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09-15 AUG 2013

Tourism continues to grow in Torrevieja TOURISM FIGURES continue to grow in Torrevieja over the same period of 2012 and 2011, as outlined by the figures released this week by Torrevieja’s Department of Tourism. by Keith Nicol

In the swing

Elvis week!

A FABULOUS tour of six venues will take place in August to celebrate the 36th Anniversary of Elvis’ passing. Celebration events will be taking place all over the world and the one planned locally is really special and different this year! Read the full story on page 40.

See page 70

THE COUNCILLOR for Tourism, Luis Maria Pizana said “the average hotel occupancy rate for July stood at 81% for three and four star hotels with some peak levels reached during the month of 100%!” In the case of other hotel establishments, they recorded an average occupancy of approximately 73%. Regarding the statistics in the local tourist offices, they served a total of 6,600 visitors, registering a 13% increase over 2012, corresponding to 63% from international citizens and the remaining 37% from Spanish visitors. Pizana added “It’s remarkable that the month of July showed an increase in International tourism enquires over the national market and, in particular, with tourism from Scandinavian standing at the head, followed by citizens from the United Kingdom, France, Russia and Germany.” Regarding domestic visitors, very little change was seen with the main influx coming from Madrid and the Basque Country. Staff reported that he most asked questions were about activities over the bank holidays, cultural events and transport plus local and provincial tourist information. Among the factors that staff had noted as influencing this increase in foot traffic was the new location of the main tourist office, which is now on Paseo Vistalegre. Staff noted that

the new Tourism Office is much more accessible, visible and near a key communication nucleus such as the Eras de la Sal and Real Club Nautico. Pizana also remarked that there has been a major effort to promote the City of Salt, not only to traditional markets but also overseas with the support of the Costa Blanca Provincial Tourism Board, along with the city’s own efforts to heavily promote the Sports City facilities and the efforts to attract major events, especially of a nautical nature, to the city. With only three major hotels within the municipality, efforts to attract major conferences to fill the new Municipal Auditorium have still to be realised and although plans are underway to construct new hotels, these projects have not been started. Torrevieja’s main tourism market is still based upon residential tourism, with many more visitors from Madrid returning to visit their second homes this year rather than travelling abroad for economic reasons. The INS estimates that around 25,000 second homes are owned by Madrid residents alone with figures for the expatriate British community estimated at being about 85.000, who own homes in Torrevieja but are not on the municipal padron. During the middle weekend in August, Torrevieja’s population figures can swell to more than 600,000, not bad for what was once a sleepy fishing village of around 10,000 residents back in the 1980’s.


09-15 AUG 2013


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The PP issue a motion of censure in Orihuela by Keith Nicol WITH JUST over half the political term over, the walls of the ruling, but minority Greens and socialist PSOE coalition pact seem to be starting to crumble in Orihuela. On Wednesday, Orihuela PP president, Pepa Ferrando and group spokeswoman, Monica Lorente, announced that they also intend to defend in court the motion of censure that they registered on Wednesday but they were annoyed by the city clerk of the City of Orihuela for not conforming to the legal parameters for this type of paperwork. They have said that they will not appeal the decision of the Secretary but will try to present some kind of resource for the motion to succeed, so they have a legal staff studying the case. Both have stressed that they have the support of the national leadership, provincial and popular regional party although the Orihuela Mayor begs to differ! The Partido Popular in Orihuela announced on Wednesday that they were examining “legal measures” to continue with the motion of censure, after the city clerk’s decision not to convene the extraordinary plenary session to debate and vote on the grounds that it does not meet all the requirements of the electoral law. The president of the PP in Orihuela, Pepa Ferrando, appeared at a press conference to say that “The motion continues,” and announced that the group is working to make it prosper “from the absolute legality.” She continued “The PP is being rigorous and respectful of the law and according to them, we will continue working to achieve good govern-

ance and stability,” The general secretary of the municipality, on whom fell the decision to call or not an extraordinary plenary session to discuss the said motion, has chosen not to deal with it. His diligence legal assessment, said: “The motion does not meet the requirements of Article 197.1 of the General Electoral Law “ and cast doubt on the validity of the signatures of the two councillors who support PP, Bob Houliston and Asuncion Mayoral. Pepa Ferrando said that the possibility of a successful motion of censure is “legally complicated, but real.” To further complicate matters on the diligence issued by the town clerk to define the political situation of Assumption Mayoral and Bob Houliston, it was also indicated that, under that diligence, to expel both councillors “may not be legal.” Ferrando has indicated that the PP will continue working with the same “tranquility, serenity, enthusiasm and commitment, from the wisdom and perseverance.”

Spectacular fire at Lago Jardin 2 A SPECTACULAR timber and bush fire was quickly brought under control, not once but twice on Saturday, August 4th, by the rapid deployment of local Torrevieja firefighters. At about 6.15pm they were summoned to extinguish an apparently accidental fire, in the urbanization Lago Jardin 2, in Los Balcones. Because of the summer heat and local temperatures, firefighters had to return to the fire, at nine in the evening because the fire had erupted once again! On reaching the scene they established that several trees had been cut down from the existing pine forest, apparently with the aim of building a new development. These trees had been piled up, forming a cluster of trunks, branches and bushes, which had begun to burn, for some unknown reasons. Because of the nature of the dry wood, Firefighters had to be fast but careful due to the easily combustible materials that had begun to produce a spectacular looking blaze. The blaze was totally extinguished just after eight o’clock, after using massive amounts of water but they returned an hour later to banish new flames in the area. Nobody was injured because of the fire and what caused it remains unknown.

09-15 Aug 2013

09-15 Aug 2013

Gibraltar’s nightmare continues

Vehicles melt in the summer heat in beach holding areas

by Jan Gamm DURING A telephone call between British PM David Cameron and Mariano Rajoy this week ‘serious concerns’ were voiced over escalating tensions at the Gibraltar / Spain border. Checkpoint restrictions have caused chaos in recent weeks at Gibraltar’s gateway to the Spanish mainland, leading to a formal protest from Britain’s ambassador to Spain, Giles Paxman. The telephone conversation between Rajoy and Cameron was described by the British prime minister as “constructive.” Downing Street reported that Rajoy had agreed to “reduce measures” at the Gibraltar / Spain checkpoint, which in recent weeks have proved costly, uncomfortable and counterproductive for travellers on both sides of the border (an estimated 12,000 Spanish nationals work in Gibraltar). The checks were introduced following Gibraltar’s move to sink concrete blocks in the Bay of Algeciras ‘creating an artificial reef to encourage sea life’. Spanish fishermen contend that the artificial reef is not proven to help sea life and prevents them from fishing the waters using the drag method. Spanish authorities announced it was considering a 50€ charge to cross into Spanish territory from Gibraltar (in violation of European Union freedom of movement regulations) and also threatened to close Spanish airspace in and out of Gibraltar. SOVEREIGNTY Cameron tweeted: “Constructive call with Spain’s PM Rajoy: I made clear my concerns

re Gibraltar and that our position on sovereignty won’t change.” Rajoy, however, is forcing the matter of the artificial reef, saying it is unacceptable that Gibraltar builds a reef in Mediterranean waters. A Number 10 spokesman confirmed that Cameron reiterated during the phone call that the issue with Gibraltar “should not damage bilateral relations” between the UK and Spain, although there was a “real risk of this happening unless the situation at the border improved.” The ten minute call between Cameron and Rajoy was followed by another between Foreign Secretary William Hague and his Spanish counterpart José García-Margallo. Shortly afterward, strict border measures at the Gibraltar checkpoint were resumed with four hour queues. One Gibraltarian border official said: “The Spanish guards are on instructions from Madrid – that’s what they have told us. They are even asking people coming into Gibraltar if they have large sums of money to spend in Gibraltar. And they say they will keep this going until this evening. If they think this is going to encourage us to become Spanish, they are mistaken.” SHOULDER TO SHOULDER Throughout the border debacle David Cameron, declining to increase British military presence at the Rock, has repeated on a number of occasions that Britain will do whatever necessary to stand “shoulder-toshoulder with Gibraltar for as long as its inhabitants wish to remain British.”

Drowning off Levante Beach A YOUNG man drowned off Levante Beach in Benidorm on Sunday. The 18-year-old student from Pamplona suffered a cardiac arrest while attempting to swim to an entertainment platform permanently moored off the beach. He was given emergency treatment on the beach by lifeguards, who made every effort to save his life. His death was pronounced some while later at a private hospital close to Levante.

Galván back in custody AMONG 48 jailed Spaniards pardoned by Morocco’s King Mohamed VI last Tuesday was Spanish paedophile Daniel Fino Galván, jailed for 30 years 18 months ago after being convicted of raping and filming 11 local children aged three to 15 years. The pardons were thought to be granted at the request of King Juan Carlos during a visit to Morocco last month. Enraged activists responded with a protest march in Rabat in which several people were injured. King Mohamed has since revoked the pardon, assuring the public that he was unaware of the gravity of Galvan’s crimes and instructing Justice Minister Mustafa Ramid to “identify those responsible for the mistakes that led to the occurrence of this unfortunate liberation.” Galvan was apprehended at the Hotel Legazpi, Murcia, Spain, travelling on a Spanish consular document obtained against his royal pardon. According to Europa Press sources, Juan Carlos did not actually provide the list - Spanish Embassy authorities in Morocco provided a clemency list for 18 Spanish prisoners, requesting a further 30 be transferred to serve their sentence Galván in Spain: Galván was in the second group.

Former Tourism Office to become Police checkpoint by Keith Nicol THE FORMER Tourist office on Torrevieja seafront, ‘Turismo’ will become a new police checkpoint in the coming months. This change of use comes about after the opening of the new main Tourism office and because of its near perfect position fronting the evening hippy market. The checkpoint will become the operating base for Torrevieja’s ‘Men in Black’, the GRO Reinforcement Group, that monitors the illegal sale of goods. Thus the old tourist information office at Plaza Capdepont will be converted during the autumn, as confirmed by the Mayor, Eduardo Dolon. Policia Local will base their Operational Reinforcement Group (GRO) at the checkpoint. They have been the unit responsible most recently for the efforts to minimize the sale of illegal and counterfeit products by illegal street vendors. The GRO will now be located almost at the point where until a few weeks ago, was the main gathering point for the largest number of illegal traders in Torrevieja, many of whom seem to have already moved on and relocated to Cabo Roig and other spots along the coast. Furthermore, as confirmed by Dolon, “this space may be used for joint plans developed by both the Policia Local and the Guardia Civil.” Until now, the GRO unit was located just off Avda, de la Habanera, which is destined to

become the new location of the Immigration Unit of the National Police, although there will be a local police presence there to retain the lost property section, said Councillor for Police, Agustina Esteve. The mayor acknowledged that for the past several months, the GRO has virtually eradicated the illegal sale of goods in the area and Eduardo Dolon also indicated that “we will not lower our guard” and took the opportunity to publicly thank the outpouring of support he has received from the Federation for the Protection of Intellectual Property (FAP) and the National Association for the Defence of Marks, who have also expressed their backing for the actions from the security forces for their actions. Councillor for Police and Security, Agustina Esteve, stressed the importance of the agreement reached between the City and the National Police for the new Immigration Unit, “which with its forecast of doubling the presence of agents of the National Police in Torrevieja has made the decisive step for the relocation of the GRO and achieve a closer relationship with the population as part of the local police from the premises of the former office of tourism.” Work has already begun on revamping the former Tourism office and this week several local technicians are on site to provide an assessment of the property that will define the outline of the new Police Checkpoint and provide a valuable, central point of contact for residents and visitors in the area.

La Regia becomes more accessible ON THE edge and opposite the start of the Cabo Roig strip, is the area known as La Regia. For many years residents have complained about poor access and road design into the area along with drainage issues and a poorly maintained and relatively unattractive park. Work has now finished as part of a Coastal Infrastructure work project to improve accessibility in La Regia, Orihuela Costa area, to remove the existing stairs and improve the pedestrian promenade, These works had been asked for more than a decade by the La Reiga Residents Association because it is a zone of passage from the Villapiedra area to allow easier access to the buses that travel to the school to local commercial, social and government centres.

CEGAS Natural Gas invest more than five million in Torrevieja By Keith Nicol CEGAS NATURAL Gas and the city of Torrevieja have reached an agreement to bring natural gas to the City. The gas company will invest more than five million euros to build the infrastructure that will allow residents of the municipality to benefit from the advantages of this energy source. The consistory and the company have undertaken to manage the municipal license in the coming weeks with the aim of starting the piping and channelling work during the month of September. In the first stage of gasification, Cegas will build two network segments, with a length of 3,153 meters. The first network will carry natural gas to the Hospital of Torrevieja and remove the liquefied natural gas plant located in the vicinity of the clinic. The second segment will extend the pipeline to the San Roque neighbourhood. Subsequently, and in successive phases, they will supply natural gas to the rest of the municipality. The company expects that within two years the whole town will have access to this source of energy and expect about 2,500 customers to enjoy the benefits of natural gas. Cegas Natural Gas is the natural gas distribution company of Gas Natural Fenosa in Valencia, which has operated for over 160 years and which has more than 639,500 gas supply points and a distribution network of over 7,280 kilometres. Currently, the company supplies natural gas to 190 municipalities in the Valencian Community and continues to make significant investment to bring natural gas to new areas and to strengthen the network of current distribution and transport.

09-15 Aug 2013


09-15 Aug 2013

WFA protest gathers pace EXPAT PENSIONERS across Europe are building up a head of steam in their protest to keep the Winter Fuel Allowance and scrap Iain Duncan Smith’s proposed ‘temperature test’. by Jack Troughton Silver surfing and the power of the Internet have seen retired people band together to fight the move announced by George Osborne in June’s spending review. The Treasury plans to save around £30 million a year by ending the payment, currently worth up to £300 depending on age, by withdrawing WFA to pensioners living in Cyprus, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Malta, Portugal and Spain – protesters are still baffled at why Italy has escaped inclusion with the ‘Magnificent Seven’. The Chancellor described it as a significant saving – yet a government spokesman for the NHS when asked about £30 million spent on treating health tourists described it as a “drop in the ocean”. And it seems likely that the British Government’s plans will face a legal challenge in Brussels – it was a European ruling that originally forced the government’s hand; before the court decision only pensioners qualifying for WFA before they left the UK could claim it abroad. FREEZE Winters on the Continent can be freezing cold. One Department for Works and Pensions letter explains: “Winter Fuel Payments are designed to give older people reassurance they can keep warm during colder weather.” It adds that the Government intended to introduce eligibility criteria based on the country of residence from winter 2015/16 with payments going only to those in colder European countries. It ends: “The details of the new scheme are not yet decided”. One pensioner living in France has kept detailed records comparing winter temperatures at his home to those found in Secretary of State for the DWP Iain Duncan Smith’s constituency. The politician enjoys warmer weather. Costa Blanca resident Deidre Stewart told RTN: “When I heard about the decision to scrap our WFA I wasn’t angry but bloody furious.

“I went out to work at the age of 16 and worked until I was 65-years-old. I am 80 next year and I think I have paid in for everything.” GENERATION She added: “My generation has given a hell of a lot. I didn’t have a childhood, I started school the year the Second World War broke out and rationing ended the year I got married. We had to make do and mend.” She said foreigners arriving in Britain had not contributed a single penny but were handed generous benefits. Deirdre said parents with four children received more in child allowance a month than she gained in the fuel payment. “Unfortunately growing old is compulsory but having children is not – when you start to punish the old, the alternative to old age starts to become more attractive. I am disgusted at my country for even have been thinking about scrapping WFA. “The Bishops sitting in the House of Lords are so worried about ‘wonga’ they are taking more than my heating allowance per day and offering up a few prayers will not alter that!” COWARD And pensioner Clive Walley has written to Mr Osborne accusing the Conservatives of acting in a “cowardly manner” in “flagrant breach” of human rights. He underlined how the Bank of England was keeping the rate of exchange artificially low – the value of sterling tum-

bling from highs or 1.62€ to around the 1.15€ mark. “You are endeavouring to punish us for living outside the UK,” writes Clive. “Like a great number of fellow expats living here on our pensions, and on the breadline without tens of thousands in the bank, we shiver through the winter months and the WFA can mean the difference between life and death.” And he called on Government advisors to spend winter months in Spain rather than use arbitrary temperature levels to justify the “theft of our earned benefit”. Find out more about the protest and the fight for proper representation for expats at and there is an electronic petition calling for the winter fuel payment to be protected for all pensions at Iain Duncan Smith

The Provincial Youth Awards close on 14th August TALENTED LOCAL youths still have time to enter for the Provincial Youth Awards in the categories of entrepreneurship, blogs, illustrative poster, musical work, short story and photography. The deadline for submission of papers to the twelfth edition of the Awards organised by the Alicante Council will end next Wednesday, August 14th. This contest is endowed with 20,000 euros in prize money and is aimed at young people aged between 16 and 35 years and companies in which the majority of staff fall into this age group. Vice President and Deputy of Youth Mercedes Alonso stressed that “these awards provide a meeting point for young talent in the province, who are given the opportunity to show their creative skills applied to various professional and artistic disciplines. We expect the contest to grow over the success last year, where there were a total of 302 projects.” Entries must be delivered to the Register General of the Council and you may submit one work per category, which must be unpublished.

09-15 Aug 2013

Santiago rail disaster: the Black Box by Jan Gamm DATA RECOVERED from the ‘Black Box’ of the wreckage of the 24th July Santiago rail disaster that claimed the lives of 79 passengers has revealed that the driver and an engineer spoke on the phone just 11 seconds - and 400 metres - to impact, while travelling at 199kph in an 80kph zone, at precisely 20.39.06. Advanced signal ‘E’7-Clear’ is clearly heard, indicating that the train is approaching Santiago de Compostela, a point where the speed limit is 80kph. The last recorded sound is 52-year-old driver Gar-

Dicing with death IT BEGGARS belief! The warning sign could not be more explicit, featuring a graphic of a person diving into shallow water and breaking his neck. Yet dozens of youngsters took their lives in their hands on Tuesday to jump or dive into the water off a rocky outcrop at Javea’s Arenal beach – accompanied by an adult!

Spain’s elderly Duchess of Alba takes a dip

SPAIN’S POPULAR Duchess of Alba began her holiday in Ibiza this week with a welcome dip in the sea. The 87-year-old Duchess, supported by two carers, proved you are never too old for a bikini, sporting a bright orange sensation as she braved the waves, revisiting her love of sea bathing despite breaking her femur last April.

zon’s drawn out “eeeeaaaaay!” as he realised he is approaching an 80kph curve at more than double the limit. Presiding Judge Luis Aláez Legerén concluded that although the phone call immediately prior to the crash was “unfortunate,” culpability for the accident rests solely with the incompetence of the train driver, now awaiting sentencing on 79 counts of negligent homicide. Garzon told the court: “I can’t explain it. I still don’t understand how I didn’t see...mentally or whatever… I just don’t know.” 57 of the crash victims are still in hospital, 11 of whom are in a critical condition.

