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Quality healthcare in Quesada

Rojales Mayor, Antonio Martinez Canovas spoke exclusively to RTN about the new Quesada Health Centre in Lo Marabu. • p6

Opposition leader sets out her stall

Antonia Moreno , the head of Orihuela’s Socialist Party, talks about the recent corruption allegations hitting the PP and how the new PSOE party is stronger than ever. • p8

Check your cheques Solicitor Michael Olmer writes about cheques and how you can prevent the chances of them bouncing. • p30

RTN Competition Win a signed copy of author Danny Collin’s new true crime book. With 23 top crimes that have chilled the world this is a must read book. • p36

FC Torrevieja host La Liga new boys

Andy Hermida has been officially named as President of FC Torrevieja with immediate effect. Read what Andy has to say about his new appointment. • p62

As multicultural as New York or London 6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

by Louise Clarke IT IS official; Torrevieja is as multicultural as New York and London. A report released this week states that there are a total of 124 different nationalities living together in the city and that the range of nationalities is so diverse that the only other cities in the world that it can be compared to is London or New York. Of the 102,655 residents in the city, only 12,000 have lived in the city for their whole life and are true Torrevieja born residents. The rest are classed as new to Torrevieja and derive from countries all over the world as well as from other parts of Spain. Just a few decades ago Torrevieja was a very small fishing village with very few residents. In 2010 the municipal census counts more than 100,000 residents with only 47 % them SpanTorrevieja ish nationals. In the most recent census data, which is reviewed monthly, has more than 120 countries with a national as a resident different in Torrevieja include Sudan, Tanzania, foreign Uganda, Syria, Gambia, Iraq, Vietnam, nationals living in the Ivory Coast and Andorra. Continued on page 3 city


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6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

continued from front page THE MAJORITY of immigrants come from the UK with 12,933 people registered on the census. Other large sections of the population come from countries such as Morocco (3100), Russia (3261), Sweden (2844), Norway (2268) and Germany (3889). Torrevieja’s Councillor for Foreign Residents, Pedro Valero, told RTN: “The findings of this report are very positive and it shows how accommodating our city is to foreign nationals. What is interesting to see is that as a result, multi national births have increased and these babies have a combination of eye colours and skin tones. These babies are not immigrants, like their parents; they are the ‘new’ Torrevieja residents and this shows just how much of a multicultural society we live in; with cultural influences and customs from all around the world.” WEDDINGS

A perfect example of this multicultural society is the first baby born in 2010 at Torrevieja Hospital. The child has a Spanish Father, a German Mother and a French Grandmother. “I remember the first weddings that were performed at the Town Hall office in 2003. The first was a Chinese and Spanish couple and the second was between a Romanian lady and a Dutch gentleman.” says Multiculturalism characterises Torrevieja society in everyday life.” Valero. “The Town

Hall is making a positive contribution to this multicultural society.” However, there are occasions when things don’t run as smoothly as the Town Hall would hope. He said: “There are occasions when there are xenophobic outbreaks, but these usually occur in times of crisis. I think it can be difficult for those people who dismantle their entire life, leave their home and country to work in a foreign country, only to be become unemployed. As a Town Hall, we try to help these people as much as we can.” CULTURAL CLASHES

The report also states that the city is divided by ‘colonies’ with many of the nationalities congregating together and living in the same area. For example, more than 2000 Ukrainian born nationals live close to the city’s fire station. Pedro continued: “We do know of cultural clashes in areas like the Toretas where British, German and Spanish live in the same area and there are residents who after many years still do not speak Castilian. But who are we to force them? They are the losers.” He added: “For many years they watch their own country’s TV or go to bars and supermarkets run by fellow nationals. That is their prerogative but from the other point of view, Torrevieja has become a richer place for it as you can find a teacher of almost any language in the world, try almost any food or hear almost any music Multiculturalism characterises Torrevieja society in everyday life.”

August Fair in San Miguel THE ANNUAL San Miguel de Salinas August Fair was officially opened on Wednesday evening by the Mayor, Angel Saez Huertas, the Junior Queen, Jessica and the Infant Queen, Lily. The event, which is on until Sunday 8th August, is located at the fair ground at the top of the village and will play host to several concerts and dance displays. Tomorrow, Saturday 7th August, at 18:30 there will be an equestrian display close to the fair ground and the horses will parade through the pueblo. This will be followed by a concert by the Trio Costa Blanca and the election of the 2010 Junior Queen. The election for the 2010 Infant Queen, which The involved three British expat Mayor, Jessica girls, took place last night and Lily (Thursday) and RTN will officially have a full report in next open the week’s paper. Fair

Great Weekly Day Trips

The findings of this report are very positive

Man arrested for driving offences A ROMANIAN man was arrested by Local Police officers on the Orihuela Coast for driving offences after he was stopped driving a BMW in the Lagosol urbanisation. The car, which had four occupants inside, was driving in an evasive manner after it passed the marked patrol car and had been stopped by the police on previous occasions. The man was charged with providing false documentation by Guardia Civil officers in Torre de la Horadada and his car was seized by the police and taken to the municipal car pound in Orihuela.

Can you throw a watermelon or spit an olive pit? ON SATURDAY 14th August at the Nonduermas Restaurante and Bar, which is located at the Meroil service station in between Callosa de Segura and Catral, the 2nd Annual Watermelon Throwing Competition takes place. The event is open to everyone and starts at 21:00. There will be free Watermelon Shots and ‘Pinchos’ as well as fireworks at midnight! The following week, on Saturday

21st August, it’s the 2nd Annual Olive Pit Spitting Competition, again starting at 21:00. On this occasion, there will be free beer for every contestant. To enter either competition, all you have to do is put your name down at the bar or e-mail the Nonduermas Bar at RTN will be there to see all the action and will have photos in the following week’s paper.

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6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

A light machine gun

by Jack Troughton BRISTLING WITH guns and missiles, the sleek USS San Jacinto proudly sports a brace of skull and crossbones on the side of the bridge – a sign of her success on anti-piracy duty. The guided missile cruiser was homeward bound to Norfolk, Virginia, after a seven month tour of operations, when she docked in Alicante for a five day visit amidst heightened security. The recently painted decorations added to the warship’s official service grey – and part

of a naval tradition - paid tribute to the growing military intervention in the Gulf of Aden against the menace of Somali pirates. And the San Jacinto took two gangs of outlaws out of service within a week before starting the long journey back through the Suez Canal and home. Before she slipped her Alicante moorings last Sunday and headed for Gibraltar, the Atlantic and America, RTN accepted an invitation from the Navy League of the United States for a tour of the cruiser. Chatting in the wardroom, Capt. John Cordle spoke of the importance of responding to

the threat posed by pirates in the Gulf of Aden and the increasing numbers of attacks on shipping lanes.

can naval parlance – to harass the target and “warning shots” were fired to prevent the pirates escaping.



According to Lloyds of London, piracy remains a global problem – various parts of the Far East, for example, have bandits afloat ready to pounce. However, they raid shipping, especially smaller craft to seize goods and valuables. Capt. Cordle explained the problem off the Somali coast was well organised and often well armed criminal gangs were looking to take vessels by force and hold the crews and their ships hostage. “This is big business.” He said USS San Jacinto first intercepted a fishing boat “acting suspiciously” in the last week of May - 68 nautical miles off Yemen the dhow was boarded as a routine part of increased security in the area.The captain said a crew of five were on board “and suddenly up popped the heads of 13 Somali pirates who had commandeered the vessel.” The “bad guys”, AK47 machine guns and rocket propelled grenade launchers were taken into custody and later handed to the Yemen authorities. And on 31st May, USS San Jacinto raced to the aid of the Maltese-flagged ship MV Avenue Beauty after the intended victim raised the alarm 90 miles north of the coast of Somalia. Chasing a high-powered skiff, the warship scrambled one of its two helicopters – ‘helios’ rather than ‘choppers’ in Ameri-

By the time the vessel was boarded, weaponry had been thrown over the side. Another nine pirates were arrested and later handed to the Yemeni navy. Duty calls, but RTN understands there was a growing frustration within the entire military response at the lack of political will to actually prosecute the pirate crews and bring them to justice. Commissioned in 1988, USS San Jacinto is the third naval ship to carry the name which commemorates the final decisive battle of the Texas Revolution in 1836. The 19th Century struggle saw General Sam Houston overcome Mexican counterpart General Santa Anna with an international band of volunteer settlers and journeymen – a victory coming not long after the renowned action of The Alamo. Pictures, unsurprisingly, hang in the wardroom. “We still get a large number of recruits from the State of Texas,” said Capt. Cordle. “And the good people of Texas like to send the crew gifts at Christmas and other holidays.” The modern day USS San Jacinto is designed as an escort vessel – in a battle group she would protect aircraft carriers – but her twin five inch guns can be used in support of ground landings 13 nautical miles away - while maritime security, independent deployment and anti drug or terrorism action are all part of

om patrol USS San Jacinto

her schedule. Shown around her decks, RTN’s guide described the state-of-theart missile armoury as – forgive the Americanism – “simple awesome”. There are attack and defence systems for and aft, port and starboard. Machine guns and cannon are spread at various points – ideal for counterpiracy action – while radar identifies friend or foe and “chaff” is loaded into launchers ready to deflect enemy homing systems. METAL

And either side, controlled by a Playstation-style joystick by sailors watching on electronic screens, are powerful chain guns firing at an almost unbelievable rate of “full metal jackets” in self-defence. The guide grins and admits: “They can do serious damage. They really make things disappear.” A ‘smart ship’ many things on the bridge are keyboard and

therefore computer controlled. The ship’s wheel is a third of the size of an average family car’s steering wheel. The gizmos have the know-how to remember the ship’s approach into harbour and tying up and are capable of taking her out of port on their own. However, the crew still prefer a human touch as ‘auto-pilot’ has a tendency to overcompensate, giving a rough ride in heavy seas. USS San Jacinto was homeward bound with around 350 officers and men looking forward to a reunion with their families and lovedones. Yet everyone on board not only welcomed visitors but went out of their way to befriend youngsters from an EMAUS home. Sailors heaved children onto their shoulders and gave up uniform caps. Imagine the pride of a teenage girl – and the consternation of her male friends – as she pulled on the captain’s cap adorned with its gold braid.


6 - 12 AUGUST 2010


Town Hall is committed to the coast By Louise Clarke THE COUNCILLOR for the Orihuela Coast, Jose Antonio Aniorte, has defended his party’s record for improving the coastal walkway after coastal opposition party CLARO issued a statement denouncing the appalling state of the Paseo Maritimo. As reported in last week’s RTN, CLARO accused the PP led Town Hall of ignoring the dangers and the obstructions along the municipality’s coastline. At a press conference, which was held at the Orihuela Town Hall, Snr Aniorte explained that the Town Hall was well aware of the rock fall which had taken place between the Barranco Rubio beach in Campoamor and Mil Palmeras. He said: “The Town Hall has contacted the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Land and Sea, the Main Directorate of Coastal Sustainability and the Provincial Coastal Service in Alicante. We told them what had happened and they instructed us to follow certain necessary measures to ensure public safety. Unfortunately, a second rock fall occurred earlier this week and this brought about an immediate inspection visit by the Technical Services from the Ministry of Environment and the Provincial Coastal Service. They immediately evaluated the situation and considered the level of danger to members of the public.”

SOLUTION According to the Councillor, the Town Hall also collaborated with the Valencian authorities to seal off the area and ensure that ‘Danger’ signs were put in place to warn the public. He added: “The Town Hall has also removed many of the rocks that had fallen onto the beach to allow people to pass by the area.” Snr Aniorte also took advantage of the press conference to clear up any understandings about the footbridge in La Regia, following his altercation with residents during last week’s ‘pleno’ meeting. He said: “The document that I signed states that the Town Hall will find a solution for the residents of La Regia, with regards to their safe crossing of the N332. And so, I am pleased to announce that the Town Hall will be renovating the existing underpass at Calle Isla Cerdeña. We will be providing stairs on either side with access ramps for wheelchair users as well as new lighting.” IMPROVEMENTS He also announced that the Town Hall will be improving the street lighting in Calles Isla Dragonera and Isla Corcega as well as reorganising the one way traffic system in the urbanisation, complete with improved signs and road markings. The Councillor also announced that there will be three new bus stops installed in La Regia, the whole street light-

Councillor for the Coast, Jose Antonio Aniorte

ing system will be improved and the completion of the children’s park on Calle Isla Conejera will also take place. The Town Hall will also reduce the pavement next to the footbridge in Cabo Roig in order to increase accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Snr Aniorte concluded: “The Orihuela Town Hall is committed to the residents of the coast and we are investing many millions of euros into the area, so that all the beaches and the urbanisations on the coast are in a perfect condition.” So, there you have it. It appears that in order to actually get anything done with the Orihuela Town Hall, all you have to do is accost a councillor during a ‘pleno’ meeting! (Although RTN would not condone any such activity!)


6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Quality healthcare in Quesada by Louise Clarke BY OCTOBER the building which will house the Quesada Health Centre in Lo Marabu, will be complete; that is according to Rojales Mayor, Antonio Martinez Canovas, who met up with RTN earlier this week for an exclusive chat. It is also hoped that the €3 million centre will be open for business by early next year and the Mayor told RTN that he is pleased that after many months of waiting, the centre is finally taking shape. Like the Health Centre in neighbouring San Luis, this new medical centre will be state of the art and will be run by the same private company, UTE. It is also the same company which runs Torrevieja Hospital and so the centre will have the same technology as the hospital. Antonio said: “UTE is a private company which prides itself on offering the best service for their patients. If you are happy with the service that you receive at Torrevieja Hospital, then you can presume that you will be happy with the service that you receive in Quesada, because they are the same company with the same work ethics and quality of service and health provision.” RUDE When RTN told its readers that it was going to meet the Mayor, a lady from Quesada wrote in saying: “When RTN meets with the Mayor, I would appreciate you asking him if the new Health Centre will have a caring, sympathetic English speaking Doctor. The English speaking female doctor currently based in the Municipal Centre is very off hand, at best, and down right rude at worst. I loathe visiting the Surgery because of the unsympathetic attitude of the Doctor. I want to feel confident in my Doctor, not intimidated!”

N332 grinds to halt after five car crash The Mayor Antonio Martinez Canovas So, RTN asked the Mayor about this. As the new surgery will be run by a private company, the Town Hall has no say about who they employ as doctors. However, he did say that the company is well aware that the majority of people using the health centre will be foreign nationals and therefore, he assured RTN that the staff will able to accommodate any language issues. FLORENCE The design of the new health centre has been well thought out with the paediatric unit, for example, being located away from the main surgery so that poorly children will not have to come into contact with sick adults. There will also be an outpatients/day surgery unit so that residents will no longer have to visit Torrevieja Hospital for minor surgery procedures. Although the Town Hall has contributed financially to the project and donated the land on which the centre is being built, it will have no involvement with the day to day running of the surgery. RTN asked the Mayor how the system worked with regards to the private company running the centre. He said: “UTE charges the state health service for everything that they do. But this price is actually cheaper than what a state run medical centre would charge. UTE get more efficiency from their staff in order to keep their prices lower and the patient, in turn, gets a better service. Patients will also be able to make appointments over the internet and by phone and they will be told how long they will have to wait until they see the doctor. The computer system ‘Florence’ that is installed in both Torrevieja Hospital and the San Luis clinic, will also be installed here and therefore doctors will have access to all the patient’s records and results at the click of a mouse!” The Mayor concluded: “The technology that will be used in the centre is extremely advanced and this will add to patient satisfaction. The new health centre is very important to the Town Hall and it is really good to see it being realised. It is very good for all the community.”

THE START of August arrived with a bang last weekend; five bangs in fact. The main coastal road between La Mata and Guardamar was the scene of a five car smash on Sunday as the area became swarmed with tourists from all over Spain anxious to spend their annual summer holiday by the sea. It was hoped that the dual carriageway on this section of the N332 would have been ready by the time the summer started, but planning problems have meant that this particular stretch of road is still not complete and work is expected to continue until November. The road is limited to just one lane between La Mata and Guardamar and there is a variety of traffic control measures in place as the road is expanded, including diversions, cones and temporary fencing, which make the road more

like an obstacle course than a safe thoroughfare. The accident on Sunday took place three kilometres from Guardamar, close to the Moncayo Market, which makes the area particularly busy on a Sunday. The crash involved five cars, all of which were following one another and caused some of the passengers in the vehicles minor injuries. As a result, there were long queues in both directions for several hours. The Guardia Civil, Local Police and Fire Service were all in attendance and a woman and child were taken to hospital by ambulance where they were treated for their injuries and later discharged. In order to alleviate the traffic problems caused by the accident, the Guardia Civil opened up a section of the old road as an escape route to allow traffic to begin flowing again.

Swimming pool chemicals affect kids

CHLORINE IN a public swimming pool has poisoned five children, and one is in intensive care. The children are aged between three and six, were in the junior pool at a leisure centre in Girona last week, when staff noticed that they were suffering breathing difficulties and vomiting. On-site medical staff were brought to the pool, and treated two of the children who were then allowed to go home. The other three were rushed to hospital with symptoms of poisoning. Two of those in hospital were discharged, but one girl is still in intensive care at the time of writing, as the chlorine gas has affected her respiratory system and she developed a severe allergic skin rash. The leisure centre say that the pool had been checked twice in June as passed safety tests – an investigation is being carried out into what could have caused the poisoning. The pool reopened once technicians had given the all clear.

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010



6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Greens call for earthquake plan LOS VERDES in Torrevieja has this week, called for the PP led Town Hall to develop an action plan to deal with the area’s seismic risk, as required by the National Civil Protection Plan and Territorial Emergency Plan of the Valencian Community. At the recent ‘pleno’ meeting Los Verdes councillors called for “…proper planning that would, in turn, provide effective assistance to people in an emergency caused by an earthquake.” They have also said that in the first instance, before an earthquake, it is important to make sure that the resources of the municipality are managed effectively. A Spokesman for the party told RTN: “Torrevieja, like

many other towns in the Vega Baja and up to 58 other towns across the Alicante province, is located in the range of one of the most seismically active areas of the Iberian Peninsula. Throughout its history the city has undergone numerous seismic events, some of which reached an intensity of seven and eight on the Richter scale.” The party has called for all municipalities located in areas of moderate seismic activity, as is Torrevieja, to establish and maintain a special plan in case of an earthquake, in order to plan and organise human and material resources available for an emergency.

Lorry tolls anger drivers A PROPOSED motorway toll on heavy goods vehicles has led lorry drivers to threaten strike action. José Blanco, the Minister for Development, is considering a toll of 10 cents per kilometre according to the Spanish paper El Mundo. If the toll is introduced, the government look set to make €3 billion annually.

Spain snubs solar power THE GOVERNMENT has shocked environmentalists and the solar power industry by announcing a plan to slash grants to solar farms by 45 percent. The solar industry is in outrage and the solar federation ASIF saying they feel “surprise and indignation”. The federation spokesperson has commented that the move would be prejudicial to the industry.

Opposition leader sets out her stall THE HEAD of Orihuela’s Socialist Party, Antonia Moreno, broke into politics in 2006 to take over the local branch of PSOE and since then has become the Bain of Orihuela Mayor, Monica Lorente’s life. In recent weeks, the management of the PP led Town Hall has been the subject of a huge amount of scrutiny thanks to the anti corruption investigation; Operation Brugel. For Antonia Moreno, the last 23 years of PP rule in Orihuela has been marred by the involvement of the businessman Angel Fenoll, who is also implicated in the corruption allegations and she says that in her opinion, Ms Lorente is being held hostage by the business interests of Fenoll. Ms Moreno told RTN: “Everyone in Orihuela knows what has happened at the Town Hall in the last 23 years. The first PP Mayor of the municipality, Luis Fernando Cartagena, was supported by the company which belongs to Angel Fenoll and this has continued throughout the last two decades; first with Cartagena, then with José Manuel Medina and now with Monica Lorente.” According to the Socialist leader, the relationship between the Mayor and Fenoll is evident and palpable to all residents of Orihuela. She said: “Beginning with his physical presence at PP meetings right through to election night. He is always around.”

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Moreno says that in her opinion, there is certainly evidence that Fenoll has influenced Town Hall decisions. She said: “The waste collection contract which is worth €9.5 million a year was awarded to a company that was a joint venture with Fenoll as a hidden partner. How can that be transparent? As far as I am concerned, the Town Hall management for the last 20 years has been hijacked by the business interests of Ángel Fenoll. When Ms Lorente came to power, we all expected a profound change, but it only took three months to discover that not only that would there be no change, but it was worse than with the previous Mayor, Medina. I think that Fenoll is not a businessman. Fenoll is the kind of boss who does things outside the law.” TURNING POINT The Socialist leader thinks that the PP tide maybe turning in the city now though after Ripoll was booed at a recent fiesta. She said: “It is true to say that Orihuela society has been silent up until now. But when Ripoll was booed at the fiestas on 16th July, it was a turning point. This means, even in metaphorical terms, that the residents of Orihuela have decided to jump off the fence.” The PSOE leader admits that the party has not been a great opponent to the force of the PP party in the municipality in the past. Ms Moreno says: “The his-

Antonia Moreno sets out her stall

tory of PSOE in Orihuela has been complicated. The new PSOE began in 2006 and for the first time the group is strong and united. For the first time there are no splits or internal strife. We are providing an atmosphere of seriousness and responsibility.” Ms Moreno said that she has had a lot of support from the national executive and personally thanked the party’s Valencian Secretary General, Jorge Alarte for his advice and support. She also says that she would like to be the Socialist candidate for Mayor in the upcoming municipal elections. Moreno concluded: “A change of government in Orihuela automatically means a commitment to transparency, regardless of who wins the election. Corruption costs us dearly and paralyses the management of the Town Hall.”

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010



6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Panic for millions of people around the World!

IT’S THAT time of the year again that causes millions of people to live in terror for 24 hours: another Friday 13th is soon upon us. Millions of people throughout the world live in terror of this particular day and virtually become a recluse in their own home for that 24 hours with this phobia; an irrational fear that something awful is about to befall them. Did you know that the fear of the number 13 is called ‘Triskaidekaphobia’, and the fear of Friday 13th is called ‘Paraskavedekatriaphobia?’ This day occurs at least once but at most three times a year. Any month’s 13th day will fall on a Friday if the month starts on a Sunday. In 2010 this applies to just one month and its August! ‘Paraskevidekatriaphobia’ is from the Greek words ‘paraskevi’ (meaning Friday), and ‘dekatreis’ (meaning thirteen), attached to phobía from ‘phobos’ (meaning fear). The term ‘triskaidekaphobia’ - the fear of the number 13, derives from the Greek words ‘tris’, meaning ‘three’, ‘kai’, meaning ‘and’, and ‘deka’, meaning ‘ten’. According to folklorists, there is

no written evidence for a ‘Friday the 13th superstition before the 19th Century. The earliest known documented reference in English occurs in 1869. One famous person with the fear of the number 13 was Queen Victoria. The story goes that she was invited to a diner but refused to join the other guests because she would have been the 13th at the table - until someone pointed out that one of the guests was pregnant! There are millions of people throughout the World that have strange phobias and over the years I have helped them overcome their problems using Fast Track Hypnosis, which normally takes 4 sessions. Using the calming effects of my Fast Track Hypnosis method, the subconscious mind is allowed see the phobia in a very funny way. The theory behind this is quite simple: by laughing at your phobia you cannot be frightened of it, and if you are not frightened of it, it goes away. What started out as a personal interest about the various phobias people can have ended up with my compiling a list and

putting in on my website. They range from the fear of the mother in law – ‘penthraphobia’ - to the fear of long words – ‘Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia’ - which would itself make the person have a phobia about a phobia! Oh, and guess what that’s called ‘Phobophobia!’ Over the years I have compiled a list of phobias and their names. It may surprise you to know that my list now extends to over 200 and it is still growing: two that I have successfully treated but as yet have found no name for, is a phobia of hair remover, and plastic spiders! Alan holds his Fast Track Hypnosis sessions in Cabo Roig, Guardarmar, and Benidorm. He is also the Creator of the Stop Smoking in under 30 minutes Fast Track System. For an appointment, brochure, or free of charge initial consultation, contact Alan Gilchrist on 659 229 408 or visit:

Queen Victoria had a fear of the number 13


Alan Gilchrist The Costa Blanca’s Top Hypnotherapist

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010



6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

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Phone tapping evidence comes to light IT HAS been revealed that more than 30 people who are believed to be involved in the anti corruption case ‘Operation Brugal’ have had their phones tapped during the last three years. The case, which has been brought back into the spotlight following the arrests of three Orihuela Councillor and the Alicante President for the PP, José Joaquín Ripoll, last month, revolves around the contract award of the Orihuela municipality’s rubbish collection and the planned Vega Baja rubbish tip in Torremendo. According to a source close to the investigation, there are hundreds of pages of transcripts which need to be sifted through in order to obtain the required evidence to make charges and the judge who is investigating the case, Carlos San Martín, has stated that the transcripts of all the calls made by up to 30 different people, need to be thoroughly investigated before he will allow them as official evidence. A gagging order on the case is still in place and so it is unknown at this time, whose

phone was tapped. However, the source says that the task has proved to be quite difficult as many of the main suspects in the case have changed their telephones several times during the three year investigation. TIP OF THE ICEBERG

The big question for investigators is whether there will be sufficient evidence from the transcripts to justify charges. One lawyer has stated publically that a conversation alone is not sufficient unless supported by something else. He said: “On this issue there are many conversations but what actual evidence is there?” However, investigators are confident that this case will go all the way to court and see charges made against the main protagonists and have said that they believe that this is just “…the tip of the iceberg.” And the fact that nearly ten separate cases have been instigated as a result of the three year investigation, in both Alicante and Murcia, suggests that there certainly is no smoke without fire. The source has told RTN that the police have been given approval for

further phone taps and will be allowed to do so until the judge deems that he has enough evidence to prosecute. INNOCENT

Meanwhile José Joaquín Ripoll has demanded that the gag order be lifted so that he knows exactly what he has been accused of so that he can adequately defend himself against the allegations. He has fervently denied any wrongdoing and has repeated his innocence on numerous occasions to the media. Ripoll was speaking at a press conference to launch the Alicante Province’s campaign for the prevention of skin cancer in young people. He said: “I am innocent of any of the accusations which have been made about me in the press.” He added: “I still do not know what I am actually being accused of in the investigations which have been conducted under the ‘Operation Brugal’ I am absolutely convinced that all the efforts which have been made with regards to the Area 17 Waste Consortium, where the Provincial Government has

More fake items destroyed

THE LOCAL Police in Torrevieja have destroyed even more fake items of clothing and accessories after they recovered a number of counterfeit products during a recent crackdown. The officers recovered more that 2,500 objects in the operation which took place during the last weekend in July. Amongst the items destroyed were 140 items of fake designer clothes, 600 pairs of fake sunglasses, 60 counterfeit designer handbags, 1,000 DVDs and 800 CDs.

