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Congratulations Highest Award Girl Scouts!

Dear Girl Scout Family,

With infectious passion, boundless curiosity, and an ever-sharpening sense of agency, our Girl Scouts tackled complex problems, pushed themselves outside their comfort zones, and bravely worked to reimagine the world they wish to see. I am inspired beyond measure by their academic achievements, and by their demonstrations of kindness and civic responsibility. This year we honor 117 Gold Award Girl Scouts. This prestigious award represents the highest achievement for a High School Girl Scout and is the pinnacle of the Girl Scout experience. Gold Award Girl Scouts demonstrate leadership abilities and transform an idea into an actionable plan with sustainable impact – locally, nationally, and even internationally. In this magazine, you will read about the many accomplishments of our Gold Award Girl Scouts. These outstanding young women are informed, dedicated, and empowered to make the world a better place for others. Some have brought awareness to teenage sexual peer pressure, harassment, and assault. Others have helped to combat hunger and lack of education. Many of these young women have formed strong connections in their communities. These girls are truly remarkable! We are equally proud of our 551 Girl Scout Cadettes, each investing more than 50 hours to earn their Girl Scout Silver Award, and the 848 Girl Scout Juniors who earn their Girl Scout Bronze Award. As Girl Scouts progress through our organization, they complete “Take Action” projects in their community that invest more than 450,000 hours valued at nearly $11 million back in our Greater Atlanta community each year. Congratulations to all the Girl Scouts featured in this magazine. Your strength, passion, and tenacity to make the world a better place inspires us all. You are courageous leaders and visionary changemakers, and our future looks brighter because of you. Thank you to all the parents and volunteers for supporting our High Award honorees. Girl Scouts is a life-changing journey for our girls because of your support and commitment to the Girl Scout mission, promise, and law. I can’t wait to see how this year’s honorees will continue to change the world in the years to come! All girls can truly strive for greatness. Yours in Girl Scouting,

Amy Dosik Chief Executive Officer Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta



Witnessing the extraordinary growth of our Girl Scouts as they immerse themselves in the challenging, powerful learning opportunities provided through our High Awards program remains a profound privilege for me. This past year was no exception. Girl Scouts are forces for change in their communities and around the globe, inspired by a passion for making the world a better place. Guided by a theme of “Listen with Compassion, Act with Courage,” these change-makers engaged in purposeful, impactful work in their communities. They received support from their families, their Girl Scout leaders, volunteers, and their Girl Scout sisters, who stood beside them during this process.



Alexandra helped serve meals to

100+ families

83% of girls

felt more confident after taking Abigail's workshop

Abby Litman

Abigail Anne Phillpott

Troop: 2045 | Cobb County Troop Advisors: Kristi Bradley & Joan Guhl Project Advisor: Andrea Beltran Gold Award Coach: Dollene Quinn

Let’s Learn More About Guide Dogs

Building Up Girls

Let’s Learn More About Guide Dogs taught elementary school students proper etiquette for interacting with guide dogs. Abby went to three elementary schools in her community and taught the fourth- and fifth-graders in the after-school program tips for interacting with guide dogs. She filmed a video of her team to use as a visual component for her PowerPoint presentations. Abby also made cookies in the shape of dog bones to hand out to the students. She conducted multiple surveys to examine the students' knowledge before and after her presentations.

There is a disproportion of women to men in vocational careers. Gender exceptions have led to only nine percent of construction workers being women, with only a small percentage of those women working on-site. Building Up Girls consisted of four workshops for young girls to learn woodworking skills. From tiny kindergarteners to quickwitted eighth-graders, everyone used the miter saw and screwed together eight wooden benches to place in local parks. The benches were equipped with plaques informing visitors about Building Up Girls.

Alexandra Dunn

Troop: 29312 | Cobb County Troop Advisors: Brandi Diamond & Sue Friedrichs Project Advisor: Kathryn Trice Gold Award Coach: Dorthea Westin

Troop: 3004 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Kelly Upton Project Advisor: Jessica Perez Gold Award Coach: Mary Williams

Performance Pals: Creating Intergenerational Relationships

Wishing Ways

As Adelaide’s grandparents have aged, she became aware of the disconnect between teens and seniors due to social media, mobility issues, or opportunity. She wanted to use the performing arts to close this gap between generations, so she organized and led five open-mic performances at Woodland Ridge Assisted Living Community. Adelaide and her peers performed vocal and theatrical selections for the residents. The final event for Performance Pals was the “Senior” Prom. Adelaide created a photo journal documenting the positive relationships formed during the visits. The Tri-M Music Honor Society from Pebblebrook High School is currently continuing Performance Pals at Woodland Ridge Assisted Living Community.

Brooke created a

garden space

and educated youth on the environment

The results of the workshops were remarkable: 81 percent of the girls felt more confident after the workshop, 63 percent felt like they understood woodworking very well, and 56 percent said they were more likely to work in construction or trades after attending the seminar.

Alexandra “Brooke” Smith Aldyn Goheen Troop: 11451 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Ashley Hagar Project Advisor: Kate Morgens Gold Award Coach: Karen Jenkins

Never give up! When life throws bricks at you, build a mansion. Inspirational Quote & illustration by Imani Alsobrook, page 18

Wishing Ways included an educational campaign consisting of flyers and brochures about the Ronald McDonald House’s donation requests and volunteer opportunities. Alex and her team confronted the issue by speaking to the community and students to gain support for the Wishing Ways project. The collected donations helped serve more than 100 meals and provided supplies, games, and pizza for 60 families who visited the Ronald McDonald House. Wishing Ways raised awareness by educating more than 650 families in Alpharetta about the Ronald McDonald House. The initial newsletters drove almost 30 families to the site to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.

Drama for Agape Drama for Agape is a program that offered an opportunity for children at Agape, an after-school and summer organization for under-privileged children, to pursue an interest in theatre. Aldyn taught several two-hour classes over the summer as a part of Agape’s new drama club. She taught third- through seventh-graders basic theatre knowledge, including stage directions, improv, and performance techniques. Through this project, Aldyn hoped to help kids find a passion for theater.

Troop: 28 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Felisia Martin & Chrissonia McCall Project Advisor: John Gresens Gold Award Coach: Erica Holmes

Beautiful Bethune Beautiful Bethune created an outdoor classroom for Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School. The space included a bird feeder, watering cans, a planter, two large garden beds, and two benches, all of which Brooke built from repurposed construction materials. She and her team planted flowers and vegetables that would inspire healthy pollination while incorporating the students' annual firstgrade curriculum. Brooke also taught young people in her community about recycling, alternative energy sources, and the importance of plant life. She provided interactive lessons with varying difficulty where the students were encouraged to demonstrate knowledge of global issues, brainstorm solutions, and have fun.




Troop: 30022 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Kay Zemke & Sandy Vigliotta Project Advisor: Mary Stewart Pedan Gold Award Coach: Neelu Kalra

Adelaide Hudson

Allison made books accessible by creating

lending libraries

2020 Gold Award Council Young Women of Distinction

Don’t give up! The feeling you have when you submit your final paperwork is amazing! Analise Black

Alexis Schnupp

Allison Fain

Troop: 1343 | Gwinnett County Troop Advisor: Ayana Shepherd Project Advisor: Lauren Ferguson Gold Award Coach: Ayana Shepherd

Troop: 3006 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Sandy Vigliotta & Kay Zemke Project Advisor: Grant Hickey Gold Award Coach: Michelle Valdez

Gardening for a Change

READ into New Possibilities

Gardening for a Change is a club that taught students how to garden and learn healthy eating habits. Alexis founded the club at Archer High School, and together they built four garden beds. The club planted seeds and carefully cultivated them into fully grown crops. They used the produce to make healthy recipes, including salsa and homemade pickles. Throughout the semester, Alexis and her club taught healthy eating habits to students and encouraged them to continue those habits at home.

READ into New Possibilities created two lending libraries. Each library contained about 20–30 books with a wide array of genres, catering to all ages and education levels. The project aimed to allow more access to books as well as promote reading within the community. Access to books also affects people that are homeless, since many are unable to check out books at the library without a permanent address. READ into New Possibilities gave Allison a more in-depth understanding of the issues surrounding literacy and provided her an avenue to give back. 5

Alicia reminded students to

love themselves just as they are

Analise Black

Alicia Putman

Troop: 2353 | Cherokee Countyunty

Troop: 16912 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Keisha Martin & Lashunda Putman Project Advisors: Ariana Knox & Candace Bethea Gold Award Coach: Teresa Rodgers

There’s Magic in the Air

Just Be You

There’s Magic in the Air focused on the issue that elementary school-aged children today have fewer opportunities than they did in the past to use their imaginations. One of the root causes of this issue is the prevalence of technology in the lives of children. Analise educated parents on the importance of creativity and provided them with resources for exposing their children to the wonders of nature. She worked with her local parks agency to create the Fairy House Trail in a local park to provide a place for families to explore their imaginations. The children and their parents could exercise by walking through the woods, use their imaginations by creating fairy houses made entirely out of natural debris, and above all else, have fun!

Just Be You focused on the issue of bullying and encouraged students to embrace their individuality. Alicia chose this topic after witnessing a significant amount of bullying at her school and on social media. Just Be You reminded students to be themselves and not to change who they are for social acceptance.

Troop Advisors: Claire Black & Priscilla Nicholson Project Advisors: Stephen Shrout, Lanette Quillian & Lindsey Collett Gold Award Coach: Gloria Avillar

Anastasia Hall Troop: 11308 | Fayette County Troop Advisors: Julie Huau & Emily Hall Project Advisor: John Nguyen Gold Award Coach: Kim Jeffords

Inhibit Human Trafficking Anastasia took action by developing a PowerPoint program that raises awareness of the plight women and children face daily in our communities and other nations. Describing suspicious activity commonly seen in hotels, neighborhoods and towns is intentional to bring awareness that will help end the practice of human trafficking in the community and travel destinations.

Find your passion and run with it! Illustrations by Analise Black

Inspirational Quote by Allison Fain, page 5




Annie helped people with visual impairments have

audio guides during nature tours

Angelica Millen

Anna Lorraine Trantham

Annie Hankamer

Aryn Wright

Troop: 7843 | Cherokee County Troop Advisor: Caryn Backus Project Advisor: Maryjo Mulvey Gold Award Coach: Luanne Allen

Troop: 629 | Gordon County Troop Advisor: Gale Trantham Project Advisor: Dr. Keri Hogan Gold Award Coach: Diane Stone

Troop: 12438 | Cobb County Troop Advisors: Caren Mcaleer & Nicole Hankamer Project Advisor: Alicia Evans Gold Award Coach: Chelsea Navo

Troop: 2045 | Cobb County Troop Advisors: Joan Guhl & Kristi Bradley Project Advisor: Alison Dunford Gold Award Coach: Barbara Foerst

Capping Landfills

Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic for Calhoun/Gordon County

Watershed Gallery Audio Tour

Introducing STEM to Elementary School Kids

Watershed Gallery Audio Tour was an ADA compatible audio tour for the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell, Georgia. The project spread awareness of the need for audio guides for people with visual impairments. Annie also created a system for other people to learn how to make audio tours. Watershed Gallery Audio Tour was endorsed by the Roswell City Government and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Introducing STEM to Elementary School Kids introduced young children to STEM concepts to encourage a love of STEM from an early age. Aryn created and designed the STEM Lab at Timber Ridge Elementary School, made a website that has several STEM activities that the students can do with their families at home, and she created a video that explains STEM and its importance. She also organized a week of fun STEM activities for the students at Timber Ridge, including a presentation by the Georgia Tech STEM department, a speech from a NASA astronaut, and a paper airplane challenge.

Capping Landfills began as an informative video about recycling for elementary students. Angelica posted the video for all 60 local Girl Scout troops to view on the Lily Rose Service Unit website. The project also educated the community. Angelica set up a table in Downtown Woodstock and taught 50 community members in Cherokee County about the issues of recycling and landfills. She handed out brochures, coloring pages, and flyers that taught about recycling. Angelica also created a bottle cap mural at the Cherokee County Recycling Center entrance. She used more than 1,000 recycled screws and caps to complete the mural.

Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic for Calhoun/Gordon County established a veterinary clinic with reduced spay and neuter prices for the community. Anna spoke with local residents, business owners, the National Spay Alliance, and the local animal shelter to discuss the need for a low-cost spay and neuter clinic. She worked directly with a veterinarian to lay the foundation for the clinic and distributed educational flyers and brochures for clinic participants and local businesses. Anna also collected donations to start a fund for future low-cost clinics.


Anika created educational booklets for

Dailey raised almost


for the Lakeside Care Closet


Metro-Atlanta schools

Ansley Curran Anika Saito

Anna Wilkinson

Troop: 3006 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Sandy Vigliotta & Kay Zemke Project Advisor: Carol Ann Brannon Gold Award Coach: Neelu Kalra

Troop: 29411 | Dekalb County Troop Advisor: Cailin Thelen Project Advisor: Jim Riticher Gold Award Coach: Melanie Smith

Healthy Habits Healthy Habits was a series of educational seminars about the importance of health and happiness habits for elementary school children. These habits are important to form at a young age because, without them, children have a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, low self-esteem, and depression. Anika hosted five seminars at two elementary schools, created educational booklets for 25 schools around the Metro Atlanta area, and uploaded a video presentation on YouTube for students all over the world.

Take It to Make It Pedestrian Flags Take It to Make It Pedestrian Flags installed pedestrian flags at three intersections near schools to improve pedestrian visibility. Many students walk to school or park off-campus and must walk a few blocks to reach the school building. At each intersection they cross, pedestrians must take care that drivers see them and yield as required by law. The flags improve pedestrian visibility and reduce the chances of an accident. The City of Dunwoody is working to improve pedestrian safety and is promoting the flags to increase awareness of pedestrian rights and driver responsibilities.

It gets better, keep going. Inspirational Quote from Juliana Moya, page 22

Troop: 28421 | Dekalb County Troop Advisor: Ellen Etheridge Project Advisor: Suzanne Huff Gold Award Coach: Karen Jenkins

Bring Back History Bring Back History focused on educating the community about a historic farmhouse in Ansley’s neighborhood. The Donaldson Bannister Farm House was built in the 1870s and has remained in Dunwoody since its construction. To easily inform people about this farmhouse, Ansley designed tours that showcased the best aspects of the property. Each stop had an entertaining activity to keep younger kids engaged. This farmhouse provides a sneak peek into the past of the city of Dunwoody. Through this tour, citizens of Dunwoody were able to learn about city's beginnings.

