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How Jury Nullification Can End the Drug War Plus:

Chickens: Hero Pets, GM Food Company Faces Criminal Charges


GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

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“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.� ~Buddha

Contents 12 T o l e r a n c e ,

We could all us a little to freely discuss ideas, problems and solutions.

18 T a k i n g B a c k O u r

Justice System Through J u r y N u l l i f i c a t i o n , Normal citizens can end the drug war with simple jury nullification.

24 C h i c k e n s : H e r o P e t s

7 Issue 5

Dr King takes us on a journey through her own natural healing.

32 Benefits of Cinnamon, Turns out cinnamon is the great health protector.

42 S y n g e n t a C h a r g e d

for Covering Up Livestock Deaths From G M C o r n , Syngenta takes a hit

of the Recession,

With the economy contracting, pet chickens may be the saving grace.

as it hides it’s own studies proving cattle death is attributed to it’s own GM corn.

30 D r E l i z a b e t h K i n g

5 0 G i r l STIR D i r e c t o r y ,

To Launch New Book,

Taking Back Our Justice S y s t e m Th r o u gh J u r y N u l l i f i c a t i o n , Page 18



GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

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Publisher’s Note


here’s little or no doubt that Americans are fed up with the drug war. The People are growing weary as our prisons fill past capacity with non-violent offenders. If you’re one of those people who want this war on drugs to end then we have good news for you. Jury Nullification. In this issue we cover this incredibly powerful tool for everyday citizens to use to pull the teeth out of the drug war law, and end the madness. We’ve got more great information for you as well! Did you know cinnamon has been shown to control blood sugar levels better than some diabetes medication? That’s not all, read all about the amazing power a cinnamon on page 32. You do not want to miss the story on page 42. Syngenta, a leading genetically modified food producer is facing criminal charges after burying studies it had conducted that showed their GM corn was killing livestock!


GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

Jackie Branca

Shelly Allen

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GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5


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Stirring Lessons


Tolerance We could all use a little tolerance to freely discuss ideas, problems, and solutions...

Artwork: The Pious Hippie


GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5


olerance is the disposition to be patient and fair toward those whose opinions, practices and beliefs differ from one’s own. In other words, it is the maintenance of an open mind. The tolerant person keeps his mind open to receive new and different facts and knowledge on all subjects. This does not mean that he will retain and adopt these new facts and knowledge as his own, but he will examine them and try to understand. Then he will endeavor patiently and wisely to reach a fair conclusion.

“The intolerant person, on the other hand, has fixed opinions on almost everything. Moreover, he generally expresses his opinions freely and emphatically, and most often with the inference that anyone who disagrees with him is wrong.”

The intolerant person, on the other hand, has fixed opinions on almost everything. Moreover, he generally expresses his opinions freely and emphatically, and most often with the inference that anyone who disagrees with him is wrong. This is a trait of personality which never adds to one’s popularity. The one thing which people resent most is open effrontery in connection with their own opinions.

Intolerance definitely limits an individual’s privileges of appropriating and using the knowledge and experience of others. Instead of winning their cooperation, intolerance repels and makes enemies of those who would otherwise be friends. It stops the growth of the mind by cutting off the search for knowledge. It discourages the development of the faculty of imagination. It prohibits accuracy in thinking and reasoning.

Source: PMA Science of Success Course. Pgs. 175 & 176.



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GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

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GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5


(st没r) 1.

To rouse, as from indifference, and prompt to action.


To provoke deliberately.


To excite strong feelings in.



Stirring Power

B y Pr o f e ss o r Pa u l B u t l e r

Power to The People Taking Ba ck O u r Ju st i c e S y s t em Th ro u gh J u r y Nullification


GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5


h at is Jur y N ul l i f i c a t io n ? Jury nullification is a constitutional doctrine that allows juries to acquit defendants who are technically guilty, but who don’t deserve punishment. When a jury disregards the evidence and acquits an otherwise guilty defendant, it has practiced jury nullification. The jury is saying that the law is unfair, either generally or in this particular case. Jury Nullification is perfectly legal and has a long history- indeed the framers of the Constitution intended jurors to serve as a check on bad prosecutions and ineffective laws. Northern jurors helped abolish slavery by refusing to convict people “guilty” of helping slaves escape. Nullification was also a factor in ending Prohibition, which locked up people for selling liquor, and created the same violent market and drive-by shootings (remember Al Capone?) that we now see for other illegal drugs. Th e Con st i tuti ona l B a ckgr o u n d The Fifth Amendment prohibits defendants from being tried for the same crime twice. This means that when a jury finds someone not guilty, there can never be a re-trial -- even if the judge disagrees with the jury’s verdict, or if there is compelling new evidence of guilt. The Supreme Court has ruled

