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Drone danger

Thursday, January 13 - Friday, January 19 2017

RTN READER Ann Paterson is campaigning to publicise the dangers of drones and the growing numbers of unregulated members of the public flying the machines. p5

Graham Taylor dies aged 72 p2


13- 19 jan 2017

Graham Taylor dies aged 72 by Jack Troughton

FORMER ENGLAND football manager died yesterday (Thursday) from a suspected heart attack at the age of 72. He was appointed as manager of the national side in 1990 but resigned in 1993 after the team’s failure to qualify for the 1994 World Cup in the United States. During a club management career, Taylor had led both Watford and Aston Villa to the runners-up spot in the old First Division – and he was at the helm when Watford reached the 1984 FA Cup final, losing to Everton at Wembley. A family statement said: “With the greatest sadness, we have to announce that Graham passed away at his home early this morning of a suspected heart attack. “The family are devastated by this sudden and totally unexpected loss.” Taylor started out as a player and was a defender at Grimsby and Lincoln City. He became manager at Lincoln in 1972 and led them to the old Fourth Division title in 1975-76 before joining Watford. In his first spell as Hornets boss between 1977 and 1987, Taylor took the club from the old Fourth Division to the top flight and, in 1983, Watford finished second to Liverpool.

Outcry forces animal rethink PLANS TO evict a hard-working charity and the animals it cares for in Orihuela have been put on ice thanks to an explosion of ‘people power’. by Jack Troughton Orihuela Town Hall threatened to remove ASOKA from the San Bartolome Animal Protection Centre – putting the lives of 150 dogs, 100 cats, two ponies, a pair of goats, and nine pigs in danger. The local authority wanted to reverse its decision to award the charity a further four years running the centre in favour of a waste company from Murcia. However, following a massive protest by animal lovers, the council is having a re-think. It has promised to “investigate” new information from ASOKA, after initially maintaining the charity’s finances were not sufficient to run the shelter – despite its success over the last three years; rescuing and rehoming an average of 900 dogs and cats each 12 months. ASOKA’s Nick Moore said centre staff and volunteers had been in a state of shock following the town hall’s initial move; especially as Mayor Emilio Bascunana had described them

as part of the community. He said:”In 2017 you would imagine that Spain would move forward and the threat of a business being awarded the contract – that would no doubt put many animals to sleep to save costs – is truly saddening. “We’ve worked tirelessly to rehome our animals all across Europe and all we ask is that our town hall respect this vital work our team has achieved.” ASOKA maintains a strict ‘no kill’ policy and “clearly” won the new contract last November in a public contest; receiving more validation points than the waste company rivals. Yet Orihuela Town Hall then decided the charity was not qualified to run the centre – bureaucrats claiming there was a shortfall in annual turnover required for its ‘financial fluidity’. ASOKA maintained this was “even more frustrating” as it had survived financially for three years running the sanctuary, often under “extreme financial strain” when town hall funding was not paid on time. For more information visit the ASOKA website or the ASOKA Orihuela Facebook page.

Born in May last year, Toddy and his brother Saki are two beautiful long-haired white kittens. They are fully vaccinated, neutered and ready to start this New Year in a loving home. To arrange to meet them, please call 630 422 563 or 616 210 850.

13- 19 jan 2017


4 13- 19 jan 2017

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A word from the Ed... Spreading good cheer IT’S FINALLY back to work for the majority of people after what seems to be weeks of partying over a festive period that has appears to get ever longer. Turkey is now off the menu, only the plain toffees remain in the Quality Street tin (they are now called buckets apparently), and we are all wondering how the extra inch suddenly appeared around the waistline. The feasting has definitely finished. However, in Spain we were allowed to enjoy a final indulgence; making sure the ‘holidays’ end with a bang rather than a whimper. Yes, the absolute joy and madness that is Three Kings, acted out with laughter, enjoyment, flying sweets and a menagerie of animals. Just glanced at the front page…RTN has reached its 900th edition and remains as popular and in demand as ever. We have already taken down the decorations at RTN towers – it is bad luck to keep them up after 12th night – but there is a smile on everyone’s face at achieving another landmark. A slap-up celebration is on hold. Production Department: Newsdesk & General Enquiries: To Advertise: The Editor: Distribution Requests:

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Drone danger RTN READER Ann Paterson is campaigning to publicise the dangers of drones and the growing numbers of unregulated members of the public flying the machines. by jack troughton Pilots of lighter machines are unregistered but the small drones are easily purchased in shops both here in Spain and the UK. And the British government has now launched a consultation paper on the ´Safe Use of Drones’ and Ann has written to newspaper editors urging people to read it and spend a brief period of time answering questions. She believes drones are “the new terror in the skies” and “a possible danger to everyone’s safety and privacy”. Ann underlines the flying machines have been involved with near misses with aircraft and have been used to smuggle contraband into prisons. Last month RTN reported how a radio controlled drone – the size of a football passed within 20m of a passenger jet at 20,000ft as it descended into Heathrow. And aviation experts predict it is only a matter of time before there is a collision. Drones have also been involved in a string of accidents closer to earth with people being struck by the flying machines or cut by their rotor blades. PUBLIC Ann first raised an ‘e-petition’ in the UK but then found the government had released its consultation paper, inviting public participation. “I have grave concerns about the number of drones that are allowed to fly in our skies, and pilots and others have concerns, because they are unregulated and therefore open to abuse by idiots,” she said. “I used walk along looking at the terrible state of Spanish footpaths, now I have to look up at the skies…and wear a tin helmet!” Ann hopes to raise awareness to the problem with schools, sports clubs, and prison officers – in fact with all walks of

life – despite her petition being “overtaken” by the government move. “I still feel strongly enough about the possible dangers so I sent emails to every single UK newspaper and asked editors to print my letter which provided information to the effect the general public are allowed to respond.” The government has listed proposed measures to match the growing demand for drones with “strong safeguards” to protect the public. Matters for consultation include: mandatory registration of new drones, tougher penalties for illegal flying near no-fly zones and more warnings signs at sensitive sites such as airports and prisons, and making the machines electronically identifiable so owner’s details can be reported to police if they break the law. OFFENCE The paper will also consider whether there is a need for a new criminal offence for misuse of a drone. Aviation Minister Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon said: “Drones have enormous economic potential and are already being used by emergency services, transport and energy providers and conservation groups to improve services, respond to incidents and save lives. “While the vast majority of drone users are law-abiding and have good intentions, some operators are not aware of the rules, or choose to break them, putting public safety, privacy and security at risk.” He said the government was taking a “common sense approach” to tackling the behaviour, ensuring a ´safe´ roll-out of the technology. And Tim Johnson, Policy Director at the Civil Aviation authority, said the CAA priority was the safe operation of drones. “We cannot underestimate the importance of understanding how to use drones safely and responsibly,” he said. “The new CAA Dronecode, which forms part of our drone awareness campaign, is designed to help protect the safety of the wider aviation industry.” And he hoped interested people would respond to the consultation process which is open until 15th March. The consultation paper can be found at and search for ´Consultation on the Safe Use of Drones in the UK.”

Pilot solely responsible for crash

THE SUICIDAL co-pilot of the 2015 Germanwings disaster bore sole responsibility for the crash that killed everyone on the doomed flight, prosecutors said this week. by jack troughton An investigation by German prosecutors was closed after the probe focussed on whether any doctors treating Andreas Lubitz were criminally negligent in not reporting his medical problems to the authorities. The plane came down in French mountains after taking off from Barcelona in March 2015 on a flight to Dusseldorf; killing 144 passengers and six crew, mostly from Spain and Germany. A spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office said: “The investigation has shown no sufficient evidence of guilt by anyone still alive in connection with the Germanwings crash.” Lubitz, 27, deliberately flew the aircraft into the ground after locking the pilot out of the flight deck. The tragedy raised questions about aviation safety and doctor-patient confidentiality. The investigation found Lubitz’s doctors knew he was psychologically ill months before the crash but also determined the co-pilot was not diagnosed as clinically depressed. And it found: “The co-pilot did not tell the doctors treating him, or anyone else in his personal life about his suicidal thoughts, so none of these people could have been expected to tell his employer or the authorities.” Prosecutors also ruled that the budget airline, owned by parent company Lufthansa, had no idea about Lubitz’s illness. The co-pilot was allowed to continue flying despite being seen by doctors dozens of times in the years before the crash – he was said to be terrified of losing his sight and consulted 41 different medical specialists in the previous five years; including psychiatrists as well as ear, throat and nose experts. Following the disaster, European safety experts called for more medical testing for pilots, including stepping up psychological tests and drugs and alcohol screening.