Ripoll wants the gag order lifted so that he can know exactly what he is accused of

only 15% of its representation, are correct and in accordance with the law.” He concluded: “The most important thing to happen is that the gag order is lifted so that we can prove that everything has been done correctly. From a personal standpoint, the sooner they lift the gag order, the better.”

Absconded pair arrested A CUBAN couple has been arrested by Local Police in Orihuela Costa accused of trying to con money from people. The arrests came after the pair were identified as being wanted by police. The 39 year old woman and 32 year old man both have outstanding warrants out for their arrests from the courts in Valencia and in Madrid after they were charged with seven counts of theft, but absconded before they could go to trial. They were taken to the Guardia Civil headquarters in Torre de la Horadada and were later transferred to Valencia.

More than 2500 fake items were destroyed

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6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

A non-eulogy

SO, ACCORDING to ‘controversial’ RTN columnist Jon Gaunt, Alex Higgins was a ‘drunken, wife-beating moron’. Fair enough, Jon: we are all entitled to our opinion. However, despite Higgins beating up his former wife Lynn, she, along with his children visited him in hospital prior to his death. I knew The ‘Hurricane’ during my coverage of snooker from my home town Preston during the eighties and nineties, over two decades coverage of the UK Championships. As Gaunt states, Higgins was a wife beater, and, in my opinion this fact has been well aired, along with his other misdemeanours. People, snooker colleagues included, left the room upon Higgins’ arrival - on many occasions. But was Higgins really THAT bad? Just like George Best, Higgins chose the same path of self-destruction, in the end aided by cancer. But for me, Higgins made snooker what it is today. We all knew that Higgins was a ‘drunken, wife-beating moron’. In his pot at Higgins, controversial Gaunt’s ‘non-eulogy’ was hardly controversial. Like Higgin’s family, those in the sport still cared and loved him. Andrew Atkinson, Los Montesinos, Alicante

Nice one Harry GOOD OLD Harry Southgate strikes again! He has entertained us for years with his seemingly serious and always provocative letters. His latest is on driving untaxed UK cars in Spain. The recently arrived and gullible, usually of a ‘law and order’ persuasion, cannot help but respond no doubt, to Harry’s delight... Nice one mate! Mick Alfaz del Pi

Memory loss

THANKS TO the long term memory loss suffered by the British voting public, the UK is forced once again to re-live the Groundhog Day of a class war waged on those in need by the party of greed. The UK is facing an even bigger attack on the welfare state than during the Thatcher years. Public sector jobs are being slashed and investment in industry and infrastructure is burned. The mad witch from Grantham destroyed more of British industry than the Luftwaffe during WW2, in their ideological quest for ‘the small state’, these nutters will surpass it: Groundhog Day over and over again. I am glad I could see the writing on the wall and moved to Spain. Viva España! J. Johnson, La Cala Finestrat


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Don’t believe a word of it WE ALL receive promotional telephone calls, so when I received a call from Telefonica (now taken over by Movistar) offering a ‘good offer’, I took the call with interest (I am a customer already). ‘Maria’ who spoke fluent English with an English accent, told me she had lived in London, explained the offer was for ADSL, TV CHANNELS AND FREE NATIONAL CALLS FOR ONLY €35. I explained I had been looking to reduce my monthly payments from €57 each month as I am no longer working and not receiving Paro. I asked her 3 times to clarify the offer, repeating the terms back to her which she did and confirmed “That is correct.” After paying my last factura of €57 on 17th July, I saw in my account a payment taken from Telefonica for €82…? I called their 1004 and spoke to a

young man for about half an hour: he told me not to keep mentioning ‘Maria’ and that I would have to pay it as this is correct. I asked my Granddaughter to call them, as she is Spanish, to explain this terrible situation that was caused by ‘Maria’. They have explained that the €35 is an offer - I would also have to pay the ADSL; the TV; and IVA - hence the total of €82. I am fuming, as you can imagine. I have cancelled this ‘offer’ and when asked by my granddaughter would I have to pay for the cancellation was told ‘NO, I wouldn’t.’ This is Telefonica! With whom so many people have had huge problems previously... I want to WARN all customers, old and new, not to believe the ‘nice English girl’ called ‘Maria’ as she is a liar and deceives honest people like myself. C Burrows

More legal immigrants This is Spain: the language is Spanish!

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with the comments made by John Dale. My husband worked all his life in UK and paid his taxes etc, he was registered disabled during the last few years, but when we moved here his disability was stopped. His disability payments disappeared because we choose to live in a better climate, yet they pay child benefits to children of immigrants who are often not even in the country. The prisons overflow; the health service is near

collapse; we are told we will have to work longer and yet we still allow all these immigrants in who can appeal for years. I think I heard the other day Turkey are going to join the EU, encouraging more LEGAL immigrants, I think my grandchildren will have to work until they are 80 before they get a pension. When is some brave politician going to say enough is enough! Coleen Bryan (Just as angry as John)

Glad he’s back on the radio I WOULD just like to say how very glad I am that Mr Gaunt is back on the radio. He is one of the best presenters and says what he thinks but allows others to give their views. I do not agree with everything he says but I always enjoy his shows. Good luck to Jon. M Wood

Evolutionist views I READ with interest Jim Ireland’s letter in edition 562 as I hold a minority view which I am prepared to air publically. We have formed the Almeria and Murcia Evolutionists, a branch affiliated to the British Humanist Association. We are having an inaugural

walk in the Pulpi area and lunch afterwards in a cave house on Saturday 20th November 2010. I would be delighted to hear from anyone holding evolutionist views and who would care to join us for the event. Rhian Blakey, e-mail:

IN THE interest of fair balance I must take issue with your correspondent, M. Walsh. My wife and I have used these health services for almost 4 years and have always been treated extremely well. We have certainly never encountered the type of individual M. Walsh describes. Maybe this is because we have taken the trouble to learn at least enough Spanish to make reasonable requests in a polite manner. This invariably prompts a response in English as we have demonstrated that we do not expect the whole World to speak what is, in reality, a minority language. This is Spain: the language is Spanish! Wake up M.Walsh - the World map is no longer painted red and the natives no longer call Englishmen ‘Bwana’. Try showing people a little respect and you might be in for a pleasant surprise. Incidentally, the word ‘xenophobia’ means a fear of foreigners; a trait your letter strongly indicates in your own personality. Andrew Mceachy (English speaking Scotsman with a little Spanish) PS On reflection perhaps I should demand that my doctor takes a crash course in Gaelic just for me...

A great job THERE ARE always complaints regarding the delivery of post here in Spain. Well here is a different story. My grandson is serving on board HMS Liverpool and has been touring around Amercia and Canada. He sent me a postcard from Norfolk, Virginia via the Navy Post, which is taken to London for sorting and then sent on to its destination. On board a Naval ship one can only purchase English first or second stamps, so he used a first class stamp. I am not sure that anyone else on board would have thought of doing the same, not

knowing that to send it on to Spain was not enough postage. After a month I received the postcard with a big blue sticker across the front from the UK, stating ‘not enough postage’. Fair enough, he now knows. However, on reading the contents I noticed that Daniel had not put on the correct address; he had not only left off the postcode but also the name of the town. So I have to congratulate the staff at the Alicante Sorting Office for taking the time and trouble to find out the town, and also the postman in Altea who managed to deliver it. So THANK YOU THE SPANISH POSTOFFICE for doing a great job. Lota Baxter

I DEPLORE the BBC allowing Jeremy Clarkson to promote his irresponsible attitude that fast driving is a sign of virility but I agree with him about the burka: why should it be assumed that a person disguised by a veil is female?

Nationwide customers will get charged abroad NATIONWIDE CUSTOMERS who come on holiday to Spain next year will find it more expensive to withdraw cash from ATMs after the bank announced this week that they will no longer be providing free foreign transactions for its customers. To make the decision more palatable for the thousands of customers who use their debit cards abroad, they announced that their FlexAccount customers would now, instead, get free European travel insurance worth £80 per couple, per year. According to the bank, the changes are designed to reward and provide outstanding value to customers who use Nationwide’s FlexAccount as their main current account for their everyday banking. From 1st November, the bank will introduce a low charge for transactions in currencies other than sterling. However, the bank states that its FlexAccount remains the cheapest mass market current account to use abroad. GREATER VALUE

The Society’s new commission charge of 2% and £1 cash withdrawal fee are, according to the bank, lower than any of those charged by other standard or free current accounts in the market. Unlike several other card providers, Nationwide at the moment does not also

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Orange customer billed more than €1,000 in error A MAN who had his phone off and was in an aeroplane was billed by Orange for making four non-existent calls. Xavier S.G. from Girona, was on his way to Kiev at the alleged time the calls were made, yet he received a bill for €1,022. The bill showed that Xavier has apparently called his own number – which is impossible to do – and that each call was zero seconds, yet each call was charged at €866.70 plus IVA. When Xavier contacted Orange, they told him he must pay the bill because

he may have accidentally made the calls! A month later, the unfortunate Xavier received another questionable bill, charging him for sending 20 blank text messages. Finally, with the help of the consumer association, FACUA, Orange backed down and admitted a system error had resulted in Xavier being billed for calls he never made – as were fiver other customers. However, before FACUA’s intervention, Orange threatened legal action against Xavier if he did not pay within five days.

Nationwide customers will find it more expensive to withdraw cash from Spanish ATMs

charge a fee when a customer makes a purchase abroad and up until 1st November, many customers will benefit from both free travel insurance and commission-free card use abroad. Chris Rhodes, Executive Director of Marketing at Nationwide told RTN: “Our new package of benefits offers greater value to more of our current account customers than before.

The average customer saving with free card use abroad was about £12 a year. We’re now able to offer those who use us for their day to day banking a benefit of much greater value and one that no other bank account offers – free travel insurance worth up to £80. What’s more, we continue to provide the cheapest mass market debit card for use abroad.”

Out of work by choice THOUSANDS OF unemployed people in Catalonia have refused jobs picking fruit. The work was offered to 7,800 unemployed people by the Catalan Government, but only 21 percent agreed to it. The figure is shocking given the recent announcement by the Minister for Employment, Celestino Corbacho, that those who refuse work will have unemployment benefits cut.

Fired-up bull kills man A MAN has been killed by a bull during a fiesta. The bull had fireballs tied to its horns. This act is part of the festivities in Godella, Valencia. The man in question had been thrown out of the event twice – onlookers report that he appeared to be drunk. When he returned, the bull attacked him, slicing open an artery in his neck. The man was from Jaén but lived in Valencia. The organisers of the festival say that no such incident has ever happened before, and the town hall reported that the fiesta met all the necessary regulations.

Ship Embarkation Departs Duration Details

Crystal Cruises Miama 21st December 14 Nights St Thomas, Barbados St Lucia , Antigua etc Brochure Price POA (Age 17 & Under go free!) Selena’s Price (500$ onboard credit for each adult)

Norwegian Jade Barcelona 24th December 9 Nights Canary Islands, Madeira, Morocco £1752 £ Price Promise


Brilliance of the Seas Barcelona 17th December 12 Nights Egypt, Greece, Italy, Malta £2388 £902 (No flights or transfers incl)


6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Elche’s Mystery Play THE FESTIVE activities in Elche reach their zenith in August with the celebrations in honour of the Virgin of the Assumption. The axis around which these fiestas revolve is the ‘Mystery Play’ which is the only medieval play which has been kept alive until today thanks to a privilege granted by Pope Urban VIII in 1632. It is divided into two acts, takes place over two days and it is entirely chanted. The two acts of the ‘Mystery Play’ are traditionally performed on the afternoons of 14th and 15th August in the Basilica of Santa Maria. Thess performances have free entrance and members of the public are also invited to watch the dress rehearsals which take place on 11th, 12th and 13th August, when both

acts are staged together, although with a short interval between them. To attend these rehearsals, it is necessary to buy a ticket in advance. The play’s text is written in Valencian and its music includes melodies derived from the Gregorian repertoire, with Renaissance composers and Baroque or even later additions. The Festa (Mystery Play) was included in 2001 by the UNESCO on its list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity and is certainly worth seeing. For more information on the ‘Mystery Play’ and to find out about all the events which are taking place during the forthcoming Elche Fiestas, please visit RTN’s website at

Labour reform passed

PARLIAMENT HAS approved the labour market reform. The Work and Immigration Committee approved the draft bill on urgent measures for reform of the labour market, to which have been added 33 amendments, with votes in favour from the PSOE. The CiU, the PNV while the Grupo Mixto abstained, and the PP and the ERC-ICV-IU voted against. The text will now go to the Upper House of Parliament for approval.

Lo Crispin residents form Cultural Association by Louise Clarke THE RESIDENTS of the Lo Crispin Urbanisation in Algorfa have formed a cultural association in order to develop a great awareness of Spanish culture and integrate into it. The Association has been set up and is open to all residents, whatever their nationality, on the large urbanisation, which is located just off the AP7 junction roundabout, close to Quesada. President of the Association, Colin Ranson, invited RTN along to the Tavern on the urbanisation to discuss the new association and to meet his Vice President, John. The main objectives of the association are to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the Spanish way of life and to develop a more cohesive and stronger urbanisation as a result. Members of the association will have the opportunity to visit places of cultural interest such as museums, galleries, artisan and craft fairs as well as exhibitions and other events of cultural interest. Colin told RTN: “The association is open to all residents of the properties on Lo Crispin and their immediate family members over the age of 16.” Membership of the association is just €12 per year and since its launch, it already has 200 members. HELPFUL

The running of the association is actually the easy part according to Colin and John; it was the forming of the as-

Colin and John with the Manager of the Tavern Bar in Lo Crispin

sociation which proved to be the most difficult part. John said: “The paperwork required to set up the association legally was a nightmare. Thankfully we met some great people during the process who were all very helpful. But that shouldn’t put off other urbanisations doing something similar and we will be very happy to help anyone who wants to do what we have done.” Colin added: “We learnt by default and it was extremely satisfying once we got all the paperwork sorted.” LO CRISPIN FIESTA

The association has recently enjoyed a trip to the Moors and Christians Parade in Villajoyosa and a car rally and treasure hunt around the southern Costa Blanca. Future trips include an overnight trip to the Spanish capital, Madrid in September; which includes

a trip to the Royal Palaces of King Juan Carlos. They will also be putting all their efforts, over the next few days, into the final touches of preparation for the hugely successful Lo Crispin fiesta, which takes place next Saturday, 14th August, between 16:00 and Midnight. There will be stalls, traditional games and attractions, such as target golf and ‘wang a welly’ as well as a tombola and darts. There will be lots for the children to do and TKO Radio will be hosting a live road show from the event. For the adults, there will be lots of delicious food, courtesy of the Tavern Bar as well as a BBQ and giant Paella. It promises to be a great event and RTN will be down there on the day with a full report in the following week’s paper. For more information on the association, visit its website at

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010 8-14 JANUARY 2010




6 - 12 AUGUST 2010



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Teresa the twit (with an A!) ALL OF us parents are familiar with that long school holiday whine of, “mum I’m bored!” Most of us respond with, “help me with the washing up then” “Not that kind of bored!” Comes the response! To which most decent parents respond by dropping what they are doing and take the kids to the park, the beach or of if they are really lucky a theme park. BUT not “wondermum” Teresa Bystram who made the front page of Wednesday’s Sun when she declared that taking her three kids to crazed killer, Raoul Moats funeral was a “better day out for her feral brood than Lego land!” This moronic so called mum wasn’t related to this vicious cop hater and killer, she didn’t even know him, yet she believes that Moat is “a hero and a good role model to her kids”. Well I guess he could be better than their dad or should that be dads as when the Sun turned up at Teresa’s 350 GRAND house there was no sign of a father figure. Mind you this tattooed slapper doesn’t need the services of a breadwinner as she gets 33 grand a year in benefits off mugs like us to fund her lavish lifestyle and her warped ideas. Just to put that into per-

spective, dear reader, that level of benefits is equivalent to you and I having to earn forty one thousand a year before deductions. To make matters worse that is six grand more than PC Rathbone earns a year and of course he is the decent father who was permanently blinded when Trashy Teresa’s so called hero, Moat, blasted him in the face with a shotgun for having the temerity to just be a copper! But of course tattooed Teresa probably thinks PC Rathbone deserved to be shot as he is a copper. Just as she believes that Moat’s ex, Samantha, deserved to be shot and her new lover murdered because she had left Moat whilst he was doing time for assaulting a child. But the most depressing part of this story is that Teresa the twit (with an A!) isn’t alone in her bizarre and perverted cop hating and domestic violence loving as over thirty thousand other morons joined a facebook site devoted to Moat and declaring him a hero. Some of the comments on that page make even Teresa’s comments seem liberal. Many agreed that Samantha was “a bitch who deserved everything she got” for betraying Moat whilst he was inside. Many also adored him because he

was cop killer or as they so eloquently put it a “pig slaughterer”. None of them probably felt any shame for their comments even when it was later revealed that Moat had also raped Samantha during their relationship. As for Teresa she definitely has no remorse and she even responds that if the authorities dare to question the way she is bringing up her children she will, “tell social services where to go”. She is a living, breathing classic example of the Jeremy Kyle society that new Labour created this past decade who know all about their rights but sweet FA about their responsibilities. She is a disgrace as a woman. She is a disgrace as a mum. And a bloody poor excuse of a human being! Teresa has a swastika inked on her arm and a tattoo that says, “white power”, probably spelt incorrectly, but unfortunately the photo in the paper didn’t quite show whether her knuckles were bleeding after she has dragged them up the street. One thing’s for sure this foul bird is no member of any master race and the only pity is that we haven’t got a spare bullet for her.




Tattooed Teresa probably thinks PC Rathbone deserved to be shot as he is a copper

Gaunty’s coming to Javea!

They say moving is one of the three most stressful things you can do in life. The other two being divorce and death. Well after my experience of the last few days I reckon the first could lead to the other two in quick succession. That said we’re now safely ensconced in the new Gaunty Towers and looking forward to a well deserved break in Javea, so if you see a fat stressed out motor mouth next week remember mine’s a large one!

Virgen processions in La Zenia

The procession which took place in July

THE PROCESSION from Campoamor chapel to the yacht basin at Campoamor takes place on the Saturday nearest to the 16th of July each year. It’s always a precarious event although the sailors from the naval club take the weight of the statue and without incident have carried it down again to the sea. The locals then follow the statue to the boats, although only a small number continue to venture with the statue out to sea. Getting the statue, Priest and sailors all safely aboard is always an amusing and sometimes anxious time – amusing for those on land and anxious for those on board. FIREWORKS

Then on the 15th August, after the mass at

19:30, the statue of the Virgen, from Santa Maria del Mar at La Zenia, will be carried down to the beach where a paper boat holding intentions will be lit and pushed out into the Mediterranean. Again, it is a precarious walk for the people carrying the heavy statue and plinth as one road is particularly steep. After a short service on the beach, the procession winds its way back to Calle la Paz for the firework display. On the preceding evening of the 14th August, there is a parish meal outside with a serenade to the Virgen in the church from 23:00 until Midnight. Tickets for the meal are available from the church each morning after mass or on Sunday after the morning mass at a cost of €10. For more information, please e-mail

Country music and mine dance special for Puma22 THE FIRST two shows of the tour start soon and Jukebox Legends are pleased to announce that they will be fund raising events for the Puma22 Association. Special guest star is “Red Strokes” one of the top UK Garth Brooks tributes. He will perform some of the greatest hits on the Country circuit along with a special Garth Brooks feature. He is supported by a very rare interpretation of “Elvis Country” (aka Peter Day) and Fiona Mclean who has a fantastic range of Country music. The tour begins on Friday 13th August at Los Arcos in Torrevieja; starting at 20:30 with tickets at €6. Tickets are available now at Los Arcos. The second tour date is on Sunday 15th August at The Rendezvous, Campoamor; starting at 20:30 with tickets at €8 (including FREE BUFFET). Tickets available now from The Rendezvous. If you prefer, you can call 695 135 134 to arrange bookings. Three more tour dates have been arranged for September at Rocajuna, Punta Prima (15th), Casa Ventura, San Luis (17th) and The Club, Quesada (24th).

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010



6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Top horse vet to help Cookie COOKIE, THE miniature horse rescued by Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre (EHCRC) after being abandoned to die on wasteground in Benijofar at Easter, is in Barcelona awaiting treatment from Spain’s top horse vet. The vet, Gaspar Castelijns, who recently tried to save another of the centre’s miniatures, Princess, will operate soon to repair Cookie’s damaged legs. Sue Weeding of EHCRC told RTN: “Cookie has been finding it harder and harder to walk and this surgery is her only chance. Without surgery, her condition will worsen until eventually the blood flow to her legs will be cut off and she will not be able to survive, as tragically happened to Princess.” Cookie has laminitis, a painful inflammatory disease that affects the membranes in the hooves,leaving horses lame. It is likely that the disease was caused by neglect and poor diet. Once crippled with the disease, her owners simply abandoned her. WALKING ON HER TOES

Princess, too, had laminitis. Sadly, in her case, as was reported in RTN, it was too late by the time the centre learned

of the ground-breaking work being done by Gaspar Castelijns. Gaspar, who is often visited by vets from around the world, regularly performs surgery other vets believe impossible. He has been able to remove hooves, take away the damaged area, rebuild bone and re-attach hooves. The laminitis has deformed Cookie’s feet so that she is effectively walking on her toes. Gaspar will need to cut the tendons at the back of her legs and reposition the bones in her feet so that she can walk normally again. He has successfully performed this operation a number of times and it is hoped it will help Cookie. DONATIONS

Because he supports the work being done by EHCRC, Gaspar is charging only the cost price of the surgery, and making no charge for Cookie’s hospital stay. Sue says EHCRC feels very lucky to have such a high profile vet supporting its work. “Many vets would simply say the horse should be put down, but Gaspar has found that advanced laminitis does not need to be a death sentence for horses. The more he is able to treat horses

Cookie before her rescue

Prize draw at night market

The busy Night Market in summer

Cookie looking much better

like Cookie, the more likely it is that in the future such treatment will become commonplace.” However, even at cost, the surgery is not cheap and is an extra expense that needs to be met by the charity’s limited funds. EHCRC receives no official funding and relies totally on donations for all its rescue and horse care work. Anyone wishing to make a donation to help pay for Cookie’s surgery can do so at the centre in Rojales or at Looking Good Boutique, La Zenia. Donations can also be made directly into the charity’s CAM bank account, ‘Asoc Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre’, account number 2090 7400 13 0200609667. Paypal donations can be made at EHCRC holds open days every Wednesday and Sunday 13:00 – 16:00.More details of the work of the centre can be found at To contact the centre call Sue Weeding on 652 021 980 or email

THURSDAY, 26TH AUGUST sees the next monthly prize draw at Guardamar’s Night Market. The Stallholders’ Association is keen to promote the high quality and variety of goods on offer and the prize draw has been introduced to encourage visitors to enter into the ‘spirit of things’ by obtaining their special prize draw ticket when they purchase anything from the market. Located in Paseo Ingeniero Mira (opposite the Reina Sofia Park) and just outside the town’s huge pine forest, the Night Market offers a selection of leather and wooden crafted items, gifts and souvenirs,

costume jewellery, clothing, books, handbags and fashion accessories and much more. Throughout the months of July, August and September, the Market is open every night from 17:30 until the early hours of the morning. For more information on the new initiative – visit their website on mercadoartesaniaguardamar. or pick up a leaflet about the range of stalls etc from Guardamar Tourist Information in the town square or call them on 96 572 44 88. A full list of the events taking place in Guardamar this summer is available at

RAFA Costa Blanca

THE CHAIRMAN of the Branch, Noel Cork has resigned the post and we now have a new Chairman in Brian Todd, latterly Vice Chairman. Branch General Meetings now meet at 15.00 (not 14.30 as previously). RAFA COSTA BLANCA BRANCH 1359 meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 15.00 at the Los Carteros Restuarant, Cuidad de las Communicaciones, just outside San Miguel de Salinas. For further information contact the Chairman, Brian Todd, on 966 262 922 or visit

Work party by Jack Troughton AMERICAN SERVICEMEN accepted an invitation to be guests at a party – but only on condition they first took part in a community project. The USS San Jacinto was visiting Alicante and the Navy League of the United States Levante Council hosted a Calpe Beverley reception for officers including Captain Stewart John Cordle. presents However, beforehand, the ship’s chapCapt. lain mustered 20 crew members – and John again the captain volunteered – to go to Cordle the EMAUS home in Elche to decorate with a momento some of the 28 rooms. of the Beverly Stewart, President of the Levisit

vante Council, said EMAUS provided a family home for children taken into care – either homeless youngsters from the streets, from broken homes, or those with violent or drug addicted parents. “There are many associations in our area that assist these children, including many Lions groups, and now the US Navy can be counted among those assisting those in need along the Costa Blanca,” she said. PROUD “How proud we are of our men and women in the armed forces!” Later, she said, 40 members of the Levante Council were joined by the ship’s

Lost souls

By Jack Troughton AN EMPTY and half submerged dinghy found drifting off the Costa Blanca coast could signify another tragic end for immigrants trying to reach Europe. The four metre long skiff was towed into Altea and detectives could not rule out three bodies pulled from the sea last week off Javea and Calpe had been onboard the open vessel. And from items of clothing and sandals found on board, a Guardia Civil source said it appeared there could have been six people on the ‘patera’. It was discovered off the cliffs at Morro Toix but a search of the area failed to find any survivors in the water – although maritime experts said prevailing currents and winds would quickly have moved the boat from the site of any incident. Powered by a 30hp outboard motor, police found

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010


officers at the home of Judith Lewis for an evening of food, drink and music. The Navy League’s Levante Council was formed in 1981 at a time the US Navy had a high presence in the Mediterranean and helped visiting military personnel – over the years extending its welcome to soldiers, sailors and airmen of many countries, including those working with NATO. The Levante Council currently has an international membership of around 100 - the largest in Europe – and holds a monthly lunch with guest speakers with a military background and also celebrates traditional American holidays such as Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Anyone interested in joining this very social group – which covers the coast from Alicante to Valencia – can call Beverly on 629 478 007.