that this doctrine gives juries the power to nullify the law. If jurors believe the law is unjust, they don’t have to apply it. There is nothing that anyone can do to prevent jurors from nullifying -- under the Constitution, when it comes to acquittals, jurors have the last word. Nullification works only in one direction -- in favor of acquittals. If a jury finds someone guilty, and there is compelling evidence that the person is innocent, judges have the power to overturn the jury’s conviction (that doesn’t happen a lot in the real world). Giving jurors more power to acquit is based on the constitutional principle that it’s better to let guilty people go free than to allow the innocent to be punished. The idea that jurors should judge the law, as well as the facts, is a proud part of American history. The concept that jurors decide justice became an important part of American jurisprudence. Perhaps the most shining example of nullification occurred during the shameful time in US history when slavery was legal. People who helped slaves escape committed a federal crime -- violation of the Fugitive Slave Act. But when Northern jurors sat in judgment of these “criminals,” they would often acquit, QUESTION I CHALLENGE I RETHINK


even when the defendants admitted their guilt. Legal historians credit these cases with advancing the cause of abolition of slavery. This strategic nullification is perfectly legal, and has two great benefits. First, it helps the community by safely reducing the number of incarcerated people. Second, it sends the message that “We The People” want fundamental change in our criminal justice system. This message is intended for both lawmakers and prosecutors. Is Ju ry Nu l l i fi ca ti on L eg a l ? Absolutely. Not only is jury nullification legal, it is a basic part of our justice system that is upheld by basic principles of the Constitution. A Brief History of Jury Nullification The idea that jurors should judge the law, as well as the facts, is a proud part of American history. The concept that jurors decide justice became an important part of American jurisprudence. Joh n Pete r Z eng er The case of John Peter Zenger is one of the first recorded cases of jury nullification. In 1735, John Peter Zenger, an American, was arrested and prosecuted for violating British law by publishing a pamphlet critical of the King. During the trial, his attorney challenged 20

GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

the legality of the crimes for which his client was being prosecuted. It was one of the first times in American history in which a lawyer challenged the laws rather than the innocence of his clients. The jurors were stunned and didn’t know how to, or even if they were allowed to, address whether the law itself was “legal.” At the end of the trial on August 5, 1735, the twelve New York jurors returned a verdict of “not guilty” on the charge of publishing “seditious libels,” despite the Governor’s hand-picked judges presiding. Zenger’s attorney had successfully argued that Zenger’s articles were not libelous because they were based on fact. Zenger’s victory is the first recorded in history that was certainly due to jury nullification. The case is still cited as a victory of justice through jury nullification. T h e F u g it ive S l a v e Ac t o f 18 50 Perhaps the most shining example of nullification occurred during the shameful time in US history when slavery was legal. Before abolition it was a federal crime (a violation of the Fugitive Slave Act) to help slaves escape or to harbor them once they had escaped. People who helped slaves escape committed a federal crime. However, when persons were charged with violations of the law, Northern jurors sat in judgment of these “criminals.” They would often acquit, even

when the defendants admitted their guilt. Legal historians credit these cases with advancing the cause of the abolition of slavery. Le gal, b u t S ecr et In a lecture on law at the Philadelphia College in 1790, James Wilson, signer of the Declaration of Independence and one of the six original Supreme Court Justices appointed by President George Washington, laid out the American perspective on the role of a jury: Suppose that, after all the precautions taken to avoid it, a difference of sentiment takes place between the judges and the jury with regard to a point of law... What must the jury do? The jury must do their duty, and their whole duty. They must decide the law as well as the fact. This doctrine is peculiarly applicable to criminal cases, and from them, indeed, derives its peculiar importance. Soon after, the Supreme Court reaffirmed Wilson’s perspective. In Georgia v. Brailsford, a Supreme Court opinion issued in 1794, John Jay, America’s first Chief Justice, made clear that a jury’s duty includes determining the facts and weighing the justness of the law. He wrote to the jury that: You, [the jury, have] a right to take upon yourselves to judge of both, and to determine the law as well as the fact in controversy... [B]oth objects are