The Black Box arrives at court



09-15 AUG 2013

Hire Car marketplace hit with fines of over 35€ million by Keith Nicol THE CNC, Spain’s antitrust authority, the Comision Nacional de la Competencia fined seventeen companies and two associations over 35€ million as a result of agreements to fix prices and trading conditions in the very competitive car rental market. On 12 January 2012, the Investigations Division of the CNC opened infringement proceedings (S/0380/11) against several companies and associations in the car rental market for possible anti-competitive practices consisting in the adoption of agreements to fix prices and specific trading conditions. The purpose of the agreements adopted by the cartel members was to fix prices, either minimum prices or by directly increasing those prices, as well as maintaining them during specific periods, and to establish a common commercial policy with respect to the beginning

and end of each season (high, mid and low) and for extras and the associated prices, such as surcharges for baby seats, additional drivers, etc.. The companies involved were fully aware of the unlawful nature of those agreements, as they created a system to evade controls by the antitrust authorities. The major fines handed out went to Goldcar Spain with a huge 15,456,21€, followed by Centauro (5,567,940 euro), Record-Go Holiday Rental (871,400€) with the list of 17 companies reading: Automotivecars Málaga (2,986,326€), Avis Rent A Car (1,469,907€), Victoria Car Hire (1,065,562€), Alquiler De Coches Victoria (1,065,562€), Aurigacrown Car Hire (281,566€), Automotivecars Málaga (2,986,326€) and jointly and severally on its parent company IDAPI (1,469,907€) plus Avis Alquile Un Coche and Avis Europe Overseas Ltd, Bardon y Rufo 67 (497,147€), Cargest (160,983€), Centauro Rent-A-Car and its parent company Centauro (5,567,940€), Dickmanns Rent A Car (332,308€), Drivalia Car Rental (103,294€), Goldcar Spain and Goldcar Renting (15,456,219€), Guerin Rent A Car (226,732€) and jointly and severally on its parent company Ibericar Sociedad Ibérica Del

Automóvil, Helle Auto (347,483€), New Cars Costa Del Sol (370,535€), Niza Cars (614,525€), Prima Rent A Car (32,571€), Record-Go Alquiler Vacacional (4,871,400€) and jointly on its parent company Go De Alquiler, Sol Mar Alquiler De Vehículos (791,958€), and, in addition to those companies, the Asociacion Empresarial De Coches De Alquiler De Andalucía (AECA) for 150,000€ and the Asociacion

De Empresarios De Servicios De Vehiculos De Alquiler De Andalucía (AESVA) of 100,000€. Since the action was brought by SOL MAR, the Council of the CNC decided that they had met the requirements set out in article 65 of Act 15/2007 and, therefore, granted it an exemption from payment of the fine imposed in it on account of its involvement in the cartel.

What a whopper!

MAXIME MARIN, a 40-year-old British woman, has given birth to Spain’s largest baby born naturally and without an epidural anaesthetic in Denia’s Marina Salud Hospital. The baby, a girl, weighs an eye-watering 6.20kg (13lbs 3oz). Babies over four kilos have been born in Spain before but all were delivered via Caesarean section. Proud Maxine, who has three other children, was visited by her Colombian husband, her sons and other members of the family. The hospital has confirmed that mother and baby are doing well.



09-15 AUG 2013

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Costly lesson I TAKE a pride in my car and whenever parking it in a public place do my best to park it well away from any other cars. It seems that if there is a car parked next to you, the owner of said car seems unable to open their car door without hitting and damaging your vehicle. Or when parallel parking, they actually bump their car up against yours to judge when they have gone too far and need to reverse...obviously this is a much cheaper option on a car than Parktronic but they must realise that this also damages the cars that they bump into. I have just got back from a weekend in Valencia and stayed in a gorgeous hotel, paying extra for the hotel parking option thinking that my car would be returned to me in the same condition as when I arrived. I should have realised that this would have been too much to ask. My car was returned to me and had nice new bump in the back of it and a massive scrape all down the passenger side...not happy! I called the hotel as soon as I got home and they confirmed that they had checked the

car before parking it and this damage was not there as they actually check the cars for damage prior to parking. I thought ‘great, I might actually get somewhere with this’ but when I asked them did they then check the car when they took the car out of the garage I was told that I should have done this myself and the hotel could not be held responsible for any damage. I asked them: “Why on earth would you check for damage beforehand if you’re not going to check the vehicle upon checkout or prompt me to check the car before departure?” They couldn’t answer this question and said they would continue to “…investigate the matter and let me know.” To top it all, the car was actually parked in a public car park all weekend and not in a private garage so I have learned a valuable lesson to check where my car is actually being parked before forking out a fortune thinking that it will be safe and sound. Marley Conlin, Calpe

Nice to see someone cares

YOUR LETTER by Peter Realey in issue 720 was a subject on which I could sympathise. He wanted to dump his rubbish in the municipal tip, instead of just dumping it along the road by a rubbish bin like so many others do, but bureaucracy made it very difficult for him to do so. It must be very frustrating when a person is trying to dump rubbish in a designated area, only to find red tape complicates and discourages people. It was nice to see someone trying to keep our streets clean. Clarence Tracey, Torrevieja

Distraction theft Fuming YOUR READERS may like to be informed about the increase in ‘distraction theft’ being reported. Distraction theft happens everywhere: ATMs at banks, markets and recently an increase in reports at supermarkets. The most recent case involved a Swedish visitor who on landing at Alicante airport decided to shop at Mercadona before going to his home. As he walked down an aisle he was distracted by a young woman who asked him a question - the conversation lasting only a few seconds - unfortunately this was enough time for an accomplice to steal holiday money of 800€ from a buttoned pocket in his shorts. By time he realised that this had happened the thieves had long gone. One of the least expensive and successful ways of preventing this type of theft has for many years now been to wear a ‘money belt’ or similar and even then to carry with you only what is necessary for the shopping trip. Due to thieves targeting tourists, if you have rented a hire car it is very important that you do not advertise this fact and carefully remove the hire car sticker from the rear of the car for your increased safety. Scott Blair, Neighbourhood Watch Spain

I WOULD just like to say that I am fuming at these mobility hire firms in Benidorm - someone is going to be hurt or killed through hiring these weapons to drunken people, louts and even kids. There have even been two or three people on these vehicles with a baby between their feet! What are your readers’ views? S Perry, Benidorm

The HELP Association of Vega Baja I WOULD like to thank Woody for the excellent entertainment he provided at the final meeting of the Social Group Friends Unlimited at The Club in Quesada, before the long summer break. I would also like to thank the staff at The Club for providing delicious refreshments and all those who attended the afternoon in their bright and colourful outfits, assisting in raising more than 200€, making it a true ‘rainbows end’. HELP is committed to helping in the Vega Baja area, food parcels to the less fortunate, school books for the underprivileged children and amongst other things assistance to other charities in a practical way. We also provide a free service of the visit of a Welfare Officer in vulnerable persons own home, to see what can be done to make their life easier. We also like to look after our members, by providing various benefits, when hospitalisation occurs and when times are hard, or when they need an Interpreter. To continue to provide these services and goods, we rely on the generosity of not only the members by way of their subscriptions but also the general public for supplying goods to be sold at our Fayres and the street market in Campoamor, and the many bars and restaurants who display our collection tins and the businesses that support us in a number of ways. Finally, thanks go to the large team of dedicated volunteers who have given their time and expertise for more than 30 years to help many people with all sorts of problems, particularly in times of crisis and emergency. Thank you to all the unsung heroes. Ron Perrin, President: HELP Vega Baja

O’Leary strives toward his ‘empty hold’ policy JUST WHEN we thought Michael O’Leary could not possibly find another way to relieve his passengers of more cash, the Ryanair CEO has made the decision to charge travellers £160 to take two 15kg cases on board. by Jan Gamm Ryanair’s carry-on baggage allowance demands no more than 40 litres and a maximum weight of 10kg - already among the smallest in the industry. And the millionaire CEO of Ryanair warned this week that the cost of checking in baggage on one of his flights could go up even further… Since 2009, ‘ancillary charges’ by Ryanair have generated £512 million, steadily rising by more than 60% in three years. At this rate, Ryanair’s money-making schemes will take £1.3 billion extra from passengers’ pockets by 2015. Ancillary charges contribute 22% of the company’s revenue from a basic flight ticket. Yet in terms of the service provided, a survey of 32 airlines has revealed that Ryanair offers the narrowest seat-width and the least leg-room. Ryanair pilots are also now being instructed to slow down to save fuel.

Queen Sofia takes the grandchildren sailing QUEEN SOFIA (3rd from the right) posed for holiday snaps with all eight of her grandchildren while on holiday in Majorca. The family took the opportunity for a day’s sailing in the Port of Palma. Left to right are Felipe Juan Froilan Marichalar, Princess Elena, Victoria Federica Marichalar, Juan Valentin Urdangarin, Irene Urdangarin, Pablo Nicolas Urdangarin, Princess Leonor, Miguel Urdangarin and Princess Letizia. The outing was not without its rebellious episodes: young Prince Froilan, eldest son of the Infanta Elena, had to be disciplined on two occasions, firstly for stabbing his cousin Prince Paul with a kebab stick and secondly for being rude to the press which led to a rebuke from his mother. Froilan was in the news last year when he accidentally shot himself in the foot.

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09-15 Aug 2013


Alan Gilchrist The Costa Blanca’s Top Hypnotherapist

That’s Fast Track Hypnosis!

DURING MY early years as a Hypnotherapist in Belfast in the 1980s people viewed hypnotherapy with scepticism. I was the only Hypnotherapist in Northern Ireland at that time and when one of the Sunday newspapers did a feature on me word got around fast. My clientele grew from there. I saw the employed, unemployed, multi-millionaires, TV and Radio personalities, sportsmen and women, politicians, people from every walk of life. I have seen more than 55,000 people professionally and nothing surprises me anymore! Soon I had seven clinics throughout Northern Ireland and was working seven days a week. People came to see me from all over Ireland for various reasons and problems, along with the more common ones such as to stop smoking or lose weight. However, Northern Ireland was completely different from Mainland UK due to the many victims of ‘the troubles’. In those years, counselling was very limited so I had to help thousands of people caught in the conflict such as rescue service personnel who had to go into the aftermath of bombings; people caught up in the bombings; shootings; bomb scares; armed robberies… the list is endless. One woman came to me with chronic insomnia, the result of waking up in bed one night to find four gunmen standing around her. A survivor of the Kegworth air disaster needed to overcome their fear of flying. There were countless stories like these. Sadly, I still see these types of people in my Northern Ireland

clinics. Because of this, I came away from my conventional training whereby people would be regressed into childhood to try to recall the originating cause of panic attacks or other problems. This could take up to 15 sessions to achieve when clearly the cause of their problem was in their more recent history: it had happened to them right now and they wanted it sorted out quickly! I developed my own techniques, using specialised equipment from America to speed the whole process up and also introducing laser therapy, cutting everything down to the fastest way possible without losing effectiveness. My ‘Fast Track Hypnosis’ has been in use ever since. Later I developed my own FastTrack Stop Smoking in Under 30 minutes and Weight Control sessions, and more recently the Fasttrack Gastroband. I proved my ‘Fast Track Stop Smoking in 30 minutes’ twice on TV, firstly compared with Acupuncture and then the ‘chemical’ method of quitting smoking. The only method that succeeded in helping people to quit was me. There is a great deal of satisfaction in my job and people would also ask me if I ever use hypnosis for myself. Of course I do, and have

done so throughout my career! I use Autohypnosis to simply chill out between sessions! If you want to try it simply visit my web site and listen to a complete relaxation session free of charge. Alan holds his Fast Track Hypnosis sessions in Cabo Roig, Guardarmar and Benidorm. For an appointment, brochure or free initial consultation, contact Alan Gilchrist on 659 229 408. Also visit or

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The route to Health and Sport by Keith Nicol THE HEATH and Sport Caravan arrived in Torrevieja last weekend offering activities for kids of all ages and promoting a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Located in front of one of Torrevieja’s popular natural pools the focus of the campaign was to highlight the pros and cons of the summer shine and to animate those in the area to join in a bit of motion and movement through outdoor activities, because as they say, “it is essential to get the body ready to face the summer with energy.” Cross Marketing has launched the ‘Health and Sports Route’, a road show that during August will travel along the Spanish coast. Throughout the day they became the focus of visitors to encourage healthy habits in diet, exercise and skin care through a series of recreational and educational activities for the whole family. Javier Ramirez, Director of Cross MK said, “to liberate our endorphins, a little sport or exercise can clear our minds in a matter of minutes.” In addition, physical activity builds self-esteem and improved muscle strength, so that sport “is a excellent express release channel and facilitator of communication.” The road show emphasised that physical exercise has to be accompanied by a healthy diet without sacrificing taste, and always in accordance with the activity performed during the day. “Spain is a country with Mediterranean prod-

ucts, with a diet and an enviable gastronomy, so we have to remind families of the infinite possibilities that are among the foods themselves, to meet the recommended food pyramid.” A study from Campofrío confirms that 14.9% of Spanish consumers buy healthy products, but that’s still not enough because 50% of the Spanish have high cholesterol! Another major factor often overlooked, is that it is also necessary to protect the skin from UVA rays and other external agents. It is advised to avoid sun exposure during the main hours of the day and go out with a base of adequate sunscreen to suit your skin type. Polysianes, a brand expert in the care of the skin against the sun, recommends that you consult an expert to find out what your ideal protection factor is depending on when and where you to go to catch some rays! Ramirez added, “It is important we gain awareness of skin care for all ages, especially among children, who are still developing. We must keep the body hydrated continuously through drinking lots of water and juice and not forget to protect yourself against insect bites and jellyfish stings.” The ‘Health and Sports Route’ consulted with hundreds of visitors to their road show on Saturday and a few of them, especially among the children took part in a few more active endeavours. In addition, attendees received several products from the sponsors of the campaign, intended for skin care and to promote the Mediterranean diet and sport.

Vacationers learn a little about the benefits of good diet, exercise and skin care


09-15 Aug 2013

Free beer festival at Casino Mediterráneo by Keith Nicol ASK ANY beer drinker and there is possibly nothing quite like being able to down an ice cold beer, just to lower one’s temperature you understand, during a sizzling hot summer. And if the beer is offered for free: what more could you ask for! We all know there comes a time when the husbands just want tokeep shopping and the wives start to think about having a frosty libation and so, throughout the month of August you can sample a variety of beers free of charge at Casino Mediterranean at Zenia Blvd! It might be two months ahead of schedule but it’s your opportunity to sample ‘Oktoberfest’ in August as all those who appreciate local and imported beers, may do so free of charge and in facilities that offer the perfect complement to hot summer day of leisure. Just keep your eye on your watch and head on over to the casino to enjoy this fantastic event between the hours of noon to 2.00pm and 7.00pm to 9.00pm and maybe you’ll also take the opportunity for a flutter while you are there. It is the first time that the Casino organizes an activity of this type in which the protagonist is beer! Miguel Angel Franco, Casino Mediterráneo’s Commercial Director, explained that this Fair “is intended to provide an incentive to all visitors to enjoy such a popular drink as beer! In addition, this drink is very popular in countries like Germany and England, and since the Orihuela - Costa is an area where a high percentage of the population is foreign, especially British, followed by Germany, we hope everyone enjoys the event.” The event also features a great selection of beers which are available at the Casino’s sports bar. The beer list includes such popular global choices as Guinness stout and the slightly more delicate Foster lager, both of which are in high demand by the International public. Apart from these popular choices the event features a number of high quality micro-beer, such as Galana, developed in the municipality of La Yesa, and the blond beer Spigha. Let’s not forget genuine Spanish beer as you can also sample Cruzcampo and for those who prefer a

Marilu Fischer ‘La Golondrina’, returns to Torrevieja

By Keith Nicol THE TANGO: if you’ve ever wanted to learn to dance what is non-alcoholic choice, such as those who are the designated possibly the sexiest dance that a couple can perform, now drivers, but still with all the flavour, can consume the refresh- is your chance to learn, no matter what your age or ability. ing Buckler 0.0. Bottoms up at the Casino Mediterráneo. On Tuesday, August 13th, new courses are on offer in tango, bachata and salsa taught by Argentinean theatre veteran Marilu Fischer. Choreographer Fischer is known around her native country as ‘La Golondrina’ or ‘the swallow’ to you and I, because she is known for always returning to her roots to perform and to teach. The classes on offer along with the tango are new, intensive courses in the Latin rhythms of bachata, kizomba and salsa. Just ten days later, her now ‘seasoned students’ will have the opportunity to perform in the musical ‘Exitango’, a show that will be held on Friday August 23rd, where students will be able to act and dance along with their teacher, choreographer and artist. Enrolment is open at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre, where the courses are offered at a price of just 25 euros. The first class on Tuesday, August 13th, will be free and open to all who wish to attend. Tango classes are taught in two shifts, at 7.00pm and 10.00pm while the Latin rhythms are at 8.00pm each evening. Before this show, on Friday August 16th, there will be a display of tango and Latin dance in Doña Sinforosa Park, entitled, ‘Open Air Milonga’. So, slip on those dancing shoes and strut your stuff along with Marilu at the Virgen del Carmen this month.

La Mata’s weekend festival By Keith Nicol TOMORROW, SATURDAY August 10th, at 9.30 pm in the Plaza de Encarnación Puchol of La Mata, the traditional ‘Verbena of Barrels’ event, similar to the Harvest Festival, will be held. Organized by the Board of festive Peñas in Torrelamata the traditional night features sampling the new vintage wine from La Mata. Last year the Gala attracted more than 2,000 people to the festivities and, as in previous years, the night will also feature the coronation of the Queen of the Festival of La Mata 2013. Local concert bands will perform traditional pieces and the night will also have local musicians and finish with a Disco until the early hours of the morning.


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Summer time and the thieving is easy by Keith Nicol LAST WEEK, the RTN published a letter entitled ‘Gutless Muggers’ sent in by Paul who refers to himself as a “frequent visitor to beautiful La Zenia.” Chris Poole from Orihuela Costa Neighbourhood Watch was quick to react and wanted us to pass along some common sense rules, that NHW promotes to their members. Although you might be here to relax, soak up a little sun and enjoy the atmosphere, you should always keep your wits about and not signal yourself out as an easy target for muggers and robbers, because, without a doubt, there are hundreds of them around just waiting for their opportunity. NHW advise all residents and visitors to take particular care especially when returning from the bars and restaurants late at night. Plan your evening before you hit the town and leave such items as jewellery, expensive watches, documents, bank and credit cards where you are staying; preferably in a safe, if available. Ladies, if you don’t really need your handbag, leave it behind, because in essence, it’s very easy to snatch! And while you are at it, before you leave for the evening, ensure that all your doors and windows are also closed and locked and if driving, before leaving your car too! When going to the beach, Chris adds “Likewise when visiting our beautiful beaches, please only take with you what you really need and don’t leave valuables in cars in view or hidden, especially house keys. If the car is hired, the address at which you are staying will be on the hiring documents and with this knowledge, your address could easily be visited before you return. The operators of the Beach Bars are there to help you and can speak Spanish and English. If there is a problem they will contact the Emergency Services for you or give advice. Should you need to contact the Emergency Services,

Doggy hero Sasha saves a life GERMAN SHEPHERD Sasha is being hailed as a hero after saving the life of little Milena, a four-year-old Argentinian little girl who had fallen into the neglected and stagnant pool of a neighbouring house in Santa Fe. The child’s parents, busy packing for a vacation, thought their daughter was safely playing. They were alerted by Sasha who ran around and frantically barked at the door until finally the father followed her next door to find his daughter unconscious in the pool, left full but not maintained since the previous summer. Sasha immediately jumped into the pool and dragged the little girl to the surface while her father climbed in to recover her and administer CPR – luckily successfully. “That pool is the last place we would have looked for her,” he said, “…we never went to that house - never crossed the street. Without Sasha the story would have been very different.” The little girl has recovered, sustaining only a few scratches from Sasha’s claws as she tried to pull her to the surface. The family have owned Sasha for seven years. Neighbours said the dog did not stop fretting for the two days that Milena was in hospital. Tearful Mum Valeria said: “I hugged and hugged her and I’ll never get tired of saying thank you.”