Augusta "Dailey" Martin Troop: 29424 | Dekalb County Troop Advisor: Catherine Conte Project Advisor: Laura Fletcher Gold Award Coach: Michelle Menzies

Lakeside Care Closet The Care Closet started with one simple cabinet with supplies donated by community members in the counseling office at Lakeside High School. The Care Closet provides healthy shelf stable food, hygiene products, school supplies, and clothing. After running the closet for several months, Dailey applied and received a grant from the Healthy Family Alliance which enabled the expansion to a second location and ensured supplies for years to come. Dailey continued to fundraise in the community and apply for grants. She partnered with the Beta Club at school so that members got volunteer service hours by helping keep the closets supplied. At this point, Dailey has raised almost $7,000 for the closet. The ultimate goal of the Care Closet was to eliminate food insecurity so students can focus on their academics. The Care Closet has provided a sense of security for the students. They know the school supports them, and they can come to the closet for needs large or small.






focused on multiracial issues

2020 Gold Award Council Young Women of Distinction

Ava Castro

Camisha Smith

Troop: 28439 | Dekalb County Troop Advisors: Veronica Barnes & Lee Nicholson Project Advisor: Holly Loveland Gold Award Coach: Anna Democko

Troop: 5027 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Courtney Nathanson Project Advisor: Mary Van Atta Gold Award Coach: Erica Holmes

Exploring Atlanta’s Backyard

All Mixed Up

Exploring Atlanta’s Backyard is a project that focused on the environment and conservation. Ava teamed up with Dunwoody Nature Center to create an educational art installation for their largest event, the annual Butterfly Festival. Ava painted five mini murals of native species of butterflies that visitors could find in their backyards. The paintings were anatomically and biologically accurate and included their common and scientific names. The signs were used at the festival and featured in a scavenger hunt. Dunwoody Nature Center will use these signs every year as a way to engage and educate the festival guests.

Camisha directed and produced a documentary entitled All Mixed Up. Mixed people all over the country get treated differently, purely because of their genetic makeup, and Camisha wanted to use her voice to further the conversation. She interviewed various teens of multiracial backgrounds and highlighted their stories. All Mixed Up addressed this problem and offered solutions for how people can learn about each other, without asking offensive questions. Camisha held a screening of the documentary in her community, and she and her team hosted a panel discussion. They gained attention on social media and posted the film to YouTube.

I addressed the issue of unhealthy relationships by creating a Public Service Announcement teaching teens to spot harmful traits early on and focusing on healthy relationships. Catherine Carson

Catherine Carson



How to Avoid Toxic Relationships and Focus on Healthy Relationships

Brianna educated

7,500 people

Catherine used a Public Service Announcement and an educational seminar to teach teens on how to spot unhealthy traits early on and how to focus on healthy ones. To create the PSA, Catherine invited a psychologist to work with playwrights to form realistic scripts. The target audience for the project was teenage girls in Catherine’s community. She hosted two local seminars to teach teen girls and parents about healthy relationships. Catherine created resources for these seminars, including videos, a PowerPoint presentation, and a trifold pamphlet.

on spaying and neutering their pets

Brianna Upton

Camryn Cowan

Troop: 3004 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Marilyn Davis Project Advisor: Dr. Hannah B. Anderson Gold Award Coach: Mary Williams

PASTO (Putting a Stop to Overpopulation) PASTO (Putting a Stop to Overpopulation) educated the public about spaying and neutering. Brianna created an informative PowerPoint and distributed an educational flyer. The information reached approximately 7,500 people. A Northview High School club made 20 no-sew fleece blankets and donated them, along with various pet toys, to the Atlanta Humane Society’s shelter.

Troop: 26210 | Cobb County Troop Advisors: Kristie Cowan & Rebecca Mohandiss Project Advisor: Gina Valenza Gold Award Coach: Vena Namukasa

Big Sister Little Sister Big Sister Little Sister implemented a mentorship program at Camryn’s school. The program connected senior student mentors with sixth-grade girls to teach them lifelong skills for success. Each month, the girls held a meeting focusing on a different social, academic, or organizational skill. They also gained new, meaningful, role model relationships that have the potential to decrease bullying in schools. Camryn hopes this project will lead to an overall improved school environment.

Perseverance pays off! Inspirational Quote from Kathryn Penn, page 23

Troop Advisors: Cheryl Carson & Sheryl Ehlers Project Advisor: Silvette Bullard Gold Award Coach: Sheryl Ehlers



Troop: 2016 | Cobb County

Caroline's project registered

In one day, Christy & her team planted



new organ donors

Caroline Sellers

Cecilia Reed

Cheyenne Coleman

Christy Smalley

Troop: 28305 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Anne Marie Hooper Project Advisor: Tracy Ide Gold Award Coach: Kelly Angelo

Troop: 10536 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Robin Newberg Project Advisors: Judy Guebert & Angela Hawthorne Gold Award Coach: Angela Hawthorne

Troop: 1839 | Gwinnett County Troop Advisors: Dana Horne & Keri Coleman Project Advisor: Amanda Baker Gold Award Coach: Vena Namuskasa

Troop: 1010 | Gwinnett County Troop Advisor: Andrea Bentley Project Advisor: John Butler Gold Award Coach: Lori Everette

It's a Beautiful Day to Save Lives

Scent Patches for the NICU

It's a Beautiful Day to Save Lives educated teenagers and new drivers about organ donation. Caroline hosted a booth at the Sandy Springs Festival, where she distributed organ donation awareness kits. She also gave a presentation at her school, designed an informational postcard, and created an interactive and educational Instagram campaign. Her school added the curriculum that Caroline created to one of their freshman decision-making classes. It's a Beautiful Day to Save Lives reached more than 300 community members, around 200 individuals online, and registered 15 new organ donors in her community.

Scent Patches for the NICU created small blankets infused with parents’ scents for children staying at the Children's Hospital of Atlanta NICU. Cecelia designed patches of fabric for parents to wear and leave in the isolates with the infants. The scent of the mother or father can then soothe the child, helping children whose families could not be with them directly. Cecilia’s experience visiting her sister in the NICU inspired the project.

Social Butterfly Keeper Connecting the Pieces

Bromolow Creek Wetland Restoration Project

Connecting the Pieces is a presentation on how to interact with and incorporate persons with autism into the community. Cheyenne spoke about how to communicate respectfully with persons with autism. She wanted her generation, and those to come, to be responsible for ending the separation from those that are different.

Bromolow Creek Wetland Restoration Project raised awareness of the importance of healthy wetlands. Christy organized and funded two volunteer workdays and an informational website to educate people about the importance of wetlands and the problems affecting them. She recruited volunteers by presenting at local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troop meetings about the importance of healthy wetland ecosystems. During the first workday, volunteers helped clean up litter and removed invasive Chinese privet from the wetland area; the team removed more than 350 pounds of trash and invasive privet. On the second workday, volunteers planted 29 plants and tree saplings native to the wetlands and installed five birdhouses on mature trees. A total of 46 volunteers attended and helped out during the workdays. Christy also created a website with a blog recording the team's progress on the project, information about wetlands, and a how-to guide explaining how to organize a similar project.


kids received free art classes through Cherie's project

Cherie Sang Catherine Clarke-Ashford Troop: 1160 | Gwinnett County Troop Advisor: Attaline Clark-Ashford Project Advisor: Charvonne Lamontagne Gold Award Coach: Teresa Rodgers

Coming Together to Serve Our Seniors Coming Together to Serve Our Seniors focused on the cognitive health of senior citizens residing in assisted living centers. As people age, their cognitive health can deteriorate—making every-day tasks challenging. However, staying active and social can slow this deterioration. Coming Together to Serve Our Seniors encouraged the senior citizens to interact with each other through games, music, food, and dancing. Catherine invited her friends and family to interact with the seniors as well. Catherine helped seniors stay active and socially engaged

Troop: 3008 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Christy Mackley & Alissa Hogg Project Advisor: Jeannette Clawson Gold Award Coach: Christy Mackley

Paint the World Paint the World promoted the importance of art education. It was Johns Creek's first free summer art program for kids. Cherie designed the art curriculum and led a team of 11 volunteers to teach more than 60 kids introductory-level art skills through six classes.

Christina Edwards Troop: 528 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Hermia Simmons-Deveaux Project Advisor: Teresa Rodgers Gold Award Coach: Tianna Holmes

Full STEM Ahead With Reading Dobbs Elementary is a school where many children are performing at or below national standards. The STEM Reading Library consisted of unutilized books found throughout the school. Christina sorted, categorized, and presented the books and made them available to the children. She also created reading areas in the library with colorful pillows, chairs, lamps, and graphics on the walls.

Illustration by Imani Alsobrook, page 18

Girls are truly capable of anything & everything. Inspirational Quote by Olivia Holland, page 34




tree saplings & plants

Claire promoted golf cart safety to



2020 Gold Award Council Young Women of Distinction

Claire Oliver Troop: 12307 | Fayette County Troop Advisor: Marlene Oliver Project Advisor: Keith Haber M.A. E.D. Gold Award Coach: Kim Jeffords

Golf Cart Safety for Teens



Troop: 3008 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Christy Mackley & Alissa Hogg Project Advisor: Christy Mackley Gold Award Coach: Teresa Rodgers

Breathe In, Breathe Out Breathe In, Breathe Out addressed the issues of teen mental health and suicide prevention. Darshleen’s target audiences were teenagers and adults who interact with teenagers. Her project had three main parts: 1. Educating people on how they can prevent both suicide and depression through meditation and yoga, 2. Educating people on the common warning signs that are most prevalent before an act of suicide, 3. Establishing a co-ed yoga/meditation club at her local high school. Darshleen held seminars in her community and created a website that provided resources and information on depression and suicide prevention.

Ainsley Ehlers

Don’t toss me out because I may be a little torn and spilled upon

Ainsley Ehlers

a lot of people just thought of me

Troop: 2016 | Marietta County

Go GREEN Go GREEN drew attention to the importance of recycling more than just plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Ainsley created receptacles for each school to collect conventionally unrecyclable materials, such as writing utensils, to divert plastic waste away from landfills, wildlife habitats, and shared waterways. Go GREEN engaged more than 6,000 students with custom videos that explained the recycling process. The morning announcements then discussed the videos. To further involve students, Ainsley ran a competition between participating schools to see which could collect the most recyclable items by the end of the school year. Ainsley hosted an Earth Day Easter Event where neighbors could learn about the importance of recycling. They also installed a recycling receptacle in the community recreation center. Troop Advisors: Cheryl Carson & Sheryl Ehlers Project Advisors: Lisa Watson, Chris Barker, Michael Shinners, & Kimberly White Gold Award Coach: Cheryl Carson

Claire Todd Troop: 2032 | Cobb County Troop Advisors: Paula Todd & Melinda Setchell Project Advisors: Jessica Tunrbull, Sarah Richards & Howie Rosenberg Gold Award Coach: Melinda Setchell

Volley for All Volley for All created a volleyball program for kids with special needs and their siblings. Claire worked with Cobb Atlanta Volleyball Club and Gigi's Playhouse, a Down Syndrome achievement center, to complete this goal. The programs were an hour and a half long and were held the first two Fridays in June. Claire and a team of volunteers worked with the kids to teach them basic skills for volleyball, including passing, setting, and hitting. She created t-shirts for the kids and the volunteers and received donations of water and Powerade from The Coca-Cola Company. The children played games, got to know each other, and had a lot of fun!

as the napkin underneath the mug and no one realized that I was as strong as the coffee within

Poem by Darshleen Kaur


Make sure that you are doing something you love. If the topic you pick is something that truly speaks to you, the rest will fall into place.

Golf Cart Safety for Teens provided motorized golf cart safety education for teenagers. Around 15,000 golf cart-related injuries require emergency care each year in the United States. Many of the injured individuals are young teenagers. Claire developed a video that covered golf cart safety and injury prevention. The presentation reached more than 1,000 high school students. Claire distributed more than 500 golf cart window stickers to remind operators to drive safely. Additionally, Claire created a special presentation and a golf cart safety pamphlet for a community in Folly Beach, South Carolina.

Darshleen Kaur

Elise worked on rehabilitating

rescued horses

Eeman Uddin

Emma Collins

Troop: 745 | Cobb County Troop Advisor: Susan Bussiere Project Advisor: Cynthia Heaton Gold Award Coach: Melinda Williams

Troop: 2863 | Cobb County Troop Advisors: Kelly Iacobelli & Michelle Hills Project Advisor: Mary Francis Bowley Gold Award Coach: Barbara Forest

Hamzah Science Academy School Garden

A Horse with No Name

Crim Closet

Hamzah Science Academy School Garden was a sustainable garden created for preschool through fifth-grade students. The project aimed to remind students at Hamzah Science Academy, an Islamic school, that even though they may be a minority, they can still have an impact on the environment and the people around them. Eeman created STEAM curricula to accompany the garden that taught young Muslim children the importance of healthy living and hard work. Every Friday, each class was given close to an hour of STEAM time in the outdoor garden. They could plant, observe, and make connections to their other core subjects. It has been a catalyst for the students who now feel empowered and excited to see what a new school day will bring.

Elise Bussiere partnered with a local horse rescue to create A Horse with No Name, a project that assisted rescued horse rehabilitation. Seven obstacles were created for volunteers to use in the facility with the horses. Elise secured donations for the supplies and built the obstacles with the help of friends and family. The obstacles aided in desensitizing the horses, slowly introducing them back into everyday life while in a controlled environment. By socializing and introducing the horses to these obstacles, they will slowly start regulating their resistance to unknown objects. The horses will begin to trust the trainer, and each training session will help them become stronger and more confident. Ultimately, this will lead to quicker rehoming for the horses.

Crim Closet was a boutique placed in a high school, where young women targeted for human trafficking could find clothing to make themselves feel empowered. Emma worked with volunteers to sew curtains, lay new flooring, paint, and decorate the space. She reached out to vendors like Target, Costco, and Old Navy and asked for clothing donations for the women. Emma put together clothing drives and did a fundraiser at a local restaurant to bring awareness and provide resources for the project. She collected and displayed the clothing items so the young women could find something to make them feel special. Her troop also held a surprise breakfast, which featured Crim Closet, and some of the proceeds went to fund new items.

Troop: 28305 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Anne Marie Hooper Project Advisor: Peggy Holmes Gold Award Coach: Kelly Angelo

Art Therapy

Elisa created

Emma focused on

art kits

environmental sustainability


Art Therapy was a paint-by-numbers activity for the patients at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home and their families. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home is a center that provides palliative care for individuals diagnosed with terminal cancer. Emma's project focused on the positive effects art therapy has on individuals during times of stress.