13- 19 jan 2017



13- 19 jan 2017

Battling floods and cruelty A DONKEY and two horses were rescued by a Costa Blanca equine shelter as volunteers worked to overcome the damage caused by storms and flooding. by Jack Troughton The Rojales sanctuary was badly affected by a week of torrential rains and gales but still sprang into action when called by San Javier police to help the animals. The Easy Horse Care Centre is now home to 102 horses, ponies and donkeys but is appealing to help feed the animals after water destroyed valuable forage. The donkey, named Dulce Dawn (pictured), was rescued on Boxing Day. She was found cruelly hobbled and left to stand outside in the wet without shelter. And the following day the centre’s founders Sue and Rod Weeding were called out again by police to rescue two ponies found abandoned and wandering in the roads in the same area. Dulce Dawn was crudely tied to prevent her moving; rope bound her head and front and back legs. A video of the hobbled donkey attracted international condemnation when posted on the centre’s Facebook page. Sue said: “This case went far beyond normal hobbling; while a lot of Spanish farmers do

tether their animals in fields with rope, they don’t normally hobble them – and certainly not like this. “It was horrendous, barbaric, and we suspect it was not even legal.” The two ponies were a stallion, believed to be about 14, and a mare, aged around seven, and possibly pregnant. The stallion has a deformed hoof and the mare was severely malnourished. “It is looking probable that she is in foal but it is difficult sometimes to get an accurate read with a mobile ultrasound – the other possibility is that she has a load of worms; which is why her belly is so big and she looks so poorly. Out vet will do another ultrasound to confirm the situation,” added Sue. The rescues came as the centre‘s team fought against thick mud and need electric pumps to expel water from fields and stables; flooded in the storms. And despite covering feed, the weather damaged forage purchased to get the animals through winter; much was found to be ruined. Supporters have started making donations – 5 Euros buys a bale of hay – and it is hoped

donations of good-quality furniture will boost stock in the networek of six charity shops.

Anyone wanting to donate money can do so securely online at www.easyhorsecare. net/donate/one-off-dontaion.

Formby’s love story LOS MONTESINOS author Andrew Atkinson hopes his book about the Lancashire ukulele-playing legend George Formby will be made into a film. The storyline will be based on ‘Formby’s Lost Love’; which tells of Formby and fiancée Pat Howson – they became engaged shortly before the star died aged 56. Andrew said: “Preston Movie Makers are very interested in making a film from the book ‘Formby’s Lost Love’, published 2015, that tells the tearful and sad story of George Formby’s fiancee Pat Howson.” Religious education teacher Pat was engaged to Formby on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1961. But the Wigan-born film, comedy and singing star died on March 6, 1961, following a heart attack, aged 56. Pat Howson, who bought an engagement ring only days before Formby passed away, was to sadly die herself after a battle with ovarian cancer, on November 22, 1971, aged 46. “I am looking at film scene locations. Thereafter the script and the shoot-

ing of locations are to be finalised,” said Andrew. ‘Formby’s Lost Love’ was last year recognised by The Queen, a big fan of Formby, whose hits include When I’m Cleaning Windows; My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock and Leaning On A Lamppost. Formby became a friend of the Howson family through Pat’s father Fred, the general manager of Loxhams, in Preston, where he purchased Rolls Royce and Bentley cars during his heyday, during the 1930s-40s. Independent film company Preston Movie Makers produce movies on a limited budget and it is hoped to attract businesses to back the project. Andrew said: “The budget will depend on interested businesses who want to get involved. “Once the cast, script and location details are finalised actors will begin shooting scenes for the film.” Businesses in Spain and the UK interested in being involved with the film can get further details by contacting Andrew Atkinson on 07702340744 or email:

Fears grow for missing grandad

MISSING HULL grandfather Allen Varley, who vanished on holiday in Benidorm, has not been seen since about 9pm on Thursday 5th January. by Jack Troughton The father-of-two, aged in his late 60s, had been on a night out with his wife at the resort’s Ambassador Playa Hotel. He was last seen wearing a red patterned shirt, black trousers and shoes and his family is increasingly worried about his well-being. Nephew Carl Varley said: “He was on holiday with my auntie - his wife - and my mum and dad in Benidorm. “They go two or three times every year. They went about a week ago and they had another week left. “My uncle suffers with depression. He was on medication but he had been feeling gloomy for about five or six days.” Carl added: “They were out at a bar and my aunt got up to go to the toilet. Allen followed her and they assumed it was because he was going to the toilet too. Sue came back and Allen didn’t. He was nowhere to be found.” If you have any information please call the Local Police in Benidorm on 966 831 936.

LEARN TO PLAY BRIDGE at JAVEA SCHOOL OF BRIDGE & SOCIAL CLUB Arenal, Javea Tuesdays at 2.30 p.m. from 14th February 2017 Email: or Tel: 610 335 142

13- 19 jan 2017



13- 19 jan 2017

Helping feed the hungry TORREVIEJA FREEMASONS have helped put food on the table to feed families in need with a donation of 1,300 Euros of produce to the food bank Alimentos Solidarios. by Edward Graham Members of Las Salinas Lodge No79 presented the gift to Alimentos Solidarios at its base in Calle San Pascual, Torrevieja. The food bank plays an important role in feeding needy people; and serves up several hundred meals a week as well as supplying milk and other necessities. The immediate Past Master of the Lodge John Edwards had made the Alimentos Solidarios his nominated charity for his year at the lodge’s helm. And along with funds raised at his Ladies Festival as well as a donation from the Charity Fund of the Lodge, the Charity Steward for that year, Eddy Davies worked with local suppli-

ers to secure 1,300 Euros worth of produce - for a total cost of 1,000 Euros

- all of which was donated to the centre. Pictured are Eddy Davies,

Joan Edwards, co-ordinator of the food bank Juanjo and John Edwards.

Winter solstice party MEMBERS OF The Humanists of Murcia were in party mood for the group’s Annual Winter Solstice Celebration, generously supporting the GoMad charity. The Avenida Restaurant in Puerto hosted the event attended by 33 people with everyone asked to take along a ‘sun related’ gift of food or toiletries for the charity. And members were asked to explain how each offering was related to the sun; the best receiving a bottle of Anis El Mono, which has connections to Charles Darwin. The occasion also featured a quiz devised by Deryck Davison who was helped by his little elf, scorekeeper and wife Margaret. The guests were “seriously impressed” with the level of preparation for the contest, with high-quality score sheets, three separate picture rounds each in its own colour-coded envelope, and a Joker card for each team. It was all “good Humanist fun” and polished off with an enjoyable lunch. To find out more about the group visit or email