Disabled tourists visit Orihuela Be careful of your belongings, especially when relaxing at a café or restaurant

Police, Fire or Ambulance, you should phone them on 112, where operators can speak in English, Spanish, German and Scandinavian. On a positive note, we have a very competent Police Force in the shape of the Guardia Civil and Policia Local. They are very fast in responding to calls and as well as there being uniform patrols the Plain Clothes Branch are also working in the areas where crimes are being committed.” NHW have very efficient schemes in place in Torrevieja, along the coast and throughout the Orihuela Costa, where they operate on 133 residencias, Laguna Green, The Beaches and a Commercial Centre. They work closely with both the Guardia Civil and Polica Local. More details can be found at and Those on the Orihuela Costa who would like to know more about local schemes can contact them by email:

By Keith Nicol WHILE THE able-bodied among us may take going on tour in our stride, that’s not the case for those that are wheelchair bound or have difficulties with mobility. Such was the case last weekend when a group of 20 disabled tourists headed for Orihuela to see the sights. The visit was organised by the NGO for the Physically Handicapped, and along with their respective companions they took the opportunity to visit some of Orihuela City’s cultural and historic sights such as Rincón Hernandiano, la Calle de Arriba, el Museo de la Semana Santa, la Catedraland the Museo de la Muralla and the Palacio de Arneva, where they were received by the Councillor for Culture, Antonia Moreno. The visit was sponsored by the Imserso and the visitors were part of an integrated group from Andalusia, Castilla and Leon, Murcia, Aragon, Extremadura, Cantabria and Madrid. Moreno explained to the visitors about the local government’s commitment to physical and sensory accessibility and gave as an example the appointment as Trustee of the president Oriol Orihuela Sin Barreras, Maria Carmen Diaz, who accompanied the group on their visit.

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David bows out… Watts In Britain By

Paul Watts

IT WAS with great sadness that I tuned in last Sunday night to hear the last ever David Jacobs Collection. I know many RTN readers tune in to British radio and I guess those of us old enough to remember the Light Programme (pre-radios 1 & 2) will have heard David Jacobs many times down the years. After all, he was the Housewives’ Choice for eons and then the lunchtime man on Radio 2. The velvet-voiced David retired from mainstream broadcasting over 18 years ago but since then he’s remained on our air-waves with occasional specials and his Radio 2 late night Sunday show the David Jacobs Collection, featuring tunes from Hollywood, Broadway and Tin Pan Alley. For someone regularly immersed in rock and other frightful noisiness the DJC made a refreshing change. Plus I always felt it was a nice way to end the weekend. David’s knowledge of the songs and his anecdotes of stars he’d met added interest to the songs themselves. Did you know that David Jacobs has been at the BBC since 1945? Yup, he has and that was even before my time! Okay here’s a potted version of the DJ timeline: “David started his broadcasting career in the Royal Navy in 1944, where he was made an announcer on wartime radio station Radio SEAC.” Apparently, it came about as an invitation from Commander Kim Peacock, who’d heard him as a guest on a variety show. David once recalled: “He said he didn’t think much of my impersonations but he thought the way I announced them was very good, would I like to be an announcer?” David couldn’t believe his luck: “This was unbelievable. I was just a sailor, an ordinary seaman.” Well, Commander Kim deserves our thanks because it started David on the road to becoming an institution. I remember David as the presenter of Juke Box Jury – this was required viewing on Saturday night’s telly, back in the time before colour and multi-channel choice. He presented an avuncular figure amongst the pop-stars of the day and if a record was voted a hit, he would ‘ding’ a little bell; if it was considered a ‘miss’ he pressed a rather unpleasant klaxon. Come on Watts get back to the potted history… Oh, sorry here goes: “After leaving the Navy, David worked full-time at the BBC as an announcer and newsreader. He later became one of the original presenters of Top of the Pops, and preceded Terry Wogan as the BBC’s commentator on the Eurovision Song Contest. “He was chairman of Any Questions for many years and, probably, one of his most famous radio programmes was the sci-fi serial Journey Into Space, for which he eerily introduced all 53 episodes, as well as playing 22 characters (avail-

able now on CD). He also played Laurie in the first TV adaptation of Little Women, and appeared as himself in an episode of Some Mothers Do ’Ave ’Em. David won a Sony Gold Award for outstanding contribution to radio in 1984 and was subsequently admitted to the Sony Hall of Fame in 2005.” I met him once in a tiny village on the island of Gozo. I was part of an ATC squadron on Easter camp in Malta. As punishment for some teenage misdemeanour we’d all been sent to the far side of the island with maps and told to find our own way back to camp. It was on this trip that the four lads of my group met David and his family. We were all a little starstruck at recognising him but my abiding memory of the encounter was that he was an utterly charming man... It was a bit of a tear jerker on Sunday as David signed off for the last time. On the BBC website David wrote: “Over the past two years Radio 2 has given me time to be treated for liver cancer and Parkinson’s Disease. My producer, Alan Boyd, has been a tower of strength in so many ways and I thank him profusely. We shared a love of so many records and wonderful music. I will not stop collecting but my sadness will be that I cannot share them with all my loyal listeners. But rest assured I will be back from time to time.” D a v i d , please make sure you are…


09-15 Aug 2013

Quesada Golf Charity Day for Elche Children’s Home QUESADA COUNTRY Club golfers did themselves proud last week as they took part in a new Trophy competition, called the QCC Charity Cup, as money raised by the day would go to their chosen charity: Elche Children’s Home. by Keith Nicol The day was sponsored by David and Anita Patrick, owners of the Quesada Country Club, and the event raised the fantastic sum of 250€. The Golfers returned a little later than expected possibly due to the heat and extra refreshments needed on the 19th Hole! With 28 Golfers taking part it was a fun day out and despite the heat everyone had a great day. There were also some really great prizes for the winners such as a Luxury Hamper provided by Anita and Dave, which was won by Anne Hobbs. And there seems to be no stopping Anita & Dave as on Saturday they held their annual pool party, again in aid of the children and for a ‘hat trick’ on Thursday 19th September, there will be a Charity Fashion, Shoe and Jewellery Show incorporating a Ladies Makeover Day! The competition was played at Alicante GC is a beautiful course and it was in very good condition. The first group out in the morning must have still been half asleep as one or two hit the wrong balls etc. so they decided to put that hole behind them and start their game afresh on the 2nd hole! On the 1st tee David Patrick hit a trick shot when his tee shot hit the course marker, then a tree, followed by a wall before landing on the putting green and finally Darryl Wright

Moraira in the swim By Jack Troughton SWIMMERS AGED between two and 70 took part in the 18th annual swim across Moraira Port last Sunday in various challenges. The event attracted 250 participants and 150 swimmers took part in the 1,800 metre race from the beach El Portet to L’Ampoule Beach. Veterans and youngsters also swam 300 metres but gaining applause from a large crowd of spectators were the smallest children – completing a 15 metre swim. All competitors were rewarded with a medal presented by Teulada Moraira Mayor Antoni Joan Bertomeu and Councillor for Sports Antonio Reig.

Members of the Quesada Country Club raised 250 euros for the Elche Children’s Home

had a mishap with his shorts when they decided to part company in a very prominent place! Anyone wishing to join the society please contact membership secretary Les Pancott on 966 716 723.

Stepping forward for CICRA By Keith Nicol SEPTEMBER IS almost upon us, the cooler weather and back to school! Having had their summer breaks, it’s time to put your walking shoes back on and do it for charity; this time around for CICRA, a charity that supports research into Crohn’s Disease in children. So if you recognise yourself in this photo or if you were there on Sunday May 24th at El Raso supporting this fun walk, you are going to be asked once again to please STEP forward and join them on Sunday September 15th, 2013. In May, between just 23 walkers, they raised a fabulous 1,400€ and this time their goal is to have 50 walkers. Sponsorship forms are available from Bar Sofia on El Raso or you can email and you will be sent a sponsorship form by email. They would like to encourage every walker to get some sponsors but for those of you who can’t then you can just come along on the day and pay a 5.00€ registration fee. The walk starts at 10.00am with registration from 9.15a.m. All sponsorship and registration money will go straight to CICRA. In order to plan for the event, if you are planning on taking part, and to give them an idea of numbers could you please let Dee at Bar Sofia know you are walking or email, they just want to make sure they have enough cold beer, bucks fizz and water for you at the stopping point! The walk on September the 15th will be 5k and again the last 500 meters is a “Baby Walk” and Fun Treasure Hunt!

Fun Day with Paul Cunningham Nurses WHAT A fantastic day was had at the Fun Day on Saturday 27th July at Breakaways and the Pitch and Pint in aid of The Paul Cunningham Nurses Charity. A variety of acts entertained the crowds throughout the day along with a BBQ and Hog Roast plus a bouncy castle for the kids. A total of 800€ was raised for the charity and a great time was had by all! If you would like to hold a charity event please call Claire on 96 532 6209 or email


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Buying or selling in today’s property market

WHEN YOU decide to buy your dream property in Spain it is essential to make sure you are dealing with a company that takes care of the full process from start to finish, from sorting out bank accounts, padrons, NIE numbers and so much more. In the town of San Miguel, based inland from the Orihuela Costa, you can find a company that prides itself on going that extra mile to ensure the buying process goes as smoothly as possible, for both parties involved in the transaction. With a vast experience within the property market Eddie Hill, the proprietor, has assisted many families from across Northern Europe setting up home here in Spain. Although based in San Miguel the company represents many property sellers in all regions of the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida. When it comes to marketing your property, you can be rest assured that San Miguel Estates have it covered. Eddie is also a renowned photographer with much of his work being published in various media. His pride clearly shows in his marketing of the properties as he captures the best angles and views that your property has to offer, doing justice to the property being sold.

Eddie says, “We deal on a one-to-one basis, getting to know the clients requirements before we show them any properties. We don’t ‘bus people around’ and we don’t take people to properties or areas that are of no interest. We give a full break down of the area the client is looking for, ranging from local schools, hospitals and doctors to local golf courses, shopping centres and so on. If you are looking for an agent to promote your property to the market then San Miguel Estates have many international clients on their books currently searching in Spain. The company is represented on various web sites leading potential buyers to their ideal home, allowing sellers to reach a huge client base looking to buy now. With a vast property range, from 1 bedroom apartments or country fincas to luxurious villas, San Miguel Estates cover the complete property portfolio. So if you are looking to buy, sell or rent San Miguel Estates are a company you can fully trust to complete the transaction. Contact them now on 663 593 871 Email

Home & Garden

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Home Garden

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Dyna Pool: Don’t let your pool drain your pockets IF YOU have a swimming pool the chances are that your water is being metered by your water supplier. If your pool has a leak it could be costing you a fortune! For example a 1mm hole would release up to 350 gallons of water per day. Not only is this wasting a precious resource it could prove to be very costly. Dyna Pool is the premier leak detection company serving the entire Costa Blanca for the past seven years. We specialise in providing leak detection services in swimming pools using a combination of skill and experience along with state of the art equipment to detect various types of leaks. Our commitment to quality service through our experience and knowledge makes us a leader and preferred company ensuring that curing your pool leak need not be expensive. HOW DO I KNOW IF MY POOL IS LEAKING? • Your pool has air in the system • Your equipment is losing prime • Cracks have appeared • Your pool surround is sinking or lifting

• There are wet patches around your pool • Water needs to be added to your pool more than once a week POOLS & LEAK LOCATING Dyna Pool has several methods to test and verify the location of leakage anywhere in your pools pipework or operating system. Through methods of high-tech testing such as sonar and other available avenues, we can isolate the leak to a specific point in the shortest possible time. Once the leak and its location have been identified and confirmed, it can quickly be repaired. Unlike many other leak detection companies, Dyna Pool uses the detection team to do the repairs. This allows for fewer mistakes and a more efficient repair. Call Dyna Pool, the Costa Blanca’s premier Leak Specialists and save time, money, and unnecessary property damage. Call 96 671 7229 or 650 461 394: Website: Email:


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Close plantings are beneficial in Mediterranean gardens by

Clodagh & Dick Handscombe Holistic gardeners and authors gardening in Spain for 25 years

DURING THE past three week temperatures have soared and one has had to check the garden daily to see where extra watering is required. In the main, areas needing most watering have been those where soil can be seen between plants and areas of close or carpet planting, where the leaves of plants act as a continuous living mulch, needing less. There are several reasons for this: The surface of the soil is shaded all day long. This reduces the chance of it being baked like a brick by the sun, which reduces the losses of moisture by capillary action through hard-baked layers of soil. The germination of weeds is inhibited and if some do germinate and start to grow they are likely to be stunted by the dark and soon die or chase up to the light and then die when the weak growth dries up in the sun. There is an increased chance of low-growing branches touching the soil and self rooting. This leads to extra supplies of moisture, extra roots to hold soil banks together and the production of daughter plantlets that can be severed from the parent plant and dug up for transplanting elsewhere. Provision of shade benefits lizards, toads, frogs and earth

worms. The shade might also, however, attract snails and slugs but if this seen to occur ecological snail/slug bait such as Neudorff ’s Ferromol Anticlimacos can be sprinkled beneath the dense leaf cover to do its job invisibly. Provide natural insecticide effects. For instance planting rose or lemon-scented graveolens; geraniums that are not attacked by the geranium moth amongst plants of other varieties that are. Or surrounding beds with a row of thyme plants that have a mild insecticide effect. The creation of mass colour effects, both masses of one colour or a large kaleidoscope mixed colour effect. CARPET PLANTINGS As discussed in Chapter 2.6 of ‘Your Garden in Spain – From Planning to Planting and Maintenance’ we see the process of deciding on plantings ‘ painting with plants’, the predominant colour of gardens being greens ranging from bright yellow greens to more sombre to blue greens. When designing carpet mulches the plants close planted can be: All of the same type such as the circle of trailing purple lantana under our Bird of Paradise tree and a large bed of lavender. A mix of colour to achieve different effects: such as in a densely planted rockery. A mix of plants that are in leaf and in flower at different times of the year: for instance a mass of flowering spring bulbs under the bare pruned skeleton of branches of a lantana bush which will be smothered when adjacent lantanas leaf up and

‘Clodagh and Dick Handscombe’s gardening books make good presents. They can be obtained from high street and internet bookshops including Amazon UK and Spain. Thanks to readers the Kindle E-book Making waterless gardens a practical reality world wide is starting to sell well.’ © Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

intermingle to create a continuous Summer ground cover. A mix of long term survivors and sacrificial plants: for instance where slow-growing plants such low-growing spreading junipers and the spreading variety of rosemary are to be the long term ground cover. Herbaceous sacrificial plants can be planted in the initial gaps, recognising that they will be smothered and die in time. CARPET VEGETABLE GROWING Carpet planting can also be used when growing vegetables such as lettuces in the open ground or on a growing table on an apartment terrace. Interesting designs can be created by close planting a mix of the various green and red leaved varieties. At present a continuous carpet of squash plant leaves achieves the same effect. Several hundred other ways of saving water will be found in the hard copy and kindle versions of ‘Making waterless gardens a practical reality worldwide’ available on Amazon Books.

“QROPS� (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme) have been available to ex-pats since April 2006. There is no mystery to them, they are basically the same as your UK pension but offer better benefits than the UK. Benefits: I. Return of fund to spouse on the death of the member, then left to your depends on spouses death. (not so in the UK) II. No Inheritance tax. (not so in the UK) III. Possibility of no income tax. (not so in the UK) IV. Freedom of investment choice. (not so in the UK) V. Income paid in a currency of your choice, plus many more benefits. (not so in the UK) The process is very simple and takes approximately three months to complete. In the UK you may not take any benefits before you are 55 years of age. If you are 50 or above and have been outside the UK for 5 complete tax years you may withdraw 25/30% and then an income at 55. If you are pension rich but cash poor, this could be a way of solving temporary financial difficulties.

To find out if you qualify to release money now call 951 206 138 or email or visit and complete the free assessment form.

legal by

Carlos Baos

of White & Baos Abogados

English & Spanish Solicitors

09-15 AUG 2013

CAREFULL, more taxes to be paid for property transfers, inheritance successions and gifts in the Valencian Region! FROM NOW in the Valencian Community, we will need to pay more pay more taxes for purchases (Transfer Tax), and succession and gifts (Inheritance and Gift Tax). Dear Readers, Unfortunately and in line with the last years, the taxes in the Valencian Community, (that means the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellon), have been raised again. Thus, from 6th August 6, 2013 the Decree Law 4/2013, came into force. The 2nd of August also saw several taxes transferred to the Valencia Community foreseen in the Law 13/1997. Highlights from these changes: TRANSFER TAX FOR REAL ESTATE AND PROPERTY. From now in the Valencian Region, with the recent amendment of Article 13 of Law 13/1997, in a resale and sale between private property owners, we will pay Transfer Tax at the rate of 10% instead of 8%. With this change, the transfers between individuals are equal to sales subject to VAT (i.e. purchase of new properties from developers...) since from the beginning of the year this VAT was also increased to 10%.

INHERITANCE AND GIFT TAX (IHT). These changes will not affect when the deceased or donor, or the beneficiary of the estate or grantee, are not tax resident in Spain. This is because in those cases, national Inheritance and Gift Tax Law (IHT) shall apply, and not the Valencian IHT Law. INHERITANCE: This has been lowered from 99% to 75% the tax benefits and discounts in the inheritance tax to be paid heirs when they inherit from their children, parents or spouses, and as far as these heirs are habitually residents in the Valencian Region at the date of death. DONATIONS: Also have been lowered from 99% to 75%, the tax benefits and bonus in Gift tax for donations in favor of the parents or children. This bonus has now a limit of €150,000, reduced from € 420,000. It’s not all bad news however. There is a positive tax change because the general reduction for close relative (similar to the nil rate band for descendants, ascendant and spouses) in Inheritance tax and Gift Tax, it has been increased up to 100,000€ from 40,000€.

Carlos Baos (Lawyer) © White & Baos Abogados 2012 - All rights reserved. C/Diana 19, 2º-D, 03700 Dénia (located 1 minute away from the La Via underground car park). Tel: 966 426 185. Send your questions to or This article is available in English and Spanish at The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues. Visit our blog at and Facebook (White-Baos-Abogados-Solicitors)


Fireworks suppliers going out with a bang! FIREWORKS ARE big business in Spain with fiesta committees spending a fortune on the massive pyrotechnic displays dear to the heart of most Spaniards who like nothing better than a big bang accompanied by plenty of sparks. However, the future of pyrotechnics in Spain is now at risk due to the inhibitive costs faced by small suppliers to comply with new European safety regulations. Smoke and heat detectors and automatic dry powder fire extinguishers as well as security alarms on every door are part of the requirements for premises where fireworks are sold – similar to the complicated security measures taken to protect a bank or jewellery outlet. Business owners estimate that the upgrades, which must be in place by 2015, will cost up to 35,000€, forcing many small suppliers to close.