Frances Wargo Troop: 28300 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Stephanie Hammond Project Advisor: Kelcy Rainer Gold Award Coaches: Christina Sobon & Teresa Rodgers

Elisa Fontanillas Troop: 12438 | Cobb County Troop Advisors: Nicole Hankamer & Caren McAleer Project Advisor: Sherri Kell Gold Award Coach: Barb Foerst

Kits for Kids Kits for Kids gave art kits to children between the ages of 3–12 who visit the Foster Care Support Foundation in Roswell, Georgia. Elisa collected community donations from local schools and businesses to assemble the art kits. The goal of the project was to ensure that children can create art with their foster families, friends, or by themselves to encourage individual expression. The kits were intended to support positive coping methods and encourage beneficial relationships within the foster care community. Kits for Kids created 206 art kits with a total value of about $1,078!

Emily Hitt Troop: Juliettes | Dekalb County Troop Advisor: Susan Hitt Project Advisor: Teresa Rodgers Gold Award Coach: Toni Hunter

Chesnut Musical Network Chesnut Musical Network established a connection between clubs at Dunwoody High School and Chesnut Elementary to support Chesnut’s musical program. Three clubs from the Dunwoody High School aided this effort. The National Honors Society made costumes, cast t-shirts, show programs, and held fundraisers. The National Art Honors Society designed and built sets for the productions. The Drama Program ran acting workshops for the performers and assisted the cast on show nights.

Movie Night for Healing Through Horses

Emma McEvoy Troop: 28444 | DeKalb County Troop Advisor: Maria Solsrud Project Advisor: Mary Walker Gold Award Coach: Barbara Foerst

The Sustainablog The Sustainablog is an online campaign for environmental sustainability. Emma made a series of articles accompanied by informative videos to release on her blog. She advertised her efforts with posters at school and created an Instagram account to gain attention on other platforms.

Movie Night for Healing Through Horses worked with Chastain Horse Park to help them acquire volunteers for their therapeutic program. The program is certified by PATH International, an organization that trains people to work with individuals with disabilities through equine therapy. Frances hosted a movie night at the Chastain Horse Park and encouraged viewers to sign up to volunteer with the program. She also helped acquire new equipment for the therapeutic program.

Girl Scouts don't quit. Inspirational Quote from Cherie Sang, page 10 Illustration by Analise Black, page 4




Emma Winkler

Elise Bussiere

Troop: 28315 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Samra Sahaf & Nadia Siddiq Project Advisor: Sumya Tariq Gold Award Coach: Barbara Foerst

2020 Gold Award Council Young Women of Distinction

Gabrielle Paterson

Hailey Sanford

Troop: Juliette | Fulton County Project Advisor: Marlene Zeiler Gold Award Coach: Mary Williams

Troop: 19507 | Fayette County Troop Advisor: Melissa Sanford Project Advisor: Thomas Hill Gold Award Coach: Donita Lockridge

Reading is Fun Reading is Fun gave children access to books and encouraged them to explore the fun side of reading. Gabby and her team collected books to donate and distributed them to kids attending schools in low-income areas. They hosted book-themed events that involved reading and fun crafts and activities. Gabby handed out reading challenges and prizes to encourage kids to read.

The Invasive Species Are Bad Initiative The Invasive Species Are Bad Initiative was a project that removed invasive species from Whitewater High School and encouraged positive environmental impact. She started an environmental club at her school, which aided her in eliminating the invasive species from the Whitewater High School grounds. They transformed the space into a protected nature reserve under the Southern Conservation Trust. Hailey and her team acted locally, thought globally, and got kids excited about the environment.

Siya Kalra

Siya Kalra

Troop: Juliette | Fulton County

Help a Child Smile


Hailey created a workbook on being an

effective advocate

Haileigh Anderson Troop: 6511 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Helen Tyree Project Advisors: Barbara Mobley & Corinthia Macklin Gold Award Coach: Helen Tyree

Hailey Walker

Foster Care Crisis: Teenagers Between the Ages of 13–18 in Search of a Permanent Home

Troop: 3969 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Michelle Marx Project Advisor: Suzanne Granville Gold Award Coach: Vena Namukasa

Foster Care Crisis focused on assisting potential adoptive and foster parents, as well as current and former teens in foster care. Haileigh reached out to this community through a workshop held locally at a community church.

ONE Workbook Hailey created a workbook that teaches advocacy. She modeled her book after the ONE campaign, but anyone can use her workbook to advocate for any topic. Hailey went to Savannah and Washington DC to teach Girl Scouts and ONE members about the new resource she created. Every person who completes the workbook receives a patch that will be available on, as will the workbook. The ONE campaign will be using the workbook internationally and will be using it to train new advocates.

Help a Child Smile addressed the high incidence of dental disease and oral cancer in children. Pediatric dental disease affects one in five children and is the most common chronic childhood disease. Oral cancer kills one person per hour and ranks among the leading cancers in the world. Both issues are prevalent in low-income communities and are highly preventable through early detection and treatment. Help a Child Smile focused on low-income children and their families located in Georgia, USA, and the Bhalswa Slum District of Delhi, India. Siya created a replicable model with three foundational pillars: early childhood education, free dental supply distribution, and the connection of low-income families to low-cost oral healthcare. For over a year and a half, Siya and her team conducted 45 dental health education seminars that educated 3,075 children and family members. They collected 16,000 dental supplies

Troop Advisor: Neelu Kalra Project Advisor: Regina Suk Gold Award Coach: Cynthia Schurr

Illustration by Analise Black, page 4

through fundraising and corporate sponsorship, distributed dental hygiene kits to more than 5,175 children, and created a wide network connecting families to offices and hospitals providing free or lowcost dental care and oral cancer screenings. A team of volunteers helped with supply drives and oral health educational seminars, and Siya developed a transportation and distribution network to provide health education materials and dental hygiene supplies across Georgia and the Bhalswa Slum District in India. She also extended her project into Alabama, Virginia, and Ohio. Lastly, she co-founded a non-profit organization, The Neelok Foundation, to continue to further education on dental disease and oral cancer prevention.



Keep your dreams alive, but remember that a dream doesn't become a reality through magic. Achievement requires faith in yourself, vision, determination, and dedication. Success is no accident—it's usually dressed up in overalls and looks like hard work.


Jennifer's efforts

created a database

benefited foster children

of certified special needs caregivers

Isabella Fairlamb

Janie Edgar

Troop: 3006 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Sandy Vigliotta & Kay Zemke Project Advisor: Stephen Taylor Gold Award Coach: Michelle Valdez

Troop: 2016 | Cobb County Troop Advisor: Sheryl Ehlers Project Advisors: Dr. Georgette Clinton, Mara Johnson, & Greg Mabry Gold Award Coach: Sheryl Ehlers

Troop: 413 | Coweta County Troop Advisor: Karrie Nelson Project Advisor: Bill Edwards Gold Award Coach: Gina Martin

Troop: 28318 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Lyneve Hirsch Project Advisor: Carolyn McCarthy-Jackson Gold Award Coach: Barbera Forest

CRAVE: Special Needs Certification Workshop

Literacy for Preschoolers and Kindergartners

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Luggage for Foster Children

CRAVE: Special Needs Certification Workshop certified teens and adults in CPR, first aid, and special needs. The purpose of the workshop was to create certified special needs caregivers in the Alpharetta and Johns Creek areas. Hannah created a database containing all of the names and contact information of those that were certified. This database was then distributed to different special needs ministries at three churches for families to access.

Literacy for Preschoolers and Kindergartners focused on improving local childhood literacy by donating a bookshelf and 30 age-appropriate books to a local Title I elementary school. Title I elementary school children are less likely to have reading in their homes, which can lead to issues with counting, letter recognition, and literacy. These issues can progress as students age. Isabella worked with members of her community to choose 30 age-appropriate books, create reading sessions, and build a bookshelf. Isabella hosted reading sessions every other Friday morning at the elementary school to read to the students to ensure the donated books improved their literacy skills.


Ivy designed a a creative way for kids to

have fun outdoors

Imani Alsobrook Troop: 528 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Dr. Hermia Deveaux Project Advisor: Dr. Marietta Collins Gold Award Coach: Maggie Little

Doodles for Thought Doodles for Thought examined the positive impacts that art and creative expression can have on mental health, mood, and overall well-being. Imani used her platform as an artist to speak publicly at Martin Luther King Middle School, Wesley International Academy, and The New School Atlanta. She spoke about her personal struggles with depression and explained how she continues to use visual art and writing for healing. Imani also shared her hand-drawn coloring sheets to be used during counseling sessions at a facility in Atlanta.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle set up drop-off locations throughout the local area for empty pill bottles. They were collected and shipped to Matthew 25 Ministries. The ministry sent the pill bottles to disasterstricken countries to safely dispense medicine.


Jaylen Smith Troop: 10101 | Fayette County Troop Advisor: Rita Smith Project Advisor: Tyler Wright Gold Award Coach: Gina Martin

Project SALT: Senior Adults Learning Technology

Ivy Reynolds Troop: 10451 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Mara Morrison Project Advisor: David Davis Gold Award Coach: Allegra Lawrence-Hardy

Hidden Treasure Hidden Treasure addressed the lack of time children spend outdoors. Many children living in cities do not have access to the health benefits of nature. Simultaneously, there is a growing disinterest in outdoor activities due to an increase in technology. Ivy created Hidden Treasure, a scavenger hunt that incorporated both the outdoors and technology. During the event, kids used their parent’s phones to scan a QR code and access a website with information about the historic site they were visiting. The site also provided clues for finding hidden globes, art pieces Ivy created for each specific site. The scavenger hunt was a balance of brief screen time and fun outdoor activity.

To plan the event for Luggage for Foster Children, Jennifer worked alongside Dreamweavers, a fostering organization that provides children with homes. She advertised the drive for several weeks and collected the daily donations during the event with the help of volunteers. After the collection drive, Jennifer brought the donated items to Dreamweavers.

Project SALT: Senior Adults Learning Technology addressed the issues of loneliness and isolation in senior centers by providing four classes on technology for the active seniors of Christian City. Jaylen wrote a technology curriculum that focused on internet safety, basic internet usage, and how to use Gmail and Skype for the seniors. One participant of Project SALT expressed, “The world forgets about us when it moves on with new things.” Jaylen encouraged them to see technology as a gateway to friends and family and not to allow their age to trigger a fear of learning. Jaylen's inspiration came from personal experiences. In 2016, her grandmother passed away from cancer, leaving her grandfather alone. Her family showed him how to text and use his computer so he would feel more connected.

Jennings Hooper Troop: 28305 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Anne Marie Hooper Project Advisor: Melissa Petersen Gold Award Coach: Kelly Angelo

Knitting Memories Knitting Memories increased awareness of rainbow babies, a child born after a previous child loss, and provided support to mothers who have lost a child. There are very few resources available to emotionally support women who are pregnant after suffering the loss of a child. Rainbow Pregnancy After Loss and Support, or Rainbow P.A.L.S, is a program that helps these moms and their families. It runs out of Northside Hospital Bereavement Center and is the only program of its kind in the United States. Rainbow P.A.L.S. provides support to expecting mothers around the country by sending care packages. These care packages include a rainbow hat, a blanket, a onesie, and a book. Each component of this package is a reminder of how much of a blessing these babies are. Knitting Memories provided handmade knitted blankets for these packages.



Jennifer Dunbar

Hannah Zemke

Joelle raised awareness on the excessive

amounts of plastics in our environment

Joelle Choi Troop: 1174 | Gwinnett County Troop Advisor: Carrie Thompson Project Advisor: Gabriela Maduro Salverrey Gold Award Coach: Barbara Forest

2020 Gold Award Council Young Women of Distinction

Jordan Martin Troop: 29312 | Cobb County Troop Advisor: Brandi Diamond Project Advisors: Jackie Harris & Audrianna Lawrence Gold Award Coach: Melinda Williams


Hygiene 101

Eco-Friendly is a project that focuses on plastic prevention for the sake of the environment. Plastic overuse and pollution is a common problem. Joelle advised her classmates to recycle and promote a healthier, greener planet. Recently, Gwinnett County schools stopped receiving recycled materials, which could cause significant environmental issues, leading to littering, coral bleaching, water pollution, and unnecessary waste. Due to the excessive amounts of non-recycled plastics, Joelle created informational presentations, flyers, and a website about recycling at her school.

Hygiene 101 focuses on health and wellness education. Jordan created a seminar that taught young girls about the importance of hygiene and skin care. Good personal hygiene is important because it is a crucial part of staying healthy and preventing illness. Hygiene 101 focused on fifth- and sixth-grade girls who were or would soon be experiencing puberty and may be having issues with their skin. Jordan gave the girls advice and answered any questions.

You will amaze yourself with the change you create. These efforts require time and energy, but the difference your project can make in someone else's life makes it all worthwhile. Sarah Kelly


Sarah Kelly Troop: 342 | Fayette County

Joy educated on the need for minorities to

become stem cell & marrow donors

Joy Inya-Agha Jomia Finley Troop: 6511 | Cherokee County Troop Advisor: Helen Tyree Project Advisor: Lavada Boggs Gold Award Coach: Teresa Rodgers

Assembling the Ages Assembling the Ages explores the communication gap between three generations: Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Millennials (1981-1997), and Generation-Z (1998-2010). The project examined why the problematic disconnect exists and how it can be fixed to benefit all generations.

Try your best, pray, and leave the rest to God. Inspirational Quote by Eeman Uddin, page 14

Troop: 716 | Fayette County Troop Advisor: Heidi Berggren Project Advisor: Cecilia Rosand Gold Award Coach: Fran Webb

It’s in Your Blood It’s in Your Blood raised awareness about the importance of minorities joining the bone marrow and stem cell donor registry. Some blood cancer patients die because of a lack of matches in stem cell and marrow donor registry. Due to the underrepresentation of genetic heritage, 55 to 75 percent of minorities, depending on ethnicity, will not find a matched donor in the worldwide registry. For the worldwide registry, only 4 percent or less of the donors are Black. Percentages for Asians, Latinos, and multiracial persons are similarly out of proportion. It’s in Your Blood educated minorities about the need to join the registry and added possible donors to the registry.

Portable Agility Equipment for Training Service Dogs Portable Agility Equipment for Training Service Dogs & Educating the Public on the Issues worked with Healing4Heroes, a local non-profit organization assisting wounded veterans by providing them with trained service dogs. Healing4Heroes serves a dual purpose, not only helping wounded veterans but also rescuing unwanted shelter dogs from euthanization. Instead, they’re trained as service animals and act as useful companions for veterans. Healing4Heroes provides these service animals free of charge. Sarah and a dedicated team of highly motivated Girl Scouts and veterans built a portable set of canine agility training equipment. This equipment can be easily disassembled and transported for training opportunities. Sarah raised awareness about shelter animals and wounded veterans, both locally and nationally.