Follow us on Twitter! @RTN_NEWSPAPER

13- 19 jan 2017


Benidorm hits the bullseye DARTS LEGEND Phil ‘the Power’ Taylor – 16 times World Champion - is headed for Benidorm this summer and he is bringing some of his famous friends with him. by Jack Troughton One of Britain’s most recognisable sportsmen, Phil will be joined by some serious talent from the world of darts; including James “The Machine” Wade and Alan “The Iceman” Warriner. And Welsh darts prodigy Jamie Lewis will also be throwing his hat into the ring at the Benidorm Darts Masters taking place on Saturday 24th June. The darting spectacular at the Benidorm Palace will also feature two local qualifiers from the Costa Blanca area – which is certain to attract a huge crowd of both residents and holidaymakers. Phil Taylor is already excited at the prospect. “I’m really looking forward to it. The backdrop of Benidorm is a perfect one and I’m determined to walk away as the first ever Benidorm Darts Masters Champion”. Danny Cox of Relentless Promotions says: “There will be World Titles galore on stage at the Benidorm Palace in June. “We are thrilled at being able to bring such a high profile event to the area and we are anticipating a huge demand for tickets. “It’s sure to be the hottest ticket in Town this summer and I would imagine that they will be snapped up quickly “. The Benidorm Darts Masters 2017, takes place at the Benidorm Palace on Saturday 24th June from 11.30am to 5pm. Tickets are available from or by calling the Box Office on 0034 96 585 1660. There is also a selection of VIP ‘greet and greet’ tickets available from the Box Office. For information about the qualifying event – which is open to all nationalities - please contact Tony Rives via email

Gifts from afar A BELGIUM couple who bought a holiday home on the Costa Blanca heard of the children cared for by EMAUS and used social media to recruit new supporters ‘back home’. The couple attended a monthly fundraising quiz organised by Elsie and David Spence at La Perla, who support the youngsters at the Relleu home. On returning to Belgium they used Facebook to ask friends for help and drove back to Spain with car stuffed with clothes and toys. These will be used by charity Friends of the Children of EMAUS at Relleu and other homes. Pictured is the charity’s Lesley Clarke with a car full of donated goodies about to deliver them across the region.


13- 19 jan 2017

English is Spain’s second language ENGLISH REMAINS the favourite second language for the Spanish despite almost 60% of the population admitting they cannot speak, read or write it. by Jack Troughton In a poll undertaken by the CIS state research institute, it topped the league as the most-spoken second language – with 27.7% of those taking part saying they speak it, ahead of 9% speaking French, 1.7% German, and 1.25% Portuguese. And two third of Spanish people say they do not feel negatively affected or to have missed opportunities because of their failure to master a second language. Yet a whopping 95% of people taking part in the research believed it was important to speak foreign languages – underlining it was the second most important subject after mathematics. However, many respondents said they were not happy with Spain’s attitude to leaning another language. A third said the country attached little importance to learning a new language…but 16.1% believed their country was “excellent” at languages. Most people learned a new language at school. Almost half learnt English at school and a third of French speakers; other languages were picked up travelling abroad. The survey also points out that older people only speak Spanish. Those who do have a second language, for almost 40% it is English. And in families with children, almost 90% of parents say the youngsters are studying English in the classroom but also many having private lessons.


13- 19 jan 2017

Benidorm branding bags awards SPANISH DESIGN agency Fluentis has won two top international industry awards for its clever branding of Benidorm – the country’s most famous holiday resort. by Jack Troughton The company topped a ‘crowdsourced’ public tender to give the town a new logo package and the small but “sharp-thinking” agency has won two prizes. It won the gold award in the ‘destinations category’ of the International Visual Identity Awards 2016 which rewards good design and underlines Fluentis designer Juan Ais’s vision of making Benidorm easier to promote. And the use of a ‘B’ for Benidorm won the runners-up prize in the Europe and Russia category of the 2016 Best Brand Awards.

Fluentis has thanked the Visit Benidorm Foundation for its confidence and enthusiasm shown throughout the process of developing graphics and images for the new branding. Juan Ais said: “My intention was to find the most concise and talismanic visual message for the joys of holidaying in a resort offering beach attractions together with all the comforts of a pulsating city. “I am delighted with this acknowledgement of our work. It confirms the possibilities offered by this new visual identity, and answers the doubts and criticisms initially raised by politicians, tourism professionals, and fellow designers when we were adjudged to have provided the most appealing work from among the crowdsourced tender.”

Unemployment falls in Spain NEW FIGURES show the number of people in Spain looking for work fell by a record 390,534 in 2016 with the labour market continuing to recover. Over the last 12 months more than 500,000 jobs were created according to statistics released by the government. It represents a 3.12% rise over 2015 and is just a shade under the 2014 figures. According to the government the fall of people officially listed as out of work at employment offices represents the biggest drop since records began. Across the year, almost 29 million employment contracts were signed between January and December – although many were for short term seasonal positions. And 2016 ended with 17.8 million workers chipping into the social security system, while the number of people claiming benefits at employment offices dropped to 7.3 million. Domestic consumption was said to be the engine of the Spanish economy over 2016. The retail sector registered over 80,000 new jobs and the hospitality industry hired almost 78,000 workers. Just three sectors shed jobs over the last year, including the finance sector which lost 2,679 workers through a restructuring process.

Mobile drug deals POLICE BELIEVE a 35-year-old man ran an illicit drug dealing service from his car; peddling drugs across the resort of Benidorm. National Police stopped the man – said to be a resident of the Costa Blanca town – during a routine clampdown on drug dealing and discovered 135g of cocaine divided into 110 ‘deals’, together with 950 Euros in cash. The drugs were found inside a hollow book, together with equipment alleged to be used in drug dealing. The police in the resort regularly launch campaigns through the streets of Benidorm, stopping suspects and vehicles at different times of the day and night in a bid to prevent the sale of illicit substances.

Happy winners THE AGE Support Almanzora Christmas Raffle was won by Mr and Mrs Brian Rushen – pictured with charity shop manageress Margaret. by Jack Troughton

The charity shop has wished all its supporters and customers a happy and prosperous 2017. Age Support’s Information Centre is located on Avenue Lepanto, in Albox, and is open Tuesday to Friday from 10am until 2pm. It has a large range of mobility equipment for loan. People can call into the centre to discuss in confidence if they are finding it difficult to cope - donations for the shop in Arboleas can also be during opening hours. For more information, visit the website

Woman dies in home blaze A 61-YEAR-OLD woman died on Monday evening in a fire at her fifth floor home in Alicante. The victim’s body was discovered by firemen in one of the apartment’s bedrooms – her husband later told police she had “reduced mobility”. Specialist rescue officers joined firemen at the scene but were unable to save the woman’s life. An investigation has been launched into the cause of the tragedy.

13- 19 jan 2017


#NewsFromAfar 18

13- 19 jan 2017


UK launches its own ‘Star Wars’ BRITAIN’S MINISTRY of Defence is investing in ‘Star Wars’ laser technology in a £30 million project to bring a new generation of weapons to the battlefield. by Jack Troughton The government forged a partnership with the Dragonfire industrial team to create a prototype to be available by 2019 – and if successful have weapons available for use on land and at sea by the mid-2020s. The move is seen as a move to keep the British military at the cutting edge of new technology – the United States has already announced it plans to have laser weapons ready by 2023. Defence Minister Harriet Baldwin told the Press that the MoD initiative: “Will keep this country ahead of the curve.” Back in 1983, the then US President Ronald Reagan announced a massive development of laser weaponry with the ‘Strategic Defense Initiative’, or SDI. It was immediately labelled ‘Star Wars’ as it followed on the heels of the new and successful

Hollywood space adventure on the big screen and appeared to encapsulate the world of Jedi Knights, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker. However, in reality, it was an investigation of a new USA space-based anti-missile system that came amidst the ongoing Cold War – and threatened to trigger a new arms race. Dave Armstrong, the UK Managing Director of MBDA, which owns Dragonfire, said the project would “put the UK at the forefront of high energy laser systems, capitalising on the experience of joint MoD and industry working in the complex weapons environment.” The project could also advance Britain’s role as an arms manufacturer and exporter, providing further partnerships with international allies. And while the MoD has not advanced any specific role; it is thought lasers – or direct energy weapons - could help destroy threatening drones, shoot down missiles, or hit ground targets.

