to Hampton City Manager Mary Bunting and Clerk of Hampton City Council Katherine Glass for giving Girl Scouts the opportunity to participate in a youth government day in Hampton. Both women are Girl Scout alum who spent many of their girl years as Girl Scouts Hampton City Manager Mary in Hampton! These supportive Bunting and Clerk of Hampton alum planned a leadership City Council Katherine Glass exploration day for fifteen Girl Scouts to help them learn about city planning and government, with a focus on the new resilience effort to create action and policy to help shore up to adapt to rising water. With ingenuity and innovation, the city has long-range plans and knows that some of these girls may be the future leaders to carry out the action plan! Girl Scouts from Troop 1038 were among the attendees.

Girl Scout Cadettes from Troop 1038 attended the special Government Day hosted by the city of Hampton.

Girl Scouts from Chesapeake had the honor of traveling with Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast CEO Tracy Keller to receive the 106th anniversary Girl Scout proclamation presented by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. In photo from left to right: Cadette Lauren Simms, Ambassador and National Young Woman of Distinction Lea Bonner, Cadette Rachel Jenkell, Cadette Allissa Johnson, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Virginia First Lady Pam Northam, and Cadette Maureen Keller.

Girl Scout Week Proclamations Proclamations were signed and presented to Girl Scouts in the cities of Chesapeake, Virginia, and Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Girl Scouts representing the Council encouraged city council members to celebrate with Girl Scouts nationwide and support the G.I.R.L. Agenda-a nonpartisan initiative to inspire, prepare and mobilize girls to lead positive change through civic action.

Chesapeake Mayor West took time during the proclamation presentation to do a selfie with Girl Scout Brownie Madison Week from Troop 606. Back Row: Girl Scout Leader Kimberly Westbrook and GSCCC CEO Tracy Keller. Front Row: Girl Scout Cadettes from Troop 57 Taylor Westbrook and Sarah Savino with Elizabeth City Mayor Bettie Parker.

21 Spring/Summer

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ̃ Margaret Mead From (left to right) Girl Scouts Verity O’Shae, Kaylah Hornbaker, Evelyn Kemper, Gabby Duesberry, Tanaya Williamson, Elora May, Vivian Petty, Regan Teeling and Troop Leader Destiny Kemper.

Girl Scouts Support the Food Bank Girl Scout Junior Troop 898 toured the Southeastern Virginia Foodbank where they learned just how much non-perishable food is donated and provided to the food-insecure population in our Council area. They brought with them nearly 300 pounds of imperishable food they had collected over a month’s time. Some of the donated food was collected at their cookie booths! The collection and the tour helped them complete the Agent of Change Girl Scout Journey. During the tour, they learned that approximately 42,000 children go to bed hungry in our area each night and that each day there are 171,000 people who go hungry. They also learned that hunger does not have one face. It goes beyond the homeless population and includes families that may be living from pay check to pay check or are in situations where there is not enough income to meet their needs. Todd Emmett, who helps with the Foodbank’s public relations, told the girls a story that put it into perspective. “Last year when I had to visit my doctor, I forgot to take off my work name badge,” he said. “When my doctor saw it, he was surprised and said how much he respected what the foodbank does and explained how he was helped by them when he was in medical school. He didn’t have any money since all of it was going to pay for school. He found himself most the time with no money and was helped out by a lot of friends in the community, including the foodbank. Today, he donates regularly to the foodbank and is a dedicated volunteer. You never know when you’ll need a helping hand in life!”

Help Us Knock Out Hunger With Your Super Girl Scout Powers! Super Shero Food Drive May 19!

Canned goods or non-perishable food items. Low-fat, low-sodium, low-sugar products preferred.

This awesome one-day event will take place at five different Kroger locations throughout the Southside of Hampton Roads. Girl Scout Troops will compete to have the most weight in food donated at the end of their shifts. You are allowed to collect food leading up to your shift. When you come to do your shift, bring your food with you. It will be counted with whatever you get donated while working your shift. Once all the troops are done and the food has been weighed the troop with the highest number at each location will win a prize.

Please Remember: Non-perishable food items can be up to 6 months past printed date. Select non-breakable containers with nutritional labels intact.

So, let’s not waste any time. Sign up today for your troop’s spot! This is a first come, first served time slot registration. You may only choose one time slot and location. We can’t do this without you. Thank you for your support.

The girls ended the tour by presenting the staff with oversized thank you cards and performed a thank you video for them to share with other staff and volunteers at the foodbank.