Troop Advisor: Miriana Anderson Project Advisors: Suzanne Aaron & Piper Hill Gold Award Coach: Kim Jeffords




Juliana educated


students on childhood cancer

Juliana Moya

Kathleen Iacobelli

Kathryn Penn

Katie Ina Jones

Troop: 3008 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Christy Mackley Project Advisor: Coach Randolph Gold Award Coach: Teresa Rodgers

Troop: 2863 | Cobb County Troop Advisor: Michelle Hillis Project Advisors: Alison Sims Courtney, Sally Paris Benton & Debbie Parsons Gold Award Coach: Dorothea Westin

Troop: 28427 | DeKalb County Troop Advisors: Amy Penn & Ellen Sparks Project Advisor: Nancy Erickson Gold Award Coach: Teresa Rodgers

Troop: 11925 | Cobb County Troop Advisor: Colleen Pope Project Advisor: Brian Busby Gold Award Coach: Clint Pope

Camp Connections

Care Packages for Calvary Children's Home

Childhood Cancer Awareness Childhood Cancer Awareness was a club Juliana started at her school to spread awareness about childhood cancer. The project educated more than 80 students at club meetings and hosted a holiday party with families last December. The club is still active and currently planning a drive for the upcoming spring.

The goal of God's Special Holly Lilies was to teach about the importance of God in every child's life. Kathleen worked with an occupational therapist to make the curriculum as accurate as possible. She also went to the priest and the youth director at her church for their help. Kathleen had an amazing opportunity to speak to the convocation for her diocese. She addressed 750 church and youth leaders about her mission to make churches more inclusive. Other groups have also requested the training provided by God's Special Holly Lilies.

Camp Connections brought together and fostered friendships between students with special needs and students in the general education program at Chamblee Charter High School. Kathryn designed the project to provide opportunities for these friendships during the summer months. The camp continued into the school year in the form of a club that meets monthly to play games, make crafts, or do other fun activities. Camp Connections successfully helped the students in the special education program make friends outside of their specialized classes. They are more integrated into daily school activities and have made lifelong friendships.

Kathryn Jacobus

Kathryn Reisner

Care Packages for Calvary Children's Home addressed the needs of children separated from their homes. This separation causes them to have minimal belongings. Katie wanted to work with Calvary Children's Home because they are a foster home for children of all ages in her community. Care Packages for Calvary Children's Home provided supplies for the current and future children who live there. Katie chose necessities like shampoo, soaps, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, chapstick, toothpaste, school supplies, and backpacks for the care packages. Family members, friends, and local organizations donated most of the supplies. Katie was able to donate more supplies than she anticipated, and she is still bringing more in!

Julianna Arms Troop: 3008 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Christy Mackley & Alissa Hogg Project Advisors: Christy Merritt & Beth Wieschhaus Gold Award Coach: Christy Mackley

Toy Box Program Toy Box Program addressed the issue of the lack of ageappropriate toys and play resources for homeless children. Julianna educated her community about the importance of these toys and their function for early childhood development. She worked with The Drake House, a local homeless shelter for women and their children. Through donations and fundraising, Julianna and her team provided The Drake House with a toy library for kids to play with in their apartments. All the toys were sorted into ageappropriate bins, aimed to assist the children's mental and social development. Julianna also installed a tetherball at The Drake House playground for the children to use for physical activity and social development with their peers.

Troop: 10511 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Dyan Jabobus Project Advisor: Lisa Wearing Gold Award Coach: Kimberly Knighton-Felix

Service Matters Service Matters encourages all volleyball teams to participate annually in a service project of their choosing. This program promotes team building and a sense of community. Most teens in Atlanta do not regularly participate in community service activities. Service Matters teaches the girls at the Rio Volleyball Club the importance of giving back to the community.

Troop: 30457 | Fulton County Troop Advisors: Jeny Mathis & Susan Reisner Project Advisor: Beth Helmey Gold Award Coach: Libby Peck

Growing Veggies for Growing Kids Growing Veggies for Growing Kids taught preschoolers about healthy eating habits, exercise, and the environment. Kathryn installed raised garden beds in the playground and had children actively participate in the planting. She donated gardening equipment to the preschool and prepared educational materials for teaching the children. Kathryn also expanded the project to her local community, guiding others to replicate her project, and posting blogs about the project online.

Don't let the fear of failure be greater than the excitement of success. —Anonymous Inspirational Quote from Payton McClarity Jones, page 35




God's Special Holly Lilies

Kayla Rose

Kennedy Deveaux

Troop: 10101 | Fayette County Troop Advisor: Rita Smith Project Advisors: Lauren Guinn, Molly Casey, & Sara Gomez Gold Award Coach: Donita Lockridge

Troop: 528 | Cobb County Troop Advisors: Kim Brown, Hermia Simmons-Deveaux, & Robin Andrews-Tobo Project Advisor: Dr. Dwight “Ike” Reighard Gold Award Coach: Erica Holmes

Love for Little Ones Love for Little Ones was a program that provided books, blankets, and encouraging notes to young children in foster care. Kayla and her team collected more than 120 books and blankets and distributed them to the Bloom Closet in Fayetteville, Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries in Palmetto, the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children in Atlanta, and Tijuana Christian Mission in Tijuana, Mexico. Kayla helped form a mentoring club at her high school that will continue the project.


Kendall donated

Helping to End Food Insecurity Helping to End Food Insecurity established a food pantry in a Title I elementary school with a free and reduced lunch rate of 92 percent. To help stock the pantry, Kennedy shared information about food insecurity to the different organizations she was involved in, including Beta Club, National Honor Society, 4-H, and many others. After sharing what she learned, Kennedy asked each organization if they would stock the pantry one month out of the school year. While most organizations were eager and willing to support a canned food drive during the initial start-up, many of them were not as supportive about adopting the pantry throughout the year. Kennedy took a chance and reached out to MUST Ministries to see if they would assist with the pantry. MUST adopted the pantry and continues to provide non-perishable food items.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is by far the most time-intensive and rewarding project I have ever been a part of. I loved working on my project, and I love that it is done! Camryn Kiener


cheerleading shoes to cheerleading teams with special needs

Kendall Henry Troop: 11303 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Donna Lowry Reid Project Advisor: Ashley Clark Gold Award Coach: Erica Holmes

Cheerful Soles Some girls can't participate in cheerleading due to the financial demands of the extracurricular activity. The associated fees have forced some to drop out of the sport even after practices have started. Necessary equipment such as cheerleading shoes inflates the cost of being part of a cheerleading team. Two brands dominate the cheerleading apparel industry: Varsity and Nfinity. These specific shoes can cost as much as $100 per pair and are a necessity for participants. Cheerful Soles collected 100 pairs of cheerleading shoes and donated them to local cheerleading teams with special needs. Kendall promoted the donation drive in a seminar in the auditorium to 50 influential people in the cheerleading community. Cheerful Soles brought awareness to the impact that expensive equipment can have on young girls participating in cheerleading.

You learn more from your failures than your success, so just persevere.

Camryn Kiener Troop: 716 | Fayette County

Inspirational Quote by Sydney A. Taylor, page 37 Illustration by Analise Black, page 4

Producing Produce/Growing Garden Boxes Producing Produce/Growing Garden Boxes focused on providing fresh produce to food pantries by building 28 garden boxes. Camryn met the Midwest Food Bank during Evergreen Church Youth Group's community service night. She learned how to construct compact garden boxes and go through a growing season. She donated the produce and offered Garden Workshops to all of the food pantries that Midwest Food Bank serves. Only a few food pantries participated in the workshops, but they have continued to use the garden boxes they built and taught families they serve to build garden boxes to grow their own produce.

Troop Advisor: Heidi Berggren Project Advisors: Cathy Berggren & Will Garner Gold Award Coach: Teresa Rodgers



2020 Gold Award Council Young Women of Distinction

Kiely helped

Lucy designed costumes that were shared with

homeless & low-income familes



Lauren Fitzgerald

Lindsay Weinzierl

Troop: 2074 | Cobb County Troop Advisor: Melissa Gilbert Project Advisor: Eileen Hilburn Gold Award Coach: Vena Namukasa

Troop: 29423 | Dekalb County Troop Advisors: Kirsten Fitzgerald & Angelle Blaske Project Advisors: Suzanne Huff & Kirsten Fitzgerald Gold Award Coach: Barb Foerst

Troop: 10536 | Dekalb County Troop Advisor: Robin Newberg Project Advisor: Amelia Luke Gold Award Coach: Vena Namukasa

FPCC and FPC Marietta Supporting Congregation Link

Exploring Dunwoody: Past and Present

Packages for Platoons

Lauren's project worked to address the lack of knowledge of historical areas and activities around Dunwoody. She created a video catalog of historical properties labeled by the Dunwoody Preservation Trust, including cemeteries. She also created a pamphlet for the historic Donaldson-Bannister house which recently opened as a city park, and created historic education materials for children visiting the park. Her project helped to educate children and adults in Dunwoody about their city's history.

Packages for Platoons raised awareness on the importance of military morale and donated items to deployed personnel. Lindsay presented a slideshow to a class at school, produced a YouTube video, and collected three donations.

FPCC and FPC Marietta Supporting Congregation Link formed a relationship between the First Presbyterian Church of Marietta and Family Promise of Cobb County, an organization that helps homeless and low-income families. The project created a method for members of the church to volunteer for Family Promise and assist their efforts. Kiely also wanted to channel her passion for creativity and design into her project. On a tour of the facility, she saw that the nursery at the Day Center needed improvements and that there were no resources available for teens to entertain themselves. The Day Center is where the families spend their weekends, and it provides a space where adults can go to do laundry, shower, or research job opportunities. Kiely painted, organized, and redesigned the space to transform it from a simple extra bedroom in the basement to a place with brightly colored chalkboard walls. The children were excited to come back every day.

Leah provided

music lessons to homeless children

Lucia Morris Troop: 14254 | Forsyth County Troop Advisors: Cynthia Morris & Liz Debusschere Project Advisor: Jane Mandula Gold Award Coach: Fran Houston

Leah Tomey Troop: 3626 Gwinnett County Troop Advisor: Christine Gautreaux Project Advisor: Elizabeth Hewell Gold Award Coach: Fran Houston

The Power of Music

Laura Anderson Troop: 342 | Fayette County Troop Advisors: Miriana Anderson & Kathy Kelly Project Advisor: Antonela Kljajic-Brkic Gold Award Coach: Elizabeth Keysar

Camp Grundschule Camp Grundschule educated children about the harmful impacts of cultural stereotypes by promoting awareness of cultures from around the world. The project taught young children and their families about the German culture. Camp Grundschule materials were accessible at a local library, online, and as videos on YouTube. Laura also met with a local soccer team to teach them about language and culture before they visited Germany.

The Power of Music provided music and guitar lessons to the children at Rainbow Village, a place for homeless families to work toward self-sufficiency. Leah provided a weekly hour-long lesson for the children. She chose this project because she is passionate about the guitar and the importance of music education for children.

If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done. —Thomas Jefferson Inspirational Quote by Kendall Henry, page 24

SCOLU Global Education To address educational needs regionally, Lucia created the SCOLU Curriculum Book, comprised of 65 lessons covering a variety of STEM topics. She designed the activities and experiments for preschool through second-grade students. She then donated the books to five schools across Georgia, along with a bin of supplies that provided for the majority of the lesson plans. Lucia also created the Agricultural Biotechnology Patch that allows girls to explore the world of DNA and genetic engineering. She hosted two science summer programs where she taught this patch along with a myriad of other science subjects. The girls gained many skills and learned that they are capable scientists and engineers. To address educational needs globally, Lucia wrote a children's book that uses simple animal characters to communicate the importance of education. The children's book, Treetop, is currently in use in schools in Kenya.

Lucy Marous Troop: 2045 | Cobb County Troop Advisor: Kristi Bradley Project Advisor: Alicia Sawyer Gold Award Coach: Kristi Bradley

Connecting Costumes Connecting Costumes created seasonal costumes to strengthen the bond between parents and babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It can be dangerous to touch newborn babies too often if they are born prematurely. This restriction can affect the bond between parent and child. To combat this issue, Lucy created Connecting Costumes. She designed and made a series of thirty patterns for seasonal costumes for babies to strengthen the bond between parent and child. Lucy donated these costumes to the WellStar Atlanta Medical Center. She also created a website featuring the costumes and shared it via Facebook to 70 hospitals across the country.




Kiely Gilbert

Lydia encouraged


students to write letters of hope to detained immigrants

2020 Gold Award Council Young Women of Distinction

Meagan Rae Setchell

Madison Colletta

Troop: 1639 | Gwinnett County Troop Advisors: Tina Martin & Marsha Huelsbeck Project Advisors: Michelle Hwang & Amilcar Valencia Gold Award Coach: Anna Democko

Troop: 154 | Gwinnett County Troop Advisor: Susan Burns Project Advisors: Yvette Griffiths & Daniel Jewitt Gold Award Coach: Teresa Rodgers

Understanding Immigration

Reading Rockstars

Understanding Immigration provided presentations about undocumented immigration and the detention of undocumented immigrants to high schools in Lydia’s community. Because immigration is such a controversial topic in the United States, Lydia wanted to present students with an explanation of this issue that was fact-based and void of the often-present partisan bias. She presented to six high schools, educating nearly 100 students about immigration and detention. After each presentation, she allowed attendees to write letters of hope and encouragement to the undocumented immigrants detained at the Stewart Detention Center. Lydia encouraged students to write their letters in Spanish because the majority of detained immigrants are from Spanish-speaking countries. After her project, Lydia sent the letters to the Stewart Detention Center, hopefully providing comfort to the detainees in a trying time in their lives.

Reading Rockstars was a book club created to combat apathy of reading among elementary and middle school students in the Metro-Atlanta area. Frequently, students lose interest in reading during middle school, which can affect their overall school performance. Reading Rockstars encouraged students to read in their free time by introducing them to new genres and titles. The project differentiated between school and free-reading so that children would not have a negative connotation about books. Madison helped the children improve their comprehension, potentially impacting standardized test scores. She selected a variety of books that were entertaining and educational to foster a love for reading. She launched this club in multiple branches across Georgia and created a five-month guideline for additional libraries to establish it.

Madeline Daniel

Madison Johnson

Troop: 26210 | Cobb County Troop Advisor: Kristie Cowan Project Advisor: Dave Harding Gold Award Coach: Melinda Williams

Troop: 2016 | Cobb County Troop Advisor: Sheryl Elhers Project Advisor: Brandi Hackett Gold Award Coach: Cheryl Carson

School Gardening

Project Sharon

School Gardening addressed the issue of childhood obesity. Madeline made lesson plans for her local community daycare, Sunbrook Academy, that taught healthy eating habits and good gardening techniques. Besides teaching the kids about nutrition, Madeline built three raised garden beds for the daycare to grow their own food and give the children a source of pride and ambition. School Gardening provided Sunbrook Academy with an engaging science curriculum.

