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Renting a car in Spain A COUPLE of weeks ago I wrote in my article that it is the car that is insured in Spain and most policies give cover for drivers over 25 years old having held a license for a minimum of 2 years . Since I wrote this it has been brought to my attention that there is a new way to make money, and some people believe that it is acceptable to ‘hire out’ their own personal or second car. Since the recession began there has been a sharp increase in the costs of car hire even from well known companies. Sometimes the charge for a single week can be in excess of €300. These high prices have meant that people have started to search for an alternative way to reduce costs, thus creating an opportunity for others to take advantage of this situation. All car policies in Spain cover the car, leading people to believe that if they rent a car from a private individual they are covered. This is not the case as by paying for the car hire you are effectively using the car for hire and reward. This immediately invalidates the insurance as this will not be covered on their insurance policy.

Therefore by ‘hiring’ a non rental vehicle you are exposing you and your family to great risk. This subject has cropped up in many conversations this summer and the answer is always the same: “If we have a bump we won’t tell the insurance company”. If the claim is small and does not involve another party then it may be possible that you will get away with this, BUT what would happen if the police were involved or if there is an injury and the case goes to court? Would you be happy lying under oath and also asking your spouse and your children to do the same? Where fault of the claim is not obvious then the insurance company will always investigate further. THERE ARE REASONS WHY PROPER CAR HIRE IS EXPENSIVE 1) Legally registered businesses pay tax and comply with the laws of Spain. 2) The cars are required to be maintained to a set standard - again giving you peace of mind. 3) The correct insurance has been taken

out, offering you full protection. 4) Cars are renewed every couple of years, so you can be sure that the car you have is much less likely to breakdown and also has the safety features you expect of a newer car. SO HOW DO YOU KNOW WHO IS LEGAL AND WHO IS NOT? There are several ways you can protect yourself: 1) Ask to see the insurance policy. If it says that the vehicle is for private use then you are not covered. 2) Ask to see the bank receipt to show that the insurance certificate is valid and the insurance has been paid for. 3) Check that the car complies with the safety requirements of Spain. Are there visibility vests inside for all seats in the car, triangles etc? 4) Does the car have a valid ITV- is the sticker on the window? 5) Has the company got a CIF number – this shows they are registered company. 6) If the car is old, ask to see proof that it has been professionally serviced, look at obvious areas, such as the tyres.


by Jennifer Cunningham The Costas leading insurance consultant 7) If the car is on UK plates- don’t go near it. 8) This also applies to private unlicensed taxis for example to and from the airport. You need to check that all the seats are insured and not just the driver and front seat passenger, plus of course that the insurance is for more than private use. I mention many times in my articles that just because something looks like a bargain there is always a downside and never forget this is Spain and litigation is both very costly and time consuming. PAUL CUNNINGHAM NURSES UPCOMING EVENTS Thurs 23rd September is Ladies Wellbeing Day in Quesada 11.00 – 16.00: just €12 for a drink on arrival and Buffet Lunch. Booking advisable: please call 966 716 919 or 629 869 959 for details. Friday 1st October, join us for an evening with the fabulous Clairvoyant, Palmist and reader of Tarot Cards Tristan Morell from the SOL TV show’ Mind, Body and Soul’, at the new Odd Couple in Playa Flamenca: book your half hour slot with Ruth on 672 762 595 or Susan 629 869 959.

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