lawfully, within your power of decision. Since then, the Supreme Court has ruled on jury nullification only once. In 1895, in the case of Sparf v. United States, a criminal defendant appealed his conviction because the trial judge refused to allow the jury to challenge the judge’s interpretation of the law. The Supreme Court reaffirmed the “physical power” of juries to nullify, but held that federal judges need not inform jurors of their right to do so. Since Sparf was decided, Indiana, Georgia, and Maryland have adopted statutes requiring that judges in criminal cases inform jurors of their capacity to nullify. However, in most jurisdictions, the law of Sparf remains the law of the land: Jurors have the ability to nullify, but they don’t have the right to know of their ability. W h e n is J u r y N u l l i f i c a t i o n A ppr o pr ia t e ? At this point, every American citizen should ask whether he or she is satisfied to live in a country that has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. If not, there is something that you can do to help make the United States more safe and free. Strategic jury nullification can safely reduce mass incarceration. There are too many people in prison - period; too many QUESTION I CHALLENGE I RETHINK


men and too many women, of every race and ethnicity. A careful campaign of strategic nullification can help responsibly free those people for whom prison will do no good, and it can send a powerful message for change. During the civil rights era, Martin Luther King Jr. was forced to resort to extreme tactics, which he called “creative disobedience,” to break down the walls of discrimination. With our criminal justice system hell-bent on locking up so many people for nonviolent conduct, now is the time for Martin Luther King jurors. A Proposal for Strategic Nullification * In cases involving the possession or sale of small amounts of drugs, every juror should consider voting not guilty, regardless of the evidence in the case. * When a defendant is accused of murder, rape, robbery, theft, public corruption, corporate fraud, any other crime of violence, or any crime that has a victim, Martin Luther King jurors should convict if they are persuaded that the evidence proves the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. * When a defendant is accused of selling drugs to minors, or providing drugs to anyone without their consent, Martin Luther King jurors should convict if they are persuaded that the evidence proves the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. 22

GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

* When a defendant is accused of possessing drugs for his or her own use, or selling a small quantity of drugs to another consenting adult, Martin Luther King jurors should vote “not guilty.” This strategic nullification is perfectly legal, and it addresses the real problems that face our criminal justice system. First, it heals the community by reducing the number of incarcerated people. Second, where the jury nullifies conviction of a defendant who is being prosecuted due to racial disparities in enforcement, nullification indicates to prosecutors, police, and elected officials that such unjust laws wills not be tolerated. Finally, juries help relieve the great economic costs of mass incarceration by preventing unnecessary and expensive incarceration of non-violent offenders. By nullifying, juries send the message to lawmakers, prosecutors, judges, police officers, the mass-media, and others that “We The People” want fundamental change in our criminal justice system.

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Stirring Home


Ch i c k e n s :

Hero Pets

of the


B y C o rb y n H ans o n H ight o w e r 24

GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5



ast night, my husband defended our chickens against an invading ‘possum, armed with a sword and wearing a bicycle helmet, holding a flashlight in his mouth and hooting like a madman in the night. I was standing on the deck observing, holding a baby on my hip while the rain fell, and the wind whipped my long patchwork dress around my legs. We were late doing the urban chicken thing, but now we’re dangerouslycommitted converts. It’s not as hard as you think, and “start up” is surprisingly cheap. The first thing is that you need a coop, which can be simple and made cheaply with cast“Chickens make off plywood the perfect pets. and old For one thing, pallets. they’re quiet. No, There are really, they are. It’s tons of free roosters that make blueprints available all the racket, and online. most city ordinances Also, you’ll don’t allow them. need to go to a feed You don’t need store for them, anyway.” some cheap bedding material, chicken feed to supplement the plants and bugs in your yard, and the chickens themselves, which range from a couple

bucks for a chick to ten- or fifteen dollars for a mature, feathered-out bird. (I recommend the latter, to simplify things. If you want to raise them from chicks, you’ll need a warming light as well as some other equipment.) Chickens make the perfect pets. For one thing, they’re quiet. No, really, they are. It’s roosters that make all the racket, and most city ordinances don’t allow them. You don’t need them, anyway. It’s Sapphic paradise for the hens, who mostly don’t squabble, and produce perfect eggs all by themselves. About the only noise they make is a quiet, appreciative “baahhh-GAWK” when I come out to give them some apples or bread. Oh: and they like to announce when they’ve laid an egg, but who wouldn’t? Also, you don’t have to feel guilty keeping them outside. Unless you live in a really cold climate, my understanding is that your chickens will be fine even during winter, and there are breeds that are particularly cold hardy. One or two of ours griped about it when the temperatures dipped near freezing at night, but once we started intentionally putting them in the coop come sunset, they seemed more comfortable. Then there’s the aforementioned predator problem: I’ve gotten reassurances from other backyard poultry enthusiasts that it’s not such a big issue, but seeing that ‘possum recently reminded us that in QUESTION I CHALLENGE I RETHINK