Project Sharon promoted education about multiple sclerosis (MS) and empowerment for those who have the disease. Madison made two pamphlets, one providing information for teens with loved ones with multiple sclerosis and the other for those diagnosed with MS. She also gave multiple informational talks about MS to different groups of people to provide education about the disease. Madison formed Team Sharon to participate in Walk MS.

Meagan Rae Setchell Troop: 2032 | Fulton County

Dare to Care Dare to Care is a website to encourage teenagers to build self-confidence in themselves and others. To do this, teens have to be aware of social struggles they may encounter. On the website, Meagan created eight videos on various topics, including bullying, peer pressure, and social media. She also made brochures and business cards. Meagan worked with people from Transfiguration Church, St. Joseph's Catholic School, and her current high school, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School.

Troop Advisor: Paula Todd Project Advisors: Erin Petkash, Callie Traeger, & Jason Podhorez Gold Award Coach: Paula Todd



I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Let God guide you through life and trust in him that everything will turn out the way that it is planned. I started my Gold Award project to inspire others, and I am so proud that I have finished it. I encourage you to stick up for your friends and be the best version of 28 yourself that you can be.

Lydia Catterall

Mallory's book drive gave


books to foster children

Mallory Plunkett

Madison Langton

Troop: 11308 | Fayette County Troop Advisor: Emily Hall Project Advisor: Becky Davenport Gold Award Coach: Donita Lockridge

Troop: 6511 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Helen Tyree Project Advisors: Keith Harvey & Marlene Speed Gold Award Coach: Helen Tyree

Pass Your Stories

Drive Alive Drive Alive educated new and current drivers in Madison’s community to promote driving safety. Driving is a very underrated skill that takes a long time to acquire. Many drivers are not aware of all of the driving laws and rules. Drive Alive provided information on these issues.

Pass Your Stories is a project that entails a book drive for foster children, and all books go directly to Bloom Foster Care. This project emphasizes the importance of reading in all children’s lives, especially those of low income and or in foster care. The book drive collected more than 300 books this year and will be continued annually by McIntosh Interact Club.

Megan McCabe

Troop: 28305 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Anne Marie Hooper Project Advisor: Mary Frances Bowley Gold Award Coach: Kelly Angelo

Troop: 11925 | Cobb County Troop Advisor: Colleen Pope Project Advisor: Beth Bird Gold Award Coach: Clint Pope

Wellspring Living Group Therapy Room

A Walk with Conservation

Wellspring Living Group Therapy Room, at Crim High School, was created to provide a space for young girls who felt like they had no place to go and may become victims of sex trafficking. However, soon after the creation of Margaret’s therapy room, it was clear that it wasn’t just girls who needed help, but the boys as well. Margaret’s project prompted the Girl’s Academy to transform into the Youth’s Academy and provided a therapy room for students to visit and process their emotions and actions. Margaret also created a food pantry and brought in donations as a part of the therapy room. She educated her local community by providing information on sex trafficking.

A Walk with Conservation built seven signs and set them along an established trail at Camp Timber Ridge. The signs covered the seven principles of Leave No Trace. They included information about what the initiative meant and how to apply it when troops were camping or hiking. To accompany the trail, Megan created a weekend program for troop leaders to follow for their girls to earn new eco badges while learning about conservation. This resource was helpful for new troop leaders, who perhaps had not taken a troop camping before. 31 2020 HIGHEST AWARDS | GIRL SCOUTS OF GREATER ATLANTA



Margaret Braswell

Makaela collected


packages of art supplies

Makaela Cleary Troop: 19341 | Fayette County Troop Advisor: Karen Bollin Project Advisor: Evelyn Brown Gold Award Coach: Donita Lockridge

Healing Through Art and Play Healing Through Art and Play transformed a dilapidated playroom at the Promise Place into a clean, bright, and well-stocked area for art and play therapy. Family psychologists use this room to facilitate dialogue with their patients. Makaela collected more than 300 packages of art supplies through the Beta Club at her school. She remade an entertainment center into a play kitchen and stocked it with play food, dishes, and cookware. Makaela collected donations to paint the room, replace the carpet with laminate flooring, and install a shelving unit. She organized and displayed all the art supplies so the children could easily access them and put all the extra supplies in a bin to store for future use. She also provided art smocks for the kids.

Margaret Bates

Mary Grace

wrote and donated a

Troop: 10322 | Coweta County Troop Advisor: Holly Ford Project Advisor: Debbie Azzarelli Gold Award Coach: Holly Ford

cookbook of her favorite gluten-free recipes

Santa Claus Comes to Town Santa Claus Comes to Town gave presents from Santa Claus to 15 elders at Newnan Health and Rehabilitation. Staff members surveyed how the event went and its impact on the residents. Santa Claus Comes to Town brought joy and love to the elderly through gifts and relationships .

Mary Grace Morrison Troop: 10451 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Susan Stevens Project Advisor: Marissa Greider Gold Award Coach: Eloise Hearns

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader Growing up, Mary Grace was a sick child who found books to be a great escape. She created Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader to provide that same escape for sick and injured children staying in the Ronald McDonald House. She donated more than 200 books for all ages, genders, and interests and created a library for the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House. Mary Grace worked with some of the children, leading storytime with the books she donated. She also wrote and donated a cookbook full of her favorite gluten-free recipes.

Everybody should earn their Gold Award because it allows you to change the world and learn skills for success in the future! It feels great to know that I taught people about the strength that one person's voice can have. Inspirational Quote by Hailey Walker, page 16

Megan spoke to

300+ students

on drug awareness issues

2020 Gold Award Council Young Women of Distinction

Megan Pol

If you want to love others, you should learn to love yourself first. Amani Ward

Troop: 2032 | Cherokee County Troop Advisors: Paula Todd & Melinda Setchell Project Advisor: Amy Dempsey Gold Award Coach: Vena Namuska

Drug Awareness Now (DAWN)

A Chance to Dance

Drug Awareness Now, or DAWN, raised awareness about vaping, nicotine, marijuana, opioid, and alcohol issues for teenagers. Megan read about four people dying due to drug overdoses in her county and wanted to aid in prevention. After reading that article, she attended the Forsyth County Drug Summit, where all the high school principals, police officers, and drug treatment groups came together to decide how to approach this issue.

A Chance to Dance was an event for kids, teens, and young adults with disabilities. Megan brought together people with similar challenges. After A Chance to Dance, many participants walked away with new friends.

Megan worked with a substance abuse therapist to create her presentation for healthcare classes. Her PowerPoint presentation included information on teenage drug use incidence, prevalence, risk factors, symptoms, consequences, treatment options, and tips for friends and families.


Some of the groups she talked to included the Healthcare Occupations Students of America organization, the National Science Honors Society, and the junior youth group at Megan’s temple. Megan held eight presentations, reaching about 300 students. She handed out brochures with highlights from the presentation, along with the link to view the full presentation online.

Amani Ward Troop: 6099 | Paulding County

Starting the Conversation Starting the Conversation is a video project created by Gold Award Girl Scout Amani Ward. The purpose was to bring awareness to the issue of teenage sexual peer pressure, harassment, assault, and the emotional impact it can have on teens. The idea was inspired by the book, Speak, written by Laurie Halse Anderson, a young adult novel that tells the story of high school freshman, Melinda Sordino. Sordino was the victim of a sexual assault that took place during a party the summer before her freshman year in high school. The incident took away her ability to speak up about what happened, which sent her spiraling into a state of depression.

Troop Advisors: Paula Mensah & Rebecca Curtis Project Advisors: Dr. Nicole Steele, Dr. DeYonne Parker, & Audra McDaniel Gold Award Coach: Paula Mensah


Morgan Delaney Troop: 28305 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Anne Marie Hooper Project Advisor: Scott Lange Gold Award Coach: Kelly Angelo

Be AWARE of Squirrels Be AWARE of Squirrels created a series of squirrel boxes to act as artificial nests for injured squirrels that could not make nests themselves. Morgan worked with AWARE Wildlife Center, as well as her soccer teammates, to build durable and effective squirrel boxes.

One person, no matter how small, can have an impact that creates ripples of change. Inspirational Quote by Lindsay Weinzierl, page 27 Illustration by Analise Black, page 4



Megan Romero

Troop: Juliette | Gwinnett County Troop Advisor: Vena Namukasa Project Advisors: Vena Namukasa & Chandra Haslem Gold Award Coach: David Tillis

Payton educated


people on health and fitness

Naomi Valeich

Olivia Holland

Troop: 342 | Fayette County Troop Advisor: Miriana Anderson Project Advisor: Kyoko Fukuyama Gold Award Coach: Elizabeth Keysar

Troop: 2016 | Cobb County Troop Advisors: Cheryl Carson & Sheryl Ehlers Project Advisors: Cheryl Carson & Nikki Bisesi Gold Award Coach: Sheryl Ehlers

Cultivating Cultural Curiosity

Garden for the Hawks

Cultivating Cultural Curiosity addressed the need for intercultural understanding. Naomi created a Japanese Cultural Storytime program for young children at the local public library in Peachtree City. The events introduced children to new cultures and prepared them for a diverse world. Naomi also promoted foreign language acquisition by teaching the children about the Japanese language. She explained the benefits of learning another language while simultaneously showing the children how exciting it could be.

Garden for the Hawks aimed to teach students farm-totable growing and gathering skills. Olivia created three beds within the garden. Two of the beds grew produce for the culinary and special needs programs at Hillgrove High School. The third bed served as an observatory pollinator garden. This garden has become a staple on the school’s campus. The art department assisted by creating aesthetically pleasing accents to the garden.

Sarah Friedrichs

Troop: 6099 | Paulding County Troop Advisors: Paula Mensah & Rebecca Curtis Project Advisors: Maisie Hynninen, Sarah Izer, & Donna Stanford Gold Award Coach: Paula Mensah

Troop: 29312 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Brandi Diamond Project Advisor: Jenny Casteel Gold Award Coach: Cynthia Schurr

The Health and Fitness Club

Breathe: A Guide to Coping with Stress and Anxiety

The Health and Fitness Club spread awareness of childhood obesity and presented a solution to the issue. Payton and her team created a health and fitness club for students at Paulding County High School. They held three seminars for parents and passed out brochures for outreach. Payton introduced students to basic nutrition and exercise plans that could help them achieve a more vigorous lifestyle. Additionally, to create healthier role models for the students, Payton informed the parents of the consequences of childhood obesity. The Health and Fitness Club reached an audience of 70 local students and 45 parents, as well as of 30 regional students and four parents.

Breathe: A Guide to Coping with Stress and Anxiety was a series of seminars and resources covering methods for teens to cope with stress and anxiety. The project was very personal to Sarah because she also struggles with stress and anxiety. She saw a need in her community for healthy stress management education for teenagers. The workshops aimed to provide new strategies and coping skills that the participants could immediately apply to their lives. Each participant left the seminar knowing that they were not alone in their struggles and with a bag full of supplies to help them relieve stress such as stress balls, face masks, a journal, and more. Sarah believes the tips and tools provided at the seminars are valuable and could have a real impact on people's lives.

Nicole educated


people on food allergies

Paige Grisamore Troop: Juliette | Fayette County Troop Advisor: Holly Grisamore Project Advisor: Jennifer Nolder Gold Award Coach: Teresa Rodgers

Nicole Speddon Troop: 1153 | Gwinnet County Troop Advisor: Ayana Shepherd Project Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Shanks Gold Award Coach: Mary Williams

New Year, New Me

Understanding Those with Food Allergies Understanding Those with Food Allergies informed Nicole’s community about the struggles of living with food allergies. This issue is a global health concern that can affect anyone. Nicole set up booths, created pamphlets, posted newspaper articles, and informed local teachers and staff about food allergies. In total, Understanding Those with Food Allergies educated more than 300 people.

New Year, New Me focused on helping the less fortunate children of Bridging the Gap. These children came for food and necessities, but Paige wanted to make a lasting impact with something extra. She wanted the children to feel confident in their looks and inner-self. She created a fun social group with crafts, activities, and food for the children. The social group occurred every week for four weeks. On the fifth week, Paige planned an event for the children to receive a free haircut and hygiene supplies.

Greatness begins beyond your comfort zone! —Robin Sharma Inspirational Quote by Jomia Finley, page 13

Risha Hegde Troop: 10424 | Cobb County Troop Advisor: Vicky Malcom Project Advisors: Kate Maloney & Kathy Jacobson Gold Award Coach: Chelsea Navo

Girls Run the Cloud Girls Run the Cloud aimed to inspire young girls to explore STEM, one of the most rapidly growing fields. Risha created and conducted two STEM workshops with the help of her advisors and her mentor. She held one workshop in her community and one in India. She also created the curriculum for the workshop, where the girls explored coding and web design programs. They created their own games with Scratch, web pages with Wix, and coded music with EarSketch. The goal of the workshops was to let the girls apply their creativity to STEM. The girls were also able to hear from speakers that had experience in the field.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. —Maya Angelou Inspirational Quote by Venicia Twymon, page 39 Illustration by Analise Black, page 4




Payton McClarity Jones

Sarah explored the connection between


provided lessons on swimming and water safety

nature photography and brain health

Skye Walker

Sarah Holcomb

Savannah Granito

Shrika Madivanan

Troop: Juliette | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Carolyn Holcomb Project Advisors: Ed Robertson & Celia Parks Gold Award Coach: Dollene Quinn

Troop: Juliette | Forsyth Troop Advisor: Susan Wright Project Advisor: Deidre Lotspeich Gold Award Coach: Pamela Malinzak

Troop: 29411 | Dekalb County Troop Advisors: Tina Wilkinson & Cailin Thelen Project Advisor: Leela Natarajan Gold Award Coach: Teresa Rodgers

Troop: 27595 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Erica Holmes Project Advisor: Yolanda McKissick Gold Award Coach: Erica Holmes

Photography for the Brain

What Your Parents Never Told You: A Woman's Guide to Protecting Yourself

Opening Minds and Changing Lives

H2O Life

Opening Minds and Changing Lives created systemic change for the children of Bala Mandir, an orphanage and school in India. The project improved their educational curricula and provided additional resources. To transform the teaching methods for the children of Bala Mandir, Shrika formed a fundraising campaign to purchase a Smart TV and a computer for the school. To create systemic change, Shrika created sustainable math, science, and English curricula for first through third graders with accompanying online resources. She also created seminars on the issues of educational inequality and presented them to her community.