Best items to collect & donate

Visit the events page at to register, deadline 5/15. 22 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Barn Life by Girl Scout Senior Madison Smith Do you love horses, getting messy, or just love to have fun? I know just the patch for you! My troop and I visited Cedar Hall Farms two years ago, and we had a blast earning The Barn Life fun patch. When we first got to the farm, my first thought was that it was beautiful. There were various trees and an abundance of flowers. Everyone at Cedar Hall was friendly, from the staff to the animals which made our experience that much more enjoyable. We met with our tour guide, Courtney Culpepper, who explained our plans for the day. She set-up a tour of the farm, lessons on grooming the From (left to right) Girl Scout Seniors Madison Smith, Emma Baggerly and Kiana horses, and even a riding session. I enjoyed the Lawson with Courtney Culpepper, of Cedar Hall Farms who offers Barn Life patch grooming the most because you got to be close to programs. the horses and become familiar with them! Before we could ride, the instructor told us about safety. After we put on our helmets and safety gear, it was time to ride! Horseback riding took a lot more work than I originally thought; you have to engage your core and thigh muscles to keep your balance. By the end of my ride, I was pretty tired, but we still had so much more to see! Cedar Hall Farms is very big. We walked through fields, small buildings, and stables learning more and more about what it takes to work on a farm. At the end of the tour, we said goodbye and thank you to all the people who made our Barn Life adventure fun and educational. Cedar Hall Farms offers a Horse Lovers Saddle Club for beginners to advanced riders to enjoy riding lessons. They also offer a Junior Horse Badge Program along with a fun patch for all grade levels. If you are interested in learning more about riding you can sign up for their Summer Horse Camp or visit their website

Cox Communications Gives $10,000 for STEM Programs! Thanks to the generosity of Cox Communications employees, Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast has a gift of $10,000 to help engage more girls in STEM this year! The presentation was made on March 23 at A Place for Girls. GSCCC CEO Tracy Keller stated that there are already 22 locations identified where STEM program activities will be implemented over the summer months that will include badge work focused on engineering, robotics and cyber security.

77% of girls say that, because From (left to right) Back Row: Cox Communications Vice President of Customer Care Bruce Crooks, Cox Communications Community & Public Affairs Specialist Erin Brunelle, GSCCC CEO Tracy Keller, and Cox Communications Vice President of Engineering Operations Toni Stubbs. Front Row: GSCCC Board Chair Carolene Goodwyn-Harris, Cox Communications Public Affairs Manager Sarah Buck, a past Gold Award Girl Scout recipient here at GSCCC, and GSCCC Vice Chair Barbara Tierney.

of Girl Scouts they are considering a career in technology.

“How Girl Scout STEM Programs Benefit Girls� from the Girl Scout Research Institute

23 Spring/Summer

The Samoa Soiree was a Sweet & Savory Success!

Girl Scout Troop 4151 showing their finished products, wooden calendars.

Future Women in Construction! The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) hosted a workshop on March 4 during national Women Construction Week for forty-five Girl Scouts. The girls spoke to women in the construction field, learned how to handle basic tools and then each girl made a take-home project: a perpetual calendar. The NAWIC volunteers were led by NAWIC Hampton Roads Chapter President Anne Benton and the calendar kits were donated by Home Depot. To help girls build their own toolkit, Home Depot also gave each girl a tool bag, hammer, screwdriver set, safety glasses and a measuring tape. Workshops such as Tools of the Trade give girls opportunities to explore careers they may not otherwise consider. Women make up only 9.1 percent of the construction industry in the United States.

More than 300 guests packed the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside hotel to celebrate the tenth annual Samoa Soiree on March 17. Chefs from restaurants and catering companies competed to walk away with awards for best savory or best dessert. Hosted by Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, this annual event raises funds to support Girl Scouting in our area. This year, Chef Kyle Fowlkes from the Cyprus Grille at Embassy Suites Hampton won the Judges’ Best in Presentation Award and the People’s Choice Award for Best Savory. His savory dish was gnocchi and veal topped with spinach and a cherry cream sauce. He used the Girl Scout Do-si-Dos Cookie and Girl Scout Toffee-tastic Cookie as magical ingredients! Chef Chris McLeod from The Dirty Buffalo won the People’s Choice for Best Dessert for his Mini Samoa Pudding Cake. All the chefs used a Girl Scout Cookie variety as a key ingredient in their creation. Visit our GSCCC Blog for a full review of the night and the recipe from Chef Chris McLeod!