Bees nest dismantled on the coast

A ‘patera’ similar to this one was found

five 25 litre fuel drums floating in the boat, which was said to have the name “Jesus” written on its stern in Arabic. The police also removed six pairs of differently coloured sandals, and from a bow compartment plastic bags containing food, bottles of water, and clothing, Officers also discovered a notebook filled with Arabic writing, which was taken for translation.

The Bee Keeper retrieves the bees nest

A SPECIALIST Bee Keeper had to be called in by Orihuela Costa Local Police after a nest was found inside a wall in the sports area on Calle Trainera in Punta Prima. The Bee Keeper managed to locate the Queen Bee and then remove the nest of bees from the wall and place it in a special hive. The swarm has now been relocated.


6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

We’ve been spoilt! 6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

by Charlie and Lily Clarke WHEN OUR Mum (Louise) told us that we had to go to summer school, we were not very happy. Mum had arranged for us to go to Castelar College in San Pedro del Pinatar for two weeks and we expected that we would have to spend all day in classroom learning lots of boring stuff. We arrived on the first day and got our uniform which was a t-shirt and shorts and we liked it. The uniform was comfy and as everyone else was wearing it, we felt like we fitted in straight away. We went into our classroom and met the teachers and the other kids, who were all very nice. They were mostly Spanish in the class but there were a couple of other English kids there as well. As we go to a Spanish school in San Miguel de Salinas, we know how to speak Spanish so that was OK and it was very easy to make friends. The teachers were really nice and kind and they gave us time to do our work, which we did for two hours every day.

smaller children. On the Thursday, we were told that we were going to the beach and so we didn’t have to do any work that day. We got into the school’s mini bus at 09:15 and headed for the beach at Los Alcazares and the Mar Menor. We had a great day there and did canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing and sailing. After we had done all the activities we got to swim in the Mar Menor and it was so warm and calm and there were lots of jellyfish in there so we had to be careful, but we didn’t mind. It was the best day ever! On the next Thursday we had an even better day and we did rock climbing, went on a zip wire and played table tennis, then we went in the swimming pool at the San Pedro sports complex. That was also a very good day. On the last day we had a party and during the week we had to learn a song that we would perform at the party. We all made big Sponge Bob Square Pants posters and did a dance. It was great fun!



After we had done our work it was then time for FUN! First we either did PE, which was a choice of dodge ball, volleyball, football or baseball. Then we got to go in the school’s own swimming pool and we played water polo. During the first week, we saw a magician who was brilliant and then a clown came to perform on the second week to the

We loved our two weeks at Castelar and we would love to go there all the time as it was such a nice school with lovely teachers and it was air conditioned so it was nice and cold. When we go to our usual school in September, it won’t be the same because we have been to Castelar now and it is much better.

Charlie and Lily with Brenda and the school’s Director Pilar



6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

The Hacker Crackdown, 2010

Watts In Britain By

Paul Watts

THE HACKER Crackdown is a non-fiction book written by Bruce Sterling, way back in the days of the nascent super information highway. First published in 1992 the book discusses watershed events in the hacker subculture of the early nineties. Now, all of this is fine and dandy but has nothing at all to do with this week’s Watts in Britain - sorry to have lead you up the garden path, folks. However, I wanted to use Bruce Sterling’s title because it fitted perfectly with what is to follow. You see, my version of The Hacker Crackdown concerns a family from Bristol - the Hacker family actually, who wanted to go out in the lovely summer weather to enjoy a day’s picnic but instead ran slap-bang into a posse of minor factotums from Bristol city council. Yes, dear reader, despite a new government with a pledge to make changes in the way our local administrations are run the spectre of ‘The Jobsworth’ still hangs over the good people of this fine country. And the Hackers know it only too well! When Jon Hacker, his wife Claire, two children Sophie, Emily and Sophie’s friend Erika (over from Spain) set off for a family picnic on the Clifton Downs in Bristol little did they know that within an hour they would be ‘breaking the law’. Oh yes they were; and they could have very easily found themselves landed with a massive £500 fine as city council officers from Bristol were set to implement their very own Hacker Crackdown. “What on earth were the Hackers doing wrong?” I hear you ask. To begin to answer that question I will first quote Bristol City Council’s blurb

on the area in question: “Clifton Down and Durdham Down are two large, historic, adjacent grassed green spaces of about 400 acres.” Okay, what else do we need to know? “Although on the edge of the city, the Downs feels like open countryside, with their wide views of the Avon Gorge, Leigh Woods, north Somerset, the Severn estuary and across to south Wales.” I don’t know about you but it sounds like somewhere nice to go and have a picnic, doesn’t it? The council website tell us: “The Downs are one of Bristol’s most historic and popular open spaces, used for sport, big public events, wildlife spotting and healthy exercise by residents throughout Bristol.” The Downs can also be windy at times. And it was on one of these windy times that the Hackers took their spiffy brand new £12.99 six-pronged windbreak onto the Downs with them. But within seconds of Mrs Hacker asking the children, “Who’s for an eggy sandwich?” several Bristol city council jobsworths had them surrounded. “Ere, you lot,” Jobsworthone barked, “you can’t erect that semipermanent structure ‘ere.” Jobsworthtwo added, “If you don’t take it down, we’ll fine ya five hundred quid.” The Hackers sat there open-mouthed. The eggy sandwiches remained un-eaten. Jon Hacker later told BBC radio: “One of them asked who had erected the ‘semi-permanent structure’. They gave me a leaflet about the bylaws and it said you were not allowed to put up tents or a gazebo, but it didn’t say anything about a windbreak.” Now Jon, being a reasonable and law-abiding kind of bloke rolled up his ‘semi-per-

manent structure’ and the family tried not to let the intrusion mess their day up. However, with the tea splashing around the cups like, well, like a storm in a teacup and the cress blowing away across the expanse of Clifton Down, the Hackers had a ‘sod it!’ moment and decided to just go home. Jon said: “We took the windbreak down and it was so windy our paper plates and serviettes were blowing everywhere.” He told the radio audience, “We packed up and drove home and finished our picnic in our garden.” A spokesman from the council did apologise to the family and went as far as admitting that its employees had been “over-zealous”. Hmmm over zealous; do you know what I’d like to see this weekend? That’s a Clifton Down completely awash with wind-break bearing citizens. Wall-to-wall windbreaks right across the entire Down. Just laugh as those jobsworths (or is the plural of jobsworth, jobswhys?) run around in ever decreasing circles, eh? But, joking apart, this kind of enjoyment-busting nonsense is something we are only too used to in Britain these days. Recently a group of 5-year olds became rain-soaked when their teachers were ordered to take down a mini-marquee while out on an infant school picnic. The reason? “Health and safety of course,” quoted the jobsworth. Thirteen years of nanny-state legislation will take a while to dismantle but there is light at the end of the tunnel. In the Telegraph on Monday it was reported that Eric Pickles has started measures to enable the organising of events like summer fetes and street

parties to be made easier again. Pickles, who is the Communities Secretary said, “When it comes to putting on street parties it’s like a red tape tombola for organisers, depending on which council is processing their application.” He used an expression that hasn’t been heard for many a year when he added, “of course, we want people to be safe and sound, but common sense has to prevail.” ‘Common sense’ - remember that? Could it be that at long-last, ‘common sense’ is about to make a revival? I know it’s a bit too late for the wind blown Hackers but it is cause for optimism. Watts on the Downs - wind break and rubber mallet in hand…

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010



6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Doing the 92: An amazing experience I PROMISED NOT to start my updates with, “A lot has happened”. Well, I will keep my promise even though much has indeed happened. As regular RTN readers will know, I am cycling to all the 92 English and Welsh Football League grounds to raise awareness for the plight of the world’s 45 million refugees. I have now covered 52 of the 92 grounds so well on my way “home”. There seemed no serious repercussions from the accident and my time in Newcastle General Hospital and so it was time to speed on. This is being written from just outside Nottingham so you can see I have done some heavy peddling in the last few days. I have been well looked after by most of the clubs but the worthy burghers of Chesterfield, Lincoln, Doncaster and Rotherham should be particularly proud of your local teams. My thoughts on Leeds United are on my blog so no further comment here! All the clubs are getting ready for the new season and as always everybody is excited about their chances in the months ahead. The reality does not change though. Only four teams can top their divisions even if all the others will be

Lynda Bellingham let ‘loose’ to support Samaritans in Spain

COSTA BLANCA Samaritans proudly announce that actor Lynda Bellingham, the charity’s Patron, is to appear in two performances of ‘An Evening with Lynda Bellingham’, to raise awareness and funds for the telephone-based emotional support service launched in Spain in 2008. Lynda said, “I was delighted to be asked to take on the role of Patron of Costa Blanca Samaritans. I am well aware, through personal experience, that At Chesterfield most of us have times in FC our life when we need to chasing the coveted titles. For some a decent cup-run is the best be able to talk to someone they can hope for and for others European dreams have more to outside our immediate do with far-flung football stadia than Benidorm beaches. The circle of friends, who will fans are also preparing themselves for a season where optimism be there to just listen, not may be more unrealistic but never under question. To fans eve- tell us that we are wrong rywhere I wish you well and I reserve a special word for those of to feel the way we do, and Stevenage who are playing in the league for the very first time. who will not dismiss what Good luck to all. Let’s hope that the season is remembered only we are feeling because they for superb football rather than hooliganism, receiverships and don’t have the time, or find our feelings too difficult to other financial “situations” The important support I have received from BNI (Business Network International) has continued and they have found me hotel rooms on a number of occasions but I have also “enjoyed” sleeping in the basement of a hairdressers and it the attic of a house in Newcastle where I had to crawl everywhere so as not to smash my head open (again!) It has been an amazing experience and I am already thinking about my next charity effort. You can be sure that you will hear about it first in RTN. I am behind schedule still and have a huge month ahead which will take me through the East Midlands into Wales and the West Country before a dash along the south coast which leaves me seven days to get from Plymouth to Southend before I finish off in London. So, please continue following me on www.theshirt2010. Your support is hugely appreciated.


cope with.” ‘An Evening with Lynda Bellingham’ takes place on Friday 27th August and Saturday 28th August at Espai La Senieta in Moraira at 20.00 (doors at 19.30). Call 695 503 107 to reserve tickets at just €12. After the show Lynda will sign copies of her latest book, ‘Lost and Found – My Story’, on sale during the evening.

Listen very carefully - I shall say this only once…

In true ‘Allo Allo’ fashion it is planned to murder Herr Bevore with a bomb planted in a Roquewurst Sausage at 19.30 on Saturday 11th September. This Murder Mystery will benefit the horses at the Easy Horse Care Centre, where the charity evening’s proceeds will go. Mike Twinn is organising the event but needs a couple more volunteers to act the part of suspects willing to supply (and dress up in) 1945 style dress. Everyone attending the event is asked to join in the fun by wearing similar: French, German and English dress of the period. The event will take place at the Bar Mucho Mas at the entrance to Rincon de Luna Caravan site on the CV 920 Guardamar - Rojales, Km 3.5 Road. Anyone wishing to take part either as a suspect or as a spectator is asked to contact Mike on 966 725 544, 667 023 925 or email

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6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Qualifications needed to work in Spain by

Marc White & Carlos Baos

English & Spanish Solicitors I ARRIVED in Spain a few weeks ago and I would like to know if there are any special qualifications I would need in order to be able to work in Spain as a builder, electrician, etc. I have been informed that in Spain the regulations are quite flexible in this regard. Could you please give me some advice? We must say that you have not been well informed, in the sense that in Spain there are regulations for different professions and if they are not fulfilled the consequences could be considerable. Therefore you need to make sure before you start any activity whether you are obliged by law to have a special qualification, licence, insurances, etc. For example, if you want to work making electric installations you need to have a license that will certify that you can do electrical installations (Carné de Instalador Electricista). To work as a builder you need to be registered in the Accredited Business Registration (REA Registro de Empresas Acreditadas) and you must also have a special insurance, etc We could name hundreds of examples being the typical ones professions like our own: to be a lawyer and be able to give legal advice as such, you need to have a degree in law, you need to be qualified as a lawyer, you need to part of the Law Society and it is compulsory to have a professional liability policy among others. Each professional needs to check if there are any special regulations for the profession that he wants to develop, if he would need to have a special qualification or licence. This can be checked with the official

professional body; e.g.: architects official body, college or society, etc. This can also be checked with the labour authorities etc. But it is true that there are some general legalities and formalities that must be fulfilled by anyone who is developing an activity in Spain: A) Being registered at the Tax Authorities Office and submit the pertinent taxes, (normally, VAT and INCOME/COMPANY TAX forms every 3 months). B) Being registered at the Social Security Office. C) Being registered according to the Law for the protection of personal data and fulfil it. Most professionals are obliged by law to have an insurance to cover their professional liability: (Ley 7/2006, de 31 de mayo del ejercicio de profesiones tituladas y de los colegios profesionales). This law numbers 21 penalties up to €.50.000. IN THE EVENT THAT YOU ARE NOT FULFILLING THESE OBLIGATIONS IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW WHAT COULD HAPPEN: 1. If you are not registered at the Tax Authorities (Hacienda IAE) or at the Social security you can be fined for breaking the law and would be risking your personal assets. 2. If you do not have the required legal licence or qualification or you are not fulfilling the law, your liability is really worth considering as: • You will be liable (by your present future assets) to pay for the damages caused by you or your company as well as having to pay any fines and penalties in Spain or anywhere else. • If you break the “Protection of Personal Data Law” you could be fined up to €.600.000. • If you are not fulfilling the law and as a result of your activity and someone has an accident or dies you could be liable for it as per negligence.

• Do not forget that apart from an administrative, professional, patrimonial and civil liability, you could have CRIMINAL LIABILITY. Just as an example I would like to mention some articles of the Criminal Code: ARTICLE 282 The manufacturers, merchants or traders in the tender or advertising of products or services that make false claims or demonstrate characteristics uncertain about them that may cause serious injury or damage to consumers, shall be punished with imprisonment from six months to a year or a fine from 12 to 24 months without prejudice to the penalty for applying for the commission of other crimes. ARTICLE 403 He who engages in acts pertaining to a profession not having the corresponding academic degree awarded or recognised in Spain in accordance with the applicable law, shall incur in a fine of six to twelve months. If the person does not have the official title required by his professional activity that certifies the training necessary and legally enabled to exercise, the penalty imposed shall be a fine of three to five months. If convicted and in addition the person claims publicly the professional status to the said degree he shall be liable to imprisonment from six months to two years. The most important thing to remember is that professional negligence is one of the most serious negligence, in the event that an accident happens while you are working but you are not fulfilling the law, you could be facing this kind of negligence. Should this be your case or the case of someone you know, we will be more than pleased to assist you. Please see our W&B ad in following pages *The information provided on this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.

Marc White LL.B. & Carlos Baos (English & Spanish Solicitors) © White & Baos Abogados 2010 - All rights reserved. C/Diana 19, 2º-D, 03700 Dénia (located close to the Glorieta Square at the end of Marques de Campo). Tel: 966 426 185. Send your questions to or

Spanish Air Traffic Controllers vote to strike in August Spanish Air Traffic Controllers voted on Tuesday to start strike action after August 15th, but they failed to decide on a concrete date at this stage. A three day stoppage is planned and is expected to start on either the 18th or the 20th of August. The union is to meet on Wednesday to decide on the exact dates. Union sources say that 92% of the 98% of the workers who cast their vote, voted for strike action. The controllers are unhappy at their working conditions following a 40% wage cut which has taken average pay down to 200,000 € a year, and say the strike is needed in the face of the inability shown by the Minster for Development, José Blanco, to hold talks on the matter. They say he has responded to their unknown requests with Decrees which are still to be published in the Official State Bulletin, and that

they hope that sensitivity will return to the Ministry and to the AENA, Spanish Airports Authority, so negotiations can avoid the strike. The latest Decree from the Minister is based upon the British regulation CAP 670, which says that controllers can rest for 30 minutes every two hours, and that they cannot work more than 50 hours a week because of the dangers of fatigue. This would limit the overtime that some of the controllers have been enjoying. The Minister said earlier that in such circumstances he would draft in military controllers, an idea which the civil workers say is dangerous and could lead to an accident. José Blanco has however now also indicated that he is prepared to talk about ‘any subject’, and also that if the strike action is legal, then he will not use the military controllers.

money The Spanish Property Inheritance Tax time bomb by

Mark Roach

Company Director and Spanish Tax Consultant

NON-DOMICILED property owners in Spain are sitting on a ticking IHT time bomb. Most owners do not understand that their heirs and their estate will pay IHT in two jurisdictions: Spain and their Country of Domicile. The reason for this is that in Spain the individual inheritor is taxed whereas in other countries, like the UK, it is the estate that is taxed. This could mean that on the death of an owner the surviving partner, or the owner’s Beneficiaries, could have a Tax Bill that virtually wipes out the entire Spanish Inheritance. Add to this the cost of Probate in both countries for the inheritors too. Most Lawyers in Spain recommend to owners that having a Spanish Will deals with the problem; this is incorrect as a Will only deals with the issue when there is a death and does not remove taxation in Spain. Other advice given is that double taxation treaties between Spain and the UK help with the tax being reduced, this is true in identical taxes but these are not, as in the UK it is the Estate which is taxed and in Spain it is the beneficiaries who are taxed. It therefore should not be assumed that one tax can be offset against the other

as they are both totally different taxes on totally different entities. Many owners are advised to re-finance the property as IHT is not charged on the property amount if there is an outstanding mortgage and loan, but this could leave the beneficiaries with a huge debt they cannot pay off and many lenders will only finance the ownership if suitable life insurance is taken out, so the property is paid for on death and the tax still becomes due. Owning a property with your children is a favourite: this is not a good idea either as their share of the property may end being at risk through financial or marital issues and if they die before the parents then the parents have to pay taxes to get the property back. Our solution to the IHT/ISD problem in Spain is for the owner/s to invest the property into a UK Private Limited Company which they would own as Shareholder/s. There would not be a 7% transfer tax in Spain on this transaction, unlike other property transfer transactions. This method may eradicate all taxes in Spain in the future, in respect of the property, as under EU Treaties a UK Company is only taxed in one jurisdiction, the UK, and no taxes are

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

payable onwardly in Spain. A UK Company is not an Offshore Company as in Gibraltar or the Isle of Man as they are charged an annual tax by Spain of 3% for not being part of the European Community. Shares in the UK Company can be dealt with a UK Will and depending on the structure of the Company the Shares may be exempt from Inheritance Tax in the UK as well. A further advantage of the company structure is that ‘attributable expenses’ such as mortgage interest, council tax bills, water, electricity, repairs and maintenance can all be tax deductible by the company; this may also include car hire and flights for the directors. Unfortunately, if you own a property in Spain in your own name you may not be allowed to offset income against expenditure by the Spanish Tax Authorities. Also the benefit in kind tax for Directors of a UK Company which owns property abroad has now been removed. This is a simple solution costing less than most probate and legal fees in Spain when there is a death of an owner of the property and requires no NIE numbers for the beneficiaries to inherit. Our unique service is available to all nationalities, including residents and non residents of Spain, and can be completed within 2 to 4 weeks if required. We have been developing our systems and process for many years as we strive to be the market leader in this type of

Wincham Consultants Limited, Wincham House, Greenfield Farm Trading Estate, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4TR, England. (Wincham Consultants also have offices located on the Costa Blanca) UK Tel: +44 (0)1260 299 700 | Spain Tel: +34 965 830 991 | Email: | Web:

Immigrants still in low-paid jobs IMMIGRANT WORKERS are still doing most of Spain’s unskilled jobs, according to a study by the Observatorio Permanente de la Inmigración. The agricultural workforce in 2009 comprised 11 percent foreigners, which has now increased to 14.4 percent – mostly from Romania and Bulgaria. Unskilled labour employs 11 percent of Spain’s workforce, but 35.9 percent of those workers are foreigners.


transaction with an extensive customer base using this method, who are extremely happy with the service they have received. Clients can also be assured when talking to Wincham that they are dealing with professionals who are operating in this type of business on a daily basis, unlike other professionals who are not yet still offer advice on the method: due to their lack of understanding and knowledge they confuse or put off interested owners from exploring the concept. We find clients are failed time and again by both Spanish and UK professionals as they are unable to advise on more than one jurisdiction. The clients’ website to register for their free illustration showing the IHT/ ISD liability in Spain is Wincham is an International organisation established since 1994, helping clients purchase and own property in Spain using a corporate structure to combat taxation in Spain. In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the number of people concerned about ISD in Spain and are now seeking to address the situation to protect their beneficiaries. Wincham has offices in both the UK and Spain and within our organisation we have qualified professionals in both jurisdictions including Gestors, Economistas, Tax Consultants, Estate Planners, Lawyers, Will Writers, Chartered Accountants, Members of the Institute of Credit Management and a Companies House Formation Agent.



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Check your cheques by

Michael Olmer

Solicitor, Link Point Legal and Business Services

ALTHOUGH MORE and more business is done with payment being made electronically or by credit and debit card it is surprising how often we are consulted by clients who have lost money through bounced personal cheques. For larger transactions, personal cheques still play a big part in business life here in Spain, and it is common for post-dated personal cheques to be used for the repayment of loans between private individuals. The basic law on the use of cheques in Spain is Law 19 of 1985 which has been modified by a number of later regulations to bring the law into line with European Union Directives and to deal with the introduction of the Euro. For a Spanish cheque to be valid it must clearly state: • The amount in words and figures. If the words and figures do not agree it is the amount stated in words which prevails. • The name and address of the bank on which it is drawn • The date and place when and where the cheque was issued. • The name and signature of the person issuing the cheque A cheque can be made payable to a specific person or payee, or ‘Al

Portador’ – to the bearer. If no payee is entered it is assumed that the cheque is payable to the bearer which makes it a very valuable document to a thief should it be stolen. A valid cheque must be presented for payment within 15 days of the date on which it was issued, or 20 days if it was issued outside Spain. A ‘crossed’ cheque which bears two parallel lines can only be paid through a bank into a bank account, and cannot be paid in cash over the counter. If you draw a cheque on your bank account, you can only put a ‘stop’ on the cheque if it is lost or stolen, or if it was obtained by fraud. However, if you were negligent in allowing the cheque to be stolen or being duped into issuing the cheque, the bank is not obliged to stop payment. If you receive a personal cheque and there are insufficient funds to cover it, the bank on which it is drawn may pay part of the amount for which funds are available, leaving you to reclaim the unpaid amount from the person who gave you the cheque. If there are no funds at all to cover the cheque then the bank will return it completely unpaid or ‘bounce’ it. In this case you are entitled to make a claim against the person who gave you

Make sure the cheque is properly completed

the bad cheque. The first step in this process, the’ dishonour’ of the cheque, must be formally protested by issuing a ‘Deed of Protest’ at a Notary. If the cheque still remains unpaid you can then take legal action to recover • The amount of the cheque, plus • Legal interest stipulated by article 1108 of the Spanish Civil Code from the date of the cheque which for 2010 is set at 4% per year plus 2% extra, unless you have agreed other terms in writing with the person issuing the cheque, plus • The costs and expenses associated with receiving the bounced cheque such as bank charges, and the cost of formally protesting the dishonor of the cheque at a Notary, plus • An additional 10% of the unpaid

amount together with compensation for any other losses you have suffered If you are offered payment by personal cheque, say for the sale of a car, it is possible ask the bank on which the cheque has been drawn to guarantee that the cheque will be paid. If the bank is prepared to do this it cannot later ‘bounce’ the cheque. The safest method of payment between individuals is direct bank transfer from one account to another, but if you are asked to accept a cheque for the sale of goods or the provision of services, either ask for a bankers draft issued by the bank itself, or wait for the cheque to clear before parting with the goods or providing the services. Oh, and one must not forget that even today ‘cash is king’.

Link Point Legal and Business Services -

Building slows as 23 percent of constructors closed

CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES in Spain are closing in their hundreds of thousands. A new study by the Fundación Colegio Libre de Eméritos Universitarios has revealed that a quarter of the country’s building companies have now ceased to do business. During 2008 and 2009, 170,000 of them closed their doors, and 63.5 percent of constructors have closed in the past year (108,000). The housing boom in 1999 to 2009 saw a different story, with 17 percent of the four million new businesses launched being in the construction industry. The study concludes that the decline in the construction industry is stronger than the decline in the rest of the economy.