09-15 Aug 2013

What is a ‘Zombie’ Pension? THE PERSONAL Pension celebrated its 25th birthday this month. Maybe you have one! What a nice surprise you would get if you discovered a pot of money you had long since forgotten about. I wouldn´t complain, except back then most personal pensions only produced poor returns and even cost you a small fortune in charges. Not so nice after all. The old (Zombie) pension is hungry and it will feed from your pension pot! Are you feeding a ‘Zombie?’ If you are, look carefully before killing off your Zombie. The reason these kind of pensions produced such poor results back then is because 25 years ago the choice of investments that are available today just didn’t exist. Thankfully pensions today are much more transparent. Even though the old style ‘Zombie’ pension more often than not had its drawbacks, it also had some good features, so it´s worth rummaging through the old shoe box filing system that we all know and have kept for those just in case moments. So what should you do? First, you need to check your plan because it may impose a high exit penalty. We can help you understand this better, but if you want to handle it yourself then your first port of call is to get in touch with your existing pension company and ask

them about the penalties. Next, how have they invested your money? Many contracts taken out in the early 90s would have been invested in with-profits funds. It can be expensive to switch from a with-profits pension as certain charges apply. Managed funds are more straightforward, but check the asset mix and that it is age and circumstance appropriate. You may even find it was switched to cash earning little or no interest, (not great news if you are just about to draw your pension). The message here is that you should always review your pension pot and not leave it for 20 plus years before you retire. If you need further information on this topic or pension planning in general visit www. and go to the contact us form on the Expat Financial Services page. For further information please contact Tracey Brady in the Javea Head Office on 96 646 1690 or by email on

Streets of Barcelona lined with gold SPAIN’S MOST expensive shopping street for luxury items, the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, is proving a magnet for millionaires seeking a little retail therapy. A study released by real estate consultant Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) shows that the streets of Madrid and Barcelona are even more popular with wellheeled shoppers than London or Paris. Branches by designer labels such as Max & Co., Michael Kors, Stella McCartney and Roberto Cavalli among others are popping up all along the Paseo, attracted by rents that are three times lower than luxury streets elsewhere in say Paris, Zurich or Milan (Paseo de Gracia rents at around 220€ per month per square meter). The study also notes that, despite the economic crisis, demand often exceeds supply, leading to some stores acquiring additional floor space above and below the ground floor to accommodate sales.


3 - 9 MAY 2013


Wayne Martin

International Financial Adviser

European Central Bank boss sees signs of recovery THE BBC is reporting that European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi has said that he sees some tentative signs of economic recovery in the Eurozone.

HE IS reported as saying that there may be a gradual recovery in economic activity in the remaining part of the year and in 2014. It comes as the ECB once again kept interest rates at an historic low level of 0.5% and Mr Draghi says that the rates will remain at these low levels for the foreseeable future. This is in keeping with the view in the UK. The effect of this is that investors expecting to live off the interest they hold in UK banks continue to suffer and their hard earned capital is eroded. The ECB statement was aimed at reassuring the markets that the ECB is not ready to follow the US Federal Reserve towards withdrawing emergency stimulus. The rate decision comes after some good news last week including a slight drop in Eurozone unemployment levels, though Spain continues to have very high rates of unemployment. It was the first fall in 25 months. Although the rate remains at 12.1% it was also reported on Friday that manufacturing activity grew for the first time in two years as factory output increased. The Eurozone inflation rate overall remains steady at 1.6% below the ECB’s goal of 2%, in Spain inflation is currently 1.8%. Mr Draghi concludes that the risks to economic recovery still remain on the downside as the Euro fell again against the pound and warned of insufficient implementation of structural reform in euro area countries. In the current uncertain economic climate I would urge you to speak to a professional financial adviser today and arrange a review of your circumstances. This is not aimed just at those who are wealthy but anyone can benefit. A quick discussion will reveal the areas where your adviser can help you. Don’t delay, get in touch today. Look after your wealth and your wealth will look after you. If you have any questions or need any advice regarding the above you can contact me on 636 361 588 or e-mail The above information was correct at the time of preparation and does not constitute investment advice and you should seek advice from a professional adviser before embarking on any financial planning activity. Blacktower Financial Management Ltd is licenced by the UK by the Financial Services Authority and is registered with both the DGS and CNMV. Blacktower Financial Management (Int) Ltd is licenced in Gibraltar by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) Licence No: 00805B and registered with the DGS in Spain.

09-15 AUG 2013


New water slide is a big hit THE FIRST customers of Aqualandia’s super new ‘VertiGo’ water slide have declared the experience “an incredible adrenalin rush.” The new slide, the highest in Europe, is accessed by a 42-meter high tower, from which the views of the surrounding landscape are described as “unbelievable.” The ride on the slide begins by being dropped through a trapdoor – with the anticipation in the seconds prior to the chute being opened “the worst feeling!” The first seconds of freefall are equivalent to dropping 13 floors, travelling at an average speed of 100kph. For the less brave, ‘Verti-Go offers a second slide-capsule at 28 meters – a good place to start before attempting the ‘biggy’! Aqualandia Head Lifeguard David Ruiz said the attraction was proving irresistible to men, although some brave women had taken part. Make sure your bikini clasps are properly secured ladies!

From fresh cooked chicken to Cha Cha heels!

LA CALA Finestrat Saturday Market has it all and more….. THE SATURDAY morning market in the bay at La Cala Finestrat has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years. What was once a tiny and rather dull little market selling the usual range of shoes and handbags has grown into a fine place to buy fresh local Spanish fruit and vegetables, plus cheese, bread, and of course hams and delicious sliced sausages of all types. This is a happy market, there is not the overkill found in the large Benidorm market which allow too many of the same type of stall. Here you will not find stall after stall all selling exactly the same thing. The pitch holders do not have that look of desperation often seen in other markets. There is a real feel of a local market frequented by people who live locally and not just a tourist trap kind of place. This market really deserves support, it is great. You will find real variety here with a great mix of food, clothes and of course those obligatory look like the real thing handbags! You will not find those horrible “brown shoes only” stalls, instead you will find smart modern (mostly fake) branded shoes for men and sparkly big Cha Cha heel shoes for ladies. There are several of each type of stall, but each seems to sell very different stock. You will find really good handmade costume jewellery, a wonderful stall selling every type of olive you could imagine. There are beautifully colourful

vegetable stalls, date stalls, melon stalls, fresh baked bread and simple seasonal cherry stalls. You can buy quality rugs, cheap knickers, beach beds, art and leather. For the peckish, enjoy a couple of makeshift cafés and a couple of popular ready to go spit roasted chicken vendors who will chop it, skin it and box it ready to eat (always big queues).

Article by Dave Gaskell, Cheap hotels holidays transfers since 2005

It is a real pleasure to spend a few hours here. Easy to park or take the regular bus No.2 or No.3 from central Benidorm. After a trip to this authentic local market there is a great beach to enjoy a dip in the sea or hop on the bus back to Benidorm old town for an authentic Spanish late lunch. Whatever YOU do, enjoy YOUR Benidorm weekender.


09-15 AUG 2013

Dining out with... The Duchess Neil’s Brasserie

THIS WEEK the Duke and I were invited by two of our friends to dine at Neil’s Brasserie: Neil’s is situated just off the Levante Beach, towards the Old Town end and has what one might call a ‘side sea view’ in Plaza del Torrejo 5. Please call for opening times during the summer months: Tel 646 024 196. Our table reservation was booked by our friends the previous day. As it is August they booked a table on the terrace, in front of the main restaurant, which as I said has a side sea view - a great spot for ‘people watching’. Upon arrival, just after nine, our table was ready and menus were presented as usual. We ordered a bottle of house white at 9€ a bottle. Later in the meal we decided to check out the wine list which I must say was comprehensive and very reasonable priced. We chose a white Marqués de Cáceres for just 1€extra at 10€; fantastic value for that wine although the house wine was fine. Bread sticks and alioli were served and our order taken. We all opted for the set menu at 12.95€ for three courses, a selection of approximately

12 choices for each course but they also have an international ‘a la carte’ menu. There’s also a vegetarian selection and more up and coming these days gluten free options. I chose the Chicken Curried Bacon Salad served warm and just the right quantity for a starter. The Duke had the Black Pudding with Caramelized Mushrooms and Onions, again nicely presented. Our friends opted for the home made Fish Cakes with Ginger and the Prawn Wrap served in a cream sauce. For the mains three of us went for the Moroccan Lamb which we expected to be served in a ‘tajine’ but came plated. It was really our fault for jumping to that conclusion, we should have asked. It was equally as nice, plated small-diced lamb with the usual

Moroccan flavored sauce accompanied by white rice, fresh vegetables and sautéed potatoes. Our other friend ordered the Chicken Pasta in a creamy sauce. Only I opted for a dessert which was a Snickers Tart - an ice cream tart containing nuts served with fresh cream. The bill came to 70.65€ which included two bottles of wine, which we all thought was good value for money. The service was attentive but you didn’t feel rushed. It’s a nice restaurant to enjoy a relaxing evening, especially this time of the year but be sure to book in advance if you want a terrace table as it does get very busy . Until next time soak up that sun…! The Duchess

Duchess star rating

Reservation Service Food quality

**** **** ****

Presentation Atmosphere Value for money

**** ***** *****

Tabarca Island A GREAT day out THE ISLAND of Tabarca, sometimes called “Flat Island” is located just 3 miles off the cape of Santa Pola and takes about an hour to get there by boat. The island is the largest inhabited island in the Valencian Community and dates back to the 18th century. The island is 1750 metres long with a maximum width of 300 metres and is absolutely flat - hence its name and is a protected marine reserve. It is this that draws scuba divers and snorkellers here as they can swim amongst the vast marine life that surrounds the island. For the slightly less adventurous you can hire pedalo boats. There is only one village - “Nova Tarbaca” which is home to aprox. 100 people. The main industry is fishing related but come the summer months the tourist industry thrives as its a very popular day trip. You can catch a boat from the marina at Mal Pas, located in the Old Town which departs at 10.30am every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. You get to spend the day on the island before making the return journey at 17.30pm. Make sure you give yourself around 3-4 hours for a leisurely stroll around the island and pit stops for refreshments... there are 16 restuarants on the island - with fish being the dish of the day in most, as it is caught daily... or take a picnic - remember that you are a captive audience on the island !

09-15 AUG 2013


HELP weekly meetings WEEKLY MEETINGS of HELP International, Benidorm will restart on Thursday 12th September at the José Llorca Llinares Social Centre, Benidorm: new members and volunteers are very welcome to come. Spanish lessons for beginners commence on Thursday 19th September at 12 (midday). Please visit for more information about HELP, its services and how to find us: contact HELP President Jan on 607 387 040.


09-15 AUG 2013


The myths around the EPC by

Pablo Arteaga

Head of Legal Department at Ábaco

SADLY EVERY new piece of Spanish legislation comes with a battery of misinformation and a number of opportunists. People fall upon the chance to create anxiety surrounding half-formed pieces of legislation. There are many examples of this and the Energy Performance Certificate is just one of them. Most people are now aware that the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a record of how energy efficient a property is and is required if you are selling your Spanish property or newly renting it out. However, past this point of general knowledge there are a whole range of myths that have emerged along with individuals touting their business even before the ink was dry on the legislation. Here are a few of the myths we have come across: Myth: The EPC is just another way of the Spanish Government squeezing more money out of the population. Fact: The EPC comes from a European Directive and its origins lie in the Kyoto Protocol published in 2002. Myth: Everyone selling or letting a property must have one. Fact: There are exemptions. Properties which are

less than 50m2 and detached are exempt as well as buildings purchased for major renovation or demolition. If you only let out the property for less than four months a year you needn’t have an EPC for renting but will need to acquire one when you are intending to sell the property. Myth: Any electrician/ odd job man can produce an EPC. Fact: Only a qualified and accredited engineer, architect or surveyor can carry out an EPC. Myth: It is possible to obtain a certificate without the electrician viewing the property. Fact: Whoever carries out your EPC must visit the property. The assessment and inspection will take about 90 minutes and the report will then have to be written up and the certificate issued. It is likely to cost between 200€ and 250€ but could be more in some cases. Myth: If you haven’t already obtained your certificate by now and registered it you could be liable for an immediate fine of 6,000€ Fact: It is true that extensive fines are planned between 300€ and 6,000€ and it is important that you comply with the legislation. However, it is recognised that the legislation will take some time to implement in its entirety and autonomous regions are still in

the process of establishing the registers that will be the real indication of whether your certificate is an authentic one or not. CHANGING THE RULES Another problem with the EPC is that rules keep being amended. For example, it was originally stated that if the property was not occupied for more than four months a year the owner was exempt from having a certificate when selling. This has now been revised and exemption depends on whether the purchasers intend to occupy the property for less than four months a year. As no one will know who the purchaser will be when putting a property on the market, vendors will still have to have an EPC. A REAL CONCERN Perhaps one of the most worrying of all these myths is that of the opportunist odd job man. There is concern in some sectors that people have already been commissioning certificates that will eventually prove to be invalid when they try to register them. False claims have been made by those keen to make money out of people’s confusion and anxiety to be legal. Unfortunately, these cowboys may be long gone by the time their illegality comes to light.

Ábaco provide fiscal representation to non-resident and resident Spanish property owners. You can contact us for free advice and information by calling our helpline 96 670 3748 or visiting our website


Elvis week! 09-15 Aug 2013

YOUR FAVOURITE song sung at the show! A fabulous tour of six venues will take place in August to celebrate the 36th Anniversary of Elvis’ passing. Celebration events will be taking place all over the world and the one planned locally is really special and different this year!

The show has two specific sets relating to Elvis music. The first - a ‘first’ for the area - will be in the style of ‘an evening with’ and people booking will be able to ask for their favourite songs and get a free gift from ‘Elvis’! This set will also feature an Elvis tribute in the style of the King’s ‘70s rehearsal look’ - puffy shirts, dark glasses and concert hair (like the picture!) Those booking will receive a paper with their tickets: all they have to do is email Jukebox Promotions with their name,In the the show swing they are booked for and the song they would like to hear! Subject to time and track availability, the song will then be played at the show and there will be other surprises too! The second set will be a full Elvis 70s Cabaret show in the Vegas style, featuring many of the King’s favourites and those loved by the fans. 36 years ago and it seems like yesterday! This fabulous tour (details below) will star ‘the best Elvis sound around’ Elvis 2000, the 2012 Best Tribute award winner in The Coastrider Music Awards and 2013 runner-up. Featuring with him will be runner up best female artist Fiona McLean, who will accompany Elvis 2000 in his performance and also bring a few special female hits of the era to the show.

If you love the King’s music and want to experience the best Elvis event in the Costa Blanca for the Elvis Week, get booked in early to the venue of your choice as seating will be allocated and limited in most venues. The earlier you book the better the seats!! SHOW DATES FOR THE ELVIS WEEK TOUR (all shows are 8.50€ unless stated) Wednesday 14th August: The Club, Quesada 96 671 7028 Thursday 15th August: Rocajuna, Punta Prima: 664 591 795 or 96 599 7260 (evenings except Mondays) Friday 16th August: The Club House, Camposol Golf: 96 897 8855 Sunday 18th August: The Lounge Bar, Torrevieja: 96 692 2743 Tuesday 20th August: Los Rosales, Lemon Tree Road, Guardamar: 606 192 691 (12.50€ including meal) Sunday 25th August: The Rendezvous, Campoamor (nr La Fuente Centre): 608 467 597 (10€ including buffet) Tickets are at the venues now! Book early to avoid disappointment and don’t forget to ask for your favourite song to be sung at that show! This is a fund-raising tour for Help at Home (Costa Blanca) except the show at Camposol which will support MABS. More details visit or call 695 135 134 Spain: 695 135 134 UK: 07506 719791

A new season of Barbershop THE COSTA Blanca Singers, one of the few Barbershop singing groups in the region, begins their new season in ‘The Top 10 Tapas Bar’ in Benissa on Thursday nights, starting 5th September at 8pm. The ‘Singers’ has been a part of the community now for more than 20 years. The two original members of the group, Roger Gallant and Paul Freeman, still sing and organise the chorus. New members are always welcome. For information on the group and how to join visit Also see Facebook page ‘Costa Blanca Singers’.

In the swing By Jack Troughton MUSIC FROM the magical big band era of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman filled the streets of Moraira when around 700 people gathered for a moonlight serenade from the Rommy Baker Orchestra. Organised by Teulada Moraira Lions Club it was the first of three summer concerts on the seafront by the castle. Everyone enjoyed the 15 piece band, an international outfit with musicians from Britain, Spain, Cuba and Germany and the Lions collected donations of 1,200€ - the money going to support local good causes. The second free seafront concert will take place on Sunday 18th of August, when the popular rock band ‘Black Glitter’ will take centre stage. The concert commences at 8pm. To find out more about the Lions go to or call 966491917. Find us on Facebook Teulada Moraira Lions Club.


Fate of Roman legion solved By Jack Troughton AUTHOR BRIAN Young believes he has unravelled one of the greatest mysteries of the Roman Empire – the disappearance of the Ninth Legion in the north of Britain. His best-selling novel ‘The Eagle Has Fallen’ took six years to research and write and the NHS engineer said: “I wrote it as accurately as possible. About 80% or the characters and 80% of the story are based on real events but it needed a little artistic licence.” Speaking at his holiday home in Polop, he said the Ninth - a 5,000-strong unit – was ordered from its garrison at York to quell an uprising of the Brigantes, a tribe of Britons with a homeland stretching from Scotland to modern day Liverpool. The fate of the legion has intrigued historians and archaeologists for years. Its loss has been blamed on a catastrophic military defeat to a supernatural vanishing. Brian believes the Ninth Legion was ambushed. “I am not saying the whole of the legion was wiped out, it is entirely possible some soldiers survived,” he said. “There is no direct evidence the Ninth left Britain but because of politics I believe the loss of the Ninth was covered up and smoothed over.” And he said if the Ninth’s Eagle was lost in battle, the unit would never have been reformed. “If you lost your eagle it was an absolute disgrace.” HADRIAN The Ninth was one of three legions based in Britain during Hadrian’s reign when it became accepted that the Roman Army was unable to keep order among the more warlike of the Northern tribes – the famous Hadrian’s Wall being built to split the Brigantes and prevent a concerted attack. Brian, from Glasgow, added a letter written in 162AD

Brian with reenactment society Romans

stressed that as many roman soldiers were killed by the Britons as by the Jews in the Middle East – another empire hotspot. The Ninth Legion Hispania was first raised in Cordoba, Spain, and became a crack unit with its motto: “Born by Caesar, baptised in blood, and crowned in glory”. However, by the time it was stationed in Britain around 107AD its ranks were filled with “green recruits” and tasked with helping police the islands. “As Hadrian came to the throne he was advised that the Britons could not be kept under Roman control,” added Brian.

