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ANNual report 2012/2013 fAMILY TRANSITION pLACE

“Each year in Canada, 40,000 domestic assault related arrests are made making up about 12 per cent of all violent crime in the country.�1 1*

Board of Directors Pete Renshaw, President Stacey Coupland, Vice-President Lynda Ferneyhough, Treasurer Deborah Brook Elaine Capes Kemi Palmer Dave Quinton Cynthia Rayburn Mike Walmsley Family Transition Place is a not-for-profit agency. Registered charitable number: BN107376378RR0001


annual report 2012/2013

from the executive director

Norah Kennedy The 2012/2013 year at Family Transition Place was much like that of many of our clients – filled with both challenges and triumphs. We are honoured by the trust placed in us by the women, children and few men who come to us for support, and by the community and funders that entrust us to be good stewards of their donations, funding and good will. Everything we do is done with that trust in mind.

Our commitment to helping youth build the skills and attitudes they need to form healthy relationships has only strengthened over the past year. We firmly believe that education and prevention is central to our ultimate goal of ending violence against women, and despite the challenges of sustaining an unfunded program, somehow, someway, this important work must continue.

The “Great Flood of 2012” saw FTP close its doors and relocate residents for the first time in its long history, but while we were still mopping up (literally) from that, we were presented with the Excellence in Not For Profit Award by the Greater Dufferin Chamber of Commerce. A little later in the year, we were proud to receive the Town of Orangeville’s “Promoting a Barrier Free Community Award” in recognition of our work to make our facility and services as accessible as possible.

The shelter has been full most of the year, with an average of 93% occupancy. There are wait lists for our clinical counselling programs. Therefore, knowing that many women will continue to need our services, we looked at emerging and promising practices in our work, so that we can better serve women, especially those with complex needs, across all our programs.

In November we received funding to support women in a whole new way. Mothers Changing Paths opened in March and provides counselling and support primarily to pregnant and parenting women struggling with opiate and other substance use. As part of the effort to engage men in the struggle to end violence against women, we excitedly launched the Headwaters White Ribbon Committee. Their first community Poster Campaign, featuring prominent local men posing with their daughters and granddaughters, invited men of our community to join them in pledging to “never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women”. The inspirational and exciting Voices Initiative was born with support of a grant from Status of Women Canada. The Social Innovations Research Group at WLU has partnered with FTP to engage community partners, and bring awareness of safety for women and girls through exciting blogs, facebook posts and a soon to be released documentary!

And lastly, a big piece of work this year has been the development of the next strategic plan that will guide our work over the coming three years. As part of that work, we also crafted a new vision statement which reads in part “A community free of abuse where all women, children and men are treated with respect and equality...”. Because that is a community we would all like to live in; where respect exists, abuse cannot. I am extremely honoured to be part of the FTP family. The dedicated staff, the Board of Directors, our volunteers and community partners continue this difficult work with determination, commitment and hope; Hope that, despite the numbers in the occupancy reports and on the wait lists for counselling, we will one day no longer see the need for agencies like ours –that our vision will have become a reality. Until that time, I thank you for your part in helping us work towards achieving this momentous goal. With Respect,

Norah Kennedy

‘‘Building healthier communities – one relationship at a time.”


annual report 2012/2013

“On average, every six days a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner.


When your place does not feel safe... • Our Emergency Shelter children in crisis.

housed 121 women and 79

• The length of a woman’s stay was anywhere from three to eight weeks. • Last year 20

women and 20 children relied on Second Stage Housing until they were able to find safe,

affordable permanent housing.

• FTP’s Second Stage Housing Program consists of three residential houses and are rented to women on a rent geared to income basis for periods of approximately six months. These houses can accommodate five individuals and are sometimes shared between families. • Our 24 hour Crisis Information line provided resources, information and support to 2,010 callers. •

321 women were supported by Transitional Counsellors and Legal Support Workers to help women transition from abuse to independence.

557 hours of childcare and activities were provided to

our clients. Children(and women) had fun with board game nights, baking and crafts.

annual report 2012/2013

In 2009, 67 women were murdered by a current or former spouse or boyfriend.”1

ours will. counselling team offered 10 support groups.

• Our compassionate

• Clinical Counsellors worked with 360 women providing a skilled, confidential and non-judgemental approach to counselling helping these women develop the skills and strategies they needed to deal with the impact of their trauma. •

Sexual Assault Counselling is available to both

women and men, over the age of 16. Last year, counsellors helped 116 women and 5 men process and work through the effects of recent or historical sexual abuse.

