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17 - 23 SEPTEMBER 2010

Orihuela dog pound I HAVE read your article along with others. Those poor animals! Mayor Monica Lorente is disgusting. Can you not do a front page covering the dog pound and how she refuses to comment on the matter, and then send her a copy of your article? Please keep up the good work bringing this matter to public attention and press for people to write to the mayor to do something about the pound. A dog lover

Being castigated

PASTOR TERRY Jones is being castigated for having the courage to stand up and speak the truth about Islam. There is never any mention by Muslim apologists and the PC Brigade that the Muslims have been attacking Christians, burning bibles and converting churches into mosques in every country they have invaded in the last 1,500 years. The one thing Muslims cannot tolerate is the truth about their religion because the truth hurts! Des Johnson San Miguel de Salinas

Purely racist ON PAGE 15 of a recent edition you carried a ‘reader’s letter’ headed ‘This is why pensioners are up in arms’. It was not signed nor had any reference to a source for the information. It was purely racist and inflammatory and the sort of mis-information that fuels hatred and mistrust of immigrants. Will your writer explain to me where he/she got this information? I would be very interested to know. Mrs G H Moore, Benissa


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Fate of UK working people WHATEVER MAKES your correspondents Henman, Wise and C.L. Jalon Valley, think that David Cameron and his 1st lieutenant, George Osborne have an interest in the fate of the majority of the working people in the UK? Cameron is a direct descendent of the illegitimate offspring of King William IV: the male of the line is littered with bankers, financiers and/or stockbrokers. (Usurers and loan sharks) His mother is the daughter of a 2nd Baronet. He could have a better claim to the throne than the present incumbent. Osborne is heir to the Osborne Baronetcy, part of the ancient AngloIrish aristocracy; both members of Oxford’s notorious ‘Bullingdon Club’, for those who can afford lavish drunken dinners and the cost of the damage left behind; binge drinking and hooliganism (described as ‘high spirits’ in Oxford’s elite circles). Since they came to power the benefits system is to be handed over to charities and philanthropists. Doesn’t that sound very like workhouses? The constabulary is to be restricted, with numbers made up with well-meaning but useless

volunteers. (I have served alongside the Specials in years gone by). One of the above correspondents describes Thatcher as ‘the greatest woman in the history of British politics.’ This view is held only in the vicinity of her home address. To anyone north of Watford, she is known as ‘the only *** (female member of the cattle family) who took milk from kids.’ She was almost single-handedly responsible for the destruction of the British manufacturing industry in favour of City dealers. Tony Blair is accused of taking the country to war in the cause of oil. Even if it is proved to be true, is it any worse than dispatching our troops to the South Atlantic in pursuit of colonialism? And where does the sinking of the General Belgrano outside the exclusion zone with the death of 323 sailors stand in single operations? Or was it okay because they were only Argentines? Please allow me to sign this letter with one name only: should the Tory Mafia identify me, my children’s futures would well and truly move from ‘amber’ to ‘done deal.’ Sandy, San Miguel

You should not have the right to vote I FIND I have to reply to the guy who made a intimation that socialists are all work shy scroungers, I have worked all my life for a nationalised industry until The Witch of Grantham lost me my job due to privatisation. We are in this mess today thanks to Conservative greed. That woman was not a witch; she was the personification of evil who on a good day looked like a bad drag act and on a bad made Attilla the Hun look girlie. When you move to Spain you should not have the right to vote and inflict us with whichever moron that is running the Tories. Yes I am moving to Spain and once I get there missing England will not bother me, also we should not join Europe only to spoil it with an influx of Jeremy Kyle rejects who fancy a life in the sun. I make no apologies even to say if a dog and a Conservative were starving, I would feed the dog. Yours M R Slade

It also happened to me LIKE YOUR reader I was also ‘missold’ a 10-yearbond as a high interest rate savings account by the same Red Bannered bank that I shall call, to preserve its anonymity, ‘Banco de Land Grab’. I was not told that this was a bond, let alone my money would be

tied up for 10 years. If I wouldn’t do this in the UK for personal or business reasons why would I tie my money up for so long in Spain? I wonder if they receive commission on each bond they sell? David Buse Los Alcazares and Verwood

Re-enact the Spanish Inquisitions I, LIKE countless others, am appalled and disgusted by the latest decisions to come out of the Valencia and Madrid Regional Governments to continue and even increase bullfighting within their regions, almost as if to compensate for the abolition proposed in the Barcelona region recently. Am I the only one who is fed up to the back teeth with the Spanish bleating on about maintaining their historical culture? If it’s historical culture they want, instead of selectively burying most of it, why don’t they go back to 1936 and re-enact the Spanish Civil War every week in the bullring, where they can shoot and bomb each other to their hearts’ content? If, on the other hand, they are so addicted to the sight and smell of blood and still want to maintain their cultural history then why not go back even further to the 15th Century and re-enact the Spanish Inquisitions? They could then dress up in all their finery and torture and kill each other with all manner of weird and wonderful

contraptions. What a colourful spectacle that would be and may raise even more money for their back pockets. One must seriously wonder what sort of education these Governors received in the past; did they in fact spend their days in the classroom pulling wings off flies for them now to display such sadistic tendencies? They certainly do display the classic textbook symptoms of sadism, willing to inflict pain and suffering on others, but running away at the first sight of it being returned. This is borne out in their most recent history by their rapid retreat from Iraq following the Madrid bombings. A classic case of ‘When the going gets tough, the Spanish get going...home’. No Country has a history to be totally proud of but, for heavens sake, in order to emerge from the Third World they do have to display an element of enlightenment; something sadly lacking in certain parts of Spain. Jim Ireland, La Cala Finestrat

Crisis hits animal home THE RINGADINGS Animal Home is a privately funded by a retired UK Police Officer and his wife. At present there are eight dogs, thirty one cats and five birds being cared for who will not be

re-homed due to stress already suffered or age and illness making them a financial liability few could or would accept. If you visit a bar in the Mar Menor area and see a collection

tin for the home remember every cent is appreciated as apart from food etc., the yearly vet bill, allowing for a fantastic discount, runs at approximately €1,400 each year.

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