“There was constant trouble brewing in Northern Britain.” A fan of military history and especially of the Roman Empire, Brian said his next nook was about Hadrian’s Wall itself. “It was the largest and most costly wall the Romans ever built and there must have been questions asked back in Rome. “It was a show of strength and stopped an army coming forward in great numbers.” The Eagle has Fallen is available through Amazon and for more information about the novel go to

Life travel

09-15 AUG 2013


Hacienda Zorita near Salamanca FANCY A free 2-night romantic break in a luxury 5 Star hotel with no catches, time shares or anything else to stop you enjoying it? Well read on… HACINEDA ZORITA is the jewel in the crown of a very large Spanish company called Haciendas De España World. This company has many assets including several exclusive hotels. It also owns and produces some of the best wines in Spain including the Berberana range. They also own The River Cafe in London. The Hacienda Zorita is an amazing hotel steeped in history and dating back to the 1700’s. The history even includes a stay by Christopher Columbus whilst he was trying to get finances for one of his many trips. Anyway, enough of the history, you can do that when you get there. So below is what we have just had for nothing – zero - nada. In case you did not get that, it was FREE. If you are interested in enjoying the same, then read on… YOUR STAY WILL INCLUDE: • Two nights in Hacienda Zorita for two people • Breakfast • Lunch/dinner in the River Café for two people • A luxury spa treatment in the Hacienda Zorita Wine Spa and Chill Out with a buffet lunch • A wine cellar tour, wine tasting and olive oil tasting • Free bottle of sparkling rosé wine in your room on arrival • One free bottle per case of 6 bottles of wine purchased in the hotel’s shop • 10% discount on gastronomic products So how do you get this? It’s easy, you just drink wine. Okay if you do not like wine then you have a problem. Anyway, basically this is one of several rewards for drinking their Berberana wine. The rewards are really aimed at the UK market where Berberana costs £10 per bottle or more and of course very few people will pay for flights etc. for two nights of free luxury. Here you can buy a bottle of Berberana for around 2.50€. Now I know this is not the cheapest wine around, far from it. However if you are getting a romantic 2-night half board 5 Star luxury holiday thrown in then it suddenly becomes more affordable. The normal price for a 2 night stay at Zorita is around 600€ for 2 people half board. If you collect 50 foils from Berberana and then visit the One Cork One Point website you can go for free. Yes I know 50 bottles is a lot of drinking - it took me nearly a week! Seriously, you can do that later - you only need the foils to take advantage of the freebie. The initial thought is obviously 50 x 2.50€ is still a lot of money - 125€ in fact. But remember

it is only the difference between your usual red wine and a good bottle of Berberana so it is probably only half of that. The biggest problem now is that I only want to drink better wine! There are many other offers on the website so it is worth a look: If you want more details feel free to email me at


09-15 AUG 2013

Life spanish

Basic Spanish for everyday needs by Jane Cronin

Step by Step Spanish -43 Llevar and Llevarse

WE ARE looking at verbs that are very common in everyday Spanish but are also a little difficult to explain. Last week it was “quedar” and “quedarse” and this week it is the turn of “llevar” and “llevarse” THE MOST literal and basic meanings of the verb “llevar” are “to take”, “to carry” or “to wear”. However, two of the very first questions we want to ask or answer in Spanish involve a different use of “llevar”. These are: “How long have you lived in Spain?” and “How long have you been learning Spanish?” Surprising as it may seem, both of these questions, and their answers, involve the verb “llevar”. Here they are: “¿Cuánto tiempo llevas viviendo en España?” and “¿Cuánto tiempo llevas aprendiendo español?”. Here “llevar” expresses the duration of time. In the context of these sentences it is the equivalent of “have … been”. The answers would be, for example: “Llevo 5 años en España” or “Llevo 6 meses estudiando español”. Returning hurriedly to the basic meanings of “llevar”, we have “pizza para llevar” (take-away pizza). “Llevo todo mi dinero en la cartera” (I carry all my money in my wallet). “La modelo lleva un jersey gris y pantalones negros.” (The model is wearing a grey sweater and black trousers). To “give someone a lift”,which is rather an odd phrase in English, also uses “llevar”. “¿Me podrías llevar a casa después de la fiesta?” (Could you give me a lift home after the party?) or “Te llevo en coche” (I’ll give you a lift). It can also be translated as “to bear” - “El restaurante lleva el nombre de mi abuelo” (the restaurant bears my grandfather’s name); “to contain” – “Esta tortilla no lleva cebolla”

(this potato omelette doesn’t contain onion). This latter use could be very useful if you are allergic to something, such as milk products. You can ask in a restaurant: “¿lleva productos lácteos?” whilst pointing intelligently to a menu item. Believe it or not, there are still more meanings to “llevar” but I think that’s enough for now, so let’s go to the reflexive form: “llevarse”. Well, first of all it can mean something that is very close to “llevar” meaning to take away. A phrase we might use in a shop when we decide to buy something is “me lo llevo” (the “me” being part of the reflexive verb “llevarse”). This means something like “I’ll take it away with me”. Likewise, if I want to invite someone to take something away with them, such as a book that they have been looking at, I might say “llévatelo” (take it!) Less basic meanings of “llevarse” are to express how we “get on with” someone: “Mi hermano y yo nos llevamos fenomenal.” (My brother and I get on really well) and also to express an intense kind of experience: “Me llevé un buen susto” (It gave me a real shock). It might be a little difficult to create a situation for that one. You could try jumping out at someone and shouting “boo” but that’s probably taking things a bit too far.

MUSIC SPECIAL... Lady Gaga @ladygaga The Russian government is criminal. Oppression will be met with revolution. Russian LGBTs you are not alone. We will fight for your freedom. Justin Timberlake @jtimberlake RIP George Duke. Funk, Jazz, MUSIC Legend... One of the GREATEST. P!nk @Pink I’m sure all of you hate filled humans can come up with something a little worse than that?!? Come on- be creative. You have 140 characters! Harry Styles @Harry_Styles Went to watch Cirque du Soleil tonight. I now feel very not bendy. Mariah Carey @MariahCarey Thanks all for the well wishes <3 Still in a lot of pain - cracked rib, fractured shoulder, bruises everywhere, but the show must go on.

Life books

Danny Collins -

The Jackal man KATE ELLIS is a prolific British writer whose interests in medieval history and archaeology are reflected in her novels which, although set in the present day, have a lingering echo of the Gothic about them. In The Jackal Man Kate once again introduces us to her hero DI Wesley Peterson, who is tasked with solving a crime with undertones of the past and overtones of the most horrific murder. In the opening chapters a teenage girl is strangled and left for dead on a lonely country road. Her attacker, she insists to Peterson, has the head of a dog. When the body of another young woman is found mutilated and wrapped in a white linen sheet, the DI forms the theory that the killer is performing an ancient ritual on his victims linked to Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian god of death and mummification. (What a pity the fictitious DI Peterson doesn’t exist in real life as this kind of speculation went out with Jack Slipper) . The plot thickens when an archaeologist , Neil Watson, arrives at Varley Castle to catalogue the collection of Edwardian amateur Egyptologist Sir Frederick Varley, and discovers that the murder bears a sinister similarity to four local murders in 1903, which were believed to be committed by Sir Frederick’s son. (At this point, my hair Author: Kate Ellis Publisher: piatkus (paperback) Price: 10.40 euros ISBN: 978 0 7499 5593 9

was standing up to touch the beams in my study. My wife said I looked like Ken Dodd). Yet the book is delightful reading and as spooky as only Ellis can make them when it seems that the killer has another victim in mind – someone close to DI Wesley Peterson himself. Ooooo mum! A great book to read in bed at night.....

Suduko Answer

09-15 AUG 2013

Life tech

with Aunty Virus


Infected Programs HI AUNTY: I am running Windows 7 on one laptop and Windows 8 on another: both seem to have become infected on my browsers. I am using Chrome and Firefox which is most annoying. ‘’ is slowing down the response times as it has to wait for all the ads to finish before being able to continue. I have been on the internet but can’t find an easy solution to this problem without going into the registry and I am not confident of doing this task. I have been onto all the settings looking for a solution and alien extensions and none have been found, and wondered if you may have a solution as a 70+ user not up-to-date with messing around with the registry, have run all the usual recommended programs with no results. Hope that you may be able to help. Thanks in advance, Arthur

browsers, but this will only be temporary, as without fully cleaning the entries in the registry and elsewhere on your PC, they will return. Another would be to install update and run ‘antimalwarebytes’ to see if that picks up anything.

Aunty says: Just about all the solutions I have seen for this virus have required you to go into the registry and delete certain lines from the registry, which, as you say, should only be done if you are ‘feeling up to it’ as it can cause issues with your PC if the wrong things are changed. One solution would be to uninstall and reinstall your

Task Scanning toolbar HI AUNTY, I am an avid


reader of your page in RTN and have a small problem with trying to uninstall task toolbar. When I try I am asked to close all Google Chrome windows: the thing is I don’t have any open. I tried uninstalling Google Chrome but get the same message: I have also tried restarting my PC (Windows 7) to no avail. Any ideas as to what I might try? Regards, Dave Aunty says: Sometimes using the packages uninstall tool may not always work, and sometimes they leave things still in the PC. But maybe an uninstall tool like Revo (www.revouninstaller. com) can help uninstall tricky programs. Or see if you can uninstall it using Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows starts) Response: Hi, tried what you said and it worked. Many thanks – Dave.

HI AUNTY: I have a couple of questions about scanning. Forgive this silver surfer please! When I scan to my pictures is there a way in which I can ensure the newest scan can be either at the beginning or end of the Pictures page? Thanks, Marie J Aunty says: Each folder has display options. If you right click on an area in your picture folder, you have a menu appear with ‘Order by’ appear. You can then order the files in that folder how you like, by date, name, file type and specify ascending or descending order.


Gadget Inspector Investigates:

09-15 Aug 2013


Kärcher WV60 Cordless LiveScore Window Vac THIS MOBILE phone app comes directly from LiveScore Ltd., the leaders and inventors of real-time delivery of live sport data and owners of the no.1 ranked football / soccer web site globally.

THIS WEEK the Inspector takes a look at the Kärcher WV60 Cordless Window Vac – the complete window cleaning vacuum kit. The idea of vacuuming windows creates a somewhat surreal image of someone using the Dyson in what would appear to be a futile attempt to clean them. The reality, however, is not as bonkers as it may sound. The Kärcher Cordless Window Vac works by sucking surfaces dry and as a result makes it easier to achieve streak free windows due to the design of the rubber blades, allowing the liquid to suck straight from a smooth surface. Powered by a re-chargeable Lithium-Ion battery the Kärcher will clean up to 45 windows on a single charge. It is also designed to remove liquid from other surfaces including mirrors, tiles, shower-screens and can even deal with spills on worktops and floors. And the Kärcher even has it´s uses in the damper months being very handy at dealing with any condensation build-up on windows and other surfaces. And when you’re done simply empty the collected liquid from the 100ml tank and connect to the re-charging unit ready

for the next time! The kit also comes with a small 170mm blade designed to clean smaller windows - simply disconnect the current blade and click the small head into place. Also included is a handy spray bottle from which detergent can be sprayed and then cleaned with the micro-fibre cleaning cloth attached to the spray bottle head. The Inspectors Verdict: The Kärcher WV60 Cordless Window Vac is one of these gadgets you never realised would be such a boon until you tried it. So why continue to make such a necessary chore just that? Instead make it a breeze and get yourself a Kärcher Cordless Window Vac! Please note the following is for information and is not intended as an advertisement - visit

FEATURES - Live football / soccer scores from leagues, cup competitions and championships worldwide - More than 1000 live football / soccer games followed live every week during the season - Detailed match information - Live tennis & cricket scores - Live league tables - Select your own refresh period - User friendly - Time & Date localized - Very fast and responsive even on slow connection - Minimal data transfers - Bandwidth friendly with our data compression - Lightweight Available to download on Android devices from Google Play and Apple devices from iTunes. window-vac to purchase the Kärcher WV60 Window Vac for 74€. Please note the charger unit has a UK plug which will require a Spanish 2-pin adapter. Price quoted includes delivery to Spain and is subject to availability (Euro cost subject to exchange rate at time of purchase).


09-15 AUG 2013

Life Showbiz Goss Cakes and Carnage at the Bake Off!

FILMING IS well under way for the fourth series of The Great British Bake Off, but all is not quite as you would expect it to be down in the West Country with this gentile, and I have to say a bit of a nod-worthy television programme. Last week our beloved tabloid The Sun printed a rather comprehensive report around the filming of the series that started “It looked more like the set of a horror film than a cosy TV cookery show!” … heavens! … but hang about, as there´s more … a lot more. It seems that every contestant managed to cut themselves during the shooting of the first episode, a statement that was embellished and then some by The Sun when they added “there were so many injuries the doctors eventually ran out of bandages and plasters on the set at Harptree Court, Bristol.” … and there´s more! Although it’s unlikely anybody will stand up and say what has occurred here, reading between it comes out something like this. When all the contestants are stood at their tables to flash

off their baking skills, to help them a wee smidge they are each given a new set of knives … a new set of professional knives! Relevant to this scenario the Sun said “professional knives are much sharper than what you’d use at home ... the medics were rushing around trying to treat everyone!” … thankfully no one had any serious injuries, but if you are honest there´s a fairly good chance you might be smiling a wee bit right now. I personally didn´t see it, but in last year’s series the eventual winner John Whaite cut his finger on an electric mixer, and with blood pouring down his arm was forced to withdraw from the round to undergo treatment. The first show if the new series goes out on BBC2 Tuesday week 20th and I fancy they might be calling it ´The Great British Bloodbath!


Peter Taylor

Writer and Broadcaster

Sugababe sweet on dosh! THIS NEXT item involves a reality show, a nice big target I like to fire a few arrows at as you perhaps know, but the story I have for you here is more to do with the archetypical realty show contestant. The programme in question is ´Splash!´ and with the new series planned to air early next year, it’s the time when the producers start to recruit celebrity peeps, the part of the tale that now brings in Sugababe Jade Owen. Speaking at the rather posh BMW 3i launch in London last week the lovely Jade admitted she had no idea what Splash! was all about before she signed up for the show. “I didn´t realise what I was getting myself into when agreeing to the ITV show, but I was satisfied with my participation in the series” and without taking a breath said “because of the fee I received and because I had fun ... I had fun, yea.” The implications of her saying she didn´t know what she was signing up for brings in very sound reasoning as to why all of these programmes should be bludgeoned to the ground. The great Sir David Attenborough makes reality shows and that’s not me being smart, it’s because everything you see in his programmes are real … the long black train of what we know as ´reality shows´ has the tiniest slice of reality going on and that leaves a giant sized piece of the cake for the famous peeps to make money Quote “I didn´t know what I was getting myself into … I was satisfied with my participation in the series because of the fee I received.” Sugababe Jade Owen ... circa 2013.

A Couple o´ Clips THIS FIRST item comes with a ´not for the vicars wife ´tag, so be careful as there are a few racy moments. Ch4 have bought a series from the US called Masters of Sex … Warned you didn´t I! Michael Sheen stars as gynaecologist William Masters, a real person who carried out groundbreaking research into arousal and sexual behaviour in the 1950s ... Should keep you warm in the autumn when it comes out. It was a joy to watch a show on BBC2 last week called ´So Caligula With Mary Beard,´ and I say a joy because watching an elderly lady with long greying hair a la 70´s kitted out in top of the range charity shop specials, was quite lovely. And she handled the notorious nature of Caligula’s steamy reputation with quite some style and elegance too ... We Want More Mary! … We Want …

Life TV

09-15 AUG 2013


9th - 15th August

FRIDAY 9th August BBC1







07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Helicopter Heroes 12:45 Fake Britain 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News 14:40 Doctors 15:10 Only Fools and Horses 16:00 Perfection 16:45 Escape to the Country 17:30 Flog It! 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 BBC London News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Nigel Slater’s Dish of the Day 21:00 EastEnders 21:30 Celebrity MasterChef 22:00 The Field of Blood 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News 23:35 Would I Lie to You? 24:05 Pramface 24:35 Grosse Pointe Blank

07:00 Homes Under the Hammer 08:00 Great British Railway Journeys 08:30 Bargain Hunt 09:15 Saints and Scroungers 10:00 Hebrides: Islands on the Edge 11:00 Animal Park 12:00 BBC News 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 Saint Joan 14:45 Weakest Link 15:30 Mastermind 16:00 The A to Z of TV Gardening 16:45 A Taste of My Life 17:15 Journeys into the Ring of Fire 18:15 Antiques Roadshow 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Railway Journeys 20:00 A Summer in Wales 21:00 Mastermind 21:30 Gardeners’ World 22:00 Natural World 23:00 The Trip 23:30 Newsnight 24:00 Weather 24:05 Good Night, and Good Luck

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Tipping Point 14:30 ITV News 14:55 ITV News Central 15:00 The Hungry Sailors 16:00 Secret Dealers 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Midsomer Murders 18:00 Take on the Twisters 19:00 ITV News Central 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 River Monsters 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Doc Martin 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 ITV News Central 23:35 Bridget Jones’s Diary

07:10 The Hoobs 07:35 The Hoobs 08:00 Hugh’s 3 Good Things 08:15 According to Jim 08:40 Will & Grace 09:05 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:05 Frasier 10:35 Frasier 11:05 The Big Bang Theory 11:35 The Big Bang Theory 12:00 Undercover Boss USA 13:00 Channel 4 News Summary 13:05 A Place in the Sun 14:05 Young Sherlock Holmes 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 Ramadan Diaries 21:00 Four Rooms 22:00 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 23:00 Sarah Millican: Chatterbox Live 24:05 Rude Tube

07:00 Childrens Tv 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 The Billion Dollar Wreck Hunt 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Animal A&E 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 The Mentalist 16:15 A Decent Proposal 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Animal A&E 19:30 NewsTalk Live 20:00 Cricket: The Ashes 21:00 World’s Busiest 22:00 Big Brother 23:30 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side 24:30 Big Brother

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Emmerdale 07:55 Planet’s Funniest Animals 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Judge Judy 10:05 Judge Judy 10:35 Up All Night 11:05 Up All Night 11:35 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 12:30 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Emmerdale 14:30 Judge Judy 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00 Coyote Ugly 24:05 Whip It

07:00 Switched 07:20 90210 08:05 One Tree Hill 08:45 Made in Chelsea 09:45 Scrubs 10:15 Rules of Engagement 10:45 90210 11:40 One Tree Hill 12:35 Charmed 13:35 Hollyoaks 14:05 How I Met Your Mother 14:35 How I Met Your Mother 15:05 Scrubs 15:35 Scrubs 16:00 Charmed 17:00 Rules of Engagement 17:30 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 18:30 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 The Big Bang Theory 21:30 How I Met Your Mother 22:00 My Stepmother Is an Alien 24:10 The Big Bang Theory 24:35 The Big Bang Theory

SATURDAY 10th August BBC1

07:00 Live Athletics 10:30 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 12:00 BBC News; Regional News and Weather 12:15 Live Athletics 19:30 BBC News; Regional News and Weather 19:45 That Puppet Game Show 20:30 I Love My Country 21:20 The National Lottery: Break the Safe 22:10 Casualty 23:00 Mrs Brown’s Boys 23:30 BBC News; Weather 23:50 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow 24:35 The Football League Show


07:00 This Is BBC Two 07:30 China Sky 08:45 Pot o’ Gold 10:10 Reel History of Britain 10:40 The Private Life of Plants 11:30 Live Athletics 12:15 University Challenge 12:45 The Sky at Night 13:05 Carve Her Name with Pride 15:00 Escape to the Country 15:30 Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure 16:30 Wild China 17:30 Final Score 18:15 Flog It! 19:00 Natural World 20:00 Proms Extra 2013 20:40 Dad’s Army 21:10 David Starkey’s Music & Monarchy 22:10 Top of the Lake 23:10 QI XL 23:55 Hamlet 2

SUNDAY 11th August BBC1

07:00 Live Athletics 11:00 Sunday Morning Live 12:00 Homes Under the Hammer 13:00 BBC News 13:10 The One Show: Best of Britain 13:40 Countryfile 14:35 Bargain Hunt 15:05 Escape to the Country 15:55 Songs of Praise 16:30 Live Athletics 20:05 BBC News; Regional News and Weather 20:30 Celebrity Mastermind 21:00 Countryfile 22:00 The White Queen 23:00 BBC News; Regional News and Weather 23:25 Room 101 Extra Storage 24:05 That Puppet Game Show 24:45 Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!