Your English Newspaper

13- 19 jan 2017


Taking the plunge EXPATS IN Mojacar took part in the second annual New Year Dip in memory of Elaine McBride, who lost her battle with cancer in August. by Jack Troughton Elaine served drinks at the charity swim 12 months ago – this year her husband took on her role. The swim was again organised by Brad and Ann swift, creators of the Mojacar Forum on Facebook; and more than 50 took the plunge; cheered on by a crowd of some 200 people. There was a huge roar as the swimmers raced into the sea – many in fancy dress or sporting festive hats – and everyone held arms for a spirited rendition of Auld Lang Syne. After 15 minutes swimmers were rewarded with hot chocolate and brandy. Kerry Clarke took to the water for a second year raising much-needed funds for animal charity PAWS-PATAS and money was also raised for Leo, a local boy who has just

undergone surgery to remove a third brain tumour – he was at the event with his mother. Thanks to generous sponsors, Kerry (pictured) raised 1,543 Euros for the animals and the money will support the charity’s shelter, caring for dogs and cats. She said: “The sea was freezing; but you have to think of our beautiful fur babies at the shelter and that gets you through it. “When you are in the sea and other people know you are in there for 15 minutes, they really do support you and many stayed in the sea with me for the full time. Roll on I mad?” PAWS-PATAS continually needs support with donations and by using its charity shops in Mojacar, Turre, Buganvillas, and Vera. It also needs volunteers. For more information visit


13- 19 jan 2017

Pinky and perky

BRAVE SWIMMERS from the Blarney Stone in Zeniamar took to the water for the third New Year’s Day Dip. by Edward Graham It is hoped the 14 bathers will help raise around 2,500 Euros for Maria and the Pink Ladies and Panthers; supporting the Spanish cancer charity AECC. The sea was said to be colder than usual because of the recent storms – with debris underfoot. However, the swimmers were proud to take part. Cash collected on the day, sponsorship, and the proceeds of a ‘presentation night’ raffle at the Blarney Stone on Thursday 26th January should help the charity reach its target.

Help kickstart new project COSTA BLANCA community radio station Total FM is hoping to attract funding to help turn its “vision” into reality. by Jack Troughton The Javea-based station hopes people and businesses will support its Kickstart funding initiative over the next 28 days for a dedicated board games café. Total FM believes the new cafe will attract friends and family, all looking to face the challenges offered by playing one of hundreds of games, while enjoying drinks and snacks in a unique environment. And as part of the new project, an ‘Escape’ come ‘Breakout’ room is planned. This involves two to five people being locked inside an especially themed room for an hour – and must use clues, riddles and props to get out. Total FM’s Wendy Williams said the café would be in Javea but it was hoped to attract people from across the Costa Blanca. She told RTN: “We have found a local in a great area but it needs some work doing on it as well as the purchase or kitchen and bar equipment, tables and chairs, bookcases and a hundred or more games to fill them. “We have a budget to do building work, acquire licences and paperwork to make it legal but we need some financial support

13- 19 jan 2017


Pictures tell a story

COSTA BLANCA artists Marie Von Meiersberg and Waltraud Ross are staging an exhibition of their work at the Europa Book shop in Calpe from Wednesday 1st February to Sunday 30th April. The Calpe-based artists will display watercolours, oils, and 100-year-old antique paintings at the shop in Calle Oscar Espla. Admission is free and the bookshop is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm; and on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm.

RBL in Mojacar

from friends and members of the community, which is why we have set up a project within Kickstart.” Wendy said the forum allowed pledges from anyone who believed on backing the idea

and could add their support from as little as 5 Euros. The Kickstart appeal lasts 28 days and can be found at projects/312659050/the-rooms

THE ROYAL British Legion Mojacar Branch starts its social diary for the New Year tonight (13th January) with a Fish and Chip supper and Quiz at the Oasis Bar, Palomares. The evening begins at 7.30pm and anyone interested in an enjoyable meal and fun quiz should contact Christine on 697 887 362. And the branch is staging a coffee, drinks and tapas morning on Thursday 19th January at 11am at Meson Felipe San Bernabe. Everyone is welcome. The branch meets on the first Thursday of the month at the Centre of Multi-Uses, the Artisan Centre, in Mojacar Pueblo from 11.15am.


13- 19 jan 2017

Roar on Las Leones

LAS LEONES – Spain’s women’s rugby team – take on Wales at Villajoyosa tomorrow (Saturday 14th January) in a friendly test ahead of this year’s World Cup. by Jack Troughton The national side have been training on the Costa Blanca since Monday ahead of the match at the Villajoyosa Rugby Stadium; kicking off at 4pm. Spain qualified for the finals in Ireland by beating Scotland home and away last November; winning 5-10 in Glasgow and 15-10 in the return fixture in Madrid (pictured with Spain in red). The international promises to be closely matched – Wales currently stand ninth in the world rankings, Spain in 10th place. Wales were fourth in the 1016 Six Nations competition and eighth in the last World Cup. Entrance is 10 Euros with federation players of Valencia and Murcia eligible for a 50% discount. For more information call 648 696 118 or visit

Dog rescued

A PET dog was rescued from an eight metre deep well

in the countryside surrounding the Marina Alta village of Senija. Three members of the Alicante’s Provincial Consortium of Firemen descended the well to get the trapped Rottweiler

to the surface. Firefighters say the dog was in good condition despite its adventure but how the animal became trapped remains a mystery.


13- 19 jan 2017



Carlos Baos

ATTENTION: EVERYONE WITH A MORTGAGE IN SPAIN! How to get the costs back! The Supreme Court of Spain in its Court Decision number 705/2015 of the 23rd December, already been confirmed by several courts, said that mortgage loan clauses obliging the customer to pay the costs – such as the notary, registration, and bank expenses – are abusive. This is because they are expenses that must be paid by the banks, as they are the ones who have the real interest in the registration of the mortgage at the property registry, as guarantee of the loan payments. Thus, if you have a mortgage with any Spanish bank, when you signed your mortgage, the bank retained some money, to pay on your behalf and through the bank, the expenses of the registration of the mortgage loan deed. What can you claim? In principle, you can claim for the expenses of the notary, land Registry, the expenses of the bank’s agency for the registration process of the mortgage deed, and the Stamp Duty Tax (AJD - although not all the judges agree about the possibility to claim for the tax paid. Who can claim? Any consumer who has signed a mortgage deed in Spain, and the bank has obliged him to pay the expenses of the said deed; that means the vast majority of consumers who have signed a mortgage in Spain. How much can you claim? It will depend on the amount (the capital) of the mortgage loan, the documentation attached to the deed, the processing fees charged by the

bank agency, but, as an example; for a mortgage loan of about 150,000 Euros, the expenses that can be claimed would be between 3,000 Euros and 3,500 Euros and if we include the taxes (AJD) the expenses can amount up to 7,000€.

agency to manage the registration process of the mortgage at the land registry.

In order to claim we need: + a copy of your mortgage deed

What if I do not have the documentation? The bank or its agent has an obligation to provide you with all the invoices of the amounts paid on your behalf, because they normally retained the money, and they must show what and how they spent the money withheld.

+ a copy of the invoices paid for the mortgage to the notary, land registry, registration proceedings, etc.

Contact us, send us the documentation, and we will help you.

+ a copy of the AJD tax paid (tax form 600).

The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.