Employment opportunities on the up DATA FROM the Active Population Survey has shown that the number of people in active employment rose by 82,700 in the second quarter to 18.48 million. Job creation figures have recorded their best numbers since September 2007, but

the rate of unemployment rose to 20.09 percent because of an additional 115,500 people joining the active population. The rate of activity among those people aged between 16 and 64 has hit an alltime high. What? Padron - a list of all the people who live in a certain town Empadronarse - the act of registering yourself on this list with your local town hall Who? All residents in Spain are required by law to register on the padron How? Fill in the form provided by your town hall. You will need to show your passport, an NIE card or residency certificate, a recent utility bill in your name and the deeds to your house or a copy of a rental contract Why? Better public services including provision of health centres, police officers, fire fighters and schools. Access to financial benefits and social care. A potential reduction in local taxes. Voting rights in local and European elections. An easier life! More information can be found at:

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010


health Lose up to 10lbs in three 32

6 15-21 - 12 AUGUST 2010 2010 JANUARY

days and change your life by

Carol West

The Kamala Centre, Calpe

WHEN THE Kamala Centre commenced its 3 day detox programme 2 months ago it never realised how popular the programme would prove to be. Now over 30 people have taken part and clients travel in from Norway, UK, Barcelona and Zaragoza to benefit from the results. This article will explain more about the program and answer those frequently asked questions. WHAT IS THE 3 DAY DETOX PROGRAM? For 3 days we provide for you healthy nutritious juices which you have in replacement of your meals. You also attend the clinic at The Kamala Centre in Calpe on each of the days for a colon hydrotherapy treatment. HOW DOES IT WORK? The juices provide all your bodies’ nutrition requirements so you don’t go hungry. They are processed quickly by the body so all your vital organs do not have to spend time processing food. Instead they can work on repairing you and getting you back to optimal health. The Colon Hydrotherapy treatments help to clean and hydrate the body from the inside

and again allow the body to naturally get itself back into balance. WHAT DO THE JUICES CONTAIN? You have different juices on different days and they are a combination of fruit and vegetable juices. Everyone is really surprised how tasty they are and many clients have continued to make them for themselves after completing the program. I AM A DIABETIC CAN I COMPLETE THE DETOX? Yes, we have had several diabetics complete the detox with amazing results. As a result of both the juices and the colon hydrotherapy treatments the overworked Pancreas of a diabetic receives a very welcome flush. The result is within 24 hours the sugar levels stabilise and give the client a great boost of energy. WILL I LOSE WEIGHT? If you need to lose weight and you follow the program you will definitely lose weight. We have now had several clients lose 10lbs in 3 days but most clients lose 6-7lbs. This is great, but the best result is how people feel after

completing the program. Clients talk about having more energy, cleaner skin, more in control of their habits... WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE PROGRAM ENDS? We provide you with a transition menu to follow. As mentioned previously some clients just take the juice recipes and continue following that for a few weeks. Others want to go back onto normal food and the transition menu helps with this. You will keep the weight off, if you are sensible, and in fact many clients use this as a boost to go on and lose much more weight. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? We offer two options to try and make it affordable to all. If we make the juices for you, fresh, each day the cost including the 3 colon hydrotherapy treatments is €200. If you have a juicer and blender at home and prefer to make your own juices following the recipes we provide for you, the cost is €150. HOW DO I BOOK? You can call us on 965 875 869 or email us on office@thekamalacentre. com or visit our website at We limit the program to a maximum of 3 clients per day and due to the amount of bookings and also some training commitments in the UK we are now taking bookings for 23rd August

onwards. The slots are filling very fast so give us a call to take part in this amazing program.

For an appointment please contact The Kamala Centre, Calpe on 965 875 869 or visit


San Luis Lakeside by Reeves Butcher

All 10 Euros everyday!

Dry Cut 10.00€ Aromatherapy Facial 10.00€ Back Massage 10.00€ Reflexology 10.00€ Eybrow lip & Chin Wax 10.00€ Indian Head Massage 10.00€ Gents Cuts 6.00€ TEL 687 032 822 AND 664 614 337

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010



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San Luis Clinica Veterinaria, new look, same friendly faces MANY OF our animal loving readers will undoubtedly be aware of the San Luis Clinica Veterinaria, though probably not in its brand new current form. Formerly Eurocentro Veterinario, the San Luis clinic has taken on new branding but the same people preside in what is one of the most caring local vets in the area. The clinic, founded over 20 years ago by Paul and Mary Ashton was the first English speaking vets in the area. Pet owners from miles around would travel to the clinic for their pets to be treated by either Paul or Mary and their compassionate attitude towards the animals. Much has changed at San Luis clinic over the years and since Paul’s retirement in 2008, Vicente Mulet joined forces with Mary to continue to offer their top service to the pets of Torrevieja and beyond. Vicente qualified as a vet here in Spain and undertook 7 years training in the UK, specializing in small animal surgery. With over 10 years of veterinary experience, he brings more of the same caring attitude and expertise that San Luis Clinica has become famous for. The clinic, over the past two years has grown from strength to strength and can now provide almost all veterinary procedures from their San Luis base. Some of these procedures include x-

Home visits are accommodated at no extra charge!

rays, vaccinations, neutering and a wide range of more specialized orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. As the San Luis clinic has recently undergone a makeover, there may be some teething problems for the vaccination reminders that are currently being sent out to existing clients. These clients may find the contact details are for the former clinic in Torrevieja. Vicente, Mary and the team would like to make every client aware that they can continue to visit the San Luis clinic as normal and all procedures can be accommodated there. San Luis Clinic

Veterinaria have extended their opening times and are now open Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and 5pm to 7:30pm. Saturdays are 10am to 1pm. They also now provide a 24hour emergency service and home visits are accommodated at no extra charge. So for all of the past, present and future clients of San Luis Clinica Veterinaria look no further than the new look San Luis clinic for all of your pets veterinary needs with a friendly face and a caring attitude. Your pet will love it there; it may not even want to come home with you!!


6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Street scams and crimes by

Danny Collins

ALL OVER Europe, street scams are on the rise. Some manage to stay on the side of dubious legality and are in the Caveat Emptor category. Others are barefaced criminal acts, much of them due to the EU immigration policy, although the local light-fingered brigade is also getting its share of your hard earned cash and valuables. Below Costa-based investigative journalist and true-crime author DANNY COLLINS has compiled a list, based on police files and victim’s reports, to warn you of the more common traps awaiting the unwary.


EVERYONE’S A WINNER The ploy of the timeshare touts: you’re invited to scratch a card and find you’ve won a major prize. It could be a TV set, a video camera or a holiday but only the latter is really on offer and even that has certain ‘conditions’. To claim it you’ll be whisked by taxi to the ‘prize reclamation centre’ - surprise, surprise, it’s a timeshare complex - for hours of verbal brainwashing to convince you to buy a holiday timeshare in the complex. Solution: if you see a scratchcard - run. WHEN EXCHANGE CAN BE ROBBERY If you haven’t arrives from a euro zone, kiosks or bureau de change booths advertise a mouth-watering rate for your precious pounds and dollars, but you find you’ve been short changed. When you complain about the discrepancy, the once amicable teller points to a small notice in Spanish

informing you that the higher rate applies only to transactions over €10,000! You’ve been conned but it’s all perfectly legal. Why? Because you should have read the notice before handing over your cash. Solution: avoid using kiosks and instead head for large, respectable looking bureaus de change or banks. In all cases, before placing your money on the counter, tell them how much you wish to exchange and ask them to write down how much you will actually receive after commission. If it doesn’t add up, ask elsewhere until it does.

THAT OLD GAS MAGIC Does this old ploy need recounting? Gas ‘inspectors’ arrive at your door with identification and insist on checking your installation. Once inside, they replace ‘dangerous’ control valves and tubing and charge you up to €1,500. Solution - don’t let them in. Your gas installation should be checked and possibly replaced every five years, but genuine Repsol inspectors call only by appointment and only at your request, so anyone else is bogus. EASY PEASY Pea men can be found around markets or on any busy thoroughfare. You’re invited to guess which shell the pea is under. You may be encouraged by the bystander who’s just picked up a wad of cash for getting it right, but don’t be fooled. He or she is an accomplice put there to lure you on. Nobody wins but the pea man. Watch out for pickpockets mixing with the onlookers; they’re part of the game too. CASH GALORE An apparently ‘mentally challenged’ individual approaches you with a carrier bag full of cash. They’ve won the lottery or it’s their life savings, but they won’t be allowed to keep it. Will you give them €300 for the bag? A ‘passer-by’ may appear and be amazed at your luck, but he’s really amazed at his own in finding such a gullible target. Naturally, the ‘windfall’ consists of a few banknotes covering wads of newspaper. Solution - they’d never catch you with this

one? Police reports indicate they do, so don’t let greed rule your common sense.


BOOT WAILS These come in many forms and all when you’ve just opened the boot or doors of your vehicle. Someone may approach to ask you for directions or point out there’s a cat under your car. It’s all meant to distract you while an accomplice steals from the interior of your vehicle. Solution: Always keep your car doors locked when loading the boot and lock the boot immediately when approached. Keep a tight hold on your keys and tell them you’re a stranger yourself and you don’t like cats anyway. SLIPPERY SAMARITANS You’ve left a rest stop, a parking area or even the airport, and find your car has a slow puncture. As you pull over, a car will stop and the occupants will know just how to fix your problem - they should, they put it there. Again, the aim is to rob you of anything not tied down. Beware. These ‘Samaritans’ can become violent. Solution – Keep going if you can make it to the next service station. If not, keep your passengers inside the car while you change the wheel and keep a lookout for vehicles that may be stopping. If they do, get back in quickly, lock the doors, wind up the windows and blow your horn until they go away. If you have a mobile, call the police emergency number 112. If you’re not up to that, dial anything and speak forcibly into the mobile, but never get out of the car until you’re sure they’ve gone. Better still, carry a mobile and the number of your breakdown insurance and let them fix the puncture. DODGY DAMSEL IN DISTRESS You’re sitting in your car with the doors locked. Before your eyes a woman has her bag snatched and the thief takes flight. Your first instinct is to leap to her aid, but beware. Chances are an accomplice of the duo - yes, in this case the ‘victim’ is one of the gang - is lurking behind your vehicle to take advantage of your mental lapse.

Solution - keep calm. Take a few minutes to check your surroundings and, whenever possible, move your car to another spot to give you a clear view of the scene before exiting the vehicle. Lock your door immediately you do so. Once the ‘victim’ sees you’re wise to the game, she and her hidden accomplice will beat you to it and disappear.

THE EVIL EYE It’s a wise precaution to lock bags and valuables in the boot of your car before leaving it unattended, but you’re making your vehicle a prime target to watching thieves. As soon as you’re safely out of view, they’ll enter your three or five door model by driving alongside, breaking the driver’s window and climbing through from inside the getaway car to access the boot through the rear seats. In a two or four door, they’ll know it’s worth jemmying the boot open. Solution - always place items in your boot before you arrive in a parking area. In supermarket parking, try to park between two vehicles or at the end of a line next to an access lane. CAR HIRE CONNERS At the airport car hire counter you’ll sign and be handed the keys, but usually you won’t be escorted to the vehicle. In the company’s parking area, beware of anyone who introduces themselves as a company representative and offers to help you load your luggage. They’ll also ask for the keys and offer to show you the controls as in ignition, gear, handbrake and goodbye. Solution: ask the counter assistant to take you to the vehicle, although they may have to refuse if there’s a queue. In that case, politely refuse all other help and refuse to hand over the keys. If the phoney rep doesn’t immediately leave - he probably will - wave your arms and make a fuss until he gets the message. Next week: Thieves at large * Caveat emptor: Not all crooks operate illegally.

RTN Competition

Danny Collins with the book

AUTHOR AND RTN book reviewer Danny Collins is a prolific writer of true crime and his latest book, Crimes That Shocked the World, tells the harrowing stories of twenty-three top crimes that have chilled the world in the last forty years. Chapters in this diligently researched book, often based on visits to the crime scenes and interviews with the victims and witnesses, include the abductions and murder of toddler James Bulger from a Liverpool shopping mall, the horrific rape and stabbing of fledgling model Sally Ann Bowman in Croydon, UK, and the horror of the Chipman Street murders in the USA, a crime that caused the US State Department to withhold public knowledge of the circumstances because of the racial

undertones involved. Now RTN is offering its readers a chance to obtain one of five exclusive free copies of the book, personally signed by the author. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ANSWER THIS SIMPLE QUESTION: ‘How many crimes are featured in Danny’s new book?’ Answers by email with telephone contact number to before Monday 23rd August. Winners will be announced in RTN 27th August. The book, which features as Book of the Month at retailer Librería Europa at Calle Oscar Esplá 2, 03710 Calpe, Tel: 965 835 824 , is also available at booksellers throughout Spain including branches of Bookworld España and by mail order from

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08:00 Childrens TV 08:50 Charlie and Lola 09:00 Barney’s Latin America 09:30 Ed and Oucho’s Excellent Inventions 10:00 Roar 10:30 Gimme a Break 11:00 Copycats 11:30 Deadly 60 11:55 What’s New, Scooby-Doo? 12:20 Nobody Runs Forever 14:00 The World at War 14:50 Ready Steady Cook 15:15 Instant Restaurant 16:00 Diagnosis Murder 16:45 Flog It! 17:30 Cash in the Celebrity Attic 18:15 Escape to the Country 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Restoration Roadshow 20:00 This World 21:00 Coast 22:00 The Normans 23:00 QI 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Domesday

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10:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Dinner Date 14:30 ITV News 14:55 Granada News 15:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:00 3@three 16:59 Granada Weather 17:00 Midsomer Murders 18:00 Britain’s Best Dish 19:00 Granada Reports 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Countrywise 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Identity 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 Granada News

tv Tuesday

23:35 Total Recall

10:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Dinner Date 14:30 ITV News 14:55 Granada News 15:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:00 3@three 16:59 Granada Weather 17:00 Midsomer Murders 18:00 Britain’s Best Dish 19:00 Granada Reports 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Children’s Hospital 21:00 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 22:00 The Bill 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 Granada News 23:35 Ladette to Lady

tv Wednesday

24:35 October Road

10:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Dinner Date 14:30 ITV News 14:55 Granada News 15:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:00 3@three 16:59 Granada Weather 17:00 Midsomer Murders 18:00 Britain’s Best Dish 19:00 Granada Reports 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Live International Football 23:10 ITV News 23:40 Granada News 23:45 International Football Highlights 24:45 iTunes Festival Highlights 2010

08:00 Guinness World Records Smashed! 09:00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 10:00 Oops TV 10:30 Oops TV 11:00 Pineapple Dance Studios 12:00 Don’t Forget the Lyrics 13:00 Sell Me the Answer 14:00 Oops TV 15:00 A Town Called Eureka 16:00 Stargate SG-1 17:00 Stargate SG-1 18:00 Malcolm in the Middle 18:30 Malcolm in the Middle 19:00 Oops TV 19:30 The Simpsons 20:00 The Simpsons 20:30 The Simpsons 21:00 The Biggest Loser US 23:00 Law & Order 24:00 Bones

08:40 Big Brother 09:40 Smallville 10:35 Privileged 11:30 Friends 12:00 Friends 12:30 The TV Book Club 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Brothers & Sisters 13:55 Come Dine with Me 14:25 Come Dine with Me 14:55 Come Dine with Me 15:25 Come Dine with Me 15:55 Come Dine with Me 16:25 Countdown 17:10 Deal or No Deal 18:00 10 Years Younger: The Challenge 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Our Drugs War 22:00 The Hospital 23:00 Big Brother 24:10 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 24:55 8 Out of 10 Cats

08:10 Childrens TV 08:55 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:05 Peppa Pig 09:15 Thomas & Friends 09:25 Olivia 09:35 The Mr Men Show 09:50 Little Princess 10:00 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 10:15 The Wright Stuff 11:45 Trisha Goddard 12:45 CSI: NY 13:40 Five News 13:45 House 14:40 Don’t Stop Believers 14:45 Neighbours 15:20 CSI: NY 16:10 Wild Hearts 18:00 Five News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 The Boss Is Coming to Dinner 19:25 Don’t Stop Believers 19:30 Live from Studio Five 20:00 Five News at 7 20:15 Cricket on Five 21:00 The Gadget Show 22:00 Collateral Damage 24:15 Don’t Stop Believers

08:05 Big Brother’s Little Brother 08:30 Big Brother 09:40 Frasier 10:10 Smallville 11:00 Privileged 11:45 Friends 12:15 Friends 12:45 Rockcorps 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Brothers & Sisters 13:55 Come Dine with Me 14:25 Come Dine with Me 14:55 Come Dine with Me 15:25 Come Dine with Me 15:55 Come Dine with Me 16:25 Countdown 17:10 Deal or No Deal 18:00 10 Years Younger: The Challenge 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Help! My House Is Falling Down 22:00 Who Knows Best 23:00 Big Brother 24:10 The Inbetweeners 24:45 Pete Versus Life

08:00 Childrens TV 10:00 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 10:15 The Wright Stuff 11:45 Trisha Goddard 12:45 CSI: NY 13:40 Five News 13:45 Build a New Life: Was It Worth It? 14:40 Don’t Stop Believers 14:45 Neighbours 15:20 CSI: NY 16:05 No Ordinary Baby 18:00 Five News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 The Boss Is Coming to Dinner 19:25 Don’t Stop Believers 19:30 Live from Studio Five 20:00 Five News at 7 20:15 Cricket on Five 21:00 Great Railway Adventures with Dan Cruickshank 22:00 CSI: Miami 23:00 CSI: NY 23:55 Don’t Stop Believers 24:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

08:00 Guinness World Records Smashed! 09:00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 10:00 Oops TV 10:30 Oops TV 11:00 Pineapple Dance Studios 12:00 Don’t Forget the Lyrics 13:00 Sell Me the Answer 14:00 Malcolm in the Middle 14:30 Malcolm in the Middle 15:00 A Town Called Eureka 16:00 Stargate SG-1 17:00 Stargate SG-1 18:00 Malcolm in the Middle 18:30 Malcolm in the Middle 19:00 Oops TV 19:30 The Simpsons 20:00 The Simpsons 20:30 The Simpsons 21:00 My Son, Drugs and Me 22:00 Must Be the Music: Countdown 23:00 House 24:00 House

08:05 Big Brother’s Little Brother 08:30 Big Brother 09:40 Frasier 10:05 Smallville 10:55 Privileged 11:45 Friends 12:15 Friends 12:45 Rockcorps 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Brothers & Sisters 13:55 Come Dine with Me 14:25 Come Dine with Me 14:55 Come Dine with Me 15:25 Come Dine with Me 15:55 Come Dine with Me 16:25 Countdown 17:10 Deal or No Deal 18:00 10 Years Younger: The Challenge 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 How to Look Good Naked 22:00 Four Sons Versus Four Daughters 23:00 Big Brother 24:10 School of Comedy 24:40 My Name Is Earl

08:00 Childrens TV 09:50 Little Princess 10:00 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 10:15 The Wright Stuff 11:45 Trisha Goddard 12:45 CSI: NY 13:40 Five News 13:45 Build a New Life: Was It Worth It? 14:40 Don’t Stop Believers 14:45 Neighbours 15:20 CSI: NY 16:05 While I Was Gone 18:00 Five News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 The Boss Is Coming to Dinner 19:25 Don’t Stop Believers 19:30 Live from Studio Five 20:00 Five News at 7 20:30 Escape from A Bridge Too Far 21:00 Emergency Bikers 22:00 NCIS 23:00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 23:55 Don’t Stop Believers 24:00 K-Ville

08:00 Guinness World Records Smashed! 09:00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 10:00 Oops TV 10:30 Oops TV 11:00 Pineapple Dance Studios 12:00 Don’t Forget the Lyrics 13:00 Sell Me the Answer 14:00 Malcolm in the Middle 14:30 Malcolm in the Middle 15:00 A Town Called Eureka 16:00 Stargate SG-1 17:00 Stargate SG-1 18:00 Malcolm in the Middle 18:30 Malcolm in the Middle 19:00 Oops TV 19:30 The Simpsons 20:00 The Simpsons 20:30 The Simpsons 21:00 My Pet Shame 22:00 Must Be the Music: Countdown 23:00 American Pie 24:50 The Real A & E

08:00 Ski Jumping 08:30 Live Swimming 10:30 European Aquatic Championships: Pool Talk 10:45 Athletics 12:00 WTA Tennis 13:30 Triathlon 14:30 Cycling 15:00 European Aquatic Championships: Pool Talk 15:15 Swimming 16:00 Live Swimming 17:45 European Aquatic Championships: Pool Talk 18:00 Eurogoals Flash 18:10 Athletics 19:00 Triathlon in London 20:00 Strongest Man 21:00 Rallying 21:30 European Aquatic Championships: Pool Talk 21:45 British Superbikes 23:15 MotoGP

08:00 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 08:50 Celebs 24/7 09:00 Bulging Brides 10:00 America’s Next Top Model 11:00 Maury 12:50 Celebs 24/7 13:00 Passport Patrol 14:00 Four Weddings 15:00 Bulging Brides 16:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 17:00 Charmed 19:00 America’s Next Top Model 20:00 Bulging Brides 21:00 Dating in the Dark 22:00 Britain’s Next Top Model 23:00 Four Weddings US 24:00 Criminal Minds

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07:30 Swimming 08:30 Live Swimming 10:30 Diving 11:15 Rallying 11:45 MotoGP 12:45 Athletics 14:00 Diving 14:30 Live Diving 15:30 Swimming 16:00 Live Swimming 17:30 European Aquatic Championships 17:45 Eurogoals Flash 17:55 euroCRASH! 18:00 Strongest Man 19:00 Boxing 20:00 Boxing 22:00 Swimming 23:30 European Aquatic Championships: Pool Talk 23:45 Diving

Russell Howard’s Good News BBC 2, 23.00

07:30 Swimming 08:30 Live Swimming 10:30 Diving 12:00 Swimming 13:30 Triathlon 14:30 Live Diving 15:30 Swimming 16:00 Live Swimming 17:45 European Aquatic Championships 18:00 Eurogoals Flash 18:15 Wednesday Selection 18:20 Show Jumping 20:20 Riders Club 20:25 US Tour Golf 21:25 Ladies European Tour Golf 21:35 Golf Club 21:40 Yacht Club 21:45 Wednesday Selection 22:00 International Football 23:00 Swimming

The Secret Tourist BBC 1, 22.00

08:00 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 08:50 Celebs 24/7 09:00 Bulging Brides 09:30 Bulging Brides 10:00 America’s Next Top Model 11:00 Maury 12:50 Celebs 24/7 13:00 Passport Patrol 14:00 Four Weddings 15:00 Bulging Brides 16:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 17:00 Charmed 19:00 America’s Next Top Model 20:00 Bulging Brides 21:00 Britain’s Next Top Model 22:00 Dating in the Dark 23:00 16 and Pregnant 24:00 Criminal Minds

08:00 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 08:50 Celebs 24/7 09:00 Bulging Brides 10:00 America’s Next Top Model 11:00 Maury 12:50 Celebs 24/7 13:00 Passport Patrol 14:00 Four Weddings 15:00 Bulging Brides 16:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 17:00 Charmed 19:00 America’s Next Top Model 20:00 Bulging Brides 20:30 Bulging Brides 21:00 Four Weddings US 22:00 Ghost Whisperer 23:00 Medium 24:00 Criminal Minds

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010


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tv Thursday 615-21 - 12 AUGUST 2010 2010 JANUARY


07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Living Dangerously 12:30 Cash in the Attic 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News 14:30 Regional News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Murder, She Wrote 16:00 BBC News; 16:05 Green Balloon Scrapbook 16:30 Funky Fables 16:40 Mortified 17:05 Animals at Work 17:35 Deadly 60 18:00 Newsround 18:15 Weakest Link: 10th Anniversary 19:00 BBC News 19:30 Regional News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 21:00 Celebrity MasterChef 22:00 Mistresses 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News 23:35 Inside Sport 24:15 The Gingerbread Man

08:10 Dirtgirlworld 08:25 Jollywobbles 08:35 Buzz and Tell 08:40 Timmy Time 08:50 Charlie and Lola 09:00 Barney’s Latin America 09:30 Ed and Oucho’s Excellent Inventions 10:00 Roar 10:30 Gimme a Break 11:00 Copycats 11:30 Deadly 60 12:00 Sam & Mark’s Guide to Dodging Disaster 12:10 Stage Fright 14:00 The World at War 14:50 Ready Steady Cook 15:15 Instant Restaurant 16:00 Live Swimming 17:30 Cash in the Celebrity Attic 18:15 Escape to the Country 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Restoration Roadshow 20:00 The Culture Show at the Edinburgh Festival 21:00 Natural World 22:00 Victorian Pharmacy 23:00 Getting On 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Nurse Jackie 24:50 Nurse Jackie

07:00 GMTV 10:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Dinner Date 14:30 ITV News 14:55 Granada News 15:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:00 3@three 16:59 Granada Weather 17:00 Midsomer Murders 18:00 Britain’s Best Dish 19:00 Granada Reports 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Tonight 21:00 Emmerdale 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Police, Camera, Action! 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 Granada News 23:35 The Grudge

08:05 Big Brother’s Little Brother 08:30 Big Brother 09:40 Frasier 10:10 Smallville 10:55 Privileged 11:45 Friends 12:15 Friends 12:45 Pocket TV 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Brothers & Sisters 13:55 Come Dine with Me 14:25 Come Dine with Me 14:55 Come Dine with Me 15:25 Come Dine with Me 15:55 Come Dine with Me 16:25 Countdown 17:10 Deal or No Deal 18:00 10 Years Younger: The Challenge 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Location, Location, Location 22:00 Undercover Boss 23:00 Big Brother 24:15 Coming Up 24:45 Coming Up

08:00 Childrens TV 09:05 Peppa Pig 09:15 Thomas & Friends 09:25 Olivia 09:35 The Mr Men Show 09:50 Little Princess 10:00 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 10:15 The Wright Stuff 11:45 Trisha Goddard 12:45 CSI: NY 13:40 Five News 13:45 Build a New Life: Was It Worth It? 14:40 Don’t Stop Believers 14:45 Neighbours 15:20 CSI: NY 16:05 Rosamunde Pilcher’s Autumn 18:00 Five News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 The Boss Is Coming to Dinner 19:25 Don’t Stop Believers 19:30 Live from Studio Five 20:00 Five News at 7 20:30 Fifth Gear 21:00 Megastructures 22:00 The Hotel Inspector 23:00 Last Man Standing

08:00 Guinness World Records Smashed! 09:00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 10:00 Oops TV 10:30 Oops TV 11:00 Pineapple Dance Studios 12:00 Don’t Forget the Lyrics 13:00 Sell Me the Answer 14:00 Malcolm in the Middle 14:30 Malcolm in the Middle 15:00 A Town Called Eureka 16:00 Stargate SG-1 17:00 Stargate SG-1 18:00 Malcolm in the Middle 18:30 Malcolm in the Middle 19:00 Oops TV 19:30 The Simpsons 20:00 The Simpsons 20:30 The Simpsons 21:00 The Real A & E 21:30 Real Filth Fighters 22:00 Lie to Me 23:00 NCIS: Los Angeles 24:00 NCIS: Los Angeles

07:30 Show Jumping 08:30 Live Swimming 10:30 Diving 11:00 Live Diving 12:00 Swimming 12:45 International Football 13:45 Diving 14:30 Live Diving 15:30 Swimming 16:00 Live Swimming 17:45 European Aquatic Championships 18:00 Eurogoals Flash 18:10 Live Diving 19:00 International Football 20:00 Live WTA Tennis 21:45 Triathlon 22:40 Strongest Man 23:40 European Aquatic Championships: Pool Talk 23:55 Swimming

08:00 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 08:50 Celebs 24/7 09:00 Bulging Brides 10:00 America’s Next Top Model 11:00 Maury 12:50 Celebs 24/7 13:00 Passport Patrol 14:00 Four Weddings 15:00 Bulging Brides 16:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 17:00 Charmed 18:00 Charmed 19:00 America’s Next Top Model 20:00 Bulging Brides 20:30 Bulging Brides 21:00 Britain’s Pushiest Parents 22:00 Criminal Minds 23:00 Private Practice 24:00 Criminal Minds

Suduko Answer

Crossword Answers 563 CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Pace-makers; 7 Repel; 8 Uniform; 10 Salaried; 11 Peak; 13 Wraith; 15 Raisin; 17 Tags; 18 Bass-clef; 21 Habitat; 22 Bonus; 23 Jay-walkers. Down: 1 Pupil; 2 Celerity; 3 Mauser; 4 Kris; 5 Rioters; 6 Wrist-watch; 9 Making fast; 12 Passable; 14 Algebra; 16 Pastel; 19 Lines; 20 Stow. QUICK SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Cadaverous; 7 React; 8 Coerced; 10 Feminine; 11 Pass; 13 Relate; 15 Lean-to; 17 Each; 18 Untoward; 21 Tensile; 22 Drain; 23 Repentance. Down: 1 Charm; 2 Detonate; 3 Vacant; 4 Reel; 5 Unchain; 6 Preferment; 9 Discordant; 12 Beholden; 14 Licence; 16 Intent; 19 Abate; 20 Rile.