spite of our semi-urban setting, plenty of dangers lurk in the night. The chickens have brought us new friends. Inquiring about coops, available chicks, and advice and guidance has cemented bonds with several families in our community. One couple has taken us under their wing (pun intended,) and provided us with our new chicks and their habitat requirements. They’ve also hired me to clean their house on a regular basis, which I’m honored to do. And promises of bushels of oranges in late December has resulted in a major discount on the price of our simple coop, as well as the gift of several of our chickens. So it’s come to this: we have Mary, Rhoda, Phyllis, Chamomile, and chicks Clover and Hilda. At least three of them promise to lay tinted eggs of the blue and green variety. They love the organic vegetable garden, they’re unfazed by the children, and add beautiful moveable art to the backyard. They’re willing


GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

consumers of food that’s just past its prime, like apples with a few toddler bites taken out of it and discarded, bread beyond its peak, or berries too ripe for overly-choosy children. There is poop— isn’t there always?—but chicken poop is awesome for your yard and garden. We just keep mucking boots by the back door, and carry on as usual. Chicks Hilda and Clover have commanded a large percentage of the dining room with their nursery, and there’s probably an odor of pine shavings, grain meal, and . . . well, the faintest whiff of barn when you open our front door. But there is the promise that when all six are in full laying mode, we will be happy recipients of their bounty. Combine that with our garden greens, backyard oranges, and bulk beans and brown rice, and we may make it through the winter with bellies as full as hibernating bears. For more of Corbyn Hightower’s essays and short stories visit

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GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

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S tirring H e a l th

Fort Lauderdale’s Dr. Elizabeth King To Launch New Book


r. Elizabeth King, the CEO and founder of the International Holistic Center, is proud to announce the publication of her book, “Dr. King’s Simple Guide to Holistic Health: Lessons Learned from My Personal Journey.”

terms to acquaint readers with the basic tools for living healthy and achieving self-fulfillment. Bonus pages provide a checklist for finding competent holistic practitioners, tips for assembling an individualized holistic team, and Dr. King’s own kitchen-tested recipe for creating your happiest life. If you suffer from chronic pain or any other condition, Dr. King has advice that can help you cope without using drugs.

In her book Dr. King, a survivor of childhood polio, tells the compelling story of how she came to embrace holistic treatments after 35 operations and two years of almost constant A survivor of pain. A few months after she started acupuncture, selfchildhood polio, hypnotherapy and nutritional Dr King tells the counseling, Dr. King was compelling story able to manage without pain medication. Grateful for all of how she came the positive changes in her to embrace holistic life, Dr. King opened the treatments after International Holistic Center as a way of giving back to the 35 operations and community and passing along two years of almost the knowledge she has acquired constant pain. about the power of the holistic concept. The book, like the conference, is intended to be interactive and reader/participant friendly. It includes a glossary of holistic 30

GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

The book will be released on July 13th at the Women’s International Holistic Conference -“Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick: The Balancing Act” at The Ritz-Carlton on Fort Lauderdale beach. This is not just another conference. It is a movement for better health, more wealth and a happier life. Renowned speakers and panelists will

address topics which matter to women including wellness, business, social media, personal finance, sex, relationships, family and spirituality. After the conference, Dr. King’s book will be available on her website www., Amazon and in bookstores around the globe. The conference, like the book, is solutionfocused. “We will address everything from health to wealth and all that’s in-between, including sex, relationships and self-care,” Dr. King says. “The goal is to give women tools they can use in their daily lives. Just as important, we want them to walk away feeling inspired and empowered to fulfill their dreams.” A portion of the conference proceeds will be donated to Big Mama’s Team of Life, a local grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and families. Everyone that purchases a ticket to the conference will be entered to a win a contest worth over $1700. The day program will end with the “Girls just want to have fun” party which will include live music, silent auction and a cash bar. For more information and reservations, visit or call 954 903-9426. To receive a conference discount, use special code GIRLSTIR at the checkout. The conference is being presented by