+ a copy of the invoice showing the amount paid to bank

The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues. White & Baos Abogados. Tel:+34 966 426 185. E-mail: White & Baos 2014 – All rights reserved. Send your questions to or


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Advertising feature

Let Off-Plan Property Deposit Refunds Reclaim Your Lost Deposits… Did you place a large deposit on an ¨Off-Plan Property ¨ in Spain and believe you have lost your money due to either the Developer entering Bankruptcy or failure of your development being completed? Were you one of the many thousands of people from the UK or throughout Europe that this happened to? The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that the Banks who backed the Spanish Developers are now liable and have been instructed to refund ¨Purchasers Deposits¨. Many purchasers were caught up in this situation due to the recession that hit the Spanish Property Market in 2008. The Spanish Court has ruled that purchasers are now able to reclaim their ¨Lost Deposits¨ for up to fifteen years from the time when their property was deemed to be completed. Each claim can only be brought before courts once and must be done so individually. Off Plan Property Deposit Refunds S.L. who are based in Estepona, Malaga have been successfully reclaiming lost deposits for clients on a totally ¨No Win/ No Fee” basis and are working diligently in conjunction with a highly professional team of lawyers who have been successfully reclaiming lost deposits through the Spanish Courts for the last ten years for hundreds of clients. The lawyers are very well known and respected along the Costa Del Sol and have been in practice for over twenty years and specialise in the process of reclaiming pur-

chasers lost deposits. To date the lawyers can boast a 100% success rate when reclaiming on a ¨No Win/ No Fee¨ basis. There are NO Upfront Costs required and No Monies are required from a client at the outset or during the duration of a claim. The ¨No Win / No Fee¨ basis has been set up whereby a fee is only paid on the successful outcome of an individual case. In the unlikely event a case is unsuccessful, ALL

COSTS on both sides are met by the lawyers as they are confident that when representing clients on a ¨No Win/No Fee¨ basis they WILL win the case. Each individual case can vary in length of time, this is normally between twelve and twenty-four months. However, a decision as to whether there is a viable case to reclaim your ¨lost deposit/s¨ is made very quickly by the Legal Department.

If you were one of the unfortunate purchasers who lost their hard-earned deposit/s ALL IS NOT LOST! Contact Off Plan Property Deposit Refunds (OPPDR) today to discuss your possible claim with No Obligation. Call OPPDR on (Spain) +34 642 74 07 08 or (UK) +44 20 8150 3732 or (Email)


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Stepping out into the O2 YOUNGSTERS FROM a Costa Blanca dance studios enjoyed a taste of big time showbiz when they stepped out onto the stage at London’s O2 arena. by Jack Troughton Excited students from Javea-based Footworks performed in front of an audience of 2,000 people and were said to have “had a ball”. A party of 21 dancers – all aged under 11 – took part in two routines as part of a showcase of young talent, mostly based in the UK. And the Footworks team held their nerve to wow the auditorium by singing and danc-

ing to a medley of numbers from musicals based on the work of master storyteller Roald Dahl. The troupe later showed a range of talent in a colourful dance routine taking in a number of styles, including tap, ballet and modern. Footworks’ Elena Gwyn-Jones said: “We are all so proud of the students who took part in the 02 show. There were a few nerves when they saw the size of the crowd but

they performed brilliantly. “The standard across the show from the other dance troupes was very high indeed but our students showed they could more than hold their own. It’s been a fantastic experience for them and we will look out for similar opportunities in the future.” Footworks is a recently-opened dance studio that has already built up a good reputation in the town and surrounding area. It has classes in ballet, modern and

tap, as well as acting and musical theatre for children from the ages of 3 to 18. There are now around 80 students of all ages, learning all performance disciplines. Exam classes follow the world-renowned and regulated boards of ISTD and LAMDA and are held twice yearly. For more information on any of the dance, acting and musical theatre classes contact Elena by WhatsApp or phone on 660 06 34 27.


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Doodle Box

Cryptic Crossword

ACROSS 4. Divided in the way suggested below (7) 8. Attempt made by friend is insignificant (6) 9. Shout graduate near: he’s a weepy type (3-4) 10. Put money in underwear (6) 11. Language that should be easy to rub up (6) 12. Tribulation experienced in difficult vessel (8) 18. Stop being annoyed: it will make things perilous (8) 20. Directors on the ship (6) 21. Coeval niche (6) 22. Shield that will crumple easily? (7) 23. Half a smoke-stack would offer amusement (6) 24. It is selected by those who want to go back (7)

DOWN 1. Prig in untidy hut is virtuous (7) 2. No state for free men (7) 3. Is twice after credit to reach a turning-point (6) 5. Had a fight on the rubbish-dump, maybe (8) 6. It won’t put the batsman out when he can’t dance,apparently (2-4) 7. Take me up to the manager to raise in relief (6) 13. Don’t take so much notice, being rash (8) 14. A reason for not being able to sail, perhaps (7) 15. In short, an insect gets on the cheese (7) 16. So tube is blunt (6) 17. One hundred and fifty intake will get gear (6) 19. Innings closed with all possible speed (3,3)


ACROSS 4. Foretell (7) 8. Undid (6) 9. Idiotic (7) 10. Bright (6) 11. Acquire (6) 12. Judgment (8) 18. Cloudy (8) 20. Annul (6) 21. Run (6) 22. Attribute (7) 23. Is unable (6) 24. Lower (7) DOWN 1. Admit (7) 2. Protection (7) 3. Alcove (6) 5. Reply (8) 6. Signify (6) 7. Frank (6) 13. Lonely (8) 14. Brave (7) 15. Ordinance (7) 16. Diminish (6) 17. Antenna (6) 19. Iterate (6)


Last weeks crossword answers can be found on page 38.

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Kenny Corris 686 361 594

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Mars encounters with Jupiter, planet of fortunate blessings, midweek. This is a reflective time for you as you face another year with its ups and downs, but what comes next is a lucky break. This means finding the loophole you have been lookng for and putting things into practise for a future that has, right now, more then just a glimmer of hope! Having conjuncted with Neptune Venus is soon to take on Pluto, whch brings timbre to an event currently at the planning stage. Be very aware that you will take the lion’s share of the work, and you will not be disappointed; not everyone has your stamina or your true motive. Make time to fit in some rest and relaxation too... you’re going to need it! With Mercury poised and ready in cahoots with Capricorn there is no smoke without fire! Be advised that your initial doubts are coming to the fore over a situation which is developing in ways beyond your comprehension. Be unafraid to say, “no” when this is the response you are forced to give; you are working with your intuition and your heart. The waxing Moon is the symbol of strength and determination; and since you have come this far there surely cannot be any need to go back. Just lately you have been absorbed by the problems of others, and though it is good to be consulted, remember that you have an agenda too! This a great time for a spring cleaning of your own wants and needs Your mighty planetary leader, The Sun, is involved with Ceres at the start of a busy week. This brings things into the frame, and questions how you will deal with what’s already on the table. At the end of the week the Sun exalts Aquarius and you will find things will just seem to fit into place without your having to find ways and means to proceed. Jupiter opposes Kora and tis may mean that some unfinished business cannot be just swept under the carpet. Whilst Jupiter brings luck and fortune the reverse is just not what you need right now. Focus on what is needed and find the right way to state your case and you will be home free. If others interfere, any luck goes right out of the window!

You are passive to the activities of opposing planet Aries, and this current Arian domination is only to be expected. Keep your temper even though those immediately around you will be losing theirs, for sure. When they are really ready to talk about it, you will find that calm words of solace will nip things very nicely in the bud. Problem solved! All is calm in the opposing planet of Taurus, but you know that you two fit together like a glove, when you have to! The wait and see method hasn’t worked, but you now have to make what you have on offer even more attractive if you are going to continue to drive a hard bargain. Remember that all the glitters is certainly not always gold! Cushioned by reaction between Kora and your planetary leader, Jupiter you are very influenced by the actions of the Sun as she enters into joyful Aquarian time. Now is the time to settle an affair of the heart with surety and devotion. If all that stops you is fear then sweep it away because for sure, it is not doing you any favours at all. Fairly and squarely Saturn squares on Mars in a midweek action closely observed by Jupiter in opposition to Kora. This may sound complicated but what you are about to be offered is going to be worthwhile so long as you have the confidence in yourself to do a good job. Others have seen what you are capable of; now they have to gain your loyalty. Time for another exaltation as the Cosmos welcomes in the light and love associated with true Aquarian energies. Some hefty projects will seem to be an ease during this special time of the year. Aquarian truth is second to none and the truthful answer to questions you currently dare not ask, are the keys to what you are really in need of right now! Manage your time so that you have the freedom to express yourself the way that you need to. Lately there have been some fits and starts, so maybe now is the best time to start an artistic project; one that involves working from the depths of your dreamy but energised soul. Aquarius calls time and exalts, sending you the great blessing of true love!