An elementary lesson The TV Round Up by

Alex Trelinski

Broadcaster and freelance journalist

IN MY young days I was always more interested in characters like James Bond rather than the more sanguine efforts of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. The books did nothing for me at school, and frankly neither did any of the big or small screen efforts over the years, though I gather that Robert Downey Jnr’s version, under the direction of the ex-Mr Madonna Guy Ritchie, is worthy of a look. So with the hysterical hype of the BBC’s publicity machine and the fact that this was being played out over high summer, BBc’s I had little hope or enthusiasm over the Sherlock new modern-day Sherlock that hit the Holmes Sunday night screens just under a fortnight drama ago. In fact, it took me the best part of a watch ninety minutes of quality TV without week to get round to seeing it, as I had no ad-breaks? It’s all a very elementary lesson expectations of being entertained by yet for some critics as to why the BBC, despite another take on the Baker Street detective. its faults, is still the best producer of TV in How wrong I was, and two episodes in the World. (with one remaining), I have become a very They’ve even wheeled out an allbig fan of the world of Sherlock. It’s got star cast for us on a Tuesday night in a everything going for it: a modern setting claustrophobic drama called ‘The Deep’ with one of the best performances of the set on a submarine. It’s the old routine year from Benedict Cumberbatch, and not of something nasty lurking below like a deer-stalker or pipe in sight…just nicotine the invasion of cockroaches at my abode patches and a machine gun style of patter last week, but with experienced hands and analysis. The guy just fills the screen like James Nesbitt and Minnie Driver, it’s with his presence, and he’s ably assisted by actually quite an exciting bit of tosh. Times Martin Freeman with his excellently played have changed as well in this age of equality Dr. John Watson, ex army medic. Watson as Minnie is the boss of the sub based in even had some love interest in the latest the Arctic Ocean, as things turn a bit pearstory, whilst Sherlock was too busy cracking shaped. Of course the communications codes, or perhaps sorting out any merits in have failed, and so the quick call to ITV’s Magic Numbers show (I had to get my Sherlock at Baker Street to sort it all out weekly dig in!) doesn’t happen! They make a great duo, and behind the I’m not sure if the ’The Deep’ will give scenes the experienced Steven Moffat, who us enough to squeeze out five hours of is also busy in charge of Dr.Who, is pulling worthwhile television, but it sure isn’t bad the strings for a superbly entertaining for the first week of August, where all the drama that rightly chooses not to take other broadcasters seem to have largely itself too seriously. Viewing figures have hit thrown in the towel over trying to provide the roof and a second series is a formality. some new original drama over the summer. By the way, isn’t it nice to sit down and

What’s Inception playing local Cinemas COLCI Benidorm Av. Zamora, Rincón de Loix T: 965 853 859 Sex in the City 2 - 6.30pm Weekends and holidays only 6.30pm

IMF Torrevieja Pol San Jose S/10, T: 965 705 414 Grown Ups – 5pm - 7pm 9pm - 11pm Inception - 5.45pm - 8.20pm 11pm 5pm only on weekends and holidays

IMF Ondara CC Portal de La Marina, T: 966 477 464 Same as IMF Torrevieja 5pm only on weekends and holidays

Dom Cobb is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb’s rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible-inception. Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse: their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming.

“V.O.S” = Original Subtitled Version - “VO” = Original Version (Works With headphones)

Torrevieja lacks quality live music arena Vibes From The Costas by

Tony Poole

from www.vibesfromthecostas.

“WHY DOESN’T Torrevieja have an open air music venue like San Javier?”...I was asked this week on Facebook... “We need an amphitheatre like San Javier in the Torrevieja area to improve the music scene: there is nothing better than live bands and George Benson is the epitome of Live Music” said Lyn Fryer: “Yes I totally agree; we need something in this area!” was Tricia Bates view. While the Almansa Park Auditorium is a most unique theatre in terms of design, many feel strongly that Torrevieja should have something similar, and I agree. Worse is the lack of ‘quality’ jazz and festival music events from visiting musicians during the summer. San Javier Town Council staged a World class festival with a national and international programme; just down the AP-7 in Cartagena, La Mar de Musicas staged an extensive schedule with renowned artists like Melody Gardot, The Gotan Project, and Youssou N’Dour. Alicante put on a high quality programme; SummerJazz are doing their thing in El Campello, Altea and Denia with a fine programme of lesser known but renowned artists, and Javea staged four nights including the brilliant Tingvall Trio. What do Torrevieja give its townsfolk for a programme of live summer jazz, ‘for one night only?’ the Helston School Jazz Orchestra! No disrespect intended, but do you see my point? I replied: “I think one of the reasons San Javier knocks spots

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010


The Joanna James Quartet off Torrevieja’s arts & music programme is that they have people in high positions passionate about music and run the festival as a ‘labour of love’, unlike Torrevieja Town Hall where I’m yet to find like-minded people.” Spanish TV station channel TVE La 2 will broadcast twelve concerts from the XIII edition of the San Javier International Jazz Festival starting Wednesday 1st September, beginning with Chris Isaak’s concert. The concerts can be viewed on TVE’s website for one week after their broadcast on TVE’s Servicio Televisión a la Carta. The X edition of Javier Jazz Festival began Wednesday 4th August with four free concerts at la Plaça de la Constitución. The remaining concerts are: 6th Aug with trumpeter Voro Garcia from Valencia and his Quintet; and Saturday 7th August when Laïka Fatien will perform a tribute to one of the great ladies of jazz, Billie Holiday. Both start at 22:30. The

Xàbiajazz Dixieland Band will be playing around the plaza before each performance. For more info, To conclude this year’s SummerJazz festival, the Tracey Reid Quartet plays El Campello Finca Villa Marco 6th August and Denia Finca Torrecremada on Sunday 8th August. Starts 23:00 at El Campello and 22:15 at Denia, tickets are €16. For more info: The Joanna James Quartet is at The Blue Tomato Jazz Club bar restaurant in Altea on Sunday 8th August from 14:00; an afternoon of Latin and swing from some seasoned musicians. Joanna James, ex singer with Northern Dance Orchestra, features with jazz pianist Fabio Miano, BBC Radio Big Band and Syd Lawrence Orchestra George Watts on alto sax; bass player Jose Louise of the Benidorm Palace Big; and big band/jazz trio drummer and vocalist Chic Gammidge. For more info, see below or contact Chic: 686 363 995

Full details plus you can find me on Facebook at Email news and views to

Call 96 679 5552 / 96 618 2707 / 696 566 940

See demonstration on LA MARINA Sunday Market

LIVE PREMIERSHIP FOOTBALL! Abu Dhabi Humax HD box 12 Months subscription


TEL: 965 854 528 or 965 866 999


6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Borrowed words Spanish lessons by

Jane Cronin

A weekly ‘cut out and keep’ feature helping you to learn basic Spanish for everyday needs

Lesson 119

Got a story?

902 118 999

JUST TO finish off last week’s article about film titles, I missed out a real classic which I was reminded of the other day. The film in question is “Some Like it Hot”, which I daresay most of you remember, and which has always been very popular in Spain. I think I’ll let you try and guess the title and put the answer at the end of this article, for those who have enough self control not to look! We are still in the silly season, so I am not going to carry on with any serious grammatical stuff for a while. Instead, this week we’re going to look at words in the Spanish language that come originally from English. I think I can safely say they are hundreds, if not thousands of these, most of which pass by unnoticed by most people on a daily basis. Here are a few of these anglicisms that are well incorporated into the language already, to the point where I imagine many Spanish people are unaware that they come from English. One of these is the meat “bisté”, which comes from the English “beef steak”. This is akin to “rosbif” which I will leave you to guess. It would seem that the British haven’t offered a lot more words of a culinary nature,

but other very well established borrowed words are cheque (the proper Spanish word is “talón”) clip (meaning paperclip), cóctel, barman, sandwich and of course fútbol. Actually there is a perfectly respectable word for football in Spanish which is “balompié” but nobody ever uses it nowadays. Many English words ending in “ –ing” have long been incorporated into the Spanish language, although they almost always change their English meaning slightly. For example “parking” for car park, “camping” for campsite, “piercing” which is the same in English, except that an English youth would say “I’m going to have my tongue pierced”, whereas the Spanish would say “Voy a tener un piercing en la lengua”. I know it doesn’t bear thinking about, but this is the World we live in. More and more these days we hear people talking about having “un buen feeling” with someone, which basically means they get on well together. Very trendy as well is to specialise in “marketing”, another concept not indigenously Spanish. Now we come to a whole plethora of English words which have made an appearance in Spanish more recently, particularly

in the media, both written and spoken. “Fan” is a very important one. There is an advert on the television at the moment which repeats the line “soy fan de …” (I am a fan of …). Some English words just sound rather trendy or sophisticated, for example, “jetset” referring to a certain kind of lifestyle, a side effect of which is “jetlag”. “La lista de bestsellers” is obviously of interest to the reading public whilst “el boom” is something we’re not hearing so much about that at the moment. “Miss” and “Mister” have their own special uses: “Miss” as in “Miss World” which makes sense, but “Mister” is the name given to football managers, strangely. Vicente del Bosque is the best loved “Mister” around at the moment. Finally, some married people might indulge in “un affaire” which is really a French word, whilst in ordinary Spanish this is “una aventura amorosa”, or more colloquially “un lío de faldas” (an involvement with skirts). That translation sounds really oldfashioned and also reminds me that it is time to tell you the Spanish title of “Some Like it Hot”. It is “Con Faldas y a lo Loco” (With Skirts and Going Crazy). Yes, well, the film industry has moved on slightly since then…

Free social evening at the Art and Soul Gallery EVERY MONTH the gallery will host a pleasurable mix of Art, champagne, music and pampering: a brilliant evening guaranteed to lift your mood and awaken the senses, with free taster sessions of Yoga, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and much more - plus you can get your BP checked for free. Meet local artists and view their amazing work while enjoying a glass of champagne and listening to the stunning performance of Magno the violinist. Relax and enjoy life in a fabulous location with warm and friendly people, taking the opportunity to meet new friends. Our social evenings will take place every third Tuesday evening of the month between 18:30 and 20:30. In September we will have a selection of exquisite local wines to sample and much more. To find out more about our free events visit or telephone 636 929 326.

An Evening of Clairvoyance with David Darnbrough

David Darnbrough

FOLLOWING THE success of the Spanish Night held recently in aid of PCN at Los Arcos Restaurant, Angelique and her team are now presenting an Evening of Clairvoyance with well known Medium David Darnbrough on Thursday August 26th. Doors open at 19:00 for a 19:30 start and the event will finish at approximately

21:30. During the interval, a raffle will be held with all proceeds going to Paul Cunningham Nurses. The price of tickets is just €5, available from Los Arcos Restaurant on 965 710 289; Lyn Adams of PCN on 648 926 690; or from the Paul Cunningham Nurses Charity Shop in Quesada. This will be a popular night so reserve your ticket now!

Meet local artists and view their work

Just the ticket

LUCKY WINNERS of the raffle drawn at June’s charity bonanza Fiesta in the Park in Denia have been receiving their prizes. Members of Jalon and Orba Lions have been out and about delivering prizes – and catching winners on camera. And the club stitched together a collage of some of the presentations to people who bought tickets helping raise more than 5,000€ for good causes. Pictured are President Stuart Aitchison congratulates John Snell, past President of Teulada Moraira Lions Club, and his wife Mari on winning the first prize of a day’s sailing for four people – complete with half a case of wine for refreshment. For more information about Jalon and Orba Lions Club and its fund raising events, call 675 377 473 or visit


6 - 12 AUGUST 2010 Win a meal for 2 at the Inn Plaice in torrevieja (Mon-Thu) or at La Pista Restaurante In Jalon (Mon-sat Lunchtimes Only) by answering the Cryptic Crossword correctly. Answers by email to: or Fax: 96 570 5328.


3 4 11 28 39 2


One Belgian ticket won the 28,092,205 Euros (£23,414,853) jackpot prize

ANSWERS & WINNER Last week’s Crossword and Suduko answers found on page 40. Crossword winner for issue 563: MIKE ROSSITER LA MARINA, SAN FULGENCIO

Quick Crossword

Cryptic Crossword



6. Mistake (7)

1. Inundate (5)

Across 6. To put the motion, you’ll need a professional attitude (7) 7 & 15 Down. One well-known for his relations? (5-6) 9. River that suits many people (5) 10. Failures of French achievements (7) 12. Household pests likely to contain poison (11) 14. What’s the conductor doing? Getting ahead of the clock (7,4) 18. Insinuated the little brat spoke falsely (7) 19. Waters where this vessel is put back (5) 21. Change in international terminals (5) 22. The girl and I have abbreviated the letter (7)


7. Danger (5) 9. Subject (5)

2. Whole (6) 3. Favourite (3) 4. Amend (6)

10. Stranded (7)

5. High office (7)

12. Last but one (11)

8. Stir (7)

14. End (11)

11. Corner (7)

18. Flagrant (7) 19. Swift (5)

13. Harangue (7) 15. Spirit (6) 16. Rectangular (6)

21. Scriptures (5)

17. Jocund (5)

22. Land (7)

20. Morass (3)

Down 1. Coin associated with a sovereign (5) 2. A soft bell-like sound to evoke sympathetic feeling (6) 3. A custom among industrious employees (3) 4. The way to confuse a tester (6) 5. Document X is recorded (7) 8. Accounts about naval stations (7) 11. Put in a grave position for a second time (7) 13. Mealies affected by nautical measure (3-4) 15. See 7 Across 16. They burrow near the end of the street and cause annoyance (6) 17. Loves to find the answer in a way (5) 20. Started to eat a morsel (3)


44 40

6FEB - 12 AUGUST 20104 2010 26 - MARCH

music scene

96.7 (TKO GOLD) - 91.9 - 87.7 - 87.5 • STUDIO SMS: 667 287 588 • STUDIO@TKOFM.COM



Music venues or acts that wish to be featured in this column should email with details and photo...

Woody does Buddy! SHIRELLE – Vocalist and saxophonist THE THING about Woody is you will never go away from one of his shows disappointed. He is one of the most popular and enduring entertainers on the southern Costa Blanca, bringing his unique combination of singing, guitar playing and humour to every performance. Woody has lived here for around five years, having been brought up in Nottinghamshire, where he developed his talent for entertaining people through the medium of music. He honed his guitar and vocal skills and started performing live in the pubs and clubs, going on to tour the length and breadth of the UK, prior to his move to Spain. Through his love of music, Woody has put together a huge catalogue of songs from artists such as Rolling Stones, Cliff, Elvis, T-Rex, The Beatles and many more. Now he has introduced his tribute to the late great Buddy Holly, which has already generated rave reviews. You’ll hear all the hits from his heyday including Peggy Sue, Rave On, Raining In My Heart and lots of other Buddy hits. So popular is Woody that he is now accepting bookings for 2011, as well as having a very hectic diary for the rest of this year. If you would like to book Woody, call 677 222 352.

Keyword Pop Quiz

This vivacious songstress will amaze you with, not only her vocal talents, but also her versatility, as she combines singing with her extraordinary talent on the saxophone. Born and bred in Lancashire, Shirelle and has spent her whole life involved in the music business. She made the move to Spain eight years ago and immediately set about putting together a repertoire which would provide her audience with something a little different from the normal songs and backing tape acts. Shirelle now has a show which can be adapted to suit any age group or audience’s taste in music. She accompanies herself on saxophone on some of the songs and just brings a bit of spar-

Find the keyword and win two tickets to Aqua Natura. Just listen to Davy Jones between 14.00 – 17.00 on TKO FM on Monday to enter.

Don´t forget: any Groups with ‘The’ as the first word will be the main name only... (i.e. The Rolling Stones will be Rolling Stones). First names will be used for answers (i.e. Billy Idol). 1 WHICH SONG was originally released by Vanilla Ice and recently covered by Jedward? 2 Who sang about ‘Livin La Vida Loca’? 3 Which band had a hit with ‘Native New Yorker’ in 1977? 4 Which Australian singer’s backing band was known as ‘The Bad Seeds?’ 5 ‘Like A Virgin?’ ...very unlikely with this singer... 6 Pink Floyd had a huge hit with this song about ‘not needing no education...’ 7 Which insurance selling punk rocker had a hit with Passenger? 8 What is Marillion singer Fish’s real name? 9 Who recently had a big hit with ‘Starry Eyed?’ 10 Which London Hip Hop group were in the top 40, this year, with ‘Playin’ With Fire?’

Listen to Davy Jones on TKO FM, Monday between 14.00 and 17.00. Davy will ask you to text in the keyword. The winner and this week’s answers will then be announced.

kle to any event she plays. Currently she is performing at many venues up and down the coast so keep an eye out for a show near you. You can book Shirelle for your venue or function by calling 677 222 352.

TKO is out and about at a venue near you - very soon! TKO is out and about at a venue near you - very soon! THIS SATURDAY 7th August – Andy James’ Old School Disco hits La Marina. Andy James’ Old School Disco has been polished, tuned up and will be at La Bodega Restaurant this Saturday! Everyone is invited to join in the fun, from 21.00, with free buffet and fireworks at midnight. Other TKO DJs will be lending a hand and they would love to see you all down there. La Bodega is on the original strip at Urbanisation La Marina. Come down and join the party! SATURDAY 14TH AUGUST – LO CRISPIN TKO DJ’s will be comparing and playing all your favourite music at the Lo Crispin Charity Funday. It all starts in the grounds of Urbanisation Lo Crispin, Algorfa which is just off the motorway roundabout, near Quesada, at 16.00 with the Torrevieja Pipes & Drums and there will be a full entertainment programme throughout the evening from local artists and groups. They’ll be lots of fun for all the family with bouncy castles, a magician and fun games. All money raised will be split between two local Algorfa charities. Everyone is welcome to what promises to be a great afternoon and evening for all the family. SATURDAY 28TH AUGUST – CAMPOAMOR BEACH TKO will be joining Sol TV at the 2010 Bikini Bash. More details, location and information on how you can take part will be broadcast on TKO FM, Sol TV and here in the RTN very soon.

12 AUGUST 2010 Feb 266- -March 4 2010

45 45

46 40

6FEB - 12 AUGUST 20104 2010 26 - MARCH

Practical but interesting patios

The tradition of Spanish patios by

Clodagh & Dick Handscombe Practical gardeners and authors

PATIO GARDENS have been popular in Spain for two millennium. They continue to be so to this day. They are all that many persons living in the centre of towns or villages have. Many inland expatriates are therefore following in the footsteps of a long heritage that includes the following: The patio gardens developed by the Romans and Arabs within the walled defensive houses they built. The cloister gardens designed for serenity, meditation and exercise within monasteries and convents. The inner courtyard gardens of the palaces of royalty and aristocrats, both in the cities and in the country, the best example perhaps being the Alcazar in Seville. The walled kitchen gardens designed to produce the fruit and vegetables for the adjacent castle, palace or estate house. The inner courtyard gardens developed behind village terraced houses in what was originally the corral for the animals and poultry; wonderful plants growing in the well fertilized soil or in pots on newly tiled floors. TYPES OF PATIOS Patios can be of the open courtyard type, often kept generally bare except for a few potted plants and a central palm as there is a colourful garden beyond the house, or the plant and artefact packed patios where the

patio is the only open space the dwelling has. Somewhere to really ‘live Spain in.’ IMPORTANT INGREDIENTS OF PATIO DESIGN So what are the key ingredients for a patio which will make your dreams of sensuous and sensual Spain a reality? We suggest the following. NATURAL SHADE Trees in the centre or one or more corners, popular trees being palms, ficus, fig, olives, jacaranda, citrus, judas trees, galan de noche and or vine, such as grapes or passion flowers. THE SOUND OF WATER Fountains in the middle of small ponds; fountains against a wall; stand alone fountains in the centre or at side of a terrace or a mini water feature. COLOURFUL AND PERFUMED WALLS Firstly from window boxes and climbers such as bougainvillea, bignonias, jasmine, roses, honeysuckles, passion flower, clematis and plumbago and with wall pots of geraniums: Secondly from tasteful displays of decorated plates, plaques, murals and memorabilia.

A Spanish patio area

lizzies, azaleas, some spectacular hydrangeas and a water lily in the pond. A SMALL RAISED BED OR CONTAINERS To start to grow vegetables and/or fruit on a small scale. INTERESTING AND AESTHETIC ARTIFACTS Collections of interesting old or new pots, agricultural and city artefacts. COMFORTABLE AND AESTHETIC FURNITURE For relaxing or dining alone or with company, perhaps a canopied swing chair and trellis screens to create private corners. SOFT MUSIC Light music of your choice for relaxing. For effect why not guitar and flamenco music played quietly for effect. SUBTLE LIGHTING A mix of spot lights, wall lights and standard lamps suitable for outside use when it rains down into the patio.

COOL EVERGREEN PLANTS Ferns, aspidistras, spider plants, spathiphyllum, pothos, bread plants, motherin-laws tongue, succulents, cacti, bamboos and bonsais of various types.

A SUN BLIND If your patio is an oven in July and August, a motorised screen could provide shade from the mid day sun or storms.

COLLECTIONS OF FLOWERING PLANTS IN POTS Bulbs such as clivias, cyclamen, freesias, irises, lilies and agapanthus. Plants such as kalanchoa, begonias, fuchsias, pansies, busy

SOMETIMES THE FAMILY PET A cat, budgerigar, fish in the pond or an ancient turtle. So if you have a house with a central patio, an area for a patio style garden or terrace,

Clodagh and Dick’s books collate their twenty five years of gardening in Spain to help newcomers to Spain, whether experienced or beginner gardeners living in houses or apartments. Found in bookshops, they are available by mail order from internet bookshops including Bookworld, Amazon and Santana Books. If you are interested in stocking them in your shop, contact Gertrud or Alan Roberts on 952 485 838. © Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

True Believer Book Review by

Danny Collins

AUTHOR NICHOLAS Sparks is always good for a page turner – remember The Notebook? And this book offers no exception to that rule. His story of how a science journalist and debunker of belief in the supernatural finds out more than he expects when he investigates the reasons behind mysterious, eerie lights that appear in an ancient cemetery in the USA’s deep south will leave the reader breathless. A sceptic by nature, investigator Jeremy Marsh arrives in Boone Creek, North Carolina, to seek the truth and slowly comes to understand that he is dealing with an old time love story wrapped up in a ghostly mystery. Science, it seems, can only go so far when it comes to unravelling the mysteries of the human heart. This book is guaranteed to raise the hackles on the neck – do humans have hackles? Goosebumps then – and make us believe in the impossible, trust in

fate, and accept the undeniable power of love. And if a shutter bangs, I guarantee you’ll be under the sheets…. See you there. Author: Nicholas Sparks Publisher: Time Warner (paperback) Price: €9.60 ISBN: 0 7515 3656 3

All the featured books are available off the shelf or by mail order from Librería Europa, Calle Oscar Esplá 2, 03710 Calpe. Tel: 96 583 58 24; e-mail: Take along or send this review for a discount of 5% on your purchases.

there are many creative possibilities and there is still time to improve what you have to better enjoy this summer and autumn. The best of our books to buy to give you instant solutions is ‘Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style’ ISBN 978-84-89954-86-1 for an apartment terrace is in reality a patio in the sky. Indeed we have a book signing today. SUMMER BOOKSIGNING FOR APARTMENT OWNERS Today Friday 6th August, Clodagh and Dick Handscombe are doing a book signing for their latest book ‘Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style’ at the Bookworld shop in Javea, which is opposite the town Mercadona and parking. This book is written to help you create colourful, interesting and productive apartment and town house terraces, balconies and windowsills. Clodagh and Dick will be in the shop from 11.00 to 14.00 to autograph books, solve your gardening problems and present the following demonstrations: 11.15 Designing interesting window boxes 12.15 Growing fruit and vegetables in small spaces 13.15 The redesign of your terraces and balconies Their earlier books ‘Your Garden in Spain’, ‘Growing healthy fruit in Spain’ and ‘Growing healthy vegetables in Spain’ will also be on sale: a great opportunity for autographed books for your own use or presents. Some free eco products and plants will be presented to purchasers. More information from Beverley on 610 006 175.