07:00 This Is BBC Two 07:15 Angel on My Shoulder 09:00 Around the World in 80 Gardens 10:00 Gardeners’ World 10:30 The Beechgrove Garden 11:00 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 12:30 Raymond Blanc: How to Cook Well 13:00 Coast 13:10 EastEnders 15:05 Hans Christian Andersen 16:55 The Making of King Arthur 17:55 First Knight 20:00 The Battle for Malta 21:00 Dragons’ Den 22:00 The Hairy Bikers’ Restoration Road Trip 23:00 Blackadder the Third 23:30 Numb: Simon Amstell Live at the BBC 24:30 The Visitor

ITV1 07:00 Jake and the 08:20 Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil 08:35 The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! 09:00 Gravity Falls 09:25 ITV News 09:30 Dinner Date 10:25 Saturday Cookbook 11:20 Murder, She Wrote 12:20 Saturday Farm 13:20 Countrywise 13:35 ITV News and Weather 13:40 All Star Mr & Mrs 14:45 Smokey and the Bandit 16:30 Midsomer Murders 18:30 ITV News Central 18:45 ITV News and Weather 19:00 You’ve Been Framed! 19:30 You’ve Been Framed! 20:00 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 22:50 The Americans 23:45 ITV News and Weather 24:00 Public Enemies

ITV1 07:00 Childrens Tv 08:35 The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! 09:00 Sonny with a Chance 09:25 ITV News 09:30 Country House Sunday 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 11:20 Murder, She Wrote 12:20 ITV News and Weather 12:30 Ade in Britain 13:30 Love Your Garden 14:30 The Community Shield Live 17:15 The Mummy 19:30 ITV News Central 19:45 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Tipping Point: Lucky Stars 21:00 All Star Mr & Mrs 22:00 Law & Order: UK 23:00 ITV News and Weather 23:15 The Community Shield Highlights 24:15 Perspectives

CHANNEL 4 07:10 The Treacle People 07:20 The Hoobs 07:45 VW Racing Cup 08:10 The Grid 08:40 FIM Superbike World Championship 09:10 The Morning Line 10:10 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:40 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:10 Frasier 11:40 Frasier 12:10 The Big Bang Theory 12:40 The Big Bang Theory 13:10 The Simpsons 13:45 Undercover Boss Canada 17:10 Come Dine with Me 17:40 Come Dine with Me 18:10 Come Dine with Me 18:40 Come Dine with Me 19:10 Come Dine with Me 19:40 Channel 4 News 20:00 Grand Designs 21:00 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 23:50 Braveheart

CHANNEL 5 07:00 Childrens Tv 09:25 Angelina Ballerina 09:45 Rupert Bear 10:00 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom 10:15 Toby’s Travelling Circus 10:25 Roary the Racing Car 10:40 Jelly Jamm 11:00 The Mr Men Show 11:15 Power Rangers 11:50 Slugterra 12:10 Inside Hollywood 12:15 Big Brother 13:45 World’s Busiest 14:45 Hell Boats 16:40 Columbo: A Bird in the Hand 18:30 Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost 20:00 Cricket: The Ashes 21:00 NCIS 21:55 NCIS 22:50 5 News Weekend 23:00 Big Brother 24:00 Big Brother’s Bit on the Psych

ITV2 07:00 Holiday Showdown 07:50 Coronation Street 10:30 Emmerdale 13:30 Dinner Date: Australia 14:30 The Xtra Factor 15:30 You’ve Been Framed! 16:05 A Cinderella Story 17:55 Step Up 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! 21:30 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00 The Bourne Identity 24:20 Hannibal


07:00 Switched 07:25 Being Erica 08:10 Being Erica 08:55 Greek 09:55 Make It or Break It 10:50 Ugly Betty 11:45 Scrubs 12:15 Scrubs 12:45 Scrubs 13:15 Glee 14:10 Charmed 15:10 90210 16:05 Rules of Engagement 17:00 Rules of Engagement 18:00 Rules of Engagement 18:30 The Mindy Project 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Suburgatory 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 How I Met Your Mother 21:30 Happy Endings 22:00 He’s Just Not That into You 24:30 PhoneShop





07:10 The Hoobs 07:35 Ironman 2013 08:00 Triathlon 08:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 09:55 Frasier 10:30 Sunday Brunch 13:30 The Big Bang Theory 14:00 The Big Bang Theory 14:25 The Simpsons 15:00 Deal or No Deal 16:00 Bride Wars 17:45 Leap Year 19:40 Channel 4 News 20:00 Kirstie’s Fill Your House for Free 21:00 The Mill 22:00 Southcliffe 23:00 The Number 23

07:00 Childrens Tv 10:15 Toby’s Travelling Circus 10:25 Roary the Racing Car 10:40 Jelly Jamm 11:00 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures 11:10 Power Rangers Samurai 11:40 Slugterra 12:05 Highland Emergency 12:35 Big Brother 13:30 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side 14:30 The Hotel Inspector Returns 15:30 An American Tail: Fievel Goes West 17:00 Tinker Bell 18:30 Open 19:55 5 News Weekend 20:00 Cricket: The Ashes 21:00 Once Upon a Time 22:00 Big Brother 23:00 Shoot ‘Em Up 24:45 The Detonator

07:00 Beauty and the Geek

07:00 Scrubs 07:25 Being Erica 08:10 Make It or Break It 09:05 Ugly Betty 10:05 Scrubs 10:35 Scrubs 11:05 Hollyoaks 13:40 Glee 14:35 Charmed 15:35 90210 16:30 How I Met Your Mother 17:00 How I Met Your Mother 17:30 How I Met Your Mother 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 18:30 The Mindy Project 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:30 New Girl 21:00 27 Dresses 23:10 The Inbetweeners 23:40 Skins 24:40 Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23

07:50 Emmerdale 10:45 Coronation Street 13:15 America’s Got Talent 15:05 America’s Got Talent 16:10 What a Girl Wants 18:10 Step Up 2 the Streets 20:15 Johnny English 22:00 Troy


09-15 AUG 2013

Life TV

9th August - 15th August

MONDAY 12th August BBC1





07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Countryside 999 12:45 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:45 Doctors 15:10 Only Fools and Horses 16:00 Perfection 16:45 Escape to the Country 17:30 Flog It! 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 BBC London News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Fake Britain 21:00 EastEnders 21:30 Fightback Britain 22:00 Death in Paradise 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News and Weather 23:35 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 24:20 Live at the Apollo

07:00 This Is BBC Two 07:15 Live Athletics 11:35 Click 12:00 BBC News 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 The Importance of Being Earnest 14:30 Weakest Link 15:15 Mastermind 15:45 The A to Z of TV Gardening 16:30 Live Athletics 20:30 Wild Cameramen at Work 21:00 University Challenge 21:30 Raymond Blanc: How to Cook Well 22:00 Horizon 23:00 QI 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Make Me a German

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Tipping Point 14:30 ITV News 14:55 ITV News Central 15:00 Storage Hoarders 16:00 Secret Dealers 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Midsomer Murders 18:00 Take on the Twisters 19:00 ITV News Central 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Tonight 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Long Lost Family 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 ITV News Central 23:35 Benidorm 24:05 Monk

07:10 The Hoobs 07:35 The Hoobs 08:00 Hugh’s 3 Good Things 08:15 According to Jim 08:40 Will & Grace 09:05 Frasier 09:35 Frasier 10:05 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:05 The Big Bang Theory 12:00 Undercover Boss USA 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 A Place in the Sun 14:05 Kirstie’s Vintage Gems 14:20 Yangtse Incident 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Dispatches 21:30 Food Unwrapped 22:00 Benefits Britain 1949 23:00 Ramsay’s Hotel Hell 24:05 Random Acts 24:10 Coming Up 24:40 How to Get a Council House

07:00 Childrens Tv 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:20 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:30 Mio Mao 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Nurses 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Animal A&E 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 16:15 A Time to Remember 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Animal A&E 19:30 NewsTalk Live 20:00 Cricket: The Ashes 21:00 The Billion Dollar Wreck Hunt 22:00 Big Brother 23:00 My Cyberstalking Hell: Liz McClarnon 24:00 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Coronation Street 07:55 Coronation Street 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Judge Judy 10:10 Judge Judy 10:35 Up All Night 11:00 Up All Night 11:30 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 12:30 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Coronation Street 14:30 Coronation Street 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 The Xtra Factor 22:00 The Bourne Supremacy 24:15 Duplicity

TUESDAY 13th August



07:00 Switched 07:20 90210 08:05 One Tree Hill 08:50 Made in Chelsea 09:45 Scrubs 10:15 Rules of Engagement 10:45 90210 11:40 One Tree Hill 12:35 Charmed 13:30 Hollyoaks 14:00 How I Met Your Mother 14:30 How I Met Your Mother 15:00 Scrubs 15:30 Scrubs 16:00 Charmed 17:00 Rules of Engagement 17:30 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 18:25 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 New Girl 21:30 The Mindy Project 22:00 90210 23:00 Hostage








07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Countryside 999 12:45 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:40 Doctors 15:10 Only Fools and Horses 16:00 Perfection 16:45 Escape to the Country 17:30 Flog It! 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 BBC London News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 21:00 Holby City 22:00 New Tricks 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News and Weather 23:35 Football’s Suicide Secret 24:35 Litter Wars

07:00 This Is BBC Two 07:15 Live Athletics 11:35 HARDtalk 12:00 BBC News 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 The Long and the Short and the Tall 14:45 The Super League Show 15:30 Mastermind 16:00 Animal Park 16:30 Live Athletics 20:30 Wild Cameramen at Work 21:00 Count Arthur Strong 21:30 The Cruise: A Life at Sea 22:00 This World 23:00 Family Tree 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Horizon

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Tipping Point 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 ITV News Central 15:00 Storage Hoarders 16:00 Secret Dealers 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Midsomer Murders 18:00 Take on the Twisters 19:00 ITV News Central 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Tonight 21:00 Love Your Garden 22:00 On the Run 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 ITV News Central 23:35 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories 24:35 In Plain Sight

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07:00 Childrens Tv 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:20 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:30 Mio Mao 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 The Hotel Inspector Returns 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Animal A&E 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 NCIS 16:10 Murder among Friends 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Animal A&E 19:30 NewsTalk Live 20:00 Cricket: The Ashes 21:00 Born to Kill? 22:00 CSI: NY 23:00 Big Brother 24:00 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Coronation Street 07:55 Coronation Street 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Judge Judy 10:10 Judge Judy 10:35 Up All Night 11:00 Up All Night 11:30 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 12:30 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Coronation Street 14:30 Coronation Street 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00 Hell’s Kitchen USA 23:00 Red Dragon

07:00 Switched 07:20 90210 08:00 One Tree Hill 08:50 Made in Chelsea 09:55 Scrubs 10:25 Rules of Engagement 10:50 90210 11:40 One Tree Hill 12:40 Charmed 13:35 Hollyoaks 14:05 How I Met Your Mother 15:05 Scrubs 15:35 Scrubs 16:00 Charmed 17:00 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 18:25 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 How I Met Your Mother 21:30 The Big Bang Theory 22:00 New Girl 22:30 The Mindy Project 23:00 Happy Endings 23:30 The Cleveland Show 24:00 8 Out of 10 Cats 24:45 The Big Bang Theory

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07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Countryside 999 12:45 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:45 Doctors 15:10 Only Fools and Horses 16:00 Perfection 16:45 Escape to the Country 17:30 Flog It! 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 BBC London News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Rip Off Food 21:00 Celebrity MasterChef 22:00 Who Do You Think You Are? 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News and Weather 23:35 The Call Centre 24:35 A Lot like Love

07:00 This Is BBC Two 07:30 Live Athletics 10:00 Rick Stein’s India 11:00 The Chef’s Protege 11:30 The Chef’s Protege 12:00 BBC News 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 Coast 13:05 Wuthering Heights 14:45 Weakest Link 15:30 Mastermind 16:00 The A to Z of TV Gardening 16:45 A Taste of My Life 17:15 Journeys into the Ring of Fire 18:15 Antiques Roadshow 19:00 Athletics 19:30 Moscow: The Cold War Olympics 20:00 Dig WW2 with Dan Snow 21:00 Restoration Home 22:00 Queen Victoria’s Children 23:00 The Culture Show 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Dara O Briain’s Science Club

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Tipping Point 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 ITV News Central 15:00 Storage Hoarders 16:00 Secret Dealers 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Midsomer Murders 18:00 Take on the Twisters 19:00 ITV News Central 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Live International Football 23:25 ITV News and Weather 23:55 ITV News Central 24:05 International Football Highlights

07:10 The Hoobs 07:35 The Hoobs 08:00 Hugh’s 3 Good Things 08:10 According to Jim 08:35 Will & Grace 09:00 Swimming 10:00 Frasier 10:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:05 The Big Bang Theory 11:35 The Big Bang Theory 12:00 Undercover Boss USA 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 A Place in the Sun 14:05 Kirstie’s Handmade Treasures 14:25 When Eight Bells Toll 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 How Not to Get Old 22:00 24 Hours in A&E 23:00 The Last Leg 24:25 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

07:00 Childrens Tv 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:20 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:30 Mio Mao 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Cowboy Traders 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Animal A&E 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 NCIS 16:15 Class 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Animal A&E 19:30 NewsTalk Live 20:00 Emergency Bikers 21:00 Nurses 22:00 Big Brother 23:00 Love/Hate 24:10 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 The Xtra Factor 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Judge Judy 10:10 Judge Judy 10:35 Up All Night 11:00 Up All Night 11:30 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 12:30 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 The Xtra Factor 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00 Girlfri3nds 23:00 Coyote Ugly

07:00 Switched 07:20 90210 08:00 Ugly Betty 08:45 Made in Chelsea 09:45 Scrubs 10:15 Rules of Engagement 10:40 90210 11:35 Ugly Betty 12:35 Charmed 13:30 Hollyoaks 14:00 How I Met Your Mother 14:35 How I Met Your Mother 15:00 Scrubs 15:30 Scrubs 16:00 Charmed 17:00 Rules of Engagement 17:30 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 18:30 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 New in Town 23:00 jackass number two 24:50 The Big Bang Theory

09-15 Aug 2013


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07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Countryside 999 12:45 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News 14:40 Doctors 15:10 Only Fools and Horses 16:00 Perfection 16:45 Escape to the Country 17:30 Flog It! 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 BBC London News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 21:00 Celebrity MasterChef 22:00 Paul O’Grady’s Working Britain 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News 23:35 Who Do You Think You Are? 24:35 Proof

07:00 This Is BBC Two 07:30 Live Athletics 10:05 The Chef’s Protege 10:35 The Chef’s Protege 11:05 The Chef’s Protege 11:35 HARDtalk 12:00 BBC News 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 Rampage 14:35 Weakest Link 15:20 Mastermind 15:50 The A to Z of TV Gardening 16:35 Live Athletics 20:00 Dig WW2 with Dan Snow 21:00 Dara O Briain’s Science Club 22:00 The Men Who Made Us Thin 23:00 Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 The Men Who Made Us Fat

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Tipping Point 14:30 ITV News 14:55 ITV News Central 15:00 Storage Hoarders 16:00 Secret Dealers 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Midsomer Murders 18:00 Take on the Twisters 19:00 ITV News Central 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Tonight 21:00 Emmerdale 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 My Dwarf Family 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 ITV News Central 23:35 The Secret Life of Dogs 24:35 Murder, She Wrote

07:10 The Hoobs 07:35 The Hoobs 08:00 Hugh’s 3 Good Things 08:10 According to Jim 08:35 Will & Grace 09:00 Swimming 10:00 Frasier 10:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:00 The Big Bang Theory 11:35 The Big Bang Theory 12:00 Undercover Boss USA 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 A Place in the Sun 14:05 Donovan’s Reef 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 The Dealership 22:00 How to Get a Council House 23:00 Crazy About One Direction 24:05 Random Acts 24:10 24 Hours in A&E

07:00 Childrens Tv 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Noddy in Toyland 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 World’s Busiest 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Animal A&E 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 CSI: Miami 16:10 On Hostile Ground 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Animal A&E 19:30 NewsTalk Live 20:00 Police Interceptors 21:00 Why Did Oscar Pistorius Kill Our Daughter? 22:00 The Hotel Inspector 23:00 Big Brother 24:00 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Holiday Showdown 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Judge Judy 10:10 Judge Judy 10:35 Up All Night 11:00 Up All Night 11:30 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 12:30 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Holiday Showdown 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00 Bridget Jones’s Diary 24:00 The Invention of Lying

CROSSWORD SOLUTIONS 720 CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Rome; 3 Stampede; 9 Minimum; 10 Nepal; 11 Red letter day; 13 Encase; 15 Orange; 17 Frontispiece; 20 Aloft; 21 Onerous; 22 Mistress; 23 Feed. Down: 1 Remarked; 2 Mined; 4 Tomato; 5 Minor prophet; 6 Explain; 7 Eels; 8 Impersonator; 12 Released; 14 Cargoes; 16 Pilots; 18 Elope; 19 Balm.

QUICK SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Fade; 3 Cupboard; 9 Amateur; 10 Macaw; 11 Song of praise; 13 Modest; 15 Edison; 17 Stormy petrel; 20 Unfit; 21 Outlaws; 22 Enlisted; 23 Stud. Down: 1 Fearsome; 2 Drain; 4 Unripe; 5 Bombardments; 6 Accuses; 7 Dawn; 8 Demonstrates; 12 Enclosed; 14 Dutiful; 16 Bygone; 18 React; 19 Rule.

