The Lower Eastside Girls Club — 2019 Annual Report

Page 32

FINANCIALS $3.3 million dollars: this is our annual budget for FY 2020. We expect it to grow to $3.88 M when we expand our programs to include our new Family Center for Wellbeing & Happiness. What you really want to know is: How stable are we in these unstable times? So forget the pie charts and fancy statistics. It’s this simple: we have a nicely-balanced funding base. Nineteen percent comes from City and State contracts for after-school, weekend, and summer programs. Another 19% from corporate donations which sponsor special programs and events. 23% from our Board of Directors and other generous individuals, and 39% from Foundations and Donor Advised Funds. Many of our programs are funded by a combination of these sources, so we’re actually more of a gumbo or a sancocho than a pie! Find our 990 Tax Return at: GIRLSCLUB.ORG/990-TAX-RETURN