Email your letters to me at:

Kenny, when we met just before Christmas you left me feeling more in control. I want you to know that I have made some very positive changes and I am feeling very much like the old me again...only now I am not condemned to make the same mistakes! Paula J. Paula, I am glad to be of some help, but you must realise that it was you who turned things around after our appointment. My connection with Spirit has enabled you to see things so much more clearly, and the appropriate action is that you have taken. It will in time alleviate all that needs to be swept away and it will strengthen your faith in the wonders of the Spirit World, which is what I am all about. Thank you for finding time to contact me, and a Happy New deserve it!

If It’s Your Birthday This Week

A wave of nostalgia carries you through to new beginnings, but only if you ditch the negative energies of the past that may serve to hold you back. You are far more then you think you are, and you are about to find out that it hasn’t gone unnoticed!


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keyboard characters Hello Aunty V, A while back you helped me resolve a problem re windows update. I now have another problem and I’m not sure whether it is hardware or software related. I have encountered difficulty with obtaining upper case characters on the lower tier of keys. If I use caps lock or if I use the right hand shift key there

is no problem. However if I use the left hand shift key I cannot get upper case Z X C V M < > ? altho I can get the extreme left key | and the two middle keys B & N. The left hand shift key is ok for all other keyboard characters. Any ideas? Rgds - AndyP Reply: A few things to try. You could try another

keyboard to see if this is a Windows problem. Or clean your keyboard, and try and get all the grime and bits and bobs out from under the keys of the keyboard. Turning upside down and shaking it may help. But a can of compressed air aimed below the keys should do the trick. It may be possible that there is a loose cable, and the keyboard is broken.

Windows Vista Hi Aunty, I have an old laptop that is running Windows Vista. A friend of mine has said that I will need to upgrade as soon it will stop working? Is this true? Reply Windows Vista will continue to run, just like other previous versions of Windows still run today. But what will stop eventually is the support for devices and software. For example, updates for Windows Vista itself will cease early 2017, and updates for software like Chrome may have already stopped. So you if you want to make sure your system is secure and up to date then consider upgrading to Windows 10.

“” Hi Aunty, A quick question. When i type in “”, it takes me to the Spanish version? Why not the UK versions, as I have set up my PC for UK English settings? Reply The .com sites direct you to the “local” website...and this is determined by seeing where your PC is connecting to the internet. As you are connecting to the internet in Spain, is directing you to the local Spanish version. If you want the UK version, simply go to


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Basic Spanish for everyday needs by Jane Cronin


Imperatives – “vosotros” I have now completed a short run of articles about direct and indirect object pronouns, and a difficult job it was too.

I know you all worry about how hard it is to learn, but have you ever spared a thought for how hard it is to explain? Making such a complex thing as a language look simple is not easy. Just thought I’d mention it. Anyway, here’s a very brief summary of the final point for those of you who’ve stuck with me through thick and thin. It’s the bit about the positioning of direct and indirect object pronouns. Here it is: 1. The indirect object pronoun ALWAYS goes before the direct object pronoun in any sentence e.g. Me lo dijiste – You told me (it). (That is: “to me” (indirect), it (direct), you told”). 2. There are three instances where they can go after the verb instead of in front. Not only do they go after the verb, but they actually

tack onto the end thus making a new word. Notice also that the “verb” is sometimes made up of a several words (e.g. vas a decir) which are never split. In the first two cases the positioning is optional (either before or after) and in the last one is can only be after.

c. IMPERATIVE. Only one option: Dímelo – Tell me! (Tell me it).

do something”); singular - addressed to one individual; informal - addressed to “tú” rather than “usted”. Where imperatives are concerned it’s very tempting to stop just here and ignore what happens with numerous other imperatives that exist in Spanish. This is largely because most of the other imperatives (i.e. those addressed formally, to a number of people or which are negative commands) make use of the subjunctive, and for most Spanish students “subjunctive” is a very scary word indeed – the bogeyman of the Spanish language.

We are now going to neatly skip from pronouns back to this final group called imperatives: that is, commands. The ones we have looked at previously have been of one particular kind – positive singular informal commands. Positive - “do something” (NOT “don’t

However, we are not going to be intimidated. Yes, we are going to get on to the subjunctive, but not just yet because there is one particular imperative which doesn’t use it and that’s our informal, positive plural, or “vosotros” form. That is, when you command more

a. INFINITIVE. Two options: Me lo vas a decir OR Vas a decírmelo – You’re going to tell me. b. GERUND. Also two options: Me lo estás diciendo OR Estás diciéndomelo– You’re telling me.

than one person to do something informally. I came to grips with this “vosotros” form of the imperative in a Spanish yoga class as the teacher kept telling us all to do things. Another ideal location to hear this plural informal imperative is in a classroom of children. This is the sort

of thing you will here: “venid aquí”; “leed el texto”; “dejad de gritar”; “abrid los libros en la página 8”. That’s it. The informal plural (vosotros) imperative is formed by changing the final “r” of the infinitive to a “d”. We’ll carry on with these next week and see where they get us.

Crossword solutions for last week

CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Second-class; 9 Aid; 10 Lowercase; 11 Picks; 13 Amiable; 14 Minute; 16 Uglier; 18 Deepest; 19 Might; 20 Underhand; 21 Pen; 22 Prime number. Down: 2 End; 3 Ogles; 4 Dewlap; 5 Larking; 6 Shambling; 7 Happy medium; 8 Penetrating; 12 Contender; 15 Theorem; 17 Strain; 19 Madam; 21 Pie. QUICK SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Acknowledge; 9 Pan; 10 Vigilance; 11 Recur; 13 Apparel; 14 Ponder; 16 Beaten; 18 Imagine; 19 Cadet; 20 Tangerine; 21 Gun; 22 Protagonist. Down: 2 Con; 3 Never; 4 Wigwam; 5 Ellipse; 6 Generated; 7 Appropriate; 8 Wellingtons; 12 Container; 15 Eminent; 17 Sewing; 19 Clean; 21 Gas.

Sudoku Answer

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On The Road With Yogi & Lenny IN the late 1960’s I was a wage slave working for the Canadian Government. Bearing in mind this was the height of the ‘Hippy Revolution’ but with my cheap suit, short hair & clipboard, I’m looking about as subversive as a doorknob.


Chris Ashley

Writer & Broadcaster

The job was in the Toronto Property Tax Department (zzzzzzzz!) schlepping around to see if any dwellings had changed during the year. One snowbound February morning I’d had enough, it was so cold I took an ice pick to the loo. So I made up a survey report – from the comfort of my own abode - that a certain street’s residence had remained exactly the same as in previous years. Unbeknown to me the entire thoroughfare had been bulldozed to make way for a shopping mall. No surprise, I got the big flick. Being short on shekels I decided to hitch to the nearest Canadian airport to Europe & get a cheap standby flight to return, after several years away, to the warm welcoming embrace of my kith & kin.“Gordon Bennett Mother, look what the cat dragged in?” Gee thanks dad. So Spring 1968 I hitched eastbound to Gander Airport, a bleak outpost in Newfoundland, where bears emerging from a deep winter torpor are – HUNGRRRRRY! Yogi is 95% vegetarian, no sweat, it’s the 5% carnivore bit that’s the worry. The really big Black Bear can be 7 feet tall,weigh 40 stone, run 35 mph, swim & climb trees – pick the bones out of that Master Grylls. Just outside Montreal a car stopped driven by a chap who introduced himself as Lenny. Noticing a guitar on the back seat & with a mind as sharp as razor I deduced he was a musician - in fact he was a singer/songwriter to boot. Lenny told me he had his first record out, “What’s it like?” I asked.“Tell you what I’ll try it out on you - coming from England – I guess you know Mick, Macca, Moon the Loon & all?” I didn’t like to disappoint him by mentioning I only knew Leapy Lee - vaguely. Lenny stopped the car - picked up his guitar & sang about ‘Suzanne’ – to the ears of this obsessive Beach Boys nut it sounded grimly glum – but I politely applauded. Flash forward 48 years – last November Lenny died. Yes! ‘twas indeed the ‘The Godfather Of Gloom’ - Leonard (Lenny to his mates) Cohen, RIP. What do I know about musical talent?