GSCCC CEO Tracy Keller, Chef Kyle Fowlkes and GSCCC Board Chair Carolene Goodwyn-Harris

Many thanks to our sponsors: • GEICO • Newport News Shipbuilding Best Savory • Enspyr Mixxer’s Kitchen • Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer P.C. Best Use of a Girl Scout Cookie • Hampton Injury Law Spirit Cruises Media partners who helped promote this successful event were: Best Presentation Cyprus Grille • VA Eats & Drinks • Coastal Virginia Magazine Best in Show • VEER Virginia Magazine Sysco of Hampton Roads • Tidewater Women Magazine People's Choice for Best Savory • 13News Now Cyprus Grille • 2WD 101.3 People's Choice for Best Sweet • Yelp The Dirty Buffalo Best Sweet

Team Up with Girl Scouts! Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast partners with many organizations and businesses to help us carry out program activities and to raise necessary funds to help us deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in our area. If you would like to find out more, contact our Philanthropy Department through We are already seeking sponsors for our 2019 Samoa Soiree! Partnerships come with many benefits that include cross marketing opportunities. Best of all, you’re supporting the Girl Scout mission!

24 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Handsome Biscuit

Nominations for the 2018 Girl Scout Famous Formers Celebration will be accepted April 1-May 31 Visit our Famous Formers page under the events tab at Save the date for the celebration luncheon on October 31, 2018 Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Boykin


President of Newport News Shipbuilding

Girl Scout


presented by

National Volunteer Month 2018


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Alum Spotlight: Carol Curtis Meet Girl Scout alum Carol Curtis. She exemplifies our G.I.R.L. in Girl Scouts and showed how she was a go-getter, innovator, risk-taker and leader from an early age. Those early years included time as a Girl Scout, something she relished as the only girl in a family of three brothers. Time to get away and be with girls! Today, Carol is the President and founder of Noah Enterprises, Inc. As a previous member of the local chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), Carol began getting serious about her non-traditional career when she graduated from Tidewater Community College in 1993 with an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering Technology. She has more than 30 years of construction experience and more than a decade as a CEO, starting Noah Enterprises, Inc. in 2004. She says life is very good and she is living her dream leading a full-service General Contracting company. As a Girl Scout alum, Carol has always been supportive of helping girls achieve their dreams, too. Whether it is getting friends from the NAWIC to come to A Place for Carol Curtis, one of the Girl Scout Girls to do a workshop, as she has done alum who participated in the Cookie since the late 90s with helping girls earn Leadership Institute, enjoyed meeting teen Girl Scouts and answering questions the Ms. Fix It badge, or helping girls today learn about leadership, such as the Cookie about how she started a business from ground zero. Leadership Institute where she helped lead this year, she is eager to be a role model for girls. She’s happy to be someone that encourages them to go beyond the expected and stretch boundaries. During the Cookie Leadership Institute, Carol and a few other alum worked with girls to define a business brand by choosing a business name, tagline and then create marketing messages. The girls had to set up a business plan, set goals and then identify strategies to reach their goals. A crash course for sure, but a great way to introduce girls to the fun world of business. Carol shared with the girls some of the roadblocks that were thrown at her, such as being the only girl in the room. This happened to her a lot in college and on jobs, but she never let it stop her. Her advice was to approach work in a team spirit, no matter what the gender. Be respectful of everyone’s ideas. While she admits, that’s not always what others bring to the table or workplace. “You have to show them that you are able to solve problems and do the right thing,” Carol said. “What I do is offer my suggestion and then ask others what their ideas are and create a solution using ideas from everyone. Like the Girl Scout Law states, respect yourself and others.” Carol told the girls that sometimes, even she has a day that doesn’t go the way she planned, but by working hard towards team goals, she turns those not-so-perfect days into successes. “When you have those challenges, you just say it’s ok. You’re going to make the best you can of today and tomorrow will be even better.” Carol’s success in and out of the workplace has been celebrated by many. She has been honored as the 2008 Vision of Excellence award from the National Association of Women in Construction Associated Builders and Contractors, Virginia Chapter 2010 Member of the Year, Lawyers Weekly Class of 2011’s Most Influential Women of Virginia, recipient of the Inside Business 2013 Women in Business Achievement Award, and the 2017 Girl Scout Famous Formers award. 25 Spring/Summer

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First Aid/CPR & 2 Adults Attend First Aid Kit with EMTA CORE Camp

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The BIG Winner! Troop 1584 One adult is going on the Adult Savannah Trip!