H2O Life is a program designed to address the lack of access and affordability of swimming and water safety training. The project also drew attention to the drowning disparity in Skye's community. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), young Black individuals are five and a half times more likely to drown in a swimming pool than their white peers. H2O Life reached African American youth in sixth and seventh grade because this age group has the highest incidence of drowning, as reported by the CDC. Skye obtained her swim instructor certification so that she could serve as the primary instructor for H2O Life swimming and water safety training classes. H2O Life will be sustained by the continuous support of national and local organizations through grants and private sponsors.

Photography for the Brain provided nature photography to several organizations to improve brain health in children and adults. Sarah researched the correlation between photography and brain health and learned that nature photography helps the human brain. Brain health refers to a person’s ability to remember, learn, concentrate, and maintain an active mind. Science has proven that when people observe photographs of nature, they can heal faster, become calmer, lengthen their attention span, and improve their overall brain health. Sarah collaborated with a neurologist and a photographer and presented to several organizations that focus on brain health. She explained her research and showed samples of nature photography that she took at the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Yosemite National Park, and the Galapagos Islands. She donated and installed more than $2,000 of canvas photography to these organizations.

What Your Parents Never Told You: A Woman's Guide to Protecting Yourself addressed the issue of sexual assault in Atlanta. It also educated individuals about how to protect themselves. Atlanta has the highest rate of human trafficking in the world. Through the creation of an accessible website and numerous self-defense classes, Savannah contributed towards the fight to end sex trafficking.

Summer educated teenagers on the effects of

waste on the environment

Savannah Strejcek Troop: 1062 | Gwinnett County Troop Advisor: Michele Feliciano Project Advisor: Barbara Holzworth Gold Award Coach: Barbara Foerst

Trash to Treasure: The Art of Upcycling

Sarah MacElroy Troop: 29411 | DeKalb County Troop Advisor: Cailin Thelen Project Advisor: Kim Bell Gold Award Coach: Melanie Smith

Trash to Treasure: The Art of Upcycling turned trash into art, educated people about the dangers of pollution, and taught about the benefits of recycling. Savannah created and taught recycled art projects to children and young adults, promoting healthy recycling habits from a young age.

Sparrowwood Sensory Room and Outdoor Space Sparrowwood Sensory Room and Outdoor Space created areas for campers with special needs at Camp Glisson in Dahlonega. Sarah collected donations to fill a room with sensory-friendly items to allow over-stimulated campers with special needs a place to calm down. She also created an outdoor picnic area for campers with special needs to use and experience nature in a safe environment.

Never forget how wildly capable you are. Inspirational Quote by Emma Collins, page 15 Illustration by Analise Black, page 4

Sophia Sparks Troop: 28427 | Dekalb County Troop Advisor: Any Penn Project Advisor: Julia Mayfield Gold Award Coach: Barbara Foerst

Paws on Parade Paws on Parade partnered with LifeLine Animal Project, a nonprofit that runs the DeKalb and Fulton County animal shelters, to raise awareness about the homeless animal population. Sophia recruited volunteers and worked with LifeLine to walk four adoptable dogs in the Dunwoody’s Fourth of July Parade. Volunteers passed out flyers detailing LifeLine’s low-cost spay and neuter services, volunteer opportunities, and information on how to help homeless animals in the county shelter. Sophia set up a booth with additional information about LifeLine. She also created the Fourth of July Photo Booth that raised money for LifeLine.

Summer Chen Troop: 3017 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Kimberly Ware Project Advisor: Laurie Rogers Gold Award Coach: Neelu Kalra

Less is More Less is More was a project to educate teenagers about the negative impact of waste and how to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Its mission was to bring awareness of the effects of trash on the environment, which significantly impacts human health, threatens aquatic life, pollutes the air, and raises the global temperature. The project used workshops, videos, and a website to educate the viewers and participants on the issue of waste reduction.




to African American youth

Venicia made and donated


blankets to homeless shelters

Talia Coopersmith

Tiana Clarke

Troop: 421 | Dekalb County Troop Advisor: Tracy Lettsome Project Advisor: Deanna McArthur Gold Award Coach: Vena Namukasa

Troop: 821 | DeKalb County Troop Advisor: Lois Spritzer Project Advisor: Gloria Rodriguez-Vega Gold Award Coach: Kristin Fitzgerald

Troop: 19313 | Henry County Troop Advisor: Pam Warner Project Advisor: Connie Reynoso Gold Award Coach: Teresa Rodgers

Troop: 6099 | Cobb County Troop Advisors: Paula Mensah & Beck Curtis Project Advisor: Carol Pashal Gold Award Coach: Paula Mensah

The Importance of Literacy

Infectious Education: A Look into the World of Sepsis

Caring Hands Across the Water

Comfort For All

Caring Hands Across the Water focused on families in the Dominican Republic with insufficient home ventilation. In many homes there, smoke can accumulate from cooking and cause tremendous medical and financial difficulties. Some homes are catching on fire, leaving families homeless and devastated. Tiana brought awareness to her community about smoke inhalation.

Comfort For All made and donated 105 blankets to a homeless shelter. In the winter, one of the largest struggles for homeless shelters is having enough blankets. People often take the blankets with them when they leave the shelter, making it very expensive to keep a full stock. Venicia held three workshops in her community and taught people how to make fleece knot tie blankets. During these meetings, she educated the participants about poverty in their area. Comfort for All: Saving lives one piece of fabric at a time.

The Importance of Literacy focused on improving reading abilities in young children. Sydney built shelves and collected books and materials to distribute to local schools and families. She encouraged the families to use these donations to create home libraries. Sydney provided these materials to encourage young readers and promote literacy. By having a strong foundation in reading, students are prepared to be more successful as they learn.


Infectious Education: A Look into the World of Sepsis educated the local community about sepsis. Sepsis is the body’s extreme reaction to infection, killing more Americans than strokes, AIDS, and breast cancer combined. Yet less than half of the population can even recognize the word sepsis. Talia created a lesson plan with worksheets and presented them to local elementary and middle schools (roughly 250 students). She created a website with information intended to reach a larger audience. Talia worked with DeKalb County Public School’s health education leaders to provide her sepsis lesson plans as recommended materials for health units dealing with infectious diseases. She also created and distributed a brochure to roughly 140 public schools explaining sepsis, it’s symptoms, how to prevent it, and what to do in case of an emergency.


Sydney educated



Inspirational Quote by Madison Johnson, page 21


kids on global competency

Sydney Warner

Teddy educated kids on

Troop: 19313 | Henry County Troop Advisor: Tanya Wright Project Advisor: Sra. Morrison Gold Award Coach: Kim Jeffords

healthy eating

Vani Arora Troop: 3008 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Christy Mackley Project Advisor: Sudhir Agarwaal Gold Award Coach: Mary Williams

Care for a Health Fair

Las Culturas del Mundo (The Cultures of the World) Las Culturas del Mundo (The Cultures of the World) is an afterschool program created to improve global competency, which is the appreciation and understanding of other cultures and people. Twice a week for 30 minutes, Sydney and her volunteers exposed elementary-aged students to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. The program was implemented at three elementary schools: Smith Barnes, Dutchtown, and East Lake. About 150 kids participated in the program. Sydney utilized 24 high school volunteers from Stockbridge High, Union Grove, and Dutchtown High to teach the lessons. In future years, the program will gradually expand to be county-wide.

Vani held health and safety events for

Don’t be afraid to start over; you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience. —Anonymous

Teddy Oprisch Troop: 3008 | Fulton County Troop Advisor: Brenda Oprsich Project Advisor: Kristin Jackson Gold Award Coach: Vena Namukasa

Health on the Horizon Health on the Horizon addressed healthy eating habits for the students attending the Horizons Atlanta Summer Camp at Woodward Academy. While volunteering at the summer camp, Theodora noticed that the snacks provided were not particularly healthy, so she decided to work with the program to improve the snacks at the summer camp as well as implementing a healthy eating curriculum for kindergarteners through fifth-graders.

Care for a Health Fair was a health and safety event held for 70 children at the Forsyth County Family YMCA. At the event, the Forsyth Fire Department gave an informational presentation about public safety. Children participated in interactive activities related to health and safety; they made fire-safety crafts, played high-energy games, and learned yoga for children. Several reputable organizations such as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Northside Hospital donated healthy giveaways for the event. Vani gave a presentation to 40 community members to promote the importance of health fairs and educational events in the community.

Don't Wait. Inspirational Quote from Margaret Braswell, page 31



Venicia Twymon

Sydney Taylor


Invasive Plant Species Education and Removal


Loving Hats In 2018, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the USA, and more than 600,000 people will die from the disease. The team


Troop Leaders:

• 6099

• Paula Mensah • Schena Pace

• Paulding County

of girls selected a project which created chemo hats for men and women physically impacted by the adverse side effects of cancer. Most of us know someone that has been diagnosed with cancer. Their project provided care and resources to people living with cancer in our community by creating chemo hats for patients.

Our project focused on education, removal, and prevention of invasive plant species.


This project is important because invasive plants can spread rapidly and kill native plants. An invasive species usually has no native predators, so they grow without any natural competition, and consume resources needed by the native species. An invasive species can destroy all the native species and alter the ecosystem.

• Cobb County

• 12383

Troop Leaders:

Girl Scouts:

• Cathy Strobeck • Melanie Davis

• Sara Strobeck • Madi Bohm • Eleanor Davis

Girl Scouts: • • • • •

Mignon Church Jaimie McCauley Maiyah White Trinity Baysmore Nyla Hines


Girl Scouts is a formative experience that will stay with me for my entire life. The best advice I can give is to not give up on your Gold Award! Seeing the benefit that your project will have on people makes all of the stress, phone calls, and paperwork beyond worth it. Inspirational Quote by Mallory Plunkett, page 30

Haley Abrams Emma Acker Juliette Adams Cora Adkins Ameya Agnihotri Feranmi Akande Madelyn Allen Addison Allen Kayli Allen Andrea Almon Gaby Amezquita Evelyn Andrews Abigail Anglin Nayan Annadurai Tvisha Annem Emma Ashe Marissa Atchley Kaiya Atkins Bailey Atkinson Thrisha Avvaru Fagan Babb Nina Grace Bailey Anna Bakonyi Michelle Bakun Madison Baldwin Kaelyn Bannon

Heranmayee Barani Kyra Bard Abigail Barnes Logan Barrett Gabriela Barrios Blair Barteski Trinity Baysmore Gabrielle Beckman Kyla Beddingfield Morghan Belt Alexi Belt Margaret Beltrami Katherine Beltrami Ryann Benford Samantha Beyer Madison Bohm Taylor Bonner Rebecca Borowski Riley Borrelli Emily Bos Jamine Botts Kaitlyn Botts Peyton Bowers Audrey Boxall Hillary Boyd Jordyn Bradley

Brianna Brannon Larris Brehm Bailey Bridges Caroline Brinson Danielle Brockmeyer Mahile Brown Silniya Brown Meredith Brown Callie Brumfield Heather Brynien Kristine Buckley Maggie Bufford Alexis Bundrum Lanna Burns Caroline Byrd Miranda Callico JaKayla Campbell Kaitlyn Capehart Grace Carabillo Samantha Carlsen Rachel Carlstrom Ainsley Carr Elizabeth Cashman Bethany Cassell Mikaela Castillon Jolie Cerone

Madison Chambers Courtney Chaplin Molly Chapman Nola Charles Miderline Charles Sarai Cheek Ella Chevalier Ruhee Chitambar Srija Chitti Lily Christensen Mignon Church Hannah Claiborne Evie Clark Lindsey Clark Danielle Clark Sasha Cole Morgan Cole Katie Collier Annie Collins Trystyn Conley Erin Conner Katie Conner Marissa Copeland Ellen Cortez Caiti Couey Margaret Council




Grace Cox Anatasia Crane Carter Crow Sydney Crowe Erin Cullen Libby Dabrowa Sophia Dait Annie Dang Caroline Daniels Eres David Eleanor Davis Lori Davis Tierrah Davis Isabella Dean Kayden Dean Elyse Dennington Cassandra Denton Ileana Deppner Nupur Desai Georgia Dettbarn Katie Dickey Sydney Dillion Sydney Dillon Alexandria Ding Katheryn Distefano

Madeleine Flores Emma Foley Sainabou Foon Rose Foran Kyra Fowler Aubrey Franklin Megan Frayer Malkayla Frazier Lily Frey Annika Fuhrer Stephania Fulleda Caroline Furlong Margaret Fuss Addison Gaddy Frances Garcia Alexa Garcia Jelan Garret Jelan Garrett Melissa Gentilella Natalie George Amanda Getz Sarah Geuss Reyna Ghoshal Anna Gillespie Emory Gillett Angela Giovanelli

Pavni Goel Ariana Goodwin Myra Gordon Candace Gore Julia Goulden Sara Grace Bahiyyih Grant Lauren Grashof Kendal Grattan Rebekah Gravat Paige Graves Sanaiya Gray Tanijiah Green Tyjahnee Green Ariel Greenway Kaylin Grindstaff Daria Guffie Madison Gumkowski Sarabeth Gump Deeya Gupta Danielle Hackett Grace Haggerty Emma Halbrook Nadia Halefom Syndi Hall Reese Hall

Project Chimps, Project Greenhouse Troop 11425 visited Project Chimps to brainstorm ideas that could help their organization. They decided on a soda bottle greenhouse because it would save plastic from being wasted and help feed the chimpanzees nutritious food. Next, they started collecting soda bottles. By the end of the project, they had gathered 1400! During this process, they assembled parts of the greenhouse off-site before transferring them to Project Chimps for the final assembly.


Troop Leaders:

• 11425

• Gwendolyn Zember • Michelle Stitch

• Cobb County

Girl Scouts: • Jennifer Rawlinson • Mercedes Stitch • Danielle Zember

STEAM for Kids STEAM for Kids aimed to increase the number of kids exposed to STEAM. To address this, we created a website with 25 fun activities related to STEAM for kids to do at home. To publicize, we had a table at a local elementary school’s sneak preview with STEAM activities. At the end of our project, we compiled a list of STEAM-related Girl Scout badges on our website and were exhibitors at Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta’s Super STEM Expo.