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Cashew curry


This easy low-carb lunch is packed with iron rich veggies, crunchy cashews and chicken. Serve with your favourite steamed greens and a scattering of coriander Ingredients 1 small onion, chopped 3-4 garlic cloves thumb-sized piece ginger, peeled and roughly chopped 3 green chillies, deseeded small pack coriander, leaves picked and stalk roughly chopped 100g unsalted cashews 2 tbsp coconut oil 1 ½ tbsp garam masala 400g can chopped tomatoes 450ml chicken stock 3 large chicken breasts (about 475g), any visible fat removed, chopped into chunks 155g fat-free Greek yogurt 10ml single cream (optional)

To serve 165g boiled or steamed greens (choose from spinach, kale, runner beans, asparagus or broccoli) Method Put the onion, garlic, ginger, chillies and coriander stalks in a small food processor and blitz to a paste. Heat a large, non-stick frying pan over a medium heat. Add the cashews and toast for 1-2 mins until light golden. Set aside and return the pan to the heat. Add the oil and stir-fry the paste for 5 mins to soften. Add the garam masala and

cook for a further 2 mins. Add the tomatoes and stock to the pan. Mix well, then tip into a blender with the cashews and blitz until smooth. Return to the pan, season and bring to the boil, then lower to a simmer. Cook for 30 mins until the sauce has thickened then add the chicken, cover with a lid and simmer for another 15 mins, until the chicken is cooked through. Add the yogurt and cream (if using), and stir well to make a creamy sauce. Scatter with the coriander leaves and serve with the greens.


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Three key trends for the style conscious man January is a great time to update your style and the sales make getting a new look more affordable and fun. To help you or your other half look bang on trend from shoes to specs, Specsavers Opticas have identified three great trends which you can try this month. 1. Feeling the Blues – Don’t worry about the January blues – embrace them! From intense, inky hues to brighter indigo shades, blue is the colour to be seen in this season. Softer than black, with universal masculine appeal, it gives a stylish, contemporary edge to tailored suits and overcoats. Or, for a more casual, sporty look, opt for a lighter denim shade. Blue glasses are a great way to make eyes pop and there are lots of shades to play with depending on your skin tone and how bold you’re feeling. Actor Pablo Puyol really rocked this look on the red carpet at last year’s Malaga Film Festival in blue Karl Lagerfeld glasses from Specsavers Opticas, paired

with a funky blue bowtie. 2. Layering – To keep warm and be fashion forward try layering. Classic layering of teaming suits with overcoats always looks great, but you can also experiment with different styles, lengths, materials and colours for a style that’s all your own. For a more subtle take on this trend, invest in glasses with different layered colours or materials.

-MORE3. Style Mash-up - Whether it’s clothing, shoes, accessories or luggage, this season it’s all about mixing it up. Blur the boundaries between smart and casual with a variety of fabrics, materials and

textures. Don’t be afraid to go bold. Clash man-made fabrics with natural fibres, and go for contrasting colours. This is a big eyewear trend, too. Think metal inlaid with acrylic or acetate to give your specs a unique edge.

Specsavers Opticas stocks a wide range of own brand and designer glasses with classic, conservative and daring options for day and night. Their staff are trained to offer style advice on the best choices for your colouring, look and face shape, as well as tell you about the latest trends. To find your nearest Specsavers store, book an eye test or view the full range of eyewear online visit

Price List Channels Suitability

1 Star Aids *

2 Star Aids *

3 Star Aids *

4 Star Aids *

5 Star Aids *






Domestic Groups Social Active Social Situations 1-1 Conversation Family Gatherings Restaurants Large Groups TV Cafés Parties Business Meetings Shopping Small Groups Social Gatherings Outdoor Sports Public Places Noisy Places Music

Price Euros €595 Single Aid €695 Single Aid

€1,090 Pair

€1,290 Pair

€845 Single Aid €1,590 Pair

€995 Single Aid €1,890 Pair

Demanding Situations Public Meetings Concerts Theatre Orchestra €1,150 Single Aid €2,200 Pair


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Alfaz fantasy football league

There was double bubble points going into the Alfaz Fantasy Football League for the 3rd week running which gave the League another high average score of 46 points. The 17 F.A. Cup ties which involved Premier League teams and a full Premier League programme gave the Fantasy League 70 goals(highest so far),20 clean sheets,54 yellow cards and 5 red ones.Manchester City’s Brazilian Fernandinho was sent off for the 3rd time this Season,West Ham’s Feghouli felt the wrath of Referee Mike Dean when he became his 5th victim for the Season to see red.The other 3 Players to be dismissed were Bournemouth’s Francis,Boro’s Ayala and Chelsea’s hardy annual John Terry. As expected the Premier League Managers made a raft of changes after a hectic Festive programme but it didn’t stop Andrew’s team Big Tymers from returning to the Summit of the A.F.F.L. after 3 weeks away.Wayne’s in form team Gonnawinitthistime are right on their heels only 4 points behind.Reece’s Wether 2 Winners are in 3rd place followed by Dave’s Juke Box Mackems.Last weeks leaders Lee’s Walkden Town have slipped down to 5th.Down at the very foot of the table Kevin’s El.Portet Elite are still stuck in the mire and I can’t see them getting away from the relegation zone unless Watford’s

Ighalo and Spur’s Janssen start banging in the goals. Julie’s team The Gers have held on to the top spot of our Mark Carter Ladies Section for the 4th week running.They have a slight 7 point advantage over Joanna’s Hup Hannah City while at the other end of the table Angie’s Blues had a good week scoring 59 points which has moved them to within 3 points of Jo Jo Wants a Dog.Lisa Marie’s team Los Cracks have got off to a good start for our 20 euro voucher which is sponsored by Quick Save,the only British Supermarket in Albir,also in contention are Val’s Drop Um Blossom who are just 3 points behind. Ant & Brad are still riding high at the top of our U.K.T.V.SPAIN Junior League with a 18 point cushion over Leo’s team 6 in a Row. Down in the basement Anna’s Radji United have been cut adrift of the pack and are now trailing Nathan’s F2 Freestylers by 38 points. Dave’s Juke Box Mackems have taken a firm grip on our Leonard Knowles Construction Golden Boot League by increasing their advantage at the top over 2nd placed Lee’s Walkden Town to 41 points.At the other end of the table Kevin’s El.Portet Elite look a good bet to receive a 2nd Wooden Spoon as they are now 42 points away from Anna’s Radji United. Three teams will be going into our Wyndham’s Monthly Wine Draw and they are our

top scoring team Kenny’s U.T.F.B. F Eva who top scored with a massive 79 points.Only one of his team failed score and that was Arsenal’s Debuchy.The other 2 teams joining them are our lowest scoring teams Rocker Cocker Rovers & Bubbles F.C. who both managed a creditable 13 points each. Manager of the Month for January is being kindly sponsored by Claire’s Nails in Albir who will present this Month’s winner with a 20 euro voucher to be used at their Albir Salon.( so come on you Girls)At the moment with only 1 week gone 5 points separate the top 8.Kenny’s U.T.F.B. F EVA have a narrow 1 point lead over 2 teams Thrummy’s Cool &

Bobstoppers. Thrummy’s Cool have won this weeks Breakfast for 2 sponsored by Jo & Peter at the Two C’s in Alfaz after leaping up 63 places to Number 127 in the main League. We have 7 Lady Managers through to the last 32 in our RTN K.O.Cup Competition along with 5 Junior Managers.There was no drawn games while the closest tie was between Adam’s Kaboul Fight who were put out by Micky’s Forest Fire by 35-34. At the time of going to press I have not had time to collate all the points for our RTN F.A.Cup League but the results will soon be up on our website.