• FTP also provides counselling groups in partnership with the Early Years Centres in Dufferin and Caledon and Dufferin Parent Support Network. •

Mothers Changing Paths is a new initiative that offers support for pregnant and parenting women struggling with opiate misuse.

• FTP continues to be an active community partner on the Dufferin Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse and on the Community Advisory Board for Homelessness. We are seeing a trend in the increase of mature women using our services.



annual report 2012/2013

Our education programs deliver results.

your gifts at work


survey of 2000 youth concluded that those who participated in school-based abuse prevention programs had greater knowledge about abuse issues, and were more likely to demonstrate protective behaviours, to seek help, and to understand that the maltreatment they suffered was not their fault1 1 Finklehor, D., Asdigian N. and Dziuba-Leatherman, J. 1995. The effectiveness of victimization prevention instruction: An evaluation of children’s responses to actual threats and assaults. Child Abuse & Neglect, Vol. 19 (3) pp. 137-149. (back)

Family Transition Place values education and prevention as tools to end abuse in our community. Throughout the years we have been active in the community, schools and have delivered corporate training in the workplace to promote healthy relationships and to break the cycle of abuse. Research shows that children who witness violence are more likely to grow up to become victims or abusers.2 Since 2001, FTP has reached thousands of kids through our Youth Education programming. These interactive and engaging programs strive to teach youth the importance of healthy, respectful relationships that are free of violence. 2

Working with the Centre of Excellence for Children’s Mental Health, we have implemented valid and reliable statistical evaluation tools that are used pre and post programming to measure the results. We are thrilled that our programs are making a difference! Results show:

• 73% of the students stated that their classmates treat each other better as a result of participating in Stereotype Busters. • Stereotype Busters has also helped empathy increase by 16% and 84% of students stated that they now have a better understanding of classmates’ feelings. • 74% of students felt better about their relationships within the classes as a result of taking the POWER program. • 81% of students stated that their ability to form/maintain healthy relationships has improved.

annual report 2012/2013


“Family Transition Place values education and prevention tools to end abuse in our community. ”

Real stories of success. Grade eleven student Devon said that the program she took really helped boost her self esteem and consquently inspired her career path. Three years after first taking the program, Devon has completed her college placement at Family Transition Place and has now graduated and is in the social service worker field. – Good for you Devon! ....................................................... A grade five student, William was inspired through our programming, specifically from some of the anti-

bullying messages he received. William confessed that it helped him through his own personal experiences. He is no longer being bullied in class and he created a STOMP OUT bullying card to share his message to inspire others. ...................................................... Evan admitted that he engaged in bullying behaviour at the beginning of one of our programs, but by the end of the eight week program, he was pleased that he was now able to express himself without bullying. He also felt

inspired to help others and wanted to help an autistic boy who was unable to communicate. He invited the boy to join his circle of friends to feel included and offered him help when needed. Evan’s teachers credit the Youth Education programming for his positive changes in behaviour.


annual report 2012/2013

events Family Transition Place Charity Golf Classic 2012.

Norah Kennedy speaking at the 2012 Ferguson Memorial Walk. $14,000 was raised for FTP.

‘‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” - Henry Ford

International Women’s Day 2013.

Each year Family Transition Place hosts two major fundraising events – the FTP Charity Golf Classic and the International Women’s Day Luncheon Fundraiser. Together, these two events raise approximately $110,000 which is approximately 45% of our fundraising budget.


n addition to our two major fundraisers, FTP believes in collaboration with community partners to bring awareness to events such as Woman Abuse Prevention Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month and commemorating the National Day of Remembrance on December 6 in both the Dufferin and Caledon Communities. We believe that there is strength in partnerships and that they will equate to a stronger community. FTP makes every effort to promote education and awareness about domestic abuse within the community by partnering with various agencies

Staff & Volunteer Appreciation Event

such as: the County of Dufferin, the Dufferin/Caledon Domestic Assault Review Team, the Sexual Assault Review Team, the Child Abuse Review Team with Police, Justice and Health community agency representatives. Our partnership with Dufferin Child and Family Services allows FTP to problem solve around service delivery and shared client issues. Other valued partnerships include: Dufferin Connects, the Town of Orangeville, Homewood Addiction Services, Public Health, the Upper Grand District School Board and the Greater Dufferin Chamber of Commerce.

‘‘We believe that there is strength in partnerships and that they will equate to a stronger community.”

annual report 2012/2013


We believe in community.

On December 6, approximately 70 people gathered from the community to stand in unity to pledge their commitment to ending violence against women.