International Holistic Center and sponsored by MetLife, Tire Plus, South Florida Smile Spa Cosmetic and Sedation Dentistry and the American Institute School of Wellness and Beauty. Partners are: Girl Stir Magazine, TravelHost of Greater Fort Lauderdale, Think Magazine, Go Riverwalk Magazine, Natural Awakenings, W Hotel Residences, Fort Lauderdale, Ted Gibson, Bliss at the W, Steak 954, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Kandee G. Enterprise, Nothing But Good News (magazine and radio),, Socialfinity, Dr. King’s Health Fusion Hour, Portside Realty, Links Media, Social Media Club, Chispa Marketing, Hispanic Women of Distinction, 30 in Miami, Derek Kearney Photography, Rhonda Gutierrez Photography, Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Azpira Studio Creatives, South Florida CPA Financial, Integrapy, DRK Global Enterprises, Tuscany Wines, Dapur Asian Tapas and Lounge, Women’s Prosperity Network, Portada News and Events by M. QUESTION I CHALLENGE I RETHINK


S tirring H e a l th

Benefits of Cinnamon

Surprising Health Facts


shaker of cinnamon often sits on the spice rack in most of our kitchens. Given its frequent use in sugary baked goods, many health mavens overlook cinnamon’s centuries-old history as a healing substance, focusing on more exotic herbs rather than a brown powder found in Grandma’s kitchen. Yet cinnamon, derived from the bark of a tree commonly found in South Asia and the Middle East region, not only adds flavor to pies, it also delivers a host of health benefits. Ancient India’s Healing Tradition Ayurveda, the ancient healing system of India, often uses cinnamon to stimulate circulation as well as to increase the bioavailability of other herbs. Ayurvedic healers, prescribe remedies based on an individual’s dosha or type. Ayurveda sees cinnamon as an appropriate remedy for people who belong to the kapha type (characterized as sturdy, heavy, calm, slow and moist) and the vata type (thin, cold, prone to nervousness) since cinnamon tends to have a heating and


GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

b y T ara G r e e n

energizing effect. People who belong to the pitta type (fiery, oily, sharp) can partake of cinnamon in moderation. Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalists and acupuncturists in the Chinese tradition value cinnamon for its warming qualities. Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may prescribe cinnamon, often in combination with another warming substance such as ginger, to ward off colds. TCM healers may prescribe cinnamon for disorders associated with the kidney meridian. Anti-Viral During the 1918 influenza outbreak, workers at cinnamon factories seemed immune to the Spanish flu which decimated the population. A potent new form of cinnamon extract may even protect against HIV. An Israeli researcher, taking a cue from a Biblical reference to high priests using a holy oil containing cinnamon, in 2007 developed a powerful cinnamon extract which may protect against modern viruses like the Avian flu.

Blood Sugar Control There may be a touch of ancient wisdom at work in all the recipes which combine cinnamon with high-carb and high-fat ingredients. Cinnamon can mitigate the impact these foods have on blood sugar levels, slowing the rate at which the stomach empties after meals and thereby reducing the potential spike in blood sugar. Cinnamon can offer aid to people who have type 2 diabetes by preventing insulin resistance and has even been recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Research has shown cinnamon outperforms diabetes drugs. In a study published in The Journal of Diabetic Medicine, research subjects given cinnamon supplements experienced greater improvement in blood sugar levels than those who received standard diabetes drugs. Muscle to Fat Ratio Studies indicate that cinnamon supplements go beyond just improving blood glucose levels; they can also reduce body fat percentage and help increase lean muscle mass. Scent If people at the holiday dinner table seem especially

alert when the cinnamonspiced pumpkin pie is being served, it might be because of its scent, not just an appetite for sweets. A 2004 study found that the smell of cinnamon helped boost brain function. Study participants performance on tasks involving virtual recognition memory, attentional processes, working memory, and visual-motor speed while using a computer were measured comparing the relative effects of jasmine, peppermint, cinnamon and no odor. Cinnamon had the strongest positive effect on study subjects’ cognitive processing skills. Cinnamon’s aroma comes from cinnamonaldehyde, an essential oil in the bark of cinnamon trees. Anti-Microbial Cinnamon has the ability to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, molds and yeasts, including Candida yeast. In a 2003 study, two batches of vegetable broth were refrigerated, one with, and one without cinnamon oil. The broth with the cinnamon oil was resistant to food-borne pathogenic Bacillus cereus for at least 60 days. Researchers in this study observed that the cinnamon not only served as an effective preservative but also improved the flavor of the broth. In another study, researchers at Kansas State University discovered that cinnamon eliminates E. coli in unpasteurized apple cider. QUESTION I CHALLENGE I RETHINK



GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5



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GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5



nta e g n y S ed g r a Ch

Stirring Corruption

Dr . Eva S irinathsinghji

for Covering up Livestock Deaths from GM Corn Corporation faces criminal charges for concealing own study in w h i c h c o w s died a f t e r e a t i n g i t s g e n e t i c a l l y m o d i f i e d c o r n !


currently cultivated for human and animal consumption in the EU.

Syngenta’s Bt 176 corn variety expresses an insecticidal Bt toxin (Cry1Ab) derived from the bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) and a gene conferring resistance to glufosinate herbicides. EU cultivation of Bt 176 was discontinued in 2007. Similar varieties however, including Bt 11 sweet corn are

The charges follow a long struggle for justice by a German farmer whose dairy cattle suffered mysterious illnesses and deaths after eating Bt 176. They were grown on his farm as part of authorised field tests during 1997 to 2002. By 2000, his cows were fed exclusively on Bt 176, and soon illnesses started to emerge. He was paid 40 000 euros by Syngenta as partial compensation for 5 dead cows, decreased

iotech giant Syngenta has been criminally charged with denying knowledge that its genetically modified (GM) Bt corn kills livestock during a civil court case that ended in 2007 [1].


GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

milk yields, and vet costs (see [2] Cows ate GM Maize and Died, SiS 21). During a civil lawsuit brought against the company by the farmer however, Syngenta refused to admit that its GM corn was the cause, claiming no knowledge of harm. The case was dismissed and Gloeckner remained thousands of euros in debt. Gloeckner continued to lose cows and many more had to be put down due to serious illnesses, compelling him to stop using GM feed from 2002. He approached the Robert Koch Institute and Syngenta to conduct a full investigation. However, only one cow was ever analysed and the data are still unavailable to the public. Unsurprisingly, no causal relationship between the GM feed and deaths was determined; and there is still no explanation for the deaths. But in 2009, the farmer learned of a feeding study allegedly commissioned by Syngenta in 1996 that resulted in four cows dying in two days. The trial was abruptly terminated. Now Gloeckner, along with a German group called Bündnis Aktion Gen-Klage and another farmer turned activist Urs Hans, have brought Syngenta to the criminal court to face charges of withholding knowledge of the US trial, which makes the company liable for the destruction of the farmer’s 65 cows. Syngenta is also charged with the deaths of cattle in the US trial and on Gloeckner’s farm, which should have been registered as “unexpected occurrences”. Most seriously, the German head of Syngenta Hans-Theo Jahmann, is charged for withholding knowledge of the US study from the judge and from Gloecker in the original civil court case.

G l o e c k e r’s c o w s n o t a l o n e

This is by no means the only account of mysterious deaths associated with Bt GM feed. In India where livestock are left to graze on post-harvest cotton, thousands of livestock deaths have been recorded in different villages across central India where Bt cotton is grown (see [3] Mass Deaths of Sheep Grazing on Bt Cotton, SiS 30). Shepherds’ own observations and post-mortem analysis carried out in the laboratory revealed abnormal liver, enlarged bile ducts and black patches in the intestine. The shepherds said that the sheep became “dull/depressed” after 2-3 days of grazing, started coughing with nasal discharge and developed red lesions in the mouth, became bloated and suffered blackish diarrhoea, and sometimes passed red urine. Death occurred within 5-7 days of grazing. Sheep from young lambs to adults of 1.5-2 years were affected. One shepherd reported getting diarrhoea from eating the meat of an affected sheep. The vets declared that the toxicity could be due to the Bt toxin but this could not be proven as results were confounded by additional pesticides used on the fields. The shepherds were however, advised against letting the sheep graze on any more Bt cotton plants. Philippine villagers living around Bt Maize fields have also suffered deaths and similar illnesses of fever, respiratory, intestinal and skin problem (see [4] GM ban long overdue, five deaths and dozens ill in the Philippines, SiS 29). Five mortalities were reported in 2003 and subsequently, 38 individuals had their blood analysed and all were positive for antibodies specific to Cry1Ab, suggesting an immune reaction to the toxin. As is often the QUESTION I CHALLENGE I RETHINK


case, intimidation and denial by government officials meant that there were no further investigations into the matter. Cause of deaths unknown