- 12 AUGUST 2010 FEB 26 -6MARCH 4 2010

Discover the Costa Blanca

47 47

Derek Workman continues his series of excursions from his book ‘Inland Trips From the Costa Blanca’ which features 22 detailed trips that lead you to spots you’d never find by yourself.

Skinny alleyways and bright red slush, Buñol and the infamous Tomatina

YOU COULD be put off by your first view of Buñol with the towering chimneys of the cement factory that drives the local economy, but as you drop down into the small town you soon lose sight of these behemoths and enter a busy little pueblo that nestles around an ancient castle whose history goes back to the 1st Century BC. Buñol has more than 300 fountains within the town and its immediate surroundings, with such splendid names as La Alegria (The Happiness); La Umbria (The Shady Place); and La Jarra (The Jar). It was this abundance of water that caused the first Iberian settlers to name the town Bullón, meaning fountain. Roman settlers created irrigation channels and aqueducts that fed the surrounding agriculture and built the original castle keep, later heightened to 25 metres by Moorish conquerors. The Moors enclosed the Kalaa (Castle) with its high walls and built the Torre de Musa (later known as the Torre del Sur) that led to the first urban development, the narrow streets that ring the castle. The Iglesia del Salvador, built into the castle, sits on the site of a former mosque. The castle has seen some notable visitors in its time including Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, more widely known as ‘El Cid’, but perhaps its most famous resident was Fancisco I, King of France, who was imprisoned there in 1525. In the early 19th Century, the town formed the dividing line between Aragón and Castillá and the castle acted as a prison during the Carlist wars of 1833-1876. Anyone who likes twisting alleyways and cobbled streets will be in their element in the meandering thoroughfares around the church and castle. A wander behind the Ayuntamiento into the heart of the castle is rewarded by the Plaza de Armas; a medieval square still in much of its original condition. Lovers of marching music will be interested to know that Buñol boasts two bands, both of them with more than 120 musicians. One is named La Artistica but is known locally as ‘Los Feos’(the Ugly Ones). For hearty mountain eating you could try Buñol’s famous perdiz en escabeche (partridge in pickle sauce), olla podrida (a thick stew of vegetables and pork) or the simple patatas en caldo, a working man’s staple of potatoes in broth. You will also find local sausages and plenty of rice dishes, including arroz con caracoles (rice with

snails). For a picnic you could try the bollos con sardines, flat loaves baked with sardines and bacon laid over them. These days, Buñol is most famous for its annual tomato battle, the Tomatina, which in a country known for weird fiestas must be one of the weirdest. The narrow streets run deep red in the blistering mid-day sun as twenty five thousand sweat-soaked, semi-naked combatants fight hand-to-hand, or hurl their missiles into the surging rosé stained crowd. From the first gun, battlers from Argentina, Italy, Japan, Germany and all points of the globe join with those from the four corners of Spain in sixty minutes worth of frantic warfare, resulting in no more serious injury than the occasional bruised ego. It’s not blood that flows; it’s the sodden pulp of tomatoes – 140 tons of them. At least the town doesn’t try to claim that the slinging of over-ripe fruit has any deeply hidden religious significance, but is the result, as one of the many stories of its origin goes, of an early form of karaoke. In the nineteen forties a resident of the town was wandering across the square in front of the town hall on market day singing – badly - ‘Amada Mio’ from the Rita Hayworth film, ‘Gilda’, using a funnel as a megaphone. Shoppers and stall-holders alike objected to his raucous rendition and began to pelt him with fruit, and as some of it missed the intended target and hit other promenaders, a salad battle soon filled the square. The following year a local civic dignitary was in the wrong place at the wrong time and found himself the centre of unwanted attention as youths gathered in the square (this time with their own tomatoes) to celebrate what was already becoming known as ‘the day of the tomato’. Through bannings, prison sentences, public uprisings and even a parade for the ‘funeral of the tomato’, when a giant fruit was paraded through the town as a demonstration against yet another clampdown on their bizarre celebration, the people of Buñol fought to keep their annual mush fest. On the dot of eleven on the last Wednesday in August, a single shot gives the signal for the eight men roped to the insides of six enormous wagons full of ripe tomatoes to heave their rapidly decaying cargoes onto the eager crowd cramming the

The view of Buñol from the castle

To discover more about Spain, visit and are random notes about life in Spain. Derek Workman’s books, Inland Trips from the Costa Blanca and Small Hotels and Inns of Eastern Spain are available from most good books shops or direct from the publisher, Santana Books, or Tel. 952 485 838.

The Tomatina fiesta

Plaza del Pueblo, the main square of Buñol. The orgy of squashing and slinging begins as an avalanche of tomatoes are gathered up and hurled around the square. For an hour the crowd, dressed in the robes of bhuddist monks, wearing huge Mexican sombreros, luminous waistcoats, and any other outrageous outfit it deems suitable for the occasion, slithers in the bright red slush, until on the last chime of twelve a second shot is fired and the exhausted throwers sink wearily into the puree.

They don’t get long to settle though, before a swarm of town hall staff, volunteers and neighbours swoop down on them with hose-pipes, buckets and brooms. While the worn out revellers drag themselves to the showers in the Municipal swimming pool, the Plaza del Pueblo is scrubbed spotless in less than an hour. Picture a strip of tomato burnt onto the edge of a pizza, and then imagine what a hundred and forty tons of the stuff would do if left to dry in the scorching August sun.

This is Valencia’s Tomatina tour is back again for yet another round of tomato slinging fun this summer 2010. Our great day trip includes a return journey on a lovely cool coach, the whole of the Tomatina in Buñol, a shower and a swim to cool and clean off and a delightful lunch of tapas and paella (and loads of beer and sangria) before we head off back to Valencia for around 6pm The best bits are: You can leave your gear on the coach so can slosh around in tomatoes without a care in the world safe in the knowledge that your things wont get lost, stolen or broken. We give you a a pair of goggles so you wont get nasty bits in your eyes A refreshing shower, swim and lunch and a chill on the way home - To get back to the city clean, dry and tomato free is a luxury, believe us! You get to meet a really fun group of people from all over the globe on the bus! (and you get to meet the team - always a pleasure!!) All this for just 60€. A bargain if ever we saw one. To book just drop us an email stating number in party, your names and we will send you a Paypal request for a deposit, and you are on the bus! Much more information can be found on


68-14 - 12 AUGUST 2010 2010 JANUARY

Famous Five REMEMBER THE Famous Five? Nestled in some idyllic seaside bay, their adventures were legendary; and fuelled on Aunt Fanny’s spanking good lemonade and a diet of rock cakes! Furtive Uncle Quentin was always holed up in his laboratory, and frantic Morse code messages were surreptitiously sent at midnight by torchlight; as mysterious goings on focused on the ubiquitous lighthouse, some treasure, and the intuition and guidance of Timmy the dog. We have come a long way since those days of picnics and fun and lashings of ginger beer, and the World has changed in continuity as it must, but what a wonderful time it was when good old fashioned adventures thrilled and motivated the young. Now death and destruction, killing and terrorism have taken over from the middle class adventures of Enid Blyton. We live in times whereby a murder mystery shuns the detective forces of the likes of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, for the forensic knowledge of laboratory analysis, DNA and the probe of the luma light. The murder can be solved in the laboratory, whether it is Colonel Mustard, in the library with the lead piping, or Miss Scarlet with the revolver. Spiritualism falls firmly under the microscope nowadays. Psychic energies can be put to the test on television shows and Spirit is highly in tuned to the analytical actions of forensic evidence. Mediums can now be tested every which way, and under scientific jurisdiction, usually heavily weighted to show that the impossible just cannot happen. We spiritual folk know for a fact, and very well, that it can and it does, and that we can prove it! No other profession demands a constant need to provide the truth, evidence of survival and the correct passing of specific messages to those who wish to hear them. I was once called in to observe a murder

trial. I didn’t want to be there, but then I was told that Spirit would know the truth when it was heard and things about this case just didn’t add up. I had feelings for everyone in the court except for my client. When I tried to focus I found myself miles away and lost in what was the legal process. I listened and I weighed up the pros and the cons, but it was not until the foreman of the jury stood up to deliver the verdict that I saw what really happened and my client was subsequently pronounced not guilty and left the court a free man. Quite rightly so, he was innocent, and thankfully it was proven. The due process of the law was therefore hand in hand with the truth, but I wonder how often the guilty slip away, exonerated by man to be later judged by Spirit? So too there are those proclaimed guilty that are truly innocent and they have a clear conscience, but the weight of the legal system locks them away in their suffering, branding them so unfairly and falsely for something that they just didn’t do. Forensic Spiritualism sees the end result and then, it too works backwards. When we analyse what we were, and where we were, we can see what has made us what we really are, and what makes us tick. Reality tells us that we are gaining in our Spirituality each and every time we take a step along the pathway, and that the surrounding changes are affecting the motivation of our own coded Spiritual DNA. One day our potential will be reached, and it won’t take a detective to trace our specific journey through a life of choices, fate, ambition and yes, maybe too disappointment. Just like our ‘Famous Five’, life seems much clearer when all those mysteries are solved, the bad are punished and we can ride off into the dawn, with a picnic, looking for the very best clues, and have some jolly good fun!

Love & Light... Kenny Corris

Postbag Email your letters to me at: Kenny, my neighbour is always telling me to talk to Spirit and tell them what is going on in my life, and what changes I need to make, but how do you talk to someone you can’t see? How can you believe without some sign? Betty L. Hi Betty. Two good questions here! You won’t always get a sign necessarily. I have never been to Russia, so I have to rely on other people’s truth about its existence. Therefore we have to believe sometimes in things we cannot know, or see. As for starting a dialogue with Spirit, this tests your strength and your belief to the utmost. I would advise you to light a candle, find a comfortable chair and choose a quiet space, daytime or night time. Talk to Spirit as if you always have. Talk as if you were telling your very best friend something special. No begging please, but clearly ask for what you deserve, and begin by asking for a better communication between them and you. That will start the proceedings, and where you go next is up to you. You will get answers!

Van purchase funding

Kenny’s Diary READINGS AT: Bistro Maya in Albir: 9th and 11th August from 16.30 to 19.00. Please call or email me for info. NEW VENUE - Marquee Readings at ‘Chez Flo’ on the Calpe to Moraira Road: Tuesday 10th August from 18.00 until late. For bookings and information please contact: Penny Smith on 687 926 021. Appointments for private readings, consultations and private parties continue throughout August. Workshops resume in September.

contact kenny Appointments: 96 587 8424 Mobile: 686 361 594 Web: Forum: Email: Please contact me for inclusion in my healing list!

HELP MURCIA Mar Menor desperately need a van to help in their Car Boot on Sunday’s at Auto Cine. Members have pledged €1900 at €100 on a returnable interest free loan. One member, Tony Elliot from Santiago de la Ribera has gone even further, by donating a 3-wheeled scooter to be sold and the proceeds going towards the purchase of a van. The scooter is a PALMO T150 2-Seater, 3Wheeled SCOOTER, 2008. Original cost €4000. 150cc 4-Stroke Engine, does over 100Km. per 3 Litres of fuel. Mileage is 800Km. & can be driven on a car licence. The Road Tax is €8. Offers around €2500, call Bernard 968 134 355 or 659 751 611 or Gordon 618 104 357.

horoscopes by Kenny Corris One man’s meat is another man’s poison! You are about to travel way outside your comfort zone in order to establish some control in a situation that is veering out of control. Assert yourself, but take no prisoners as you are upholding the truth and what it stands for, and there cannot be any alternative when all is said and done. You’ll get no thanks for being loyal and supportive, so make a decision once and for all! Keep with your instincts and discover once and for all that you are so much more than you think you are. Look within to discover innermost secrets and strong intuition and use these tools for the common good, because you can. You are about to start a new and very productive stage of your life, and you will use it to support those that you love and care for, just when it is needed. Planetary actions may initially work against you but stick with it and you will see that you are being sorely tested, and that much good can come from your positive actions and the power you hold inside. When others seem intent on putting a spanner well and truly in the works you can rest assured that you are not only prepared for any eventuality, you are inspired to take things in hand once and for all. A corner develops and signifies that the past is over and that you have to come to terms with just what it is you need right now. Compromise was a feature in the dim and distant past, but now you are keeping your options well and truly open, and not letting someone get to you. With hindsight it would have been very appropriate to have nipped all of this in the bud, but it’s never too late! If pride alone makes you feel like this then snap out of it right now, as there are far more important things that have to be done and dusted. Just feeling sorry for your self won’t solve anything, and your indecisions have made the situation worse. A clean break is inevitable in the scheme of things and luck and fortune from hapless Jupiter is crossing your path midweek, bringing a wealth of changes. Temper, temper! All around you people are losing it this week, and it is not worth getting involved to get even because nothing is worth the conflict of interests that opened this can of worms in the first place. Someone has made their bed, and must lie in it, and you must give a wide berth to those who have got the wrong end of the stick, knowing where your loyalties lie. With Uranian energies influencing a stubborn Neptune there is cause to look toward financial problems and facing things as they are. With the promise of funding in the background you need to take things one step further so that the process becomes clear and established. Take no risks because now is a time for clear and forward thinking all around and there is no room for error. Try as you may there is no sense in your wearing yourself out when somebody in your focus right now will not listen. Fear has stopped the process and it is time to seek some solutions that your instincts prompt you towards. Don’t think that things have ground to a halt. Imagine all this as a pause before the main event, which when it comes you will embrace and use to your distinct advantage. Wayward Jupiter means that you are blessed with the power to make a strong difference, especially as you are helping to repair somebody’s emotional state. With energies of Venus close to the second house of Pisces, there will be a deep and inner spiritual solution if you just take a good look, and put your trust in that which you must to make some headway as soon as possible. Time is on your side, as you reflect on much that has happened recently, and just where you stand. Your pride has always been a feature, and it shows as you face fearlessly that which you have to do, with no holds barred. However it is sure that there is something not fully revealed to you, and your pause now will help you to move on to pastures new when and if the right time comes along! Attention is needed on the work front, whereby someone needs to be told once and for all that here and now this attitude cannot be tolerated. Though this may not seem to be your job to do, there is a need to fully understand what went wrong, and what can make a better future. Put emotions on hold and just tell it like it is. Nobody is more capable to bring peace to resolve than you. Taking strides to overcome the recent problems you begin to look inside yourself and maybe will actually like what it is you can see. Your strength and your own specific set of powers have seen you through so many traumas, and it is obvious that your inner strengths have come into play to bring about sweeping changes; changes that you are not afraid of and which need to be implemented right now.

If it’s your birthday this week... Patience is to be rewarded, but there is much work to do yet. Wait and see your clear way forward, because recent actions have held you back somewhat and the clouds need to lift to show you those blue skies are there all along.

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010 8-14 JANUARY 2010


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6FEB - 12 26 AUGUST 20104 2010 - MARCH


Slow download speed Alan via email asks: Hi Aunty, I have recently had problems with download speed. I have a 4Mb/sec internet which normally is fine. Last week I bought some software to download but the download speed was at about 65Kb/sec so it took 2.5 hours to download. Is this normal

or can I change the speed to be closer to the 4Mb/sec. I run Windows XP and have upto-date f-secure anti virus so doubt a virus infection. Aunty says: What you need to remember Alan is that this particular download speed will also

depend on the connection at the other end, and a lot of sites will pre allocate smaller chunks of their bandwidth to guarantee everyone gets a reasonable speed. If you’re not sure that you are consistently getting your 4Mbps then have a quick check via

Msconfig utility

James via email asks: Dear Aunty, once again I turn to you for sound advice. I have a second PC with XP and still use it now and again but it has taken over half an hour from start up just to get to this point! I keep receiving a McAfee promotion for a Registry Cleaner to speed up PCs but I know you have always been very critical of any such software. I am fairly confident that there are no viruses, so what is my best move to speed up a very slow PC?

Aunty says: Hello James. You are right to be cautious of any registry cleaners as they can cause more harm than good. Depending on your level of expertise and confidence you may get a result from using the msconfig utility that comes with Windows. I must warn you of the potential dangers of misusing msconfig, and if you’re not familiar with it then it may be better taking your machine in for a service.

Got a story? 902 118 999

Microsoft XP Pro Vicky via email asks: Hi Aunty, I need your invaluable help again please. I have XP Professional with Microsoft Office Word 2007. I want to know can I translate an email that’s in Spanish to English using the translator in Word. I have tried saving email then bringing it to word but no go. Hope you can help.

with aunty virus

Aunty says: The only way I know of doing this Vicky is to copy and paste the contents of the email into the word document and go to ‘tools’ ‘language’ and ‘translate’ and use the panel that pops up on the left to choose the language etc. It worked like this in Office 2003 so unless Microsoft chose to completely omit it from 2007 it’s probably a similar method.

Email notification tool John via email asks: Hi Aunty, I am looking for a free download that will automatically inform me of new email in my in-box as soon as I switch on my computer but before I go on-line. Is there such a thing? If so, what do you recommend?

Aunty says: As you are using Hotmail John then I’m sure there is a feature in the new Windows Live program from I personally use a free Firefox add-on from (type Webmail Notifier into the search box) which works with pretty much all web based email.

Inkline PC booster

Seamus from Ireland asks: I really enjoy your column, a question, how good is inKline PC Booster 7? I carried out its test and it said my window freezes, slow boot up and crashes often, which is the truth. Is there any other software available to sort out these problems (maybe free software, or can you make a suggestion to help? Aunty says: Hi Seamus. If version 5 was anything to go by then it’s a total rip off. There really is no easy quick fix to sort out a slow booting and crashing PC other than checking for virus and spyware with AVG, Malwarebytes and Superantispyware, and checking your startup programs with msconfig.

That’s all for this week, email me on and I will do my best to sort you out

AUGUST 2010 FEB 266 - 12 MARCH 4 2010

51 45

Your UK TV questions answered - part 1 by

Bill Pole

ConeXionS TV Solutions, professional sales, service, support & advice

WELCOME BACK to RTN’s series of monthly features about the world of British TV here on the Costa Blanca. Last month I invited your questions about what we’ve covered so far (or anything else) to be answered this month.. Excerpts from emails requesting help (and their answers) follow below... Q: Last year we lost access to ‘Five’ on Sky via our dark blue viewing card. We only watch the free channels on Sky. What can you suggest to get these channels back? A: We can suggest two options for you to keep you going on free channels: A replacement white FTV card for Channel 5, Fiver, Five USA and the +1’s, bought and activated locally for a one-off fee. You can also get the card direct from Sky more cheaply, as long as you don’t mind hiding the fact that you’ll be using it in Spain. Card activation is also down to YOU when you buy direct from Sky, whereas most locally sold cards come pre-activated, or are activated onsite by the satellite engineer as part of their charge. A FreeSat receiver, of which there are various types available; standard definition, high definition, or high-def with recorder function. HD channels on FreeSat are free, whereas Sky charge an additional £10 a month for HD, on top of a premium package charge. Local installation, setup and demo are included free with all our FreeSat boxes. To see a list of channels

available on FreeSat, go here: freesatchannels.html Q: Will a TV with built-in FreeView bought in the UK work for Spanish TDT? A: Yes, it will! The de-facto standards of the new digital system are identical in both Spain and UK. What you WILL need to do when you arrive with your UK TV is to wipe off all the old FreeView channels and perform a fresh channel scan, to get all the local and national digital channels available in Spain. Q: I have a FreeSat box and I am unable to load BBC iPlayer. I have ADSL speed of over 2meg. Do you know of any restriction watching iPlayer here in Spain via the FreeSat system?

as other UK-only content such as 4OD (4 On Demand) and ‘Demand Five’ from Channel Five. Prices for proxy servers from around a fiver per month. Google the term for more info...

A: Because iPlayer is paid for by the licence fee in the UK, the BBC restricts viewing of iPlayer to the UK by means of scanning your internet router’s IP address. This is a unique address specific to your ADSL router, and will tell the BBC that you are not in the UK. As such, none of these services are available to you! However, one solution is to pay a small monthly fee to use a ‘proxy’ server, which is a UKbased server that all your connections will route through in future. This means that the BBC’s IP scan will come back ok (as it appears that you are UK-based) and so you will have unrestricted access to iPlayer, as well

Q: I live in Torrevieja and have had a budget 1.9m dish installed. I had reasonable reception until recently, then my picture started to break up during the evenings. Some channels seem fine, but BBC Two is no longer available at any time of day, and BBC One and ITV fade around 6pm and don’t return all evening. Any help or advice appreciated. I have a dark grey Invacom single-port LNB and the cable is black TV co-ax. A: I’m sorry to read that you’re having problems. Big dishes for UK TV are the size they are because we are trying to collect every stray

ounce of signal aimed at the UK. Any slight mis-alignment can cause weaker channels to break up or disappear. The components you’ve listed unfortunately are not the best, in terms of quality. We only use Famaval Portuguese dishes with a 3-year guarantee, and we use platinum / titanium grade digital sat cable on an Invacom TWIN-port C-120 LNB. There are a couple of things we can suggest to help get you back up and running immediately. You say your reception used to be ‘reasonable’. First, visually check the LNB feed-horn (the tube attached to the LNB in the centre of the tripod on the front of your dish) for wasps and spiders. Also, stand behind the dish and look for trees or plants which might be obstructing the ‘view’ of the dish to the Sky. Both of these seem ok? Then it’s time to call in the professionals...

Bill Pole owns and runs the highly successful business, ‘ConeXionS Digital Satellite Solutions’ (based in Javea). Originally established in 1988, we are one of the longest-running and best known satellite TV firms on the northern Costa Blanca. Phone us today on (+34) 660 638 975 or visit for the latest news, info and special offers. Legal & licensed.

Meteor watch with U3A

THE U3A Denia astronomy group would like to invite you to their annual meteor watch on the evening of 12th August, to be held at the Bella Vista bar on the Monte Pego urbanisation (Rafol entrance). The bar owners have kindly consented to turning off their exterior lights so that we can see the meteors. There will be a large telescope available to view the moon and planets, before the main meteor shower begins around midnight. There will be loungers available to lie on (bring your own cushions or towels) and the bar will be open until midnight, with Bacon Butties available to keep you going. The meteors on view are the debris left behind by the comet ‘Swift-Tuttle’, which burn up in our atmosphere as we move through the debris field every year at this time. Any questions contact Christine Ord on 671 152 686.

6 AUGUST 14- 12 - 20 MAY 2010 2010

61 52


Spanish laws for trailers Dear Brian, I intend to move to Spain very soon and wish to know if I can bring my A-frame trailer with me. What are the laws in Spain on these devices, please? SPAIN IS very particular about vehicles allowed onto the roads due to many nasty accidents in the past, for example by with badly constructed non-approved trailers and even vehicles rope towing other broken down ones. So drivers are permitted to tow only Author of Motoring in Spain ‘homolgated’ trailers (officially tested and approved by the EU). As it says in my book in the trailers chapter, no one is permitted to tow or transport vehicles/ trailers unless they: Are approved and have an official manufacturer’s plate affixed showing the details including the MAM or ‘maximum authorised mass’, the designed permitted maximum all up weight. So some trailers that are obviously overloaded, especially the ones we see on the way from France to North Africa, are pushing their luck. A-frames are tow bars in the shape of an ‘A’ that can be fixed to two points, with the point of the ‘A’ being the towing hitch. This allows, as with a trailer, the towed vehicle to easily follow the towing vehicle, but sorry to say, they

Brian Deller

are not approved in Spain. You may only tow a vehicle a short distance off the road, even with a rope in an emergency, as it is seen to present a traffic hazard in Spain. In the case of caravans that are homolgamated for Spain but do not have the proper manufacturer’s sticker on the tow bars or main body or other manufactured trailers, even a well-designed home made one, during the importation process it is necessary to take it along to the ITV station for inspection and the affixing of an approved plate, usually riveted on. If you are stopped by the police (Guardia Civil) and there is no plate, you will not be permitted to proceed and be fined. Please also remember that the Guardia Civil are currently on a bonus scheme as their pay has been reduced, as with all civil servants, due to the financial crisis. They can now earn extra pay against the numbers of fines they issue. So all you resident readers with illegal foreign plated vehicles in use: be aware that they have good reason now to issue the fines if your vehicle should be on Spanish plates. Brian Deller, Motoring in Spain: or telephone 666 888 870. Details on how to obtain Motoring in Spain may be found on the website.