The Voices Initiative It begins with a dream… A dedicated group of individuals has assembled to dream of changing the story in our community to end violence in a very strategic way. A grant from the Government of Canada’s Status of Women has enabled FTP to bring this group of visionaries together and made this work possible.

And some research… The Social Innovation Research Group (SIRG) at the Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier University has joined this initiative and is using their expertise in research to support the community in its goal to end violence against women and girls. Their research will illuminate the voices and stories of women and girls and highlight ideas for ending violence against women in Caledon and Dufferin.

Research can be a step in the journey towards achieving social transformation. The purpose of research is to ask questions, discover new and innovative ways of thinking, knowing and behaving, ultimately leading to change. Research can be the catalyst for women to help women, can ignite a community, and can mobilize action towards their happy ending.

“Community helps society because it creates solutions, provides security and reveals dedication.” – The team very appropriately calls their work “The Voices Initiative: Engaging Brave Discussions about Violence against Women and Girls.” The result of these research efforts will be an action plan for ending violence, which also includes a documentary.


annual report 2012/2013

celebrating a few of our 2012 accomplishments 1 A Recipient of

the Barrier-Free Community Award from the Town of Orangeville

The town of Orangeville acknowledged FTP’s commitment to meeting and exceeding standards to provide a fully accessible facility, programs and services. They felt FTP was deserving of this prestigious award in October 2012.



Recipient of the Greater Dufferin Chamber of Commerce Award for Not for Profit Excellence

Celebrating Our

2 Clients

We are always inspired by the spirit of the women and children that walk through our doors. They are courageous… trying desperately to go from being victims to survivors. They are reflective of their past, hopeful about their future and above all, determined to create a better life for themselves. They are the reason we are so passionate about our work.

Imagine Canada

3 Member

FTP is proud to be a participating member of the Imagine Canada Ethical Code Program. This membership is designed to strengthen public confidence demonstrating excellence within board governance, financial accountability and transparency, fundraising, staff management and volunteerism.

Bracelets 4 HOPE FTP sold HOPE bracelets as a

fundraiser and were inspired by the women who purchased them. Here is

one woman’s story: “Since I purchased my HOPE bracelets, I have worn them every day. When I look down at them – I send silent strength to all of the women that are trapped in a physically abusive relationship. People comment on them all the time. Then I tell them the cause. They say “oh, that’s nice”. It’s at that point, I share that I was “one of those women for many years.” In that moment it becomes real to them – it has a face. Sadly, it is an unspoken tragedy in our society. Twice in the last week I’ve heard “I’m so surprised. You seem so strong”. I am strong. Now. But it took the patience, love & determination of my best friend (now my husband) to get me out of that situation. Not everyone is as blessed as I was to have someone intervene & never give up on me. This cause…..helps women who need help & creates awareness. Look what happens when there’s help.”

annual report 2012/2013

6 Celebrating Women went global

Family Transition Place published the second edition of the Celebrating Women magazine in conjunction with their International Women’s Day Luncheon Fundraiser. We received a note from a fan in India who was delighted we featured her art in our publication. Last year’s magazine had over 4,065 hits online and a 1,000 print copies in circulation.

7 Our loyal and committed staff

Family Transition Place strives to be a vibrant, rewarding, sustainable agency and employer. FTP is fortunate to have dedicated staff, many who have celebrated impressive tenure milestones. This past year, Lyn Allen celebrated 25 years with the agency.

8 A More Welcoming Shelter

The residential program revamped its rules to become more ‘user friendly’. The focus shifted from what we expect of the residents to what they could expect of FTP. FTP also implemented a client focused, harm reduction policy to recognize the difficult challenges that women face when dealing with addictions, abuse and trauma.


CELEBRATING WOMEN a publication of family transition place

women helping women the shelter movement

Samantha Russell


Susan Stewart

One woman’s story comes full circle.

Lyn Allen

26 years of helping women

Helping Elder Women a plan to make a difference

the voices initiative giving voice, taking action against violence

March 2013

9 Counselling made a difference

“Awareness awakening has been the result of all my counselling sessions. I will always experience a deep gratitude. Thank you.” Counselling Client

10 We celebrate our dedicated volunteers

Family Transition Place is grateful to the 46 volunteers that dedicated their time to enhance the programs and services that we provide to our clients. Volunteer support includes: the Board of Directors, direct service in the emergency shelter, fundraising committees and special events. This year we celebrate dedicated volunteer, Lynda Ferneyhough, who has volunteered for two decades.

11 Headwaters White Ribbon Campaign

In partnership with FTP, the Headwaters White Ribbon committee was formed. The goal of the Headwaters White Ribbon Campaign is the elimination of violence against women. They are a committee of men volunteers – fathers, grandfathers,

brothers, uncles, sons and friends. These men invite other men and boys to sign the pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women.