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Service Unit

Thank you to the 132 Troops that added 314 NEW GIRL SCOUTS!

SU110 SU120 SU130 SU140 SU210 SU220 SU230 SU240 SU250 SU260 SU310 SU330 SU350 SU360 SU370 SU380 SU430 SU440 Totals

# of Troops # Girls Added 12 18 5 5 3 4 12 9 1 4 1 3 1 7 17 22 6 2 132

12 69 8 7 5 6 44 23 1 4 1 5 1 19 51 46 10 2 314

STEMagination Girl Scout Cailyn Yerigan from Troop 510 in Portsmouth with an educator from the Virginia Air and Space Center. Cailyn got to become a young scientist for the day at STEMagination. She learned a few things about programming a robot, the different types of robots and got to race one, too!

Girl Scout Cadette Alex Dicken helped girls learn about electricity through fun play with circuitry kits. Alex is a member of GAB – the Council’s Girl Advisory Board.

Girl Scout Jasmine Bassett helped girls learn about recyclable materials and how they become new products through repurposing. Jasmine serves on GAB - the Council’s Girl Advisory Board.

Girl Scouts has a long history of engaging girls in STEM activities and encouraging girls to pursue STEM interests both in and outside of the classroom. Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast places attention and resources to ensure girls have opportunities to explore STEM through events, camp sessions and special group activities, such as the GSCCC Underwater Robotic Team. By doing so, we are helping girls become more interested in STEM classes and future careers. Giving girls experiences to work side-by-side women STEM professionals is also a goal because, while girls aspire to STEM careers, these careers aren’t necessarily girls’ first choices. Research shows that exposing girls to people, especially women, with careers in STEM is clearly beneficial to them; they’re able to observe firsthand what these careers are, what they offer and realize women can find a place in STEM fields. At this year’s STEMagination held at Thomas Nelson Community College, hundreds of girls met professionals in STEM and did hands-on activities that left them thirsty for more. From learning about ultra-violet light and terminal velocity to finding the DNA in strawberries, the girls visited event stations hosted by NASA, Jefferson Labs and others who offered a potpourri of activities that grabbed girls’ interests. Events like STEMagination are great and very much needed, but caregivers, teachers and other adults who interact with girls can help with education and exposure as well, so girls develop the internal assets they need to take on and excel in these innovative, world-changing careers now and in the future. And because these activities take place in all-girl, less-obvious academic settings, girls feel more comfortable. Getting girls involved in STEM activities will foster their skills in these areas and develop other internal attributes such as motivation, work ethic, curiosity, patience and confidence. It will also help them learn how to handle their frustration when things go wrong.


of High School girls are interested in

Research by the Girl Scout Research Institute, Generation STEM, reveals that girls do just as well in math and science as boys do, but their confidence in their math and science abilities is lower than boys’. When girls feel capable and confident in their abilities, they’re more likely to challenge themselves and overcome any obstacles along the way. Internal assets are just as important as experience, exposure and education, with confidence in one’s abilities in math and science being the key to moving forward in a STEM field. Girls should embrace their knowledge and abilities rather than be influenced by what society says girls should and shouldn’t be. And it’s important that adults remind girls what they’re capable of—and that their roles in life are limitless!


Many thanks to those who support our STEM programs through corporate gifts! This year, gifts from Arconic and Newport News Shipbuilding have opened the STEM door to so many more girls! 27 Spring/Summer

Girl Scouts During the School Day Franklin Schools Superintendent Tamara Sterling and Principal Sherie Davis from S.P. Morton Elementary School in Franklin, participated in an investiture ceremony in February to become Girl Scout members at a sign up event. They were there to talk to parents and to support the in-school STEM program that was launched in February and ended mid-March. During the course of the six weeks, girls had opportunities to work on many STEM Journeys and earn a badge that included the Think Like an Engineer journey. Some of the school’s students who registered for the six-week series joined them for the brief ceremony. In addition to STEM activities, activities to address healthy communications were also added. The school allows girls to select Girl Scout time over art or other options during a school week.

S.P. Morton Principal Davis and Superintendent Sterling along with GSCCC Community Outreach Coordinator Thalessa Billups, and new Girl Scouts!