Troop Leaders:

• 12752

• Gina Masson • Karen George

• Fulton County

Girl Scouts: • Mimi Masson • Natalie George

Clara Hamilton Shanice Hamilton Emily Harrell Carly Harris Heather Harris Joyia Harris Katherine Harris Alanna Hart Summer Hatcher Sariah Haynes Naomi Haynes Charlissia Head Lauren Heffner Brooklyn Hellenbrand Johanna Herbert Bela Hernandez Coralie- Anne Hilaire Emily Hinckley Nyla Hines Reagan Hinley Kayla Hobba Brooke Hobbs Maci Hodo Imani Hoo Susannah Hooton Madison Hummel

Helen Hunt Clare Hur Olivia Hutcherson Muskan Jain Snigdha Jannu Taylor Jarkins Rachel Jay Autumn Jeffries Riya Jegajeevan Althea Mattie Jenkins-Bullard Mikyah Jennings Zea-Zea Jensen Madison Johnson Emily Johnson Megan Johnson Camille Johnson Courtney Johnson Matilda Johnson Nadia Jones Alycia Jones Noelle Jones Kaycee Jones Mary Jorczak Janay Jordan Samantha Junco Kaitlin Kahren

Tabitha Kairuz Rishitha Kamsali Lauren Kardel Ananya Kattela Eva Kaufmann Mehrpreet Kaur Parea Kazem Elisabeth Christ Kearney Kelley Keith Emma Kelley Brooke Kelly Grace Kicak Barbara Kidwell Elana King Rhiana King Lauren Kingston Allison Kitchens Lydia Klements Eleanor Knight Morgan Knotts Kailan Koltai Olivia Kotowski Valerie Koukoutsis Srilakshmi Koya leilani Kuenker Foco Kahmara Landrum

Cora Lanman Alexandra (Lexi Lappin) Lindsay Lavelanet Kennedy Leach Elizabeth Lee Marissa Lee Kylie Levins Elysia Levy Mary Grace Lewis Kelsey Li Emma Livezey Richa Lokhande Morgan Long Jade Lopez Amalia Lotharius Sophia Lowit Alexis Luke Jayla Luke Chloe Lyerly Nichole MacBride Jorja Mackenzie Claire Madison Monica Maillard Anna Majure Mary Malinoff Zoe Marsh




Hannah Dixon Jasmyn Dixson Janiyah Doby Katelynn Donlick Elizabeth Dotson Paige Dunmire Maddie Dunn Penelope Durden Gracie Earnhardt Addison Eastman Addison Echard Joi Ector Casey Ehlen Victoria Corinn Ellis Chloe Enderle Amelia Epperson Syndey Erickson Caitlyn Etheridge Anna Grace Fairrel Sabrina Farkey-Allen Ryan Farmer Savannah Farrell Marin Faulker Lauren Faulker Anna Filipek Naimora Finch

Abby Phillips Alaina Phillpott Elizabeth Pierson Emma Pittman Ann Brisoe Pongonis Abigail Porter Jenna Prokash Kamani Pryor Julia Pumarejo De La Rosa Samhita Purushothapu Isabel Rached Gabrielle Rainwater Sarah Beth Raley Jada Ramsey Gabby Ramsey Aniya Rashid Dorothy Ratcliff Myrna Rawlinson Priya Ray Jaid Ray Ava Reasey Jaylynn Reddick Maya Reese Anslee Reid Gia Rene Charlotte Reynolds Margie Ridings Adrianna Riley Sharon Robinson Jaidyn Robinson Riley Robinson Allison Robson Haiden Rodgers Zoe Rogers Brianne Rooney Laurel Ross Laurel Rudich Omolola Rufai Rachel Runsick Audrey Rush Nicole Russo Bella Salter Tayana Sanders Liliana Sandfort Mia Sandfort Jenna Sapong Lily Sayre Marissa Scharlett Jordan Schilling Samantha Schoenfeld Anna Scott Veronica Seabolt Megan Serfontein Tanvi Shanbhag Muskan Sharma Darshana Sharma Annie Shea Piper Sheetz Hannah Sherman Katherine Sherwood

Robin Sherwood Dani Shickle Rujula Shrestha Catherine Siguenza Trinity Singeltary Jaycie Skarda Maya Smith Alyssa Smith Layla Smith Esther Smith Kathryn Smith Haeley Smith Lindsey Marie Smith Madison Smith Erin Smith Jaida Smith Maggie Smith Emma Liz Soltay Marin Sonderman Emily Song Katherine Sorensen Catherine Spainhour Peyton Spann Maxine Spencer Imane Staples Heather StClair Addison Stephens Kara Stevens Sheridan Stevens Layla Stewart Olivia Stewart Mercedes Stich Katie Strickland Sara Strobeck Emilie Sullivan Katie Swanson Anoushka Talwar Ashlee Tam Haley Tate Saraayu Tayi Kamari Taylor Meira Taylor Abigail Terry Arielle Thomas Cadence Thomas Daphne Thomas Olivia Thomas Katie Thomason Mallory Thorton Mythili Thota Gabrielle Tobin Rachel Todebush Andrea Toro Lena Towne Sophia Towns Gabriella Ugwonali Claire Ullman Cassandra Upton Lakshmi Valliyappan Kathryn (Katie) Vance

Ariya Varma Madison Vaughn Triya Veeramani Yashodhara Velayudam Amulya Vemuri Shrida Venkatesh Annelyse Venn Reagan Vetter Neha Vijay Delanie Vines Katrina Walden Emily Waldrop Carson Walker Maya Walker Sophia Walker Meghan Wallace Anaya Walls Angelina Ward Sydney Ware Abby Warshauer Vanessa Washington Abigail Watts Lauren Webb Mckayla Webster Samantha Weinick Amanda Weiss Meredith Werner Kacey West Bren Weterrings Mia Whelan Maya White Maiyah White Dominique White Skai White Anabelle Wildes Lauren Wiles Megan Willever Olivia Camille Williams Miracle Jh'Nae Williams Kaylee Williamson Anna Wills Kate Wilson Jenna Wischner Madison Wise Katie Wishert Olivia Wolf Isabelle Wood Jordyn Wright Lillian Yan Jean Yu Danielle Yucius Zoe Zahnle Danielle Zember Mikayla Ziemann Abigail Zieseniss Jada Zimbabwe Allie Zimmerman Cadence Zoeller Taylor Zoeller

Setting Up Mini Libraries for Neonatal ICU Hospitals Troop:

Troop Leaders:

• 11816

• Heather Waits • Aileen Carlstrom

• Forsyth County

Girl Scout: • Anoushka Talwar

For her project, Anoushka collected more than 400 books and set up libraries in two Neonatal ICUs of Hospitals. Science has proven that reading is beneficial for the preemie baby’s brain and overall health and development. Many parents do not have access to books, nor do they understand the benefits of reading. But these libraries are sustainable and will stay in the hospitals for years to come.




Abigail Marzullo Braelyn Mason Meredith Massey Emilie Masson Anika Mathur Erin Mattson Rukariro Mawokomatanda Takia Mayberry Eilis McCarthy Ayanna McCartney Jaimie McCauley Caitlyn McClain Jessica McClain Kiele McCollough Jenna McCulloch Amelia McEwen Alana McGaughey Kaitlyn Mckee Macy McKenzie Maya McKenzie Sarah McWilliams Azriel Melvin Sanjana Menon Savannah Merrefield Claire Metcalf Juliette Mijangos Grace Miller Kaitlyn Miller DeAnna Millsap Theresa Mock Sadie Moon Elle Morrison Madeline Murphy Isha Nathan Kathryn Neal Audrey Nguyen Grace Nichols Sydney Nieves Taylor Nieves Varsha Nirmal Laila Noel Nylah Nuri Annabelle Nyberg Camryn Oddo Mary Alice Olewicz Samantha O'Neil Riley Oravetz Reese Pace Irene Palacios-Rodriguez Kirtana Paladugula Audrey Park Elizabeth Parker Payal Patel Sabrina Patrick Julianna Pauleon Lauren Pereira Aaliyah Perez Sophia Perkins Nadira Peterson Mallory Pettit

Be inspired to make a difference. Be a leader who listens to all. Working on my Gold Award inspired me to think about what needs to change to make the world better. Even though I led the project, many other people provided input. Just listen, and you will be an amazing leader! Inspirational Quote by Angelica Faith Millen, page 9 Illustration by Analise Black, page 4



Troop 15033 created Calm Down Kits to give to their teachers or adults in their school who work with emotional students. These kits included various items used to regulate emotional responses. The troop consulted school counselors and a social worker to select objects for the kits that could be helpful. The teachers and adults who received these Calm Down Kits introduced them to their students. Students who felt angry or emotional used these kits to regulate their feelings. The Calm Down Kits included: playdough, three types of stress balls, crayons and paper, bubble wrap, sensory bottles, and laminated calm down cards with additional calming strategies.

STEAM Boredom Buster Kits Troop 15065 focused on helping children in the hospital and foster care enjoy STEAM activities while away from home. They took action and used their cookie money to create 100 STEAM kits and donated them to patients in Children’s Hospital of Atlanta Scottish Rite, and Bloom Closet in Fayetteville who provides services for foster care children across Georgia. They shared videos on YouTube to continue sharing their love of STEAM across the world!


Troop Leaders:

• 15065

• Jennifer Wooden • Andrea Ferguson

• Fayette County

Calm Down Kits to Help with Emotional Regulation Troop:

Troop Leaders:

• 15033

• Gwendolyn Strong • Ada Anderson

• Rockdale County

Girl Scouts: • • • • •

Breanna Strong Taylor Anderson Maya Hammond Natasha Hudson Hannah Elasri

Girl Scouts: • • • • • •

Gabrielle Ferguson Laila Powell Mia Powell London Rivers Gabrielle Wooden Saniyah Wright


You will endure many challenges on your journey. You have the strength and power to overcome them. Inspirational Quote by Claire A. Todd, page 13

Brooklyn Abney Addison Achey Allison Acuna Ashley Adams Willa Adamws Bailey Adams-Williams Ava Adan Addison Adgate Christina Adou-Henderson Amaris Agbabiaka Alaina Alberts Olivia Alberts Finley Aldred Morgan Allen Genevieve Almond Taylor Anderson Isabelle Anderson Madeline Andrews Sylvia Anulewicz Dhruti Anupindi Kimaya Applewaite Maya Aquino Anastasia Arce Zoe Archer Aniyah Arnaud Sophia Arnold Haylie Arrington Robyn Asbell Anna Atherton Emily Athey Katelyn Austin Arianne Austin Eliana Avila Jocelyn Axelrod Taylor Ayers

Sahasra Ayyagari Isabella Bagwell Zoya Baig Anne Bailey Madison Bailey Kaelee Baldwin Harmonie Baldwin-Hall Sophie Balmes Kendell Banister Kaitlyn Barker Zoe Barnes Elise Barrett Talia Barron Taylynn Barron Teagan Barry Athena Barva Sarah Barwis Julia Batchelor Olivia Bates Journee Baysmore Isabella Beatty Leah Beaubien Jadah Beauchamp Addison Beck Lilah Beckman Zoi Beeks Erin Belknap Madison Bell Kathrynn Benninger Alysia Benton Ciara Berggren Jaelana Berry Reagan Berube Tayunna Best Kayla Betha

Zara Bevege Isabella Biagi Charlotte Bien Sophia Biggs Ansley Billimek E'lan Bingham Isabella Birnbaum Abby Blate Samantha Blitzer Nina Boldoni Olivia Bonilla Julia Bonilla Siena Bout Gracie Bowen Kailyn Boyd Riley Boyd Lisa Boyle Madison Bradway McKenzie Brady Emmaleigh Braswell Kaylyn Braun Katherine Brennan Lilly Bright Grace Britt Sophia Brittian Violet Brockmann Kathleen Brooks Rassie Brown Lainie Brown Mackenzie Brown Denise Brue Lillian Buckner Jessica Buffington Madison Burke Julia Burnette

Lainee Burnette Lila Bush Bridgette Butler Naomi Byrd Haseley Caine Leoni Campbell Miracle Canzater-Johnson Vivian Cardillo Sophia Cardillo Jocelyn Carsley Meredith Carsley Sydnei Carter Olivia Casal Abigail Casillo Wren Casteel Isabella Cautter Ivy Cay Elliana Cefaratti Ava Ceo Alexa Chaidez Elizabeth Chandler Nidhi Chandrappa Hannah Chanthaphonh Alyssa Lily Charles Isabella Charlesworth Jamilla Chatmon Anna Cheever Jianni Cheng Isabella Cheroff Sophia Chilton Aubrey Christopoulis Amarachi Chukwu Melody Chumley Preetika Chunduru Amelia Cimbalo




Morgan Eskew Claire Etheridge Peyton Evans Harper Evans Reagan Eve Naomi Fagan Sophia Fahrni Kelsey Fair Emma Faison Emily Fakhori Katelyn Fallaw Gabrielle Ferguson Mia Ferretti Anne Ferry Madison Fielder London Fields Isabella Finol-Bishop Coraleen Fitzroy Andrea Fleckenstein Brynn Fleming Mariah Flores Samara Flott Haileigh Flowers Grace Flowers Gnouma Fofana Deryn Ford Alden Forsten Caoilinn Foy Eleanor Franchak Natalia Francis Zoe Frankel Claire Franklin Shawna Frasure Mackenzie Freeman Anna Frommer Arianna Frye Bridgette Fryer Paisley Fuller Megan Furlong Amelia Gallant Sri Varshini Ganesh Mohan Kayden Gantt Sydney Garner Brynn Garrett Darcy Gaynor Ky'Arra Genama Charlotte Gerdes Jena Gersh Daniya Ghazanfar Fiammetta Giambra Megan Giather Claire Gibbs Sky Gibson Emily Ginzberg Daniela Godamunne Kendal Godfrey Alexis Goff Abeille Goldstein Deanna Gomez Ella Gonenne Joi Gonzalez Kierna Goodard Caitlin Goodwin Susan Googe Sara Goolsby Madison Gordon Makayla Graham Sloan Graham Ava Graham Brielle Grandpierre Kylie Grant

Sophia Gravanda Miranda Greco Caroline Green Hayden Greene Audrey Greene Chelsea Greene Elizabeth Greer Calyssa Griffin Gizelle Griffin-McPhail Abigail Guillaume Meghan Gulley Aanya Gupta Lila Gutierrez Hadiya Hadiya-Ghazanfar Madison Hagin Sevannah Haik Dailynn Hall Ansley Hall Serenity Hall Emma Hallock Maya Hammond Abigail Hankinson Zoe Hansen Dakota Hanson Kira Hardy Christina Harmon Kayla Harper Maya Harper Kassidy Harris Julia Harris Sara Harris Vivian Harris Peyton Harris Hannah Harrison Emma Harron Madeline Harron Catie Hart Marit Harvey Karen Hassler Samantha Hasty Olivia Hatchcock Chloe Hatcher Madeleine Hathorn Azuki Hattori Ariel Haugabrook Mary Hawranko Anderson (And Hayes Julia Haymore Gracie Hayslip lily Hebert Lily Hedden Avery Hegeman Amelia Heinz London Helton Sarah Helton Diana Henderson Emma Henderson Kiley Hendrix Zora Henry Madison Henry Sadie Hernandez Chylei Hicks Courtney Hickson Katie High Davis Hightower Casey Hill Anderson (And Hilliard Lana Hirsch Abigail Hitchcock Isabelle Hoenes Izabelle Hoff

Holly Hoffman Mary Hollifield Maggie Holloway Lesley Holman Isabelle Holmes Leyu Hoover Rebecca Howard Grace Howard Zoie Howard Emma Howell Natasha Hudson Julia Hudson Shelley Huff Olivia Hull Olivia Hur Audrey Hutchins Joi-Shia Hutchinson Madeline Hyatt Nina Hylton Chloe Icenhour Payton Ingham Amina Ingraham Abigail Irwin Ari Ismaaeel Sophia Isreal Madeline Jackson Savannah Jackson Aniyah Jackson Naida Jackson Toni Jackson Victoria Jackson Nia Jacobs Ja'zer James Lindsey James Manahil Jamil Dylan Jefferson Ava Jessel Kyndall Jiles Lilah Johnson Skylar Johnson Nevaeh Johnson Zoe Johnson Eden Johnson Courtney Johnson Jamilah Johnson Sofia Jones Addison Jones Hannah Jorge Angelique Joseph Jocelyn Juan Julia Jung Lindsay Justice Lily Kalin Melanie Kaplan Samantha Karel Ella Hart Kashdan Abby Kasik Tania Kea Penelope Keenan Ainsley Keeting Kayla Kehayes Mattie Kelbaugh Marina Kelsh Mattie Kempton Leila Kent Aliyah Khan Zunaira Khan Ayaat Khwaja Lauren Kim Grace Kim Emma King

A Food Allergy Manual and Resource Guide Troop: • 15063 • Clayton County

Troop Leaders:

Girl Scouts:

• Alyson Benton • India Jackson

• Serenity Hall • Yasmin Lee

Food allergies have increased by


from 1997 to 2011. There is no cure for food allergies, strict avoidance, and management is the key to saving lives. This Food Allergy Guide was created to support children with food allergies by providing information to educators and childcare facilities in our community. Its impact on our community includes five childcare facilities and four Clayton County Public schools, of whom were recipients of the manual.