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Stand and deliver! by Andrew Atkinson WORK IS underway on the long-awaited new stand at the Municipal Stadium in Los Montesinos; part of an 110,000 Euro redevelopment at the home of football club CD Montesinos. Mayor Jose Manuel Butron announced the news ahead of the New Year, with work now commencing and including wheelchair access throughout the facility. “It is good to see that the alterations and improvements of the Municipal Sports facilities within the Municipal Football stadium have begun,” said the mayor. CD Montesinos, who are currently in third place of the Segunda Regional Grupo 16 league table, will also have new changing facilities, to be used by a plethora of teams within the Vega Baja town, from juniors, to the Walking Football team, the ‘Monte Mentals’. “Work has started updating the facilities at the football ground - including a new stand and new changing room facilities,” said CD Montesinos spokesperson Eddie Cagagio. “A new picnic area, toilet block and a storage room is also within the refurbishment.” The new stand for the supporters has been

at the top of the agenda for CD Montesinos, and Eddie said: “Meetings have taken place between club representatives, The Full Monte Supporters and the Town Hall over the past 18 months. “The meetings involved Mayor Butron and the Sports Councillor - who have been true to their word in getting the finance needed for the exciting project and that work would begin.” CD Montesinos have a fan base of over 400 supporters - known as ‘The Full Monte’ Supporters Club - that are the envy of local amateur football within the Vega Baja region. “The project work has been much needed, and requested, to improve the facilities and it is good to see work has now commenced,” said Eddie. “It is a significant plus that a new four-tier stand is being built behind the dug outs at the ground. Everyone at the club are highly delighted that improvements are being made.” CD Montesinos play the first league game of 2017 on 11th January, away against Grupo Caliche to be played at the Pilar Horadada Athletic ground with kick off at 9.15pm.

La Vila remain unbeaten

FINALLY ACHIEVING to a 23-7 win over L’Hospitalet of Barcelona, La Vila maintained their unbeaten record but for the first twenty minutes of the game you would have thought it was the Barcelona team that were league leaders. They tackled fast and furiously leaving La Vila looking like they had a New Year hangover. This culminated in a converted try in the 8th minute giving the visitors a 0-7 lead and once again showed the home sides right flank weakness. Slowly La Vila shook off whatever ailed them and the boot of Matias Jara again proved magnificent scoring with two penalties in the 11th and 30th minute. It was now 6-7. And just before half time Javier Carrion scored a try which Jara duly converted, another penalty saw La vila leading 16-7 at the break. The second half was fiercely fought with fortunes swinging both ways; however, La Vila maintained persistent pressure culminating in a try by Jara which he then converted. At the end the Barcelona side let themselves down by having two of their players yellow carded but with La Vila unable to take advantage the score remained the same 23-7. They now go into their next match 14 points clear of their nearest rival Les Abelles of Valencia, on Saturday 14th January against Fenix Zaragoza away.

Crowning glory BENITACHELL BOWLS Club enjoyed a right royal occasion on Saturday night when 30 kings and several lords and their ladies attended a party dressed in their finest robes. Spain may stage its traditional Three Kings fiesta but bowlers went 10 times better on an evening with an Eastern flavour and guests adopting an oriental feel with kaftans and tiaras. After an enjoyable meal the ladies ‘held court’ and chose their favourite kings; King Malcolm, King Terry and King Robin (pictured). In return, the chosen royals presented each of the ladies with a gift.


13- 19 jan 2017

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Tim Saunders Independent unbiased car reviewer


Road test: Seat Alhambra Having children is a great help to a motoring journalist because they invariably discover things about cars that could potentially pass by unnoticed.

This point is highlighted on collecting eldest daughter Harriett (5) from school one Friday afternoon in the Seat Alhambra people mover. Excitedly she jumps into her seat and no sooner has she done this she pulls up a sun visor on her window. “Can you fix it for me daddy?” This is the first day of driving the vehicle and I certainly wouldn’t have discovered that feature until much nearer the end of the test. The picnic tables on the back of the front seats also score highly with Harriett and sister Heidi (3), who proceed to pull them up to place their brunch bars upon. Yes, life with my daughters is anything but dull and now that they have a little brother, Henry (4mths) we have all but forgotten what peace and quiet used to be like. The Alhambra, finished in pure white, is an appealing vehicle to a family like ours because where space is an issue in normal cars it really isn’t in this cavernous beast. There’s a third row of seats in the boot which are easy to push into place as you can see in the

video at should extra seating be needed for friends or relatives. The van-like sliding rear doors are extremely practical when parking in tight spaces because they take up so little room. However, they are heavy to operate. Exterior colours are getting snazzier all the time and the wing mirrors and alloy wheels demand a second look as the sun catches them revealing a hint of sparkling dark metallic blue, which is a very neat touch. In fact this snazzy blue continues into the interior. The Alhambra is an extremely practical vehicle; it’s large enough to be a van with admirable load carrying abilities but it can also be a minibus, seating seven passengers in absolute comfort no matter how long the journey. There is plenty of storage space. It comes crammed with luxuries including all round electric windows, air conditioning and cruise control. The stalk for the latter is underneath the indicators and over a long journey this can become irksome due to ever-changing motorway speeds, resulting in a numb thumb. Privacy glass and a luggage cover are neat

touches for added peace of mind with regards security. I am a fan of the power folding wing mirrors; on a wider vehicle like this, this function is helpful when the vehicle is parked by the roadside to prevent them being clipped by passing traffic. The raised driving position is always enjoyable providing a good view of the road ahead. It quickly comes to attention that there are houses that pass you by on the school run when in a smaller vehicle but with extra height it is possible to see over those hedges. Over time the sat nav becomes easier for us to operate and relatively trustworthy. It stores

your destinations so that you don’t have to keep inputting them. Trying to find the postcode function is a bit fiddly, though. Thankfully my wife tends to deal with this for me. The reversing camera is certainly helpful because the Alhambra is a large vehicle but overall easy to manoeuvre. Facts at a glance Seat Alhambra CONNECT 2.0 TDi Ecomotive Total cost of test vehicle: £31,390 Top speed: 124mph 0-60mph: 10.2secs Economy: 55.4mpg Watch the video at

Advanced motorist Tim Saunders is the former Business and Motoring Editor of the Bournemouth Daily Echo. His regular test reports appear in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the UK, Ireland and Gibraltar. For more independent unbiased car reviews and videos visit

Working together for safer roads

13- 19 jan 2017


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The DGT Joins Waze

Spain has joined up with various traffic authorities around the globe to Waze, a traffic information and planning application, aimed at improving information and road safety. Getting stuck in traffic is always frustrating, even for the calmest of drivers. Waze was designed to try to alleviate some of that pressure by asking fellow motorists to share information, thus making more people aware of issues such as delays and even obstructions in the road. By connecting drivers to one another, they help people create local driving communities that work together to improve the quality of everyone’s daily driving. That might mean helping them avoid the frustration of sitting in traffic, or shaving five minutes off of their regular commute by showing them new routes they never even knew about. After typing in your destination

address, users just drive with the app open on their phone to passively contribute traffic and other road data, but they can also take a more active role by sharing road reports on accidents or any other hazards along the way, helping to give other users in the area a ‘heads-up’ about what’s to come. Now, as the DGT joins Waze’s “Connected Citizens Program”, it puts Spain in line with such traffic authorities as Transport for London, ASFA (French Highways) and New York, as well as Barcelona, who were already part of the group. The initiative sees the free exchange of traffic data between Waze and the DGT to improve traffic management and road safety. The DGT, in its firm commitment to move towards advanced high

value-added traffic management models, incorporates this new source of anonymised data from real-time users that enriches the available traffic data. Thanks to these new data sources, smarter management is possible from the Traffic Management Centres, both in detecting and transmitting incidents to improve circulation fluidity and safety. You can download the app to your mobile device, just search for Waze in the app or play store. Remember though, when you are driving, you must not touch your device. Get your passenger to report problems, but at least you will be aware of what´s to come and have a totally free intelligent guidance system to help you to your destination safely and promptly.

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