“I loved being a Girl Scout as a girl and spent five years in the program,” Superintendent Sterling said. “This type of community partnership with our schools will help us meet the needs and interests of more girls and will encourage them in explore STEM outside of the classroom.” The partnership will allow more girls to have time to explore STEM in an engaging way. GSCCC hopes this model can be introduced in more schools in the future. A big thank you to Superintendent Sterling who is a Girl Scout alum and to our new Girl Scout, Dr. Davis, for helping make this happen! We’re looking forward to having some STEM fun at S.P. Morton!

New Girl Scouts having fun with circuitry kits.

Dee Miner Introduces GoldieBlox Kits Girl Scout volunteer Dee Miner, who also works part-time helping with STEM activities with the Virginia Air and Science Center, helped Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies with activities at STEMagination that involved GoldieBlox kits. She had grade-level activity books for volunteers to view as well, so they could get a better understanding of the new STEM badge requirements that are coordinated with the kits. Last year, GSUSA partnered with GoldieBlox to offer specially priced kits that troops could use to earn their Mechanical Engineering badges. GSCCC ordered several kits for use by Council for special events and for service units by a generous grant from Arconic. Troop leaders have the ability to check the kits out through their service units. With the realization that not all girls and troops will Girl Scout volunteer Dee Miner have access to the kits, GSUSA has created “unplugged” or “DIY” Mechanical Engineering badge requirements. This means that activities can be done with common household objects rather than a special kit. Daisies and Brownies will have two options for earning their Mechanical Engineering badges: they can use the unplugged/DIY version, or they can use GoldieBlox kits if they have them. Fully-designed badge booklets for Daisies and Brownies are available for sale as either a downloadable or printed booklet. The current GoldieBlox badge requirements and physical badges are not included in the GoldieBlox kits. 28 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Girl Scouts Learn about the Field of Automotives! Tidewater Community College’s Automotive Center held an automotive workshop for 50 Girl Scout teens on March 10. The girls were introduced to the automotive field, one of the largest industries. The field offers career paths from sales and design to engineering and maintenance. Each girl was able to experience hands-on activities at five different stations that included Girl Scout Sabrina from Troop 523 learned to change a tire. instruction on servicing automobiles through front-end-alignments, electrical and brake checks, and precision and computer diagnostics. At the conclusion of their workshop, they met Teeia Young, Assistant Service Manager with Priority Ford, who explained her job role and the training it required.

It’s a Wrap! Many thanks to all of our girls, caregivers and volunteers who helped make this year’s cookie season such a success! Goals were met and funds were raised to support troop activities and services offered by GSCCC. Part of this year’s fun was the Cookie Classic Run that helped kick off the cookie program in January. More popular each year, this event was held at the Great Dismal Swamp Trail and was led by Chesapeake Girl Scout volunteers that included Candice Cherry, Lisa McIvor, Mara Bates and Kevin Wilkinson. Samantha was the first Girl Scout to cross the Trefoil Trek 5k finish line!

Girl Scout snow girls!

Girl Scout Daisies Za Niyah McNeil and Serenity Thompson.

On the opening day of the season, many cities across the Council saw several inches of snow, but that didn’t stop our go-getters! Girl Scouts bundled up and went door-to-door to celebrate the first day of cookie sales, and even had time for a little fun in the snow! Girl Scout Daisies from Troop 5161 in Norfolk attended Cookie Madness at Scope during the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) and helped at the cookie booth that was offered during the event. Girls met some awesome customers that included athletes, media personalities, college faculty members and Girl Scout alum! Several troops took turns at working the booth that resulted in more than 180 boxes being sold over the course of a few hours! Great job, girls!

Volunteer Connection Corner The summer is upon us, and now is the time to start thinking about planning for next fall! If you haven’t taken your basic leader training, consider doing so. Troop leaders are required to take the following trainings: • Girl Scouting 101 – online • Welcome to Colonial Coast – online • Getting Your Troop Started – online • Managing Troop Finances – online • Girl Scout Program Basics, Part I – online • Girl Scout Program Basics, Part II – classroom • Risk Management – online – required annually • Out and About – online You’ll find information on the courses and how to register on our website’s Volunteer page! For troop committee members, note that Girl Scouting 101 and Welcome to Colonial Coast are required trainings. The product sales chair for the troop will also need to take the product sales training through the service unit, and the troop treasurer will need Managing Troop Finances, which is online. Is your First Aid/CPR/AED training about to expire or you just found the time to take first aid training? Register now for a First Aid/CPR/AED class at All registered parents and caregivers can also take all trainings available through GSCCC. A great way to build up your skills! Subscribe to GSCCC’s Volunteer Connection Blog and get the latest news on training opportunities and opportunities for girls. You can find the blog link on our website’s home page. 29 Spring/Summer

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Jewelry Includes: Girl Scout Junior bridging certificate, Brownie Wings, Bridge to Junior iron-on award, Brownie Membership Disc, Girl Scout Membership Star pin and a new Bridging Pencil for checking off achievements as a Girl Scout Junior. Packaged in a clear plastic bag.