Audrey King Eliyah Kinsey Lucy Kinsinger Ava Kornegay Riley Koski Capri Kowalczyk Molly Krabel Myla Kresge Peyton Krouse Vivian Kuria Ella Kush Ansley Kuzma Ryleigh Labbee Kaylin Landrian-Shrewsbury Eleanor Lane Layla Laney Hannah Lang Fiona Langford Asha Laskar Addison Lassiter Destiny Lawrence Meghan Layfield Adison Leahy Helen Lee Leaming Taylor Leatherwood Eliza LeCraw Christian Lee Yasmin Lee Christian Lee Cecilia Leone Penelope Lesser Maya Lewis Brylie Lewis Elizabeth Link Emma Lisborg

Katherine Little Lucy Little Yidan Liu Alaska Lockhart Nazeefa Loladia Maddie Lopez Ashlyn Loving Nyzhirah Loyal Nyzirah Loyal Meredith Luchtan Samantha Lunchenbill Gianna Lundy-Garefino Leslie Lutz Genevieve Lynch Ellisa MacDonald Kayla Madden Audrey Mahadeo Safa Mahmood Allison Maier Laila Makhlouf Kandell Mangham Vivian Manley Lela Mariolis Alyssa Marshall Ella Martin Phoebe Martinez Mikaela Martinez Isabella Martinez Lilliana Martinez Abigail Martin-Hoster Addilyn Mason Ava Matthews Lily Matthews Linden Maurer Abby Mauriello

Lola Maynard Haighley Mayorga Marin McAbee Charlie McAllister Lucy Ann McArthur Bethany McClure Estella McConville Joscoe McCook Storie McCormick Kaitlynn McCullough Shakira McDade Taylor McDaniel Natalie McDonnell Madelyn McFarland Courtney McFarlin Marley McGee Maya McGinley Adelaide McLaughlin Ashlyn McLaughlin Caitlyn McLaughlin Kya McMerit Victoria Mcmillan Addie McNeese Lilly McSorley Payton Melan Rowen Merritt Brooklynn Mevissen Margaret Meyer Nora Michaelis Sylvia Michell Ansley Middlebrook Tzipporah Middleton Lilly Miles Miley Milfort Fleurisma Michal Miller

Mia Mirando Malia Misher Jazlynn Mitchell Kate Mitts Kristen Mobley Destiny Mockabee Stuti Mohan Katherine Molner Dalia Moody Mackenzie Moore Tayonna Moore Gabrielle Moore Brianna Moore Mackenzie Moore Spencer Moore Reagan Moran Sabrina Moran Kate Moran Shelby Morris Halimah Mujahid-Alexander Zariah Murphy Carlie Muse Kate Myers Sophia Najewski Nayonika Nandy Isabella Neal Kailey Nelson Caroline Netto Sarah Netto Ella Newby Allie Newsome Annabelle Nguyen Sophia Nguyen Mackenzie Nicholaou Haylen Nichols




Bailey Clark Trinity Cleveland Isabella Clifford Taylor Cloud Cambree Coard Ella Cobb Madison Cobb Ariona Cochran Parker Coffman Talia Cohen Hannah Cohen Lauren Cohn Katie Colbourne Rachel Coleman Ravyn Collins Kayla Connor Faith Cook Sienna Cook Virginia Cook Olivia Cooke Mariah Cornelius Isabella Correa Emma Corso Lizzy Cottrell Emma Cox Ali Cox Makenzie Cranford Valencia Crawford Lily Crick Madison Cromartie Addison Crowder Kaitlyn Crowe Madeline Cullo Chloe Currin Brooke Cutno Bailee Cutno Jiya Dalal Autumn Dalburg Grace Danser Sophia Darling Lillian Dase Skyler Davis Kenya Dean Briana DeLoach Taylor DeVane Layla Dixon Lilly Dixon Santana Doan Roxanne Dobbs Cate Doenitz Emma Doherty Briana Dow Maja Draffin Maggie Driemeyer Reid Dryden Hannah Duane Gracie Duman Alaina Duman Jackie Dwyer Parker Dykes Troie Echols Hasini Edupuganti Idara Edwards Sakani Elango Hannah Elasri Emma Elejalde Laurel Elliott Mikayla Ellis Savannah Ellison Aubrey Endom Kaitlyn Escayg

Elisabeth Richard Kayleigh Richards Karolyne Richards Charlize Richardson Serenity Richmond Kimora Riggins Rowan Riley Sophia Rivera London Rivers Bethany Roberts Hailey Robertson Taylin Robinson Sharee Robinson Claire Robinson Peyton Robinson Ireland Rodgers Laura Anne Rodriguez Clara Louise Rogers Cecilia Romano Merrick Root Victoria Rosado Brodie Rosinski Hailey Ross Catherine Rosser Margaret Rosser Allison Rowan Lyla Rubenstein Margaret Rudolph Dylan Ruff Ashlyn Rusk Abigail Russell Zoe Rylander Chloe Sablowski Eva Sadow Mya Saeed Amy Sahar Sydney Samples Gabrielle Samuels Addison Sapp Ryann Satterfield Laney Saunders Savannah Saunders Sedona Scarborough Gabrielle Schaefer Madison Schefferine Claire Schepp Emily Schiffbauer Paloma Schimitt Ashland Schimpf Lily Schmidt Samantha Schmink Sawyer Schoenknecht Amy Schumacher Alyssa Schwartzberg Meghan Schwenker Francesca Scibona Camille Scott Sasha Sedykh Jocelyn Sego Adrianna Sewell Anika Shah Izzy Sharp Aleena Shash Ashley Shaw-Barrion Maggie Sheffield Sarah Sherwood Abi Shinn Lillian Shirley Alexis Shortal Reese Silijestrom Mia Silverio

Ryleigh Simmons Allison Simmons Jennifer Simons Savannah Simpson Sydney Sims Tayler Sims Kadence Singletary Samaria Slaton Lauren Smith Braxton Smith Cleo Smith Harper Smith Dianna Smith Chelsea Smith Judith Smith Carleigh Smith Nevaeh Smith Olive Smith K'Jayda Smith (Jordan) Alexis Snyder Mattie Sochacki Ashwika Soundar Lauren Sovero Caroline Spain Sage Spencer Alyssa Springfield Audrey Sroka Anastassia St Joseph Charlotte Stafford Christanie Stafford Christinie Stafford Julia Stallworth Abby Stanford Alyssa Stanley Jordyn Statom Camryn Stegall Evelyn Steinhofer Samantha Sterling Samantha Stetter Drasyn Stewart Madalyn Story Bailey Stover Allie Street Breanna Strong Jordyn Strouts Lorelei Strudthoff Caitlin Stuckey Maddie Sullivan Perry Sullivan Annabeth Swayze Lydia Tarkesh Savannah Tate Jurni Taylor Camilla Tenorio Aniyah Terameau Cierra Thomas Kara Thomas Jeslyn Thomas Khloe Thomas Hollis Thompson Lindsey Thompson Chess Thompson Sylvie Thompson Maya Thompson Jordyn Thorne Kyla Thornton Abigail Thorpe Ava Timchenko Madeline Tober Mary Michaela Todd Lillian Towry Sofia Trabazo

Charly Trent Lorena Trevino MacKenzie Trezvant Aubrey Tribick Payton Truett Caroline Tucker Elizabeth Kate Tucker Kaela Turcotte Olivia Turcotte Julia Turner Mariella Tyler Caitlin Unglo Madeline Van Oss Megan Van Reenen Jocelyn Vann Olivia Vega Kaylee Vered Jaanvi Vitkar Grace Vollero Molly Voosen Gracie Wade Alexandra Wainwright Jasmine Waldron Allison Walker Victoria Walker Bailey Walker Rachel Walker Erika Wallace Anne Walsh Gabriella Washington Nala Washington Olivia Waters Sadie Waters London Watkins CeCe Watson Charly Webb Elizabeth White Lauren Wilhelm Madalyn Wilkins Brianna Williams Phoebe Williams Adelaise Williams Evelyn Williams Morgan Williams Makayla Williams Camryn Williams Karrington Willis Juliana Wilson Morrine Wilson Kandis Winston Elizzy Wisdom Caroline Wiseman Miranda Wolfe Alena Wolfe Marin Wolfe Sophia Wong Elsie Wood Sophie Wood Gabrielle Wooden Roxie Woodruff Caroline Wright Emily Youman Kayla Young Jordyn Young kendyl Young Anna Young Janelle Zephir Kylie Zmitrovich

2020 2020 SCHOLARSHIP SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS RECIPIENTS Congratulations to all our 2020 Scholarship Recipients! Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Inc. is pleased to be able to continue the scholarship tradition established in 1993. The scholarships, which are for graduating high school seniors, recognize outstanding Gold Award Girl Scouts by helping them further their educational opportunities. Recipients may choose their place of higher learning; it may be a college, university, or technical school, in or out of state. Recipients are chosen by the Girl Scout Gold Award Scholarship Selections Committee, which reviews each application using a point system. Points are given based on leadership activities, involvement in the community, academic achievement, and, most importantly, the Girl Scout Gold Award project. Fifty percent of the total score is based on the quality and community impact of the project.

$ This year


in scholarship money is being awarded to Gold Award Girl Scouts

Scholarship Recipient

Gold Award Project Title

Christina Edwards*

Full STEM Ahead with Reading

Brooke Hillis

Girl Talk Molo

Erica Holmes

Back to School Supplies: Beyond the Backpack

Kathleen Iacobelli

God's Special Holly Lilies

Joy Inya-Agha

It's In Your Blood

Anuhya Kasam

DeStress 101

Camryn Kiener

Producing Produce

Shrika Madivanan

Opening Minds and Changing Lives

Dailey Martin*

Lakeside Viking Care Closet

Payton McClarity Jones

The Health Fitness Club

Cherie Sang

Paint the World

Meagan Setchell

Dare to Care

Shanzeh Sheikh

Health for All

Amani Ward*

Starting the Conversation

Anna Wilkinson

Take It To Make It Pedestrian Flags

* In honor of Helen Eidson, mother of Ann Hooper, high school seniors who have earned their Girl Scout Gold Award are eligible for this scholarship, based on demonstrated financial need. The award is designated for books and supplies.




Evelyn Nichols Jovanna Njem Mary Noble Adela Ntardzenyuy Sarah Nunez Gigi O'Brien Gabrielle Oden Lily Anna Ollinger Shea O'Neill Serwaa Opoku-Darkwa Ortez Orr Macey Osborn Sofia Ostrej Cydnee Pace Scarlett Paden Laura Palacios Sydney Pannell Lydia Parker Elaina Parker Gracie Parker Caroline Parker Anna Parker Lyric Parker Kylie Parsons Herheeta Patel Piper Patellis Amulya Patil Alexandra Patrick Madison Patrick Lily Peebles Rachel Pendarvis Alyssa Pennington Mackenzie Phipps Leena Phoenix Genevieve Pickens Madison Pinheiro Maya Pinto Lillian Pinto Eden Piotrowski Ariadna Pizano Gianna Poage Kaminari Pollack Maddie Post Amelia Powell Laila Powell Mia Powell Lily Powell Sophia Powers Shravya Prakash Carson Pressley Maddie Preyer Sophie Price Ava Prickett Amirah Pugh Emma Pugh Ariel Raffo Alondra Raffo Emma Ramer Adrianna Ramos Anya Raut Lianna Realbuto Gabriela Reblando Claire Rector Linnea Reece Clare Reid Eliana Reisman Dominiqui Renfroe Sofia Restrepo Edith Reynolds Marin Rice Cara Richard


Special Thanks to Our Sponsor and Program Partner

2020 Board of Directors Anne Bowen-Long, Chair Sonnet C. Edmonds, Vice Chair Kathy Waller, Secretary Cathy C. Miller, Treasurer

Directors at Large Shan Cooper Susan J. Dimmick LaShonda Foy Fran Gary Vivian Greentree Monique Honaman* Marcia (“Marci”) Jerding Grace Kolvereid Kathleen (“Kat”) Marran

Ellie Morris Condace Pressley Erika Preval Melissa Ramer Denise Reese Elizabeth (“Beth”) Schiavo* Amy S. Dosik Chief Executive Officer *Executive Committee Member

5601 N. Allen Road Mableton, GA 30126 800.771.1139 •

Profile for Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta

Gold Award Book 2020 - Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta  

In this magazine, you will read about the many accomplishments of our Gold Award Girl Scouts. These outstanding young women are informed, de...

Gold Award Book 2020 - Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta  

In this magazine, you will read about the many accomplishments of our Gold Award Girl Scouts. These outstanding young women are informed, de...


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