There is still no explanation provided by the authorities as to the cause of death of Gloeckner’s cows. The biotech industry claims that Bt toxins are quickly digested in the stomach and are only effective in insect target species. However, a recent study has found the toxin in the blood of over 80 % of women and their unborn children tested in Canada [5]. Because naturally existing Bt toxins from the soil bacterium have been used for a long time, long-term toxicology and health risk assessments on Bt proteins in GM crops were not done. However, there are important differences between the naturally produced toxins that can be washed off the crops, as opposed to genetically modified toxins that are part and parcel of the GM crop. Independent studies have shown that basing health assessments on flawed scientific assumptions is not only arrogant, but foolish. Scientific studies dating from the 1990s have identified Bt toxins as potent immunogens, with Cry1Ac inducing immune responses in mice similar to the cholera toxin [6]. Farm workers dealing with Bt cotton have consistently reported allergic responses requiring hospitalisation in some cases (see [7] More Illnesses Linked to Bt Crops, SiS 30). Binding of Cry1Ac to the intestine of mice has been shown, with concomitant diarrhoea symptoms [8]. A meta-analysis of 3 month feeding studies in laboratory animals found that Bt maize led to changes in blood protein levels indicative of 44

GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

abnormal liver metabolism (see [9] GM Feed Toxic, Meta-Analysis Confirms, SiS 52). A recent study finds Cry1Ab toxic to human kidney cells, causing cell death at low doses (see [10] Bt Toxin Kills Human Kidney Cells, SiS 52). To Conclude

Safety assessments of new GM products surely need to be tested independently, not controlled by the very industry pushing it onto the market place. Conflicts of interests are obscuring data that are crucial to our farming industry and animal welfare, as well as human health. References: Syngenta charged with lying over cattle deaths, GM Watch, 25th May 2012 Ho MW and Burcher S. Cows ate GM maize and died. Science in Society 2004, 21, 4-6. Ho MW. Mass death in sheep grazing on Bt cotton.Science in Society 30, 12-13, 2006 Ho MW. GM ban long overdue, dozens ill & five deaths in the Philippines. Science in Society 29, 26-27, 2006 Aris A, Leblanc S. Maternal and fetal exposure to pesticides associated to genetically modified foods in Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. Reproductive Toxicolology, 2011,31, 528-33 Vázquez RI, Moreno-Fierros L, Neri-Bazán L, De La Riva GA, López-Revilla R. Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ac protoxin is a potent systemic and mucosal adjuvant. Scand J Immunology 1999 49, 578-84. Ho MW. More illnesses linked to Bt crops. Science in Society 30, 8-10, 2006 Vázquez-Padrón RI, Gonzáles-Cabrera J, García-Tovar C, Neri-Bazan L, Lopéz-Revilla R, Hernández M, Moreno-Fierro L, de la Riva GA. Cry1Ac protoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis sp. kurstaki HD73 binds to surface proteins in the mouse small intestine. Biochemical Biophysical Research Communications 2010, 271, 54-8. Sirinathsinghji E. GM feed toxic, new meta-analysis confirms. Science in Society 52, 30-32, 2011 Sirinathsinghji E. Bt Toxin Kills Human Kidney Cells, Science in Society 54, 36-38, 2012

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Stirring Words

“Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through by the passion of individuals.�

~ Margaret Mead


GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5



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GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

Stirring Humor


ob’s wife had been slipping in and out of a coma for several months. Things looked grim, but he was by her bedside every single day. One day as she slipped back into consciousness, she motioned for him to come close to her. He pulled the chair close to the bed and leaned his ear close to be able to hear her. “You know” she whispered, her eyes filling with tears, “you have been with me through all the bad times. When I got fired, you stuck right beside me. When my business went under, there you were. When we lost the house, you were there. When I got shot, you stuck with me. When my health started failing, you were still by my side. And you know what?” “What, dear?” he asked gently, smiling to himself. “I think you’re bad luck.”