E4 07:00 Switched 07:20 90210 08:05 Ugly Betty 08:50 Made in Chelsea 09:50 Scrubs 10:20 Rules of Engagement 10:50 90210 11:45 Ugly Betty 12:40 Charmed 13:35 Hollyoaks 14:05 How I Met Your Mother 14:35 How I Met Your Mother 15:05 Scrubs 15:35 Scrubs 16:00 Charmed 17:00 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 18:25 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 The Big Bang Theory 21:30 How I Met Your Mother 22:00 Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 22:30 Suburgatory 23:00 PhoneShop 23:30 The IT Crowd 24:00 The IT Crowd 24:35 The Big Bang Theory

What’s on Viva TV this week Viva TV broadcasts on the Torresat Network every day from 2.00pm until 10pm And you can watch all our programmes and find our full listings at Friday 9 Aug Celebrity Archive – Susannah York was a British actress who was awarded a BAFTA as Best Supporting Actress for They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? 18.00 Saturday 10th Aug Viva La Vida – New series. Steve Thomas introduces another programme with the Jazz Singer, Paul Christie, El Divo and featuring an interview with Lee from Steps. 19.00 Sunday 11 Aug Mixed Marriages – we discover from several couples of various nationalities the challenges of having an inter-cultural marriage including the first gay couple to be married here in Santa Pola. 18.05 Monday 12 Aug

Spanish Eye – Sandra Mitchell is one of the most renowned spiritualist around. We take a sceptic to visit her with astounding results. 19.30 Tuesday 13 Aug Spanish Eye. The Pink Ladies do such a lot to raise funds for the AECC. One of their most successful is the sponsored walk at Playa Flamenca. 18.45 Wednesday 14 Aug An Evening With...Stefanie – the girl with the golden voice. Singing a wide variety of songs live at Los Rosales to a packed house. 19.00 Thursday 15 Aug TVM (NEW series) Peter Taylor invites us to join him with his special selection of world music. If you liked John Peel you’ll love this! 19.00

09-15 AUG 2013

Life recipe Chicken and Mango Salad with Curried Mayonnaise THERE COMES a time every summer when I get bored with salads – there’s only so much you can do with lettuce after all. So the secret is to be creative, adding unusual ingredients and different dressings. Here’s an example combining plain roast chicken with exotic mango and a hint of curry. I added an avocado to the salad, but you could try sliced onion, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, celery, spinach – be adventurous. • 1 large chicken breast, cooked and sliced into thin strips • Mixed salad leaves • I small avocado, peeled and sliced • Half a large mango peeled and cut into strips • 2 tbls mayonnaise • ½ tsp curry powder or curry paste • A small piece of red chill, finely chopped • Ready made vinaigrette 1. First, mix together the mayonnaise curry powder and chopped chilli. Set aside. 2. Place a handful of lettuce leaves in the centre of two serving plates. Add the sliced avocado and then drizzle with the vinaigrette. Next, add the chicken pieces, alternating with slices of mango. Finish with a good blob of mayonnaise in the centre. Serves: 2 Preparation time: 10 minutes. To make your own vinaigrette, whisk or shake together 3 tbls olive oil, 1 tbls wine vinegar or lemon juice, ½ tsp sugar, 1 tsp Dijon mustard, a dash of white wine and a little salt and pepper.

If you have a recipe you would like to share with RTN Readers, email your recipe and if possible a photo to


The authentic flavour of India at Shakira

FOR MORE than a decade one restaurant on the Southern Costa Blanca has been synonymous with serving the finest in Indian cuisine. The Shakira group first opened their doors in 2001 and now feature three highly regarded restaurants in Orihuela Costa for the perfect night on the town. The restaurants are located in Playa Flamenca, Los Dolses and on the main Cabo Roig strip. Open every day from 1pm until around midnight, they offer fine dining and a takeaway service in all three restaurants. The entire dining experience is one of authenticity, from the subtle decoration and Indian background music to the friendly and attentive staff: all three restaurants are renowned for their authentic cuisine in a relaxing and traditional atmosphere. A great range of facilities caters for all tastes from babies to great grandparents and each restaurant includes wheelchair access and provision for children. Shakira caters for everyone, from a romantic dinner for two, to office parties, family get-togethers with friends and visitors to weddings and celebrations, with many special offers to add to the temptation, including vegetarian dishes. For more information contact: Telephone 96 676 4467: Mobile 679 007 199: Email


09-15 AUG 2013

Life health

Michael Burke

RHAD MSHAA of Digital Hearing

Conventional hearing aids

CONVENTIONAL HEARING aids come in two basic types: the behind-the-ear (BTE) aid and the in-the-ear (ITE) aid. The BTE hearing instruments are extremely flexible and are suitable for virtually all types of hearing loss. These aids are especially suitable for people with severe and profound losses. The hearing device is housed within a curved shell that sits behind the ear and delivers sound through a clear tube. The clear tube fits into a custom-made clear mould that is tailor-made to fit exactly into the wearer’s ear. They come in all different sizes and colours. The larger models are easier to handle and designed for people with limited dexterity. These are the most robust and hard-wearing type of aid. They take larger batteries which last a lot longer (up to four weeks at a time, depending on level of usage and hearing loss) and are easier to change. These aids can be hardwired to music centres, TVs, computers, phones, etc (and some models can receive radio/ Bluetooth transmissions from all these devices). They can be set to run automatically or manually with the volume controls, programming switches and telecoils operated by the wearer. With in-the-ear hearing aids the hearing device is housed within a custom-made shell that fits exactly into the ear canal. Each aid is tailor-made from an impression taken from the wearer’s ear. They come in four overall sizes: the full shell, which fills the whole of the outer ear; the half shell, which fills half the outer ear; the canal, which is smaller than the half shell; and the completely-in- the-canal (CIC), which are the very smallest and almost invisible devices. Modern technology means that even the smallest devices can handle very bad losses. The smallest can be the cosmetically most pleasing but because of limited space they often

cannot accommodate telecoils, volume controls or directional microphones. The three larger models can now be wirelessly connected to phones, computers, audiosystems and televisions. Choosing which hearing aid is best for you will depend upon your level of hearing loss, your lifestyle requirements, and of course your personal preference. In the next week’s Hearing Column we will look at nonstandard hearing systems.



If you have any question’s about this week’s topic, email or contact Michael Burke at Digital Hearing, Quesada Business Centre, Calle Los Arcos 7, Quesada: Tel 698 418 642.

ecial Summer SpFR EE


When You Have a Consultation & Examination

Dr Madsenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Treatment has Changed my life. VALERIE, Cartagena Having had hip pain for the last 3 years, my GP here in Spain sent me for x-rays. I was told I did not have osteoarthritis as suspected, and a further consultation with an orthopaedic consultant told me that osteoarthritis could not be seen on these x-rays. It was suggested that I did it in a skiing accident over 30 years ago, which was the cause of my hip pain. Two years later, when I came to see Dr Madsen, he looked at my old x-rays and pointed out the evidence of the OA that was there then. I have been having shockwave and laser therapy regularly from Dr Madsen and have not taken a single pill since the start of the treatment. To be pain-free at last is simply amazing!

To read more of our patientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; testimonials or to find out how our treatments can help you, please visit our website, or call us now

Tel: 96 618 5242 / 693 371 616/617 |


Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 10.00- 13.30 & 15.00-18.00. Friday: 10.00-13.30

Calle Federico Garcia Lorca, No. 90 L-8 03178 Benijofar (opposite Citroen Garage)


09-15 AUG 2013

Life horoscopes Everything hedges around a written receipt, contract or an official paper this week. Focusing on making amends or learning to fully understand the implication of a written warning may be time consuming, but is essential for the sake of peaceful and calm necessities for the future. Be honest and open, especially before adding your signature. Saturn currently dominates your opposing sign of Scorpio, and throws a spanner into the works that you just don’t need right now. Having to tread on tenterhooks is bad enough, but whilst others seem to be making a mountain over a molehill you have to play their game to win, and in so doing turn things around to show your own expertise. Mercury in Leo should give you a run for your money as you can show a more positive side of your current aims, and may very well make a splash when it comes to making a difference that’s long overdue. Time was when you would have chosen the back street, but in the here and now putting your foot down is the best thing that you can do! Jupiter really has opened your eyes and has allowed you to see things as they really are, and from a different direction. The way ahead demands that you take good care of yourself, but with the luck, fortune and good times forecast by a consistent Jupiter, you will have a chance to make all the right connections on the way. Mercury opens up all channels of communication. Whereas you could not be blamed for being somehow excluded in the past things seem to be turning over a new leaf, and the past does not have to be relied on to see your way ahead. Whilst others are being forced to eat their words, you can relax knowing resolve and rectification. The recent actions with Venus stand you in good stead for ironing out the problems of a domestic nature as partnership issues come to the fore once and for all. You have now the perfect opportunity to make amends and to re kindle the fire, which should never have gone out, but which now needs to be seen as the flame of future relations. Venus drops in with some well merited romantic gestures and so doing adds a touch of magic to an affair of the heart in the process. Trust and forward planning add a depth to a recent relationship and allow you to shy away from the rocky road of the murky past when a lack of communication and faith sincerely held things back. Saturn brings complication where there should be ease and adds very little to a current project. You might think that this is just to establish a testing time, but you have moved on beyond this, and have other fish to fry. Establish your comfort zone whilst you structure your specific wants and needs to bringing better results. Jupiter brings Cancerian energies close and you would be mistaken if you thought that you had a clear way ahead of you just now. Challenge and conflict show your very best side and help you to iron out some specific problems before they threaten to turn a drama into a crisis, and return to bite you, nonchalantly, on the behind! Actions with Pluto mean that you are just about to unravel a secret, and you must first ask yourself if the news you will get is really what you want to hear right now. Someone has been very economical with the truth and is about to get their come uppance, however more important is the fact that innocent people will be greatly offended. You have to ensure that you fully understand that things will be dealt with, but maybe not as you would have preferred. As the truth seeker of the Zodiac you are keen to reward when appropriate, but it seems that this matter now needs to be dealt with without any further delay, to begin to compensate those who are affected. Comet Chiron makes a foray on your first house of love and admiration, and once here highlights a need to visit the past and to deal with any hurt that remains there. There is more than one way of dealing with things. Time has taught you well, and a setback now isn’t what you need to gather the momentum you so deserve to experience.

Kenny corris Mobile: 686 361 594 Telephone: 965 878 424

Soul Surfer

MANY READERS have asked me how I know that someone is an old soul, and I have to say that being one myself greatly helps. To tell a client that they have lived before brings about a new meaning to re incarnation, and it so often explains that they have odd feelings and that they connect with the past in many different ways. A client from New York once amazed me by going back to his past life in front of my eyes. I have never seen such a performance and I hope that I will again, but it was very special and I will never forget it. My client grew sideburn whiskers, sweat formed on his brow and a flat cap appeared on his head. I was taken back to the American Civil War, and the man in front of me was a Yankee soldier. I could have been spared the blood soaked white shirt, and the point that the bayonet entered into his chest, but in the swirling mist around him my client was in battle way back then. A great performance and one he was, quite rightly, very proud of. Most old souls present aspects of their past only. It is very true that most of them can trace back to times in the past where they have actually lived. There can be huge gaps between the ages, and fear of moving on because the soul is usually happy just where it is now, and yet it hankers often for happiness recalled in a previous life, and does facilitate any viable returns. I have always had a feeling for Tudor times and have to accept that sometimes I feel that knowing the History of such a bloody period does influence my natural curiosity for any small and insignificant part that I may have played way back when. However clients have told me that they wake screaming that they are being tortured to confess for something that they

Kennys diary

Love & Light... Kenny Corris


Coming Soon: Autumn Spiritual Fair in Altea La Vella. Please contact for information and further details. DNA: A Workshop: A one day workshop that helps you to charge your own unique Spiritual DNA. A comprehensive workshop, open to all, that intensifies, accelerates and inspires Spiritual progress and indicates the clear way ahead. Dates in September or can travel to your own group or organisation. For details please call Kenny directly on 686 361 594 or leave a message on: 96 587 8424. Meditation Workshop: Working with your Sanctuary is a half day workshop in Meditation technique. No previous experience necessary and all welcome as we explore our hidden depths. New dates. Call for info.

If it’s your birthday this week

did not do, and that’s scary. Many of us came to this Earth around the Sumerian period, and have recall of later entering Egypt or Nubia or Babylonia, as our guiding energy saw us helping to establish civilisations that have greatly influenced the Spiritual World. Then it could be a quick dash to being a Medieval serf, or a courtier to Marie Antoinette, or a Sea faring Captain. All is possible in the life of a free soul. Generally if you really do like a specific period of time you may be able to connect with it in a special way. A Spanish friend of mine connects with the 1950s though he was born in 1965, too late to rock around the clock, but his recall of events living in London are outstanding, and he mentions things that I can vaguely recall; the difference being that I was alive, and he was not born. One of my colleagues here on the Costa Blanca was an anchorite in the eleventh century. This meant she was walled up in a Church to save the Diocese from paying taxes, and that she lived and died with her only contact with the World being an iron grating. Prior to a sitting we did together she could not figure out why she was so frightened of Churches, but if you were forced to spend your life outlawed from friends and family and fed through a hole in the wall you may be very frightened too. Past Life regression is to be taken extremely seriously, and please let it be in the hands of a true professional. You can go back, you may take yourself back, but what if you find yourself at a time when there was pain and suffering? What if you find a time when you lived when there was fear and you were unhappy? Be safe. Live in this World and wonder about your past, wherever it took you, and wherever you are now, believe!

Email your letters to me at:

Kenny, I got very close to my Granny just before she died of Cancer in April this year. Can you tell me where she is right now, because I often see a misty image of her just before I wake in the morning? Kate F Kate, your grandmother is in the Spirit World and it seems from your visions that she wants to communicate with you. The time just before waking finds the body half asleep and half awake, a great time to experience any messages, and it seems as if she wants to make contact with you. Did you have any conversations about the Spirit World ever? It is very comforting that Granny is trying to appear physically, and this is especially good because it does mean that she is free from pain, unhindered and ready to use a means of communication with you, her loving granddaughter. When Granny comes through to you tell her that you are unafraid and start by asking her how she is doing. This should start things off quite nicely.

Turn old underlying stress and hurt into a transformation of what you currently hold dear. Look to your inner self for the determination and strength that puts your needs way up high on the agenda, and sees things getting done at last.


Cryptic Crossword ACROSS

Word Ladders

1. The seance was successful, apparently, without going to extremes (5,6) 9. Sailor goes back to desert (3) 10. Observe the dissertation of writing medium (4-5) 11. Horrify father, taken aback by his friend (5) 13. See the old boy start the rally (7) 14. Usual Roman disorder at 50 (6) 16. Seize part of what James Watt achieved (6) 18. The archbishop is obviously an animal of the highest order (7) 19. The dean’s chair (5) 20. Get rid of menial tie (9) 21. Take Susan a-courting? (3) 22. The enterprise apparently is lacking revenue (11)


09-15 AUG 2013


2. Result of Bill doing something, perhaps (3) 3. Team of experts emerge from wrecked plane (5) 4. Proposal to end the standstill? (6) 5. Precipitate downpayment (7) 6. Worker on a higher level has the advantage (5,4) 7. Relation of how big, backward writer got chop (5-6) 8. One doesn’t need to offer him a penny for his thoughts (11) 12. Having no pride, it leads to utter ruin (9) 15. Greed is a besetting sin, and includes hardheartedness (7) 17. Make an exit in seminude role (6) 19. Look for about fifty who are smooth (5) 21. There’s wickedness in transgressing (3)

The key rule is that you must only change one letter at a time as you move from one rung to another, and the word you make must be a proper word! Therefore you may move from BATH --> BATS but not from BATH --> CASH because that changes two letters in one go which is not allowed.

Quick Crossword

ACROSS 1. 3D viewer (11) 9. Intimidate (3) 10. Rot (9) 11. Mischievous (5) 13. Found (7) 14. Adorn (6) 16. Satisfy (6) 18. Amorous (7) 19. Vigilant (5) 20. Showed (9) 21. Hawaiian garland (3) 22. Ancestor (11)

DOWN 2. Haul (3) 3. French sculptor (5) 4. Mystic (6) 5. Laughable (7) 6. Lying face down (9) 7. Speeds up (11) 8. Absolutely sure (4,7) 12. Assemble (9) 15. Scaled (7) 17. Feverish (6) 19. Military assistants (5) 21. Zodiac sign (3)

Euromillions Draw Friday 2nd August 2013

21 36 37 42 48 4


No ticket won the Jackpot Tuesday 6th August 2013

Last weeks crossword answers can be found with the TV listings.

16 17 31 47 49

No ticket won the Jackpot



NEW CARS available to view in our showroom in CALPE 2009 MODEL,RENAULT CLIO 1.2 EMOTION Eco 2, (50mpg) 5 dr, aqua blue met, with grey trim, a/c, c/d, cruise, high spec, low kms


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09-15 AUG 2013

Summer fines

THE SUMMER is here and the police forces are out in their masses trying to fine as many as possible so they can be paid as the Spanish Government is as we all know in deep ‘kacky’ over the financial situation they have caused through bad management during the last five years. EVEN OUR Spanish friends have stated that they believe that the modern Spanish ‘culture’ includes amorality in so many people, with government, both main and local, committing fraud. So the speed traps are set for instant fines if you are 1kph over the limit set for that area, and the government is reported to be chasing up all fines charged to EU foreigners who have violated the speed limit who have returned to their own EU country. Local companies in main EU countries are being contracted to collect these fines. It is an easy matter, via modern computer systems, to identify foreign vehicle registered owners. We have also just been advised that the authorities have purchased a large number of touring cars that blend into the scenery, equipped with radar and other devices to catch speeders. I am informed that the only way to recognise them is by the registration numbers which have ‘GRR’ on the plates. The recent claims of reducing accidents could be described as being over now as cash is needed to pay for and run these new vehicles, which must have been bought at a great discount to keep the factories running. If you have been sent a fine (or received one at the roadside) and you have a Spanish plated vehicle, you can easily pay the fine at most Correos (Post Offices) or at a Santander bank. The golden days of motoring are certainly over. Just a reminder again about not driving in beach sandals as the police will happily fine anyone caught. It happens every year - it is considered dangerous as ‘floppies’ can easily catch on the pedals. Driving without a shirt on will attract their attention in this case - so it is up to you…

This Saturday, 10th August

The Summer Spanish Nationals Lightning Rods, Rookie Rods, Ladies Race ..... and much much more. Hire Cars Available, reserve your space now. FREE Camping overnight, bring a BBQ & Beer and enjoy entertainment supplied by Nigel Burchill.

Gates open at 6pm. Racing Starts at 7pm

Be cautious this summer



09-15 Aug 2013

Not just the money Noel’s world of golf By Noel Eastwell Teaching Professional Alicante Golf 639 730 891

THE REASON we all play golf is to find a time where we can go out and enjoy ourselves with friends or partners and participate in a healthy pursuit in wonderful surroundings. The cost of this pleasure we all find in the game is very important to the majority of us and the golf clubs have at last realised price does matter. When, though, will they learn that it is not just the money that matters? Those of us who belonged to golf clubs in the United Kingdom are well used to feeling welcome when we visit the clubhouse and golf course. Sadly, that is not always the case here in Spain as we are all too well aware. Last week, I visited one of our local golf courses that considers itself to be one of the better establishments in Spain and was sadly disappointed at the way I saw someone spoken to after she and her husband had paid a king’s ransom to play eighteen holes of golf. The lady had a bad hip and this was made clear to the persons in the professional shop as she paid an exorbitant price for the hire of a buggy. After paying her dues I spoke to the lady who was looking forward enormously to her first game on the course with her husband who had just recovered from

a heart operation. Having asked to be helped with their bags and being refused they were also told they could not take the buggy to their car because it was too far away. These two people were left speechless and now had their day ruined. Now I am no angel but I refused to allow this situation to continue and took my buggy to their car and brought their clubs down to the clubhouse for them without asking permission. After my round I had a meeting with the golf director who assured me his venue was the perfect place for me to arrange a professional tournament next year. After I told him about what I had witnessed earlier he acknowledged that perhaps he needed to motivate his staff more so that the provided a quality of service where they could compete with the foreign golf holiday destinations. The most disappointing thing for me about the whole scene that unfolded that day was that obviously even though we have all told our Spanish hosts they need to up their games to compete they are still refusing to grasp the nettle and get the job done. I get so frustrated by the lack of care that at times I feel like ranting and

them and shaking them to see if they will ever wake up! We have some of the best golf facilities in the world here if only the idiots running them would acknowledge that that is not enough on its own. WIN A DOZEN SRIXON GOLF BALLS COURTESY OF GOLF MED Answer the question below correctly to have a chance to win. The winner of this fantastic prize will be picked at random at the end of each month. Send your entries by email to The decision of the editor of RTN will be final in making the winning selection. QUESTION FOR AUGUST 9TH 2013 Who won last weekend’s Ladies British Open held at St Andrews? All answers must be received no later than 5pm on 31st August to be entered into August’s draw, to be made on 31st August 2013. The winner will be announced in RTN on 6th September 2013. To collect your prize you will have to come along to an RTN Golf Club day and meet with Noel Eastwell.