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Mess Kit 30 Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

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All Hands on Deck The Narrows, Virginia Beach

Family Sports Day Greenbrier Middle, Chesapeake

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Archery-Aim I & II Camp Darden, Courtland

Norfolk Tides Game Harbor Park, Norfolk

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Strong Girls Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk

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April 7 Girls Day at the Aquarium Virginia Beach

April 10 Town Hall Meeting Main Street Library, Newport News

April 15 Zoo Fest Norfolk Zoo

April 18 Town Hall Meeting APFG, Chesapeake

April 21 Camp Open House Camp Apasus, Norfolk

April 28 Camp Open House Camp Darden, Courtland

Effectively Facilitating Adult Learning APFG, Chesapeake

May 12 Camp Open House Camp Outback APFG, Chesapeake

May 12 Archery-Aim I & II APFG, Chesapeake

May 12 Paint Day Greenbrier Middle, Chesapeake

May 12 Family Sports Day Greenbrier Middle, Chesapeake

Hammock Camping Powhatan State Park

May 19

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Archery-Aim I & II Camp Skimino, Williamsburg

RiverFest Chesapeake, VA

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National Public Lands Day Camping Bear Creek State Park Cumberland, VA

May 27 Memorial Day Weekend

June 9 Gold Award Celebration TCC, Chesapeake Campus

June 16 Paint Day Greenbrier Middle, Chesapeake

SHE’S A FIERCE FORESTER Explore 175 acres of gardens & nature with your Girl Scout Troop! Choose from the Brownie Bugs badge, Junior Flowers badge, Explore Norfolk Botanical Garden patch, or have us design a program for you. For availability and pricing, visit or email

September 7-9

Super Sheros Food Drive

May 19

September 29 The Apprentice “Can I Do That?” TCC, Chesapeake Campus

September 30 Neptune Festival Parade Virginia Beach

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Child & Babysitting Safety (CABS) Girls 11-15 years old can register to attend training course that covers child safety and basic care techniques for infants and children. The cost of $40 includes a certification card to show parents and caregivers that you are a certified CABS babysitter, and book to review everything you will learn in the class. For registration, class dates and location information visit:

6700 Azalea Garden Road Norfolk, VA 23518 757-441-5830

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Upcoming Girl Scout Alum Events! Join us for a Lower River Adventure down the James River!

Women’s Wellness Weekend for Girl Scout Alum & Friends! Get-away Weekend for Women to Retreat and Revitalize at Camp Skimino! September 21-23, 2018

Date: July 21, 2018 Time: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Place: River City Adventures, LLC 711 Hospital St, Suite 2A, Richmond, VA 23219

Cost: $70 per person • adults only (bring additional money for lunch)

Registration Deadline: June 15, 2018 Questions? Contact Lauren Rucker at or at 757-548-9438.

A weekend to relax, rejuvenate, and have fun! Spend a weekend away in the beautiful woods at Camp Skimino. Treat your spirit, mind, and body to better overall wellness! Get moving with Zumba, nature hikes and other invigorating classes, or relax with yoga, aromatherapy and mindfulness meditation. Explore your creative side with vision boards, writing or crafts. Have fun with games like Girl Scout jeopardy! We’ll include a reception for all women who have earned the Girl Scout Gold Award or equivalent (First Class or Curved Bar). A special excursion to a nearby winery is optional. For questions contact Jessica Woodyard at 757-548-3809 or email Stay for the weekend or come for a one day experience on Saturday. Go online for details and to register at

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Taking Orders April 1-June 30 A wonderful way to say thank you to your favorite volunteer! Dedication and social with the Board of Directors August 16, 2018 • 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. • A Place for Girls, Chesapeake

Spring 2018 - GSCCC Magazine  

Discover new GSCCC news and program opportunities.

Spring 2018 - GSCCC Magazine  

Discover new GSCCC news and program opportunities.