Please also remember that the Guardia Civil are currently on a bonus scheme as their pay has been reduced

There is much more detailed information on all motoring subjects in my book. Brian Juan (John) Deller, Malaga, author, ‘Motoring in Spain’

Tel: 966 723 718 Sales Rojales & San Miguel For more information visit

95 Citroen AX


04 Tigra Cabriolet


06 Citroen Picasso Auto

01 Rover 75 Auto


08 Chevrolet Matiz

03 Suzuki Jimny


08 Chevrolet Aveo €8,995

04 Hyundai Atos




08 Opel Corsa CDTi €9,995

06 Remault Megane

01 Hyundai Accent





07 Seat Leon


08 Ford Focus


01 Fiat Ducato Eurotop €21,995

06 Suzuki Ignis


08 Ford Focus


06 Citroen C3 RHD


01 Opel Astra Estate


04 Honda HR-V


06 Ford KA


99 Audi TT Coupe


03 Chrysler PT


04 Ford Focus CMAX

03 Seat Ibiza



06´ Opel Tigra Cabrio €10,995

03 Astra Cabriolet


6 - 12 AUGUST 2010


The new Nissan Elgrand FIRST INTRODUCED in 1997 and followed by the second generation in 2002, Elgrand has been highly praised by customers for its comfort, styling and driving performance. It has been dubbed the “King of Minivans.” In line with its longstanding reputation for excellence, the new-generation Elgrand imparts a strong luxury presence and welcoming sense of hospitality and comfort for driver and passengers alike. The interior offers a number of features designed specifically for passengercomfort, including unique, multi-function high quality seats with leg rest and the world’s first11-inch electronic retractable monitor used in a minivan. In addition to comfort, the new Elgrand offers class-

leading fuel efficiency and dynamic performance. The new Elgrand is equipped with a 3.5-liter VQ35DE engine tuned specifically for this application. With a maximum output of 206kW(280PS)/6400rpm, it makes driving an exhilarating experience whether in the city or on the highway. The new Elgrand offers a range of advanced seat designs and innovative utility systems. Besides allowing to use the first and second row passengers seat to use the leg rest at the same time, for the Elgrand 7 passengers model, the new Comfortable Captain Seat is adopted for the second row passengers seat which incorporates three new technologies: ‘seatcushion-integrated leg rest,’ ‘articulated seatback,’ and ‘three-

The interior

The new Elgrand is equipped with a 3.5-liter VQ35DE engine

layered cushion pads.’ Nissan is the only automaker adopting all three technologies at the same time. With the seat’s all-in-one seat cushion and leg rest design, the body is supported as a whole, helping maintain a posture that can be relaxed and stress-free. The seat cushion-integrated leg rest, supports the lower legs over a large area and helps spread the body weight to avoid leg swelling. Another world’s first function utilized on the new Elgrand is the one touch switch system that not only unlocks the doors, but also automatically opens the One-Touch Auto Slide Door. Other utility features include a second mirror installed above the rearview mirror for easy communication with passengers in the second and third row seats.

The optional Around View Monitor is ideal for use in garages and when parallel parking. The system utilizes a voice guidance system, simulated steering direction indicators and reverse positioning displayed on the monitor (Parking Guide System). The front/rear wide view monitor gives priority to safety with a 180° perspective view when negotiating visibly difficult intersections and reversing from parking lots. By registering the visibly difficult intersections in the navigational map, when the vehicle stops at these points, it automatically activates the front Wide View Monitor Navigation. Another special feature is the Eco-Drive Assist System, which promotes fuel-efficient driving through a number of ways

- including coordinating the functions of the transmission and navigation system. For example, the navigation system provides curb radius and tollgate distance calculations to the management system in order to optimum engine brake control and reduce fuel consumption. The ECO mode function also maximizes acceleration performance, CVT response and integrated control CVT transmission schedules to improve fuel efficiency. Adopting asmooth assist takeoff system, EcoDrive Assist supports the driver for smooth acceleration and better fuel economy, while the Smart-rev Controlsystem maintains constant engine revolutions to avoid uneven speed changes and unnecessary fuel consumption.


68-14 - 12 AUGUST 2010 2010 JANUARY

Costa Blanca South Age Concern C/Blanca Sur 966786887 Mon-Fri 10-1.30pm. Centre, C/Paganini, Urb La Siesta, Torre. Charity Shop C/Patricio Zammit 41, T orre. Alcoholics Anonymous C/Blanca North 648169045. C/Blanca South 625912078 Animal Aid Charity. Churchills Bar, San Luis. Linda 965725794 www. A.E.C.C. (Assoc Española Contra el Cancer) C/Calera, 2 Torre. Wed 9am-1pm 965716679. A.E.C.C. Pilar de la Horadada Branch Wed 10-12pm Una Europa building. Autos y Caravanas de España (ACE) Caroline 965842562. Badminton Pilar de la Horadada John McGilvray 966786774 Badminton San Pedro del Pinatar 651483809/965727816. Baobabs Club Ted 966709881, Jean 966784735, Brian 966791970. Benijofar Chess Club Richard 660825390. Benimar Loyal No1 Rangers Supporters Club. See Rangers Matches at The Corner Flag, Benimar Nr Rojales. Benimar Social Club Richard 660825390/ Sue 619147801 Boule Grp Guardamar 690338115. Campoverde Theatre Grp Dorothy Gates 966761812. Cancer Support (MABS) Gran Alacant Jan & Agnie 966697754. Caring Together Regional Hospice Asn. (RPA 5377) 649956365/ 965894240 Carp-R-Us Angling/Social Club New Members’ Sec 966712351 Castilla Amigos. Castilla Bar, Lemon Tree Road, Nr Guardamar Wednesdays 3pm. Ann-666-747398 Bernie-966-702-157 Catral Model Railway Grp Mike 662022190. Church On The Way Quesada Reg SG1265 sec A. Pastors: Rod/Janet 966712584/666001543 C.L.A.R.O Independent Party Orihuela Costa office Mon-Fri 111pm Rest Asturias. Classic Scooter Club Del 966765026/617998265 Club 600 y Clásicos de Orihuela y Vega Baja 965716360 Coro Pilar Dennis 966762954. COSTA BLANCA BIKERS Contact Pete 644143678 Bob 600677583, Costa Blanca Big Band 966731723. Costa Blanca Samaritans Helpline: 902883535 Mon-Fri 8pm-12am. Dama de Elche Lodge No163 Philip Dawe (sec) 968150244. Denelle Dance Club Ballroom/ Latin Lyn 635584431. Diabetic Support Grp Benijofar Ivy Medcare 966860258. Expatriate Ostomates of Spain EOS (G5380655) 966460063/965744426. Fellowship C.B. 965322484 Freewheelers Classic Car Grp 686765297 Friends 4u Abroad Karen 622033582 Gilbert & Sullivan Society Cindy/ Cyril Willoughby 966785877 Guardamar Badminton Club 690338115. Guardamar No1 CSC Steve 669340528/Maureen 618180290.


HELP Vega Baja 966723733 10-1.30pm 24hr helpline 965704282 Hondon Bridge Club Pat 637993667/Eddie 677240656. Int. Motorhome Assoc John Sanderson Volunteered Co-ordinator 966474532/662032131. Int. Motorhome Club 965851671/ 667508217 (mark subject IMC) L A Concert Band Lorraine/David 965724291/687429144. Ladies Friday Club Rojales Dee 966712504/Jan 966712679. La Marina & San Fulgencio Cardinal Belluga Theatre Grp Maria 966715891/Alan 966795523. La Marina & San Fulgencio computer club. Albert 966797704 / Ron 966790396. La Marina & San Fulgencio Residents Asoc M & M’s Dance Club Horadada Michael 610981795/965350762. Manchester City F.C. Official Supporters Club (1949) Spanish Branch Rob Hudson (Sec) 608511437 Medcare Mum/Baby Clinic Benijofar Hazel 966860258 Modern Jive Paso o Paso 670711408 Mums/Tots La Marina Marianne 966790117/Hilary 966790738. Nifty Fiftys Fitness Jason 693596533. Orihuela Costa Neighbourhood Watch Chris Poole 966761379/ Graham Jones 965327838. Orihuela Scooter Club Lee 630142317/Ian 664367512 Ostomates Support Grp Alan 965319029/Sylvia 966791837 Paul Cunningham Nurses 966790363 Palm Tree Hse Avda de Londres 56, urb La Marina. P.E.P.A. Animal Charity 650304746. Phoenix Car Club Phoenix Retired Firefighters Club Iain Bennett 966731495 Pilar Christian Community Church 966763725/968575417 PilarChristian.CommunityChurch@ Pilar Sol Club Trevor Hook 966769655. Radio Control Howard 965415410. Rascals Jill 966727282 RAOB GLE The Philip Scott Lodge No:10671 Tel: Sec. Kevin Dent 626664101. Rojales & Quesada Neighbourhood Watch Helen 966717582 Rojales Pantomime Grp Bridget 966717977 Rojales Studio 17 Life Drawing Club Martin 965724927. ROYAL AIR FORCES ASSOCIATION Chairman Noel Cork 966723451 Royal British Legion Gran Alacant’s Branch Barbara Turnbull 966699828 Royal British Legion Hondon Valley Branch 677376770 Royal British Legion La Manga Branch 691982724 Royal British Legion La Marina Branch 966790798

Please note that the DEADLINE for clubs announcements is Friday at 12.00 noon. Please email your details to or fax to 965 705 328 RTN clubs is printed monthly. You can also find clubs listed on our web page

Royal British Legion Spain Welfare: 676451780/952352300 (ans/phone). www.spainnorth. Royal Marines Assoc, C/Blanca Branch Bert Moye 965725659/Phil Prince 966700731. San Miguel Amigos Greyhound Racing Club Brian 965720492/ Wayne 966723999. San Miguel Baobabs Club Brian 966791970, Jean 966784735, Doug 966791849 San Miguel Cage/Aviary Bird Club Mathew 966780336/Ian 966723235. Santa Pola Dollshouse & MIniatures Grp Janette 965415410 Spiritualist Awareness Society of Quesada Contact Wendy 965-323-028. www. Table Tennis San Luis Del 653564831. The Aircrew Assoc Costa Blanca Branch 966495042 THE MARITIME ASSOCIATION For more information contact Mel Cook 966716877/ mel.cook30@ The Phoenix Concert Band Di Hedley 965716601. The Strictly Social Club now closed until 22.09.10 Toastmasters Int. Las Palmeras Club Eamon 678105007/Jan 965329642 Torre de la Horadada Neighbourhood Watch Frank Reid 646255696/Trevor Hook 606562347. WELCOME GROUP Social group meets 1st Sat. of the month. 620105179 Whist Drive Jacky 965322361/ 629963279.

Los Alcazares Acacia Centre for Spiritual Awareness 968537243/ 679824008. Centro Cristiano La Vina San Javier/Mar Menor Jan 618779532. Freemasonry Mar Menor Brian 968199596 LA Digital Camera Club Trevor 968574877/Mike 968582217 Los Alcazares Duplicate Bridge Margaret/ Ron Odell 968575760/ 676346118 Spangles 968334527/968432525. The Mar Menor Art Grp Eli 968170571 The Nosmo-King Club 968546817 Alcoholics Anonymous 679385105. Badminton Totana Ric 680782076. Calida Country Music Club Tom Wills 610632152. Camposol Bridge Barry 609925497/Norma 650418887. Cañadas del Romero Cancer Support (MABS) Help Line 620422410 Ex-Servicemen’s Assoc Mazarrón District Bill 626209419/Ian 629818611. Freemasonry Mazarron Reg 649296658/Peter 699261828. Mass In English 968424386/ 676219445 Father Peter Escribano/ Father Octavio Carpena. Mazarron Bowls Club Richard Cooper 968131619. Mazarron Friendship Grp Len 689113494 P.A.L.S. Protection & Life Saving Pres. Ken 626460465/V.Pres. Pat 628879284. Puerto de Mazarron Ladies Circle Anne 669338885/Linda 616112879. St.Nicholas Ecumenical Church Len Eaton 968138952/660969243. Choir Master, Stuart Burnley 618869376

The Coffin Dodgers Rock ‘n’ Roll Club Carol 628590014 casacarol@ The Lions Club of Mazarron Bahia Diane 968431521/Beryl 616277389. The Olive Branch Christian Fellowship Pastor Ralph/ Margaret Locke 968199622/618720181. Welcome Grp 620105179/ 618254143 Mon-Sat 11-7pm. Wellspring Victory Church Pastor Andrew 968635875/Duncan 607382033/968130530.

Murcia 1 Metre Radio Control Sailing Club Richard 965325009/ Alcoholics Anonymous English 646290420. Alcoholics Anonymous La Manga 679385105. Amigos de los Coches Clásicos del Levante Harry 629529656/Hans 968419256 Cancer Support Grp (MABS) 693275779 Cloud Nine Drama Pat Hunt 968664429/627791577 patsy. Community Church Los Nietos Miguel/Vivien 968133724 Friends & Buddies Social Club Ann Lambert 968163758/ 628153329 Friends In Totana (F.I.T.) Pat 630941377. Guiding/Scouting 608174485. Harmony Ladies Grp Jenny 680858836. HELP Murcia Mar Menor Office: 968570059 Mon-Fri 10-1.30pm. Evt/tkts: Joan Mitchell 968181943. Mar Menor Sailing Asso(SAMM) Cdre: John Curtis 966764664. M/ship: Brian Blackburn samm.

Torrevieja 4-10 Yrs! Football! Kids-Mini Soccer Tony 678955501 7-a-side football for 20 to 40 year olds. Tlf Dougie:-928-789-335 50+ SOLOS Ruth 966786320 AFA Torrevieja, Assoc Alzheimer de Familiares y Amigos de Torrevieja 966702500 Fax: 966702203 Al-Anon Family Grp Helpline: 692799318 (9am-9pm). Alcholics Annonymous English 625912078. Anglican Chaplaincy St Peter & St Paul Alicante-Cartagena. Church services: 968-193-117. Funerals, Wedding Blessings, Baptisms Rev. Scargill 966-925-205. Asn. de las Rutas y Caminos de la Sal Pres. Maureen Moss 966923113/Sec. Jenny Dodd 965718483. Asn. of Retired Police Officers ARPO (Police) Mike Peters 966797015 Bon Bon Club Anna 966789470. Bridge Club Rojales Coby 966714266. Cafe Con Senoritas June 966731113/680384738 Cantabile Int. Ladies Choir Jennifer 966796866/655471787 Henny 966703247 www.cantabilesingers.bravehost. com Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 637460864/664551627. Church Mtg C/Formentera, Torre Lesley/Brenda 965870911/ 629623706. Club ‘93 965080339 Club Torrevieja Classics & Specialists Cars

David 965716360 Costa Blanca Runners John 966786774 Crescendo Int. Choir M/ship sec Phyl Webb 966785332. C/man Lawrence Gee 966261663 www.crescendo-choir Crime Watch Spain VG-8261-2000 Fd:1999. Torre: 966786266 Ted. Catral: 965992838 Jose. Crisol Pensioners Club Civic Centre, Alameda del Mar Mon-Fri. 4-6pm. Euro Divers Diving/Watersports Social Club Bob 966723024/Eric 965328941 Football In Torrevieja Dougie 628789335 Forty Something Dining/Social Club Angie 686367421 Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Int Torrevieja Stuart 968575417/664673863. Gardening Club (Vega Baja) Val 966716527. Int. Christian Assembly Rev Rafael Restrepo 968282049/ 660127276. Just Brass Band John 966706959 Ian 966191734 La Bamba’s Ballroom/Latin Dancing Andrea/Brian 616478157. Labour Int. (CB South) Christine Montano 966784720 /Sarah Hill 966260352. La Marina Bridge Club Peter 966790328/Trevor 966795869. La Marina & San Fulgencio Computer Club Albert 966797704/Ron 966790396. La Marina Tappers Yvonne 966796820/Bill 966760032. La Mata and Torrevieja Nature Reserve Volunteers Group. Tel Joy 966 797 765 La Siesta & El Chaparral Neighbourhood Watch/ Residents Grp Bruce 966786079. La Siesta Charity Lending Library Tue 10.30-12.30pm C/Weber 12, Urb La Siesta, Torre. La Siesta Evangelical Church Rev. Daniel Reyes B.D. 968508028. Sec Fiona Cook MAGNET´S Children´s Club, La Siesta Church. Steve/Irene-Maria 662-428-530/670-633-597 Masonry Torrevieja Barrie Mansell 966719653 Mothers Union Debbie 679501543 Netball Tracey 679539995. New Gospel Choir 966927551. Nirvana Dining Club Janet 667863495. Norwegian Church La Siesta Paul Hammond-Poe 636948446 Norwegian/Dennis Beecroft 965720732 English. P.A.L.S (Pleasure & Leisure in Spain) Carole 965080351/ 671986781. Peoples Corinthian Church email: reverendchristineallen@gmail. com web: http:// Petanca Club San Miguel 966723522. Phoenix Solo’s Club Sandy 966188-144/Trevor 966-708-175. Portsmouth Football Club Supporters Steve 656579423. R.A.O.B. Costa Blanca Lodge 976717084 Rhythm Rascals 662441258. Road Bowling Club Brendan C/man 677868566. Royal British Legion V/ Steve Ironmonger 966719985/ 628034962. Royal Naval Assoc Gillian Burden 638512056

Scottish Country Dancing Torrevieja Stewart 966722724/ Wilma 966730666. Sequence Dancing Derek 965716647. Showgroup Torrevieja Jennifer 966261627. Sole Mates’Main Street’, Formerly the Dining Room, San Luis. Jim 606744861/Karyn 663399027 Spanish Classes (Crime Watch) 965992838. T.A.A.B.’ s Singing Show Grp Helen 965070413 The Actors Studio (acting For Alzheimers) Email The Baker Foundation for Spiritual Awareness Tel/fax: 966760665. The Brit Club Barbara 965702003. The Costa Blanca Branch of the World Ship Society Mel Cook 966716877 The Dolly Mixtures Irene 966712924 The Good Life Non Smoking Club Hazel 966921558. The Iceni Dancers Jacqui 965323673/Joy 966715848. The Int. Club Torrevieja Sue 965703803/Mandy 966920428. The Oddballs Motorbike Club Paul 638187890/Carol 661375716. The Seekers Mary Brewer 966784033. The Torrevieja Barbershop Harmonies Barry 966717262/ Eberhard 966773145 The Torrevieja Scottish Country Dancing Group 966730666 The “Velvetones” Kristoff 966714973 The Vivace Mixed Voice Classical Choir 965720919. Torre Foundation for Spiritual Awareness 647189135/ 966786651 Torrevieja Aglow Barbara 965702871/Marcia 966760585. Torrevieja Digital Camera Club. Michelle 649232481 Torrevieja Christian Fellowship 966700391 Torrevieja Computer Club 966786281. Torrevieja Costa Lions Club Dave Bray 965013088 Torrevieja Craft Club Kathy 678901237. Torrevieja Flower Club Sandra 966707330 Cynthia 965703547 Torrevieja Philatelic Society Harry Alderson 966789018. Torrevieja Pipes & Drums Joan/ Barry 966712076 Torrevieja Rugby Club Jerry Josee 695953137/Jeff Davies 677607424. Torrevieja Stroke Support Grp Louie 966718964/Carol 966765488/ Margaret 966193311 www. Recess from 19.07.10 recommence 03.09.10 Torrevieja Writers’ Circle Nik Morton 966796866. Total Crafts Maureen 966-789-977/ Sue 966-706-268. Closed from 01.07.10 to 09.09.10 TRAC: Torrevieja Retired Activity Club M.ship Pam 966790648/ Graham 966775282. U3A Torrevieja

Classified Ads 55

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

All Major Credit Cards Accepted Book your advert now 902 118 999 Round Town News

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DRIVING TO THE UK? English owned B&B in France close to the Spanish border. Peaceful location, ideal for your stopovers. Please ring for details: 0033-562-33-19-62 or visit website:

SERVICE AIR David Higton: (Tel) 966-865-883 (Mob) 629308-505 (Email)


for long established agency in Moraira. Must be forward thinking, ambitious and be able to work on own initiative. This is a unique opportunity for a highly motivated, experienced property professional looking to earn a high income. Remuneration is by way of substantial profit share. Must be computer literate as we are highly computerized and we have 1,000 sales enquiries for the right person. This is an exceptional business opportunity for the right candidate. Tel: 615-331-445 or email:

MOBILE/PARK HOMES IN SAN JAVIER, FROM 15,000E CAROL 96-819-2425 MOB. 626-055-622 www. mobilehomesmarmenorspain. com SMALL FRIENDLY BRITISH KENNELS individual runs, large excercise area. 25 mins Alicante airport. www. 628-244-712

MARKET STALL ON EL CISNE FOR SALE Including stock, Fixtures and fittings. Tlf:-966-864-460/618-894-793

AVON NEED AGENTS AND LEADERS work hours to suit you. For info Phone Rosh 966-785-520 WE REQUIRE DISTRIBUTORS and advertising Sales Agents

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010 WE REQUIRE DISTRIBUTORS and advertising Sales Agents for established Magazine. Good Rates paid for both Distribution and Advert Sales. Call 965 720 817 or 616 493 487” EARN MONEY Tax Free, Legally. 250+€ P/Week. Work Self Employed from Home, PM, with a Computor & ADSL in Sportsworld activities. E Mail: for Details. FEMALES AND COUPLES 18 to 65 required for adult internet photo and video modeling. Excellent rates. 697-697-842.

PRESTIGE NURSING offers Legal, Registered and Professional Home Care on the Costa Blanca. All your home nursing care service needs can be undertaken by our highly trained nursing/ domiciliary team. Call Prestige Nursing on 687-015-517 JODIE’S GELS Nail technician: Gel nail extensions, gel nail overlays, gel toenails. Finishes: French, colour, glitter. Repairs. Tel: 622-244-613.

BOOKS FOR SALE In English:Quest for AdventureChris Bonnington 1982,

Coastwise Navigation-GG Watkins, 1962, Navigation for Yachtsment-Mary Blewit 1973, The Sailing Manual-Bob Bond 1973,Cruising Under Sail-Eric Chiswick 1965, Man O´War-The Fighting Ship In History-Richard Hough 1979. 6 Hardback books for 25euros. In Spanish: Set of 20 Non Fiction new books (still wrapped) Assorted authors suit student. 35euros the lot. Tlf:691-202-307 VILLA CLEARANCE SALE Dining table, chairs, matching sideboard, single beds, Mountain bikes, bed settee, many other items. 696655028. WHEELCHAIR Light, foldable, hardly used, LIKE NEW. 150.00€. Tel: 627-019-403.

BALLROOM/LATIN/ SEQUENCE DANCING with LA BAMBA’s. Los Arcos Restaurant, Avenida Balaeres, Torrevieja, SOCIAL DANCE: Saturday 7pm-10pm; ALSO Starting 20th July SOCIAL DANCE: Tuesday 8pm-10.30pm [except second Tuesday of the month] : Classes now finished, restart 1st September 2010. Tel: Andrea 616 478 157 WEIGHT WATCHERS Call our Free English call centre now to find your nearest meeting. 900-818-794

DATEMED.ES Great new online dating site for English speaking people on the Costa Blanca. Free memberships - Join Now!

POOL, SNOOKER TABLES will beat any price. Tel: 666-933-726 FLYING FLOWERS beautiful bouquets to any UK address. Order by credit or debit card. Call Kelly’s 965-761-595/ 966-425-713

HEADLIGHTS4U.COM Left hand drive headlights supplied and fitted. All makes. Tel:-966-875-497 or 618-592-396 LOOKING FOR A CAR? FWR Eurocars have over 75 LHD and RHD vehicles in stock. New and Used Vehicles sourced. Tlf:-600726-221/695-687-976. PEUGEOT 206 ESTATE 2002 2LDI 86000 milesRHD UK Tax/MOT Cheap tax/ insurance VGC 2000e ONO 600899096 V/W CLUB JOCKER Highroof 1600cc Diesel Camper Van Fully Kitted out ITV October 2500€ 965-321-211 VAN FOR SALE volkswagon LT 35 diesel van in good condition with english plates offers in region of 2000euros. Tlf:-966-897-635 MGF SPORTS CAR for sale. Silver, Black Top New, ITV, One previous Owner, RHD, Spanish Plates, Price 3750€ ONO. Good Condition Throughout. Tlf:-965-323-446 OPEL CORSA 1.5 YEAR 1995 Ideal as a first car for a new driver, well maintained and cared for. 3 new tyres, MOT to Jan 2011, DVD player etc. 995€ tlf 691-202307. Altea area (close to Benidorm) WE BUY AND SELL quality late vans, cars and combis. For an instant decision phone 605-669-388/ 680-665-583



British & Spanish used car sales


3,950€ 97 PEUGEOT 306 AUTOMATIC A/C P/S 2,450€

98 PEUGEOT 306 1.4i A/C P/S LOW KMS


00 FORD FIESTA DIESEL 5 DOOR A/C P/S 97 06 94 00 95

Tel: 620 738 023 10am to 5pm


Cars wanted for cash LHD/RHD

graphic designer

Immediate start required THE ROLE:

To join a highly respected print and web media brand. You will have proven experience in Photoshop and InDesign and be computer literate.

BIKERS ESPAÑA Forum, Events, News, Favourite Roads www.bikersespana. com or www.bikersespañ


This role requires the candidate to have a high degree of initiative and be able to work within an experienced design team to tight deadlines. The position is based in La Nucia near Benidorm.

BUMPERS, WINGS AND MIRRORS All body panels for all cars supplied. Tel:-966875-497 or 618-592-396


This is a great opportunity to work for the largest and fastest growing Web and Print Media group on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. This role is a fantastic opportunity and is most definitely not to be missed!


