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17 - 23 SEPTEMBER 2010



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I don’t want to see him

A stoned cretin who could have killed someone George Michael is washed up and drugged up and has for too many years thought himself above the law. But eight weeks in prison is nowhere near enough for him to see the error of his ways and the 4 weeks he will serve just proves once again that there is one law for the rich and celebs and another for the rest of us. This stoned cretin could have killed someone or maimed them for life not just on this latest occasion but on all the trips (I use the word advisedly) that he has made whilst

A sit down protest DAVID CAMERON may have been enthusiastic in his welcome to the Pope but as far as I am concerned I don’t want this man in our country and I certainly don’t want to pay for his visit. And I am not alone. 77% of Brits are upset at the possible £20 million cost of this man’s visit to the UK and it seems as if even Roman Catholics are pretty apathetic, as there are more tickets left unsold than the last time I did my one man show!


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I also don’t want to see this man and afford him a State visit until we have an unequivocal apology for the child abuse that has engulfed the Roman Catholic Church. I don’t want to see the Pope until he chucks out every last paedophile from the clergy. I don’t want to see the Pope until he changes the Catholic churches’ ridiculous views on the use of condoms in Africa and does his bit to fight HIV aids on that continent.

under the influence. Mind you, knowing our obsession with celebrity culture he will come out as a hero to many and no doubt write a song about the experience and produce a video that will stick two fingers up at British justice just as he did when he was caught in LA in a toilet with a copper. Then there will be the ‘in depth’ interview with Mr Shallow Piers Morgan and then more dosh to enable him to buy the rest of Boots or Superdrug to addle his brain further. Who says the law is an ass!

TRADE UNION Dinosaur Bob Crow wants to lead a sit down protest in the middle of the road.

And I don’t want to see the Pope whilst he preaches hatred against gays. The World has changed in the past 28 years since the last pope visited the country and was treated almost like a pop star. I am afraid that this ex Hitler Youth member has the charisma of a paper bag and is now merely the leader of a large cult that I and many others do not belong to nor want to belong to and certainly don’t want to pay for.

What a pity ‘careless driver’ George Michael is already banged up!

A tenner! My building society is now charging a tenner for any counter cheque they write for customers. A tenner! How can they justify that? They say it’s because it is like cleared funds and almost cash (?!) So then I just said write out

the cheque to me then: I went along to my bank and paid it in and then they decided to rob me too by informing me that it will take SIX days to clear. That of course is six days where they steal my interest. Bankers the lot of them!

It makes me sick

THE FACT that Nobby Stiles has to sell his World Cup medals from ‘66 to try and raise £300 thousand pounds for his family makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. Here is a man who was a part of an English team that actually won the World Cup having to sell his most precious artefacts for the equivalent of two weeks wages for our present crop of over paid, over pampered, preening so-called internationals. This sale sums up all that is wrong with the modern game.

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