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GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

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GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

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W h o l e f o o d F a r m ac y R aw F o o d s


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P i n k S h o v e l L a n d sca p e s 510 Southwest 10th Street Fort Lauderdale

Aloha Care Johanna M Perez, AP, DOM 24 SE 4th Street Boca Raton

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The Liquor Shop 1583 E Oakland Park Blvd Fort Lauderdale

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Dr. Hepsharat Amadi 10110 West Sample Road Suite #3 Coral Springs

954 - 561 - 8111 Insurance

Mary Brown Insurance Agency, Inc State Farm Insurance Mary Brown Agent / Owner 7840 Glades Rd Ste 240 Boca Raton

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L ocks & L ocksmiths A f f o r d ab l e L o cks m i t h S e r v ic e s Inc Broward: 954 - 271 - 0019 Palm Beach: 561 - 733 - 1370 S o u t h F l o r i d a L o ck a n d S a f e Broward: 954 - 467 - 8606 Palm Beach: 561 - 655 - 5005

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L awn Mainte nanc e

M assag e Th e r apists

L a n d sca p e S o l u t i o n s Oakland Park

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GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

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Pet Deli - Restaurants P ersonal C h e fs C h e f M e l issa M a j o r 2740 SW Martin Downs Blvd, #195 Palm City

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Pet Deli Fiesta Pet Deli @Festival Flea Market Mall 2900 W Sample Rd Pompano Beach

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www. My Whole Pet Market 10323 Southern Blvd Royal Palm Beach

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R e stau r ants 1 5 t h S t r e e t F is h e r i e s 1900 SE 15th ST @ Lauderdale Marina Fort Lauderdale

P et Sup plie s

D o w n t o w n P i z z e r ia 1509 S Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale

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Lauderdale Grill 1901 Cordova Road Fort Lauderdale

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Fiesta Pet Deli @Festival Flea Market Mall 2900 W Sample Rd Pompano Beach

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Maguire’s Hill 16 535 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale M ai K ai 3599 N Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale

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Restaurants - S ports Bars Melting Pot 1135 N Federal highway Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Roofing 801 Northeast 1st Street Fort Lauderdale

P o m p a n o P i z z a I t a l ia n E a t e r y 1606 S Cypress Rd Pompano Beach

S coote r D e aler s, R e pai r & S e r vicE

Primanti Brothers 516 E Oakland Park Blvd Wilton Manors

Cycle Ivans 2831 Forest Hill Blvd West Palm Beach

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954 - 565 - 7100

R e n d e z V o u s B ak e r y 1576 E Oakland Park Blvd Oakland Park Ruby’s Pizza 614 SE 10th St Deerfield Beach S o u t h P o r t R aw B a r 1536 Cordova Road Fort Lauderdale The Cottage 522 Lucerne Avenue Lake Worth

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Shoe Dazzle

S K IN C A RE S ki n C a r e b y A n g e l i n a 6246 N. Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale

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S po r ts B a r s

Roofe r s

Mugs Sports Bar & Grill 2 6 7 1 E a st Oa kla n d Pa r k B lv d Fo r t La u de rda le

Allied Roofing & Sheet Metal 2801 NW 55th Ct # 5W Fort Lauderdale

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New Moon 2440 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

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GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

TANNING SALONS - Women ’s Bars T ai l G a t o r ’ s S p o r t s B a r 3001 E Commercial Blvd Fort Lauderdale

T A NNING SAL O NS B o ca T a n n i n g C l u b C o p p e r T a n USA LL C 6240 Coral Ridge Drive Pompano Beach

954 - 509 - 9884

All Aboard Animal Hospital 1413 S Dixie Hwy Pompano Beach

954 - 785 - 7780

B i r d A n d E x o t ic H o s p i t a l 6147 Lake Worth Road Greenacres

561 - 964 - 2121 See Our Ad on Page 28

Plantation Animal Hospital 50 North University Drive Plantation

E l e c t r ic S u n T a n n i n g S a l o n 2410 North Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale

954 - 473 - 8090

M a g ic T a n & M assa g e 2762 E Oakland Park Blvd Fort Lauderdale

Robert B Bell 400 SE 12th St, Suite A Fort Lauderdale

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T owing EMS T o wi n g

954 - 524 - 4TOW G & D T o wi n g S o l u t i o n

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We ight L oss

954 - 527 - 4500 See Our Ad on Page 28

Wom e n’ s B a r s New Moon 2440 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

954 - 563 - 7660

S a l ’ s T o wi n g

954 - 566 - 5155 V ete rinarians




GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5




GIRL STIR I Vol 7 Issue 5

GIRL STIR Vol 7 Issue 5  

This issue we're talking Jury Nullification and how ordinary citizens can use it to end the drug war.