If this sounds like the role for you; in the first instance please email your CV and covering letter to:

50,000 copies > 125,000

reaching people


6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

2001 Renault Megane, 1.6 Dynamique, 189,000 KM, Silver with black soft top, Electric Windows, Central Locking, Power Steering, ITV until 2011, Needs a little TLC. 1,700 euros. Tel: 639582645 GMC Astro Van 1996, 4.3, Silver Metallic, 7 Seats, Cruise Control, Electrics, Back seats convert into double bed, English Plates, LHD. 3500 euros Tel: 639582645 Yamaha FX160 High Output Jetski Blue, 3 Seater, 2004 Model, Comes with trailer, Max speed 70mph, Reluctant sale 3000 euros. Tel: 639582645 Sea-Doo Speedster 5 Seater speedboat, comes with NEW trailer, twin rotax engines, banana boat and ringo included, Spanish registered, 4200 euros: Tel:639582645

GENERIC VIAGRA safe effective 100mg blue pills 24 for 50€. Also Kamagra oral jellies, effective in 15 minutes and generic Cialis, effective for 36 hours. Confidential postal or collection service. Call Ron at TT Marketing 966-499-204 XXXXX PORNOGRPHIC DVD’S nearly all interests. 7 for 25€. Tel: 615-474-139 MALE 55 & MY STUNNING GIRLFRIEND 25 both British, Voyeur shows & threesomes with A, DP & SR, Bi-Curious Welcolme. Also home-made DVD’S by post or collect. Torrevieja Call Steve 697-892-969 TORREVIEJA Mature, Elegant, Sexy Columbian Lady. Erotic Massage,Visit me in Punta Prima. Tlf:-610-054612/966-799-606 SHIRLEY 29 QUALIFIED MASSAGE. Oriental tecnics retarding erection ejaculation and much more big natural breasts, la zenia 600-784-461 SWEEDISH BEAUTIFUL GIRL 26 authentic model..... All your fantasies...Qualified massage 4 hands... Great promotion in mornings...La zenia 600 784 461 BEAUTIFUL GIRLS TO PAMPER YOU showers and drinks free, satisfaction guaranteed, Playa Flamenca Tel:-660308993 or 619229217 KAMAGRA 100MG 24 tablets for 50€ also fast acting jellies and weekenders. Free discreet delivery. Quesada &

Cement Mixer 350 Litre, Tows behind vehicle, Honda petrol engine, 400 euros.Tel: 639582645 Utiform Master Plastering/Monocap Machine, only been used on 2 houses, 6000euros new, Only 1400 euros. Tel: 639582645 Bobcat 322 Minidigger digger bucket and dyking bucket, Piped for breaker, extendable tracks, 3300 euros. Tel: 639582645 Car Trailer/Machine Trailer with Ramps, 2700 Kilo, Twin Axle, Spanish registered, All paperwork, 800 euros. Tel: 639582645 20 ft Container, Good Floor, Good Condition, 650 euros. Tel: 639582645 3 x Naish Kiteboarding Kites, 12m, 9m and 7m, Boxers, 2 Pumps, 2 Sets of Lines, Excellent Condition, 600 euros. Tel: 639582645

surrounding area. Derek 685-207-378 DANI 23, SWEET GERMAN GIRL Offers erotic service. House and Hotel visits or in my apatment. 650-104-534. Torrevieja DAVID TORREVIEJA 24 years old, gym body, Very sexy and hot, come see it for yourself for men and couples. call me 678-179-616. TORREVIEJA TRANS Nicolly, stunning blonde, Huge breasts, sculptural body. Speciality erotic masage. Very feminine and sexy. Call me 671 42 44 56 http://www.taiakashemales. com/modelos/espana/nicolly_ escobar.shtml TORREVIEJA TRANSVESTITE Dark skin complection, Big Breasts & Big Surprise. Tlf:-610-934-279 ELEGANT, SLIM, SEXY LADY Available Santa PolaMazarron. Tlf-693-357-526 SEXY COUPLE OR SEPARATE Offers pleasure for couples, women, men, girl on girl, relaxed, discrete. At our apartment or yours. Call Jasmine/Sebastian 663-478-337 NEW PLACE! TORREVIEJA Sexy girls from South America. Come and enjoy, economical prices from 40€. NEW ADDRESS Zone Los Locos beach. 639-622-285 CASA ANGELA TORREVIEJA Luxury Private Chalet, parking. Drinks invitation. Feeling alone? Just want some company? Exotic girls from South America. Call us, come and enjoy! Also Escort Service. Full discretion. Street: Avenida Asociacion Vistimas del Terrorismo. 609-573-468 or 639-832-118 TORREVIEJA CHINESE SUPER SEXY Young and beautiful. Calle Orihuela Nº60, 2º1 TORREVIEJA CHINESE SUPER SEXY GIRL! Young and beautiful. Calle Orihuela Nº60, 2º1 GORGEOUS ENGLISH BLOND 45 years, gives discreet massage, 1 hour or over night stay, 15 mins Alicante airport. Tel: Karen 662-049-021

22 Plastic Chairs, Perfect for Bar, Burgundy/Red with silver legs, Very solid, clean 450 euros. Tel: 639582645 Cement Mixer, 170 litre, Electric, 200 euros. Tel: 639582645 3 x PVC Wood Effect Windows, Georgian bar, 800 x 150, 300 euros. Tel: 639582645 Full Multigym, including: Treadmill, Exercise Bike and Ski Machine, 500 euros. Tel: 639582645 Swimming Pool/Bar/Restaurant,Villa Martin Area fully operational kitchen, client base already formed, 12 x 5 swimming pool plus seperate baby pool, large 800sqm terrace, all licences... FREEHOLD 250,000 euros. Tel: 639582645

POOL LEAK REPAIR SPECIALIST’S Pipe leaks pressure tested, detected and repaired. Structural leaks investigated and repaired. 100’s of private and communal pools successfully repaired on the Costa Blanca. Refurbishments and upgrades undertaken. Replacement pumps, filters, salt systems, ph regulators and accessories supplied and installed. All work guaranteed.

SPANISH/ ENGLISH ESTATE AGENTS need reasonably priced properties to sell in the Torrevieja area. We offer a complete service including fee conveyancing Tel 647-218-350 MOBILE/PARK HOMES IN SAN JAVIER FROM 15,000E CAROL 96-819-2425 MOB 626-055-622 www,mobilehom CLASSIC SPANISH OLD TOWN HOUSE CALLOSA D’EN SARRIA. 3 double bedrooms (one with en-suite bathroom), master bath, downstairs loo, new kitchen, large living room diner with real fire. Terrace with bbq, summer kitchen and shower. Seperate sun terrace with views to the mountains. Recently reformed and fully furnished. 135,000€ Tel: 609-177-032.

MAN & LWB SPRINTER VAN going to UK- Spain twice a month. Tel: 610-846-260 or 0044-7519-186-355 BMC REMOVALS Spain - UK, for a professional, reliable, fully insured service. Tel. (0034)620044983 email website

LARGE EMPTY VAN with experienced owner, driver returning to UK regularly. Dave: 965-329-610/ 686-767-839 MICK WITH HIS VAN Removals Collections Deliveries. For a reliable effective service. Hourly rate or quote. Call Mick anytime 600-247-535

British trained in the UK pool industry with over 15 years experience. Torrevieja and surrounding areas including Costa Calida. Tel Pristine Pools on 966-774-199 or 678-080-500 Email info@ www.pristineswimmingpools. com SWIMMING POOL MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING SERVICE BY POOLTECHSPAIN. We are a fully legal, qualified and registered business who have been operating on the Costa Blanca for 6 years. We offer a professional, reliable, safe and efficient pool service, inc. re-grouting, pressure testing and leak repairs. Private and community swimming pools undertaken. Call now for more information on 965-725-565 or mobile 676-945-360/ 620-743-048

LONG LET APARTMENT Luxury 2Bed groundfloor Apt Benitachell Moriara, F/F in Private Villa,C/H, TV,5mins to beach etc, large South Patio,superb views. 550E p/m services included.Telephone 646700236 CLASSIC OLD SPANISH TOWN HOUSE CALLOSA D’EN SARRIA. 3 double bedrooms (one with en-suite bathroom), master bath, downstairs loo, new kitchen, large living room diner with real fire. Terrace with bbq, summer kitchen and shower. Seperate sun terrace with views to the mountains. Recently reformed and fully furnished. 450€ pcm Tel: 609-177-032. VILLAMARTIN 3-bed, 2bath, villa, f/furninshed, roof terrace, communial pool, 550pcm inc, English owned, tel:-0044-7920-427451 ALGORFA TOWN CENTRE two bedroom ground floor flat, large terrace, swimming pool, furnished 250€ per month. Ring 00447949589539 or

TRANSLATOR Spanish and English speaking. Available for medical visits etc. Benidorm and surrounding areas. Tel Dawn: 626-337-258.

GRAHAME SHEPHARD, MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST Sax, Keyboard, Flute, Clarinet, Internationally renowned Musician, worked with many big names including Sting, Harry Sacksioni. Available for Bars, Restaurants, Functions. Qualified Teacher, private Lessons. Reasonable Rates. Tlf:-687-090-652. EFFECTIVE ONLINE SPANISH LESSONS that really work www. howtospeakspanish. es 600 400 668

GET YOUR COPY OF ‘SUPER SIMPLE SPANISH’ (Basic essential words) from Round Town News - Vall De Biar 14, La Nucia 03530 or Calle Aviles 41, Com. San Luis, Local 7, Torrevieja 03184.

LNB SATELLITES The No 1 Satellite Company covering all the Costa Blanca since 2000. Office open Mondays to Fridays from 9.30am till 18.30pm, and on Saturdays from 10.00am till 13.30pm. Telephone 965 873 726 or 669 686 587 or see our advert on Page 2 every week. SKY FREE TO VIEW Small dish & Mesh upgrades, yes back on 90€ BBC,ITV,CH4 & Lots more Also Installations/ Repairs 10 years Torrevieja 679 876 926 FORGET THE REST GO TO THE BEST Crystal Clear Satellite & Telecommunications for all your digital & TV requirements Steve 660-186-505 Ros 965584-097 DIGITAL SATELLITE SYSTEMS Largest supplier and installer of famaval satellite equipment on the costa blanca. A genuine registered company with genuine registered premises. Mon-fri 8:00- 4:30. Www. 965852-251/ 965-866-999/ 965854-528/ 966-804-748 (or see our main ad in the tv section)

GOLD WANTED English jeweller wishes to buy unwanted gold jewellery/ coins. To book an appointment call Peter. Instant cash paid! Member of the National association of Goldsmiths. Call 664 890 990


6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Classifieds Agents

Now it’s even easier to place a classified advert with the RTN by using our official agents listed below! Cars, Houses, Boats, Computers find them all in the classifieds section. Or maybe you have unwanted items to sell or something to offer? Our classified agents will be happy to help you whatever your needs.


Round Town Travel 1, Avenida Dr Severo Ochoa, 1, Urb. El Admiral, Local 1, Rincon Benidorm, 03503, Alicante. Lisa 966 811 123 Benidorm Round Town Travel 2, Calle Gerona, 39, Benidorm, 03503, Alicante. (Next to Hotel Ambassador) Kerry/Gemma 966 813 261 Benidorm Round Town Trips, Calle Narcisco Yepes, 4, Local 8, Albir, 03581, Alicante. (Opp. Golf Course, next to Kwik Save) Lee/Jackie 966 867 294 • albir ProminenT, Teulada Industrial Est. Calle Llanterner, 2 alto, 03725, Teulada, Alicante. Marja 965 793 229 • Millie Munro Insurance, Avenida Lepanto, 6, 03726, Benitachell, Alicante. Millie 966 493 082 • Michael’s Furniture Shop, Avenida Lepanto, 9, Javea Port. Cristina 965 791 328 • EasyBuy, Avenida del Portet 24, Moraira. 03724 Alicante 965 745 969

teulada benitachell JAVEA moraira


Bargain Books, Plaza Juan Carlos 1, Nº 2, San Miguel de Salinas, 03193, Alicante. (Opp. Tourist Info) Gaynor/Lee 688 667 389 • san miguel Johnsons El Limonar,JCP Commercial Center, Local 31, Los Altos Del Limonar, Torrevieja, 966 785 600 Torrevieja Johnsons Quesada, Ava. Las Naciononies 1a -17, Quesada, 966 717 848 Quesada Johnsons Algorfa, Local 30, Commercial Center La Finca Golf, Algorfa, 966 729 647

Algorfa The Post Room, Centro Comercial 5, Via Park III, Calle Panticosa Nº 2, Los Altos, 03189, Orihuela Costa, Alicante. Aoife/Chris 965 319 665 • orihuela Pennys Supermarket, Flamenca Beach Comercial Centre, Unit 123, Playa Flamenca, 03189, Orihuela Costa, Alicante. Peter/Sarah 966 733 257 • orihuela Print Solutions, Avenida Londres 136, La Marina Urb, San Fulgencio, 03177, Alicante. Jim/Trish 966 790 520 • SAN FULGENCIO Interpost, Avenida de la Alegria Nº 32, La Marina, 03194, Alicante. Malika/Malcolm 965 419 673 •

la marina

Villamartin Satellite Centre, Avenida Las Brisas 33, Villamartin, 03189, Alicante. (Near Supervalu, Los Dolses) . Sarah/Heather 966 764 878 • villamartin Best Wishes, Local 30, Comercial Centre Hispania, Avda de la Union 72, San Javier, 30730, Murcia. Kathy 968 192 235 • murcia Ononix Mar SL, Calle Mayor 30, bajo derecha, Guardamar, 03140, Alicante. Ron/Alicia 965 728 178 GUARDAMAR

Accommodation required Do you own a small hotel or Bed & Breakfast accommodation? Would you like to rent it out for 2011? We are looking for this kind of premises with 8-10 bedrooms and separate living accommodation to run retreats. The premises must have own grounds. Within 30/40 minutes of Calpe (including inland). Please contact us on

965 875 869 or 634 319 611


Buyer’s structural surveys, defects reports & solutions Mark Paddon BSc Hons Building Surveying. MCIOB. T 0034 962 807 247 M 0034 653 733 066


6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Book an advert on this page and get a FREE premium listing worth 100€ on Contact your local representative or call 902 118 999 T’s & C’s apply

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Ideal Lights Spain “Energy saving LED lighting solutions” We manufacture the brightest LED lamps on the market today and have an extensive range for homes, urbanisations and businesses. From spot lights to tubes, flood lighting to GLS lamps and down lights to urbanisation street lighting, our retrofit LED range will save you money. Fact!

Phone us now for a free energy saving report and a 10% discount on your first order.

Save money and brighten up your life with LED lighting from Ideal Lights Spain

Tel: 6055 474 67

UK-SPAIN-IRELAND All European Destinations Removals with the personal touch. Full/part loads. Parcels, flat packs, luggage, door to door service, Storage available, pets transported

Phone 965 696 750 • 0044 (0) 1460 74191 email:



6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Costa Blanca Yachting Association: CBYA THE COSTA Blanca Yachting Association (CBYA) is based in Jávea and Moraira, two beautiful coastal towns located midway between Valencia and Alicante. All boat owners are welcome, including those interested in sailing and motor cruising, beginners, Yacht Masters or social members, with the emphasis of the club on giving members an opportunity to compete, socialise and share boating experiences. It is not necessary to be a boat owner to join; anyone with an interest in boats is more than welcome. There is no political correctness at the CBYA, simply a liking for messing about in boats. On the sailing side, the Club organises various Meets and Trips throughout the summer season as well as other events during the rest of the year. A very strong social side celebrates various fun evenings, quizzes, dinner dances, wine tours, Sunday lunch get-togethers… and yes, sailing events too! The Club meets in Javea or Moraira every week on a Monday evening, to talk (or moan as the case may be) and enjoys a meal afterwards - there are plenty of restaurants nearby. Do join us even if you do not have a boat at the moment. There are currently 100 energetic members with sailing ability ranging from zero up to beginner level to ‘Yacht Master’; from those that have sailed extensively on Sail Training vessels to individuals that have sailed across the Atlantic; from sprightly naughty forties to those of more mature years! The CBYA competes in the ‘5 Clubs’ Spring and Autumn series of Regattas which start from the Club Nauticos in Moraira; Altea; Campomanes and Real

PRESTIGIOUS He continued: “It was important that we re-organised the club and try to

Costa Blanca round-up

Maggots end by

David Hoare

968 199 279

Rods and Reels THE WEEK’S match was the last in the 2009 /2010 season. In saying that, this match was the 5th in the Summer League, the final match being the first of the 2010 / 2011 season. The new season starts on 1st September and runs to the end of July 2011. This final match was held at the Embalse de Argos and for a change, fished very well. At last we have had a weight over 100lbs. However, the day didn’t start too well for H. Clarke, as he was plumbing up his plummet he caught a snag and in attempting to free his gear the top section of his pole snapped. At least he has 4 weeks to get it repaired! Plenty of experienced crew are looking for skippers and skippers are looking for enthusiastic crew!

TOP RODS ON THE DAY 1st Ian (Irish Wizard) Dalzel,l fishing the pole using pellet, with 55.840 kilos 2nd Bill (The Master) Reade, fishing the pole feeder using pellet, with 28.150 kilos 3rd Paul (Poco Loco) Baxter, fishing the pole using paste, with 27.600 kilos

Club Nautico de Calpe. As a result of our support for the ‘5 Club’ Regattas, CBYA is invited to attend additional events that the individual Club Nauticos organise. Social sailing events at Les Bassettes, cruising in the Balearics and chartering in the BVI and Greece have proved very popular in recent years. Boat owners or those that wish to crew in these events are more than welcome to join in. The majority of our boat owner members have their yachts and motor boats moored at marinas along the stunning ‘White Coast’ of the Costa Blanca, while other members have cho-

sen France, Greece and the UK. Plenty of experienced crew are looking for skippers and skippers are looking for enthusiastic crew! However, you do not need a boat to join the club... you may never even wish to go sailing... all you need is an interest in sailing where you can join up with other sailing enthusiasts and even learn to sail on other members’ yachts. How to join? Ring Steve Phelan (Club Hon. Secretary) on 662 922 388 or email and he will be able to persuade you to join... we hope. Also visit See you on the water... very soon!

FC Torrevieja host La Liga new boys By Louise Clarke Following a meeting of the Socios of FC Torrevieja last week, it has been confirmed that Andy Hermida has been officially named as President of the club with immediate effect. Andy told RTN: “I want to take this opportunity in thanking the Socios for their attendance at the meeting and for having the faith to confirm me as President of the club.” Andy has told RTN how much he is looking forward to the forthcoming season, now that the clubs debts are being cleared. He said: “To date we have repaid €49,000 worth of debt. As you can appreciate the last few weeks have been horrendous trying to establish the true debt of the club and to avoid any further reoccurrence of a situation like this, we have appointed a club solicitor.”


establish a proper working platform so that the club can move forward. We have embarked on a difficult but exciting journey. Our budget for players is €110,000 and we have signed some excellent young players.

Many of these players come from within the area, but we have signed a Portuguese player and are about to sign two English players and a Swedish youngster. The majority of the players have come from academies

Andy Hermida, President of Torre FC

but we have managed to retain the services of Ramiro, Jorge and Burgillos.” To survive this season, the club needs to raise €25,000 and has organised two mouthwatering friendlies in order to help them achieve this. The first match is against 2nd Division Orihuela, tomorrow evening, Saturday 7th August. Kick off is 20.30 and entrance fee is just €5 (children under 16 are FREE). The second is against La Liga new boys, Hercules, on Tuesday 10th August. Kick-off is again 20.30 and the ticket price is €10 with under 16’s FREE. Andy concluded: “As you can appreciate there are costs involved in bringing such a prestigious team to our ground, so the price has had to reflect this but it also gives us an opportunity to collect some much needed cash so that we can start the season in a strong monetary position, which will make sure that the funds are there for the players wages.”

PLEASE NOTE The AGM will be held on Sunday 26th September at 10.00 at Cagney´s bar, La Marina. Subscriptions must also be paid prior to the AGM. At present there are no vacancies for membership. If you are interested and wish to be registered on the waiting list please apply to Sue Swann on 966 729 293. Anglers Together ANGLERS TOGETHER continues to grow, with firm friendships being formed since the group started 4 years ago. Many members fish together regularly and say they are happy to have taken up a sport to replace golf for instance, which has become so expensive. We have the occasional organised outing but the main aim is to introduce members to find fishing companions and to assist in finding the venues. It costs €10 to join for the first year and €5 per annum for each year after. If you are interested in joining or finding out more about Anglers Together, either come along to one of the meetings or contact Alan at or ‘phone 968 570 876. Meetings are held generally on the second Friday and Saturday of each month depending on other public holidays and local fiestas. Anyone with an interest in fishing (sea or freshwater) is welcome to come along to a meeting to see what we’re about. The next meetings will be held on Friday 10th September at 12.00 at Mary’s Bar in Campoverde (north of Pilar de la Horadada) and on Saturday 11th September at 12.00 at Los Galayos Bar, opposite the beach front at Puerto de Mazarron. WARNING Anglers are being checked by the Police for their licenses and insurance so don’t take chances and make sure you have all relevant documents to hand. Tight Lines…Dave Hoare

ANYONE FOR FOOTBALL? Aged between 20 to 40 ? Torrevieja area Call Doug on 628 789 335

6 - 12 AUGUST 2010

Alonso or Jimenez? Rugby La Vila Noel’s world of golf By Noel Eastwell Professional coach and RTN golf expert 639 730 891

DO ANY of us really appreciate how dangerous a golf buggy can be? Very many golfers use a golf buggy, particularly at this time of the year. Many more drive them as if their lives depended on getting from the tee to their second shots as fast as possible. Sometimes this recklessness causes damage or injury that could very easily be avoided. Just recently I have heard stories from fellow golfing professionals working at our golf courses that many would find hard to believe; but then again maybe not. The worst story I have heard this summer so far involved a golfer in the south who was taken to hospital after the buggy he was in was driven into a pond after the driver tried to roar away from his starting position on the grid a la Alonso. What he failed to notice was the steering wheel was turned in the opposite direction that he planned to travel in. Thanks to his heavy foot the buggy and all its contents ended in a deep pond that had plastic to keep the water in it. Just imagine how hard it was for anyone to get out of a deep pond when wet and in shock. This needless accident, or should it be recklessness, very nearly cost the life of one the elderly golfers in the buggy. After struggling out of the pond with the help of his playing partners the poor man developed chest pains. Thankfully it was not as serious a situation as many feared and he is back playing golf after undergoing hospital treatment. Probably now, like me, urging all who drive golf buggies to drive them with caution and respect for their surroundings. Another less serious accident came to light, caused by whiplash after one buggy ran into the back of his playing partner. Although less serious on the surface, this golfer will probably take longer to recover than the one who had the chest pains. Please treat golf buggies with care. It’s not much use charging about the place - you just have to wait longer for those in front! It is much better to be like Jimenez…stroll along and enjoy yourself and the surroundings… THE PROFESSIONAL TOURS The Irish Open last weekend saw such a good final 9 holes on Sunday afternoon that it could have been a Major. Padraig Harrington made a fantastic charge only to be pipped by Ross Fisher to the top spot. This weekend we turn attention to The WGC Bridgestone Invitational for the top players. The elite of


start new season 2010 - 2011

Ross Fisher

the game will compete for one of the biggest purses in golf at Akron in Ohio. On current form, many British golfers must have the best chance of winning. WIN A ROUND OF GOLF FOR 2 INCLUDING BUGGY AT THE BEAUTIFUL EL PLANTIO RESORT IN ALICANTE To enter this competition, simply answer the question below correctly. Every correct answer will be entered into a draw at the end of the month and the winner of this fantastic prize worth over €180 will be picked at random at the end of each month. Send your entries by email to The decision of the editor of RTN will be final in making the winning selection. QUESTION FOR 2010: WHO WON THIS YEAR’S WGC ACCENTURE MATCHPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP? A. Paul Casey B. Luke Donald C. Ian Poulter All answers must be received no later than 17.00 on 30th August 2010 to be entered into August’s draw, to be made on 31st August. The winner will be announced in RTN on September 3rd 2010. July’s Winner: Stuart Taylor TOP QUALITY COACHING WITH NOEL Noel is a member of The World Golf Teachers Federation and has been nominated for inclusion in their list of the Worlds Top 100 coaches. Call him on 639 730 891 to book an appointment and tell him you got his number from RTN for discounted rates.

Any questions you have for Noel should be sent to


THE RTN Golf Club is free to join and members are entitled to a generous ‘two for one’ offer to ensure the sport is affordable for everyone – making sure golfers are out enjoying themselves rather than worrying about the cost of a game. The club is open to every resident – all that is needed to qualify is an NIE number – and a round of golf, including a buggy, will cost no more than €50 per head – slashing the current club average green fee of €80. Go to and tap in a few details – or inquire at golf clubs taking part in this exciting new venture! Well? What are you waiting for!

RUGBY LA VILA first team will start training this week at the New Rugby Stadium, Villajoyosa, every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 20.30 and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10.00. Mark Hewitt will continue as main coach. The Club want to have a season as successful as last year when they became Spanish King Cup runners-up and second of the Spanish Top-10 National League. THE CLUB HAS SIGNED NEW PLAYERS Craig Lyons, NZ, who last year was playing for Valladolid; Daniel Hall, coming from UK, last year playing for Cornish Pirates; Neil Chivers, from UK, last year playing for Rotherham. Joe Hutchinson is back, after his experience in Vasque Country team Gernika; David Gugernazde, from Georgia, last year playing for Madrid and Gioshi Skinin, another Georgian player, who plays on the World Cup Sevens. The 25 squad is ready to start training very hard to be ready for first friendly game, Fryday 27th August, at21.30 at the New Rugby Stadium Villajoyosa, against Madrid RC.

The first official game will be away, 5th September against Bera Bera San Sebastina. The first game at home will be Saturday 11th September, at 21.00 against Alcobendas Madrid. Prices this year will be same as last year, with annual membership at €60. The Club is recruiting new players. We have all ages and categories, ladies’ rugby included. Please contact the club if you would like to join. La Vila Rugby Club is situated at Carretera Pantano, Villajoyosa. Take AP-7 Exit 66 (Villajoyosa). At the first roundabout head for the mountain, about 1 km from Motorway Exit 66. Or take the Villajoyosa by-pass and take the middle exit. At the first roundabout bear right towards the motorway entrance and at the second roundabout bear left towards the mountain. For more information phone Jason Craig on 659 674 768 or Ignacio Davila 608 068 208 or the Club on 965 890 376, Mon to Fri, 09.00 to 13.00.

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