Any questions you have for Noel should be sent to - Free golf lesson for all new RTN Golf members! Sign up now, limited offer

The RTN Club Scene ON A day that can best be described as ‘frustrating’ due to the swirling winds at Alicante Golf last Tuesday our intrepid golfers were forced to play a bogey competition, a matchplay style of golf where you play against the golf course. This is a game where patience is the name of the game and you cannot push too hard. It is very easy to lose a hole and go one down but even when you win one back you are still only level. So to actually win a number of holes and hang on to them is certainly not easy. Just ask Steve May who was two up with two to play and was cruising to victory. Holes seventeen and eighteen at Alicante Golf are notorious as car wreckers and Steve realised that the hard way this week as he went on to lose both holes and finish level with the course. This meant he finished in joint top spot alongside Bob Smith who had his own adventures on the last. After hitting a poor drive Bob decided to go for the green with his driver off the deck. Needless to say a slice ensued that seemed to follow the greenkeeper who was desperately trying to run faster than the golf ball. Alas the ball won and the greenkeeper was lucky he ducked when he did. The whole of the field talked about this afterwards and Bob will certainly remember that day the next time he pulls out his driver to use off the fairway: let’s hope the greenkeeper is more alert next time. DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 13th August, RTN Summer Golf Meeting at Alicante Golf 20th August, RTN Summer Golf Meeting at Alicante Golf 27th August, RTN Summer Golf Meeting at Alicante Golf NOEL EASTWELL GOLF ACADEMY Quality group lesson available at Alicante Golf from just 10€ per person: contact Noel on 639 730 891 for more information.

09-15 AUG 2013

Ford-Dunn leads the Spanish supermoto championship IT’S BEEN a busy July for the Supermoto racing brothers from Murcia. Both Anthony and Mat Ford-Dunn were in action at the 3rd round of the Catalan championship earlier in the Month with Mat finishing 3rd and 2nd in his two races for 2nd overall and Anthony having a fantastic ride to finish 1st and 2nd that gave him the overall win in the SM Open class. After the confidence boosting results from the Catalan championship at Alcarras the brothers were next out at the Samper de Calanda circuit in Aragon for the 3rd round of the Spanish Supermoto championship. The fast and flowing circuit suited more powerful machines but the brothers put in a superb display on their Advance Moves International Removals sponsored machines, in the extremely hot conditions to come away with some strong results. The brothers had mixed fortunes with Anthony at the front of the pack in the SM open class before three different problems in each of his three races prevented him from achieving the podium position that he so rightly deserved. In the first race he had to make a stop and go penalty for jumping the start despite not having gained an advantage, in the 2nd race he was knocked off his bike in the 2nd corner and just to top the day off, he had a rear puncture in the final race of the day! Despite the catalogue of disasters he still finished 6th overall and knows that his pace is strong, he just needs a little more luck next time out. It appeared that whilst Anthony was suffering with bad luck his older brother Mat was having all the good luck in the SM Masters class as he finished in 3rd and 2nd positions in his two races for 2nd overall, and enough points to push him into the championship lead. Mat now leads the championship by 11 points at the halfway point of the season and with the Summer break ahead the brothers will be training hard to achieve even better results when

Talented athletes Olympic Dream

By Keith Nicol IT TAKES dedication, a touch of luck plus more than a little talent to be an Olympic athlete. After all the excitement of London 2012 seemingly long forgotten, attention turns to Rio 2016 and with this in mind, local athletes from Torrevieja are being invited to apply for scholarships for their ‘“Sueño Olímpico-Olympic Dream.’ Torrevieja’s Councillor for Sports Luis María Pizana said, “The aim is to support our local athletes with a real chance of going to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Thus we have opened the process for submission of applications to the program called ‘Olympic Dream’, with the aim of supporting local athletes, those with real possibilities go to the Olympics in Rio. The filing period will remain open until Tuesday, September 10, 2013. Those athletes who qualify can file their their request in the offices of the Department of Sports located in the Palacio de los Deportes.” The total amount of aid will be 14,000€ to be distributed among the accredited athletes, meeting the requirements made by the athletic merits. This program was created through the collaboration of the company AGAMED along with the participation of Quiron Hospital. The requirements to be met by athletes to access the program “Olympic Dream” are: that they are on the padron in Torrevieja: be training for an Olympic event: be recognised by the Olympic Committee in Spain at senior or junior level and not be part of the present Olympic squad.


racing resumes in September. Further results, photo’s and videos of the team in action can be found on the teams website at

Fishing Maggots End by

David Hoare 968 199 279

WELL, WHERE did this year go? This week was the final match of the 2012/2013 season and the final match of the Summer Championship. The venue was the Rio Segura in Murcia. We have not fished this venue for some time and nature is really taking its own back. For those who know the venue there are now only eight pegs up to the road bridge and five pegs up to the Crystal bridge. All the rest is reeds and across the river as well: so much for the water authority cleaning the place up! The fishing was also very patchy with more than half the field failing to break 10 kilos. This could have been due to the fact that the river was about a foot up on normal, although not flowing that fast. Also we had a visit from the police, who checked everybody’s licenses and insurance. They also reiterated that you could not leave your vehicle on the pathway behind, it must be parked in the car park: they will fine you if you leave it there. You have been warned! TOP RODS ON THE DAY 1st: Neil (The Boy) McBirnie, fishing the pellet feeder, using pellet with 31.92 kilos 2nd: Alan (The Chairman) Reid, fishing the feeder using bread and with 16.16 kilos 3rd: Dave (The Sweetie Man) Hutchinson, fishing the pole using paste with 15.16 kilos Full results of all the winners of the cup matches held through the season will be available in a week. With the new season starting 4th September, now is the time to join and have a complete fishing season either for matches or pleasure. PLEASE NOTE The club has some vacancies at present: if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on

96 672 9293 or 603 535 771. ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS: Supplied by Terry Screen We fished the 7th round of the Summer Series at Nancy’s on 30th July. The weather is now getting extremely hot and all anglers need to use their brollies when fishing and keep plenty of water with them. The water level at Nancy’s was down about a foot and a good colour, but the flow was down as usual above the boom and the top sluice was running fast but this dissipates after it enters the river. There were no dry nets this week although fishing was still hard going for some of the anglers; maggot and sweet corn seemed to be the baits of the day. 1st: Terry (Swing ‘Em) Screen with 18.400kgs fishing the pole using maggot 2nd: Andy (The Web Man) Stevenson with 10.720kgs fishing the pole using pellet and sweet corn 3rd: Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare with 9.350kg fishing the Pole using Bread All details are available at or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 96 532 8368. Anglers Together THE OBJECTIVE of Anglers Together was to introduce anglers to each other, who otherwise had no one to fish with or didn’t know where to fish. It was successful in bringing together many anglers who established friendships and which continue to this day. No meetings are held now but information is still available via


09-15 AUG 2013

Life people

enjoy Out and about in Thousands Javea Jazz Torrevieja By Keith Nicol THERE IS still plenty to see and do over the next week or so in Torrevieja. Starting tonight, the Municipal Theatre is the place to visit over the weekend as on Friday August 9th, there is the musical Sabor Latino, Latin Flavour featuring a variety of artists in music and dance. Tomorrow at 9.00pm, the Theatre hosts the ‘Noche Flamenco’ presented by the local ‘Andalucian Association’ and on Sunday at 9.00pm it’s the Children’s musical ‘Los Ridere - the world of puppets’ with Adults 12€ and children 10€. From Monday through to Sunday 18th August there are nightly activities taking place in the San Roque neighbourhood on the southern side of the town. Sadly, next week’s musical ‘Broadway on Ice’ has been cancelled. Other dates for you diary include the Gala Flamenca on the 17th, Children’s theatre on the 18th with ‘La Maga Maja y sus Bichos’ and the International Festival of Bands on the 24th and 25th followed by music of a different kind on the 26th and 27th with the musical ‘Michael Jackson – The Moonwalker Show – on ice’. No word as yet if the Concert bands will also be performing on ice, or not, although I somehow doubt it! More information available from the Summer Cultural Program guide, available in any of the Tourism and official offices or the Municipal Theatre.

By Jack Troughton PEOPLE TRAVELLED from across Valencia to enjoy the 18th Javea International Jazz Festival with every night attracting more than 1,000 people. The event ended on a high note with an audience of 1,700 packing the open air venue in Javea Old Town to watch singer Carmen Cuesta partnered by renowned guitarist Chuck Loeb playing a enchanting mixture of blues, bossa nova, and Spanish favoured music. The crowd applauded each of Loeb’s solos, the musician backed by Mario Rossi on bass and Matt King on piano. Councillor for Culture Bolufer Empar revealed the festival had sold more tickets than ever before and said the event had won a “loyal audience” prepared to travel to

enjoy the music. Next year’s event is already being planned with a larger stage and the welcome return of a ‘big band’ after two years of restrictions because of budgetary considerations.

Torrevieja Costa Lions Club COME AND join our club members on one of our ‘Business meeting nights’ to see what we are doing this year to raise money for charities in our local area and further afield. We are growing in numbers every month so if you feel like helping us, we can be found on the second Thursday in every month at the Cabo Cevera Hotel in La Mata near Torrevieja: meetings now start at 7.30pm. If you like what you see and hear you will be invited to join us at our next social night event later in the month: wherever and whatever it may be you can be sure of a good night! Contact Membership Director David Daniel on or visit

Classified Ads 09-15 AUG 2013

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09-15 Aug 2013

RESTAURANT - CENTRAL DENIA Highly rated restaurant lease for sale. Going concern, fully equipped, 34 covers. Greatly reduced for quick sale. For viewing or more details telephone 0034 660 957 012

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ADVICE WITH THE SPANISH SYSTEM Whatever you need to integrate into the spanish system, we can help you. NIE, residencia, empadronamiento, car import transfer, driving license transfer, schools, doctors, social security.(Benidorm and surrounding areas) Tel: 619 269 408 email: pammcmurchie@ ADVISORY SERVICE Need advice on making a will, buying or selling property, tax, resident or non resident, starting a business in spain, we can talk you through and give you the best advice and help you settle in spain. (Benidorm and surrounding areas) Tel: 610 634 506 HYUNDAI I30 1.6 CRDI CLASSIC 2011, 18000kms, 1 owner, Three years of manufacturers warranty remaining! PAS, ABS, AC, CD, Front fogs, Electric windows/mirrors, remote locking, Isofix, Metallic burgandy. 9,995€. Tel Frank 600726221/965687976 BMW 320I 4 DOOR SALOON RHD, 2003, 69,000kms, 1 owner, FSH, AC, Alloys, PAS, ABS, CD, cruise, front fogs, remote locking, parktronic, DSC Headlamp wash, Multi function wheel, Stunning condition, Metallic Grey. 4,950€. Many more

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vehicles RHD and LHD vehicles in stock for sale or exchange. Tel Frank 600726221/965687976 BMW 320 CI 2.2 LITRE CABRIOLET RHD, Spanish Registered, 2001, 97,000miles, FSH, PAS, ABS, AC, Alloys, CD, cruise, front fogs, Electric windows/mirrors, memory seats, multi airbags, remote locking, rear parking sensors, mid metallic blue with full cream leather and matching blue power hood. 5,750€. Tel Frank 600726221/965687976 www. SUZUKI SAMURAI 1300CC JEEP A real fun vehicle, Bargain 1,200€. Tel: 634210217 2006 MG TS CONVERTIBLE 1.6 Electric Blue, outstanding condition, Bargain 4,300€. Tel: 634210217

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WANT TO DRIVE your LHD car to the UK and sell it when you get there? Call 658 670 777

DISCOUNT TYRES Quality Tyres at Recession Prices. 45 Different Brands to choose from. 966875600 MJB MOBILE WELDERS Gates, grills, hinges etc., repaired or new. No job too small. Fast service. Low prices. Free Quotes. Call Terry: 966 845 414 / 625 995 470

LOOKING FOR A CAR? Good selection of automatics, cabriolets and 7 seaters in

MR FIXIT For all your electrical,

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a good selection of vehicles to clear from only 800€ Tel Frank 600726221/965687976

PROBLEMS WITH INSECTS? Cockroaches, rats & mice. Call 626 828 974 All insects

POOL LEAK REPAIR SPECIALIST’S Pipe leaks pressure tested, detected and repaired. Structural leaks investigated and repaired. Professional, conscientious service to the highest standards. Refurbishments and upgrades undertaken. Replacement pumps, filters, salt systems, ph regulators and accessories supplied and installed. All work guaranteed. British trained in the UK pool industry with over 18 years experience. 10 years served on the Costa Blanca. Torrevieja and surrounding areas including Costa Calida. Tlf:- Pristine Pools on 966774-199 or 678-080-500 www. NO CALLOUT CHARGE. SEE MAIN ADVERT ON FRONT PAGE OF CLASSIFIEDS


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SWIMMING POOL MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING SERVICE BY POOLTECHSPAIN. We are a fully legal, qualified and registered business who have been operating on the Costa Blanca for 6 years. We offer a professional, reliable, safe and efficient pool service, inc. re-grouting, pressure testing and leak repairs. Private and community swimming pools undertaken. Call now for more information on 965-725-565 or mobile 676-945-360/ 620-743-048

HOUSE WITH 11300MTS LAND plus mobile home near Chella . Bargain 85000euros for details phone 646139899 e/m RENOVATED FINCA IN CORVERA 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 shower, large lounge, games room, large terrace, 3000m plot plus kennel business attached. 207,000€. Tel: 616 532 352 FOR SALE FINCA 5 BEDROOMS upstairs 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Underbuild 2 bedrooms. Pool, garage. Not far from shopping centre. Tel: 965 320 496 MORAIRA SOUTH FACING 2 BEDROOMED (1 en-suite) detached villa. Easily maintained garden. 15 minutes walk town/ beach. 215,000€. Tel:634 002 533 BUTIA ESPANA ARE YOU

TRAPPED Need to sell quick. We are the only answer for a speedy sale. UK buyers waiting. Telephone 0800 612 7514 or Spain 678 756 644 MOBILE/PARK HOME 2 bedrooms en-suite fully fitted. Camping Pueblo San Javier 22,000€. Carol 96 819 24 25 Mob 626 055 622. SELLING YOUR HOUSE? Sold your house? Moving funds back to the UK? Don’t let your Spanish Bank take up to 1% of your sale price, Talk to MoneyCorp now about how to save up to 4,500€* Moneycorp’s repatriation service can help you drastically reduce or even eliminate Spanish bank fees when sending your property sale proceeds back to the UK. Call Moneycorp +34 902 887 243 and quote RTN to get more out of your money. www.

in the lovely Spanish village of Jacarrila. Price €295 per month. Please call Michael UK 00447831123631

PARK HOMES 2 BEDROOMS Both en-suite fully fitted. Camping Pueblo San Javier. Carol Tel 96 819 24 25 Mob. 626 055 6622 Email. GREAT VALUE IN JACARILLA Large 3 bedroom apartment, fantastic views, 20mins from the beach and golf courses

ANÚNCIATE TLF: 628 191 897

FEMALES OVER 40 required for adult Internet modelling. No

males. Excellent rates. 966 182 714 GENERIC VIAGRA EXCLUSIVE First time in Spain 120mgs. Also Kamagra 100mgs, Generic Cialis 20mgs, and jellies. Local and Nationwide service. Pay on Delivery. or phone Colin 680 878 735 SOPHIE ESCORT Slim elegant naughty lady. Hotel/home visit available. Tel:693 357 526 ASHLEY- 29 ENGLISH/MIXED RACE- Absolutley stunnning, near Torrevieja Hospital, 665 883 576 THE BLUE PILL NOW EVEN BETTER. Other products available. Don’t miss out. Derek 685 207 378 SPANISH LADY PLAYA FLAMENCA near new Carrefour before La Florida. 35 years, attractive, classy lady, private house, parking. Offers all erotic services, massage, sexy lingerie, economical prices from 40€. Full discretion. Call Ana 680-735-412 CASA ANGELA TORREVIEJA Luxury Private Chalet, parking. Drinks invitation. Feeling alone? Just want some company? Exotic girls from South America. Call us, come and enjoy! Also Escort Service. Full discretion. Street: Avenida Asociacion Vistimas del Terrorismo. 609-573-468 or 639-832-118

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2 OR 3 BED / 2 BATH APARTMENTS in San Miguel. Lift, communal rooftop pool & solarium, video entry system. Available for short or long term rent from 350pcm. 96 672 3437 or 616493487


LANGUAGE CLASSES IN VILLAJOYOSA Starting in September, Dorothy Dandy, will offer more language classes in Villajoyosa. She will continue with the Wednesday Inter Cambio groups of Spanish and English students plus the Thursday Spanish for English speakers at intermediate level. Both of these are supported by Ayuntamiento of Villajoyosa and are FREE. The new classes would be in spoken Spanish, 4 hours p/w, at intermediate level, from September to June. The groups would have only 6-8 people and the classes would be fee-paying. If you are interested please ring 650 073 866 any day after 7pm.

VAN LEAVING FOR THE UK/ SPAIN EVERY 2 WEEKS great rates please contact Joe on 966 074 576 or 650 341 087 or

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MOVE IT NOW Small removals and deliveries. Spain/UK Budget prices. Last minute jobs undertaken. Telephone UK 0800 612 4922 or Spain 678 756 644

CRYSTAL CLEAR SATELLITE AND INTERNET TV Sky Sports & Sky Movies on new Internet box 299€ no dish required. Steve 660186505 Ros 965584097

TURN YOUR UNWANTED FURNITURE Electrical, Household Goods and Bric-a-brac into Cash. Anything! Anywhere!

JAVEA SKIP HIRE 626 670 038 Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Denia from S&W TOOL HIRE & FERRETERIA MORAIRA

5 X 140 WATT SOLAR PANELS NEW 100 euros each 1 X diesel generator for 24 volt solar systen electric start 5kva 750 euros 1 X solarpowered fridge freezer 156 cube capacity new 800 euros 1 X petrol 5kva generator pull start 350 euros call 675878601 or 965078483.


WATCH UKTV FREE No satellite dish required Watch TV Shows/Movies €129 Tel:657766341

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