12 Accessibility

Our new accessible units have been full for most of the year, accommodating seniors, women with disabilities or mobility issues and women with injuries as a result of abuse. We are so grateful that we’ve had the space to accommodate a much more diverse population since the renovations. It’s true what they say…if you build it they will come!


annual report 2012/2013

Financial Highlights Family Transition Place had a successful financial year. This year’s






2012-13 Operational Revenue $2,558,851


73% Provincial/Federal/Municipal Funding

that the agency ended the year

13% Special Project Grant Funding

with a surplus in the Agency,


11% Donations & Fundraising 3% Other Income

non-Ministry funded programs. Strong donor support, tightened

2012-13 We Service efficiency and effectiveness. are Delivery fortunateExpense to

budgets and an insurance claim refund resulted in the unanticipated surplus. All





41% Residential Services have stable funding and continued support from a 41% 28% Counselling Services

surplus dollars are invested in Reserve

variety of funders including:9% Youth & Community Education

Funds for use by the agency in times

8% Agency Unfunded Programs • Ministry of Community and Social Services

of need. Despite the continuation of

• Central West Local Health Integrated 8% Special ProjectNetwork Grants

a government budget funding freeze,

• Headwaters Health Care Centre

programs and services continued to

• County of Dufferin

operate at high capacity and with fiscal

• Ministry of Health Promotion


6% Outreach Services


annual report 2012/2013 3%



2012-13 Operational Revenue $2,558,851


“FTP is committed to providing responsible stewardship of our resources and our 13% Special Project Grant Funding community’s goodwill through accountable 11% Donations & Fundraising and transparent processes.” 73% Provincial/Federal/Municipal Funding


3% Other Income


2012-13 Service Delivery Expense $2,529,968

8% 41%


– FTP Mission statement

41% Residential Services 28% Counselling Services 9% Youth & Community Education


8% Agency Unfunded Programs 6% Outreach Services 28%

8% Special Project Grants

• Ontario Trillium Foundation

We thank our funders, donors and all of our

• Region of Peel

supporters for helping to ensure our continued

• Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

financial viability. Without this support, we

• Ministry of Attorney General

would not be able to provide the many necessary

• Status of Women Canada

services we offer in our community. Audited

• Service Canada

financial statements are available upon request.


annual report 2012/2013

“Every day, thousands of unsung heroes bring caring and compassion to the lives of millions. Their names are never featured in the headlines, but our world would be a much darker place without them.” – Charles Devlin

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers Joe Andrews

Lynda Ferneyhough

Brendan Purdy

Adrian Bita

Sarah Hunter

Dave Quinton

Erin Blackstock

Manda Jones

Cynthia Rayburn

Devon Boulton

Karen Klucowicz

Peter Renshaw

Shirley Boyle

Richard Long

Adriana Roche

Deborah Brook

Mary Maw

Blair Russell

Elaine Capes

Tony Maxwell

Shelly Sargent

Larry Clark

Janet Mellor

Tom Schuett

Trish Condo

Ravi Minhas

Andrea Stuart

Stacey Coupland

Sandra Moffatt

Susan Teeter

Paulene Deifel

Lenora Netzke

Gillian Vanderburgh

Harold Doan

Jennifer Osborne

Debbie VanWyck

Liesje Doldersum

Kemi Palmer

Don Voisey

Nicky Doyle

Rebecca Pearl

Candace Walmsley

Tammy Elliott

Julia Poletto

Mike Walmsley

Richard Fearon

Kelley Potter

annual report 2012/2013

FTP Staff wearing purple in support of Sexual Abuse Awareness Month.


This moment was captured at the International Women`s Day Luncheon Fundraiser.

An enthusiastic and passionate group of students from Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School marched the streets of Orangeville to participate in a WALK to end violence against women.

Thank you. To the individual donors, funders and organizations whose support inspires us to continue our work to end woman abuse. To our community partners who work with us to provide the best services possible to all those we serve. To our volunteers who give freely of their time and talents to help us achieve more for those who need our help. To our dedicated team members who bring to work every day the hope and commitment to help change lives. To each person who shares our vision and helps make our community a healthier, safe place for us all. To the women who come to us for safety, support and hope. They inspire us with their courage, and resilience. We thank them for the trust they place in us. We see it as a privilege and an honour and we strive to be worthy of it.

‘‘Building healthier communities – one relationship at a time.”

Annual report singles for web  
Annual report singles for web